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Wednesday, May 10th
The guys recap the Spurs OT win over the Rockets as Kawhi Leonard came away with a minor injury. They also break down the point spreads in the NFL as the Raiders are favored in 10 of their 15 games, and discuss Lavar Ball's newly released shoe. Warriors Guard, Shaun Livingston joins the program to talk about his week off. 

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Sometimes all you gotta do is asking yesterday. Well we didn't necessarily ask we questioned we questioned if the NBA playoffs. We're gonna get better last night and our questions grants. Okay. It's okay. The old man with a block on the MVP or. Potential MVP James Harden to preserve a 110107. Overtime thriller for the spurs series now up 32 in favor of San Antonio heading back this Houston. For a crucial game six for rockets team that has dropped. Three of their last 4 good morning and welcome in Jolo and did that it five point seven game were stacked the next hour we've got hoops up until 715. We've got questions. Concerning concussions in this shenanigans that have taken place in professional sports just recently. About fourteen minutes at 715. Alex tablets on the giants here's a question for you at 730. Do you seller rebuild to a thirty year old Buster Posey Eddie sit down the heart and soul your franchise and say. We're gonna go ahead and sell off of the deadline and rebuild. I don't think you can do it and then at 745 get a couple surprises in store that's good to see to this morning how you feel that still Andre. They you know it's a Wednesday it's hump day feel like after the show we get off the air at. 10 o'clock and get some wisdom from the boss and then after that it's all downhill that that was a joke glow that was. That was me trying to be serious there really no. Current and I couldn't get a little black jacket not a judge but. If you look at it on Wednesday Joseph feel like it's almost all downhill from there like back from Orlando. Yes yes with much fanfare the kids are back happy I'm back to being ignored which is where. I wanna be put me in my chair with a remote in the cat mean cliff cliff and I or a little bit at odds the furniture right now being devalued as we speak I subtle social media problem coming up Oprah. Great French replaced him and Fresno. I mean unbelievable dudes I mean I'm tournament dishwashers with 39 a blow tree generators for less than a hundred counts his deal is just amazing place you're going to go with me in my country look what you know who part of this. Cobalt. You that was for you I'm in transition right now we're feeling I have more questions and answers as it comes to this 39 dollar not there it's now that and still and it's all above board it's just people washing dishes no. Let's talk talk talk about it's I use all of for the Reynolds Nara properties. Found this amazing place to talk and cabinet whole kitchen cabinet the whole set a lesson to bring him. It's forget what I mean no I wouldn't even what that means is that is that good then ask why the deal would come on out. And I'm come out there to connect using it 56000. Dollar purchase to do a whole kitchen. New counter tops new cabinets so don't come under two grand Joseph Reagan. Unreal socal to teach somebody's cat Dina discount. I'm Tom out couches with the managers coach and the problem is not the furniture it's the person or the animal destroying sent furniture sound investments and you get it cheaper you gotta catch psychologist you can it alone mean and yeah I'm interested. But short of that. And have that sorry about that TDs couches and it made of leather. No problem actually Joseph what would it is since they give them the good of all from the whole tale sort step that he has not being used the darkened windows every evening. That they're getting from hotels and they get that it discounts I NGOs. You just take a window at a motel and then you move over to the this establishment that cell at the dwindles it's of probably from somewhere else have to just just point out the different and I'm talking land it just broke compared it'll ask. Less than five grant and pretty amazed masters is DO at all. Okay. Because this gets to final. Now an interview. I digested you learn you learn something new every day on this program you Schumer and something new every day on this program let's learn something new right now here's did with your update us. Joseph lawyers are awaiting the outcome of the Western Conference semi finals between San Antonio. And Houston the spurs winning game five at home in overtime game six is tomorrow with the spurs when it. Then we know the warriors will host San Antonio. On Sunday at 1230 out of oracle if the rockets win game six and they forced. A game seven that the warriors in the Western Conference finals won't start until Tuesday stated in 9570 games for all the updates surrounding the lawyers quest. For another championship story number two walk off mania is over for Oakland but they still have a big. At the lineup a little bit. Underlined so you know hundreds of front Billups that it will hit Maybin going back it is at that bracket he will look. And why did I NBA tickets you don't want to lose. Yonder Alonso who has done it again. Businesses here at home run all right. He is eleventh later in the game can corps act with a colleague got 957. Game days lose seven to three rubber game of the series today 1245. On 957 game Andrew Triggs. Against former athletic. Jesse Chavez giants five straight defeats as they fall in New York six to one Buster Posey. With a home run Matt Cain goes against former athletic Tommy Malone. In this morning's action with. Mark what have to go to the elbow forearm soreness. Brandon Crawford is expected to rejoin the team is later today he may not played out this morning we'll keep an idol lineup for him. Catcher update I'm Dan dimly at your home of the days to back data to date 1245. On 95 point seven big game. Great stuff debs. I lulled detects like just filled with people that want to know the name of the discount store. And so I went through it I see all these people and it gives you the updates to lull the people wanna know the name of the store can be given the name of the store. The looks of me goes now I don't wanna go to my store. I don't want to deal disappearing. And watch how I it's about the audience blow it out about looting your privatize feels. Well not to go to hell yeah let's not because it doesn't. All in there and I want the wind is I want to easiest washes for the Reynolds did that windows Internet plays and it's a huge. Influx what are we as the meet this problem. Pretty good up known this guy and wrapped in yes I love WB and I love my audience. Obviously you know selfish right now and the bucks this year but I'm. I'd much and his is one of the things that. I'm more for me you know I pray for you right now I learn how to deal of phenomena pray before you look. Good luck also known as selective reading. Yeah and I'm. I've never seen the diablo Connie like that to greed and selfishness separate fact kind of I'm glad not to be a break for me I gotta get better I kinda like seeing the golden boy just turned and started like. It's like Harvey dent aria in out of second Matt man. Jack was Scotland's white night and then the Joker broken and that's or seeing here everyone loves Fresno lull but now that he's gonna hoard the deals for himself man. Candidate in the day and I got mad I didn't tip you can't save out and there's no that's great sorry I'm disappointed only had to turn and and it's over Christmas and asked the whole room is so authoritative and there I want it she did smiley is like a little dig at that address. The kind of security in Uganda. Today to defend herself at the moment so we can have all the fun we want our right Jolo it gives 95 point seven a game. Last night that was a thriller ask and ye shall receive and what we received was a good game. Which has been very rare in this round of the NBA playoffs 110107. Your final in overtime as the spurs defeat the rockets one of the subplots. With excellent contest. Is the injury too why Leonard both these teams. Lane on the line and Leonard wood about five and a half minutes ago in the third rolled an ankle exited the game. Played a fuel limits in the fourth and then checked out of overtime. Here's quote why Leonard's play by play call this is the play by play call of the injury courtesy TNT. Why. Eight goals against James Harden what we call looks weak here. We'll get caught up down low on this deal here by Patty Mills and the grimace and got on the floor here hood. 14100. Gingerly here trying to. Or get out. Now here's call why lettered after the game on the injury. Those little sore from the womb mean consumers that are deserving of course and don't think game. With me and I've been on the go the last stretch it was frustrating because I wanna play. We'll put themselves on being. Similar scenes up their commitment and effort you can win. I have a feeling. That was Kevin Durant what we saw earlier in the playoffs. The hot take today would be the warriors are better that Kevin Durant. I have a feeling that LeBron James. LeBron would be getting crucified this morning for sitting out. Why it's quite Leonard apparently. Above that or at least beyond that sort of commentary. Via. I really believe Imus went SAB takes a no one can. It has sat down and enjoy them billions and attacked but I also want to say that Google's is cheaper. Not even close. Is that you know Tex I'd protect the mammy like that. They're coming back to back at 5795 still pretty let it fly because that's who I went to Lowe's and try to practice couldn't handle which is sort local level. It's like you know they like I desk. Roadway and until you're on honestly it's anger on one. Yeah when you look at quietly and going to look at is body working you look Kevin Durant unfortunate step foot hurt and sometimes different things happen is me. And not seeing this guy soft you know he's a consummate pro constant champ but he's focused all the human beings blah. So people let go low they'll be better without him you know terrain can be soft they'll say something my dad and LeBron worst team James. This team you know we don't need KD look at their day over time the ball move more guys stepped up come really. But quiet distinct because of his demeanor. He's in a market worth everyone's quiet he's in its own a team that he's a superstar but he's also got it you never hear him say much so he's going to get the benefit of the doubt no matter what. That's just because he's quiet no one gets a scene he's not polarizing he just goes about his business. He's not funny he's weak keeps his goals and plays basketball he plays on a high level so people are gonna say. Why you get a pass because we see the waiting to play night in night out. All right so Durant finds its way into these situations because for example he leaves Oklahoma City and a lot of people are offended by the fact that I had to super team. LeBron finds himself in these situations because he's very polarizing. Because he makes comments such as I apologize to my wife for pursuing greatness so people are gonna come after him but kids is that what this is about quiet Leonard. Quiet guy nonchalant guy by all accounts good person good team player is that why we can't give them a pass this morning because you know damn well we'd be doing for hours on LeBron James at the moment. If he sat out that overtime period. I just depends on the severity of the injury in I think LeBron James he showed that he doesn't easily sit out of these cases when he's hurt he sits out when he's healthy. And that's why he is because I when he's hurt. He soldiers there and I don't criticize and sometimes for embellishing contact and being over dramatic. When things happen egos to the floor he holds his head and he's down any milk it. But the guys an absolute soldier he plays hard it he logs in minutes in he's going to his seventh consecutive. Conference finals he's beyond reproach as for coli letter to the fact that he's quiet any never beats his chest I think that definitely helps him get the benefit. The doubt now in between all the people who bashing on attacks line and this is just a proud proud and has caused us fine program. There is one that says in a time when Al pentagon as a back context why is it like when LT sat in the fourth quarter with a jacket on in the championship. Two players you were in that game went LaDainian Tomlinson couldn't go against patriots try to go couldn't go. Jay Cutler in the NFC championship the one you're I think it was maybe a year or two later. Didn't play the second half meg giving it the Packers home at Soldier Field he stood on the sidelines without what I believe was in knee injury and was. Frost. Are not going out there and line. Let's start without seek that was close to you he took a lot of heat. I always maintained its very basic you relieving a guy like guilty who's playing his first career AFC championship game is gonna sit out. It's it's not as debilitating as it probably was so is that a similar situation for you can take us through that. It yet until it really is and it was unfortunate to T seen how so many people crucified and you saw how the cameras would pay and to LaDainian on the sideline. And media was taken shots will guide the superstars uniting and this is game that they really need him to step up. MP we'll talk about the quarterback who'll look at Philip he played with a torn knee and all the stuff and want their. A quarterback he takes three steps are seven steps introspective he let the ball go. The Dana if you look at LaDainian montagne was one of the most prolific runners that ever played the game. What does he use his legs for to get out of trouble not being hit he wasn't a downhill runner he's a guide and made people miss. And you haven't torn meniscus or something wrong which unique you're talking about stability a running back. You can block their play because you just don't have you can't jump cut you can't do things you can explode so this guy it was a random beckon people were crucified and LT when he is a running back. When you are running back at last I checked. Head they have good means to be able to be a good run him back and it was just too bad. How this guy took so many so much cruise and Cruz who paid tried to cruise O'Brien joked it was just a sad situation and believe it or not it really hurt LaDainian. Big time to see so many people come adding my debt this guy was really depressed about it. Can't might not mean it's just so. Outside the realm of logical thinking too yeah so this guy who is giving his all for years years. Has played through everything gets to his first of what turns out to be is only AFC championship. And all I'm a little banged up I'm not gonna go you know a guy like that. I mean what would it have taken for you to not have played a net suitable pets Super Bowl against the rams what would need to physically be wrong with you to keep you add that game. Shoot bro were just. Don't let it similar to shoot it was everything yen I mean did it have to be bad I mean added I played with separated eight you know. AC joint in the shoulder I've played with separation shoulders he's got a shot at a play with a broken leg 22 weeks three weeks later. So I mean. It would had a bit of stress injury like. Broken ankle something like that in Baltimore Pittsburgh AFC championship game she lab and your hamstring and acknowledges I was wanna member bloc in Jimenez Phil Simms and and I knew my hamstring just rolled up I can still attract tourists tore it. It was tore. And how is that my gut. Still tried to hobble out there a couple other plays have time I'm pretty set on eating bad told me shoot did do whatever I just went in I was like. You get to a point we elect Abdul more warm and good. And that's more selfish to point out there and trying to go not playing so when you go out there and you're trying to play in you know in every one can tell you're not perform at a high level. You're hurting your teen yeah selfish and that's the shelf this. I was the one I was thinking about and I'm not calling Joseph Thornton selfish but. You look at the way he played when he was playing on the two torn ligaments and no it's gonna doubt the toughness but just how productive word yet as sharp shirt get knocked out and and that was always the point of. LT when he was on the sideline hurt. If he's not able to go in there and give you a 100% or 80% or whatever the percentage is too where he can be a productive player. That it is being selfish low and it is being a bit eat testicle so for me a guy like Hawaii Leonard. He sprained his ankle and it. It looks bad doesn't look super bad like he's gonna be out for a week or so but if he feels like he can't go. And he feels like he can't contribute. Enough to where he is a productive player that you can't criticizing. That's my entire point. Two questions when they hamstring went on you. Was that a matter of pain tolerance or was it a matter of effectiveness let did you would you add significant pain from that knowledge is paying Angel would affect couldn't lift the legs are so I was well and I was like. All of that leg. Like jetlag and you know might think who's been able to stay low tolerance and he's over at Charlie horse you can play well. I thought. I'm not digital bruise blow. God I'm kidding because look you like fell asleep for a minute you decided to take on dressed as though there and that that's the part as a coach I was arrested CYO and I pulled my hamstring. And now I discover re being. Screaming like out like I stepped out of contact and I was a slight. Hole like a grade one Poland on air and what happened and let's. Let's not equate and body to that mine disaster to try to Ariza for bodies and apple when you would have been intimate in in traffic in the unique came down now with a torn AC out what happened. I was gonna replay anymore now. It was a big league colleges recreation ball we're down eight with a minute ago Saddam's Angel it's a dugout did it seems like he should lead to physical activity to other people's ticket golf cart man that he did not kind of restarted. Question number two diesel was both pain. And effectiveness yeah this goes back to what I did was saying great point on it you're not gonna be effective I did the Jumbo Joseph angle. How much harm you doing your team by well gutsy to get out there if you're not gonna be effective in the next guy up could play at a better level. Higher level yet Kyra your team. You saw this in that same AFC championship game Welty wasn't playing Phillip rivers was playing he underwent knee surgery leaning in that game. Didn't some of you feel that really follow the back up may have been a better option not because he was better than Fella but the biggest book was so banged up he was able to give as much she needed. Went out or download Joseph I think they would had a fighting chance there's a game wasn't. Had a hand this argue that hand build a couple times try to roll out pedestal the ball away because couldn't get behind that need. Without a doubt Billy bullet just beat Indianapolis Colts and he was planetary high level. Plan do you look at he guys were revolving around and he had practice plan at a high level. This guy no way in the world they should win with him and I understand. You respect your veterans I kidded each one or lose with the guys who got you there but that was a bad coaching decision to say let's go would you know. With Philip Rivers who's a great guy and I guarantee of Billy probably wouldn't publicly come out and say it but no question. That guy was capable. And he probably could have beat the patriots I'm telling you that's how will he was playing in people look at his numbers what he did a week before in what he was too went. How would roll with him veto what might say that question in a great coach but commentary now that was a bad decision in the Philip. Little wanted to be a team player that guy could move he heard us in that particular game. Assessment Al honest assessment I appreciate. Philbin he's a great of course record or not knocking them up when you're in the locker room you're probably trying to evaluate your thinking is it felt he had tried to play running back met game. That same game. UN Michael Turner. Turner without. Her brash right now do you play LT and he's 45%. He's gonna kill you each had 70% he's not better than Michael you you're you're you got him he has to be eighty to 90% LT that is the going to be equal and the Michael Turner Michael Turner ran hard physical make guys miss you've seen it means a beast in you at Sproles he different guys you could only at that position so no LT did the test that. The ace up by the league he was home yeah kind of hot dogs and hamburgers on the sideline to running game. Now we talk about injuries varying degrees of injuries and keep you out of games or allow you back in two games what about concussions we see this battle time and time again in the pre season and spring training yet we know how it's going to be handled. When it's the playoffs it's a different story Sidney Crosby. Best player in the National Hockey League. Suffered a concussion in the current series against the Washington Capitals in game three which forced him to miss game four. The capitals at one point down 31 in this series have stormed back game seven I believe game seven tonight. Game seven tonight. Washington and Pittsburgh big storm back the capitals that is from 31 down. Crosby has a significant. History with concussions this was in his first held as probably wasn't even in sixth. This is a dude who missed big chunks of his career some thought he would never live up to the expectations. Because it would never be able to get back on the ice. So this is game four after sustaining a concussion in game three. In game six. Of this series. Monday. He goes headfirst into the boards you can go to ESPN or any one of these sites that have the the review he is flying down the ice that tangled up for the puck headfirst into the Boortz. So this guy just suffered a freaking concoction he has a history of concussions he's your best player he is your Fran. Tries player he's the league's franchise guy. And they examine him. And basically determined. What happened does not deserve to being. I just to remind my brand new phone into the trash can't why this theory is you coming on random that was crowded of a sudden they're Siri it was gut tells C was like joke whenever the headphones I just threw that phone in the trash I just got that phone I. I wish it was according nab battles classic. You're doing nothing didn't she just to see Sidney Crosby Siri just lights up. Yes Sidney Crosby hinder his career goals I don't need that information right now series here and at the finish the statement. You know probably the phones yeah OxyContin I just want them Motorola agent just give me the damn razor let you know back to where I was back in the day. Anyway. Didn't even put Crosby through the concussion protocol did you that's Siri. He didn't even put in through the they said you know what it did look bad enough. Everything's fine he's gonna be good to go to keep him in the game now at that play happens without a previous concussion in the pre season he's out he's done. It happens in spring training you see what happened well he wasn't showing any signs symptoms. Collegial panic was last year Rudd Brandon belt. Multiple baseball players must supposedly aware of how dangerous is. This is very dangerous and Joseph it's really sad is the way the NHL is. Hiding behind their terribly written rule that says based on the quote mechanism of injury. The independent concussion spotter can or cannot step in because the mechanism of injury wasn't a player and it wasn't the place. The concussion spotter was unable to step in and say he must come out. If Crosby would hit his head on the ice then the concussion spotter has the right to say. He's got to come out and get looked at but because the quote mechanism of injury serious he hear me in the garbage can. Because it was the boards the concussion spotter doesn't have the authorities stepped in so. It's a loophole in a poorly written rule that is not designed to protect the place I mean good god. Good god. A guy who just had a concussion with a history of concussion issues hits his head on something. And there's some sort of rule that says yet doesn't need to be checked that are you kidding me until you gotta realize in England did as well. That wing. Things when stakes are high. In your to have an opportunity to be at the pinnacle of your game in the pinnacle of your game complaining big time games. Coaches and management in every one knows how horrid it is to get there. And their sand that is a product in net product gives me my best opportunity for me selflessly. To reach my goal. Singles thing they don't care about the player. Speak any concussions and the player in this situation I'm suffering concussion I braille my head snowboarding once before everyone was wearing helmets this years ago. I was in such a fault such days I barely knew what I was doing for like the next hour right down pretty bad situation. You can't. Put a player in the position to make the decision where he looks WAM that the guy you're not in the cognitive you know an inept clearer state of mind you know you can't have that left your decision. If you're in in the guys protected from yourself date because in theory thing I got to turn it off I am protected from myself. It's it's eagle on the sideline Joseph you get dual smell and sought the ammonia you put it in they give me some water you wet your face. Need to tell you take a couple people breast. Baucus in the end up being just who you are just like a fighter Jill think it's not Downey gets sticking conditioning gets contest but he gets up watering Downey makes it at that route he's can cut us. But he gets nothing continues the fight. And it's no different than any others. Yet it's not working out this season so we're gonna rebuild. I don't know if the giants consult let them watch Alex palates about that next Jolo a deadline if I went to the game. Now back to Joseph lower dibs on 95 point seven the game. Great to have you in on this warrior Wednesday driven by premier Nissan of Stevens creek to the best deals busy you are winning team in the south bay premieres Nissan. Of Stevens creek on mine premier Nissan Stevens creek. Dot com. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors address at 905 today Jim Barnett. Eddy Curry. They say a fool. And his money are soon hearted born about a full most trying to get your money. Lavar ball. Somebody sees a fool some Macy's genius but he's out there are selling BLO two's which can ask question is and you got in this Friday when I was here. If it's the first installment of the issue why is called the LO to. Or the editor's note to I think there's the Lazio's do whatever it is why is it it to wise they're the two at the end if it's the first installment of the she'll. I thought immediately of the periodic table of the elements and it was a zinc oxide which could be ZO two. Is oxide when you have to move on like carbon dioxide. CO2 oh. That's immediately I thought I but dance your question. It's ludicrous. It's idiotic. It's pathetically and aim to have issue be called number two when you have never had number one. Disease attitude they act I kind of like that he's got I is it the pigs that Italian I was at the beach front big hits with no new assets. Now I'm gonna get looks cool that easily brought back I'm gonna take this put up don't come to me after he gave me all those big were to start Jerker ties and zeal to be sure if I. Honestly not to worry science park area. Periodic table of the elements slow all that actually shut you down there wasn't gonna be less tight following guys eagle two and let them. We're the question I've got that this guy. And you talked about it last week and generally this would not be something where I'd come back and then on Wednesday say Haiti wanna get back in this material. Keep showing up. Every single day you go to SI dot com Sports Illustrated and one of their lead stories is how. Lamar balls out their talent people or Michael Jordan consult 495 dollar shoes is he's not lots of ball. He's now on a ball he was Alonso ball while the ball himself 495 dollar shoes and they're following a very specific business model for anyone who's ever been at the MGM grand when Floyd Mayweather fights. Mayweather has not money team we don't know about the money team guarantees to be pretty boy Floyd now he's Floyd money Mayweather. One Mayweather sells his merchandise and MGM grand he's got pat. Hats that are just like these out baseball hats we haven't had that similar to what you read out big bill lecture I'd imagine you probably got that for free being O'Neal. Had you paid for May be about thirty dollars yeah. Floyd tells his about 40450. I just civil hat. Get out here nothing special about that amazed by nice hat. But the reality is it's not some special Corinthian leather or anything like that back east it's simply. If you're gonna be part of the money team you've got to have the money to be a part of this team. You've got to be able spent 400 that makes you money team that's what balls trying to quit two year. It's that's a much that she used. Maybe deserve the 495 it's that it you're gonna be a big ball where if you are a big ball are you would have 500 bucks to spend on shoes. Genius or pool is what I'm asking here because. He's been in the news cycle every damn day since last week we all talk about how we don't wanna hear about him anymore about how we're just fueling the fire I realize that I'm doing that right now my speaking about it. Easy genius that he's found a way to market these shoes these 495 dollars used every day fox keeps put them on TV ESP NT put them on TV. I think it genius part is. That he's given an advertising. Because I tell you right now. I was trying to you know I think I had a great line still you've got a trademark. Dual call. And foods everyone's a fan of something whether it's at the end of the Bible was banned books whatever people think. And that's okay this is a great niche famed food stadium parking lots fans all the fans and by the thing can't touch of flu that hot dogs the burgers a rich source companies don't booed fan votes on it people they're fan of food so Mike this is great. And that's important in a little bit amount Corning Cho and has certain Embraer air come out Ol Mike got cost oh that's gonna have a 700000 all worthy Gilbert. I had to pay it upfront and you don't sell you gotta come get into that advertising dollars into it so sit let me digest. And people like you digress but I'm limited situations sometimes divest. And weld on its belly it due west so. So I understand this song might if I wish I could have that packet had that type to whistle when you're talking about genius and that way. Know how many you're giving a guy I stayed in he's getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands of free so that part. Genius. I agree don't want that debs second part to this question. Think Nike under armour a devious anyone else to make she's worried about the sky. What I mean by that is. Worth. It's the rapper right. Just on those grammys very very popular tickets rapper doesn't have record label the visit dude who's moved millions of albums he streamed. At a ridiculous rate on Spotify and all the other services when it Grammy for the most popular guys out there making money hand over fist. Does that record label he cut the middleman out. That's what balls doing here they're cutting the middleman out if you're Nike are you behind closed doors worried that the next big high school thing like LeBron where the next big college thing that comes along. Looks at this model says talk. Maybe we don't need to sell. Hundreds of thousands if not millions shoes because we control it ourselves we may be able to make more often that even by selling black. I think did the eyebrows raise I don't know if we've yet reached fears status and just hearing you talk about it John laid out like that reminded me of a number of different. Avenues where this is starting to happen in the one that just struck me was not the players Tribune. The fact that players can now directly. Go to their own blog their own podcast. You know we're talking a lot about dream on podcaster. Chandler Jenny Frye as a podcaster Raila. Highly rated podcast are very popularly downloaded podcasts like we are going and the point is though these athletes and our finding that they can go direct to the fans do their own medium. They don't need the media. Any longer and you've got cord cutting now where people aren't relying on. The cable networks anymore people don't need newspapers anymore because you've got direct to the Internet and. So every different industries now are finding that the business models changing. And so I think that this is a little bit scary to under armor just a little bit. Because the Nike empire is billions with a capital B it's not gonna be felled by one individual. And is over aggressive father however ax capital gets involved seriously and I about a I just saw the finale stands finally caught up outstanding stuff but. I think this is deadly raising the eyebrows of the big merchandise companies but until you see a real success story. If this thing goes out and becomes a major Brandon blondes a becomes the best player in the league then you may see that the model changeable day. Here's why agree to disagree. Joseph this can be a multi billion dollar industry if they did it right in the mean by that if they took themselves out of it and the ball family insane. Mr. Neil how would you make this company grow and I can tell you that and we have to get submitted to me coming into I got a great idea that this company will work. In it would be one of the best companies out there. Maybe the greatest easier life. Right desperate team I got something great when we come back sadly we got key flow we come back in order to baseball but he's 645 or seventy early wedge in how you're gonna turn this take this thing the next level 'cause there's a lot more to this especially with the fact that would have Alonso is even a good player and the CO2 is they're being called. He wears number tale. You're never too that's why thank you text line. But that raises this question what happens when the third installment comes out you're gonna call it is CO2 three's. It's a confusing Chilo did back with Keith law. What are they gonna do about Mark Melancon and vibrant and again. Now backed war Wednesday. He is judo and Shaun Livingston to great Shaun Livingston which Jolo and games on 95 point seven a game. Shot another series another suite another week off. Backs only so hard as a sudden realize. Or. It's easy from my couch as I watch you guys annihilate the opposition but. Congratulations on everything that went on and you it's all congratulations on getting healthy and getting back on the court how you feel and. Thank you thank you good tiptoed. Noted though. Personally myself to get out there with the pros and oh in the church's soul you know well quote probably a year so. Eagle on the rhythm. The reported. Record. Did you get a chance to catch game five last night and if so what did you think of the spurs and rockets were you hoping for a quadruple overtime for those two teams. Man I was so you know fight it out today and you know that's what worked in the arrest of you know what else about what you're particular business coach. All of you know it's it is brutal out there are those teams there are like Camilla. John you have sleeve right it's a dog eat dog world and I got a bone hanging from a neck. Petty but he didn't do in this week and this time I'll have to eat guys they shark Eddy guys stay in that moment what are some of the things that coach as you do what is so many things is the veteran guys due to the younger players let him milled. Opportunity sometimes don't come around like this. It is true dot com note that that. The achievement. Experience kind of quite sectors don't need a year can try to understand await takes understandable. And and that opened the outcome of around and so. If they'll they'll build. Or the little. Move. Out of it rocked the boat no we've. We thought Brooklyn lots we'll. There and quell critics rip the board. It cracked it you know can shot god do the work in the it would who they hear directly. Don't they don't play much likely to work through a to try to station. Shaun Livingston would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven game. You guys made it look easy but the reality is you cause coming up their best season in five years ago froze it team. We're not sort of Gordon Hayward gonna stay or not what did you think of them compared to some of the other teams you've gone up against this past season on the rise when you set. Yes definitely they're McCain well coached team. You know what started quite excited to great coach. All and they are there personnel as well they have really good personnel. This year. You know Gordon Hayward who vote. And you only get better. And Rico beer collected better for those guys that debate their corporate typically a speaker that can rightly that they will continue to vote they. What a great job with the organization just could go great together. You don't look for the Clinton. Don't trick trick up. What is difference of being is if you know that Steve Kerr is behind he's the puppet master he's the maestro keeping you guys behind the scenes doing things but. It just seems that would drink mine incident different type of chemistry with different coaches could you seem as if he has that green light to shoot the three it's speak and is often especially when the open shot. It seems to be borne out is it just in Mikey to seven great relationship as well. Yeah I mean yeah it does he goes. Oh also. Problem you'll drape on top of the all of oh I mean the Krugman could buy out co written you know he will. Locate an eagle corn gluten. I don't know how articulate continue to opening day. Don't you type of complicated sell. Or rubles that's where march and so too. Being able to build code update. We don't cook about the court you know the culture that it's well. On a fortune so we'll probably you know. Defensively he's been awesome the whole team has been great to these eight post season games as it renewed effort and energy on the defensive end is it. The scheme of the switching what is lifted your defense to a new level in this poll season. The playoffs. Yes equipment and you know that. Quit it and don't go to a certain point because we go there that weren't in the cost a little. I learn a thing is gonna go play out that note that he would bolt on cold here. You know was quite well such as politically. Here. But the shark. At the school in the covered at school but put quote up. Scored a little. You know and we brought. They're really. You don't you don't vote even though we will not about the old. The audio kind of called the art bought the book and all the group. Well oil and. Shaun Livingston who Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game over the course this week while you guys are off. And Houston and San Antonio are playing to any of the guys get together to kind of watch the games and if so who's hosting that party. Sometimes obviate the pin it on the old one well to gather at home. Little different guys are kind of you know the world today. You know on the road probably you know you'll go well cola to dinner theaters or what other. You know. Out of that aspect of the get together you know maybe. Couple groups or whatever young guys Oka a way to go of the rope will look at the world and could not well. Solid she lose use my line that I jumped early union and show. Saw the block who you think about this team it's as close knit team you guys don't do a lot of talking. But you know the junkyard dog Dray mind he's on the bourses. In you guys are saying much and when you hear the shots fired winning you know somebody who's a dirty player and you hear Isaiah come back in many says say the cavs. You know they look good but lack of competition may be so. When you're that so does that make you guys is say that's our guy it doesn't matter we know now we got a backup and is that you guys fetal met because you know now people are saying. There's hair littler. Easier William traction and let you know well. Your group are. Good reports about military in the day. You know like we. Would leave it up there on the court. You know that that's I'll talk about all the park right on the launch though. Today so no whatever he Seko though that I can't tell rocket. Once we covered. It. Great she didn't you mom. The air. With tiger's. Going to be over six or roads. Are very it is you let them out of that sorts. Great to hear great to hear will listen Sean thank you so much for your time we know you're busy enjoy that Stanley time this week we look forward to start the next series against either Houston or San Antonio. Now backed a war your Wednesday. He was Jolo and DX. Great to have you end Jim Barnett and address an 830. Tim Roy's gonna join us at 90510. Core racquet 930. No walk off for him last night he must be completely bummed out. And Shaun Livingston at 945. Little football discussion coming your way before we jump back into the NBA top of the hour 7 o'clock. CG technologies. Is very popular sports looked operates multiple sports books in Las Vegas. Don't need to go over too many of the details that the one thing they do every year around this time is they release point spreads. On every single game for every single team with the exception of a week's seventeen. We seventeen you don't want to get caught up in that because players six certain playoff position things are determined they always lead seventeen all the Bork. Optimism on both sides of the equation. So would you prefer to start kids to be the honors widget for first start with the niners or the raiders in this let's start with the 49ers I think these spread will be interesting okay. Last year he remembered 49ers opened on the road. Carolina that was leaked to actually weak one was the home Monday nighter against the rams they won that game. And they were home dogs in. The next week he went on the road to Carolina. Double digit underdogs the week after that they went to Seattle double digit underdogs that I didn't get a lot of respect last year. The eyes of the bookmakers that not getting a lot of respect this year either but it's. Only a double digit dog one time. We to a Seattle thirteen point underdog. Now they're only a favorite. One time. That happens to be week three the Thursday nighter against the rim has on my. And then nothing for weeks seventy. But the optimism. Cleveland's an underdog in every single game they play they have one game their pick them to get checks. And they're an average underdog of six points per game with nine of fifteen point spreads. Having the browns as a dog of seven or more points. Just trying to wrap your mind around how little respect Vegas and bettors at large have for a team that's gonna be listed like that early. Mind boggling but for the niners by and large. It's a pretty respectable. Opinion. You're gonna come out week one hosting Carolina. Your four and a half point underdog at home against the Panthers not a bad spot. You plus thirteen at Seattle you gotta be a favorite at home Thursday night against the rams have ignored it on down the list but I wanna throw one out there actually two that caught my mind the load time and we think about this later in the season week thirteen. Going to Chicago. Possibly face rookie mixed Robiskie in the banners. Catching up four points four point underdog. Finally the letters and that's not I think by that point on the dial up a little bit. They willing you gonna have to you both teams I think you got to give the niners the edge forest quarterback that game. Got to look at what they have on their roster compared to. Mean it's too risky he started at that time revenge spot for a lawyer absolutely. I think that you look at that NC here's a guy Eddie Iran at a town warrior is going to be under under Helm. Niners got a pretty good running back they win got better on defense I liked I liked that matchup Joseph and I think that that's gained they'll win now or is another one. This is the game that's gonna be flat. The niners are a one point dog at home to this jaguar team late in the season dips your thoughts on that that I circled my dog food. I think they may have got this one wrong. Yeah I think we may wanna hammered out early before that line moves because by the time at that game comes around the niners gonna be playing well. We did our whole breakdown the schedule thing and I think I had and then at five or six wins. But winning three of their last five the 49ers schedule gets easier toward that the end of it. The team likely he'll be playing better buy than. That's what we should file and immediately Joseph let's go to break mentally if not your magic forward let's pool our bonds and let's get down on that week eleven and. Matters on the buy when they come off the bye week twelve their plus seven and a half hosting Seattle labeled and travel to Chicago is four point underdogs. They will then travel to Houston as nine point underdogs they will then come home in the face marry Oda and the titans. As three point underdogs interesting spot there because that's a sandwich spot. For Tennessee if you look at their schedule that's one they can overlook. That it's week's sixteen plus one against Jackson on the no line for the finale. Now when he gets the raiders because if you remember what we broke on the raiders' schedule. I told you the bat of the year was on that schedule. I'm much talk about for the raiders and to allow for two in the NFL. Since Thursday night game at home against Kansas City. Remember last year Kansas City in that situation was the bad of the year why you might ask because if you go back to the ninety's. There have been roughly fourteen situations. In which team has played on Sunday and then had to travel for a Thursday road game. 15100 or more miles across two time zones. In those situations. The home team. Thirteen and one straight up thirteen one against the spread that happened to the niners last year irks used to the raiders last year when he went to the cheese cheese covered. The NFL tries to a boy in these situations for Thursday nights but. The AFC west to can be difficult that she'd have to follow that pattern this year coming to the raiders. Vegas released it as Oakland minus three. Nothing more than a casual three points basically situation we could say it's a neutral field. They be Beckham you have three points in that game Kansas City in that travel spot well with the coliseum hype on a Thursday night like that. He got together to pound them. And you gotta figure that that's can be coming out party you know the raiders are looking for revenge all the times Kansas City better Willis has swept him. Now this year this has got to be a bad taste in the amounts and yet I think at home there in that situation. Plan at the coliseum that places them rocket I'm surprised appoints is only three points raiders listed as. Favorites in ten of fifteen games this year there's one pick them game. Which is week fifteen home against Dallas. Picked up while. That's Sunday Night Football memory serves me correctly is that not ya what would you do in that spot the raiders at home in the coliseum. Vegas is telling you they think Dallas is a much better football to much better yeah pick them what would you do it. AT&T seem because my number was winning ten games that's that's its morning team games this year and that's my numbered in just seeing this right spot on with the biggest. I doubt when you've got to take the home team because I'm gonna take car over the rookie the second year quarterback you've got to take more deck press got I believe in parliament Morgan Hill but is going to be purchasing gave Joseph because of the raiders' defense up front they got a shall be a little bit more they got to show us all a bit more one the worst defense is. Against the pass in all front nine number 27 so they have to show what's more because we understand. What that game's gonna be about it's going to be physical and you know again getting heavy doses he can well it. Hear your four dog spots for the raiders are your weeks four plus two Denver. They're not even Lang the customary three for home field so that's Vegas telling you that they believed the raiders are a better team than the Broncos this season. All of spot number two Sunday night in Miami. Dolphins a one point favored dialogue that's one that you look at that early because last year you got higher on the dolphins in just about anybody. Even though they make the playoffs. You're ahead of schedule on that one much like you were with the titans to those were two good football to know Miami must admit it plus it has lost early remembered that first game we got motorboat about Pittsburgh Pittsburgh motorboat almighty god they weren't the playoffs Shanahan Shanahan member you forget and it's. Easy this was an a game they got yeah that's good point they had a playoff caliber quarterback now so like it or not so they must not add any action on lagging a bit I just casually yeah. But it's a good Pittsburgh will bode so you deserve it more credit then because you high on the lashes wells the titles were to buy low candidates for you when you head on boats don't believe the quarterback Tim and I just don't believe in it think that his days are numbered they'll never get over the hump but it. Raiders raiders though with an upset in Miami Sunday night yeah. It's possible and a is that the second half of their back to back road stressed that stand out a year ago that road trip so pat Oslo the week before Seattle like it and we talked about this how do you pack for that chip did you go to buffalo in the snow and you go down to Miami. Haven't days off in Miami out of the Sunday night game unlike you Joseph no sir. It is the week before the by. How would you back to that yet and now I find that question the panel for and again it's I bring my trench coat. You know make sure to have that and that number must Beatles you know as I gotta get Lauren are in mammy I get down to South Beach and just in just steel is amounting just you know would do nothing crazy. But I'm definitely going to see and let the sand enigma to those as always good inning in the salt water so what is good for information truly good to skid the water move around it did towards going. So what is really good for inflammation Joseph. When one or two of those teams enjoyed going to what trench coat. Focus oh buffalo below freezing freezing yet but it trench coat coastal pot that it's going to be let me something nice and warm RBR Maine. Out dead mean trends whatever notice it's so he can Wear his trench coat down enough Florida and flash with a Speedo that's kind of I was Davies and Gibbs waging your fifth highs is like me now. Week fourteen and the dog spot plus three Kansas City no surprises there how about this one week eleven. Doing on major gap now the patriots are favored in every single game this season all fifteen. The fifteen that they have up correct fifteen an easy money in Mexico City. One and a half. There are one and half point favorite over the raiders that to me smells like an AFC championship game. One an app you're not gonna go down their late three. It's a neutral site game in the patriots are gonna be favored in every single game you can't tell me the raiders have any sort homes on it and it may be the crowds little bit louder maybe they have a little bit of experience with it but let's be honest the ballot check the patriots they know exactly but to get into. They do in the best things for the raiders in that game in my opinion is he motor voted. And I think they might well who won their thinking it's gone this time to change it. In an on going there in the long run into a buzz saw was known as the sailor sent a message is Colombia I think because the raiders are a good team. That's that game so that that humble pie and I think the loss sometimes in billion for the future. I gotta tell you I hate the Saint Louis it's not going to be popular. But the raiders laying one pat Tennessee and we wanna think it's a mistake adding the titans need to be favored there and it drains are going to be pretty good football team most sold me autumn last year. I've been following. Now piggybacking completely understood ride his back in the situation have you seen anything that makes you think the titans won't take a big step forward this year. No I was down there Joseph and I told you assess what the guys are running backs off the line and did win back their for that reunion in just watching that team. There'll they remind me a lot Joseph of the raiders. A unity guys that are together. They get a 100% work out OTAs these guys have bought and Steve waters we have don't show the strength coach he loves the guys in the nucleus. He even told me when it's hard to say remind him of that 2000 Tennessee tied to just as far as the guys been together they got a two headed monster bolt running backs get along you got a young quarterback dislike Clark in merry old. This is going to be a good team and they went out and got to go to receiver in the draft early because they wanted to make sure that merry old had a true number one because last year he didn't have a joke. Excellent stuff excellent stuff right there it's going to be funny to see how all this plays out Indy will wind up being the very near future with the weight time's been flying by Al establishes new addresses 730 we've got blue bright to gets giveaway at 845 up next. It's time for the scouting report rockets spurs up the driller last night in San Antonio. But quite Leonard. Doesn't play in overtime with the ankle injury what are we seeing about LeBron James this morning if he doesn't play in that same situation Jolo and it that it hybrids on the game.