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Tuesday, July 25th
The guys break down the Giants woes with their power hitting, the 49ers roster heading into training camp, and the feud between Kyrie Irving & Lebron James. Oakland Raiders Head Coach, Jack Del Rio joins the show. 

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Both she and Maggette both running last night's game crazy. Fourth time we get he's been run as a coach. In India stand as either a manager Stephanie and it was an odd scene Ron quotas would have been the next 19 to go out Yang both she just wanted to grab some dinner and get on Merling. I think guys one of those things where maybe he's one of the gobble wind back in his office and watch a game on TV enough was enough that game was. Ugly early they're gonna squeeze by the county find yourself down six not been in the second and your already 24 gains below 500. You can't fault the skipper from wanted to stick it out it was over. Yeah. Without a doubt do. What gives you that impression he doesn't mean it's over down six nothing second meaning it's and so you see them in a situation where they're down two runs by the sixth I've got to the point where I realize and coming back from us now I'm talking to run DC six runs you are done you can check out they're not coming back. They got no fire power on this team whatsoever. You don't think the players know it's over by the into Jo Bane now. I've been on some sorry teams guys I told you thousand Cincinnati. And you thought they're just fighting to hold on to your butt. You know that you are not winning that game you're already down by fourteen and it's the first quarter you look up in you look on the sideline EC guys he watched her demeanor. In you know when your hate it's over in these qualities Saddam is gonna fight continue to fight. This team they know it EC Johnny Cuellar waste pitching and you see the way these guys are pitching. Things aren't going their way it's over it's isn't over this is the doorway year. One of the sources for this team's great strength over the last few years has become its ultimate weakness. And there's nothing they can do about it. It's the ballpark. The ball park attracts a ton of people the ballpark plays a huge role in sellouts in Redmond the ballpark is widely regarded one of the best in the business I don't disagree with any of that. To great places seeking beautiful views the upper deck seats are better than any upper and exceed shall find anywhere in professional sports. But they can't hit home runs in this park in that is killing them. With the way baseball is played in the year 2017. Brandon Crawford. Was that a kid's camp gives you baseball camp in last Friday I believe it was. And he was asked a lot of questions from the kids and he was talking about Leo how big are Major League fields and quote. They vary in size ours is one of the bigger ones 421. Feet to right center which should be changed Crawford set. I was a big game against Cleveland last Monday when he put one right off the top of the wall in right center this is a left handed bat. That comes nowhere near the power numbers you would expect from left hander Matt because of the park but he's problem this year in general but. Go through the top home run hitting teams what do they have in common Houston number one playoff team. Texas number two in the thick of it. Milwaukee number 3 led to central for a while still in it. Dodgers' number four dominating mets' number five bombs. Washing and number six leading the division Tampa Bay number seven in the thick of it. Yankees' number eight in the thick of it. Baltimore number nine not that Oakland number ten struggling. Teams that hit home runs in this day and age. Find themselves in serious contention that's not the be all end all stat but this is the main aid. Baseball is an interest in 300 hitters right Eduardo Nunez is it 300 how many years in a row he's mr. tradable went carriers don't want to 300 hitter what they want our power guys like Chris Davis who might hit to 27. But he's gonna give you forty months. That's what baseball's moving towards Aaron judge John Carlos Stanton. It's all about the strike out the walk in the home run those you three absolutes that's it no one's looking to get on base want to guy over knock them around. This is the way baseball is played you go to the team to the bottom of the list in home runs San Francisco not thing Pittsburgh Erik contention. Phillies second or the worst team in MLB. Boston's in there there bleed the division beyond Atlanta the White Sox the angels. You've got to be able to hit home runs this team can't hit home runs for anything this year at that park the park skill. He in here's the thing though is for senator Joseph. You have fifty gave you what you and it's hundred whatever remaining games it is seizing you play eighty whatever at home. So it's not that everyone else's hit home runs in their park either. They're not playing great baseball so they're losing games even though they're playing in all hinges but when it. And they're not even they're not even do on that so I understand they need to hit home runs Jessie and inept power it's about a strike on them but at the same since. You got to find a way to get wins to. Do you think this is. Rod bottom. This franchise overseeing this year. A lot of people understand you know what chalk it up it happens one of those people. Big deal it's one bad year compared to a lot of glory and a lot of parades you've been able to enjoy free. Good duration of time. But is this rock bottom or resisting gonna get worse tips I think this is. Is about it it's about as bottom Z and yet they're on pace to lose 10304. Games right now it's a miserable season you haven't had the this may losses that you came out here. From New York so yes I think this is gonna be rock bottom now can you turn around. NB contender next year keeping. Wanna of these 25 players I don't think so unless you bring in really big bat to fill the hole at third base. Left field center field. I know you're stuck with a irregular for another season but you're gonna need some more power for the power spot tonight. I would argue that. You know branding Crawford is not right. Because the park is the part in you all these guys vested in the pitching. Madison bomb garter is going to be a hundred to 200 million dollar guy John acquittals of honored millions of barges 95. Gained 821 million a year your built on pitching and defense you have elite defense. You're pitching has been very good at you can survive in that park winning games three to two. If your power guys produce a little bit. And that's Crawford that's belt pants is done nothing so as much as you can look at the ballpark. To ballpark is what it's going to be won three titles there. But the fact the park was too big wasn't a problem in 1012 or fourteen hour. There's nobody power guys back men. What do they lean on great pitching and it team effort. Top to bottom in those playoff runs they got efforts out of everybody right everybody's showed up for that. This year nobody's shown up and what happens when you start pitching takes a step back someone else's got to step up at some point. Highlight for this team has been put on the bats in your realizing just how bad they are. Defensively they're not one of the best in the business initially be used to be and from a pitching standpoint they're not one of the best in the business like he used to be. So then you turn your attention in the back I maybe this is the season with a bats below the now so not only did not bail amount may never come grow I mean this business. Like I said the other night I think it was the Padre game on Sunday it was like 53 going to the seventh the day at nine outs to go they can score two runs. That's the mindset I have put that. And this isn't to try to take shot at a and that's just what they've shown machine and I don't and I announce they cannot generate two to run I don't I don't think it's rock bottom. I don't when you say rock bottom and don't lose a hundred games pictured mill. But did to the in the course that this team is choosing to take sending them statehood and they're gonna still compete. That's foolish. It's absolutely foolish and being you say that patience today on year we're gonna get better. We're not gonna making big trades would not gonna make any splash will get another will get a hitter for the third base but we're gonna after that the whole team pretty much these guys coming back. No they won't be rock bottom they they they won't lose and maybe this many games they cheer but they won't content yet but premeditated. Are you giving a hundred losses is rock bottom what have they come back next and they missed the playoffs exact by 5 X 5 games sing next year they go 81 and 81. Right that's the improvement. This team is World Series contention or boxed so if you lose a hundred games this year and you lose. 89 games next season. That's not an improvement when I mean rock bottom I mean. Your about the fall from grace and become a bottom dweller for the foreseeable future talking about. This day in history is the farm was below 500 they'll be and then they'll call I'm a little bit back in next it'll be a little bit better. When I say rock bottom I'm talking about a team that just won three World Series now it's all over. And for the next few years you are gonna be on the stole a slow steady decline Aaliyah until you figure out you need to rebuild I think the biggest mistake there may agree is evaluating themselves as Tina can contend next year I agree going into this deadline Sanath. We're a couple weeks away what are the tweaks. Bomb partners already has already peaked in his regular season. He's ready he'll never put up a better regular season the what you party scene post season dominates. One of the best we've ever seen but from a regular season perspective what is out there to tell you that at some point he's getting a 22 and three with a 189 ERA you don't have that. All season he does regular season he doesn't so what else is that does not get any better and able to each year. He wants the money. That's the different if he ups and it's not because he loves San Francisco he's already made it clear he doesn't like the locker room and he wants to finish his career in the American League. If he stays he's staying for the my money it's staying for the financial reasons. Underpants he's not getting younger help you Marty seen his Max Crawford you've seen his Max Joseph panic. Maybe there's something never it's never going to be power third base is a hole. And Arroyo getting injured losing his entire season that's an arching development what are you gonna do about left field at mile span has a little bit of power that's not your answer in San. Serious problems plus what are you up in the bullpen knowledgeable it's is 26 years old rag you're not gotten. Raising team you're not going to this team if they don't make the major overhaul they're gonna continue to tank did is because. It's you you're you're whining he's older guys and guys to step up and term back the clock they can do on every not every night. You can see you could see great players showed you signs of greatness and block. One uniting go three for three year fourth beautiful and had that great but when you start thirties and stuff we see who these buster and all these guys you know you're trying to save they're not going to be able to stay consistent is just a matter of life I think the biggest thing they're facing is that so many of these. You figure bring all these guys back one more time you won your closer then as some are jet plane will be done eccentrics address pencil the close to done if he can't do next year. Then you completely wipe the slate clean. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. We got a thousand dollars to give away at the top of the hour. The four K day cash contest and like you just heard the head coach Jack Del Rio joining us at 815 great to have UN today. The latest in the Tyree Irving LeBron James saga. We really thought coming off an NBA finals that maybe just maybe we were gonna be headed for a fourth installment. Warriors are scads after all who in the east is gonna challenged LeBron James. Boston Celtics. Nice thought. How part of that series go five games suddenly the Celtics after losing in five are gonna find a way to win in seven I don't know maybe Gordon Hayward can do that. But it appears that the cavaliers have found a way to implode on their own. Friday the report comes out that Tyreke Irving wants to be treated out of Cleveland. On Sunday LeBron James as he continues to stay at this stage for his own departure from Cleveland. But this time around. As a hero rather than a villain makes it very clear he won't be waiving his no trade clause he staying in Cleveland this year people. Perry might one out but LeBron can stay. Because it means that much to him. Then yesterday. Stephen A Smith on his radio show had this dissent. Kyle Reese signed a five year deal an excess of ninety million dollars. Right before the bar return to cleaned like a week or two before LeBron returned to Cleveland. Kyra we did not know that LeBron. Was coming back Cleveland. So are we with salty from that moment. That doesn't mean that they had a contentious relationship they've talked on many occasions according to my sources LeBron James is trot to appease him at every turn a matter of fact. I had sources and LeBron James can't literally tell me and I'm quoting I'm quoting tall. If curry urban. Was in front of LeBron James right now. LeBron James would be tempted quote to beat his ax and quell. So bad man finds out that Robyn wants his own movie franchise and that man doesn't like what he's hearing in fact he wants to beat. Robbins slow meal from the beginning you have thought this is all big conspiracy that these two were working together. Does this report change any of that for you it's it's weird that people might call me crazy but it doesn't I think Stephen is right in it when the game let them. I mean a lot of times guys say things get things out due to start causes more confusion but. I think economy via LeBron once they strayed to go to out is just crazy to me talk about how these two they fall from grace so quick. Everytime you see the cavs you see retiree and LeBron hug and even in defeat. Retirees wading into in the hallway here in here and here wait meaning in the hallway to hug and embrace LeBron. Here when they played the dubs in game six he's waiting and all with five. Hugging this day will be back in and after that they pull walk and a lot from together. Held two weeks ago we hear a coyote come out and say. I wanna go wherever LeBron goes I'll go with number and I'll go play. All of a sudden this turn of events and change of heart in now Stephen Hayes reporting well it's all started conceded intelligently decide to come back and he just got nine million. What does that have to do with your money's still got your nine million dollars. LeBron didn't come in and taking their money spotlight will be generally championship. This is the best way to do is what LeBron so I still think it's a joke but it it's not. I have it's not didn't. I think too tired he's making a bad decision I think him LeBron boat make in a bad decision because. You don't mutt who hasn't best opportunity to compete with the Doug's not necessarily beat him that can be put them. It was the cavaliers with those two proposals to dominate guys that could take over games and I don't see were Kyra he can go. It necessarily go get that type of support specially in the east I don't think there's anyone in the east now he'd come out of the west that he wants a look at San Antonio because San Antonio. Has a great some good players here to look at some other teams that. I don't think in the east that he's going to get any closer by joining him in the Anthony's. Did carry Irving has made a ton of money he's won an NBA championship he's been at three straight finals any faces and this is the key literally no pressure. No pressure. All of its own LeBron James that's the beauty of playing with the brought Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh no pressure in Miami. All the pressure on the bra Kevin Love carrier ring no pressure. On LeBron. Why would you wanna step out from that. Because you already made your money you made generational wealth you're 25 years old. And you don't wanna be left holding the bag if LeBron James Spence next year mulling over where he's gonna go again the decision part two. You have two years left in a deal so he play out this season. It totally blind to what's allow LeBron James. The end of the year comes you probably don't get over on the warriors apologies to the Jose call there on movement and Derrick Rose coming in as well you're still not as good as gold stayed. The broad decides to leave and take his talents elsewhere. You're still under contract for one more year. What do you know do you have to stick it out and are gonna trade you then if you come out of disgruntled now with two years left in your deal and you say out I wanna play with LeBron anymore LeBron. Says what according to Stephen A Smith. He didn't say it's another relations toll fractured carry can be traded anywhere he doesn't have a no trade clause. Go somewhere for two seasons and at that point he'll be in a position where he can pick his next destination and choose who we lost to play it. If you want to be the star. And you know LeBron leaving. Why would you Justine Cleveland. They draft Union City RD loves you you helped deliver a title among the bronze gone. They're gonna love you the way Oklahoma City loves Russell Westbrook when Katie left. That opened the door for Russell Westbrook to become the most beloved athlete and that area's history Saban and haven't for carry. He was their pre LeBron he'd be their through LeBron leaving the second time so why wouldn't you just think Cleveland. And I don't know why he wouldn't. In not just staying clean and Joseph if he goes anywhere in the east. Now I ate it in if you look at what it hasn't done noted they go on to some superstars no big it's washed up superstars it could show some signs yeah. Put it they stay healthy. Warren who in the east still acknowledge bronze gonna if he'd if this is really in this is really the truth now LeBron want to play with that added incentive. Don't care he's a seventh seed don't care did the last seed in the east. If he's healthy and it in that team that he has right now attire he America every hole eleven shot Bernama guys that he has here. Who in the east still if he wants to turn it on to say no I'm a burn this place to Tom Lehman but I'm still Amish on that I can still voted he's in conference fine I'm still go to that. NBA finals can't beat the dubs. But who's a who's out there are big that you think there's got to be steel. If if he decides. In if they stay healthy. We'll be still be the phase out private thing. So I got. No beef whatsoever with a guy wanted to go out on his own stake his own claim that's what he thought he was gonna have in Cleveland and LeBron GMAC. I got no problem whatsoever for Irving's decide you know what I wanna lobbed a mild thing I don't wanna be in discussion I totally understand situation. But I'll tell you what right now he leaks. You'll never have a better than he has it now the rest of his career. Will never reach this point. Number one where's he gonna go that he gets to be the star but also gets to be in serious contention. That place does not exist you will not be in a better team environment with you being the star. You go to San Antonio sorry son that's quite Leonard steam letting your team and you had a problem LeBron you have a problem in San Antonio. This is the same thing that happened would James Harden Harden was plain and OKC. Behind to rant and behind Westbrook he wanted to stake out in the zone. Nothing against that so we ends up in Houston it's his team. Right up until who comes in. White hour hour and what was the result there. A horrific season in which they had the run Dwight Howard at a town now we know Dwight Howard's been run out every place he's ever been because he's a malcontent. And he's the classic. Under achiever number one overall never live up tonight. Pardon when he finally got in his own way couldn't handle it was another superstar. We think's gonna happen with Chris Paul where everyone just assumes those two we're gonna get along Chris Paul is very difficult the playlist. Everybody in Los Angeles Griffin Jordan they've all said they don't know it. You think harness suddenly gonna get along with Chris Paul when he won it out of a situation like that no Casey and couldn't handle it Dwight Howard and I are talking about brought mellow and the next. Come on. Say they would Irving. You can go somewhere where you're the star but she will not compete in this version of the NBA the juggernaut team version of the NBA you will not compete. If your the focal point so you can either. Shack up with two other superstars in which point you right back where he started org you can control the shelf. In Miami for example or in New York with the next and you won't go anywhere. Harry Irving's Pete this is the greatest it will ever be once he's traded he's never gonna give back this. Whenever again. I don't necessarily believe that I think that if he wants sustained even Manning Cleveland that's a dead end. The go to Miami or New York those are dead ends but you go somewhere if you get traded you have two years left in the deal. When that's finally over and your free age 127. Then you could take a look at any of the situation and if you go to play with Tyreke. In San Antonio maybe it's more amenable to your style of play the playing with LeBron was who knows what the collection of stars will be. In two seasons I think if you Kyra read. Job number one is get out of Cleveland and not be left holding the bag when LeBron leaves at the end of the season. What's so bad about that. Not taken any heat for that number that's on you. You're gonna be out if you're left holding the bag your let's hold the bag were an entire city is going to embrace she you don't have to enjoy Cleveland but you're gonna need fall guy. James is the fall guy. You take any of that heat. You realize that right now he doesn't have to listen to his coach and he doesn't have the plea defense he's got no pressure knees in the NBA finals every year where's it gonna get better than that. San Antonio. Not get past the warriors and Popovich is gonna expect you to play defense plus united in the star that team quite Leonard is what else did he say wanted to go Minnesota. Okay you not get past the warriors took those and expect you to play defense and he's going to ride you hard during game 22 with a regular season where Cleveland you'd be able to take the night off under tyra look. Where are you gonna go. Others other four choice as the knicks. To a New York you can be the toast of the town you can be the star UA contending. Yeah I can beat anybody so where else you wanted to Miami pat Riley's gonna hold you accountable. Pat Riley is going to expect you to be the leader of that team and play both ways. You're not gonna be able to take nights off you are going to face pressure you will not find a better situation and you have right now that some could argue that cut your he's got the. Easy is dig in the NB. Well he still is in Cleveland if if LeBron leaves again next year in Tyree stays you find yourself yet maybe getting a Max deal when you're in Cleveland. Played for Dan Gilbert. In life after LeBron and to me. It be better to go somewhere else and fall short of the title aspiration than to sit there in post LeBron Cleveland because every time you fail in Cleveland. It's going to be. We should never let LeBron go we should trading Tyreke so I think to be in Cleveland. After LeBron leaves would be a lot more harmful a lot more pressure packed the dean any of those of the situation. Adjusting to Nikki said Joseph I'm going through my mind trying to put them in great places where he's gonna have the best opportunity. If it's with LeBron. And no matter how you cut it slice it and look at it. He's my step Kurt is able to do what he does because. He's yet it can be durable absolutely but he's a guy that wants to get rid of the ball. He doesn't like necessarily taken over into like Carrie Carrie is ignore even more bald dominant person and then step. It works because staff has other guys on that team to clay Thompson has. You know betray Mon and different guys that can step up in light it up just like him in he has a good supporting grass and now giving Katie. I've never seen except with the exception of Iverson. A little man they can take over gain in beat debt dominant in did meet EB necessarily any help around him. Staff couldn't be as dominant he didn't have to remind dean didn't have Klay Thompson didn't have those shooters didn't even know what NDP debt supporting cast in net system the way the ball moves. Help them because he's such a prolific shooter. Harry now is going to have to go go to team and understand it. It's not a ball it's not a little man's necessarily games step I mean what's this been able to do was unprecedented but he has other guys around that are dominant players. Hi res is going to be tough did you think OK I'm going to be in BP your importantly this guy it's hard. Because it's not necessarily predicate for a little man's game because he's not a prolific shooter likes that step one to 371. In BP back to back years. Because he can do something and no one in the history of this game is they would do domination at three ball from halfway. Outside of GM doesn't matter that's why the flash that's what's that done broke records. We can't go anywhere it's not a little guy's point and point guard game for them to go and take over MB dom in wince at tech which. People keep suggesting Boston. Let me say something about Boston how are you gonna be the star almost an easy race this town is the number one player Boston history. Larry Bird some say Bill Russell but most would say Larry Bird. That's racist town if they're choosing between carrier being Gordon Hayward who do you think the people of Boston are choosing plus. Hayward goes back ten years with head coach Brad Stephens. Boston the star of the point guard on the team that's run by Gordon Hayward fact. That's the situation. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. We've got a thousand dollars to giveaway at the top of the hour 7 o'clock as well as at 8 o'clock. And will be giving away tickets at 845 Jolo and Gibbs but he five point seven big game juicy juicy nuggets on the San Francisco niners. Coming up in just a moment but. Mears on all he wants to talk carrier Irving and LeBron James he just text me let me know it'll stay on hold all day but I'm not gonna do good deed to mayor floor is open my friend I had. Toward well so those are political think. Everybody has their point but I'll fingers conspiracy let those things that they Kyra you and maybe the other cataclysm that had a good ones you don't UB. It abroad and when they were in the greatest thing ever and when they loot he has not oh well maybe carry yet all are YouTube corn. It like what in my chopped liver so like they maybe it never got a law and it's just like it should that a couple and they lose by. Awed anymore you know I don't have anybody over top heavy just mean you like well what problem in the Bible it. You don't balance W that would maybe countries like Tom are we lost voters out there that you got your. Absence of Goldman. Our point appreciate phone call as always thank you very much to bear. He thinks you just. Damn fool. Two they will be going to take his reasonable sentiment and try to present gas on and then later on fire. But I thought that it should. I just see elvis' it's just it's just hard you know exit to fathom what's going on there in Cleveland a team that. You know that every once it's the only team out there and it is a formal opponent for the Doug's. And he's willing to walk away. You know sometime this project for the fall fall and I know LeBron isn't very demanding an athlete he wants to win championships and so does carry and everyone on medal team. I think this is a guy that I'm always respects Kyra reads no there's nothing. And we where I disagree with two mayors you have never seen him to suspect I read he's always given carried the ball carry L you just looked at the numbers. He shot the ball more than LeBron he had the bills the ball more on the brought here's a guy that is a very integral part. In and everyone that watched basketball. Doesn't look at this guy's a second Phillips LeBron. The war broke this team I mean they're done. I don't see them winning these next year you guys talked about it yesterday you both feel that someone else will win the east that's it. That's it the Cilic he's done the cavaliers won't have what it takes next year and for anyone who wants to say well they're bringing in Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose is coming in at one year two point one million dollars. That's everything you need to know about what Derrick Rose is capable of achieving remember. If Timothy mas god is gonna get sixteen million a year. Two million for Derrick Rose tells you everything you need to know about what he's capable of getting. He's basically on May have proved it sort of contract if he can return it. Do some form. Allowed an average may fifteenth coming off the bench but maybe gets a three year deal somewhere else three years and twenty million that. He's not gonna be the Max player but he wants was injuries have robbed him of his explosiveness and his balance and this is probably a great destination form especially. With this after a may be. Carrier ring being traded he can then slide into the starting spot and really go out and get a bigger contract when he and LeBron and we're mostly clean laughter then next year. I used to loved heroes. He had so much explosion get an Iraq I used to love that dude. And then what was it like three years ago he had those comments about taken nights off because. He's got to preserve his body for walk in his kids Downey IL and chill went up for graduation. Night. What are you talking about the good you play it'll get made a ton of money the people of Chicago don't hear that. And then this past your Denny just MIA on the next yeah for SF did so just disappeared didn't come to a game and he didn't feel like that so you're right it's it's a word to me only two million a year. It in our doesn't I don't you're right now that's not good you guys for the NBA's standard that's the bottom feeder salary. It took a pittance look at look at bull and English what the commoners. Eaton who are right less than commoners meek he's done element you did you. Bill McGee no I mean you're right. You probably make more they haven't right. You salt archive Barnes goes to do goes the Dallas and sixteen when he movie. So it's interesting to see how this guy who was the MVP of the league has announced two million just goes to show we have for a quick this guy Phil grace our right to the niners. We go promised a juicy nugget and got a juicy nugget camp opens in two days rookies and veterans will report one of the veterans reporting is running back Carlos Hyde however. The question becomes how Long Will he be with the organization. Why. First of all denied Tyson in the game that counted to take your pick poll question brought to my updates daily and about to Chevrolet if you'd like to weigh in on this topic. Gregg Rosenthal had him on the show before NFL back up around a long time he is on me around the NFL podcast recently. And he had this to say quote. Coach Kyle Shanahan was going to be sick. And dreaming. A rookie Joseph Williams if it team didn't draft him. According the Monday morning quarterbacks Peter King so general manager John Lynch wound up trading opt to get a guy in Williams who wasn't even on his draft board. As the ball continues compare that investment emotional and otherwise with the teams Luke warm appraisals of hide this offseason. Eight talented and extremely elusive runner Qaeda has one year left on a contract signed three head coaches ago. He's admittedly the biggest long shot to lose his job on this list. But Shanahan and lynch are just starting their extreme make over and have proven they are ready to act with conviction. This all came in the context of the discussion who could be some surprise cuts by the end of the pre season and Rosenthal said he heard from a little birdie. You shouldn't be surprised if the niners. Cut Carlos hi all your thoughts when you're something like that. I know John wanted to jump jump up and drafts he jet to because he. Shanahan brought Jimenez is DM. So let's just put it and in layman's terms can come as a good relationship. John it was indeed at one Iraq to both toll Jesse but I think this is where John Hess and where the rubber has to meet the road. As a GM you say you brought me in hey Al I give it a little hurting you you know I know we both know football and hopeful Boggs is well you do. They're both on equal claim those when it talks about just x.s and l.'s. GM you don't just that in general John hasn't done this well but this is where he's got to step and say I can't cut this guy. I understand you wanna go another direction. Let's let's do it by the end of the year by you know mid season if you wanna have this guy started he shown that he can do it the let's do. But here's what you gotta do you look at Carlos Hyde. In two and a season or before the season you try to trade this guy you try to move this asset. I believe he's a good running back you don't just necessarily trade dump the niners need this team is a far away from an at a Super Bowl right now. So why not get this taken of John those guys wanna trade up. Collectively they need to pick up the phone and start trying to shop them around to different teams because I think this guy's a good running back you know top 1015 running backs in the league. When LP. It's strange to consider this because. The niners have more money than anyone when it comes to salary cap right that's number one. Number two. Carlos Hyde is making 822000. Dollars a share and a 100000 dollar workout monus so all set not he's not even gonna make a million dollars. He's in the final year of his four year contract which means. In a contract year you're probably getting get the most focused. In shape energize running back imaginable. Selena if you don't like them why not play out the season bids and then from there just bottom hit free agency if you don't like. Especially when you don't have a lot of other options are running back and they've brought in hightower. And they've got Joseph Williams the rookie talked about that the draft pick among active yet need in this day and age even though. You may wanna throw the football lot you'll piety behind a lot of games and you will have to throw the football. You need at least three running backs these days so and bumper to bumper yeah that's Carlos Hyde and Nike say giant and a contract year you see how motivated he is to go out there. And to any stay healthy that's really been the biggest knock is his inability to stay on the field so C which he got. 800 grand bargain if he has a good year. Then maybe you re sign him if not you let him go and he cut your losses. So who's about them back in in in in in Indy. That everyone loves is getting older frank Gore's son you see his real close to move it up to like four on the all time list. Quietly Frank Gore and cover is going to be passed some notable names this season he has. So why would John Lynch mills hardball Bruno who you know who knows but Donald relief well while we pick up the phone and say. Have a guide to aging guy. If you don't do it as that trade the asset trading moment no place like that where you got now Frank Gore you can keep them fresh Gholston guys can run together. You don't just cut a red back like that there's a lot of suitors out their tail saying yeah eagle there's a lot of places that this guy can go and play right now Philadelphia. Be in the mix on that Ryan Matthews yeah. Exactly so when you look at what he can bring to us in eighteenth. If you don't want it that's your right in back of the future. Go get some good form trading to win these teens and get it jacket. A great point on the front of the program Eric Davis used to work here in 95 points of the game. He was on the pop and Monty yesterday if you're niner fan looking for some optimism this season take a business. The debt beside her vaccinated whichever team between the niners and the rams. Sweep the other will probably be you know fight for playoff spot with a belt now. Come on now come on now. Did you know leading. Love ED what do you think about that I'm the one actually responsible for brain eating the station I've known media a long time man who now are you responsible for bringing to the station you. They wanted this and I'm done I'm happy your ear gel but I digest. I'm a big fan AD and he played it football. For a long time he knows more football than I'll ever forget it whatever that Dan expression don't forget more football than you'll ever now both equally true that happened. In this case I I'm not seeing it the way season either. The rams or the niners if they sweep the other you're still looking at five or six wins at the best for either one so ADM and have to love politely and respectfully disagree. Item two and likelihood it will mean you saw it doesn't necessarily. There's no guarantee the ramp sweep the niners and nicely programs right even at the niners sweep the ring let's just assume they did but they did last year. What's the likelihood each ounce from my house. Slim to none and none is left the building. In all would all be respected their their their their want to be a tougher physical team in the gonna play with a lot more bravado. Like with who do want. Indians were responsible for me to come to the show to communicate here he put me on the show would Elisa alana and I is that none are well. Heard just a little monitor it had. I Super Bowl show in New Orleans right yes yes it been at a later date will played and you guys get to see skew dips brought my skills out to the forefront block any really set me up and tee me up and they did they give boy that's also guested dial you think you as well visit to Baghdad this is he. Origin of low on laughs from what I understand yes we we're already working it throughout that season the Dow was the culmination. Of law allowed he brought it became a live show and it immediately went from a nice fun PG bit. July NC seventy. I don't really get it really was really kicks up about five notches on her and she has blessed him but as I guess I don't want to my home I think you did that exactly we just did a couple get to say that again. I don't wanna brag brag for five minutes. They all saw it roll and I'll. Taliban. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Very happy to welcome in the head coach of York Oakland raiders' Jack Del Rio we Joseph blow and did. A 95 point seven the game Coach Del Rio thank you for your time this morning camps under way but how does urged Egypt. And there's good morning everybody. Good Russell and now. Role important. So as you bring the rookies into camp it's a year with a lot of expectations you got your franchise quarterback under contract beast mode on the rosters well what's going to be the opening message to the team when you get them all together later in the week. I think the biggest thing crosses. There's been recognized. You know hide discussions. Over. Our expectation. Previews and ranks. Whether or not going to borrow and careers welcome. Paul. All bullies and all have very little. With who we are what. Our focus will be on understand what it is. In understanding the processes that we will become really good football human and so that can be met. At war. A chicken due to more in post about that just step process what is the biggest difference and peony possessing coach which you medical duke. From a coordinator to head coach in keeping everyone together. Yeah I think I think you know when their position coach you just concentrate on your relief. You know how to respect my group. When you become a coordinator to working with the side of the ball becomes more well. Just bat you know out of my particular my side of the ball it would during their coaches is everybody. You know we're it every day and every one. And it happened everybody really understand that. You know the things that are really great. That you wanna accomplish in this league come when people understand what it is the sacrifice each other in the if there's something greater than yourself up there in on the so we understand that concept of doing what's best for us and do what's best for the team. And then you're the best individually you can be. You know to enrollment and then you can do great. Coach Gerry Connolly L be nullified through yet to be signed and with the rookies already reporting are they starting to get to the point where they're gonna fall behind or is it really. Not until next week when the heavy work starts getting put in that they'll need to be in place. Well you know that. What does the rules and in the structure are stressed that it is not a great concern now apparently having. Abuse these issues you all shortly and and no and they'll note that so. You know it's not a situation a year ago. Now and went low and I'm out there that. Well that'll go over issues. That you hold out. Collateral can't indices elect. Both those structures in place now we expect these it was all shortly. And abuse in the work it. Coach Jack Del Rio would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven. The game so as it pertains to Gary and Conley and his situation the organization is confident that he will be in camp sometime in the very near future. No really not changed from from the way we feel about it and we understand the process on Wednesday and go. You know what is when he finished that process it was a compliment about. About the decision we made an effort that we. Coach you know back and earned a nine on seven didn't matter it every day in pads now on the game he's changed. Can you see everyone talks about the raiders and you understand that as the head man. People what's the perception vs reality reality is paid to defense line kind of struggled nets necessarily was wanted to work worst teams. Gave up over when he soar sixty plays with twenty yards or more. When you're looking at Danny save everywhere in the sale CNA the greatest closer in a suitable. How do you let guys and it's team and coaches in your staff know. Recession vs reality and you're never as good as everyone think you are in ever not as bad as everyone think York. Yeah it the way we look at we acknowledge we we know we've we've got a good team. We know we comply with the anybody. We know we're good at all everybody's the end you know that. How do you rank on last year's. And how that project going forward is. There's more for fantasy league that is what do shall. You know were were busy at work go to. Add to a well obviously there have been some subtraction liked Carter you're in addition some traction huge change. The team a little bit we feel like we've we've strengthened to come Leo these networks and about it started and in all phases of a lot of work to do Butte disrupt become the kind of mean that we are gonna become. One of the new players obviously Marshawn Lynch do you envision it to be somewhat of a committee at running back or is he coming in with the idea of he'll be the featured back in May be looking to get 200 plus carries this year. Well you know we'll we'll see how how many carries in the and what the plan is you know army. We just we just loved it happened and handled at a guy like march on that that's a great passion corporate ties. He's obviously a big physical runner and go wrong attitude. And so you know we don't help our game. Our. But the biggest thing is we added a player like we do or. Have him come in Butte teammate. You know will let him express himself you know will will will determine the role. Based on what we think is best team and we'll ask him to break and then we'll go in and you know America Augusta they're worried about. I mean I don't probably premature important for like panicky projection and the network are not gonna get in America. Certainly glad. Coach do you enjoy following market to hang on social media as much we'd. Have a. You know what I I love the young man. It longer believe the lack of momentum builds library. And it goes whooping on the field he had a lot of on and off the appeal with the social media that are available. Coach you know everybody is a little different markets keen he walks by his own drama daily lefty we've Levy but that he did tell us she gave him a stern talking to after that flag incident and. I. Area beauty you heard me. I don't go to I don't know whether I rightfully so of a deal more you talked he'd vote we shaken your boots and a guy disciple Jim Warren this guy that had been around and think you could attest it is. Oh god don't you know what does he bring in you feel about you know what is he going to help with the defense and just to to structure kind of what is his role what are you expecting from him. You know John joke prediction. The good people person he's very very good communicators. A lot of knowledge. They have to overcome it and and work whether it's in the deepest throughout you. Very beneficial. You know John this is that it would be. What Pete what you'll do was basically. He'll be over the top of the secondary. Haven't cabinet to set aside. You know provide input to Kenny and I end. You know I just gonna happen to good strong coat and a lot of experience. Will love. Will bring ideas to work there now packages government Obama. The biggest thing he's. You know you're gonna make sure the back and his can function properly. One can't battle in many fans are gonna have their eye on his middle linebacker and he can't. Obviously say who the front runner is but what type of player are you looking at that critical spot on defense. Well look we've got we've got to mama some young guys that are excited about the opportunity to compete here. Nothing. I think we will just let them compete let it work itself out so it would draft a young man. Mark hill. And we do and we and we got got a couple got attorney Michael region. And so you know little little and company. Able to work field. Popular. When I look at. Football. You know I think we've shrink our own route or by an arsenal and and many many positions and maybe have. Early round pick in that position yet that. Obviously. Promote another team turned a veteran then we've got some young guys you can run. And and they're determined to learn applied himself and let them compete and I'm gonna grow bigger maps out. You know you got to cut it addresses you draft you. Your free agent and pay a lot of money ever you can develop the guys right now over welcome development. Will continue to. To monitor what's out there as well about how aggressive it definitely appreciate it and it. Could sell real how's everything going with Carl Joseph the rookie battled some injuries last season but housing look at right now in terms of health then dies expected role for the upcoming year. Yeah I mean when we drafted him with big dynamic. Football player and impact kind of player. Billy had to be a little bit of but me that he had to work last year ago came out we knew he was going to be it will be time to get back at full strength. I think as he went through last last year got some experience. Got a play a little bit as good things these compare to better take that experience had a really strong off season. In really good communicating. Really good vision and working hard and not just elect he's always been out to be here all you don't get it all there outwards locker compete. Coach you've played for some great teams you coats and great teams you've been around this lead. You know everyone talks about how to quarterback driven league you're triggerman assigned. And now on the clock starts in you know every year this free agents are people going to be trying to pluck your guys. How do you have do you do with that had he not understand it pull Bogle and they Fed's much your hot in minutes can be years or you're down. Is that Wendell mound guys understand how distant dynamics of the game in and how do you keep them you don't focus on the task at hand. Well there's no no question we're really really pleased well. Get out there signs. And know that we got. The premium position premiere positions on we have relocate. They're great leader. Pretty young man. So talented. Talked. All thank you look at social work super happy. And also getting a guy like you know gave Jackson album. Haven't gave. And knows we fortified front the front line you know that can protect fair open. Mark on a lot of the important things so. We don't Brooke I know better these young player. What we wanted to attack each year. You know like you like I did like you don't know you know fifteen more winnable. But a long way to Europe so you don't know Brady's Belgrade or who's gonna turn forty Jerusalem. Yeah and you know he's racked up a lot titles along the way so. In opera. No dare we do want to pepper and you know the biggest thing is just improve as a football and be ready to go compete. You know it breaks our standards and raise our processes and was schoolwork announced. You know when you have deposition you know you can check that box to replace starter. Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio we Jolo and dibs on 95. Point seven a game coach we know you're busy man thank you very much for your time this morning we greatly appreciate it. Best of luck in camp and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. You have full do we need to get up here you know what we. There's room. We have the rookies on that week and what better reporting and on Friday so look born in there. Sounds great coach thank you very much again good luck this week. Now backed it show lowered did on 95 point seven game. For those who have been hanging with us for quite awhile today you notice the WWE. Intro music theme. That's an honor of the B speed LeBron James. And Calgary Irving. Great typical it job not a big gradually hand that some of these tunes I'm remembering the connection with the end via associated wrestler well that's seat. Because we're giving away tickets now and it's gonna be at WW he centric question TO this easier chance to a family four pack of tickets to the Ellie Mae classic at TPC stone break beginning Monday July 31 and running until Sunday. August 6. All winners qualify for grand prize VIP experience which includes four VIP passes. Fully catered hospitality and round trip limo service. To the event. Tickets and info available at Ellie Mae classic dot com and by the way two time MVP staff Kirk he will be playing in this event. Triple 89579571. One to answer the following question correctly. Could defeated Randy macho man savage for the WWF. Intercontinental championship and wrestle mania three. Triple 89579570. Who defeated Randy macho man savage go to the WWF Intercontinental championship had wrestle mania three. Arguably consider one of the greatest matches of all time. You do good macho man nods but I give my much immense optimism by Duff man from the Simpson. Acts. That's really good that's really get tough. This we'd like to someone you like you'll screw through FaceBook news is get these random videos that are popping up on just what ever. I there was one that was just like job it was an interview with haute in and much humanity does mean gene oak island do an interview. And the tool we're just going nuts now dramatic course it was like try watching this video on acid obviously and try that. But I bet you watch the video and they edited so like they were. Swirls and right you know all these insisting effects and you listening to me it's like oh my god you were on heavy drugs. Watching WW yeah back in the day like this we're really freaked you laugh with stuff they were sent to the way to acting like much of it always looked like he was ready to explode ready to explode. It exists. Is always got that. It's all about. Islam watch and gad man. Triple A 95795. Samuel to talk raider football Jack Del Rio joined us about twenty minutes ago. He talked about Darian Conley Marshawn Lynch the future of the team. Sounded like com. Individual ready for training to. He sounded exactly like what you would want. From a head coach who's in control we want to know your expectations for this season we wanna know your biggest concerns heading into this season because this season. Is unlike any of the last fifteen years. Expectations all our you'll find yourself in the AFC championship game I think you have a lot of raider means we're gonna be disappointed if this team can't get. To the AFC championship game. So what are the biggest concerns and obstacles to getting there Tripoli 9579578. Paul in Redwood City will begin with you all in Redwood City your expectations for this season gut. Oh yeah. A lot. Children shot out on the future. India. Every morning and my commute I think the expectations should be simple. Bake. The play. You gotta be in the way it. I think if they can squeak in and they're just getting to the playoff. And they get you know get that won't play well when we've been open for the last three years. I think got well it is getting the buyout could be a giant he squeak in there. Make a run on the hot and it definitely. Should both call Paul thank you very much I liked catching the plows did studies Stan ten and six Joe's right ram with a steam brutal schedule. You have New England in Mexico you only have seven home games I think ten and six is reasonable. In the playoffs and win that first playoff game that to me. It's where the bar is set then you go into the final eight certainly wanna make the conference championship I think ten and six and winning a playoff game. That's a fair market. The same congratulations you've just been in San Jose on winning the tickets the answer the question. Ricky the dragon steamboat Betsy challenge grainy not a man savage at wrestle mania three for the inner content. Medal championship Ricky the dragon steamboat. Well outside of the patriots who's the biggest threat to the raiders to get to the AFC championship game old milieu didn't. I yes I did think that it if you look at if you look at. You look at the DNC you think of you always got into the Pittsburgh Steelers don't know if they're going to be that team this year. Look at the Houston Texans I think Houston Texans the defense that they have. Get the young quarterback that's going to be I think the question mark but he you don't have to go autumn when I guess take over games. If they can managed gains because of the defense as is good enough there are gonna be eighteen to chew gonna say is formidable and I think another team chilled it. I really believe that this is going to be that your getting to a Flacco I think the ravens are going to be a lot better this year I'm not really soul and Pittsburgh was summit at things that are going on. And I let elect put their 21. Over of course we elect Tennessee. It's this AFC is going to be some New Kids On The Block of you know only the always going to inhibit I think there's going to be some New Kids On The Block I don't believe I am willing to take a bit with the then no one and AFC south our division syrup was gonna win more in eleven games of the mean the west to west the west the west I think ten elevenths gonna win it I don't see. Any team went in twelve in this particular conference in the west it's just too tough. She isn't intriguing because they'll probably have the best defense in the AFC the problem however is the same problems Houston had since day one of their existence the quarterback position right if they can't get capable quarterback played not going anywhere even with the league's best defense even with one of the the best all time defense is. You still need a guy who can move the sticks. Convert on third down and protect the football and how much they haven't yet and he might get hot at the right time and that's the thing that that's quesada got to see what he does this young quarterback. You've seen him at the stage being being in college in salt away and he was able to play. But so now you gotta look at this young guns according sake can he translate that college play to the NFL. And I think until they might struggle early but once the playoffs with it sees it. He'll be hit his stride because he's seen the defense is so Houston could be a very formidable opponent because of the way they play defense and now you have a quarterback that you got to what. Can taint because he can beach with his legs as well you don't you love this on Watson. It's just a lot asking Iran is not that it was he. Also mentioned Baltimore. The Joseph Flacco contract was the end of that organization. I just can't see it. And it's no disrespect to John Harbaugh did you happen nominal head coach and I think eventually when he in the ravens are ways I think that could be happening sooner rather than later. He's gonna land somewhere and whoever gets them it's going to be a jam. He's going to deliver a winner. But that Joseph Flacco contract till that organization. They got their Super Bowl they shouldn't pay them they should let him go. I know that sounds insane and coming up at Super Bowl run. There was nothing you could have done except pay him but that has crippled your organization cents I totally understand that that's a stand that particular conference. Did that and think about what's there. Baltimore Cincinnati what do you know about Marvin I know that Marvin will not won a playoff game. OK now we talk about look at Pittsburgh you look at what they have understanding band is still there. Don't necessarily Seoul on their coach seems like there's some discord there are defense your best defensive players 3937. Years old when you look at their team. I just a normal Pittsburgh is now they can score almost their defense is what it is so I think Baltimore is poised to at least I think it makes noise this year. I don't think it's still Pittsburgh's division and I am just read an item about an odd Tennessee Dixon for Baltimore he's got a meniscus hair so he's gonna undergo surgery. And hurts and I think Flacco doesn't have quite the weapons in the passing game that they used to have. And that division is so bottom week we talk about top heavy. The opposite that is bottom weeks it's about his struggle and Cleveland are still Roche is so I think when you look at Pittsburgh and Baltimore those matchups. I think Pittsburgh is still the better team than Baltimore's total control division accordingly. Notes talk about Miami I don't you like Miami can. And I any dogs can handing out of days and you thought about and a breaker no idea I'd love. Geeks I think he's answered and Miami I like Miami and I was down Iverson I'm sorry. Had a decent but I ask you guys don't like the steady. And it's hung 20. He was a little bit better last year put him impress situation Goodman and he's really does so I don't know on Miami. Maybe they get in but you don't see anybody they get a quarterback they do not have them take. That is that their quarterback of the future they got to defense they got a Moffett weapons they can do some things. The is not the suspiciously absent from this conversation. The chiefs. Broncos and chargers. No one. At all has any threat of any of them as the team outside of New England that would be the biggest problem for the rating I think Los. Edit vests and he said it perfectly when he said that I don't think anyone that division has more than ten wins now and I think you're right you may see. Three teens at ten wins and at the fourth team with nine at the it's going to be that close to bluster Kansas City went six and Al against the division there the only team in football. To go undefeated. Against their division. I don't think that happens this year in the AFC west I think it's going to be. Born two and 33 and two and four among all four teams on the gets to be very competitive and ten wins might win that division acting too. I think it might be two or three teams to sneaky and mean. That this this is going to be very competitive I really believe you do it timber distant David didn't do enough at quarterback I think that defense get pizza we get you know they keep matter to feel too long. Alex and it's going to be looking over shoulder a whole year yet they're still the team I tell you sit on the raiders. And the LA rather her in the raiders to meet. They're really really gonna fight and I think that's an eagle guy a lot better defensively. LA's got a lot better offensively and defensively and it keeps antsy and I exceeds that she's taken on water. Taken on water I wouldn't be surprised if they went like six in ten this year. You've got a situation where the draft you just decide. We're gonna move up or anything Patrick moms italics regular drama but the alliger defray meaning. He should be asking for a true he should be trading him. They think they're still close not and they Nomo Holmes is in red because he's not he comes on the Texas Texas there he is nowhere near ready to apply. So you Marty created a situation of the first time captain checked down checks down on third eight for six yard gain. The fans are going to be lasting for Patrick moms section number one problem number 20. A month ago you fire your general manager. Do you ever hear about that in New England. Or Seattle or Green Bay now or any of the quality teams that compete year after year firing of the GM. A month before training camp now there's clearly a problem in the front office that she got a quarterback issue is we have two quarterbacks you got no quarter anchoring. Yeah proposition with the coaching staff and now you got Tom holly. Taking to social media to call out any read the team to the way they use them and last year's playoff loss to Pittsburgh take a listen any read on his response to Tom Ali. Do I love the fact that he wants to play. Yeah he's going to be fifty years old price still to it now those things that he wants a kid in. His place I love that about so well I talked on when he gets here yeah we don't wanna do it through the media the social media part of it all Latin. I'll let us let's just talk about if you have a failure promised talks about. We continue to ask yourself questions and an answer them yes you probably well how are you going to win the division this season no you probably art. This is a team met every time has anyone noticed this. Every piece of news regarding the cheese over the last month. Has been something negative someone's getting fired controversy starting someone's upset about this someone's upset about that. They haven't even opened camp yet president already got. All of these little issues bubbling to the service at some point it's gonna boil over. And they've got a six week stretch and that's schedule that is an absolute back breaker if they don't navigate the front end of the properly. And isn't this the cycle of Andy Reid were used to seeing gory egos and a new place he does really well. They have high expectations they fall just short and then it starts to unravel and I think now or maybe. At the beginning of the unraveling because like you say Joseph tough schedule and if things go south on an early in the year in the fans are clamoring for the backup quarterback it's gonna be it from. Please shelved there it's the exact same thing an avid Philly. He went out I know he came out of nowhere and drafted Kevin Cobb in the second round all the sun never almost Ngo laws on on. Then there was the power play between him and how we Rosemead Joe Banner. Got fired rose meant that the power from read the relationship was never the same. They brought in Vick they got rid of me mad there was the TO think it was just one after another and then it slowly fell apart than everyone realized it was time for a change. I'm not necessarily say it's gonna completely ballpark this year but the chiefs are not buttoned up. They are not buttoned up that's a team that won the division and earned a bye last year adding happen in this season they are not as big of a threat. As they may seem and that Thursday night weeks seven here at the coliseum is the bed of the year the raiders cover those three points out there right now. Nobody wins in that spot nobody. I agree to Joseph and material element to Mecca in Pittsburgh real quick I believe this is the last year for Tomlin I believe that he's gone after easier I don't think they're gonna go do as well. And ain't gonna move on I don't think that they're gonna beat a top they're gonna they're gonna play well open I really believe the raiders right now and you look at San Diego. There Wendell is closing the chargers and the of the charges that is a let them know it's LA but I knew that until week one of big attacks on his spoken they don't want did slow on the whistle until week one OK we did seek a blow the whistle let's say towards but he. Easy for calling on you.