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Wednesday, July 26th
The guys discuss the civil lawsuit filed against Draymond Green, Field Yates' breakdown of each NFL team's backup QB situation, Stephen A. Smith's response to Lebron James regarding his report, and they play the first edition of CONTENDERS VS PRETENDERS! Former Rockies GM now MLB Analyst, Dan O'Dowd joins the show. 

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This dude it Jermaine Edmondson. Looking for help a lot more than a thousand dollars. For those who were looking for the latest update who haven't heard an altercation involving warrior forward dream mind green. In East Lansing, Michigan last summer is now the subject of a civil lawsuit last July I believe it was like tenth. Green was arrested for misdemeanor assault after he and another man. Former Michigan State quarterback Jimmy Edmonds and tangled outside the play's called Conrad's grill in downtown East Lansing, Michigan. Now prosecutors later dropped the charges against green. After he agreed to pay a 560 dollar fine free municipal. Noise violation. Here we are more than a year later. And there's a new development. Edmonds and and his girlfriend Bianca Williams. Have filed a civil lawsuit in California superior court. The lawsuit alleges that green punched Edmondson in the face. And is responsible for both Edmondson and Williams being choked by men who accompanied green. Edmonton yesterday. Issued a press release take a listen what he had Zach. I think about what happened with him on every day I think his hand on my mind at all during night's finale a prime. I don't understand what my name has been turned into you know you get all the credit for being superstars and no one. OK so on one side of the equation you have an individual who feels that he's suffering from. What will likely be termed emotional. Or intentional infliction of emotional distress that ever since this incident his life hasn't been the same as a result Dray mind green owes him for what he did to him. On the other side of the equation. You'll have some will claim that Edmondson. And his girlfriend are going after he rich individual trying to cash in a lottery ticket based on something that happened a year ago. Well sixteen years in the NFL you've been around quite a Mitt they have to show ball hers and back in the day on ESP and what was the name of that show they had. Where they did with the league called up the city can't do that anymore they did one season on it. Damn that was pitcher does anyone remember him talking about on blank and I know exactly Leo I'm talking about rightly say it's headed down right but it has all the stuff going on behind the scenes. You here's something like this what comes to mind. Well of course the guy wants money I think that's what people will do you laughter you know. There's someone that has money whether it's a ball player whether to rid of the person or not. If there's an opportunity you can come out here that come up because you don't wanna NASA work you're doing it. Now you don't walk down streaming guy could slacking he works and Donald in the court says okay we're gonna find you and find a 500 bucks you do your little program. Guy suing you silly it's not it's like OK can't get water out of Iraq. Anyone ever turnout is so you look at it like that in this guy's on somebody wakes up every night every night. You wake a very nice guy slept since and you feel his handling your facing a slab can be applied stumped. At ending it's a joke I think in two wrongs don't make her right I don't condone drain mongering down and all. But let's face it this guy wants to get the money he wants to get paid in and that's what he's trying to do. Coming interest and see what happens this very month Bono lawyer and he's gonna say okay let's. You know let's go look at it let's go look at you know they're gonna do all their background checks into all the stuff out works in. I doubt it I think this guy just once he gets the money and he's got a great attorney so we'll see what happens but of. Course this is about money. Shot out everyone of the Penske auto sales dot context on coming through for us playmaker. The name of the show on ES TN playmakers great show only last year because the league did not like they were betraying professional football. Op Ed you're around a situation like this. You have that you've you've played multiple cities multiple teammates you've probably at least heard of something like this on a question I've seen in all of 20 this is this is Matt and paying into is just another day professional sports and I. Actually I started seeing things happen Evans and good friend said that you know then went to present C within you don't. Did well to do family. In allegations about something sexual misconduct in a demo these people pour out their whole front yard to show that it. Dead in you know there was evidence that would help kill me in this case. In just because this over assumed they knew that there was money involved and they went to the extreme didn't get a penny but. You just have to be careful no matter if you're an athlete no matter if your personal prominence. You gotta be careful because there's a lot of people can sue you and they want that civil suit because it may be nothing criminal they always do criminal investigation. After criminal final no just cause a whole have been Eagles a civil. So you can win on one and losing the other so you've got to be careful definitely if I don't care if you're an athlete doesn't matter at Xavier a person a prominent money your anything else. People are gonna come up because it's it it's an opportunity for the come up. Dibs does this situation does it strike you the same as it strikes low and individual looking for a payday. Without a doubt and I'm not saying that the young man Jermaine Edmondson hasn't been suffering as a result of this he. Quit the football team and you're dealing with one of Michigan State's most famous alarms of all time endgame on green you on so I'm sure. There are people who are mocking him and ridiculing him around campus eccentric set trends unfortunate. That he has these feelings but. What most that is right you know if this would happen to. You or hire some regular person out there like us. There's no way you're a lawyer up and go after the money because the money's just not there he hired Lisa bloom. As his lawyer who is the daughter of Gloria Allred one of the most famous. I think celebrity attorney's you could say specializes in divorce yes and specializes in going after the money and you know you see the press conference yesterday with a lawyer right by his side. All the clutching onto London to try to help them through it. This is the usual dog and pony show you show the grieved victim or victims in this case because his girlfriend was up there. At the press conference is well. And you bring this thing back up and you basically force Jamont Greenspan saying look. We were lawyer doubt we're gonna take this thing to the absolute end of the earth and less you can find a way to settle this. And when you came on green you're making seventeen million a year. And you're only what three months away from the start of the season you don't want this hanging over your head when you're trying to get a third title in four years. You do. I didn't on cases like that. Announcing I'm Pena not gonna pay. Not gonna pay you lament and laid down for you mentally to give it to take advantage take advantage of the opportunity because then he do that people say okay this is what you gonna stand for you gotta fight it. You have fight now did you drink mom was very Monroe on death. You don't you don't go around punching people are slapping people but the it was he provoked absolut was things happen and I'd be for different things happen guys and faced. Okay you tell the guy plays football so you think that this lapels Harding did hit. Or trying to tackle Ryan Mack your football team meeting every single day you're in pads you're going at a your physical this is something that you. Your football is a context more way more physical than basketball. I mean come on is so you look at certain things so they're gonna bring all the stuff and people ran. Asking you apple apprentice right yet to come haven't you written your read of what how fast your 44 okay have passes or zero OK so you guys hit. Doesn't hurt mourned that. It's this is what's more jeopardizing your life. Pulled ball so when you look at these two they're gonna talk about the view from parallels antibody here's a guy police work in a Satan so you're having nightmares. The guy's sudden every ninety wiccan and crank. Did you cry at football practice. Are you crying when you wake up every Margaret training camp are you still crime and did. Is there I mean I think that it's going to be just interest in but I don't think ray amount lays down for this sound thinking (%expletive) out at at a bomb in his position now. So essentially what you're saying is. Because. Athletes celebrities they can be targets in situations like this not to say he didn't do anything wrong right but this could saying. This could be a situation where an individual is looking to take advantage. And get a payday. You have two options as the athlete one work behind the scenes. Settle. Get them to sign the non disclosure agreement the Indiana kept and that everyone moves on keep your mouth shut here's your money I don't want this to be dangerous story war. You take opposite route. You can go ahead make this is public as you want I'm not paying you I'll see UN court are those essentially has two options. So in here's the thing about going to court you say OK Gloria and honestly have you lowers it. All right I'm gonna countersuit. I want you to pay my attorney fees I'm gonna Wear after YouTube. So we lose our marching to pay my attorney fees and you just say let's go let's roll the dice. In the thing about a trade must not gonna have to shortly quart every day Joseph you're gonna be attorney's going to have been unable to the process of picking who they wanted to ensure all does that give it goes to trial. And they don't look at this and I don't come with the burden of proof. Hidden this guy did this guy cause that much pain and suffering that you deserve a hundred or 200000 a million bucks. Tumble and it's. Problem is they they got witnesses that need to have a there was a police officer who witnessed what took place. And so as far as corroborating the incident I don't think dream on had a chance to. Deny the fact that he dirty pled down in the case are very pleased plea bargain I get that rightly so we deal with pain and suffering now you're you're gonna go to the hole dog and pony shall have in this football player get up there on the stand and cry. This story can be dragged out for at least a year. Because you know lawyers on both sides will file depositions and motion to drag this thing out it and if you're Jamont green it's not worth it. To have your name take it through the mud for all of the year. It's just not worth it. Initial shock is already over the guys CDs coming out this happened last year exactly is there ever was made and that's new news he's just the civil suit for an accident we argued that. That's your note in the initial shocks already over now DC let them yesterday. Now it's now it's what so you would advice him now you can fight because. Your its RD public information everyone darted and slandered you always already took to take everything Zanardi at the you lord's gonna go find out who you gonna have on the panel now it's a fight and it's the back and forth. You're not gonna have to show up in less goes it trial all those amending to not have to be there for less unless they wanna call you obviously. But there's so much stuff goes on behind the scene now. Did you say let's fight it out and I'm gonna go in what is it ended day you can sit there and say OK so as this story don't say this is worth 300 is this worth a million dollars. Is this worth the million dollar the slat worth 500000. Is this and I'm so where's this guy work remember you have no idea how those juries are gonna play play things out there. No idea and they could sit there and get one look at Jamont green they can be a cab stand NC for get this yeah. Twenty million and you know what my third but still the first. Line glow of the of third lawsuit says dream on green is a bully so you know they're going to that angle do you really want your name. Associated with bully for the next year plus and you say show me one time that I don't punch in a basketball game I know people say is my temper. You about kicks left you can achieve things AT and Adams might get called in as this character to slow and I was gonna be it be so much back and forth and a dog and pony show. People gotta look at this and say. That you don't think it during mine has even anger you hire. See if he's going to see if he's still a party still has been drinking selection Jamont you saying his side hires a private investigator want. That's probably happened. It's already starting this reminds of a story I think. It was Wayne Gretzky. Don't quote me I think it was Wayne Gretzky who everywhere he went no matter where was he always had someone with always had someone with them no matter what you might ask why. Early in his career and I believe again I'm not positive who's Gretzky he was in an elevator I himself. Elevator comes down a couple force. Woman gets it they don't even talk to each other goes down the bottom floor. Right before the door opens up she rips her blouse messes up or Harris starts crying comes running up the elevator screaming and yelling about how she was assaulted. Streaming out total setup but that's. Players and people of money they're targets in you can understand when he Ford 25 years old. Tons of money. Access to everything you want and be very careful out there. Very careful careful about who you surround yourself with your about where you go cared about how you act not seen its fair. Just saying you gotta be careful because for every dollar you have someone to get trying to get to those dollars away from you. Every step of the way now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. Classic rock sort of day here at station Jolo Indians 95 point seven game. Thousand dollars to give away at 7000 dollars to give away at eight tickets to giveaway at 845 the latest would dream mind green. In about twelve minutes at 645. I can't remember an NBA all season that's been likeness in fact I can't remember a time in my 36 years of existence. Where NFL training camp is opened. And we're still talking about the NBA in a prominent way. He knew. Can you know I can't I can't this is raising this is usually you walked in and you're drooling over. Positional battles. Expectations. Concerns. Of the the basic stuff you talk about an NFL teams is your start. And instead the NBA dominating headlines chaotic the latest out of Cleveland. As it pertains to the divorce the upcoming divorce between LeBron James and carry Irving. Now Stephen A Smith of ESPN reported yesterday. That he heard from a source close to LeBron out of high re in the Ron we're in the same room face to face the brown would wanna what his. Expletive them who and what are we react borders agency nugget. The broader responded. It wasn't true. Stephen A Smith. Took to his radio show yesterday to respond. Adolescent. I gotta tell you know there are so moments. When a professional athlete literally to choose to go nuclear on them and I stated here. Before you today. Right in that film when it comes to LeBron jeeps. They've done a LeBron James send out a two week. About me responding to slam magazine talk about not backs people boo get another salts talking about me. Talking about but I report. The report was that if LeBron James what their front apparently Irvin. Told. He would be attracted to what is acts if that that LeBron James always has this pin to does say something like that about me. What are wrong when I broke the story that he was going to salvage what I'm wrong we're not talked about how I'm here he's going practically and I just refused to believe because who helped one of these. Upbeat but I am in he's gone back Cleveland. What I've got to the real story about what happened abroad date again bought that yet. All that ought not and at spring when he finally does obliquely to take it out of the South Beach. Want to get an act. See what. Makes LeBron look bad. This thing LeBron that doesn't wanna comment about carry the same LeBron with an all season they wanna talk to the media may sort of talked slammed into. You make sure to take a shot at reporters that you LeBron James has access them on them. If that was almost any other super stock in the leaked out of her from them didn't call me directly I'm not bragging but I got it like that. Now. Scorched earth yes or Smith. Yeah he's bragging. Easel and everything but be in a humble. Agca Betsy you know it's it is interesting this could Stephen A Smith in this Moody's and makes some good points and a distinctive it's his it's crazy we talk about like you're saying oh balls here and you know the number one pastime by the Disco ball. One of the biggest you know money makers is football and we're taught in my basketball. And basketball just got over it's a long ways before the season start. And we're talking mom because it's the major superstars. We took my Chris Paul went in my port called George when you look at the guys and talk about being moved in Kevin Durant sign in back. This is the first time that you see so many superstars. Demanding trades opting out saying what they're gonna do collender shots this is babe root all working hand and at two. And it's absolutely it's absolutely crazy. How many guys and how many players are Chiming in and talking you're right the NBA right now has so much momentum in I think it helps MBA helps to bring it. In the off season the cavaliers parting ways would general manager David Griffin. Chauncey Billups former Detroit piston current ESPN analyst. Was in contention for that job at the last moment Billups pulled out now appeared as if he wasn't being offered fair market value. Mazur with what the position is paid. Around the league OK understandable we'd been told Dan Gilbert is notoriously cheap so if bill of steals he's not gonna be fairly compensated for his services. Understandable. A better report comes out that one of the reasons Chauncey didn't wanna be involved with that he knew. Hi re was unhappy in Cleveland and that maybe if he took this job. He was gonna have carrier ring on his Ross to Chauncey Billups chose to address those rumors yesterday as well. There was ms. reported better. That I that I knew that Currie. You know on nudity wanna be trigger while outscored Kumar process thus aren't so Foster those facts are carried in I was meeting with. They're saying would stand in between the two after I ended up stepping out of the race. Every piece of news out of Cleveland. Every single piece of news out of the city that houses the greatest basketball player on the planet heads. Has been extraordinarily negative. This is Rome crumbling right before it's no surprise either and you've got Nero I guess it wouldn't be Nero sitting there fiddling while the city burns but. Basically what you're looking at right now with Dan Gilbert just sitting there doing nothing alienating. The greatest player in the game and making there'd be so much speculation about whether or not he's gonna leave any air carrier ring. A great second fiddle on that team openly seeking trades to go elsewhere you bring in what posing called the Ron your big offseason move right now. It's a mess in Cleveland and and there's no end in sight and to Stephen name and his just ripped an ego his runaway ego. Really hard to take him seriously yeah. Really aren't taken seriously anything you know he's talking about how LeBron camp is the one that's that'd. If LeBron in his camp have anything get out it's intentional because LeBron is camp is comprised of his good buddies from high school it's not like. He's got thirty or forty advisors on his team from the outside these are as boys so anything that. Gets out from LeBron camp is intentionally getting. To that point how often do you see pictures of LeBron James out in about. Not too often but he really tough not ever now isn't posted by him directly to social media proved how often do you see him out at a restaurant out at a nightclub do in this do when that. Salma the baseball game the World Series last year because he was up in the sweet always plan and how often do you see it exactly right exactly my point he knows. Every ounce of what's going out of the media and what's coming back. You don't have the light them but you do have to respect the genius because he is setting the stage for an exit from Cleveland where last time they burn his Jersey. This time people are gonna sympathize with them you realize he's setting the stage up it's like gab and you know how when you go through break up whether it's the guy the girl whoever's responsible for it immediately after that takes place. All the friends the mutual friends. Our upper traps in terms of what story they're gonna each year. And you came into the relationship to your friends and family she came in the relationship with her friends and family you met a lot of couples and friends along the way. Someone is going to lose. In the divorce someone always loses in the break up when it comes to mutual friends in all the stuff that was acquired. During your time the other. Right now the bronze setting the stage so that when she leaves Cleveland he's going to be the winner. Fans are going to sympathize with them they're going to be at a point where you're gonna have people include going I don't blame him. Gilbert some moron Gilbert's cheap Gilbert's a terrible owner tire you're being hailed autumn. You have this entire narrative playing out before your eyes to the point where remember two months ago the very idea of LeBron leading Cleveland. People deemed it laughable. How many NBA experts that we bring on that said not now he would never lead again to do that once then to come back and do what again would never happen. Bring all those same people back on this radio show today we think they're saying oh he's good is gone it's just a matter aware. In two months time what changed. What changed. LeBron is PR he set the stage for all of this is genius marketing guy really knows what he's doing he's gonna be able to go to LA. And I didn't emerge Jersey this time. Some fools will not like last night now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Thousand dollars to giveaway at the top of the hour 8 o'clock Michael's already know five Dan O'Dowd former GM of the Colorado Rockies. At 830 great to have you in this morning. Football season. Training camps are open. It's every team did you say earlier. I five more today. Five today it was the the Packers the falcons the bill holes. The LA rams and the Washington Redskins and other other teams at veterans coming today but those the teams are actually just open it up for the first time. Like the niners Jamal get everyone in it once. So. With all that out in the open let's go ahead and play our first edition. Of the year contender verses pretender. Can go ahead and have some music please voice. All right we've got sixteen easier to play contender Chris pretender low O'Neal we're gonna begin to view. Contender or pretender. They Detroit Lions. Did. Detroit lines and mean there's still a contender I look at these guys do I think they're gonna continue for a Super Bowl no. But they are definitely contender in my opinion that comfort you know you've got Green Bay they have some receivers are telling you this that long term. Some of long term deal and coached there he's got a million this year so I do believe that this team is going to contend contend error. Did as the Detroit Lions went nine and seven last season but lost their final three games of the year and limped into the playoffs. For twice seventeen contender or pretender. There are pretender gel I'm not sold on the quarterback he's just good enough to get she did tonight at seven and just good enough to not be able. To win the big games Golden Tate as the best receiver may be Marvin Jones as the wonay. Not impressed and their running game. In a division where you're gonna need to go there on the ball in November and in December not impressed with the running attack either Joseph there pretender. Pre tender nice team numbered sue we will stick. We DN FC and will move south to Tampa Bay but the Buccaneers are coming off a nine in seven season Jamison Winston. Continues to take steps forward in the right direction on the field. DeSean Jackson was added to the mix of wide receiver OJ Howard trap that is a tight end out of outlook mammoth in the first round the rent only at the candidate Buccaneers. Contender or pretender daredevil. We continued this is the team that I can look and NBC once and he continues to get better look at this guy what do they do want. You can say one thing to Tampa Bay Buccaneers has worn out and getting this young man weapons to face it we're want to make sure that you succeed. We've got about two dishonest act to deal this guy can stretch the field you got it just wonder in Vincent Jackson you've got the receivers and the running backs they can run the ball. And their start to play better defense as well I wouldn't believe this team is definitely pretend. Did tender did six. Is he the Carolina Panthers struggled last season New Orleans Saints struggled for a few years the Atlanta Falcons went to the suitable. Tampa bank contender or pretender in the NFC south the CI like your chances gel I think Atlanta's gonna go through some growing pains without cal Shanahan at the Helm I know Matt Ryan was critical of the efficiency of the quickness with which the planes came in in the Super Bowl without Shanahan. Atlanta is not the same offense Carolina gets better New Orleans I think is still a stuck in the mud team. I like this team Tampa Bay to win the division they're definitely a contender contender. Team number three in contender vs pretender we switch to the AFC Whitney Houston Texans went. Nine and seven last season including a sterling. Seven and one mark at Reliant Stadium. Drafted dish on Watson quarterback out of Clemson in the first round rock outs while there's dawn so it's Watson vs Tom savage to the starting quarterback job. Lorenzo Neal the Houston Texans a 2017. Contender or pretender you have to see this team is a contender last year they go to the playoffs and that defense do you understand they were good enough to win championships he saw him in the AFC championship game against you know who the patriots and they went cold until just lacking on offense now you bring in assuring the sidewalks and fatigue Jody Joomla from the university of Clemson. This guy had seen the bright lights is solid wood there and beat Alabama. He's definitely contender. I like what they're doing on defense and now he's got the big got a quarterback that can pull the ball down the field and got the weapons they're they're definitely contend contend error did the raiders are on the rise the patriots have. Never left for the Houston Texans contender or pretender and Tony seventeen I think you need a quarterback in this John Watson. And eventually will be good quarterback and as a rookie I'm not sure if he's going to be able to get it done the defense is fantastic but. To me the running game there's some question marks Lamar Miller is a great back that if if he is to get nicked up. They don't have much beyond that I don't like their chances. I think there in the second best team their division by Tennessee thus I must say they're pretender pre tender. Team at number four the darlings of the National Football League last season. Deck press got Ezekiel Elliott the Dallas Cowboys went thirteen and three. And outscored the opposition by a 115. Points. During the regular season seven and one and home six in two on the road when it comes to the Super Bowl low O'Neal the Dallas Cowboys. Contenders or pretenders different tender is unfortunate you look at seek illiteracy in disguise lightning in the bottle when it best running backs I've seen them on Malone dot. Runs lived a bottle but ecstatic trouble and you look at deck press got the young quarterback I think he's still gonna have a good year that guy can pull the ball he's got leader he's gotten quicker he understands offense understands NFL but that defense they don't have to be Astros who don't have secondary definitely a pretender. Three tender interest hanging thirteen and three team with the young quarterback who's on the rise loan yields says pretender for the Dallas Cowboys what say you did so I think they're contenders you know even though they lost some pieces on defense that's true the quarterback comes back with a year of experience and easy you'll Ellie as much -- the hot mess off the field. James Lofton pointed out when he just joined a 16100 yards in fifteen games that stuff to sneeze that. I think the division still goes to the New York Giants and Dallas is going to be right there I have missed contenders contender. Team number five. They say only one thing would survive a nuclear attack. And that's cockroaches there are two things cockroaches and Sam Bradford. You cannot kill off Sam Bradford colonial contender or pretender in 2017. The Minnesota Vikings. Like so often it's in obtained in defense wins championships they have the defense clemency right now. There pretenders act not Sammy Bradford was gonna take that team last year and went to the class but I thought they would do better. They didn't get better to meet at a position I thought that he wanted to get better. Too tall runs up wet party MPP. I don't think they got a great running game. They can't pull the ball they got to be pretenders pre ten daughter did last year Minnesota went eight Nate they drafted to Alvin cook out of Florida State so they're gonna upgrade the running back position what do you think about the vikings chances when he seventeen they got a deep running back court to a two goal lead on the bishops Anke is my son to call bishops to Anke when he was on his fantasy team and he was under performing. I think your quarterback issues the biggest one case keen in your back up got my name west blunt is currently your force during your Zhao. I don't know what do less blunt is but I don't figures from the lives like a month two months blunt I knew Hollande who wants but. And now I'm back as deadening what about lunch at Lincoln Kennedy line oh that's right well I don't lunch levels not linked to Seattle they did. Minnesota is gonna be good now at a division he goes through green bank. The pretenders pre tender. And finally. The hardball name in this town is good as gold but we're not talking about Jim we're talking about his brother John in Baltimore. The ravens in Joseph Flacco struggled again last year Libyan within eight made record. Despite losing their final two games of the season load John Harbaugh on the ravens. Super Bowl contenders or pretenders when I say Joseph EU's safe Flacco Jolie flag go that's the guy that I'm gonna say is definitely didn't hinder you look at this Baltimore Ravens team gets out and about the Harbaugh Brothers if they don't windy here he's out if they don't win this year they Michael and new direction that the quarterback position they're definitely eighteen that is going to be empty and I know everyone's talking about that Pittsburgh Steelers to Cincinnati angles I'd like to leave Flacco in this Baltimore Ravens team with these guys to be right spirit and as a contender contender. Did the Baltimore Ravens had easy it while they have a fullback who goes by the name of Lorenzo site CY Lorenzo who also. Spent some time in Baltimore would side with the ravens but. They're not been Flacco is over he's yesterday's news the weaponry is diesel. Receiver Maclin and Wallace but I don't think they're going to be able to compete with Pittsburgh this team is pretending there's. We understand career. That'll do it for this edition of contender vs pretend they're nicely done boys now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. The MLB network is featuring trade deadline coverage all week long. And Dan no doubt will be a part of MLB network's studio shows Monday. Beginning 7 AM lucky for us former GM of the Colorado Rockies now analyst for MLB network Dan O'Dowd. Joining us here on 95 point 7 negate the morning Dan how are. Take guides say this morning you know you can its arsenal actually had me council right now. Well thank you so much for joining us we appreciated it's especially considering it's one of the biggest weeks in the year in Major League Baseball. We'll begin with the San Francisco Giants Eduardo Nunez traded to Boston for a couple prospects. Last night what else do you think is on San Francisco's docket between now and the close of business at the trade deadline. I know idle threats since they have an opportunity to be that got starting pitching. Available potentially available in a market that has greater man that's why. And I likely that China has been looking for every opportunity to put your clock back in a position. Where they can contend again in 2008 to. Larry Baer has said that they want to contend next year and 28 team what do you do from a pitching staff standpoint gets a margin on the hook. For eighteen Quaid oh with a player option at 22000001. More year Matt Cain. Is there any moves they can make with those pitchers obviously not Cain but who can be moved. To make it so they can't compete next year. Well pretend that industry I think any player can be there any upon what you want packets that China trying to get back some payroll flexibility next year. We're gonna have to compromise probably at some of the talent. And they expect no assurance that the blue bowl starting pitchers. Com but it opportunities there to boot well I I I'm sure they're gonna penal listening mode. Because they they're gonna need to try to get a little younger will that more athletic. And two great currencies in our gamer younger affordable tactical play players in payroll flexibility. To gonna try to put themselves. Additional they have a little political. A guy they called the Iron Man Hunter Pence you've known this guy admits this organization. Seeing now you know been injury and also spanned do they have any trade value and who would be a suitor for those type guys. I think mark and it helps any organization that's trying to and that got a lot of comma. Looking to chorale overture right now there's a lot of mold they'll all. So our our league yen up staying in there and let's go Spanish and helped me. And then trying to redressing looking forward you know what to do and that that orders H. And his injury history the last couple years but there's no doubt. It is not denying that it would not one to where it they would want to honor stretch couch cushions on an all you need to special. Former general manager of the Colorado Iraqis now an analyst for the MLB network Dan no doubt would Jolo in dams on 95 point seven game with several. Big name teams in contention this year looking for starting pitching Sonny gray has become the object of affection for many. What can DA's expect is a hall in return because recently Billy Beane may clear the team is going to rebuild. They wanna be ready to contend with the new stadium so look I know Paul's gonna come back to Sonny. It won't. Not trade deadline guys don't get the most impact players coming back. If you look at what the tigers got actually years ago that that and Michael Omar. I'm sure that the trying to find an impact player can you really do it contributors. Are coming back immediate deeper projection. Would in the process. But I do believe that chance and great lie and it's like such as SharePoint outstanding. I can keep deftly caddick and helped contending club ticket to the next level there's some cost certainty about what that going beyond this year cute one or more tractors. Pete is available on the market because of the control group for Napoli Italy will do well connected you know predicting that in Philly over a year ago and I mean. There. Is that you know he cut right to knows we walked on. He's very open mind that he doesn't try to created but a win win situation process. When you get close or to the Erie want to deal done. He will react quickly and you will get a deal. Do you think to be more pressure at the deadline itself in five days because more teams are seemingly in an especially in the American League wild card race this year. Did he and I can ticket to pressure their true I think that kind of loose and great the street that line. As it relates to you know really not politics it's gonna do with Darvish. And everybody else really on expiring contract except Smart senate inquiry at the old stepped up votes and that's far its capability in a rotation. There's a great opportunity to take advantage of that right now and I'm sure Billy Dave they're focused on and they're second walk our guys changed things dramatically. What an arcane taxable typical place to being in right now it's really need to know tape we re doping or were good not to win a championship. It's that second category yet that we think were good not when we're not sure that's the worst position that the interest you can make a lot of short term decision that dramatically negative aspects want. And our data would Joseph lo and dibs on 95 point seven a game the Dodgers losing Clayton Kershaw with a herniated disk. For an extended period here there's got to be a little bit of concern considering how well they've been playing this season what do you see them doing it the deadline they gonna get splashy. Well I haven't the last couple years I mean they're really cute guys I mean they're Eric dominant means minutes. That's what it's giant realistically have to look at competing against. All the the next few years and how picky consultant position respect cap. And that gap's pretty significant between then and every other team in the National League let's not think the doctor now and what it's. Injury are really unit in a tremendous positioning it deep talent as a clerk while it will get aging Gonzales back. Secretive place and to play with too late to hit challengers plates. That they can have another impact starting pitcher they well taken that other intractable and guy that they will. I'm not sure they really need to at a lot of complimentary peach right now the next minority. Former Rockies general manager now a terrific analyst for the MLB network Ketchum for all their trade deadline coverage Dan O'Dowd we Jolo Indians. On 95 points of the game Dan thank you free time this morning we appreciate. Hope going to do it and sell out. Thanks again. As long as you can help the team win. You've got to place. It can't be political if you've got issues off the son seek Elliott you can get in trouble. But you've got to be able to help the team win because remember if you're lucky Whitehead you didn't do anything wrong but someone said they were lucky Whitehead got arrested you're gonna lose your job. Clearly not someone who can help Dallas win did Jerry jones' expectations. So he's got. He's done it however can help them went Greg Hardy could help them went as individuals that will continue to have work understood. Feel Yates from ESPN released an article recently. Ranking the 32 NFL teams based on their backup quarterback situation. It started the bottom and work our way up well Indianapolis is ranked 32 their backup quarterback is Scott pulls a little Scott. Whole Z exactly. From Wisconsin if memory serves me correct yeah. Pentagon cabinet no. And you look at engine look. Right now also probably won't play increasing because the shoulder in you have to worry in question. Is he going to be OK any hit on that shoulder it's that don't and that's that is a problem huge red flag in new Wendell Scott. Closing check out please so if you're trying to win games in Indianapolis and Angela goes down. Would you rather have Scott told CNET can't happen can't cover exciting close dips T number 31 the Los Angeles rams after Jerry golf it's Sean May and again. From Oregon State I remember covering him. At the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama years ago it was a year with quarterbacks that excited nobody there was and a single sky out there like any of the quarterbacks a year. Is he a better option to win football games and. Colin cabinet yes without a doubt and I should probably qualify this by saying I grew up with John's. Uncle and John's father I've known the family for Polly forty years so. Maybe I can take a different team honestly if I didn't have ties to the man may Indian Stanley. Yes Colin tablets better quarterback. That John Manny and I saw Sean played foothill high. Morgan State I think it's great that he's made in the pros. But honestly if you look at the bodies of work college avenue it's going to be better than probably 29. Of these 32 without a doubt but I do wanna get a shout out for the dominion fan. It's hard by Sandra fell to the a pleasant and access to be your your right Joseph is Kapanen. I elephant and saints. The Buccaneers at number thirty in the back of his Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who quite the journey meant. My kids are you familiar with the Fitz Patrick Shanley in any way shape or form that would allow you to weigh in on this no I do hope to send my son to an Ivy League school now so hard biased toward the Ivy League. Ryan Fitzpatrick an interesting one because you know he's gotten. I won't say it's a bad rap he's had multiple chances to go out there and and do what he can do and he's shown at times to be good quarterback. So he might be one of the few ones where you could turn it over to him and say. Elise did experience right to me John minions got no experience. Tolls dean hasn't done anything nearly at least that's bastard has done some things. So he's he's an average one and here's the thing about me upper teens and he had to start. Compared to Karl think here's a guy goes to from places and still gets opportunities there so now. Look at how bad some of these backup exits which are first of all. That would should be ranked a lot higher open it does it's actually did he edit and a lot of these. 29 Baltimore Ryan mallet 28 Seattle trade bond Boykin who did arrested more than he's thrown passes in the NFL. 27 the jets Josh which houses starter. Christian Hatteberg one according to reporters who covered jets OTAs. On one but two occasions. He overthrew receivers so badly he drilled reporters who were way off the side. That's how bad note pads on he's overthrowing wide receivers on to number 26 the Tennessee Titans it's Matt Cassel. By mark is marionette. Number 25 Dallas Cowboys it's talent more behind deck press got a lot Alan Moore and Boise State won me a ton of money. For community he ain't getting it done in the National Football League when he for the Detroit Lions. Jacob rude shock and rat hi who hire the rookie out of Miami. And root dot. Where is he was he from Michigan. Nor played with Harbaugh under Michigan North Pole root out all right so you've got that situation in Detroit in Jacksonville it's Chad Henne. You can't kill that guy Chad Henne behind Blake morals in buffalo its Karr dale Jones. And me and Peter men buying Tyrod Taylor. In Los Angeles for the chargers. It's Kellen Clemens. Behind Philip Rivers although they did work out RG three yesterday. Number twenty the New York Giants. Geno Smith. Josh Johnson. And Davis web web interesting because he played your cap. Geno Smith and Josh Johnson behind Eli Manning although the giants made it clear they couldn't bring an icon cabinet they would lose too much money. The Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater. Sam Bradford case phenom Taylor panicky I came out guy's last name. The niners with lawyer and Barkley the falcons with Matt shop. Well it would rather have match obvious they're helping Colin Capp projects they match job this is that was the raiders just with the we just like you wanna interception when only about. Your job exactly I would blow back foot the rose from job and this time yeah Pittsburgh's got Josh dobbs the rookie at a Tennessee and Landry Jones behind Roethlisberger. I get the job stop situation he's a key one is you have to Obama with those young guys fifteens the Oakland Raiders they've got in EJ Emanuel today. Connor cook still here as well with Houston it's watts in the Randy in Sweden and Tom savage battling it out in Washington its cousins backed up by Colt McCoy and Nate sud feel this goes on and on. Mean is there any reason to believe. That anyway it turned a disguise it being black ball that's 100%. What the six don't. Game by both Joseph and I disagree with. The guy we just had on good friend of Tom blood like all right so we're disagree with him he's not gonna get picked up this year. We're after look closed down now some BP and I understand that in in here's a coach sits his jobs on the line. You know you look at the Donnelly whose job is on the line. In you're gonna go there with the quarterback does harm to this number 32 the worst quarterback to quarterback in the in you rather stay with him in and Colin cabinet. He's not getting the job the show I don't care. If every quarterback on building the team will trade with in the NFL to get it to two key now is it fair to say that the NFL. In general would rather have a rapists to look at help you win then up advocate who can help you when an activist like WM except to say despite dad's. I think you'd you'd rather have the activist in my opinion but the way the league it is reacting to all these players who had domestic violence situations. Almost every one to a man has got to work with the exception or Ray Rice whose career might have been over anyway. College athletics simply stood up for what he believes in her when kneeled down for what he believes in in his activism has a lot scarier to teams and I think their fan bases. And I think a lot of this comes back on the fan bases themselves because of a large portion of them being tolerant. Of domestic violence abusers who can come out and make plays for you. Whereas this is somehow an affront on your liberty and an affront on America and yet this guy you wouldn't support. It is a total of pockets in me. What's worse than Colin cabinet. What would be NFL deemed worse than gone cabernet you could you could rape someone. But if you can help them win. You'll have a job to work on cabinet you do unbeatable woman if you can help the team win you'll have a job work on cabinet. This isn't an opinion giving you this is backs these are facts the NFL's are shown us. So what would be worse. And then gone to happen like what would be something where team we choose tax. Over someone with the exact same resume exact same skill set but they did something that was perceived to be so bad. You would rather have gone capita than that individual. Gas. Sister you know you can't play murder because he's going to be imprison the crew so. He could get it I mean I don't know Taylor how scary is that to you how scary is it to think how far someone we need to go. Where Colin would be the choice or that individual. Assets were right now. What would someone have to deal with the exact same missiles at you clone Colin cap predicament put him next to each other the one was the activist that we see now. The other one what would that person need to do to be deemed more toxic in the in the eyes of the national football only he's right murder. And yeah I mean if you kill somebody. That would be the only thing because we've seen you killed dogs we saw and then came back in the ring yes over and a million I would think torture and murder knobs you can rate. You can beat up women you can abuse children. What else can you dale. Well. It sets its a set it it it built it it it really is it and I and it. And the sad thing about this in you people look at it Colin every night and I understand people's position. But I think people just they're they're doing it because they only look in the mirror and they know they have guilt. Because there's a lot of people that walk into the stadium in down mussina told you guys it's a long time ago we all know it then now they're stopping when they usage is walk. Disregard. Least he's doing so he was doing something if people and a flex when it's on home owners saying the stuff people are still walking in there eating there on their cell phone data disk disregarded all together. And now guy at least he did show respect to Millie but yet still people seat got easy got it always ot America. How American is that when your three and walking eating on your phone and do whatever disregard it anyway.