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Wednesday, April 26th
The guys talk about Marshawn Lynch as a Raider as a deal has been made pending a physical. They also discuss which matchup they want for the Warriors in Round 2 of the Playoffs and what the 49ers should do in the draft with the #2 pick. 

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What do Davis is going to be. We have a good time in the pre show we're working out some draft angles or try to break down what's gonna happen it to what's gonna happen at 24. We've got Oklahoma City Houston to discuss you Tallinn the clippers. The update on bombarded the giants the aids there's so much going on and then ten minutes before we go on there. Breaking news Marshawn Lynch the raised its bid for the day Asia live for in this industry are they nabbed so. Lou they mean already were so hyped up for the draft and it's Canon comes a nice time because the warriors are on hiatus and you can say hiatus because they may not play until Tuesday. It looks like Utah's gonna close that thing out so likely the warriors and Utah's Sunday for game one it's obviously not official but in the meantime. Yet the draft and all those things you laid out and now this is Marshawn Lynch hot potato which. Thank god this is happening because every day just dragged out Joseph it seemed somehow less likely that it actually would come to pass. Yes this radio program is in the process of reaching out the scandals to figure out how they can make a special silver and black package. To welcome beast mode to the east bag or should I say. To the east beg Jolo Indians 95 point seven a game your calls are welcome AAA 9579570. Before we jump to boast low. The addition of Marshawn Lynch now that he's in the full silver and black now. How does this Alter Oakland's draft plants was it possible they may but running back in the first round if this didn't go through. You probably thinking they were considering a running back at some point the draft is this a dress that completely. Yet it makes them get around him back later than sooner and they definitely what is going to get a big back and look try to find something in the draft now. They can bring one and undrafted guy could you do put it puts a less stress or management to try to bring in and got because you know Marshawn Lynch hopefully can fill that role. So what they're gonna do now Jose gonna hopefully see what marshlands that. It's going to now let them say hey we can custard morning deepened decider ball. So they need to focus on that anyway because we know our defense needs to get better so this is just a great move great move for the fans removed for the organization. Now Marshawn Lynch if he can hole appears in a bargain a tape right now this changes some things because he can. Come out there and we're talking my. Game in Tennessee that I'd say hey look this a game that Tennessee winning. Marshawn Lynch has to have sixty this running back they have to have over and you are rushing to beat Tennessee. So I am in now you have big guys now that is attainable work that you got to play gets it deepens in Tennessee got a pretty good front four and they can get after. So now all the pressure's not on car which sometimes it is you have a guy they can Teemu detained. It changes the dynamics on now you've got a guy that can help get this team to get that 110 yards plus. I gained so this is a big addition what does this do for Derek Carr how much better does he get with the addition of Marshawn Lynch if Marshawn Lynch is. 80% of what he wise. 32 years ago. It helps immensely because now you can't sit back there and play cover two you can't sit back complacent soft zone. You better bring down a safety he got a state TV can't get nosy he's got to keep this Knowles in that box. He can't cover the past so you're going to have now that I eighty and especially. And receivers and dip from crossing route you're gonna have a lot more windows open because teams can't sit back and plays don't. If Marshawn Lynch is still bad beast. And can still move the chains you're now going to have to crowds and crowd the line this say do it at the Playboy in the box because. You know what he can do in that break a lot of warm tackle so this is big but his office we live in a day and age in the. FL which is very pass happy why there's so much emphasis placed on the quarterback position. And what that's done defensively to teams is taken out of based package is back in the day 4334. That meant so much what are you running now. Hybrid. More importantly you're sub packages Z a lot more nickel and a lot more dying than you ever had in the past because you're anticipating the pacts. So as a result what are you doing. You're taking a linebacker off the field bringing another cover guy and well that takes one more guy out of the box like you're talking about freeing up running shirts for guys like Marshawn Lynch. Encountered that would be well we need to put another linebacker and that we can't let Marshawn Lynch pick up five at a clip okay pat opens up secondary for a guy like Derek Kerr to make you bring aid. Definitely will help them there and as long as Marshawn Lynch and the other two running backs can be versatile in their ability to pick up the blitz. A lot and run pass routes and Derek harking continue to be. A two way threat without offensive line that they have. You can't help but imagine this team lead that there was leads to in the third and fourth quarter youth the young quick guys early. Fourth quarter winning time you've got a great offensive line you've got Marshawn Lynch inability to run clock in churn out first downs and put teams away. But what does this do for Jalen Rashard India under Washington to youngsters they've got one year under their belt. Bringing in one of the great running backs of the last ten plus years the NFL scene physical powerful understands. How to lead an offense understands how to wind has been to a Super Bowl has won a Super Bowl. Lost the Super Bowl and at the same time is the architect of one of the greatest plays in playoff history when he dragged. Or drug I should say. All of the city of New Orleans to the end zone in the earthquake like you. What does this do for the youngsters instant credibility for Marshawn Lynch in instant credibility does want to have that run him back room now look and say. Go to Mayo mama their go to Maine you'll see guys when he walks into the building. There's guys look at him seeming college. Now you have a run him back to everyone's going to respect its own be whispers deep fiscal OK we got to nine or seven Indy they don't put on a big board pay it marks on. Excuse me you're gonna have practice intensity up you gonna make it defense better because now linebackers one on one drill is passed pro Marcel until. They don't be highlighted you gonna have it's going to bring a different energy broke. Is don't have that run them back room now even my because this Marshawn Lynch and read a back room. Even though he's not the player that he used to beat. I'm telling you broke when a guy of that nature walk and 20 wait I walk into a running back room now the coaches that let's say my god this march challenging year. Coaches respect guys like that because it he's already put in the time so you can tell you right now it brings instant credibility to run a background. Phone lines are open Tripoli 9579570. We go to Hercules shout out Hercules we love you here on the program Luis what's going on. I look normal Miller to me how aka bittersweet Dylan like the first first reaction art tablet. I've got a flashback high school who like halfway and the thing year note how come the graduation in. Pettigrew that firm file with the fellas the cheek to export. Which cannot come into Leon's like it sound like you wanted joy at the same party looking at right next year is going to be all that not being here. And right and there. It's uncharted waters to live like you know which one whole war which when the journey or which one reach fourth straight time it doesn't guarantee. Some kind of like in our case is more like two years possibly maybe shorter. But it does I mean I'm happy with the united however can get out walk and coming. Yet that's exactly what my follow up question was going to be how hard is it for you to go all the way in on this to get excited five years ago if the teams in this position and they make this move or all out in the streets were drinking in the afternoon I'm not talking about Super Bowl now it's like well it's great but. Yeah it's it's the big the elephant in the room. It exactly and it. Really relate to that none of what you got among people shut is or boss Pablo. Like he's got was the right out there with the people announcing that aren't you not heard of Philip like. I know you got kind of got to do we come from sport homers like that we meet you happy. Not a chime in you know he never let you know I knew he was the piano but at least the cocaine in net for the people here means so. It comedy nevertheless but you can come anyway. But it kind of right right and right all wanna outlook to be. Like these are the bottle strength and joy and below can't wait till game like a moral that. It by hand right. I'll moment shut up. Thank you Luis I feel that my only advice is just live in the moment don't worry about what the future holds and thinks he can't control and for now. Just enjoy Marchand here and hopefully he can bring a ring. What's the likelihood we could call the coliseum and get them to start the week to tailgate this afternoon which are delegating for week two later today may be around 130 that the super question I stimulant of the gates opened comeback. Great jet game what the phase it out and Anaheim got to know the yet the jet game at a time. We're ready we've got our grill and shot out Kurt that was a barbecue we know you're listening to the other tailgate that is treated us so well. In the past Tom palace Saro NFL writer for USA today he's gonna join us on Marshawn Lynch and the draft what are the raiders do at 24 what are the niners magnitude Jolo and gives back in a flash and a five points and in the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. He is Jolo NTX. Great morning not good morning great morning. If you are an Oakland raider fan it has finally happened according to multiple reports. Phase one. The Seahawks and raiders have agreed to a deal levels set Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. The terms. A swapping of late round picks in 28 team. Phase two. The raiders in Marshawn Lynch have agreed to terms on 82 year deal that's reportedly worth a grand total of about eight point five million. Three million in base salary this year. Another couple million if lynch can rush for a thousand yards all pending a physical. We will be giving you the latest on this story all throughout the day here on 95 point seven a game. God father Greg pop is gonna join us at 830 to talk about it we're gonna jump back into it just a moment and we're gonna take your calls on Tripoli 957. 9570 but for right now. Here's deeds with your update. And Joseph that is the top story around the nation Marshawn Lynch heading back to the Bay Area from a Michigan. In Haiti is expected to undergo a physical and then eventually. Sign a contract that will make him at an Oakland raider the Seahawks and raiders reportedly will swap. Late round picks in next year's draft they do to 957 game for reaction and updates. For throughout the day. On this breaking news story soaring number two is the San Francisco Giants two runs. I'm up for LA is the Dodgers win game two of the series 21 tie blocked two earned runs allowed in five innings Clayton Kershaw. Got the wing Christian or roiled. His first hit. As a major leaguer Buster Posey hit streak. Is now eleven games Brandon Crawford a bit of a groin tweak he's gone the next three days on the bereavement list. Anyway story number three knees and a thriller for. Trammell Grossman under powered by vaguely toward deep right center back is shrouded in his dog. All that bad chip out of the bark heard Josh badly. Bombs away in right center and Jose Alvarez. And the day's jump ahead one other thing on Bradley's first blast of 2000 and its seventy. Not all about that. Vince gets thrown out the color or another 578 games sadly Mike Trout answered the call Calhoun one of the angels. In the eleventh the update brought to buy Chrysler turned springtime in the playtime with great deals on Chrysler models. Come into the Chrysler's bring clearance event to save big. On the Chrysler lineup. I'm Dan dimly on your home although lawyers they'll resume action either Sunday or Tuesday right here on 9570. Games. Thank you did so on this warrior Wednesday driven by the all new premier key of Newark online premiere Kia of Newark dot com. The warriors like you set off until either Sunday or Tuesday that depends upon the completion. Of the U tall Los Angeles series the jazz win last night. They now lead 32 going back home to you talk for game six which is tomorrow night. Is this the direction we wanted to see this guy got to be honest. I kinda wanted to see the clippers so that the warriors to drive the final nail into that coffin yeah for about opening gets broken up. Looks like Utah might drill drug that nail and tomorrow I'm still open the clippers forcing game seven that. Which would be Sunday which would then force the warriors next game to be Tuesday. If the jasmine tomorrow then it's warriors likely at 1230. The old matinee in the second round out an article. Plus low we could add Marcellus Wiley on a bus stop we were gonna do that anyway we got it leaves on showed other dating and it's important. It intervention and he's got the signs up about Blake and all those guys we got to give money anyway and fortune could present an aluminum seat clippers postponed for the clippers is. You just know the warriors had their number bishop and you told team their gain their energetic they'll fight their physical so I went and did have the easy road to in on fourteen probably going to be clippers at least hitting gets a week off. I'm an easel and you can't ask for it to break down any better when you deal with some injuries and head coach. Who sadly is battling back from complications. Thanks to have back surgery that went wrong couple years ago in the summer of 2015 it is great to have UN Jolo and did 95 point seven game if you are just joining us. Here's the news Marshawn Lynch in the raiders it's looking like it's finally a done deal the trade with Seattle's about to go through. They swapping a late round picks and when he team. That gets links to the raiders the raiders and lynch two year deal worth a total of eight point 5000003. Million base salary this season a chance to make another. So million dollars if lynch can rush for over a thousand yards all pending a physical. We're taking your calls triple 89579570. Does this solve the running back position for the raiders knew they even need to look to the draft. I feel about the team moving forward. With this edition do you feel a little bit better coming off the news a Los Vegas but he had more left in the tank and AJ Peterson. A lot to dissect here but it starts with question one deaths are the raiders better today than they were yesterday. Absolutely it even if you still think they need more help in the running back room and I'd like to see another running back. Thrown into the hopper he can't help but think that at least spiritually and from a. And it's a learning standpoint for the young guys have Marshawn Lynch in there even if he doesn't have much left in the tank. The fact he's coming home he can teach these young guys about the NFL. I think the raiders are definitely better today than they were both. They sign him but what is his Super Bowl experience do for this locker room. You've got young guys who are emerging Derek Karr is a franchise quarterback a Marty Cooper is becoming a veteran Michael Crabtree he's been around the block. I talented offensive line. Not exactly a whole lot of Super Bowl experience on the roster how much. Does that matter for a team that's trying to break through to that next level. I think it matters a lot especially they know certain situations. You don't think he jacks gonna make some comments hey guys. We get down a one yard line you know I'm given the ball to guys and handle it day they have so many different elements that this guys want to bring today teen gang situation. That's going to help them any positive way it's too I think when you talk about a suitable god ones able to until these guys how hard it is to get there. And how hard it is to get back and he's gonna talk about hey look. We have the teen he's going to be denied it would be looser with. He's got a chance to do something I'm open California. Here's a guy that has a burning desire that wants to win and wants to be great. That's what I love I elected they got them over eight degrees with agent Peterson. Mean he still have a little bit more and tanking me out rushed. Beast mobile peace Mort I think it still won't call for and I think that because he's home. Because he's home you wanna protect your house. He is from Oakland this guy is going to play hard and physical he is going to turn back the clock if he gets in shape and does that things I believe that he still capable of doing. But he's going to help this team immensely joke specially in short yardage is that locker room presents the work get on the field running guys aware practice. Building this team so yes that's a global experience and not just that but also to Seattle way these guys are looking for leadership. This team is jump. It's hungry it's energetic and they want to win so the more people you can bring in to the puzzle that didn't winning that come but winning organizations that understand what it takes. These guys will follow just need to know had to get there don't run through the door so I. I think this is a great piece for the raiders organization raider nation is lighting up the phones Tripoli 957957. You'll get to your calls in just a moment. Again another question for logo is on fire right now. Appreciate that this is a natural question from moderator fans when they wanna realize when they went understand how much lynch might have left and attack. He turns 31 years old forties ago but I wanted to get through something here. In 2012. He rushed for 15190. Yards. Scored eleven touchdowns. The following year 2013. 12157. Yards twelve touchdowns following your 201413. Hundred yards thirteen touchdowns. And then there's 2015417. Yards three TDs. Appeared in just seven games. Then retired last season now he's back. What happened there. What happened with the 417. Yard season in 2015. It was evident Joan we talked about it right at the depth of Super Bowl. You and I we came in here and we stood on the mound Thompson what the hell with Seattle think and not give them lynch the ball. On first and goal from the seven yard line they gave him the ball in it was second in one. He picked up six short. Everyone in the stadium Sid and give the ball Marshawn Lynch I don't care if you got goal line I don't care if you got in twelve guys in the box Cahill putting in the cold is on appeal this guy has a knack to get me and so. I said that day that this team will not win another Super Bowl. That day after watching that I sit Pete Carroll in Seattle they're done. You lost the team and you had to hang over effect in Marshawn Lynch checked out. He only period in seven games it was it will get all happy where a guy that's already he'll only had close to five on New York. I did it I'm glad you only have 500 yards I'm glad you don't played seven games as a guide as it. Don't put it on the live for you because you unload them let me put it on the line for you. So he you had a guy would mixed emotions it's no longer am I going to do so yeah I understood they lost the elephant in the wrong. Any schtick okay when does best that's why do you think it'd asking for any money back why do you think they let him just retire because they know that they lost him. Maybe that he was all look at his energy wasn't. So let's talk about the fight I give it. That happened because I think now it's even going to be great because of the fact he saved himself because it affect he says I'm normal along loyal loyal to Seattle. I really believe that Marshawn Lynch ET melded in the year. We drink number. There. Little black water. What can happen is I'll try it look it he's all fired up fired. It might counter point would be to yield on that and I'm I'm not disagreeing with you but how troubling is that or how troubling is it when you have an organization. That is seen captain shut down. We live there Randy Moss and we're watching him rich similar routes it's taught us was right right Randy stood to the left now low. What do we say about Marshawn Lynch if that's true that he windy shut down mode if he just gonna come here take the money. Ballad point those are better at it and that's in that I knew you were born there and on down and he was gonna open up that box. And I look legacy to like an old married couple not a lot authentic Zoran John sound. If that I know he was going I don't want to get people that's really give you but. I think to your point he did jetted in in in in what could be trouble. Here's the thing they'll if you can't get along you muzzled you know in March undecided what can get along to what he do he removed itself from this situation. He said because because my won't allow me to perform like that and a numbered year that he's at Dublin football. Thomas doubled from. A big guys to look at it is so now he's at. Belong to them a try yeah it is troubling to have a young man shut down on you on football and I give it immediate wanna take a plea that played seven games I get both things. But now he's reinvigorated because he's coming home. So when you and it is don't have also left its home page now I am an episode came on the head to big things Wayne born. See he's ready to come home when you pick up and you get a little bit more so really believe this young man is going to be dinky guy. Because he's coming home. Mama he's coming home and you'll Ozzy Osborne and the loan so the production 120144. Point seven yards per carry the following season three point eight yards per carry. You're saying more mental and emotional than physical which is very good news for the raiders is not absolutely joke and look to for the in the dining Brett Farr reform of every once said he was for a thank you. And look what happened when he went to Minnesota he absolutely tour because this was in the right place he was this stuff they have Green Bay rainy Matta town and he says I'm automation. He was saying I'm gonna show you something and I really believe showed his winner that's what he did with I'm I'm I'm I'm an. Up. I was in wake of things wow yeah. But that's great stuff how do you both of you aren't. Iran but on video but. Cool little. I have not been entered the yeah pentagon. Broader role the so eager to see I think you gonna see in invigorating guy. God it's on fire. The guys happy come back to the Bay Area gets it plays from his mom drive the weepy Haley my outlook on and get that might pass and come out on the golf are gonna say happy driver around the bases. Because you realize the kind of trash around the base it's. On one that is now they say that I can say they're not wanted to. What does it. It wouldn't surprise here is not around in fact in a golf cart is Rickey Henderson right shot unknown that we want to. I mean you're not gonna put him in a golf car I'm driving around he's he's a raider now he's gonna play football and you know put him in car and driver and feel a big gain the parts are still homicide nexus. Now he did no doubts it's yes it's a great bit don't get me wrong but it's a tremendous stop. 'cause he's a football player now they're not gonna put them in a cart driver around the fields that we can all have a good chuckle before we start the match. You don't have saying things like that's gonna come out of the tunnel he's gonna beast mode people but after big gains wanna began to be Alice. And Cuba's brave people over and I think that's one thing that's all always overlooked. In that flood moment over their account Gillibrand a couple people over how he didn't which was great but he can't have been driving around the court. It it put him in the ice time. Let him do his thing get ready for the next week. Right I mean like Chris do we really know again the level let him drive a cart around the field. After big game that's old greater football just jerking around doing nonsense after being game the carts are already there you know that Joseph because if guys get injured there but it's. It would it surprise you if that's jumped in a cart and start to round after being the beginning in the fans. What it would that surprised me. No. I would like to believe that will not happen to believe the team will win and then make their way to the locker room. Ice up son the following week may be after they win the AFC championship game door and then it final scenario. Driving that scenario to fly an F sixteen and whatever you wanna deal call you lot might. Self to Mars sideshow on the Nimitz in that golf cart. A multi nationals tonight my shot welcome house will add Marisa thank you for calling the program what do you think about lynch in the raiders. Yeah I think you've got a lot in the bank that's it you're hunting wild they're. Not well I'll note joke. Pity it no doubt get them out but anyway it not been blocked by a player like that apple. Late or I think that it's really gonna help it went like that plate or. And got revenge and the need to try to beat did you guard Dominic you really well I'm excited it would be greater heed. Thanks will appreciate phone call Mike Castro Valley. I feel about the deal links to the raiders got had. Yeah the welcome happy for the rare organization. Or what they're really pro was in the done because I really think he was all about because duke kernel so. Agent used would that Billy was immediate. Out of that and then today but it two years and a little work. I'm really looking for that's remarkable individual vs Marshall college. Great call. That's a fun 11 matchup database pool that's flawed that's a long ways away that's December oh my god there's not rush let's take our time here there's a lot of work with this schedule breezy it's there's a lot of work to this what we're already talking tailgate for the jets game so they'll tell me to breathe your boy Ford Motor going to run down of the store. And ice up and help us to. Well I don't think it's that unreasonable to talk to the coliseum and say we're ready to tailgate. And then I'll count BA's iron and a when he talked about at the a's the jets game a great player. We're here to the tailgate we hear the jets game. It's decent. I mean if you're already selling season tickets and in Vegas to tailgate here for a guy this upcoming season perfect that's that's probably your number one argument so you know wanna hear. We've beaten them for not draft question RJ in Napa as we're talking about this is well and the orange jump right back into lynch vs Peterson. And the contrasting deals that just were signed for some the aging yet all time running backs. The league has ever seen RJ in Napa guy had. Doesn't. That a couple of things about this draft that it really really bothering you wanna bet. You know every single bloc tactic seen that my air is number one hand picked him. Story in the report out there about you know like they played the opera that they're not acting. Cleveland bank art to draft the guy aggregate not give a crap from day yet there's that number one. Or. And let. People think the Mitchell and I'm gonna call marriage can now hope Mitchell thing bothers me like in the care it like. Do you view that shot blocked and does not and not take it and to not be at bank. You welcome margin I don't know why so many things bother you you live in Napa RJ can't be that bad but I think a lot of us I appreciate called balls like that but. Now I'm I'm. All right let's start with Gary. Easy being over hyped because here's one if you need a lot of people. In the media entity and thought I don't blame for this 'cause they're busy they were all yearlong covering the stuff like. They might not necessarily watch a lot of college football they see a story the EC player they gravitate to it. Ask yourself honestly how many people have done some thorough evaluations on miles Garrett you dig deep into his last season at Texas and a you don't notice. Half of this sacks came in one game. Four and a half against University of Texas San Antonio knows a gutsy win for the Aggies by the way. They had to rally and that want to be very content on you know the tie ballgame means what it created ten against UT San Antonio you are an SEC program. You shouldn't have that trouble late in the season four and a half sacks in that game that was half his total for the year. To load the people you've talked to a what you seen in Garret is he that sure fire have been number one. I think when you when you look at this guy in goes a very valid points is this guy you know we might give a guy talked about. Why the Houston Texans indicating we knew that his and he was kind of jacked up and they they know he was going to say that one play. The main and the number one pick in he did had necessarily showed up and am now all of a sudden this year. In the last year help clowning you touch an evening cloud yet got it and counting down was emergent into a superstar he's beaten guys and start to turn a corner. Sometimes what certain players Joseph. It takes. He boarded. Don't harm real recruit them. Stay on them before they wake up and understand opportunist presented before them. I don't see that would geared we talked about cloning we say hey this guy's going to be for sure they hit. And it took them a couple years to really giving Golan because he didn't necessarily train him put the time in and got injured. I think dish unmanned wanted a little different. I think that he's going to be fine I think that yet he has taken some plays off but when you see how explosive years. And you see the intangible would be to ask how quick he is off the ball he watches T. It can't help Peta but to say this is worth the risk because of the fact if I can get the right coaching. I can give them in the right scheme. And I can put them in the right environment. I can change this young man in had to debt motor by the right coaching and I think that Gary is think. Into the organization. Under the right tool which is on the game changer. Number one you may be making a case. As the best radio host in the Bay Area today. That's how good you wore number two the fact that you were able to see the word motor without boat after a crocodile as impressive as anything I've ever seen premium. More so than yeah. Motor Eddie kept going and I was like where's the boat. Where's the ball well. So Pyotr disappointed with the way that played out. The 512 guys Marchand still owes the patriots a goal line touchdown you know will finally see it in Mexico City and I follow that. That's what I'm talking about love that. Gives you the value weighted miles Garrett better than anyone in the Bay Area you're at attacks in India this year did you stay sober long enough to perform proper scouting evaluation. I also yes for the sake get a bit but in all actuality I was pre gaming with coach someone's wife and daughters in the indoor practice facility. Avoiding at a ninety degree heat with mrs. someone I looked up from my umpteenth cocktail to see my good friend Kenny slammer. Basically dancing with coaches why. You pull this off goes I don't polo coach more than just a pretty face. The one thing I've learned about the guy in the time I've known him over the last year year plus. There's there's so many layers the access he gets to so many different thing I don't know what it is the story he told me about bay to breakers yet today yeah who signed your head with Jay Leno de La. Yeah but any make up front how do you get your head autograph by Jay Leno had beta acres of tightly short of the time yeah. You know I haven't seen it I had to advantage the blue sharp and I AME paper. So there you go but I digest as we'd like to think you know. You are good you are the other night you know moment to do it is the Dead Sea bass off my head out and and I say. To say I am a man mr. brain because you know moms debris went to school is. Any Tom's father yes Tom stump the senior rep in legal reduce with me is greatly hug and he did that. Bring did you in us he's an important this is okay. He's good he did so and they're if he can relate to so many people you you talk about me. This Lewis you and song. I stayed my welcome a little bit with Tom senior. Tough tough. I I had questions Mormon now unfortunately he had to go but judge Joseph I didn't see enough of them and in the game. Against Tennessee he was dominated times and other times yet to really look on the field to find out where he was so to hear reports of him. You know not may be being the most consistently dominant force. Are originating cloudy when he played every play that I would wrecked shop at. As South Carolina and I didn't get the same sense from miles scared although he did some good plays that game. He's out Cleveland's gonna play this thing out there's an implant out. They're gonna go on the clock. Fifteen minutes is gonna go by ten minutes would've been out as they're gonna fail to make the pick and they're gonna lose it so the niners essentially can have whoever they want. That would be the most Cleveland thing ever so much just in decisiveness within you organization at the clock just expires Cleveland as a make the pack would that surprise you. Now LA we'll tell me that surprise you Cleveland. They're incompetent snows know about. The goats. I can't world good friend of the program former NFL safety on the safeties in the upcoming draft class Jamal items at LSU could he be headed for the 49ers that is so much more next thanks rang with a still low and it is that if I put him in the game. Now backed a war your Wednesday. Here's Joseph lo and it's very happy to welcome in the extremely busy at this time of year Matt Miller NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter at. NFL draft scout and downloading his podcast the stick to football podcast at new episodes each Wednesday. Check out episode one with quarterback Mitch to misty. And get ready for episode two featuring Ohio State's human joystick Curtis Samuel gotta love that downloads subscribe on iTunes. Or tune in Matt good morning and thank you for your time let's jump right in the next thought processes miles Garrett number one to Cleveland. What do you think San Francisco's gonna do it number two it. Part time record book out because it would go to the direction and our I would like bagged your cup and number two overall pick because the position that we normally bout you quarterback well tackled them but then. They're not one that you would pay higher this year so what I am doing a month while mark wrapped it about all morning. So would the ball out of Camilla Hewitt and number two spot on which. Maybe you'd like people I think it was about players and draft and competent in an immediate impact. I'm not only need to make the regret that I think he. He could be. Early on in the current global work at all growth. The one who could really change your deeper on the spot. Matt when you take a look at Solomon young man from Stamford. We talk about a guy they can play the three to five the wide nine. Is he the most complete game ready defensive lineman or we are word do you drink hump in this draft. I think that he is it because of the coded whether of them the production. And ultimately up you know what it. But it was outing you know only been together. But I think look importantly the about the personal character who knows that you're getting your guys who. Have a great blocker in the very good effort in quite correctly that B fighter on the outline but the at all though. When you have won that big lead pack it in you know try to block that. It's a very very hard thing to deal with because it could be the point that could be it war. Let it drop those that beat you with power so. I think that what makes them the chin intrigued profit it could stand up the play out on record he could put it and that there quite yet he could look at all local. Because the pool to bring it. A lot of talk leading up to this draft about Mitchell trim risky being possibly the number two pick overall of the niners' do you think he will still be. The first quarterback taken or is all of this but a giant smokescreen and that the Shawn Watson will in fact be the first QB off the board. I think they're open debate about. Which one it will be armed I'd I would attribute your record back up the board and the browns trading up to him at pick number six. I would I think it incredibly awful as of right now want the you know there are seeing lobbed a lot and there are things that think you are or where you know that would like there's this big divide I think company. He talked to a team in the league quarterback. Middle of the show you partnered in the you know double outlawed or are you are right away and they like those that the gap out there. Opinion on him and it. You know. Lack you jerk off. I know people backed off that now a year ago as well like the group and one quarter and the issue was whether the war. Home or Watson or David Webb shot art like. There is. Like no one. Everyone agreed. NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report Matt Miller would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game. Fear purely selfish gambling reasons how many quarterbacks DC going in the first round. A world war would have been over under yeah. Yet Psycho. Yeah and you know it it probably didn't pick it up late book around but I expect. Could that you want them home multiple in the pop it in and then maybe more compact in a clip of it and there on the money with the equipment in but you know what you know that the visit could probably one of the tree back up what cornerback. They're not copy in my room at the Venetian because I'd like my smile I'll tell ya. You sit on toilet Herat the state degenerate mode right now with a day did it's not gambling if you know you're gonna win and I tried to explain that to you. It's just really an investment that the raiders gambling ostensibly on Marshawn Lynch. The expectation is to me that he'll officially inked his zeal wasn't due to their draft board and where do you think they go with their first round selection. They're patient they're that your we're all on I love art I know Oakland guys that the city. Very welcoming. I'm still not sure who you'd this year like it. You know it that the public leaping out of football all that is CB actually commented beat you know ready to go is he going to be an impact I would look at that. You don't leave. And let you feel great about general Marshall are in India reluctant and how they aren't owned by airplane up not a great. What about the tour and the look you know we're currently. Maybe it where I would grab pulling back in like gap at Portland maybe cream puck out of Toledo maybe the market could earn almost like. I think that won't need a running back cannot. I'll be back and then the war I think on your show on Twitter all of them later there are a lot of Harwood Joseph nick and out of Oklahoma. Well more apparent than probably any other team back so I would it has been good chance that I know they've had a history. Not taken players would abuse against women in the app. They have been linked to my talent that could go there to it would not be some strong consideration to stick. Matt Miller Bleacher Report Jolo and is 95 point seven the game Gary and Connolly the cornerback out of Ohio State considered by many to be a first rounder but the news comes out yesterday. Of the sexual assault investigation. Taking place in Cleveland from an incident that occurred in the middle of April. What do you see happening to his draft stock come tomorrow night. Right now I have him on it is it such a typical situation and you try to divide the ball berth with the quote Clinton and it is really hard to do it it true you know hopefully he's locked up and who care about what. It did not true the allegations are true. He did that question but it courier because he's gonna go public out there and graphic potentially uncorrected and it reminds me awhile I'll. You know it picking we don't bite the apple player that we put that rap. Police wanted to talk to them about a young ladies have been murdered there were in that department. It how would open. The cut back anyway draft though. Is it that we really. Difficult thing to try to gauge where like that drafted hopefully within the next point four hours. They're gonna be some kind of clear on you know BP is considered. A suspect if you are commensurate port he'd been cleared of any wrongdoing. Hopefully. You know the Cleveland Police Department Europe you could opt out. On the subject of players who have had some trouble on their past Joseph mix in the it seems that a lot of people are coming around the fact it may be mixed in will be taken in the second round where do you have him going in how much does his off field. Issues still dog him. You know it it can bite them they're going to be seeing how are. You know abuse against women and say. Doesn't matter how more well mark doesn't matter. What she did she did anything about you we're not gonna draft there and the other team the day. Three years ago show more than they would be if you neighborhood in the past week in the big Nolan Miller ball. And we feel like he's he's coal companies. I held the ball where we're gonna trap it. I think become what the board back around you know it probably in the range of Cincinnati New Orleans. Philadelphia. You know right there at apple where you maybe the forty. And I'll that would not apple when the picnic with them out on court. Matt final question for you biggest surprise you could see happening in the first round I know that might be a surprise of a question for you say do you need a second process that are just keep talking to make it seem like it's a long windy question as I'm doing right now. But if you see a big surprise shaking down at tomorrow's first round what do you think that my day. I think the biggest prize will be the brown trading up get that you better be making sure they get bald guy they want out here and it should there be. And it happened in the draft they have only picnic in the league this year next year and they got to buy a topic of the pago Brock out well they can look back at him like the jet. Go up and get the guy that really that you. Follow him on Twitter at. NFL draft scout this is his time of year Matt Miller NFL draft lead writer for Bleacher Report check out his podcast the stick to football podcast new episodes each Wednesday episode one with mixture mystique you're ready for episode two with a Ohio State's human joystick courtesy annual. Subscribe on iTunes or tune in Matt Miller were Jolo and his -- we know you're busy thank you so much for your time today good luck with everything tomorrow night we look forward to catch up against him. I. Now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo NTX. So we tease this out number 24 pop always just on in the previous segment we asked him at the end of the Marshawn Lynch conversation pop. Which direction do you see the raiders going picked number 24 Papa lean to slot quarterback great analysis. Got to get past the patriots you wanna go to the Super Bowl we got to be able to slow down Tom Brady slot corner makes a lot of sense he to a lot of names out there. There's one I wanna throughout their now. Darian Conley. 6495. Pounds Ohio State aryan Conley they might be asking. Why Gary and Connolly how is he gonna fall isn't he rated as one of the best corners in the draft. He was until the news surfaced yesterday. That Conley was accused of sexual assault in Cleveland hear the details of the story hurt TMZ. There's a police report that explains 823 year old woman. Said Conley raped her in the bathroom. Of a suite at the Westin hotel in Cleveland. Water around and he was April 8 April 9 the police report reportedly explains that the alleged victim claims she met Conley in an elevator. And that he asked her to have a force. The alleged victim claims she declined to participate but agreed to watch. As others had. Groups sex in the initial report regarding the incident. Which didn't mean Conley his lawyer called the accusation ludicrous and ridiculous and argue that this young lady is an opportunist. And is actually. Despicable. Putting TMZ two of comedies friends told police nothing happened between him and the woman. A lot to dissect. But. Right now you could be looking at a situation where a very talented quarterback. Perry county great straight line speed great burst can tackle. So he can help in run support the knock is that he could have maybe used another season at Ohio State's season himself but he's got great ball skills to comply he's the first round. Lot of people thought he was a top ten pick now this comes out. If you're the raiders let's assume the raiders just found out about this yesterday like the rest of the world that maybe they know for awhile maybe they just found out. You're 24. Originally. Gary Connolly from Ohio State maybe he's not available now. Maybe he has both you're inside that building your Reggie McKenzie if you Jack Del Rio what are you doing. In this 48 hour stretch to figure out whether or not this is a guy you could trust should you pick him at number 24 should be available and number putting well as. And it's really do your homework of course you do your homework. And in new look at it you kick the tires on a bit of these the are you got to take a serious look at him for meats is when I hear and knows an Indian yesterday week we heard news. I think the popular phone call my son. Tennessee here you go get your take a listen you know I have a son and Purdue you know it's going to be a sophomore. You look at certain situation July used things you allow yourself to get situation situations it can hurt too long term. Here's a young man in an elevator with a girl meets says hey let's go have good sex and so she says no but she agrees to go watch. Okay. It's just so you know and and and you still don't justified but look what happened now on this guy couldn't lose. Millions of dollars because of a poor choice and even and his younger ladies and afternoon you know look for an opportunity to make some money we give it happens but look. You know these other guys and Alec elsewhere in the room they seem that the but yet still. Here's a lady making accusations. Doesn't help it doesn't help you at all so but to answer your question. I think the raiders will look at this and they'll do their due diligence. And if he's there. And after the evidence and evidence shows that this is this a false claim. You have to take a serious look at you have to Jeff is a guy like this because he can help your team. And I think that the raiders will look at this guy and look very serious if he's there. I doubt he's going to be there. That's the point he could be this could be a situation where 48 hours from the draft you find out that a player who you could really use an intimate and really like. Who wasn't supposed to be there could be there. You've got 48 hours to figure out did the raiders unique position based on fed Belinda cough what happened to his daughter he was in last week of us talked about it. There's a certain line may draw on the sand when it comes to an individual's character. This is that line. You've got 48 hours to figure out whether or not you're gonna cross that line or whether or not you can draft this player without crossing the line do you keep them off the draft boards or you know what. Mean there's not enough time to get this thing out better safe than sorry let's look at Kevin King from Washington instead war. You do as much as you can and roll the dice because this is a guy who can help Lotta people body's top ten he could be sitting their Tony for. Off the draft board and without I don't even 100%. Off the draft board you're in a situation where. And it's yes because what happened Fred bullet and cost daughter Tracy when she was murdered. By her boyfriend her estranged boyfriend so many years ago this organization has always stood. For many things and one of those things has been zero tolerance. Of these domestic violence type situations now we don't know if the young man Conley. Was involved or wasn't involved the the alleged victim did go to the hospital she had a kit. Administered to her so there will be some physical evidence as to whether or not a rape took place or. If he has his sample in her body eccentrics address those things won't be resolved though joke in the next 24 hours we are. What 36 hours away from them making their pick basically even less than that there's no time to get any real facts back. About this incident and endlessly talked to Conley in the two weeks are the three weeks between the time of the alleged incident and now. You don't have any real sense of what could've potentially gone on without a clear 100% resolution to this you absolutely stay away from the place. So play it safe. Yes played safe and do the right thing. As it pertains to the way you've done things as an organization which I admire. At the end of the day. Your business and this business has stood for zero tolerance in the ways of sexual offenders of this type other organizations. Don't have the same. I guess moral clause as far as. Players have done that before so Cincinnati boy I mean yes all right we can muck rake all the organizations that have allowed felons to come back and. Characters of ill repute to play format and the raiders have done that but not in this category so he's off the draft board. Even knowing. That this could just be someone trying to take advantage of the situation maybe she finds out this guy's about to get paid. Completely fabricated completely made up you passed he slides past you goes on to be Pro Bowl corner. You end up making a mistake trapping someone who can't play. Even knowing that. You still go ahead and say you know what let's just draw a line in the sales not take the rest. I that's what I would do and I think that's what they will do any obviously worst case scenario. If you pass on an is that the whole thing was trumped up when he goes on to be a hall of fame player he's you know what the next Deion Sanders there. Or whatever that that would hurt but. Ultimately. You gotta do what's right and I think yet honor Freddie Belinda calls on this one. Does that work. According to this story you're in an elevator. And between the time you get on in the tiny get off you encounter a woman come on. And then you have this question you bring up to her. But does that sound a bit. Pro it's it's it's sounds way fishy you meet a girl and elevating you say if she were to tune Ito what you do you tell you in the will you will are. In you say hey I'm in a room we're gonna have groups X would you like for some horsepower foursome so you already know that there's other people in their going to be women in there at least two others game. You say no but I wanna come watch not for me personally I have a daughter had two doors. Why does it. I would hope to god that I've taught her well enough to know that you are not view what would you want even partake in be around anything like that even be close to. I am I'm disgusted that you know that as isn't as you know as a follow what are some what are what does it mean this the war we live in. I would not want my daughter and I don't I think that I put enough valleys and and she's Smart young lady in though. That you are not going to gold watch a foursome. And beeper take in gets to go sit and watch. And yet if he's this guy he's rate that's wrong and I I don't condone it but this story sounds fishy to me if I'm the raiders about any organization. I do look at it and see if I can find out he gonna you have a police report. You have a lot of things that are out there getting much more it is going to be discovered. Last year when pop and I were doing the draft show over raiders each Q Jack Del Rio came down and did an interview after the Carl Joseph pack. And we're. Yup Bobby desolate called Joseph the raiders all that stuff towards the end. I isolated there the question because one of the big stories in last year's draft was the fall of Laramie console the offensive lineman for moments. It's like right before the first team and on the clock and a lot of people thought he could be. The number one overall pick. Those pictures surfaced of him with a gas mask. And a bong smoke and we all that stuff right most of you remember the story so deep balls. He falls. And I remember asking Del Rio you know went something like this happens. And your sit and further down in the draft and a guy like this becomes available. You know what you do there you have these new discussion is did this catch you by surprise. Just trying to get his mindset he looks to me takes a breath and looks mean he says. Let me put it like this. Some of the things that surprise. You. Aren't necessarily coming isn't surprised us. And that patient kind of behind the scenes where you hear all this stuff about the draft draft day players go oh my god can you please falling. All the while these teams they've done their research they've investigated these players they know they just don't talk about so we can rest assured that the raiders. At the very least are on top of the situation. Type of code word. It's 1000 bucks I can figure over the whole thing gray stretch those impressive. We'd go far you lefty of the copies funky beat him I have to re a guy Crawford tight range right their death don't pull your growing now coach war K day national task contest on 95 cent in the game text the code word. Sharma. Seventy we needed one he government Lorenzo Neal you know he's got plenty of charm seventy rated one before fifteen past the hour for your chance to thousand dollars delisting immediate idea. 11 AM 1 PM 3 PM for your chance to win a thousand bucks text message. Message and battering message may apply. Charm 7081 the voice of the warriors Timberlake coming up at one minute don't go anywhere Jolo and it at a high point of the game.