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Friday, May 19th

Kerry Keating is filling in for Joe F. as the guys discuss the All-NBA team selections, the Warriors-Cavs "superteam" rivalry, and the Raiders stadium news as they just signed a conditional lease. Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston and Sirius XM NBA radio host, Antonio Davis join the show. 


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You know we're excited about it and organization. Wolf are that good players they have packed planes not only for us both. For the lead to a federal so. It's always good. That is believe temporary head Coach Mike Brown talking about the all NBA selections that came out no Golden State lawyer. On the first team 67. Victories. No first steamers up in fifteen minutes raiders the Las Vegas took out small but significant step forward yesterday. Won't get into that Jolo and gives the handedly in the the gel Ford bossy Kerry Keating former head go to Santa Clara joining us this morning gentlemen the all NBA teams. Are out first team with unanimous James Harden. Receiving 99 and a hundred votes LeBron James. And Russell Westbrook Kauai letter somehow gets 96. Of 101 place votes and and Anthony Davis voted in the as the center with 45. I'm a 101 place votes no Golden State warrior. On the all NBA. First team Kerry might picking knits at this is this a significant snow about how my supposed to receive the fact of the ways of the best record in the NBA. 67 victories yet don't have a first team. Being a warrior homer if you will have an Odyssey covered the team all year. If you're not gonna put clay on one of the three teams and they're gonna split hairs and not choose your favorite son betweens KB and then in staff. I'm Percy put in dram on on first team I think for the people that really pay attention in this team's success and they know how valuable he is. And based on most valuable player type voting in all NBA I think dram on deserves a first team but. No I don't think you nitpick and at all and there are a couple of guys I would agree with you and have some gripes. I mean. I'm not a huge go bear fans. Idea Andre Jordan can make two free throws in a row me Carl Anthony towns has a great how about this. Vindication in the form of possibly carry and callais. Trying to prove that they got snubbed in the finals and lead their team to an NBA title. Neither carrying nor clay name to either of the first three teams both in the also receiving votes category second team is Janice I think of whom. And a please we're gonna go on all found that the global go to the bullpen early for yeah honest. Anti I get blocked of in the middle with the duke of Google Google got the letter. I freaked I'd like to try to look at like didn't do radio without a net but when I need help I will go to my home girl. And antagonized his cell leading off the second team and a is no nannies under the Colombo thank you Kevin Durant. Rudy go banner. I gotta go bear down I know it's not Gilbert people. To go Gergen is the yoga retreat for kids staff curry and Isiah Thomas thirteen dream on dream Jimmy Butler Deon very Jordan John Wall. And DeMar DeRozan no Klay Thompson carry. I averages more than twenty points a game the yet can't scratch the surface. Of these three all NBA teams is it time for us to. Stop voting for the center position because to me that seems to be the big problem here you've got. Go Baird Davis and DeAndre Jordan who all get all NBA status simply because they play a position where that's not that important. I think in this day and age immune you call LeBron James a point guard probably not by this year this this term. Of one point car actually is but he actually is a point guard but you wouldn't that we're at oh by the way. CP three I mean if you don't go by eight positions I agree if you did go by the best players. Andre Jordan is nothing without CP three period and a story and he's definitely the fifteen best players in the league. And Chris Paul was the second highest among also receiving votes try Anthony towns Chris Paul. Marcus only got to go pretty far down. Low before you can get to clay Thompson Klay Thompson sandwiched between Carrie Irving and Nikolay Yokich Lois is the kind of thing. That a pro athlete will use this sort of snub but as motivation can the warriors uses that to their advantage tomorrow night in San Antonio somehow EU have. To an identically Thompson will clintons and know he's an all star and you look at Katie Katie miss a lot of games this year you know with the injury. And you know use gonna share time humans step who didn't have the dominant point Mikey use the seed but there's still a better team. With KD I just think it's hard to. We look at it for its quiet Leonard LeBron James. Arrived at I don't think they got it wrong I don't know if you guys and did they got wrong may be. You know maybe step for over. Hard and I don't know you guys don't ever want said that hearted and Westbrook is a for the MVP so. Could you put Stefan fan of those guys this year I mean I know he can be MVP every year is still the best three point shooter that ever played the game. But those two guys and at that point guard position Westbrook. Did you contingent MVP. Hartnell James Harden two on the season they were going to head hand and you know really scored a lot of points that allow for the ballclub so. All of this is. I slide on those guys in anti. You know guys in the used to be used to be this staple the mainstay in the NBA it is because now we the league has changed. Those guys you know me it's changed a little bit so now who's the senator is gone and I I get that. But still I think did you know as a former fullback you know that's position that doesn't get a lot of love sometimes you got to continue to have those guys is in there I like damn loud and I tell you brought that home from Elvis got taken and I was born I was all of. I think Steffi is is taken the brunt of his past success in the current roster more than anyone know shirt is. Com for one hoping he just keeps on this current run he's on and then. No go home and smile at the family go shoot a 69 and core on the golf course and as the saying he'll royal smoothly when the wind shifts. It's all about winning meant I mean I we got we go hall of Famer and here understands team first you know. I'll NBA team that it would privacy and talk about the implications has financing on some guys yeah which is crazy in itself but you know at this is nice it's it's true it was a team sport. Let's get to bed Kerry because Paul George of Indiana look at his free agency and if he would have made one of the three all NBA teams. He would have been lined for a Max contract but he's not. On the first second or third team in fact among those also receiving votes. He finished in fifth place behind DeMarcus Cousins slightly ahead of Gordon Hayward and other individual who's in the same boat you say it's all about. The team accolades Kerry but Paul George in line to miss out on as much as seventy million dollars. In a weird way Gordon Hayward is affected in Utah's affected by this more but what this has become news. I know Paul George having had him commit to us at Santa Clara where eventually went to Fresno state via pets. They would still be a good rubio. And south Paul is cute kid and but you know it it's. Utah has has has a chance to take a big step albeit in the west against some pretty formidable opponents obviously wars being on top of that heap and spurs. But you're talking about 36 million dollar difference at what point is 36 million. 200000170. Million I mean Paul seems to be the one being made out to worry about that money that contract whereas Gordon Hayward. Is not yeah and Houston and apps are Utah's going to take the brunt of that if if Hayward and them leave. And it's it really an interesting question because thirty million is an astronomical amount of money in low when your pro athlete and you've got. This kind of deal on the table would you wanna have. Voters of an all NBA team with determining how much money you could potentially make Elena. This is crazy I mean this is crazy this is a stupid rule I mean you only. The Hewlett these people dictate. The kind of money you committing. Well I think are now thirty million dollars seven million dollar that's a lot of money and how Paula Georgian by these guys got to be disappointed dead because of boulders. And have that type of control. Over there will be in their from their families think this pretty interest seemed dynamics of how it's set up like that but seven million dollars lot of money did but. Attain these basketball contracts or just have to mean just observed baseball all these context when you look at and they're guaranteed. My goodness but I I know these players they're definitely disappointed because now that's a lot of money seven million bucks overlap over content. All Georgian Gordon Hayward missing out on. Possible massive bounties instead is the diskette to settle for being filthy rich yes exactly or guys I'm sure yeah. You know Gordon hey Iran under highs and got it now accounts with just making eight figures well the raiders are trying to gut it out the error in Oakland and get. To Las Vegas will they have a stadium in Vegas. Before the rams and chargers have won it in LA will kick that around. Next Kerry Keating is in for Joseph Ford bought its Jolo and lives on 957 the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Welcome back Joseph lo and gives Joseph foreign Mon enjoying some R&R today Kerry Keating. In his place he heard it up in fifteen minutes Antonio Davis thirteen year NBA veteran shot on Oakland California. He'll join us we'll get his thoughts on these NBA playoffs and the all NBA teams that were recently. Released but the good news low. The good news coming out of Las Vegas the stadium authority unanimously. Approving a conditional lease agreement for the Oakland Raiders helping to avoid. Any possible delays. On the team's relocation so things look to be still in place going forward for the raiders to hopefully open of their new stadium. By the 20/20 season. In Las Vegas what do you make it is news that came across the wire. Well I think it's great news that the raiders gonna look for to move into their new home. I still don't think it's gonna be done in 22 point. I think it's going to be a little late to do you got to realize you gotta. Factor into some law something's gonna go down this going to push it back so I think it's going to be down between 21. Market Dane collided yesterday saying that they are going to the league meetings in Chicago with a lease and hopefully they'll get it approved. And stay on pace for a Tony Tony opening I know insane construction delays are a part of almost every project whether its mind. Kitchen my half bathroom more the raiders new stadium. Would you talk about it and look at LL ENN and in the end and chargers. Oh put that in net placed on their economy right now really and I think it'd pushed him back a little bit to their dead date as well. Yet the chargers due to bad weather will have the chargers and rams stay is going to be pushed back they say now the the opening of that Kerry looking at this move to Las Vegas it was approved by a 31 to one vote. At the league owners meeting back in March the league. Get a vote again on Monday they've got their spring meetings coming up and have to ratify this lease deal. To clear the way for the raiders moved to live to Las Vegas as a coach what are some of the things that. You would be concerned about having your team relocate anywhere let alone the Las Vegas. It's well I think given the fact that it's Vegas it's all the temptation that's there and if your family man your part of the raiders organization is that where you want your family to live. It's different it's it's an interesting spot and I always wonder what the UNLV coach is we do obviously being a college coach and how the hand that with young college kids. But to do you have been a money to get in trouble and they used to even though you don't kind of do. Noise happens for me and points when he won as whoever is less hang out me in my fiftieth birthday we go to bass is gonna now have another offering besides the rehab. Today not a good got the raiders I seen a football game forever you know really turn fifty once so there in it's it's. My concern and again I'm Tom coming into this to learn more about football and hopefully I was gonna ask fiasco this. How much longer is football gonna last as a sport at this current rate I'm sure that's that the topic obviously for you would all these guys are going through a vocalist have gone through and I just don't know from a coaching standpoint. How will affect the product I'm more concerned with their car gonna sign long term we you know make him a cornerstone no matter where we're playing here there Vegas forever. Is the product gonna be good enough to be sustainable were ever sat especially Vegas. EU coats you know coach can you were coached many years and but how you look at it wouldn't when athletes you don't wanna be necessarily you know your extension of their parents specially their college. But now. These are now no longer college students there are pro athletes with a lot of money. At the temptations and distractions there how would you go about trying to keep them focused for the task that's at hand. I think from a professional organization standpoint the burden falls on Reggie in the front office now to draft the mentality. In the similar vein at the warriors have established a culture through there acquisitions. I think the burden now falls it does Vegas thing comes to fruition and that's for the raiders are. No matter which part of the team lives in Vegas and resides there. You have to get the right culture coming in so at the coach can cultivate that in the sense for the coach can stay focused on the field. And not off the field and that's a very very difficult task anywhere. Let alone now the lord what happens in Vegas so I think that falls back to the front office to make sure through their trades or free agency or draft they're getting the right guy. And they have the right guy quarterback which is the key piece to all of this if you go to Las Vegas and you're looking for a locker room leader somebody who's gonna make the right choices off the field. As well as on you've got Derek Karr. Yesterday on the JT the brick program the general manager Reggie McKenzie appear to and he talked about prioritizing. Keeping Derek Karr. The only thing that comes so there's cars. I want very co moderator. For his career and so that's only going to come demand. And we have and we get it done. Low any doubt that they're gonna get this thing done Reggie went on to say in the interview with brick that. Derek wants to be rader they want him to be on the team as well obviously. Should there be any obstacles to this deal getting done. Yeah ha MO NEY money back at that's why they're that's why they're even can't blame someone they gave if they went to do to be done yesterday it would have been. But of Garrett wanted to be done yesterday probably wouldn't because you know he once and it's a lot of money into B who's a raiders to make sure. That they make sure that this guy they overpay a little bit for part because of the things that he brings the meat balls being changeable. His way of life his thought process his leadership his ability to get guys to come in offseason held this was a guy that Michael Crabtree. Wasn't ever want to it was a troubled receiver Marty did coach this guy got these all these receivers to common to Bakersfield metal cal country. And come in for a couple days and pulled a ball around. Bolton practice and got those guys to buy into what he's what he's selling in what he's preaching and that's trying to win a championship so overpay for a guy like that. You can't find those type of guys those type of guys don't come around often. I was gonna take advantage of my time in the studio flowing digest a little bit I love it I love guys listed in debt. Talked to me about if you Tammy may not have time now with the we certainly have plenty of time this morning. The mentality of players around a one guy who commands all the respect the attention the protection and the MO NEY. You know what it really really into it it it transcends a ball club. Is fortunate to be around a guy LaDainian Tomlinson is one hall of fame this year. That every year he would come in and talk about the inner man and he agreed upon every single year. It was just about who you wore inner man how you start ups downs ebb and flow of life. It was a very deep calming always agrees to coach that's how he wanted to start training camp to late guys in have to training camp was over. In that guys have sold the ticket demand rosters that's it three that's the 53 that he would read it to any coaching staff this. Talk about the purpose to journey the enemy has always tugging at you to see how do you become great how do you set yourself apart. So when you're around guys like that. Played with the Ray Lewis is played with you know as you know Kitna different guys that had a sphere of influence but also can go out and actually elevate their game. Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. It makes you want to work harder it make you when you're around them. You in east at a joke around you'll bit more serious at times because you know what they're about in those guys don't come around often. Yes I'm I'm gonna get Joseph backing and I thought that's good I got they got heated up this disorder adds great stuff I look forward to the induction ceremony in August and can't that's going to be an unbelievable weekend for. For you'd frailty for all charges fans and all football fans really sure I'm excited about the attitude is really him. Get away and we look forward to it to be great being out there and Ohio with Hilo and hotel and yet I can appreciate every step of the way. Mean you're gonna get crazy kids are gonna get is coming to come we'll show that we do we know we are we got his guys right now. Amram remorse I gotta put him to get an invitation to. And I like to tell. Yet every time I love it coming up in five minutes Antonio Davis thirteen year NBA veteran ESPN analyst we'll get his thoughts. On the playoffs in this whole idea. I'm a super team Joseph Ford balls off today. Kerry Keating is in its Jolo on dibs on 9570 game. Now back to. Its on 95 point seven. While without any further ado let's bring him in the pride of Oakland's. The man who played on the team that. With which my wife fell in love of the sport of basketball the Indiana Pacers. Antonio Davis joining us on. 9571. Of the Davis president of stake do you urine Reggie the Duncan dutchman. Little Travis best runner grid are points on her it was a great run Antonio even out here in the bay. We respect the game. Richard. Programs on. We're doing grades just another one of those days in the bay you remember it it's awful loud it's probably 71 degrees polite gentle zephyr blowing in from the west. Inkster are battered town. Amenities double reward is great about the Slava quality so I thought your. Now is it too much he had too much sunshine for the basketball nation because out here we are immersed in this. Air of the big four and it feels like title town that. I understand there are some. Some markets out there and some fans that think this super team idea is bad for the NBA what do you think about the current state with two teams really. More powerful than the rest. Are you know are so important. You know that that's super tree became. So the because they're artwork that there was no light you're talking number one pick in the draft number two pick in the draft you know step was it ever entered my. Was late so. I don't understand. You know there's supposed to treat me. This dispute you have to account for the track these guys report card at this point. You go to stabilize the credit Christine talent. There are guys who could commit whatever you know whatever spot they pick the match. That is sort of been bad for the game. I don't know that success is that if folk. It go to that there's one. He's wasting their going now. Like a picture speaker. Antonio and asked you about your feelings on his new CBA in the new structure for the super Max player and in your estimation being a veteran and respected one. How much money is really enough and when do you think winning becomes more important than market value for these guys with the UB asserted in some of the values these contracts now. Or in art there quicker Serb Marty. It's awesome concern it is. I don't wanna. Takeaways wrong. Apparently it is much more music economic period you guys are always there and Al Lowe wouldn't fall for what I thought was fair. I can beat these players association historically. Trying to nutrients to change the way. You know former current. Players are. Our youth and and do something now. You know you know the news in the health insurance plans also. The only thing out there Micah Micah start there was is the way part which party is coming into the system. And then in the do we really need it. To. Take all of that money. And it and it be given the players would like to say how much is enough and does their. Really. You or you're really cute in the clear that argue or just because despair in this morning. So we have to give it to the player. So I don't know anything or change. I do hated when I hear people say well and is currently offers money does not work with what I mean it just worked the system is. It putting out many guys who have been ordered this year's. Murdered in the industry and so a lot of you know players that have come for the room and is just what the game. And grew to more bill that was. Disappointing you know I see that I pay kind of paved the way in and have failed on and I see these contracts will be asked in 25 million those days wouldn't hurt but for. You guys got a guarantee concert broad that's the thing that is less ma'am but I. Are are pleased that they were fired you know or and I understood at some point their eyes are focused on one pretty. You know we held on to rather stroke. I'm most proud there's this you still can't retreat contrary yeah we had to work. Evokes some of the the years in the lives of the contrary. He'd been that was she's. Now no question just loved to family man always see union daughter and watch in some ways it's great to see her dad is Solon and involved in the kids' lives and appreciate that when you look at no you welcome you look at this. Course everyone's talking about the chasm that. Did you what realistic chance all things being equal do you give LeBron and how great of a feat if they were to pull this have said will this do for his legacy. Armed men you know years she normally more board each of their accomplishing your way. The confidence by which he's planning. The efficiency by which each quiet and when you talk about vacant cars around you better. I treat risk. Really goes little Balkans war. Pure I think the first thing you do in that situation it is. You put the perspective or you could collect you put a lot of pressure on the these events. You go are more positions so you know knew I regard the principal cathartic. And he he becomes the X-Factor of all talk well cool enough. Political from the ups it's really on the depends on him you know like last year. Make about a player that only he can make. Or have an opinion that he can only act. So. I think and that and then I think that's crucial I think it will colonies could help. You know I think you really need to get healthy because he goes which that'd be no scroll on down so. I think that that is open and keep in mind. Ardidi who wins the alumni game between Oakland time climates. I. Quote. The credit rubio. Not a lot of pride in OK you know he's sentencing at the skyline to you know deletes guy. Yeah. Ricardo are very was seen. Even trickier. So so opening. Arts. You got a call how. Our eye shadow Tim Jones and now the media. Antonio Davis joining us here on 9570 game Antonio won nasty about the Lavar ball nonstop. I I would think diarrhea of the mouth but I like to say that on the radio what what do you think about. The way he's put himself in front of his did and how do you think his son is gonna do once he gets in the association. That's the unfair part united tributes not a change of the our right to reap the other day had the kids sit in the at page this is outlawed is used by history. I don't think they've had a individual. Fog yeah you know it's been all about. What he wanted to they were born in the book for the bowl. I saw this woman you know issues they'll be accused the ballots go out boy Bobble. Op is zero it's got a great arm. I would do I want applaud regard to our local guys its you know just like my mass that's in tune with its cute support this cute. You airport. At some point. You've got to make sure. You're taught Americans support build them pop. Output obstacles that are now put unrealistic expectations. Give them a chance to scorched and I acting that the one thing there are. Don't like that of course to mourners these each could on this he's put these little blocks and stumbling blocks. Heather is cute before the had a chance to. You know clear benefit in you or cork came any credible rent out. I think the crazy thing is is he goes to lakers becomes a problem later. This could work out as a couldn't reason their coup work out. By to be a while Lance he's just one of those things were you about our character. Humble. Then I don't think there's any way that you can while success of the idea. 82 games will expose somebody who's not sold out to be a part of it Antonio Davis thanks for joining us enjoy these playoffs hopefully be a chance to talk to you. Before it's over and appreciate join us. Any trauma and does so blessed talked and so. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Talking about super teams and calves and boy years and yellows right the road's been a lot easier. For these teams and neither one of them gonna have to go seven hectic might both be. Twelve a no when it comes time to to contest the NBA finals do you think about lakers and Celtics an eagle back in time. To the year you were mentioning 8687. The Celtics had on their team five hall of famers. Neither of the cavs nor the warriors. Have five hall of famers and granted Bill Walton is included in that group he is at the end of his career. And he's the hall of Famer for college more than he is for his pro career certainly. He's all of payment on the line. Well here who stopped to press down because there's a chance. At the doves has four policy is eighty possibly on the hall of Famer and he might archangel Lok okay step block. He's a lot great mine. He's trend that's that's training and it does what's trending but he's trending toward the all time and can can concurrent. Also trending that's so pretty. Yeah you're right so Boston red spot for Larry Bird Dennis Johnson rest in peace. Who with young people. Looked up. Tape of by DJ the consummate point guard that to a point guard coach a guy who defended the brother would distribute the with the freckles he had a frankly 2000. Blake Griffin's got freckles what's it's doing. I Griffin can handle right now. Alan I get a tax stole the ball my Johnny most of the big Johnny most and I Kevin McHale Robert Parish and of course. Bill Walton on the lakers side they had three hall of famers Kareem and magic and worthy you look at Cleveland right now coach. And I think coach to both of you can until we do here because everybody's can tell. We have only got two hall of famers byline ally LeBron James and you put tie every Irving there he I think is trending. Toward all fame but. Richard Jefferson Kyle Korver. Deron Williams. These are not hall of famers so as much as people wanna talk about super teams. In the 87 finals lakers vs Celtics they had eight and this year at the most. Only have said. Yeah yeah you're right we can and retiree I don't think he's more training. More than clay I think he's more training and Dre mine so you're right when you located in that regard. Cast pretty much have one guy that you know is undoubtedly a hall of Famer. And the dubs look like they have prod pretty I would say three that I think is right now hall favorable possibly four so. Hey it's its interest in you think about when you put in that perspective that how many more. Hall of famers Cosby does does have and that's why this team to me is as dominant as and you gotta give this organization though because. You think about the three guys in the training that you talking about. They all are homegrown it wasn't it wasn't like they went out and got him in free agency at duke acquired in trade. These are guys at the front office did a great job gave me and the only Apollo favored they brought in is Katie. I think nowadays and we're we're finding this out first hand with the spurs without co while Leonard the game has shifted bin. Altered to an offensive. Free up the movement. No real true toughness in terms of his account he protect guys and I get that. What it's led to is you can have a one man team. You can have a one man team with a supporting cast of guys that have made the NBA and you dress threat mentality progress with the spurs are kind of do which some guys like Tony Parker hall of Famer. Saul innovate. Matt knew. LeBron. And now its staff in Nyack Katie boo you the best players on the best teams. Nine and me five times out of 400 are going to be the ones playing for the NBA championship. Because it's a five man at a time sport two very different than eleven guys on both sides of the ball is very different than a dominant pitcher or dominant lineup. It's very different than a singular golfer and a great caddie it's different in the individual sport whether you're talking about ten answer. Yes we can it's insisted it's a great athletically gifted connected to the fans game that one guy can dominate. So we talk about super teams and hall of famers but at the end of the day who was that senator route. Magic Johnson Larry Bird Isiah Thomas Michael Jordan LeBron James staff Kerr. And then everything else kind of falls in place given the state of the game and what's happening now we talked about the collective bargain bargaining agreement now. You're able to do this and had guys now we have a Kevin Durant rule where the media can vote chew on one of the top three teams. And the team can pay you more so the league is using the financial incentives there to keep guys in place to stop a quote unquote super team from happening. Bush is it gonna have an adverse affect on the mentality of the rest of the product besides the top two teams standing because guys essentially. Gordon Hayward great example. By all accounts seems like that the posted chow type type player of the NBA. Could have the old single team career ala Stockton Malone Utah just happens to be Utah. Will he take the money from somebody else. Or would he have just said no I'm Sandy, Utah if it was another thirty million because now. A hundred people voted him on the team that probably fifty of didn't see even half has given diary Minnesota's game is this is great and know what this is while wanna get in the radio. Yeah I losing games coaches we just talking about how it all works those laws to keep doing it we get to keep talking about. You have sue riot Ayman digests a little bidding go back of his came coach K and actual question is in the Dallas and Atlanta take text line you know from the 95 cent is Iggy hall of Famer in your opinions. Assets really hard to quantify mean I don't know how you quantify how hall of famers become hall of famers in basketball now because of all these circumstances that guys like do you have come up and he's had an huge impact especially in Steve's mind making him captain on this team turning of the season as a six man. You seen his value. I don't know if you can confound Selby you know hall of Famer. It seems like he wants to be more of a hall of fame venture capitalist at this point as it is anyway. So obvious that there were consumed by GAAP and help our Tillman and as the right thing to do. I don't know I don't know if you can say he is and I don't know if we'll have enough time to put him with his team to make himself in his prior career. As a whole hall of fame type career but you know what if he did out it makes for good argument. Triple 8957957. If you wanna win that quest that's a great text from the 51 or the 95 on. Is under I'd even consider Andre Iguodala but all they I don't think he's in the hall of fainted he's obviously a much better version. Of Robert Horry Robert Lurie guy with five titles he's not all they need a nice pro career it would dollar stats are better. He defends better he probably won't have the same success that Horry had certainly winning all those championships but it's an interesting notion because. In basketball unlike football which is the Pro Football Hall of Fame baseball obviously. Accounts for Major League Baseball what you do in other leagues doesn't really matter but in basketball the basketball. Paula fans of certainly what. Andre Iguodala did in college Arizona State I believe Arizona Arizona my mistake I don't visage confusing him with IDI do. I believe shout out down the pac twelve triple A 957. 9570. If you log wanna weigh in on that question gentlemen the all. NBA teams are out you alluded to it before carry with the the votes coming in the no lawyer on the first team it's LeBron James collide Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook is your first team of all NBA KD Kevin Durant and Seth Curry. Both make the second team Kevin Durant received three votes for first team staff curry received one vote for the all NBA. First team third team dream on green at Klay Thompson. Is among those also receiving votes he did not make. Any of the top three teams my question for you carry. If I gave you a choice you can either have the Golden State lawyers JD staff. Clay today Andre Iguodala century I'll even give BJ's Michael Mack adieu. And the bond looney Damien Jody Gerut malt you want the warriors team. Or would you rather take the all NBA first team LeBron James. Hawaii Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden and Russell Westbrook who wins a best of seven series. The all NBA first team. Or you're Golden State lawyers trip late night by 79570. If you wanna win on that as well. I was gonna say I'll trade all due respect to Zaza on how important it is. I was gonna trade Zaza for Carl Anthony towns in the four warriors and I would take those five over the first team in a set that's a sincere. Do we allow him to make that trade I know it's a little bit one sided for the warriors didn't Carl Anthony towns while giving up only Zaza. Blow do we allow to make that trade and down complete his team with toxic town. Garlic coached and engage I've noticed on its ankles care is investments only a cliff may Patrick and I still I think they still go to. I know that the lawyers go down and held it held a series if you know is that if they do is play tomorrow dubs mobile. Because yeah. Because they got the red zone they started to get there the team knows things from would you welcome back to seven love with the best of seven series now now do you let if you let both teams practice. And get it going. This this this I think the number one team we'll listen listeners blame but I do believe that the bra and why net quietly and it can guard anyone LeBron guarding what. And Anthony Davis come when the guys a beast. The only liability. James Harden can simply be too. It can't play defense and are you concerned that the ball is not any shared and Ethier because rust is get it. If you inbound the rust in my eyes will not run down before. I think BKB a and that that's adding to acquire Leonard and LeBron will have something to say. And in that they did he would he would buy into those two guys. My mouth don't get loud and now who dog hormone hormone testosterone. Roland on that at all. AD might be you have the best natural talent like natural natural talent for being a big guy who is brought up in a guard's body in. I think before it's all said and done will be talking about LeBron on the show when our five year reunion. I mean the best of all time I mean I really think this guy gets a 7014. Years and this is a special transcendent player this is again it's that's going to be in that argument between him and MJ forever whose death it's going to be agree barber shop. If he goes here's adding. If dangle five. I'm not on bestseller. Zynga went to see but it bagels if date Ingle seven. I think you still even in the Eagles seven and moves you've got to consider. If they win. Not in China. I'm happy about here is what we went and pulled this one army pulls out you have to. You have to say that this guy's arguably the greatest player their plate in you have to put him that they were too because. You realize you look at who Jordan handing you look at the teams to match have. This is this is LeBron. Pretty much. Warning it's the hell they got some players you gotta have some of the tally Kendall on the 20 and say you don't have level OK you got Tristan Thompson hustle guy. The guys around eighteen JR Smith I mean. It's not even close it's not even close. What did with the ducks have put together but the the draft and their front office in the way they coach. LeBron could pull this off. You better you you would have to you have to do it. You don't tell me what I have to do a bit put their finger down the crooked thing you don't two point that they knew me. Low O'Neal and let's go it and put it in the movie in your little long LeBron arguing Doyle don't look at it carried like Medusa. You look at that crooked finger you turn to stone. Thank you triple 89579570. If you could get. Fill out the lawyers were able to exiles off discus for now he's not on the all NBA team which disk player would you take to play alongside the four war here. All stars to take on the all. NBA team again the only NBA team is LeBron co Y Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook came on green at the comments when the all NBA teams. Were released yesterday. Talking about Klay Thompson who was left off of the first second and third all NBA teams has a dream on had to say. That is. You know. Looked around. We're what 67 someone we probably. Had a things. Reform. Talked to fox and suddenly things. They by Islamabad we. We are unaudited and yeah I think troopers. Agreed to an end it's Kerry really if you look at the listing its due largely to the fact that they have center's three senators make these three. All NBA teams may do we should go to a position. Let's reward well I chose Karl I think he towns given the fact that the criteria still to guards two forwards and a senator however the data really put on the team's G honest. We have our resident Greek expert here and the pronunciation again Yan is identical scene early in my radio career as a Warner's warm up I had people complain about my Serbian pronunciation of their kitchen Yokich. And I didn't want a mess of John aside stuck with John Aspin now that I know the crown prince and they shall be ready for next year. Analyst on the town but I put us coast this year. They got the very get onto the Cooper and Acapulco. Contract on an aide Vincent non now on for weeks appreciate them. It's a Michael and they're not sure Graham and Tim bond Sampson is gonna join us next he covers the lawyers for the Washington. Post as we can do eighty and his warriors and spurs series chip blade 957. 957 if you wanna be apart of the conversation. Joseph Ford balls off today Kerry Keating is in its Jolo in dibs on 957 again. She. Now back to show low dips on 95 point seven game. Shaun Livingston joining us here on 9570 games Sean what's good in Texas right now good morning. Well good morning and kinsella and it's actually it's actually nice who were always always warm always tied down here but. A conservative who predictable. Beautiful and how he would go from playing a game on Tuesday to haven't three days off how do you stay fresh how do you stay locked in a. For game three it still is. More than 24 hours away. Yeah mentally I mean it's it's. You know it it's more. A mental preparation. One court over fellow. You know look and see what we can do better what adjustments are gonna mix. Come victory but the rest is also could force you a couple of days off. You know the banks have bruises. You know you feel and here rated ago. Sonny does or Terry because of playing good stand together. How big it is impacting defense with you on the road in and what's the biggest difference from the biggest transition plan on the road compared home. Just imagine you know manage the crowd manage and run and so you know McCain it's. It's a game around you know him and you know when you're on the road. And so many other factors that come into play you know sometimes. You know the opposing crowd so. When they're going on the road you can't even hear your teammates you can even hear the play. You know and so it's important you know just. That's where experience comes in that's where the communication comes and you know the leadership that we have. You know marked each other you know hold each other accountable. On all those little details come in the play on the road because you know it's it's hard to get a win on the road in the playoffs. Saw Kerry Keating your act co host the pregame radio show before all your guys' games and had a chance to really. Girl a greater appreciation for you have a senior in high school and I was recruiting back in the day in early 2000 that Tennessee UCLA and have. Really got a chance to appreciate even more and you come back and you're you're longevity. What what our elected you to says some I don't because I thought the game one obvious answer was Canadian staff Karen you guys but. A look at the eight points that you provided off elbow split the lefty Duncan in the big tip out that led to the tied up three that. Steffi it in the years three haven't sat on the bench for three quarters in the Big Three hit in the fourth Jose points really the biggest difference for me as coaches. What what I elected to shed some light on. Is the best mentality stand ready standard bill how difficult is it at this level and even for you this league your career. It sit and watch the game flow when they get yourself into that right away and make such an impact like you do. Yeah of me that it is and you the Indians situation coming incident recorders you know you come major bird shot nine degrees. You know that it takes a it takes a lot of confidence again and coaches they do a great job as well communication at the pesky. You know communicating. With your players on their rolls so they can understand. You know what you expect from. I know sometimes you know. It changes game again right and match ups. Can change the whole scenario and you know whether what you play. Usually our core guys starters they know they're gonna play the bulk of the minutes in the playoffs. You know it takes everybody it's the you know coach curry has never been China plate. You know. A lot of guys in the rotation in the playoffs you know pro gun and you know 101112. You know also if it takes it takes unit and everybody stay ready and that's the mentality. You know when you're number's called. You never know what's gonna happen. You gotta stay ready so we saw. Prepare ourselves that way practice. Before the game and so what the game you know what's your game to start from what you once were taught you know or race ago. Warrior guard Shaun Livingston joining us here on 957 to game tickets for all lawyers home playoff games are now on sale at lawyers dot com Sean is part of that. Cancer mentality as a veteran. Yourself and Andre Iguodala in particular David West is well is it helping the young guys like Patrick McCall. And c'mon Lou any when he's healthy damion Jones helping to teach them about what it's like BA I contributing bench member. Think so I think so just any any time you. Better leadership on the team and you have guys that are. You know we'll put the working you have guys that are proven in this league have been around Obama has had success in this league. All of you know and you have guys like that come off the bench as well you know looking at their mentality. You know watching. Andre and David the way that they go to work tripled the way they prepared themselves to play. It doesn't just start you know they don't is in the game. You know it's start to practice rich start before practice you know guys are in the way won't admit to overtake here the bodies. On the intrigue me. You know to get action shots and know that in that mentality is important for. On a young player coming in this league that's really try to reach his potential and you know look when you have you have that guidance when you have that took. You know that model to follow at ticket makes it you know I'd make it easier took. To rueful laugh. So I don't tell your leaders that the game and what she does go to them notable when you moto ballroom but there was a plane ride for the past time. Some called kind of head down came to the bench. Any kind of sought you out and sit next seed in song whisper. Just seeing kind of liking Kyrgyz those one of those moments itch you know league you to become AD teacher. Absolutely absolutely I mean just anytime you know like we we encouraged that we encourage communication. Note regardless of you know what what's going on on the floor when you come to the bench I mean you know wanna know which country. You know look at again what's so important is up there when you know it's a five man unit you know the players the players are. He knows the coaches say insult you know players have been units you know coach. Technical if you so much outrage from the bench and they can try to make the right calls right. You know right play called all the right strings that all. When you're out there on the you know on the field on the court you know you guys have to be in unison. And it's that communication. That. Brilliant strategic human done well. How important is it for you guys to have Steve Kerr president San Antonio whether or not he'll be on the bench yet to be determined for tomorrow night's game but. Just having him around in the locker room at halftime. This is not to disparage or Mike Brown has done a terrific job but how important is it for Steve Kerr to just be around you guys during these games. Yeah now might might have a great. You know he's he's he's really you know field and in. And done well. You know what happened to you around you know is. I mean it is great obviously from me. You know this time year this is where is his value that is present. You know really cold. It's because of experience and he's the players and the coach after the so this before being the other guy that's. One for eagle four championships as a player wanted to coach. Played with from the great players played some animals you know that the greatest pressure situations. You know on on each level. It's to have his voice for calming. They get the calming. Experience for you know when he speaks. You know we all listen as players as we know he knows what he's talking about he's been there he's done it. And I it is great to have the presence and personality and so you know we we definitely enjoy that. We'll hopefully guys can handle your business get it done in San Antonio and earned yourself a nice eight daybreak heading. Into the NBA finals John thanks for joining us this morning looking game three. All right thanks so much appreciated.