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Thursday, April 27th
Today is Draft Day so the guys give their picks as the 49ers pick at #2 and the Raiders pick at #24. Plus, they talk about what the Browns will do with the #1 overall pick. They also discuss the Giants win over the Dodgers last night as Christian Arroyo hit his 1st major league homer. They speak with Former Cal HC now HC w/ Fresno State, Jeff Tedford. 

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With the 22 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select Johnny Mendes now. Okay. Okay. Worked so well yesterday on Jolo there's not a final senate game. Jack Zell. That was just a couple of years ago coming out with the money signs. Everywhere and go in knots. Yeah. It was happy they were fired up when they died of fans went crazy. Cleveland. Cleveland while and that leads us into the biggest story happening. In the NFL at the moment Cleveland. Who has been on the clock. For months now we're talking months you would figure that Helen do you plan and a generally for a wedding how long did you and your husband play into your wedding. We allow we are about a year and happened to issue its between like nine months to a year a year and a half. The night before the wedding did you feel is if you had the venue secure that you knew where you were married. That's crazy because the browns now have the venue secure at all the browns get married tomorrow they've been planning the wedding for a year. They don't know if the brides and show up they don't know if they had the church. No one knows what's on the menu and here's the latest. Dramatic show after of ESPN last night and this sent people into a frenzy. Quote I continue to hear that Mitchell show biz ski is square in consideration. And may turn out to be the number one pick. Now I know everyone thinks miles Gary it's going to be the OPEC will not be surprised that's the case. But I have got very Smart very well connected people telling me over the last 24 hours that they thinks Robiskie is going to be the number one pick. Hit hit for those of you who may or may not like a little action there are several. That's out there offering ridiculously favorable odds for true best yet one. For Garrett at two for a complete flip because this is supposed to be a done deal miles Garrett the pass rushers remain am going one overall. Here we are on draft day it feels as if there's a divide in the building. And shift there's no slouch this is probably the best NFL reporter in the business and he hates to be wrong low what do you think is going on in Cleveland at the moment. I think we're past the point where it smoke screens right oh. I'm absolutely. You ask me what do weapons or I have no a disk when you came in this morning and we sort of talked about this after we landed out. I'm absolutely taken back. I don't seem possible it's is it possible yet enacted it was improbable that Mitchell to brisk he'll be the first overall pick but did show is not gonna do is put his name. Out there and just are sent OK it's gonna be this guy what throat he's got nothing to gain. This guy's very detailed in everything he gets out because he wants to make sure he's got a name for himself when he wants to keep his reputation. He's got a goals in he knows DMZ knows it coaches that's why he's a first got a break and he's insider. So this to me. It's it's crazy though I just don't understand it if they make his pick. Out I'll be very shocked. But it's it it seems like it's gonna happen what's most intriguing is that chapter of this isn't the first time he said this he's been saying for weeks he's the guy that's been reporting but. To miss you very much imply stop assuming it's Garrett stop assuming it's Garrett and then this. Bob comes out last night followed by the release of the mock draft the Bob begin from the Milwaukee journal sentinel now most people might not know Bob is. He's been covering the NFL had a very high level for decades Bob begin is extremely well respected. Doesn't mean he's gonna go 100% on his mock draft but he released his mock last night. Robiskie number one overall. To the Cleveland Browns. Here's another report. Michael Lombardi currently with the ringer. Former NFL personnel man with the raiders the rounds the niners back and today he worked under Bill Walsh in the eighties friend of mine love the guy who loved the dude. He was on Twitter yesterday saying that yesterday. The browns were having discussions with teens about the twelfth overall pick. Which they also. Doesn't sound like a surprise right we've been hearing from month that the browns are trying to trade up from twelfth. Only the report from home Marty is that the browns have been calling teams behind them. Saying that their open for business at twelve there willing to move back they're already locked up at one. If you know what you're doing at one and it's not a quarterback you're not trying to trade back from twelve you try to come back up to get a QB. So did his Cleveland getting ready to Cleveland this draft. It looks like did get a lot of what we're talking about its pre show and then here and you lay out right now it seems like Cleveland is going that direction. I just can't believe it because not only is he not. The best player in the draft I don't think he's the best quarterback in the draft I think to Shawn Watson at the end of the day we'll have a better career than Mitchell Drabinsky will. And also I think the miles Garrett is more of a can't miss prospect despite criticisms that have come out about the player. I think that he's the guy you should take it one in the fact that the browns look like they're not going to do that and go with too risky I think it's another huge mistake. I tell you right now if I'm any GM and I see it thinks it low. I'm let you be the GM and I want you to get me up for short guy that you think is going to play for me for the next teen years in give me solid play. Now he's going to be a pro bowler added those teen years maybe three or four times he's gonna have a solid career he's not gonna get in trouble but he's going to do his job in your no beach you sick this guy. Is eight he is a centerpiece in my team for years. It's simple out goats Solomon will Clark I don't know why the solomons kit from Stanford Austria presents Jack absolutely if you told me. Give me a guy in this draft that you just feel that you can't miss that's gonna be a blue collared it's gonna work hard it's going to be an all pro it's gonna get things done. Outlook takes well. I bet your ass on that North Carolina game he played and since then you have of this skit and you have done all your research on him and you loved watching him believable I love watching play took a look here and Abigail you know better than anybody else he completed three. You can putting money you can put in wanna go three technique for those listening means right between the center. In the garden right and that one right in that write and add little hole right airplane ride over the nose right between garden center in you can go play the five over the tackle. And head up any good player Y nine it is on dates so we can play all down your defensive front you we had personals and he's very versatile defensive alignment and you don't using get debt using it three he's right there's a bunch stopper he is right there's a gap stopper heat but this guy can put some pressure on the quarterback he's only rusher but he can move the how you can line him up over a tackle. His second JJ watt but not at not you know not that that motor but he's strong he's physical he it to me is that for shoring can't miss if you take bets that bad that that to me. That's the guy that I love at a distressed. If you John Lynch you have got to be drooling right now at this news because of the browns go out and drafts Robiskie. And that move would be the owner Jimmy hasn't sang I want to keep from Cleveland I want the quarterback. Because football ops does not want to miss football ops wants to go Garrett and maybe try to get Robiskie. They don't want him number one now so this is it up us internal strife right now with the owner probably at the eleventh hour telling everyone what he wants that's why Cleveland is Cleveland. But if they make that move. The niners now sitting in position to an eight track miles Garrett or beat. Open up the phones once again to say who once Garrett come on up someone probably loves acted enough to realize holy crap he just told to let's make a play. And you do what you do if you're the niners buy stock in those picks you build your arsenal so that next year. You can put yourself in position to be the number one overall pick to draft Sam Arnold quarterback USC. Think long term you can trade back he can still get yourself a starter Hideki be around for quite some time it's a long rebuild. Put yourself in position for the best quarterback next year because Arnold is gonna be better than any quarterback this year strap. And the class next year if I'm not mistaken is deeper quarterback wise in this one as well also. You know your more than one quarterback away from being a legitimate team again so so stockpile and if you go back from two if miles Garrett. Falls to you could take him to but why not move back to maybe nine and 23 year however many more picks you can get because this draft is deep enough. Outside of quarterback the you can add 45 maybe six legitimate impact us. I'd like to say I can't believe it that Cleveland is here after all these months and they still don't know what they're gonna do but it's Cleveland it shouldn't surprise you one bit. I still think my predictions gonna hold. The clocks gonna run out before they turn in the card they're gonna lose tonight to get the number one overall pick now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Great to have UN 95 point seven a game. Since. We are just a few hours away. The start of the when he seventeen NFL draft. Which tonight by the way our coverage begins it's Greg Greg Papa but they Helen its myself 3 PM to 6:45 PM right here 95 points in the game. Will be at the raiders draft party. Special guests like low O'Neal will be coming by a way to meet them. Party's great big time big time debt for you guys yes. That was hit that took months of booking lot of money lot of backdoor connections were needed but we got Loney L. To come on Sam gash unavailable. To let your senators Dennis deployment. I yeah low because you want me to go out. Could I forget Michigan today. I'm not like out exactly who so we'll be on that the very nice three to 645. Dead a.'s coverage will kick in we will continue the program until about eight on our stream sikh extremists on web site on the web site mainly because. The raider picket 24 might not happen before we go off yes we got a cup. Now celebrate we've got Loney he'll get ready to tells couple big time stories but before we get that. We've been playing up some big moments in draft history on today's shell. We went with the Donovan McNabb pick in the last segment we've got a few more sort throughout the day for this segment. We figured we give you this one. With the 89 pick of the 1993. NFL draft. The New Orleans say it's elect. Lorenzo deal. Fullback Chris knows it. It had not not why not not. Dynamic hard hitting huge upside a wider all the radar no lapin juries safe bet to be hard pressed the medalists. No lab injuries. Like from sitting on Santa's lap present and. Wow now that's kind of crazy now have a lot of nice things to say action but what it would when they did the wow could you get this great job by the way big stakes toad get a good job when you guys in the wow I don't asthma while that never happens colonial I thought you guys had to meet get jacked up. Now it's elements to celebrate just hold my breath like okay they're gonna do Meeks what's in your son Michael get what they. 24 years it's been since that day. Natalie and know that it's crazy brother that's what's crazy 24. Years Obama. I'm getting old it's wild since. While tonight I love to go back like whenever you play one of these you talk about a draft Alex does go back and look at the draft yet half and pick names. But Ronald Moore taken right before you. And David where taken right before you but seven picks before you. Out of Stanford John Lynch John Strong safety seven picks for you in the same draft. You know it's funny. And we did this once before about a year ago we didn't do it on air but if you're listening you wanna get involved to get his on attacks like 95795. If you went back to the 1993. Draft knowing what you know now and you read draft all the positions where would logo. See he was what was he overall he was in the fourth round seventy some somewhere in the 80s89. Beta you can make the case that if you look through that entire draft. Knowing what you know now Lowe's definitely top ten the question is how much higher do you go. There's a taste he made he might be top five picked yeah me on knowing you're gonna get sixteen years of hall of fame production we really rove went anything he's an all faced with a great track the bus went tenth and he's in the hall of fame. So that was it yet does get picked. I Garrett game garrison Hearst and Marvin Jones were top four guys Armon Jones at a Florida State GAAP well it was a series and then wrote let's stop me freighter program first round. Sick he went up 26 overall. Michael Strahan the hall of Famer yet you Strahan was in the same class. Is low. Great pearl. Why she adds her body was just a little bit younger. And any doubt it will shields who wish I would have tried it more joke as I would have assumed that he was a few years behind I didn't. Why I don't know I don't I don't have an answer that I just would have assumed he wasn't. As old as you. Talk to your point oh coming off friendly and. Basically like I mean you know what I glad I go out of heart there's no ambiguity here it is a little ambiguity is and I. It is hard to believe that it's been yeah. Or years. Is it going for years. It really is I am very grateful to still above ground you know you look at some of these guys this in this draft no longer here mean that. You see John Lynch in there you see the big Willie rule you know we came in together Irv Smith and Willie role playing with the saints. That's a good draft class for the saints drafted really rolls and Lorenzo Neal to their Art Smith the attack and from Notre Dame played in the plan like in twelve year and I forgot to mention a good name and under rated name in my opinion. There is good server Irving that's you're so the movie great white hype Damon Wayne's plays the boxer the overly box again Scott and entourage and one of the guys that are rising earth every gets mad he goes R&R comes running up just knocks out there and actually still it's great. I digest I think the match and leading candidate. Number nine overall and big Mike was but what would. Forgive. The class you know I'm hoping joins us tomorrow. Matt Bowen good friend the program played seven years in the NFL. Went to Iowa was recruited as a quarterback ended up being safety had some really great years with the Redskins. Boland was the pick before Tom Brady. A threat awesome story ball when wet one pick before Tom Brady that he cell. I don't know it's always on we'll get him to tell that story because he actually told Sports Illustrated recently did a big thing on like a month ago it was pretty awesome. But placebo joins us tomorrow obviously cousin of the great big puma who's trying to get down to the Andre Ward fight have been hearing too much from him lately. That if I point seven game. I'm in the last segment Robert Clinton go in the Monday Morning Quarterback can mark he is a fascinating piece up on the site called the album cook. And the stories behind the red slacks. Robin Cook is a well regarded running back prospect coming out of Florida State somebody was better than Leonard four net but not last couple months his draft stock has slipped. Uncle went behind the scenes to figure out why now cook has a couple of arrests from his middle school days on his record there's some red flags air but there's a runner. Who's been bad mouthing him trying to sabotage him behind the scenes and that's got some teams giving even more pause the situation. This piece is that fascinating it's gonna take some time to read its long form it's tremendous work on Clinton's behalf. You mentioned how when you are coming out you dealt with some runners before their runners a go between. Between agents and players because an agent can't necessarily have contact with a player at a certain point can't give them money so the writer does the dirty work. He'll slip the cash to the player. And try to steer him toward the big time agent did you ever deal at this yet. Fresno state present state till it's interesting people nickel you're not big enough school doesn't happen and happen. And I have come from you know apparently background nuts in the who's an Angel by no stretch of the imagination. But at least you know he had some some values Millwood you know right from wrong. But you know you'd you have people you have. From coaches. From appoints his guys you might see at a dinner and to hey mister a mentioned. And Tay love you mean my friend. You have friends of friends his. Coaches and high school hit a good guy likely to meet. And it's crazy Joseph people understand and sink or these guys got to keep your nose can they got understand. You put a rooster. And a hand house mostly just all sit around and just look at all the hint. And eagle bit so you look at these young meaning you say okay they got no better. You'll give a guy a thousand bucks you put in and humble priest say here's a thousand bucks. You've got to make you think these guys don't walk away from that make it like it's such easy transaction it's just here's a there's no way to Trace and it's just here's some cash cash. But with a cast here's a mobile cart if you look at the cardinals sent hundreds of coming at it. Kelly would get. You were you put all four years of presidency right right after your junior year could you have gone pro would you have been drafted. I would been drafted probably wouldn't bit later rounds but did you give it some thought. Don't know because I was in to a college might get giggling wouldn't let me. OK so what I'm getting at I always love that about you by the way but what I'm getting at is. You knew who you had the future play in the NFL gives you might ask your junior year which means other people looking UN say O'Neal got a future O'Neal's gonna have some. Earning potential share they see dollar signs so now in between that junior and senior year they might be trying to get that you plural personal gain what are well represented you hear that can help you with this we can do this we can do that right there trying to go without a doubt I had my head coach Jim Sweeney may rest in peace. This brought me in his office. And set me down and sit. I low I'm telling you might wanna at a bus stop wrestling ease it lessening at a pay you you're gonna make some money. We need in sailing bat. OK. I got her at all yeah. That's eight look they look. They had noted just a Little League or you don't know let's put it right now approach a nostalgic Dudley did answer the budget again. I have iPad app. And she got. Re saying yeah might that was a but all the ones that it approved by the got a is it. Well they want and what about noon. Today to move up now. Your first checked. I mean coach Mike. No more and get Reagan job he comes at my church. Any single when the saints go marching and talk about. I'm so amok in when he since his first check all. He's got a boy crazy jumps when he was amazing but he's giving you the heads up at some of these runners might be trying to get action absolutely look you better make sure you do the right thing is these guys did try to get GO I. You edgier deep but school or so and so this old daughter and the. It gives a young man coming up from broadcasting career runners trying to give gambles to a cash yet didn't really have a Natalie Jones. As they junior college tennis players I was trying to pick my have for your school to go to not a lot of people run and Nat me in the doubles now. Now I didn't really glad that way did ask me for second in emblem for via. There's nothing there that's the joke did go to Paris there's five bucks it was hit the holes. Josh how is created you know listen guys good axiom. Find the tape you guys can hear his voice sounds just like I believe it but you can see how the delving cooks at the world a lot of these guys. One little I don't know wanna see slip up at some mudslides are a little bit cast these dudes come from nothing. What we're talking about Liberty City and Miami were talking about I think it's called browns town there are some really bad parts of Miami. Really bad parts that's why when Howard snell and burger team men. And took over the you when your early eighties he put a huge map the state of Florida up on the board. He shuttles assists as they walk up with a marker and he took a line right at Tampa bank middle of the state and just drew it straight across and said everything south of this line. Is ours that's how we're build our program. Miami has a ton account these kids you said before about right. They got no other choice no question you have to make as a pro or that's the end. In in you know if you can get a couple thousand bucks you're in college and get a credit card for you may wonder every every corner you turn it's free applications filled out you get a credit card in college. And maxed mine out doubled not so sure. A couple bucks can pay off to these guys trust me. These different agents in these runners they know who's getting drafted they know what's going on in so you've got to realize though if a kid takes that money. It's that blood money in getting it in May expect something and so now you got to realize maybe that guy sees another agent that's really. I truly sits with the parenting parents are you gonna go this guy. Also now. These guys like they're gonna go after. They're gonna try to black boy you guys say look he took money think about a guy takes money junior year an argument go into his senior year and also and he gets wind at another agent's got another aid has personally. In mid east he's gonna tell a book deal to if you don't sign with me. Wouldn't turn you and that you took might have records. Hall of fame segment right there from the hole things I'd like to get more into that a debt next you know we're gonna talk to. Dontrelle Willis the MLB but also get his draft story as well because that was hot prospect coming out of the bag. Don't go anywhere back in a minute Jolo and did not five points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. How the interview go from your perspective any incidents with fingers or toes or anything like that are pretty yes it was just let's bring that out of course you tissue left that and I always find it funny did you kind of opened the door to it because I had mistakes like that to in my career and just look at it and rusty the last. Yeah I haven't really gotten much TV works. It's less and less funny the more I think about my other than doing Melvin games and SF state which I love but. I have been asked back to do the state bowl games since Diana Ashton Kutcher he's gonna win one for the nominee said no I'll import thing it's. What I think. Odds of that I'll think about that for a second one for the obvious is it's a common phrase acting Russian news for the its title want the pa. What are they want for a strip that's a concept final question distance makes the all poised to come back and win one for the thumb and he goes up well. I'm a big cell in Ali up four fingers. And he holds it up a steamy slowly get edit wanna get totally coach I look at his hand look at the camera. Look at his hand a look at the camera go up well Steve back do you. They got delighted to hear. I believe we have the audio ballots ahead and play it please. Please go to graduation and I guess if things go your way we'll see you back here one for the thumb thumb yeah yeah out why don't meanwhile only got four ringers out here. Becky Steve. Idea do you guys see you are. What seed do it that I think it's Steve quits first of all Southern California who ideas Matty the clock hold this one yet and what you don't see everyday. But for you do. We need to go to Michelle a with a ball should see our families or else us ideas by the to grow there and I mean you could hear the laughter in the background the truck the places fell out and it's like what he did do you move on and now. In another call Kate got that job so there ego. There you have it you boys home now in December I'm sorry yeah. This does so I guess it's like we chose right live TV live radio you gotta put your foot in your mouth have been used you know eagle shoe and then you move on. The beauty is that you can you can look back and laugh and make jokes about like that yet that that that's what makes it that's a makes it funny for for all the loss mostly but it's great to see the US that it is well like the situation so the best stuff you come across on TV will be like. The Chris Berman. Behind the scenes that went out we are just loses his mind I love that I've watched that hundreds of times. When he sick to think to myself too and it wouldn't right before they go live oh you can everybody there is just we'll talk. I don't it's tied I know I'm. A but I got him doing that you've got O Reilly. Flipping out on Fox News I mean those are just great moments you look back those guys were just completely angry victims of the one for the thought why I guess so I didn't. Did you see myself doing. That's the phrase you would use what are the odds are gonna throw you study conduit for the guy doesn't have stuck on how ray did you get. Best that I wanna see that there's been a lot more idea yet not send thank you. You embarrassed you know divide that's the kind of thing that I I think is hilarious but yeah I researched Bobby twenty hours for all the games they did. But I didn't do any research on whether or not the coach at five fingers. And. Now I know when you do a game like that and an even been a sideline reporter for an M three years now you so much research on the kids to school. Everything but now it's gonna be how many digits for the coach Diaz note to self now for the nets right at fingers don't write for that advice fingers and toes. We have multiple requests on the pets get us of that context like to play the did situation again did would be OK let Iran time let's go I love it. I love it coach congratulations and I guess if things go your way we'll see you back here one for the thumb pump Jack. Yeah why don't meanwhile got four ringers are good. Yeah I have this. Us you love it you would sit. You had a great data that you told some stories you've reflecting you've interviewed Loney on his finest. Q you've just been chilling you talk to teach train and get ready to jump back in his draft and then this comes up you're on the edge you see I don't think it ever seen you more excited unless. I'm. I mean I didn't I didn't mean this tells got. She got everything going well for yourself now does this over the islands and you know I don't meanwhile got corporate. Good I guess and elsewhere allow you what you Latin us. Here's an. He's six he's Sally how he's actually he's ETU. A school lunch or a no hitter against the odd thousand of whom I yep yep yep. Now I can also see myself totally botch of that what I love is. You realize you reached a point and you're like I gotta get out of here in Atlanta just what you coma and YouTube daily and then you go on to finish yet they like a pro. But like you you can stay at the moment where you realize I'm not getting this first name I'm just gonna go last name and at a year. It was one of those molester is sitting there you just can't get the word. And it is just like them brain part basically you just don't know how to get out and then I'll listen and ethnic. I thought about that the dollar and. Was like he hit out when again I think it's always like to hear that again please god I friend and he's six he's shout it. Besides she thinks he's week eighteenth he was cool. I just think. If I can just go out whom. People started a new look at them look like that. That's very good month until there now he's got. That's what we do here but just as a way to do it ain't good thought if there's some on me back there dig it out because they vomit a poke fun at everyone else at some point we should. Probably bounce an outing there so take your time I'm sure there's something. Running by me first to make sure it's I don't I got handed out bats are actively take time back their Jolo and there's 95 point seven game. We've got Travis like assistant general manager at Google say warriors coming up at 845 today to talk about the next round of the playoffs. We got more on the NFL draft 830 but for right now let's Ivins the raiders a little bit at pick 24. Interesting scenario for Reggie McKenzie and company or should I say unique scenario. Because all that's one years his teams found itself on the clock rather quickly and now here we go pick 24. Actually sit back chill for a moment so how. How do you see this position differing from the raiders in the past because. Not so much last year Carl Joseph for the middle rounds but you're at a point where raider picks for years have been. We need a savior winning quarterback main star wideout we need something to use this guy's gonna change the fortunes. Now the mindset is we need a starter who can come and help this team because is a good team we can put it over the top. You look around the drafts of these prospects 42 silver and black 124. What I tell you one thing offense defense aligned last year for the raiders didn't play well they played a roaches and they understand that. So it was sudden but no they got to get to the line I I think they will Leonid draft but. I think it's going to be linebacker you meet somebody that can run downhill and make tackles on a consistent basis. I think they're gonna look at the linebacker position very very seriously in the kid from Alabama maybe slept in big slipping a little bit of falling. If he's there they got a jump on this guy if he slips that far you got a jump on if he's not. There have been you probably look at you probably look at a secondary a may be a corner slot for a guy that can cover in the slot B it would be able to cover little shifty receiver so you look they're too as well. But until I right now. This defense second team to tell you guys this defense is want to be immensely better would jump O'Donnell he's gonna have these guys feeding you're gonna see the blown coverage. You're not gonna see guys at a position as much this guy has came and to be that defense of cut and go route to kind of help Ken Norton. Made toward his defense and give them better so. I think it's going to be linebacker and then I think it'd be corner linebacker and corner that is going to be the pick could be the Alabama kid like they say because he slipped and and it could be peppers that you even though he you know got some little things is on he's still going to be beer probably will be our what he's gonna be there. But here's another guy in the secondary they can help you. Hold on I'm sorry we have breaking news as it pertains to draft let's go to and a. Giants 41 victory in eighteen he thinks that three run Jack off of Brandon Hicks to see if I. I. Hayley well hell yeah. Right Jack and all the only first three months. Play again but I definitely one they've gained eighteen he thinks that three run Jack off of Brendan hits. Now there are gone and in good or bad I love this one as well because that is absolutely the mistake I would make ten times antenna that situation. At that easily the mistaken you could see that went right EIE trade's daily from jacked that three run Jack. The video talk about who all of whom who bit. Yeah that it can be dangerous it's slowed in the big moment for uses of that semi. And he would have gotten us without. Common who knew and we got. I'm not a noting that maybe it'll just so she got education is very cells and the record in spring training. Well let's let's set it up properly I had hit it past record in spring training. To me very unlikely that. There is news. More talent and I was trying to do some matrix thing I one point let's face amount to overkill the the audience there. Tells us out of focus more and it there's money that we really proud that love the fans love she's universally recognized is the most lovable person on the show two years. With Hillary or not that's on another raiders. Point four point four wants to keep your eye on something. The raiders the sit in 24 right and they're in pretty good shape as it pertains to the roster anyone know who sit in 25. Houston Texans. What do the Houston Texans need what do they rumored to be adjusted and act boom. Knowing that with the raiders a 24. Anyone who might wanna leapfrogged Houston to get in front of them for a quarterback pick who may still be on the board would wanna call blue and silver and black. You know who you might wanna watch war. And this should be interesting. Rival Kansas City. Andy Reid Alex Smith look let's be honest and he's done this before. Donovan McNabb is that second round pick on Kevin cop silly went knots when that happened knots I remember there was no draft. In Philadelphia my entire life that had more controversy coming out of it and Kevin topic. Not not even my mobile. I really worked out. Kansas City what do you do if you Reggie McKenzie. And you got any beating the chiefs on the phone because they know Alex Smith whether he's your guy or not it's coming to the end of the line there are only so many years lap and I think I now. Anyone who knows Smith knows he's not a Super Bowl winner. Nice quarterback not a great quarterback he's not gonna get you there. So maybe you wanna look for his heir apparent may be it's DeShawn Kaiser from Notre Dame may be it's Patrick home from Texas Tech maybe it's Davis web. From count. The point being. If Houston needs a quarterback 125 and the raiders at their 24 if your Reggie and you're getting ready to pick up that phone of phoning your pet. And you get a call from Andy Reid. Possibly wanting to draft a quarterback you could be going against for the next decade if you screw this up. He's offering you bountiful package. What you do now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. And. Yeah. Yeah. And we weren't. At least right now from. And goes and is just oozes so not only for me it seems the. Light less in Colorado last weekend. The giants came back in the last night were on the verge of being no hit by Alex would. No hit you're watching Johnny Quaid allowed their duel he can begin yourself. It is going to be gone Yamuna deal at this and then sure enough. The kid Christian Arroyo. Second game first career homer. And then Michael Morse gets called up. And homers late. Wham bam thank you man final intend giants four Dodgers three tips they've taken two of three in this series with the finale today and Yahoo! is. Beaten the drama Michael Moore slider than me I don't think any unless. We talked about all these left field mash and Asians with will be Parker will be. Marrero and target certain Guerrero hits and who's gonna man the pulse and I kept saying. Keep your eyes on the long haired AAA kid. And Michael Bush gets called up and out as a hero again how long. You think they can ride this emotion because with a royal coming up for game one against the Dodgers didn't get ahead but then. Two nights ago gets his first and against Kershaw last night gets his first home run. Now Morse clearly there's an injection of like a shot of adrenaline to this clubhouse how long can they maintain this. I think he can be maintained short term remorse but long term with a royal because he's the biggest deal. You seem in the batter's box and you seem over at third base he worried looks pretty comfortable. He doesn't look awed by the moment. Morse is going to be hit me as if you have. That bat on the bench at the very least. And a great clubhouse presence that could last for a long time as well and don't look now Joseph is giants team not ready to dip off into the offseason just yet. Now most of you probably think that the excitement in last night's game at AT&T park was taking place on the field you would be. Grossly mistaken. Arroyo forget about it. Morse forget about it Quaid I'll forget about it. In turn Melvin all seventy hamburgers at the game last night did ads you can now putts slip anything past the wily veteran. Get the screen shot of Melvin in a dodger hat. Down at the stadium now let's just slow everything down a we're gonna start with tips here you watch in the game with the kids last night yeah. You started a phenomenon of social media when this take me through it. Loved watching the game instant fan makes a great play out in right field on a foul ball and I love the way. NBC sports NBC Bay Area whoever the game last and a lovely cover of the game because they really hone in on great sand. Experiences and fan interactions Hispanics a great play they show it again when they showed again in the background is these gigantic. Lurch like figure. Out of the corner. I say you've got to be bleeping give me. That is our very own Brian Williams AKA Melvin. So I reroute it watch him again and I that I got to pause and click to make sure that you and low. Are both aware that our guys on TV but not only see on TV. But atop his head and I did pretty crazy it gives his head rises into the clock what's that exit real good at dodger hats off flipped in the. Is villas dodger and I think in you know what this will not fly its bigger run for Melvin it's been a nice little internship but it is although. Now that's story on the record we bring Melvin into the program known then welcome is just the first time we've ever been on air ever. Ever Andrea tell the people your name what's your real name Brian Williams. It's spelled like Ryan Sandberg and obviously yes I was named utterance ever really is it right in Orion Ryan the second one cyclone. No wonder that I was just that none out its its Melvin draw had a good. Tony is not Melvin right. How did he get the big Melvin by the way is that a low spousal colors looked February. Think guys are here seven foot. You know ease Eagles got the hockey look missing to pin it's got to aggregate of -- he shoots the three and what's his name and I had forgotten. And you know 60. Don't know that every now again you might. They might show past weeks I saw a bit and Alex are exempt from I'm. Okay so it's got mad at me grab bag checks mailed tech slide or cause you to listen to eased up almost a minute. Barack Obama came about as well. Melvin. You you're seventy play basketball where some discuss that what you're UN. From going in the mine on going to be a fourth year but I Richard Richard attack and how much you weigh right now it's 7250. About have you been trying to put more weight on to kind of stick it up that frame little map I put on thirty pounds last summer and I'm probably gonna hopes upon twenty more than summer when one. Cheating Eaton why well I. And I can't tell me eighty moody beat everybody out of the studio if you look online anti. And about a picture I've put on a Twitter he's clearly eating I don't know that's a cheese steak or a hot dog allows one of those crab sandwiches and you have to have sale is that ballpark I. You gotta have one of those things easily take this the big moment you're wearing a dodger had your kids got upset Isa does viral storm on this I was trying to write a story last night. Trying to ease into today it's going to be a long day with the draft shown everything did send this picture out on Twitter my social media's blown up. Down there are you trolling or you dodger fan nom I'm from LA. I'm border is a socal so. You know weapon got a rep the hometown team but the year named after Chicago Cubs must be fair where you're from is really almost -- country right up there and this day it's tween or its northern job did not get better every northernmost county eagle northernmost LA county just about at the border but. The united I grow bliss and eventually a lots and lots of dodger baseball ha. Better for the house announcing do you get any grief when you go to AT&T park wearing a hat like nah nobody nobody's gonna mess with them that are. Hello Damascus on seven footer who shoots threes Ali you get laundry basket. Does that I don't I don't walk around saying I shoot threes answer. This could appoint a pretty good on there do you feel comfortable right after your first time out suppressed and breed nervous at all when I went told you back there earlier that you're gonna be coming on there not because I mean that's a but he doesn't morning's. As a liaison for the Sosa threw pretty comfortable that treats you well yes and thinking except for the Mel you don't even know his name but it's not black hat back on Melvin. Yet out. Yeah it's just this leads us into a natural progression wit which he'd be on mount Melvin more. No especially not after he. First volley goes to school in San Francisco now so and the very least be on a rat the orange and black like he got to put the blue and wipe away their assessment you look good look terrible shot up the gators SS state they're a great year this year real proud of my. My alma mater but when it comes to representing the show. You're a public figure out Melvin when you're out there represented Jolo and gives you can't be shown up in dodger gear I'm always watching young man. I'd point you don't see me walking around a Phillies hat and you don't need your. Seal the milk and listen to submit all the Bob Melvin he's up on or about answering more there is amounted to mourn yeah added sadly some of our former interns Girardi went out and one guy who broke the camera and then got the hook up. How could that guy and guys I'm not criminal. First off. Melvin and the blue notes is definitely on now Melvin more vogue now. Who joins us every yeah of course ball well on Thursday and Friday and Monday Night Football on Monday three day not Monday more they play again. Yeah you're not inquire about Melvin more and it did you go to Sampras is a state. Yes it'd how do you feel about one of your own disrespecting the giants the way Melvin has going on eighteen people are wearing that hat. You know I will give them as though the fact he's still wrapping his team it's a little uncomfortable because that's ever discuss state but. He stayed true to his colleagues looked at yes I can't fault them for that. Melvin. With is saving you like to say before you got to do like the tone. I would definitely not like Tucson has the right answer the senate for your team as much as it may aggrieved giants fans to see you. Down there wearing that had the fact that you are loyal and truthful. That stance is something that needs something thank you so once they get the hell out of I just. I did I. Very crass and it. Well roasting on the text line problems and Rosa and yes I feel really diss. Wake up early in the morning saws back slightly better if at any of you guys to catch that it would it would only be. Only Dudamel now on behalf of all of us here in Jolo and did this put an egg in your size nineteen quadruple each you know. Indeed it. Thank you thank you Melvin you guys turned his Mike up that's plenty of their time. He was composed on there he's got he's got a future in the industry. Your future in any info on mountain seven foot intern more so just be clear about all the seven put injured we've had he's deathly among the top four. Yeah he would definitely be amongst the top four I would give him that I was really trying to do the analysis there and I dot Amazon you know what he does slide it down the first round at Augusta legally. Yeah I. Why still hanging here it. You physically do something about it. No it was good thank you Melvin you did a nice job if you could go back to finding out the cheapest tickets for kanell Alvarez and shot as I'd appreciate right and be able Ellis are you be there count but it never bats apart next weekend's south good for my look at the entrance to work at a boy. To believe outspent well I try to figure out why it was Sox Mets and the cheapest ticket to go see that fight is like 400 box. I think it was a I don't know that's a bit of a stretch and you realized. Two very popular Mexican fighters at the Mexican fan base huge in that area they love their boxing I mean Argentina will show up when my Donna flights there. So when you have Mexican fighters the passion for those guys especially Alvarez who's been anointed basket they Loya. They're gonna show up to its hot tickets yet Selig is its usual and your your pet badges and dislike for a walk into joint. Did that I'm kind of like leaving everyone at the bachelor party out of the equation and I got people already gone by and large dislike me enough just try to hit it it'd be nice person here to there. And that's great segment thank you Melvin thank you did for being so diligent last night I was. Job well the always working Joseph we've got the NFL draft to get into next if you are just joining us or if you're in the future and you're about to join us. Huge news as it pertains to pick number one and what that could mean for the San Francisco 49ers we are back in one minute don't go anywhere and five points of the game coach Alex. Now back to show low dips on 95 point seven again. Yesterday morning welcome back Jolo in bids 95 point seven a game. He coached Marshawn Lynch California he was also the offensive coordinator at Fresno state when the great low Neil was playing an Arab. And he's now the current head coach of Fresno state Jeff Ted verdict which Jolo in bids on 95 point seven game coach first off good morning and thank you for your time. How about a half hour ago Lowe was telling us the story. On his draft day back in 934. Rounder to New Orleans is said you know what guys. I would've been a first rounder if Hedrick had given me more carries. Yeah that figures. The deeds. Yeah Eddie barker well anyway you lead blocker for all those guys you are phenomenal. You require. How's everything going in the transition back to Fresno state closed and hyping it for awhile there's a lot of excitement here in the Bay Area for the rise to prominence of the bulldogs 'cause have been with recruiting and everything get back into the saddle. Think very a lot of energy in in the city. The workers were we practiced lurking times so far. Two left here we are or game on Saturday it's it's been great it really has the players are excited. They're working really hard made a lot of progress is spurring and it is great to be Olmert really is it's it's like a time machine and come back and close special place I'm really happy to be here. Coach you know things to about building ability and callow. A program that was kind of you know when you've got to he had to take over and help build a stadium. All the different transitions that you had to go you know had to go through. What makes that so unique now on doing the same thing again in Fresno and what major timing council. So appreciative here too because a lot of fans still love you. Lot of families one in the war year and butchered two and so. How's that transition being the two places. Well look there's a lot of allergies really you know because is you know you're going to play action both ball and Baltic dollar a year and at some down years and so. You know you take over program that only won one game back calorie. The first thing used to. To build the trust and confidence of the players. Because nobody likes to go to those situations. And we're really fortunate to do that there we have a lot of great players. Like you guys tomorrow Marcia. Aaron Rodgers to shot injection. And so fortress a lot of great players and were able to really build that thing is some special things there and eventually the stadium which they'll be able to enjoy the next hundred years so lot of great memories they're allowed tinkering years in their. We won one game last year or so there's some work to be done. The players are really excited about Purdue com the number one thing side. The players news surround yourself for the breach steps certain collect we've done that your. Prayers and to create direct culture environment for success and in dollars not a football group academic credential to. And so it's been a great springs so far and registration or shall organs season. We wish you the absolute best down and Jeff had for joining us are not a 57 the game you mentioned Marshawn Lynch your former player now and Oakland raider. What should raider nation look forward to as far as his drive his work ethic even though it's kind of late in his career coach. Well right in the Arctic is pretty evident what he has done. You know where it's his state and Seattle. You know he's a special factor no doubt about it each. You know I was worried about those last couple years has occurred the health physical plays in the pounding that he takes. Concede he doesn't go down. Outlaws things out east. The whole defense problems back Serbia tree like event echoed down at some point you know I'm. But you Russell or shall physical. And but now I cut the great Kim. You know he is Richard really deep in Oakland as a troop passion for. That city and so for him to come back because he doesn't need to some travel for themselves and then you really successful business. So he had a passion come back and I think a lot of that has surrounded with a memo. Jeff Ted Turner head coach Fresno state would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven you don't stick right there for a moment. You had a mixed how he plays football Berkeley he grew up. In Oakland the fact that he is now a rader how much do you think this means to him because like you said it's not necessarily about the money the opportunity to play for the team you grew up watching what do you think that means to have. I think it means everything Arnold Arnold moguls story haven't talked to lately but it. I would venture to say that you probably wouldn't come back to what you know. And that how much so could mean to him and he always had that. Gordon family first and it would really about people Oakland and you always. Want to keep a strong connection to Oakland goes to charity event so Yugoslav accuse an Oakland. You know so I don't think there was need for him to come back except for the right to play in Coca or force on team. Coach he did you do it when you've won and got coaches that brought the card out form them to drive around that's want it to. How was it. Trying to recruit guys like that like Aaron Rodgers what was closest note and a lot of listeners here when an old Aaron Rodgers going to be a hall of Famer first ballot when he decides that paying it up. What goes into that process when you know the people won these guys are also guys that people aren't so they're not really what number. In what are you see him to be able to identify talent and players it can be going to be great. Well first off noise didn't. That OPEC cartel and the planned it that you were down in overtime against Washington away and then in normal or shaken Baylor coaches local currency Marshall. Driver on the field let up on that. Awesome to see it shall schools cleared it and ball. Until I got a call the next it from the eastern and don't do that war. It what you would go far and you know it it was nice to see him have a farm. As far as recruiting pieces concerning I think every individual. He's unique and that way Marchand was a kid that thinks stay at home atrium people around them. And so whole Oakland Raiders thing. And you know. You wanna take a couple trips just because. You know you'd never building where before he told I should I have worded. You're come and sit yeah actually took one trip in Mexico jumped on. You know so. Yeah and I think family and friends and people around him there was very important to them and it's a great job on. You know garlic well like Aaron Rodgers whose toll on the radar. Kind of fell and I am watching a tight end on tape or tried in. Who's the quarterback here you know end. You don't advantage for one year and so you go up there ought practice and and felt like he not only had great skills he had to the leadership qualities to distill help people in mid gravitated toward them. And you to release special guy soak. You know I think I'm Douglas Altria up thinkers in doubt about that Arctic. He's a premier and the league is because of all he can do not just what is harmful to lake a lot of the quarterback expert. I think they'll. The whole package was there and I think September above then I think what he's done and so forth and so Owens is pretty special. Coach Stanford that's how you found Aaron Rodgers you watching tape of a tight end. Yeah that's exactly was gear crops tied it or look for siting and watching them then. Most of quarterback until some pretty special things and called recruiting coach in that area and so you know who's quarterback or freshman. Going to it was early news is time that you recruited yet and if you're all fire. A couple of guys who you can leave after one year with. And coach Rick via a dispute muse was kind enough leverage recruit him to take that they're waiting a year earlier so he was kind of an up close Korean man. The rest is history he made it pretty big impact on our program pressure. Does it ever feel to you my keys treated unfairly with the media over the last few years because this is a guy that not only is performing at a ridiculously high level. But he. By all accounts appears to be a good teammate good guy in the community likeable yet there are always these stories where it feels like people are trying to cut Aaron Rodgers down. You know I don't know I'd I don't know anything about in my tent and I think it. I think Aron did. A phenomenal job in the transition from Brett Favre there you know cadets at the school situation Libya and and I thought there and that really special. And you know I'm not a hard thing to take over for alleged like Brett Favre and and the expectation levels. And besides. And the letter your show I don't really know I Google knows those articles or anything but I know learn. There are two very gifted guy he's very focused guy out team to perfectionist. As well great ones are and so nobody can never please everybody you know sort if his demands and on things that you could lead to different lights a lot of people couldn't demand for actual hard on him teaching the cal one time or sit in their pocket and the group came by taking a tour and on the breakdown a door to get to them and also used either very popular diet. He's also but he popular but the private guy announced I think they're just keep that side of the so. You know wait for the public. Vocalist who it take you for your time here in 95 point seven became still and did here. And we really appreciate who he wore as a man and as a person old dogs go get him. Our low. Olympic body projectile.