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Wednesday, July 19th
Joe. Lo, and Dibs react to Shannon Sharpe's comments regarding Michael Vick & Colin Kaepernick. They also discuss the possibility of Lebron James going to the Western Conference and whether betting should be legal. Plus, the first edition of BUTTON UP or FLY DOWN! Former Super Bowl Champ/MVP, Joe Theismann joins the show. 

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Five days until rookies report to Napa for Oakland Raiders training camp the date. July 24. Eight days until both rookies and veterans. Report to San Francisco 49ers training camp the date. July 27. Welcome back Jolo Indians 95 point seven the game with football on the horizon. We're gonna bring football to the forefront at 645. With a new little which we seem segment sir that did is created did what's it called. It's called bought and all or fly down because his life and you feel you are either being bought and all as our man Joseph likes to say. Your flies down and this week I've had experience in my own personal life. Of both. Will go around the NFL and see who is buttoned up and who's got their flied out where were you when you got caught with your flight. I was lazy goes over the weekend now my sixteen year old that I had data recently gone under the facility in Houston I was not buttoned up my fly was down and some nice ladies and unserved. Your flies down. 90 thanks man quick. Zip up look. And I adore my sixteen year old. Like my dad says that tool at happy hour and I'm design and hours and doorstep as Tony quite frankly I think it's just as I. I knew I had the professor and you lose whatever I had to really get into that at 645 very football heavy. As is this segment but on more of a serious note now you can say what you want about some of the programming. That has been rolled out on ESPN and fox in recent memory to say we want about skip Bayless and Barry's Talking Heads have an opinion your entitled to it. Shannon sharp who appears on. What shall we call to be honest with. The skipping Alicia. Undisputed thank you very much tonight as a sign that it's been on takes months and you don't know him well I don't like guys who were on it and I here seeing some that I just don't I don't really pay attention to the names now I have an excuse. Taken all the hits was two hours. I don't have one. I don't know what I'd love to I'd love to give you can't reason why the man that right now lack of preparation you know taking a lot of hits himself. Blow. The certainly what I. And I thank you I thought we did basically the left. One of the raptors in drag car. And I want to take a listen though because Richard die each from Sports Illustrated. I think this might be the best segment Shannon Sharpe has had on TV since he's made the transition on to TV this is Shannon Sharpe. On Michael vick's comments regarding contact. No we don't have one. And will Michael be. Just deal. With continual. Prepared to wait here you are right. That let that look a certain way drift a certain way should be doing excellent way what does Colin camper next year. Have to do anything he need to reform with image from what some of the media. Even mark will be kept can be concealed. What Colin peppard big deal about it in the meat. What equal to it would not work to what Michael Vick went to print them or my. Michael you went to prove that you are convicted felon you needed to change your image college Capra and it took a neat. What of the every day he'd need to portray. I don't care bit. Michael Vick you would think if you poll all the guys that would understand this may have like Michael Vick went to prove. Eighteen months he missed two years and in a field. Mark of big and have to kill anybody that he wanted to play a there is more coincidence than what we really thought could get Ol Mike will be it will wouldn't that it would popular PE. Twenty that. Shannon Sharpe yesterday on FS one regarding Michael vick's comments on Colin Capp and powerful stuff well. Powerful stuff very very powerful Joseph and I was nice when you know yesterday and talked about and. Boots and we all did say Michael Vick has a story in he's been to a lot. And we forgave. He wasn't too underdogs in regaining murdering dogs fighting what he's did was. Unthinkable in wasn't a one time thing it wasn't two or three. I'm just we don't know how many dogs he was killed on bearing on the back guard if they were lame put them down what he did. Criminal and he paid his time in a brigade. So when you hear a guy like that. You know it kind of just vex me by hearing. Michael Vick who's been to a Latin helping a lot of people but to put Colin and that type of light. That hey he needs to change his image shaver is here and do this step you don't conform like that now he wants to Satan. Colin happenings that take a stance to say hey look. I'm on this I'm gonna tell you guys are reason why the wanna put it behind me I'm still gonna do outreach and help people they can't help themselves but look. I'm focused on playing pro ball if he wants to come on until that's what Colin Capp pretty easy do owns ESPN I'm going fox go on most things. And explain and after that say look I'm not talking about this again. Because I want owners in ownership and no I'm not Millen but I am one is still help behind the scenes but I want to play football. I'm 1000%. Behind my craft I love this game. I'm you know I'm I love this game but I'm ready to turn the page and really focus my career. In that is playing in the National Football League that if you wanna say that's cleaned up image no that's just coming around San. Where my heart is where my desire is in work my earning power is in the National Football League and I'm committed to bet. That's what he needs to do but as far as cutting their hair in all this stuff it's really really that was really. Michael Vick really used it poor poor choice of words in and had met the new do or any bearing on why Colin Capra nick is not the National Football League. Dave's between what Vick said what Lowe's saying and what you heard from Shane and charm yesterday on FS one. Where do you land Imus I take that chance chart was absolutely spot on and I I think Michael Vick has to be careful wind. He starts to cast judgments are casting these sort of decision on the players considering what he went through and what he's done. Janet's right he is a convicted felon that doesn't mean he can't have an opinion. Our way in but to say that Colin Jabber he needs to cut his hair. Basically drawing a parallel what he had to go through to get back at Vegas is unfair to college happening because this is a guy who didn't do anything wrong whether or not. It was Smart for his career arc. That's a different debate entirely but jerk he's a guy who stood up for what he believed he did it non violently. He helped to draw attention to a movement that. Desperately needed attention drawn to it and whether or not it was career suicide a different story I think it was career suicide. But it wasn't a crime or like dog fighting and killing dogs certainly laws and at the Michael Vick. Now in some in anything in him in the black community he lost a lot of street cred yesterday Joseph. He he really did in a B frankly Jimmy Kennedy was so not only did he stick duo said was right. No he didn't. He lost lot of street cred he lost that credibility. And I think that people look at Michael Vick in a certain way now up in here. Is it possible this is just a question this is it me taking a stance and anyway she performed a wanna make that clear just a question. Is it possible. That all that was doing with that haircut comment was simply trying to offer a piece of advice. And perhaps. Because we're looking for things to discuss both on TV. On the Internet on radio that maybe there's been a bit of we owed overreaction. That's a that's what I believe just asking is it possible that was just trying to hand out a piece of advice and we are overreacting to definite. Certainly it's what we do now and I'm gonna overreact to use saying there were overreacting to present a Mel reacted that that's what happens right now as we all have hot cakes and every little micro statement gets broken down inside and out and there's radio shows and TV shows from coast to coast and everybody's looking for contents. And this is certainly not content but. Michael Vick certainly not to Lowe's point should have chosen other words or other ways to. Describe what caused Aberdeen needs to do to improve himself to just say he needs to cut his hair like that comes across the wrong way. It edging Michael Vick would would he miss the point is. By cutting your hair and doing those things you're conforming to perception instead of reality in Michael Vick really miss that. Is that you've got to relays is a huge amount of people appeared to say look being natural do the things that you wanted to do understand Stephen A Smith has. Hair of his hair is longer than most blacks. Kind of apple but he keeps it nice and grown and caught it in Michael Vick doesn't understand when you say oh culture here do this. He was saying conform to whatever one believes that everyone but a huge amount of white people believe a black people should look we're black purple black people should carry on. That's what he did he put that he opened that can alarms when you say and was he trying to say something nice big key is bad choice of words but not just that Joseph. When he says oh let's add in also his plate he hasn't last two years he's played horrible. But when you look at the numbers you look at all the other quarterbacks Eisner came in show talk about ninety quarterbacks that are out there. This guys the top probably top forty Courter she's got to be that fortieth don't beyond our may be even. Which two per team to 64 quarterbacks though the math says he should have a job X that's the point. Expecting an aggressive offseason approach that would closed the gap on the champion Golden State Warriors. LeBron James soon found his anticipation. And optimism diminished. After cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert dismantled the front office. Declining days before the draft and free agency to bring back general manager David Griffin. And vice president of basketball operations. Trent reading this from Jeff zone get of the USA today who says. According to a source. Close to the situation. LeBron James is concerned. About the cavaliers. Offseason. Concern is. Any thing but what James should be he's got all the money in the world all the success in the world. He can't get over the top as it pertains the Golden State Warriors. To spend his summer concerned about what his team is doing after he came back to Cleveland and give them another opportunity. Is got to be very enticing to warriors fans as does this quote from Jalen Rose and ES PM on LeBron James which he said yesterday. I think he's good as gone. And he's greasing the skids I talked about this since the NBA finals and then it became. A topic for national consumption. Well thank you for mentioning it in his without you we never would talked about it. Shot on June rose for being the topics editor for our nation okay so we have kicked this around a bit but now more continues to spill out both in print. And on television. Did a start video. SATA percentage LeBron James gone. After next season vs LeBron James stays DC is a 5050 proposition where you leaning at the current moment here late July Ayman. 901090%. He leaves 10% he stays in that 10% includes such dramatic things as. Another star agrees to take less to go there. Or the owner decides to sell the team if that happens. The order decides to sell it maybe LeBron at somebody else can step in and buy it he becomes the first ever older player. Then I think he stays if the owner goes and somebody else buys these days if another one of his favorites comes to town. Then maybe he stays out like he's gone. So you're ninety penny I can go when he can he's gone three weeks ago I took the prison met saying he's gone it's over. That's how confident I am low where do you stand today out. I'm relatives here but the only way that he stays if the owner sells the team. This is seen much bad blood LeBron letting go one time you forgive but you don't forget so he's moved on but do you look at it I think he's gone. Does it feel as if let's go back to does a good article from USA today according to jets still get a tremendous group reporter we've had him on the show before. A person close to the situation. Told him that LeBron James is concerned about the cavaliers off season. Let's tracking down a bit where that come for a that would come from the warriors are the bulls at the Celtics that's got to be someone close LeBron because of your game Gilbert or someone close to Gilbert. You're not gonna go float something like nets but that's not a good luck. I'm getting the sense that LeBron James knows he's he's already convinced he's gone and what he's gonna do. Between a few weeks ago. And his eventual departure. Is set the stage so that he doesn't take any of the heat or any of the blame. Like you did last time for leaving Cleveland he delivered a title so he realizes he's done everything he needed to do for the city. The only thing he doesn't need to do though. I have a bad name their for the rest of his life is burn the final bridge on the way out the door. So in order to do that why not make it look as if the situation was so bad you had no choice but to leave. That's what we're starting to see. That they wanna Jimmy Butler remember Jimmy was trying to force a trade from Chicago to Cleveland and what happened after that. Suddenly he told the front office he didn't wanna be traded to Cleveland anywhere but Cleveland he set. What do you think that came. That was a report that came from Cleveland and so they want to make sure that the world knew Jimmy Butler didn't wanna be traded to Cleveland they wanted to make sure that. The world knew LeBron James wasn't happy about David Griffin the general manager not being re up he took to social media to make it very clear how much you liked that guy. Little snippets have been coming out in Parcells. Every week every couple weeks to set the stage Adam this is gonna go to my guess and I did the prison bet you guys are coming around to it'll. It LeBron James is not return and we're convinced he won't. It won't be his fault this is a man setting the table for dinner so that when he decides to feast next offseason. He's not gonna take any any like he did last time around. My crazy for thinking that this is all a pre planned ordeal that we're witnessing the lay out before us that. None jailed and sent it in his quote that we just played about greasing the skids and that's what he's doing you have all these things now piling up to where. Yeah I heard of the GM that he lied to you didn't get Chauncey Billups to come and replace them you're unable to do anything in free agency. And Jimmy bucket didn't come all these reasons so this season. The bras and go out there and give his soldier best he might even got an average triple double for the season just to show Russell that he's able to do it. He'll fall short in the final medal you look I gave you all I've got. I was top five million minutes I was top three million MVP voting again I got no help from this owner that nobody likes. No LeBron really freeing Claire. Kevin Durant had how many teams that were realistic options for him when he became a free agent was at six so much the Ford say the warriors that under learn the Celtics are about sixteen right right how many have a realistic shot of landing James after the season. If you really sat down and thought about it. How many teams have a realistic shot. I think it's too I mean before this even occurred while brown bought a house in LA. So to show as she really brought out silly goose and whatever. It was about it was of acting to meet you under a foregone conclusion I think the guy wants to be in LA he wants to be in that market. It'll just necessary as always go offseason not spend its when he won by 21 million dollar house. If you don't wanna spend time he wanted to make it a vacation place. Did you buy two bedroom he by two bedroom or three Belgian place he's okay communication you spent 21 million. On the house that you got a house that you desire is insignificant amount of time and so. This all unraveled. Now I think it's even more forgone conclusion so you take that things it's been going on with a broad. You look at the ownership endure believes it he's a rim when he's only to spoke. That's as close to tell you that LeBron is the rim and he's just spoke in the bronze spoken when he spoke he said. Jimmy Butler. I'm out you look at part of Paul George called just said he really parties come and cast no I'm out why LeBron. I want to show that he still has a sphere of influence that he can pick of the phone and call any of these guys and say look. Nancy you wanna play your game. I'm the rim you're the spoke no care situations so when you look at what's on in Cleveland. This with the owner will be who've come to sell the team now he has its own France has worked over two billion. And so we made over a billion dollars once LeBron James signed back with the team and now he's got lit it all go to Elena and basket. To get that for a. The rim spoke thing that's nice church. Had as a church to nab vote GO. It is now about all of us the Bible as a minute before the wheels and not a Bible says those who the Euro bulls that they talk about is his heart for the Campbell being moved to the need eye of the needle. And people think that was against metal that was. That was again not a needle. And that's my fault in Netanya on fall into a ball don't don't go looking at me on aware. That dark open that pearly gate literally walk right through it a job. An interview on cars let's go belly flags on merely that ask us a couple questions did you imagine this guy was in charge of the gates. Everybody get one thing did Chirac flies down the truth not half I'm I. It's on do you feel the same light weight did you even get to the two teams that you covering contention LA teams the lay of the clippers you both Alley tips. Really OK Baldelli can you don't think anyone else is serious contender like say the New York next the 76ers some have floated the idea of him joining that team. You think it's LA and that's it did Wear you out on the. I'm like what you said especially when you talk about the house you know Tony one million dollar house you don't buy that let she won at Christmas time and Livan that you know you're right. Because if you wanted just have a vacation house on the oops you just you know it's maybe spend a couple million I think the U. Don't have to necessarily limited to just the LA teams at a Gilligan New York as well as depending on what happens with Carmelo and all the shake out. You think about LeBron. And Carmelo still there and Chris outscored Zynga is that's a pretty interesting trio I don't think it's enough to get over the warriors but. As LeBron looks to make a move at the end of next season. I think it's either LA or New York for him it's all about the Shaq move you go to a big market or you can grow your non basketball brand. Your Hollywood brand or you go to new York and you have more access to Europe and. In other places. What's left in the east if he goes west. What's left what do you sell in the Eastern Conference Boston Miami. Orlando. Charlotte. I mean I don't think you can sell John Wall on the wizards and a lot of people are done now wall deal can play. They're not even popular Washington. When you look at the ratings during the playoffs. They got not the man people in that city were not met tuned in to what the wizards were doing they get by me capitals to an extent. Because every year you wanna believe that that capitals team will finally meet expectations but they don't. They get behind the Redskins in the nationals to an extent but that the wizards do not rate there. The next is still struggling the nets are a long way away you've got the Celtics but what else do you realistically hat. How do you sell Detroit how would you sell Cleveland that connects. You work your way to the Eastern Conference that he believes there is not. Now the west would be as good as any coverage has ever been in basketball history. The warriors. Hard in. George Westbrook LeBron go up and down the list I mean Damon CJ McCollum become an afterthought. Imagine that Portland becomes an absolute afterthought in the Western Conference this team in Minnesota that everyone's talking about. No good we talk about them down Anthony Davis a bogey cousins remember when that trade went down how fascinating people were palace rattling and not talk about it now noble would give a damn thing. Rondo to the next by the way did anyone notice that Rondo bogey Davis on that team. Alvin Gentry to lebed that seriously I'm rooting for the good luck with Agassi a mess. Mean nasty team action what does it won't always say about LeBron and Joseph and dips that about it that the mayor has been and he wants it easy so he stays in the east. This can be that opportunity. In his latter part is cleared to say you know what I've done at all I didn't. Ever a denim both conferences and I've done in my way I think that's an utter insanity and when you look at the bra and sit there with city scared come west. I think he's gonna come. What's the likely did he meets willing to take less money. To go out there and beat the warriors. Because the bottom line is if he wants a he can't have it both ways there is no way to facilitate a Max deal on a team of his choosing. With a not star power around him to get past the warriors barring some sort of injury or fluke disaster for Golden State. If Golden State maintains where they are right now for the next few years. LeBron doesn't get by them. With the talent he needs around him to do so unless he takes a bank that's the only option. So what are you be he really has the make that decision it's gonna come down to rings vs money which way do you think he leads ultimately. Rinks I really believe his legacy you think about this guy Eagles in a finals issue in the eight years in a role. It's about rings that this guy's made enough money and only bought he must abide team. What is if he signs for Tony for you know what's gonna get at least one time if that's gonna be his problem but he can make thirty or forty so if he's dead fat. That's a significant amount of money still. But the Brosseau what is ten million to a guy who's already worked over a hundred million dollars. So when you look at it that way he's gonna say. Come on guys come with me I wanna beat this team if he can do it in LA in that market. Think about what he would be looked at how his legacy is going when he leaves his game unbelievable so I really believe for Helm. It's a rings money the issue. I'm not sure what the absolute minimum is that he could take but imagine if he was willing to play for say three million dollars a year that frees up over. 2728. Million to spend elsewhere he finds one other star. At the end of his career who's willing to take a little bit less safe Daily Mail. We can do all the mellow bashing we want I'm at the forefront of the mellow bashing parade right but at the end of his career Melo would come join him for say ten million a year and he doesn't look for a Max. You got Melo LeBron the other for thirteen million. Imagine what they can assembled to challenge the warriors. It's there if they wanna take down Golden State that opportunity is there. I'm not necessarily sure that's what he wants them. I think you hit I think being an owner means more than winning rings they'll tell you the rings mean more but unless he takes less. They dealt because he wants every last dollar because he wants them by an NBA team in NBA teams. Look at the rockets and Andy do you know how much that's gonna cost him he doesn't wanna be in there is a 5% owner he wants to be the big player in the mix that's gonna cost a pretty penny so he needs every dollar you give me now from his career. And his endorsements in able to flip it now into investments and able to flip that into a purchase and I think. That's why he won't ultimately. Take a lot less I think he'll take. Somewhat less but I don't think he'd ever play for three million for example he's gonna be a 3540. Million dollar player. When he goes out and free agency. Maybe his plays were like you say fifteen or twenties and he gives fifteen or Tony back to the team to maneuver with I think that would be enough to. Maybe not bring in another superstar and less subtle like Carmelo Anthony. Wants to take less and that's where I think this this thing is interesting as it pertains to the NFL some we've been kicking around. Is the idea of NFL players taking these shorter term deals we saw Johnny Quaid I'll take that deal with a two year opt out and now he holds all the cards. He's the power player either will get traded in teams you have to deal that he can opt in he can opt out. Those shorter term deals now we'll give these players that kind of power so if LeBron decides to go to LA he can do a two year fifty million dollar deal at say. Signs for thirty this year with a twenty million dollar option for the next and just do kind of a wait and see approach. Weigh in on social media hat. At 957. Game on Twitter LeBron James will he take less money in order to try to up end. The warriors John is in traffic right now he's on the phones to blade 9579570. John on the broad gut. Quick question for you guys abroad goes to the west do you think that is what causes. Adam silver to reevaluate how the playoffs are seated so he doesn't have tea or ain't finals and the warriors can still play well on in the finals. Great question. And as excited. As we've been to have this discussion over the last few months. I'm getting the feeling that that will never happen in any capacity whatsoever I think you might see some minor adjustments where like. New Orleans are meant this could be shifted to the Eastern Conference. You'll not get an overhaul. They said this last time around. I think there were only ten owners who were in favor of even considering the idea when the board of governors kick it around he got shot down everywhere else. Nobody wants the deal with that kind of travel. Nobody wants to deal would that kind of call cost that's the bottom line if you edit opening round match up with Portland Miami. Neither of those teams would be happy about that situation specially that went seven games imagine all the travel that comes into it. Credit they're on private jets and a lot of missiles sit there and say it's a private jet you're paid highly paid profession gladly get over it. But the owners don't decided that it would cost too much money I'd be weenie to come up with another solution. Because between the travel and the fact that they always lean on me will in ten years the east they'll be strong and and everyone will be complaining wee Reese he once again it's it's never. Happen until you do it truly balanced schedule and I think that's where owners balk a little dated the idea of Portland Miami having played three times in a year so one of the two would have to go twice cross country as it is now. You don't mind becomes commonplace Sacramento the LA schools are the teams in the Golden State obviously in Portland Utah. Denver you can knock it all out in two different trips. But if he had a balanced schedule you know a lot more travel. I think the NBA. From a playoff standpoint and Indians are trouble this upcoming year because who's gonna watch the eastern playoffs right now if you've got Cleveland you've got Boston they're treating it other than that even this year Washington in Toronto. There wasn't much to see there speaking of watch ability. Has anyone been more intrigued by NBA summer league and they were this summer. Has this summer been more Gina did you Wear theirs that is a bit of a bias you were covering it which was awesome they did have record attendance I'll say that. But like it doesn't feel like there was more talk and hype Wear out yeah summer league this year than ever before. No question that there has been in use you know will they ever and a lot of people should think. That ball failed exe which you know the yeah I know we got some not yet I. But they'll guys in the FaceBook reality show here's what this family done you look at the the sellout crowds to watch this guy plate he missed several gay still got in BP had to deal you saw the guy was it was quart size Archuleta tripled silence a lot of critics. People are talking about it they're on every single show he's that family say which one. They have done great for basketball in the cruise in the putting because now the product. Is living up to whatever I want one in the mall would his debts that he can do so now when you look at it. That is causing huge. Huge influx in basketball rating to ever almost want to several. And I definitely apart and yes thank you Lavar that's definitely the ball factors part of it I think also the NBA's. Popularity in the fact that all these games were on TV you could catch. Every single game staggered at in Cox in the end Thomas and Mack they're all back and forth. The next you know we go as show that we take in summer league you're gonna see just how incredible this events become how many people show up to watch these guys up close and person. I was there are five and six years ago when it was in Vegas it is kind of it was kind of a drive by thing because Vegas is so many things going on throughout the year the rodeo comes to town it's just event after event so you hear about something that would summer league comes as a sports has. Other checking out. It is like a nice thing for sports fans right is kind of a drive by sort of situation right hundred people know it's it's it's a drawl it's a liberal troll you will go there to see this you will go to check it out if I were there. I would go out of my way now to check it out even if it's not on a ball although that's part of the reason. I'd be brought it. Out backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Let's get right to it shall wait he's a Super Bowl champion the 1983. NFL MVP you can follow him on Twitter at. I he's been seven it's still guys that would Jolo and ends on 95 point 7 they gave good morning Joseph out some archery Kenya. It's creamy great guys sorry you. We're doing great it's always a pleasure to catch up would you thank you for your time this morning we'll jump right into a quarterback situation that you're familiar with because once again it's making waves. Colin Capra nick in the debate of what's keeping him out of the NFL it is it his political protest or is it his play on the field. Michael Vick had some interesting comments recently suggesting. Perhaps Colin get a haircut and perhaps it's the performance on the field that's been hurting collins' chances where do you land on the situation. Well I think you're in Collins case I think that certainly the the stance that he took regarding media nationally and on the American flag certainly as I think effected a little bit of what the decisions might be regarding him getting a job. I get 32 owners out there that are bigger concern about the repercussions like the Europeans. It's their rocket just like it was his prerogative to do we negated their prerogative to do with eight. And also. You know there's ninety positions epic in the quarterback position in the national football it certainly has battered and some of those guys and he's not at 91 guy. Only maybe is performances. You know may not be that impressive. But he has a decent resonate. Under different circumstances I would probably give him a chance but I do believe that it has to do with ownership being leery of what the repercussions might be based upon this density to. And you say it is based upon a stance and not necessarily based upon his look because Michael Vick was saying that he should get a haircut that that would. Ostensibly solve the problem do you think that the protest. Is a separate thing completely from how we've portrays itself. It is hair doesn't run in his hair doesn't well. So you know as far as that goes. I think he has the right to express himself who whereas here the way he wants to I'm I don't think it has anything to do which they wait strings are. Are turning out for him as as we go forward. Joey boy or little deal here and look afford to see it in cash and you know amenities you boil T. Williams let's talk about a teenage close and dear to you. The Washington Redskins while weren't able to get a deal done with cousin's. It's interesting that you ask the question in and in this comes up so war and why weren't the Washington Redskins able to get that deal with Kirk cousins. Kirk cousins in one of the at the bottom line I mean it is in the Redskins made an offer on May second with no response coming back whatsoever from Kirk scale. Well let that has valued at. He's not interested in doing deals this year what he wants to do what you want to play under the franchise tag. He was like to see what the suitors are gonna look like next year in Ecstasy with the Redskins are gonna look like as a football team. Perk is very very calculated. Right. Yeah on main. And he analyzes situations completely. And it really didn't matter what the Redskins were gonna walk for so it really isn't. You know why did the Redskins get the deal done in any negotiation like it is it takes to court. It takes management it takes players can. And in this case the players camp was willing to make a commitment because they didn't want to make an offer Eagles and Redskins yet. I think he wanted to play the year and NetSuite and get a chance to do. Super Bowl champ Joseph guys men would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. Fans in San Francisco keeping a very close eye on the cousins situation because if he is to hit the market next year the thought process is that Al Shanahan and niners would wanna make a serious play for cousins. Fast forty years of Kirk has a good season do you see Bruce Allen using the franchise tag for a third time breathing San Francisco's gonna have what it takes to get the deal done. All campuses goes 63 million under the cap this year. You've got to figure they'll be under the cap next year you look at their quarterback situation. Is certainly think that they're gonna keep an island and I don't know that has certainly wanna go to drafts them. These essentially at it's going to be a pretty good football. Offensively obviously depends on the quarterback play. There's no question anybody in the white mind can look at the situation and say San Francisco without sharing and there are. Would be number one. As far as what you know. You might consider Kirk having an opportunity in a place to go. There's also the transition tag can be place where the rate can have an opportunity. To match any offer so there are different options available to the Redskins as a Mark Kirk. At the end of the meticulously. Ezekiel Eliot's cat himself quite a long offseason Joseph what are the cowboys do when this young player who is facing a possible suspension from the league and. Continues almost on the daily to pop up in more news headlines. You know it's interesting. Reading what Jerry Jones that assay which was not. When Jerry doesn't have a comment on that situation. You sort out the look at it as very serious. I think it you know seek his. Is young man that's trying to figure out. In light what it's all about any we live in a fishbowl. You guys you know you do your your personality. Where you go what you do in the way you whack people you hang out at all reported in this inning each. Mean everybody has cell phone everybody as a way to report some. So you know you're really several well you're by yourself and and so in is ridiculous situation. He has a responsibility. To himself to his family to the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. And you have to make Smart decisions. Aren't convinced that guy that wind up getting suspended just don't like money. They just don't like one that you get a four game suspension union appellate courts a lot more. And it doesn't take much I think to be able to make some good decisions but again a young guy. Liu would all be able to make better decisions and they do and I don't know with the situation exactly is busy. All I know is that these technical football player which outweighs would be. You know a little bit behind the eight ball without. Joseph thighs and it would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven the game. A team the raider fans are gonna be keeping a very close eye on this season as always they Kansas City Chiefs. But that she's in my estimation. Are going to have more struggles this year than we've seen in the past brought the fact that it's tricky schedule. Any read any organization trading up to bring in Patrick Holmes. Beckett created Dicey situation with Alex Smith coupled with the fact that they just fired their general manager less than a month before the start I can't what do you make of the chiefs this season. There's a lot of general managers that have a sort of got by the weights. Carolina just related shares in Citi won the Redskins got one of one get one just for the drafts. I think they're fighting out there. You know there's other ways to be able to get things done and in the case accusing changed back two years. You didn't have a wide receiver kitchen touched. Last year Alex Witt threw just sixteen touchdown passes. It looked at actor holds that probably they probably looked at the 2000. Eighteen drafted 2019. Draft and thought like we're going to be a very good position. To be able not to draft real world where good football. So let's keep leaking very young guy in the old now. In the long. And I don't think it it spells anything for Alex that he's still going to be the quarterback of the Kansas City cheese at least the next couple of years. You start to bring somebody in which you can. Working into the system let him learn about professional football let him learn the ways that you want to run the offense. And then it'd if you need of the plate that's fine right now I think it's Betty on the future by the city cheese more than a replacement routes. He's in 1983 NFL MVP Super Bowl champion follow him on Twitter at the Heisman seven. And quite frankly every time I see a picture of the guy he's got the greatest hand I have ever seen in my life join. That's Joseph dies in which although it did not 95 point seven game. Always a place did you take you so much for your time. It. Now back to show lowered its on 95 point seven the game. Welcome back Joseph blow dibs 95 point seven game. Some very. Interesting NBA delegates to get to in about twelve minutes of the top of the hour 7 o'clock and ten minutes from now. We've got a thousand dollars to give away before KD cash contest is back. Ten minutes from now we're giving away a dime would give away another dime at about 758. And we've got Green Day tickets to giveaway at 845 now. This segment's net it's a bit of an experiment. To gain diddley creation. Or if we were to borrow for Spike Lee to Dan did we joint Ankiel. Daniel Reilly if things slow early for it and really joined Clinton but I digest. And what are we calling this did explain this to listeners of. This is buttoned up or fly down because every day in life you're either buttoned up you've got everything in place as you like to say. Or essentially your flies down. Inappropriately. And you don't have your blank together so we're look at the NFL teams. We're gonna see if they are. Bought and all. Or if in fact the flag you fly is open things technically and yet like you earlier this week and like three days a week in the I tend to you know have issues with the zip up does it does not a problem the zip up. I've issues all right we've got five teams get to its button up or fly down how about a little music boys if you don't mind. I realize you're gonna go NFL music thank you. Strange it is right around the corner. Ten you dig it IT number one in buttoned up. Or fly down Lorenzo Neal we will begin review because you played football. I don't know anyone knows that with the team doesn't want but never fly down the Carolina Panthers Carolina sentences. Now but nip it valued just argued GM and he got the little talking about the snake let the snake out in the field that is nickel it was actually amazing the party shots that all the players gave this GM. I don't think there but never at all they beat down. A hot hot hot who have been tough to argue that mean. All the players the former players coming out and celebrating. The news of the GM firing that's not a good look and you fired GM ninety's before camp starts to have. I expect can't be the right way to proceed now and absolutely it did so you're saying they are a fly down and out of down fly down. Who woo beautiful stuff we'll find out team at number two. Now it's getting a little tricky here the low. Buttoned up or flight down the Pittsburgh Steelers. I need you to be buttoned up he's already calling guys out television receivers need to be more buttoned up you should it handled things a different way in the news Gator receiver come back and say me and big green and need to see it face to face. It's face each other hope they don't draw down and shoot each other but I tell you right now this team that flies out. I don't love the Pittsburgh Steelers have what it takes you see all the discourse that's going on there AM bill was sweetened outside but he's in Miami for his franchise tag was one to expire there's all kind of stuff that's going on their I don't know I think that they cannot be a little bit down view. I know I gotta disagree or yellow I would say that this team is but not be a lady on bell franchise tag you want a longer term deal he's not getting get it. Ben Roethlisberger is proactively. Calling guys out saying you know what. You'd better but not. They've got the cat team and is AFC championship contending one of the three or four best teams Nancy. I don't think they've got knee problems but now I think more in Auckland and a. The team and I think he said. Number three. Lorenzo Neal buttoned up or fly down the Washington Redskins welcome Joseph. You heard the GM the new guy comes in and Colleen. Kurt Kirk go whatever he was try to component out but if he's sound worse than each manager that hasn't. As I digested digress and whatever we BC and only show that was kind of a slap in the face to Kurt said look I don't even know your name so you're not gonna sign his contract he seek Kirk cousins in look. I'd better than that I don't wanna sign this contract you heard guys in communities bent on itself. And you always talk about the quarterback position it's a very viable place in the national globally the very very important spot on eighteen. I don't think this team is buttoned up I think they're flies going to be down. I take it you're wrong again I think they're buttoned up they handled Kirk cousins that they need you on a one year deal they didn't over extend for a quarterback. Who may or may not be the long term answer there I think was that. Position now a short at least for the season they know they're gonna be for this upcoming year they could focus on May be drafted a court right next year washing the team it's probably not. Getting content for the Super Bowl this year but you didn't throw too much money Kirk cousins. I like the choice they made their buttoned up water and off. Team number four. One thing we keep in mind the before we get to that. Ask yourself this evening the Redskins are that dysfunctional Kirk cousins two years 43 point eight million when it's also not right. No more obligation Joseph Flacco last year and this year 47 billion dollars but the ravens are still on the hook for two more years in 45 million after that. Then they have an out which situation would you rather be it while team number four Lorenzo Neal buttoned up or fly down. The defending NFC east champions and number one seed in the national football conference the Dallas Cowboys. How is cowboys well. Are they by the net. Pale no they're not good enough you got seven to since the start is it not no longer there you got guys leave and that defense is gonna be like the mayor go around one do you own one get off with it's going to be absolutely I think he's gonna be you know that place in Tijuana I look at it this team I think they're flies down when you look at what's portal would seek -- a guy who was a rookie of the year can't stay out of trouble things it won't surrounding he made peace its face a suspension for two games maybe even more -- -- at the hammer a flat on this team I know what's America's team but I really believe. This team has their fly down and Andy heads are gonna roll crafted this season. I thought he did zipper Roland because now allow you laid out absolutely perfect and perfectly this team is. Slide down a 100% such a great year last year the quarterback Jack press got likely get a regressed to the the meaning his ability. We're likely will be in Ezekiel Alley. Tim probably missing game maybe two. And he's got these ongoing legal thing to keep nip and Adam he's primed for a down year as well and you mention all the new defensive players they're gonna have. I think it's going to be a long year ending game. Don't be surprised at the Dallas Cowboys start a win three home against the giants Eli Manning owns that stadium game number two. Then regain number three at Arizona. They can be owing three and that's all the country will be talking about as it pertains to the NFL press got will will under the pressure Garrett. We'll get fired Karen. Susan Terry did right Carrie volley on this program he's Jason Terry Garrett with the team number five buttoned up or fly down the reds O'Neal. Bruce areas in the Arizona Cardinals. So you just alluded to that this team is going to played the Dallas Cowboys week number three. The cowboys can start up oh in three and who's at their game than Arizona Cardinals so that means they're buttoned up why whose Santa understand his time on this great earth is limited we all lore he understands the quarterback he has his eighteenth. This is day year to make it a busting breaking here I really believe this team is going to win that conference over there yes unseating the Seattle Seahawks. I truly believe. They're Lawton off. Yeah I think you're right they are buttoned up but it's one of those buttons where the threat is real. Really really loose and when they go to but admit it you gotta make your little Z just do what you bought enough. Because that thread in the form of old number three Carson Palmer. He's just one Tug on the button away from having that button pop up. A pop open rather. And then it's not a filed the situation what you do lesson button issues but for now it's on the ground I think the game looked like a fool with the pants on the ground. Right now I'm gonna go with Filo. But I've got an eye toward that's why is it an open right now I would say jelled. The bought golf bought in off. I love it and so concludes the first installment Al buttoned up or fly down nicely done gentlemen as we look to put a ball one things. Relatively quickly let's go locally the Oakland Raiders IDC and well. Thinking about it and the meters and see what happens here before training camp with the young. Rookie unsigned yet but I really believe we hear about in the offseason no one's getting in trouble your quarterback is god doesn't. Gate Jackson I think one of the escorts top three guards in the league. And a dead absolutely buttoned up but the Gerry Connolly question I think is the only thing that could possibly spring this button off the class. The San Francisco 49ers at their butt and a PC with a don't want to make a nice moves not being too aggressive Alec with a deal. Lies down John utility to win team now you're fixing this zipper total zip or you zipped all the way down so hard that it kind of broken split open. You bring in CNN lynch used since the bottom together so he could start does that that thing back up. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Let's go right giveaways and Green Day tickets. So when in fact. For their show at the Oakland coliseum on Saturday August debt tickets available now at Ticketmaster dot com that's ticket master dot com. Triple 89579570. First person to answer the following question correctly when the tickets. Which Green Day album sold over ten million copies in the United States' AAA 9579570. Which Green Day column. Album they're not out. Not cal Connie at the Atlantic Fatah which Green Day out homes sold over ten million copies in the United States. Tripoli not present in 9570. Big Dave happening on the tech front here in the Bay Area congratulations to Tim. And Marcus Thompson both leaving Bay Area news group to start a new venture lot of other individuals who come across our existence they got some get ready to launch so that'll be. Very funny keep an eye on as we move forward. Com question. NBA's Adams over the commissioner thinks legalized sports betting is going to happen soon. To land on that are you in favor of that dad's. Legalized sports gambler mean yes I am in favor of it I think we've reached a point where you can. Gamble online ad nauseam whether it's offshore or onshore. There's good people who've had booked he's going back to the days when my dad. Was in his twenties or thirty zeal wasn't a gambler but friends of hers right here is gradually in the bookie business so. To think that. This is not something that is widespread already is foolish so why not give states a piece of the action I know Supreme Court. Is currently hearing new Jersey's case a decision not expected until I believe early spring of next year once that. Big Tumblr comes down the Supreme Court weighs in yay or nay that's gonna determine the fate of a lot of it's do you look sports betting together with online poker for example yes so if I were to say legalized gambling. Referring to sports betting in poker you're in favor of both yes and I think even daily fantasy to me is the same thing that's gambling that's to me it's not fantasy sports is much of these gambling. Fancy sports is gambling put all under the same umbrella. Use these racetracks that we have here today golden gate fields for example cost Sundays you know cause our players but they don't. It out loud yeah yeah and there they're a sponsor must say based on about them flow of golden gate fields but. You look at the facility and they only use about 80% of them because the crowds aren't what they used to if you had a hundred slot machines. And maybe even a small sports book. While gambling for some as a problem. For others it's great entertainment it would draw more people to that entertainment and you see I agree with the U. On dearly Tennessean Tennessean general but the distinction between the two is that fantasy has been labeled a game of skill. Whereas sports betting is labeled a game of chance and that's the key distinction between legalization. And being illegal. Whether it's a game of skill. Which is what since he's been deemed to be. Vs sports betting which is a game of chance now anyone who's ever tried to make a living or make a run at sports betting understands it is very much game it still requires an extraordinary. Amount of scale and ordered to succeed at it but that's just not how the definition foul. When that came out well your thoughts legalization is sports betting would be you know a poker Ford or against it. I'm for it I think it. The biggest thing that people have to realize your ethics articles a gamble they probably won't be gambling. And they would be you know they shouldn't be Gelman on themselves and I get that how that works but it happens all the time now I think the NBA and NFL. They RD give out odds the RD let Vegas know certain things. Why would you not now be able to capitalize on that and do some tapper revenue split. Share with gambling in legalize it because it's gone help their bottom line so I can see this thing have an Adam silver is you know fourth thanking. Does it worry you at all that piece by piece every few years removed line back a little bit from where was that one year. We're legalizing marijuana and in a few years later we're gonna be legalizing sports betting and online poker and then we're talking about here in the city taking. The closing time for bars at 2 o'clock and moving it to 4 o'clock. All individually. Not necessarily viewed is horrible instances when you start a lump all of this together does it wore you about the future of America that begin Tina push. What were at one time considered the lines of decency back further and further this doesn't mean necessarily making a case for or against it just having a conversation. On about what I think is something that could be very Butte is very important many people well. Hey Joseph you're you're being buried deep in notches deeper philosophical and we you talked about. With kids and cell phones and all the different things you you talked about and and we and give a book out of it because it was something that you just talked about and I think you're right. I think there's a one book dips and it talks vote. We'll talk will call good bad and bad good in and because we are pushing things in boundaries. It's common that worked. Worse the balance and I don't you know I don't know how to draw it had a separated you gotta make sure that you keep your values and morals and check. If not depend on this continue to swing to. Biggest problems in this country have nothing to do with the marijuana. Or sports gambling. It's our gun problem and our problem with racism and if you can. Come up with a ways to address those two problems then you can really exact. You know positive told on America because whether or not people are getting high. It's not increasing. The murder rate missed my guns it's not increasing or decreasing unemployment rate now sports gambling that's a whole separate issue but I would argue. That people. Who wanna gamble on sports are gambling on sports. Take someone like myself for example not a huge gambler when I go to legal gambling establishments. Like a little bit of action. But I don't seek it out on my own so making it legalized is not gonna move me in that direction anymore I'm not predispose to do it. It doesn't interest me that much now if there's a place like. Golden gate fields for example ranking go get action sure I'd bet more than I do otherwise but I don't think it's gonna lead to an absolute deterioration of American society. But what about the idea that. You as an individual may have some discipline and self control. But if you create an opportunity for people to legally get high legally battle sports legally play poker stay out until 4 AM rather than 2 AM drinking things that age you you all this out there all these opportunities for addictive personality we are not. A society of disciplined organized people. You may be low you may be but that's not everyone. There are individuals that are gonna see this and say. I try. There about a game before and I can do it legally although give it a try you get hooked that's a problem you know you even take half of 1% of people. What does that almost a million in this country. So I have a million bet that's significant and that's significant that we have to worry about the lines because it's easy to see the it's a yes legalized sports betting IS edit the eagle. Easy to say sit here and say yes legalize. Marijuana but it all adds up very quickly it's goes back to the conversation we had about the phones do you believe you have an addiction to your phone. I believe that if you do did you ever see that coming now one day we're having this conversation right now about whether or not you are a Dick did to a fault. Step back for a moment and ask yourself when you were fifteen years old if you thought you would ever be addicted. To any phone. Did when you're ten years old growing up did you ever think you'd be addicted to a cell phone. While we have phones you know backed and we had a carrier pigeons back in my but not to be honest I eight years we had we of the phone where yet the one phone in the kitchen with the fifty foot court Alfie got a call. You answered in the kicks in and you won't rooms away and he shut the door the court to be stretched all the way across how. Exactly of course not. I never thought I'd be. Addicted to my phone and you hear do you feel you are though now I was hoping you and ask me that because I'm the answer I'm going to give you is not true so if you wouldn't mind me lion you also you know John not addicted my phone not now. But hearing low and looking at Lowe's face and I thought for just a moment like. What I know if I was to get rid of my thought for a week let's say one week no phone. How would I how to do how to manage and even have those thoughts in that minor moment of panic. To sad feeling just I think I I do have a problem. I tried waves and it last week on vacation we rented the house up in wine country waves and that was the whole goal. The whole goal was just my doctor aboard the dog we're gonna take attack on the impressions ally congress must think again. But we had those two we had a kid beat it wanna put him on a planes and thought process months ago was let's do it vacationer all star week stay local so we can bring the entire family. We'll get a house we'll sabaya pool right that was at all. Soon as we got there I get the phone off me. I didn't wanna carry it around I was gonna leave room and see how long I could go wasn't quite an active testing was just this is Stanley time I'm away from work. Really no one needs to get here and now Wednesday when the in laws and my parents can mean you have the focus you know someone's gonna call my inevitably they're old they're not gonna follow their Matt. Quest correctly and it's going to be a whole problem with the trip tic in the maps they use. But I was able to go you know 45 X yeah but to feel good about that. Made me feel sick like Atlanta hey honey Nikki what I have looked like over five hours. I have at CNET and told them I've known yet I did do it right. I didn't know guide Joseph six I would look at CNET and this. So with you yeah you're right in here is what I realize that myself I don't have to be Twitter Bleacher Report I don't have to have those things. A survivor is world news site. I am addicted because it at things or that thing that I do you know you know outside here in its in its like okay. If I don't and sort I don't habit. What am I going to not necessarily miss but what can I take care which is calls an addiction. Tick birds I am I nephew's in there entail. And I'm able to talk to these guys on a level that their moms on my sister lost her husband's arm able to talked among the level that you're not able to talk as a as a woman to your 22 isn't that your son. And grownup would does did you know this. Watching adult movies or something that wasn't that was not a thing of that was not a fingertips. You went to a blockbuster in they had that the sheets up there and it people walk. In that room holder bay view YouTube Tony it was just block buster yeah exactly I mean I. Plays in so but you know as a digest are we had to go find a magazine. Now believe it or not. Given right now and I and I appreciate that I appreciate it and it's and I and and I was like so far removed from what these kids in seventh and eighth grader Dolan. Wouldn't want it to like college your my junior might see in like. What are you guys and make kit and it's hard to tell you can't. But what they have on that cell phone Jillian tuchman addiction. In what our kids are exposed to because of the fact they can go also they can go on Google and see certain things because you've got people you don't wanna keep them blah operating. Absolute blow your mind that thinks that there be that different. From the hole on five I left my phone alone for a week last year you know what happened during that time Kevin Durant sign with the warriors and I missed it for three days. Half. Has been on the phone. That's right feelings into words of friends apparently has no right to. Judge.