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Monday, July 24th
The guys break down the beef between Draymond Green and Conor McGregor, Kyrie Irving saying he wants out of the Cavs, and the position battles for the Raiders as they report to training camp. NFL Network Analyst, Heath Evans joins the show. 

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What's up everybody hope you had a fantastic weekend Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game. Jim Bolden will join us in about an hour to talk a little MLB. We've got negated the news of the weekend carrier Irving LeBron James everything that's taking place in Cleveland before we do that. Did she get they see the instead Graham battle that broke out between dream mind green. And Connor McGregor tell us about it meant. So Connor in his effort and he's doing a remarkable job. Of promoting his fight. In his effort to continue trolling Floyd Mayweather to continue bringing attention to the fight. He was wearing a warriors 23 Jersey look at a picture of Connor any warriors 23 Jersey. Surfaced and we all know dream on dream wears number 23 for the warriors now this is a warrior throw actors and a and dreamliner takes a picture of Connor in this Jersey. Throws it up on its Graham and says. We Iraqi with slowly broad not you take that off Brock. Thank you rich brown Brad brown did got out bra any sends it to. The notorious MS meg which is Connor McGregor is tough yeah now Connor. Fires back as he is wont to do. And says the following. That's CJ Watson may. I don't know who the expletive you wore no disrespect they'll kid keep hustling and stay in school how whom. He continues. Now ask yourself why I'm rocking a CJ Watson went I don't know or give an expletive about basketball. I dribble heads off the floor not a ball this is no game here Ted. For those of you who are just catching up to this he won CJ Watson former warrior I'm rumored to be. Involved at a time with Floyd Mayweather is former girlfriend. So. The right where we watts in Jersey to troll Mayweather. Because his one that was apparently stepping out on them with Watson. Mine gets involved. And from Conor McGregor no disrespect there rotated to keep hustling saint's days school Strickland. Madonna. And those guys were all very much fancier but it's probably Connor one dream lineup. And it just attend nine rounds got a hey does not mandate night in knocking down. Sure they lure Brooke you Dre aren't came out a pretty strong. He won the early part of the round even name Connor turned on and stay in school. And that's radical that I doubt that's like you with your son like a 22 weeks ago wait fort signs that he completes the same sort of punctuation mark I love it. He did at that needed it to an eight but did that mean I know when did that this is ten night but the climax when he hitting with the end of that thing state it was like. I bucks I don't dribble the basketball I'm not ideal heads off its enemy. And it's it it's good material I've still got a 109 although I might be like the Pacquiao horn judge and I dream months you have to take isn't on our. Gee that's not. These judges are they what though if you're Jamont you fire back at that he just let that go out you realize you lost at around 109108 RBC a and it's just you let it go and you move on Connor. You wanna step into the pantheon of of the game's best trash talkers right now melt trash more. Or that might actually lead to a Austin grouchy on that and Oscar the growth outlook is out he loves trash not trash talk more yet who will we be talking about from mount trash talk more right now you've you've got to figure Connors and immediately be in the discussion and for the top four spots current. Day trash talk is now I'll leave all time. It's going to be in the Washington position out of. Without a doubt he's the one who broke the mold on on the trash talk he got me think you John after it pokes through it to do not respect. To the mound but without a doubt con McGregor is on there Floyd Mayweather is not on there in my opinion after what Connor was doing it. Honored at their head to head Conner took him to the woods yet yeah. He Floyd used to be pretty did have some things he could do but he's seen Floyd and stuff he's gotten Floyd. It motorboat he motorboat on Mac that's the thing to you have to remember the roles each of these guys play. Mayweather hats to play the role of the villain that's big in his that. Ever since he was Smart enough to realize back around the day you'll play Aaron which is like 20082007. When he came out wearing the Mexican trucks on Mexican I believe Independence Day or six go to mile when he fought back. Oscar De La Hoya. That's when he understood the marketing side of boxing he's always been a great boxer but what's he forgot the marketing side that by turning keel. No longer pretty boy Floyd but Floyd money Mayweather by turning seal there was more money to be made he is the ultimate bill. So when this situation he's got to play the role of villain Connor. Has done a tremendous job of just playing the role of fan favorite in this despite the fact that a lot of what he said has been a brace invite although that's something that should have been expected going in and. And I think a guy who doesn't get the credit that he deserved. He wanted all the time I don't think he ever lost battle did it think you'd agree because I think everyone was scared of me and Mike Tice he would say it's crazy stuff yeah I know it would even comment because. He did during and pretty much. He's crazy meaning he try to eat a man I'm ranks so you know any that's not a much. Children younger audience children I'm gonna get your ring would you mean. Is sort of politically spinning you gonna get in and dig and apple I just give mill is terrible thing that sets a terrible. I didn't do the playing. Not so I don't his kids. You sound like one of those guys from insane in the membrane. Sat herself a beautiful thing to help you subtleties that Brazil. I immediately of them trying to erect this mound you know and against tough at this hour to get it fully. Are there put together Richard Sherman got to be on the mound surely has a nice job. Sure you seem to be too effective trashed on gays if not it's the volume of words you Smith. Some guys just constantly running their mouth you've got to be able to have to hammer you've got to be able to drop that line that gets the moon. Who like Connor did with the no disrespect the okayed. Keep hustling and stay in school it's like right there and people are telling us on the text I thank you very much this 95795. Penske auto sales that context it. That dream on did in fact respond. I don't see that many of the articles I read this morning. Lets you know that Connor when I had won that match. You put him in the top floor Richard Sherman's another one that talks quite a bit. A pretty young sealed Wiig but I'm not sure it's a much trash talking that is to show boating it's a fine line between the two. Because he was deathly show you up when he goes yard on news that's probably two different more preloaded copy yeah different more astonishing announcement Warner and then mount trash talk more I look like you've embraced this phenomenon where it's great content is what it is but it did. Did that the trash talk element to it it feels like we don't have some aid in India equity hat. Who would be your best NBA trash talker drip lines out there running his mouth quite a bit he does a nice job from a NBA perspective he might be top four. Com. Kevin Garnett was always one of the best in the business I remember when Kelenna Azubuike was in studio with us the one day. He said that was the one guy of all the net Easter really sit like he would just really fine. The personal stuff that could just grind you down there multiple ways to go about sometimes you can hit them on some them on the personal front. And then you'll lead into the conversation what is in is not off limits laid low and all the years you play you can do a lot of talking out every you know some that it or some of the great. It's like come on you boy rate talk trash I mean there's a lot of guys that there's any marine neared didn't you probably hear about it much as a linebacker who talked John there is you know you look at certain guys it is had a blue bottle certain certain linebackers defense alignments hairdos let's talk all the time I'm playing except he'd be element of the side affiliate in addition complaint here or -- yeah a warm talk to on I mean LT was a guy talk trash would backed it up. They'll look there's a lot of guys that he noted talk trash talked a lot it's Pratt but didn't back it up. News from Stephen A Smith desist from him on Twitter. Where's his first acre what do we got. We've toward. We'll go ahead and check that back out a little bit as we get organized interesting news that's coming out on the brought subtle segue us into the carried Irving news from over the weekend. Key on Friday. Word gets out once a trade out of Cleveland this caught a lot of people off dark as you figured. No matter what side you were on Cleveland had at least one more year to compete with the Golden State. This appears to be trouble in paradise Kyra read no longer interested in being second fiddle he doesn't wanna have to share the spotlight with LeBron James and you know what to an extent. When he signed that five year deal with Cleveland he was under the impression that it was gonna be his team. And then out of nowhere LeBron James not so much out of nowhere but LeBron James makes the announcement that he's leaving Miami and he's coming back. And according to reports that rubbed Irving and some other cavaliers the wrong way because LeBron never even checked in with that. Right he never even checked in with current cast to say ready feel about me coming back even we can all work together just the courtesy phone call. Not to say that he has to do it but that that might be considered good business. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven games. Welcome back if we had cameras in the studio and we. Ran through the commercial break you missed a riveting conversation on. The apple logo and why it's an apple with a bite taken out of it. I can't. Also whether or not it's factual or not but Lowe has theories and it spiraled quickly out of control Jolo and gives 95 point seven game happy holidays raider fans. Rookies are reporting to Napa training camp today so it's time to get football. Heavy we're gonna get into some training camp battles. To keep an eye on. Over the next few weeks but we're gonna begin with your calls triple 89579570. Let's start with the most basic of conversations. Your expectations. For this team. This season triple 89579570. Training camp this year so it's time to talk expectations. You can give it to us from a win loss perspective. You can give it to us from may. Personal perspective you can give it to us from how far this team should go in this season perspective. We begin with Anthony in San Jose and kitty thanks for calling you show your expectations for the raiders this year. I. Missed a matter too great here. Jules was so they are. Our approach or angry bird in the morning and money. I. H. And Super Bowl. Station broke. It matters not this year. Oh. Eddie how you feel about the defense this season that's gonna probably be one of the bigger concerns from a unique perspective heading into the season giving the defense is gonna be good enough to get this team the AFC championship. If we're if we're winning joked about all you got to keep Joseph Joseph got there ratings addition to our squat. And if you sent out in. Particular being received there orders. If he's going to be key addition you'll see the war and but like thirteen victory as she kind of pain in the league in England bittersweet to go to the super. Herbal and you agree. Joke. And any great phone call that's exactly. Exactly how we like the start of the week with a great phone call like that. Well tell us about John O'Donnell you know him personally he's been brought in as a co defensive coordinator with this staff. What's he gonna do for this defense I think the biggest danger when you look at. DC that's been hearing you see okay catch great linebacker played the game grease all his success in Seattle Ken Norton that is. Coach I think the biggest disconnect Joseph was. Defense is an offense as they contemplate hand in hand the defense to offense watch was in defense personnel out there and try to you know one up it's a chess match. In what happened a lot of times is the offense with no goal no huddle and they would see to personnel. Can nor astronomy to call. Wrong personnel out on the feel a lot. In they put themselves in a tough situation does so they have to pay a Vanilla defense so it allows for different holes out there and for offices export it to exploit what they have out there John McConnell wants to come in and get the secondary in the back in. Working together as a cohesive defensive unit. You're going to see some more stability brought in. On defense. Packages is going to be make sure that it doesn't dictate it makes the offense dictate what they do. Because of the personnel that they're gonna have so look for McDonnell to make sure you see the defense is get in and out there have been the right personnel on on the feel at the right time so. I just think he's gonna bring some more stability. And continuity to the defense. Did I got a feeling that Anthony isn't alone with his thirteenth three projection based on last year's record the contract for Derek Carr the optimism heading into this season. Do you get the sense that raider nation as a whole is going to heavy very high opinion of this team heading into week one I do. And I would caution them to not have such a high opinion of them going into the regular season because what's important. Is making the playoffs and then doing well in the playoffs last year twelve and four. Didn't mean much at the end of it to you didn't have Derek Karr and you went into a winnable playoff game. And you got clobbered because you now a quarterback who was able to get the job done how would much rather see ten and six and advancement. To the conference championship game have a healthy team with. Have a team that's ready to roll in January as opposed this year where you got there and you were unable to get it done. Triple 895795. Cent Andy what are your expectations for the Oakland Raiders in 2017. Low. One of the training camp battles to keep an eye on is gonna take place at the middle linebacker position Corey genes currently listed as the starter. Second year middle linebacker 24 years old he made five starts last season. Six foot 229. Pounds. He was yup. He was brought into a tough spot. And it was a position that struggled throughout the year. He might get pressed the bid by mark tell lead the rookie fifth rounder at a Wake Forest 63240. Pounds now leaves got. Problems with speed and instincts. But he does have some reaction that scouts like and he was able to move down the line. To an extent the likes that's what you thought of the fifth round for a reason so are we gonna be looking at Corey Gaines at middle linebacker to start the year and is this position gonna be as big a problem this year as it was last year. I think we're gonna it's safe to say that Corey James can be starter. You gotta look at Lee leaves the guy who's kind of not as quick hits on his feet still slugger can run downhill. I think it's a lot's gonna determine Joseph Howe on the front four plays less huge building under achieve you know we were with 32 when he ninth in pass sex didn't really played at the Franklin the defense a line coach you gonna see this guy inserted self mourn their defense alliance. Give these guys gore won more because I thought last year from fort could've played a lot better it's can be impaired if renowned that you see that these defense of Lima can keep those linebackers free. To let them run downhill and I think when you look at it quarry James gives them more. Versatile linebacker can run downhill they have to do a better job of keeping them clean. Keeping claim for he can make the holes fit the holes made the right fits so I'm with them for the defense to line the play a lot better winning in return all held that middle linebacker position to help those guys that would flow would keeping guys off their body. Reggie in Philadelphia thank you for calling the program your expectations for the raiders this year guide Reggie. We're told pro and a couple law under a long term goal and a couple short term goals that the long term goal. I wanted to not let a teacher at Richard in my bank of rader had a could be a leader number two and AS PRO. And less a dejected nick short term goal number one. Jack has to be and be re bitch. Back to regular what you or straight arm the need to be interviewed here. Short term goal number channel and marine. Unborn children this year they need to win no date. Want to Sunday night game and why can we agree were Ramallah I've got a wife and how much beer cart her young daughter. Marc Cooper. Heard it blown out. Eight BBB they need to win today. I can gain you know how critical Bennett Jack Del Rio. Well mob blogger what's wrong California scored on by the that Monday night creek that bite greater equal date. It couldn't beat the eagle he had a ally or like me. Joseph I know you don't wanna hear it but I cannot in the border are there among all over Heidi are. They're more going to be able to get small everywhere I took a little maggert and little late and they come out would have victory Jack what have allies like. What are you got back. The very American as -- I didn't suffer for a car Reggie not yet ready to live in the Bay Area now I work on the raiders flagship station I mean raider fans that's how it works that's stuff. Is in the past what's her four hair although they are throw them up on the TV again good quarterback like that young guy and he's good for the raiders on that Christmas game. Christmas is your by the way is it a bunch of games or is it just a handful how they play in the us it's Monday night it would just be Monday Night Football so it's gonna be a regular Sunday schedule and then there's gonna be a one. One Monday Night Football game with a whole NBA slate. Yep 530 kick ball got plus thirty guys maybe the NBA slate would be abbreviated or maybe they won't have a game until 730 you know that late West Coast game it's the clippers anyway volunteers about the. Team U but the clippers in the blazers in that game warriors get prime time in the afternoon so you get them in the patents. And then you can transition right into raiders Eagles from on and if that's an as a Christmas right to Indiana's. That will be good if ifs and buts were candy nuts we'd all have America's classic we will that I got this. There are two. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Good morning and welcome back Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game. Thousand dollars to give away at 7 AM thousand dollars to give away at 8 AM is the Forte de cash contest is back in their like swimwear. Now both brits is gonna join us at 715 to talk all things NFL on at 7 o'clock we're gonna jump back in two. Our Oakland Raiders training camp preview as rookies are reporting today yes people. Can you believe it. Rookies are reporting training camp is under way. But we have got to get into the biggest news of the weekend and that is a two part story coming out of Cleveland Ohio. Hi re Irving on Friday. The news breaks he has requested a trade. He gave the cavaliers fourteens. He would be willing to be dealt to San Antonio. They heat the timberwolves and the next. In response to that. News breaking last night and into this morning LeBron James is made it very clear. As one of three players in the NBA with a no trade clause. He will not be waving that no trade clause so for those were floating a theory that maybe the cash try to move LeBron now. Before doomsday hits so they can get something in return he will not be waving that no trade clause. But the C trouble in paradise. After another trip to the NBA finals. A lot of us were under the impression that these two were Boyce carrier ring and LeBron and it turns out. Every wants to be his own star according to these reports he's tired a plane would James and he doesn't wanna be the last man on the Titanic so he's jumping ship now. Did how big of a surprise was it for you Friday when you saw this news service it was a big so. Arise because you thought that everything was hunky dory they got along fine I mean he had some. Very complimentary comments back in May when they won the Eastern Conference finals about LeBron. It seemed like a bat man and rob in the relationship that was going to be perfect Kevin Love is. As the third man there on equal man in this case he's you know. Limited in his own space Aqua man he's limited but if you ever water behind the three point line Kevin Love can be can be critical but I digest as we like to say on this program nice night I ever saw. The at the dissertation of this relationship coming of the season I thought it would be next year. When LeBron opted out and then maybe Tyree would decide that he wanted to be traded. We'd like you weigh in on this as well. 957 game dot com you can find our take your pick poll question brought to you by FH daily and a lot to Chevrolet will the Cleveland Cavaliers trade hi Amy Irving. Before the start of the season you can weigh in there and also via Twitter at 9572 game. Well carrier being LeBron James is they're really affection between these two is there really a problem. With old players trying to share the spotlight or something deeper going on here in your opinion I. I think it's deeper I think when you look at what happened two months ago. Hiring you know when they went back in the locker room before ending up Victor Kyra we waited for LeBron one guy in particular. Hugging will be back all those guys and in a month ago you just heard him say two weeks ago I wanna double play were LeBron goes. I really believe now in their talk among the different teams in a different trade possibility. There's a movie than usual suspects. In as interesting twist at the usual suspects such a certain. There is a great moving past a source it was a guy in the there was just this really twisted your mind. I think this can be that same type of deal we hear you say I'm tired of playing second pillar LeBron all of a sudden. Now three weeks later he comes back out tired Atlantic and Philip wanna be here I want Ambien an old guy I want to be my team any name some teams. I think he's done an but the clippers in the clippers make this thing happened took fiery. Wouldn't that be usual suspects because I believe after next year and now LeBron party gets its house in LA. And then they can say they're back again Batman and Robin in his soup we pulled them we got one over on them. I really believe that these two wanna play together I believe that it's a foregone conclusion that brought out he's disappointed with the whole organization. He warns Carrie hey I'm out he says it'll get this let me applaud him make some stink they said they were gonna try to trade me already this year we get. Demand a trade Eagles and does this level of process and that day and he's the one Tweeter and doing his little it's a Gramm was his play music and shake in his well according to reports he was devastated by devastated devastated exactly. It was this devastated when I saw the move and it in the movie when my man who came out walking straight and only was he. Boilers. Legally twenty years old people hasn't seen a Big Easy jam 2000 note this I think so yeah I just took a stab in the dark knight's problem we by the league's outside visiting anti Margo in Bisbee in 2000 and we watched it on Christmas night what do you think I thought it was crazy. I I its own sex. That's why I think I look crazy so what you're saying it's usual suspects LeBron had. As usual suspects you're still LeBron has one year left forty cannot badly for a leg up however he's got two years yet. What you're suggesting is that both these two. Instead of this facade they're putting on about how they can't share the spotlight about how Harry wants to be his own man. You're suggesting that this is all being orchestrated by James and carried no question get tired re out now so James can join him in one year's time you think these to a worker behind the scenes. Double suck my battle. It's going to be great job because here's the thing if LeBron had waited met a year without Tyree he's a year older now I could say die Dodi angry. Amid this one year deal. Gone opt out but come join you bet men and Robin tag team back idiot. Really believe loop there today is I honestly believe if they're gonna they're going to be at night I really deal. What do you think this I think it's poppycock. To I know we just coming off the open championship Solomon borrow from the brits. It saves your pop become Brothers aged as a hero to us yes. Eating take out of the loop in the W see the water clauses explain because it's not gonna happen like that carries not NN. Coercive trade somewhere and then the bronze not an opt out and go join them I just I think that there's a lot more to. I read not lying to playing with LeBron then you would think I don't think they're floating a trial balloon to try to orchestrate this in the future. We think is like a transformer robot and disguises it is got a disguise. Them into the among them this idol bigoted robots in disguise any of carrier ring looking in his career and thinking. Time good NAFTA be in the alpha dog somewhere I don't need to be. The second dog for a team that has no chance of winning it's a question. And I can actually question those who who took the show last shot to win the game to beat the ducks. This past year earlier loss of five. That the the when they beat that it was carrier ring. I think didn't LeBron come understands the pecking order I think there's no water I think that they both get along great. They're they're hug and kiss and you see them modern time. High fives and fist pumping and the bronze pad remotely hit importing clothes torn and listen and are these guys generally have a good respect and things ms. and is the banana boat. SharePoint on an in LA you right in the water but the Catalina Island near drum and about purely a wide mix of people beat Catalina wine mixer. All right let's assume for part of this conversation that it there's no conspiracy here that high re and LeBron. Truly don't wanna play together or at least Tyree doesn't wanna play would LeBron anymore. Now he's asking for trade. The cavaliers aren't very dangerous territory here very dangerous territory for a number of reasons. They're little runs over we know that that's coming whether or not they move Irving two years from now he's not gonna be there when it's contracts up he's gonna leave for a better city. The bronze gonna be leaving after this year at the prison met on that a month ago. Cleveland is not to be able to recruit free agents have free agents because no one's gonna wanna live NBA players wanna leave in the mega cities Miami. New York despite the fact that it's dysfunctional. LA Golden State Chicago. Houston cities like that so Cleveland and I can be able to contend this is the end of the road. So you're real dangerous territory could you're about to lose sue your top two most marketable stocks. But more importantly for the NBA. If you acquiesce to this trade demand. What type of precedent. Does this set for the rest of the league to what I mean by that is. The players already have a lot of control in the and yet they know real nice job of dictating which super teams they wanna form. The stars get to go here there they get to orchestrate quite a bit. When it's all said and done but if Irving is able to force this trade out. What does it mean for say elected Daimler's of the world where the Jimmy butlers of the Paul George's. Any of these guys that are all met top tier of that second year. If you company ownership of fuel leaked to the media that you wanna be treated your teen immediately loses all tough leverage because everyone knows you wanna. So know what's gonna have to pay you fair market value for carry Irvin he wants out he doesn't wanna be there. Now they can force him to stay and it'll be a disgruntled situation throughout the year or they can movement try to get some assets. Cubs are gonna lose in the tears anyway but you're gonna end up getting Nickels on the dollars you're not gonna get a full market value in return. If they end up moving him this sends a message to every other. High level player in the NBA that if you like your situation in you wanna go somewhere. Because you don't like your contract because you don't like your teammates because you like your city you can Porsche went out likeness yeah I think. Adam silver this dangerous situation for the NBA I don't know call me crazy there's what do you think. I think you're right but what are they gonna do about it they can't do anything about it because these players now. Are making generational wealth after their second contract he come in the. And you're making fifteen you make an eighteen million a year you get to the point where your thirty year eight or nine years and you think OK. Now wanna go win a title how can I accomplish this it's either you do a short deal and you can opt out and call your own shot. Or you sign a long term deal and what these guys are doing now as you float the thing the U wanna be traded and then like you say the teams over a barrel. You can't just replace Carmelo Anthony and we criticize them a lot. But he's still top twenty player in the league. Yeah Jimmy Butler and these guys who are. What can their team do about it nothing. Well and here's a thing you have to realize it's not a bad for the MBA because it Tina gets a diary. Those fans are instantly see and we got a chance you give them open again. You look at it and other way to say look well one despondent while won a disgruntled player. On my team it's different football they can become cancer especially missed the point guard the guys that do. I'm art today but the practice act like it hurt his ankle in almost said he's missed 23 weeks they dictate what is gone happens so. Look at it like dad I just think that this all in this critical owner. He's so into himself he doesn't care he's like I'm trade amid. He said he's gone to his weight he's so out of touch this is it that this I think this comes on strictly. The owner because of what he's done he's allowed these guys to do is call rogue funny and I wonder what this team is working now. The two billion that it was worth out of underway at work now live to see that. Who would wanna buy it knowing LeBron James is gonna be gone entirely. It is mom. LeBron James gets upset about the situation like if they're not working together here and he's upset. The only person he really has to blame for this himself. She's the one that ushered in this new error of basketball players dictating their own term looks. He's the one that started it. He went to Miami dictated the Big Three there are many dictated his terms coming back to Cleveland and then when it came to whether or not to be Kevin Love for Wiggins and everything else that's happened. This guys dictated his own terms for years now. That's what the rest the NBA's don't. Kevin Durant dictating his own terms. Kyra Irving dictating his own terms. That's what's happening he started this trend now it's coming back to bite him and yet. I think the real fault lies of the USA basketball Jones we talked about earlier Jerry Colangelo put knees. Super Olympic teams together. These these guys get to know each other to become buddies and they make these plans like the banana boat cruise and Katie didn't know drain on those guys. Keep these guys apart and they won't merely going to other builds of meetings. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven to game. He's a Super Bowl champion 810 year NFL matchup and you can catch him as an analyst for the NFL network and follow him on Twitter at Heath Evans 44. It's Heath Evans would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven a game he's good morning and welcome to the program will fire right into it. The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott has made a lot of news in recent wreaks. What do you make of this team in 2017. Because a lot of people feel a regression could be coming. The positives. Think you can look at. Tax. And say oh my gosh is he do it in this at a opening the real he has leaned down in Trenton. Looks stronger more chiseled. Even more mentally focused you guys to open up that plane yesterday. On the side it is it is younger keep growing in the league. Abeyance and I think you'll like I always say you can't coach stupid. That people get really good. But it has been granted. You know the opportunity he's been giving. To run bottom. Young quarterback that all that line. Be offensive system they placed in. Doubt as one of the greatest backs in the history of the great game and all sports. In danger that way. I don't have an ounce of talent or ability. Player like (%expletive) me off an egg procedure. Gotta get there there's not a being domestic abuse but it. Because when he pulled culture that somebody could be abused that what that doesn't work. So if I can't stand out though is talent is undeniable. But ought to character mental discipline mental toughness. Over talent every single day week. Well says he's well says the TP immediate seems I can make some noise and looked at the raiders and another team that has some similarities in my opinion. Is a Tennessee Titans. Are they ready to take the next step to get through to win that its particular conference. This is my first thought it might turn Egypt warrior couple days I am really excited to see Marcus. That you know you are sitting conceal a guy takes command of the team and you could mean the O line the line that the mantle temperament. And actually on the speaker the raiders as well. You've got these two teams that. Like. But you know we bet on games logo. To potential and I think there's a jeopardy. It goes into being able to handle these lofty expectations. What I think will probably start to get a grip on in the early part of this is that news. Get these two routine I've by the agreement got a high pick in the work and Google aren't because the bridge it's important where. Your squad still joke they say they'll be here think they're going to be available we will. Obviously we know achieved and bring to the table they have city there's going to be stiff competition for terrorists in other division which Houston. It's. That could be. It just. Might be the best we've seen it all along to. And how critical is it then for the raiders to have Marshawn Lynch have a big year given that toughness especially between the tackles. And I. It is the coaching in this matchup because if you look Russell and march on real together there are profitable and this running quarterback kind of always grows about the BB. Again this spectacular back with great you're great burst and and obviously great power what you're trying to problem. But that the defense was kind of gotten. Upper Echelon because of the run right across. To the ball. You know huge part. In it what Darrell Gerald it would be out so. That people all Marshal a call for a year. A special type of it and you don't worry about your offer anything like it more fresh and more anger and run more. But I do think it's going to be real important as the holidays. They had to march on comparable. And in the run game gossiping. An and obviously keep you all been focused on call. It can be gone up essentially yeah they do. He's a Super Bowl champion you can catch him as an analyst on the NFL network Heath Evans would Jolo and dams. And 95 point seven game. He if you are general manager and you needed a backup quarterback get a reasonable price 'cause series of a look would you give Colin can't predict. Oh boy. It depends of general manager of you know the Seattle Seahawks all our. Oh. Yeah. This system like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and Drew Brees and they'll rivers and I'm not given any consideration. I'm. I'm. I'm a big bully supported by action and I have no problems. When people go out there and for what they believe. I. Do come from the Bill Belichick school of thought though it. Can. Typo. Distraction and they have been a little bit compete for all parties. And for. Dominic your team isn't great coach is nobody can say. It's fair city's queens and some of them are young uneducated. Create. Armed. The destruction there are a lot of mature locked her in the count count and you can. Internet and has sent all of the better quarterback quarterbacks in the league or a few quarterbacks that we've seen comments you. What Colin was afforded people keeps an Colin took into into the super ball it was one player award winning. The war. In one of the best all but the winds and all our economy and the best beat them all. One of the most gifted play caller may guilt that. I've. In a league. But now got a lot of them at 08. Greatest bait. Struggled with his vision he struggled on. Real area they'll drop back quarterback. Lot of these and timing and rhythm and understanding seeing. And so. We can print out a way in the other as a distraction cited the habit that. You talked most GM's most believe. You know we've seen this feeling of what property and just not enough that the party. He did different of Mars John Lynch. We know him personally think he's too when in what do you think this team is going to do what is this and for the San Francisco. I. He'd be a good and I always wondered beat up like you and I never was able to I didn't have that knack to. Normal people without all admire and like you do it and that you could change your game. And one block. Well I think temperament. To achieve. Well extra. Remember all talking about chewing and Bill Belichick talking about human in. What you what you can do it would be one way you could do it seems all with one and I think John has brought that type of of aggression and temperament in them mental well as how you go out and beat people Arctic. We're talking to players assault these and they feel that they rival and they love it adopted it would it would birdies. And when he broke on the net but people forget that Kyle took Cleveland. I count at all. But. They top ten rated in print outs are all that not scoring. But they were top rated. All of it's in Cleveland with culture an and add the note that so. Being the cupboard is a Bayer on their offensively. But they do I think there are some leadership. You you get old. He's probably on the way we've. The squad shot itself together. I think it surprised people. I'd go out but it wouldn't surprise me all they did. He's great forty niner insight but just I gotta be honest terrible job of watering up Lorenzo Neal I spent twenty hours a week and and he. He's insufferable as it is can we just pump the brakes on the loan heel fan club. They're all I've ever going to be considered for a consideration at all fair. Never get into consideration ignorant when it first bout going to leave it back. All their points as a fair share share outside of that we don't bill Mike home it's not a pass to. Bucks and I hear about it all week he's gonna want our users to just keep dropping that in the program and say you hear what are the best commentators out there and all these guys week toll respect you and your your knowledge of the game so you come Mecca of immune. I just that's scary parades. That is true we all do very much respect yeah that's true though. Out of definitely. Or remotely remove that right. Oh. He started. And he Davidge Magellan there's eight before I let you go I know it's early in the process of maybe you haven't fleshed out and completely but if we were talks sleepers and we were to try to identify one team AFC or NFC that might surprise some people this season with a deep Ron who do you think that can be. While. We are good gracious. What. I. Consider taking. The chargers. They have been so Britain injury lives are being probably by users expression in the alternate sublime. I think. Can always create dangerous. Matchup week in week helped will be their their biggest issue. And I think. Minnesota. Patterns. Kind of all in all the people mindset I think Graham's gonna get that beat back open people waited two years ago. And I think offensively. You know. Graham and an active big call go. Florida State. My guess operative not with that nasty beat him to really compete and win that division again makes noise. He's that's great segment I really great assessment who went to a Buick get a great in view. You vote Dick big hug forming Thomas had a little Dick LeBeau phenomenal guy and Tennessee. The best apps that promote cited about treated beef and talk about heading to get him well so. Appel amusement. Well. Simple chip ten year NFL veteran catch him as an analyst for the NFL network and follow him on Twitter. At Heath Evans 44 it's Heath Evans would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven Yankee. Tremendous stuff thank you for joining us we know you're busy guy hopefully we can do it again for the start of the season. Now back to show lowered dibs on I 95 point seven again here's a scope for a courtesy of bill statements. Website the ringer you know him from ESPN he's the one who came up with the thirty for thirty idea that ESP Enron's get a lot of list. Her Simmons. Oklahoma City. And Carmelo Anthony are officially. Circling each other OKC's truly Weaver. Recruited Melo to Syracuse. Has known him since DMV. Days. That's a quote from Bill Simmons on Twitter 28 minutes ago Oklahoma City and Carmelo Anthony. Officially circling each other. And that rattles around the dome comes to mind comes to mind. That's a very watchable team I just. I can't imagine how those offensive sets gonna go and Ross brings the ball up court and Carmelo stands. With hands on hips 28 feet away Paula Georgia's working furiously off the ball to get open set screens he's flashing at. Rust doesn't see anybody Russ is think in time to give me my forty in Carmel is already checked out of the proceedings of Paul George mistaken. Why the hell that I decide to come down here. Is there any way that it mellow were to join Oklahoma City that. George or Westbrook isn't heading back to New York is the assumption here that have mellow lands and Oki C. That he would form a Big Three would Westbrook and Paul George is that is that the logic here. It could be Joseph but it Beatrice because we had to say is even now do you know loses stripes and retain distract. Is due west of change. This guy if this happens. Any show that his game has involved EC what happened with the great Kevin Durant didn't last long because of you know things that they say to those didn't exist but we think otherwise. So goody change. Could he be sort of a guy that can be not as much ball dominant to get others involved to make guys want to play within the system that he can still be a huge part of is he willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the team that's intercede if these two through easy street does hookah. Was gross game can change the ten is not finish the question is well. Will it change I prick yes I'm not saying this season I think his game most certainly does change for a few reasons he's got his MVP award now. OK we get it you're one of the better players in the NBA you have now officially proven that you have the hardware to back it up. But at some point. At some point your career you're gonna realize you ain't nothing without a wreck right that's a harsh assessment. But when you wanna be stacked up in the pantheon with the greats you need the ring to be in consideration. You need. Why Charles Barkley and Dan Murray L find themselves on one level Michael Jordan Joseph Montana find themselves on another. The rings differentiate differentiate excuse me the haves and the have nots you could be it's a tremendous player but you've got. I have the rings in order to get into any of those high level competitions. In any of those conversations. And at some point Westbrook and realize his game doesn't work when it comes to trying to win a ring. So he's going to need to Alter his game and his approach and I think he can do you also got to remember his game is predicated. Explosion. Speed. Precision. Those things all disappear first and they each. When he gets older he's going to be anywhere near the explosive you'll be able to get the rack like that you'll be able to play the amount of minutes he played this past season forget about it. That's going to be the first adult work smarter not harder and that's what James learned later in his career. That's what Russell Westbrook scanner color so is the quicker he picks up on this the better for him. You get that the only way he's never gonna be considered one of the greats he went out got his MVP okay you check that box now you got to find a way to a title. I don't think did this composition of players though is. Something that would feel like a super teams got now but I mean they're super players all three of on the three of the top fifteen or twenty players. On the planet that as far as how they mashed together and do they wanna mash together for a long time. I don't see that. If Carmelo can find his way there. For a year I think he's got two more years left on his contract Paul George cannot down maybe it is three of them end up going three different directions at that time and oh Casey. I just think when you always talk about even in basketball football it doesn't matter all things being equal players make plays the coach has been decisions they'll determine not in the game this coach now is going to if they all three of these guys hook up it's going to be the system that allowed these guys to be who they are it's not necessarily viewed do what's up and these guys doesn't fit their skill set. You won't win but the way that mellow place you know understand he wants the post games up our government picks often and get guys it would roll to the basket. It's gonna predicate a lot on what the coach is due to make these guys in jail together. It's such an unlikely triumvirate. When you talk about big three's that's such an unlikely Big Three why would Mel be interest in Oklahoma City. When you go from the king of New York City. I would look at OKC is one of the last pleases you wanna go look what you bring star power and values I toll punished at which he got loose and but think about now you ought George. You got Westbrook in BP and now mellow. He's gonna get plenty of light even though Oklahoma I get debt but they're going to be eighteen it's talked about and they can salvage his things are working together. They'll be attained it people wonder how much would you rather go to Oklahoma City. With George for probably only one year. And Westbrook who could be opting out after this year or would you rather go to Portland with my column Millard nor kitsch in the rest of what they've got up there. On I think that if I thought about Melo. I read ago Paul George under the go with those guys. Because you know that they're gonna bring you more star power thing and you gonna get more eyes on that team as a more seasoned vets I think that's a benefit for Gibbs to would you agree would you rather go do Oklahoma City over Portland if you're Carmelo Anthony. I would and I think it's Paul Georgia's key to that guy called George would be better than I think McCall on the load maybe he's not better than leveler but. I would put him ahead of McCollum as far as the tandem is go. McCall and Miller vs Georgia Westbrook I think the fit in Oklahoma City would be slightly better even though. With Portland you have nerve agent if you go there you might have a better chance to win I think Oklahoma City. As much more the feel of look I'm only here for a year. Or maybe two years and then you know I'm out of here if you Portland they're gonna expect oh maybe he's gonna stay for a long term and there's no way to do that. As rookies report to Oakland raider training camp in Napa today. For. Members of the 2017 rookie class. For remain on site. Solomon Thomas with the niners Corey Davis the wide receiver fifth overall. The titans both are expected to be signed before camps open. And then Gary and Conley. Know Oakland second round pick on him all on the senator do you count. Hope warming is that to you today as rookies report to Oakland raider Cheney camp. So of the four players who remain unsigned habit to be Oakland Raiders have been in the first two picks have been AB individuals this team could use in that secondary. Federal that would be so alarming Joseph we need knew what was going home Conley so it makes you see well is because allegations that he's going through. If it wasn't. Going bad that we wouldn't be long but I look at this two ways one is. You look at the raiders you talk about what is the weak point and everyone he continues to talk about is the second year. In what are the two guys that had haven't sign it's a secondary these two young men understand that and we need it. Their agent their representation system look we're going to maximize opportunity gets you paid. Because we're slot that we get that but now I can have the likely to not to be earned bonuses in there so you reach certain play time if you start start. We can get those and make more money so these agents I think a lot of mark tried to say look. You two were going to play and you probably want to play a lot. I wanna make sure that maximize the amount of dollars they make sure that you're in a position that you don't come out to me later and say that I missed things because or I'm starting a should have been paid one now this is a way that you can make sure that you get paid. By incentives that these guys can aren't so I think that as one of the reasons why these two aren't sonic is there really all that much to negotiate though considering the whole C a yeah how. Other contracts slotted. There's only so much leave it right yet there's only so much. Lately but there's things in their Joseph at these guys get maybe up to a more of 3400000. Dollars extra. That's a lot of money for a young men to two rookie that is slotted so if one of these guys feel that Haywood Reggie getting older. You know hey here's a guy can stop it stepped in at safety and played make more bonuses I think he's injured due to but I think that this thing will be done before it started camp. By Friday bit.