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Thursday, January 18th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs are joined LIVE in-studio as the discuss Jalen Rose's comments in the Isaiah Thomas/Paul Pierce tribute video situation. Then they break down how the luxury tax works with MLB Free Agency and whether Tony Romo should broadcast for the Masters. World Series Champion & former SF Giants Catcher, Bengie Molina joins the program. 


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Yeah. Still little kids on 95. Seventy games for. Pick your poison today ladies and gentlemen pick your pleasing indeed. Wanna talk about Jim mode in saying the giants can do is blow through the luxury tax we get that way and we got another warrior victory for yet we get some spicy comments Jalen Rose Paul Pierce. We've got new California California. O'Neal back in the house comes in this morning very hot on the idea new California. There's a shock. Easy did Bruce Bowen B capital of new Tel plus note when I say fresh as you say no we know new California's they'll be present will be the capital. Did you guys out here don't want that fan yeah that part of it though just settles they would that would do that sounds like. You can't spell Fresno without know just to be fair about a half after an attack. Thinking. More on new California coming up at 1005. This morning legal and as I. He's in studio with us for this hour Clint has always a pleasure to see you we're gonna kick things off. We get this war your game in just a minute we're gonna kick things off when they create conversation that took place. On ESP n.'s NBA pregame show last night. Here's Jalen Rose talking to Paul Pierce about Paul Pierce is upcoming retirement ceremony in Boston. I gotta say a word for you for him. I was paddy hot on who all Paul Pierce Clarke and what I loved all of this all of our heart because to me. They're going to be all type of announcement that happened the 48. Minutes during a game OK all tax. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one of them wouldn't that does not take away from your situation like CoBiz they happened during the game could they are doing your own. Post game. Right but well the name you're gonna have different memories and act on the must get there so now you took another today's human are well. And put that ahead and then this is moving blood ordered okay. There any open all night when you troubled by your birthday today only your birthday hello people birthday happen that time. Those who don't know the back Arnold story here the details. On February 11 the Cleveland Cavaliers are heading to Boston take on the Celtics LeBron vs Kyra read the big story. Is that. For a long time this date has been earmarked as deep Paul Pierce Jersey retirement ceremony. It's gonna take place throughout the course of the entire game and then at the end of the game. They're gonna retire his number. Back in the beginning of January on January 3 the first time Cleveland was going to Boston. The Celtics wanted to play tribute video for Isaiah Thomas but. If anyone remembers Isiah had just come back the game before they catch we're gonna sit him for this game. So he said is there anyway we can delay it because I want my friends and family see I'm not going to be playing in this game the Celtics say sure no problem. They made it this game not realizing Paul Pierce's Jersey was going to be retired for bad game now chaos is broken out. And peers basically got it shut down so Isiah Thomas will not be getting a tribute video. On Paul Pierce is special night though he welcomes the program I'm sure when you're done. With warrior pre and post last night got a chance was is on these. How much would you think. I'll I don't agree Jalen. I think it's Paul Pierce's night DC get to dictate what happens. You heard Paul Pierce at the end there they're going to be Schoen. Tributes for him pretty much all night so. Jalen Rose say in whoa. Your trees until post game Willis really a whole night of Paul Pierce. So. Can't really Colin petty honestly if those meat I think I'll think I would mind if calls for myself and Paul Pierce issues I'll think I'll mind. Three minute video for Isiah Thomas and there at some point it probably wouldn't. Really annoys me anything like that but. It's his night it's his career. If you once remembered a certain way would just all Paul Pierce throughout the whole game and post game. More power to his OS it. It's Palin is writing these petty because you re exactly lit up perfectly it's very nice but a couple minutes honor Isiah Thomas with a video doesn't take away. From anything in because you're a bigger person than Paul Pierce. It's quiet for me it would be exactly but I can't act I can't judge him and say your pay firm one at that way galaxy that is judgment and I I often will stand. And if you can go get my gavel on my black wrote I'd be happy disdain and judgment for you because Palin has the right it is daddy. Big deal this two minute video on quote your night not everyone went to 34 Jersey and not everyone's wearing your face on a T shirt in the crowd at. So just I'll tackle that colonial you actually did something like this with LT pay the under 605. LT what was it last year he was getting inducted into what are the charges called the ring a monorail on ES is an airliner hit and you were asked to speak on his behalf he gave a terrific speech at halftime but that I felt he's their right absolutely. What if they wanted to play a video for like Drew Brees during that day a former charger who was coming back say that game had been in the against the saints then how would that play. I don't think it would have been a big deal because those guys understand that hey. Did you know they both had a great career they're both urged had a great career money still Hanlon I think it's I think it's it's different. You know when you look it Isaiah here's a guy that's playing does he really need to attribute right now you look at Isaiah you look at Paul Paul's like OK I'm done. I want this but I I don't think it is a big deal wedeman right shouted down what's three minutes Fries say yeah. I understand it's still would be Paul Pierce's night three minutes ain't gonna really you know take away instill from a stunned or you're done you're done the Nino and understand that sighting was Larry Bird there but that I did that he wants to have this time enough to know what I'm having this time. But given given Isaiah at three minutes. But what we're told that I usually a video for a chance to stand applaud say thank you for what you gonna do all move. On but it does detract from a moment where you could have played yet another Paul Pierce highland Glen the one thing is Oregon Paul Pierce's. I don't think it's ever been done before that song they shared their retirement Knight and he's they gamble. All the good enough when I don't be the first one had to share march Harry Martin retirement night and I think it's always think it Rajon Rondo. From a completely different city pretty much on prompted decided he was gonna throw his name and that here he wanted to comment quote what is he done. Preferring to Isiah Thomas. Reminded that it would only be a short video tribute similar to the one Rondo received when he returned to the garden for the first time after the Celtics held in the Dallas. Rondo said quote. This is the Boston Celtics. This isn't the Phoenix Suns no disrespect to any other organization. We don't hang conference titles. Do we hang do we. Do we hang it going to the conference finals. What are we hang here championship banners Rondo was told okay cool calm and not some of that towards the end result review times. Yeah I I have got some of that at the end but the fact remains Rondo clearly not cord decide their biggest problems with this for me jealous for one they're doing this video tribute out of guilt because they feel bad to the fans that they dealt Isiah Thomas after he was Emilia fans' favorite dog under the Connie finals. So it's a guilt video anyway. And secondarily we've gotten to a point in the NBA where. Every returning player has got to have some special done formed. And I know it it's differ with. Jordan Belgian star in Chicago but it's a big deal Jordan now long night Chicago of the team that drafted and we're always looking for all these story lines. And all these angles that you Harrison Barnes coming back to gold state sold so go back to whatever team. It's not that big a deal would not the play video tributes for a guy. Who he's eating diet he's our go to golf Amy played three years feared team nice little run when he comes back. When he introduced each year for many of playing basketball games. 155 career starts that first season the Boston the only appeared twice won games no starts and played all 82 games in the 1516. Season. Then last year started and appeared in 76 and 82 games so the audio problem with the Celtics won the do interview Friday Thomas and yet our pro partners won the showdown history do absolutely. If you know. You don't want them all at any point Stalin's Russia here you know what it's a collective effort. Only had played three years there do we really need a three minute video of the greatest divides he putted the classy thing to do want to have interviewed her dad at the Seattle I didn't this and stuff Lyle lost his sister and courageously played a game after words and played extremely well. Yeah I ask you this that was a great nick that was in the playoffs right yeah. Still play your right ankle and a direct tribute video of all knowing this chair and you know maybe we can throw up his tax returns as the way to end video he will see last Monday 1099 law. They have like 780 million dollars. Sean left his job. You gonna just Winkler is this squeaky sneakers are good and Florida and. Honest tonight plenty David does all throughout my. Hariri and a you know the biggest winner of all this is all this Jalen Rose ESPN is looking at that thinking how many years left on his contract. How much do we need to go ahead and give them play the beginning of this again and listen the Michelle beatle who's hosting the show this in the Michelle Beatles reaction just you know like the first fifteen seconds. Up Arianna Roberts ordered a first. Not Paul Pierce please say work for you brown. I must pay. All know you right there just cut it right there laying right there. Within five minute watch that clip was everywhere on social media everyone was talking about it we're leading the show with the today we begin in the warriors next obviously but. That right they're furious that that's what you want that's what basketball pre and post to become. Look at Shaq and penny and Ernie and Charles they're winning awards every year ESPN show a Jalen at pig comment and and a what was the point you made right before we came on there. I just love the fact that he actually called not too good pace that's the thing out of he has so many people out there who'll say something bad about somebody adult. They'll say and they against them but then they wouldn't say to their face at least he sends his face. Yeah Jalen dollars and one in my fair lawn is here and tell you what Saturday pregame show for the rockets you vs saint. That's why I was paddy did you do your love for her I don't know it's just hate coming here so I could be unfriendly every day. Things around here. Thank you I mean getting a lot. Off on a lot taken place in Chicago last night there's some really cool T shirts are handed out a locker room for the game Klay Thompson comments Nick Young what do you think about the first half of the Nick Young experiment in gold say we all had to get to with Glen out but we believe this segment with you. In good hands. I'm I'm the only thing they live here. Think it's. All. Yeah everything. Now and then my little things did they might you don't know. But how do you even though. Chill Boeing did is continue. On 957. Big game. Staff curry with thirty Klay Thompson with a season high 38. Sonic Kurt had this to say after the game about slashed Brothers. They were on fire balls on the same time much when that happens we'll talk to me obviously but it felt like we just couldn't quite pull away. Can they were making shots and they were keeping pressure on us and forced a lot of turnover. Always score a lot of points off our turnovers which kept them in and things like Tom yeah I mean it was there was even an old school. Splash for other games. Old school slash Brothers Klay Thompson with a season high 38. Here's China clay after the game on the road streak. And I know that when you have six. We're very tough game satisfied sells the trip and they do go undefeated on this road should've been around. Get them restroom and then B it also. It's exciting and I. And optimistic about the wreck because you don't put pressure on us so good the density. Atlanta if we do in fact break off the new California old California. I'm voting Klay Thompson governor of all California. Faster ironically. What do you think about that last night 38 points from clay and it was up eight relative quiet 38 staff was going on the bulls were hanging around Jordan Mel gets hurt I'm Chris Dunn lanes on his teeth with three minutes ago in that game there was a lot unpacked and I think last night. Yeah I was rushed to see for Chris Dunn hopefully he's OK broke his teeth food that was a rough. Yeah he's shattered his teeth they showed its teeth on the common ground actuaries whose dislike crumbles minus. Why widely Ellsbury Jonathan amount bird just left him not memorized my grammar when Isaiah came and many eager to grab his anonymity I'm sure I had about Jordan and yeah how Jordan bells ankles broken the way he reacted to a disease bang in the ground everything I know you gotta be careful when you on what they're trying to block things sometime be careful. Yeah you know so be careful ready try it's just trying to get the block and this has to do any change how. Now we are any loved out of that old news stats but he would have to go any blue marketing can play big and he's got a nice play here that has been. Game last night but he he really. Reminds me of a guy like Chris that's maybe not. Maybe doesn't have that handles Chris that's the letterhead of the floor death he can put on the floor yet his hair Mason looks super young because he just doesn't care about it. And he just lets it go but the big game was. It just showed us that the lawyers can basically defend for a one quarter and still win games they did against Milwaukee did against the cavs just one quarter than the fourth is a fourth corps those two games. And last night it was the third quarter they locked down defensively and their offense is old enough to keeping him under control. No matter what the other team does a make imposes here and there fourth corps. The bulls try to again we're just comes off the bench she's doing this things Chris Dunn gets to shaken Macon Macon some buckets here and there. The wars hold them off all it took one quarter defense. Let's set the odds let's set the odds this is fourteen straight road wins the all time NBA record is sixteen. Set by the 7172. Los Angeles Lakers the same lakers. Who broke that mark during their epic 33 game winning streak. In order to break the record the warriors why have to win Saturday night in Houston giving them fifteen. Then they're gonna come back for three home games next week they're gonna put the nix the wolves and the Celtics. Following that. Tuesday January 30 are on the road at Utah all getting ready for that game against Utah they're gonna have to full nights of rest than played the jazz. Then they get two more full days of rest and not try to break the record in Sacramento Friday February 2 Groundhog Day from two got a winning Houston on Saturday. We in Utah all on January 30 and in Sacramento. Friday February 2 did they set the mark. They are they are gonna say they're gonna go in Houston motivated and I think you'd get dream on back in Iguodala back with a nice long. Mean what 45 days' rest going in a Houston. They become all like he says that three game stretch and it's just a brief trip to Utah a one off and you got days off before. That's manageable the Sacramento game you mentioned it. That is payback quietly to gains have been giving you all you can handle so you'll be highly motivated. On nine jobs birthday of course is familiar ground hogs day is officially now. Disseminate their. Ms. Boyle term one that day until on our own and so on teen jobs in the buildings all be watching the kings game. His eyes he doesn't want it right yeah I figured if he did speak that out he's a dad who all of my birthday is to wash the lawyers break the record. In Sacramento. DC and get a seventeen yet in his G she's going to at this when Joseph Glenn that it put a lot of money on it you look at what's going locking this up long. Lock. Actually actually got one of those times both clintons please go on you think about it. Mean I'm not playing drain money do you they're like okay they knew they could handle the bulls in now is okay now we're gonna go play the rockets let's get these guys back you can be full strength on there that's a great spot form. I really believe you heard clay ought to be cool it would be called malice I do tell what motivates them this is going to mode renowned they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for me it's like watching Cinderella you know what's gonna happen then is moving yard no way this thing is born you watch these guys play. It's gonna be happy ending the way they do it the way they go about their business. It's Cinderella but he seemed get a seventeen. I do Lou I hate the hot. How big they are low and on the road this team loves playing on the road and then you've heard guys admitted. Sometimes we relax at home we relied. On Doug nation in the great crowd they get behind us and sometimes we just a little lackadaisical and home but on the road. It's us against the world blue lights shut not to crowd and I also think there's the element of they love performing for their fans. All over the State's. Lawyers have more fans than ever and we're looking in the Chicago stands last night and he sees some people here ask down. Has it told warriors here you see a dagger three and you hear more sharing than you should I become a bull's eye and I'm there I do not exactly so they already love playing on the road and you add this extra excitement of going for this record and and they definitely. All right here's the bad the bats that's gonna take place in this equation. He got Houston on Saturday Trevor Ariza out to the suspension Gerald Green out do the suspension. Then you're gonna come home to three home games yet plenty arrest for you told them plenty arrest for Sacramento. Did break the record everyone talks about it. Quietly after the Sacramento game they had again on a plane and go to Denver to play the nuggets take the nuggets on that Saturday night and they'll break the record and then they'll lose outright for the eighteenth. In Denver against the nuggets moon that's not. And totaled trapped task I remember all over the Bay Area predicting a warrior a loss and announced very excited right now. Because you have all this focus and build up right you know not all these games that you probably beat the knicks. You'll probably be the walls although quietly that's going to be a great game. The Saturday night game against the Celtics is gonna be huge loans can be focused primetime yet some rest he beat you tell you get some rest to beat Sacramento you break the record everyone's happy right they need an altitude of Denver and the nuggets are waiting for you and the nuggets caution earlier this year or early decision I don't sneaks Obama weird times yeah. They're there isn't a bar in the warrior killer. Nikolai yield is just a tricky team it's weird high altitude exactly exactly we can get into that also here's the key. Saturday's game means she sent a reason and Greene both out to game suspensions based on what happened in Los Angeles against clippers. No suspensions for Blake Griffin or Austin rivers do you agree we do you hear how. He owed the rockets are that's gonna next Joseph lo did inclement advice and get chills going did continue. On 9570. Game. Yesterday. On Kate and Matt coal ski. Had former MLB general manager Jim voted on the program. They asked about the giants. McCutcheon Longoria. And they asked him what the giants need to do next what are some of the gaping holes that need to be addressed before the start of spring training here's what bode Madison. And I. So now he duet to a couple of really good trade getting on gory and McCutcheon. And now it's time for Larry dared to play checkbook baseball bat sick now it okay if they lose 101518. Million. The next couple years. I hear I mean eight yeah. It's okay you know why he page stadium mosque there comes a tiny one owner asked have broken bones. And block third time job to do it okay it's not a lot. But I would say are out of every fifteen years there's a three or four year period where no doubt as to hurt bleed. Larry Baer you pay like damn gym way to put enough punch you like that when you spend the money list denying he. But here's the situation for those who may not understand the luxury tax. Right now. The luxury tax is set at a threshold of 197. Million. The giants currently have a 191. Million dollars committed to their payroll so they've got about six million to spend should they choose to do it. Based on the position the giants are in if they exceed. 197. Million dollars in payroll this year. They will 0850%. Tax on every dollar spent above the threshold friends and move. 55050. A fifty because they're repeat offenders that's why a lot of teams like the Dodgers. Are trying to get under this year because it resets the repeat offender rule and then you can go in the next year's spending far far less here's an example. Save the giants were to go out and sign. Eric Dyson center fielder formally of the Mariners to a one year six million dollar deal that would take them right up to a 197 million dollars every dollar spent. After that they go sign Lorenzo Cain another outfielder who's on the market to day let's call it a one year fifteen million dollar deal. They are now fifteen million. Over the tax as a result they're paying Cain fifteen million. And then may 07. And a half million after the fifteen for what they're over seven and a half million goes into revenue sharing. Now some would say it's only seven and a half million. And the giants are basically printing money but do you wanna see the team put themselves and that sort of situation do you agree would you mode should Larry Baer. Starts ran. No I don't I don't agree to them because this is a prime year where you can wait. And see what happens in this free agent market sic my for a couple more weeks and see what players are still out there and what prices. Are still speed being spent on the players that are still out there because you've only got. That's 64 to six million below the luxury tax threshold a new one definitely beyond that. You wanna get to a position where next year with a big free agent class you are not a repeat offender against the next year if you go over the threshold. And then you revert back to a 20%. Tax hit when you're over the the luxury tax threshold. That's obviously a lot better than the 50% actually paid this year and for what for an extra outfielder right now you can get away with what you have. And maybe I cheaper alternative to getting both those guys and going over the luxury tax. Respond depends on what happens I think I think right now are they gonna stay put maybe but you have to look at it is this way to say. Let's secede are I think that this whole organization insane and we can peak now okay and how well do we compete now. How far and then when we get the closer trade deadline do we make another that would make another splashy trade. It's going to be it's going to be predicated on how this team comes out. And how they play because if they look like they're competing. Then I think I mean those guys they'll spin than necessarily money. That they need but I think right now they're gonna hold serve maybe bring in one guy take get a Tibetan go to that press so mark. In Minot they have to do it. But it's going to be predicated where this team is before the trade deadline boating continued when it was on Le bon pain and Mac yesterday afternoon talking about the free agent market in what could be available. This free agent market has done a giant complex and everybody sit out there I free agent market and sitting out there and we're talking on Friday January 17 and they're all sitting out there. If so okay give up that second round take that second round pick we never play in the big leagues. Go back and look at the giants' second round pick for the last twelve years go get Lorenzo Cain. I live in center field goal get Girard died and whether platoon with a honored and get the outfield gone out of the way and then start working on a bowl and you don't have to spend money for the bullpen. The TV guys are creative and not who brand body you'll find a way to get a couple more good arms minor trade no big deal. Think about that outfield. McCutcheon and right. Lorenzo came in senator. Left field platoon between underpants. Terri dice if you bring him in Dyson can also back up and senator now suddenly you have a lot of speed in the lineup. If you need to pull McCutcheon out of the game late because he's a defensive liability you have insurance there you have insurance and underpants it's gonna cost and cash. And I don't think there's a giant head out there was gonna side with the dads I think you have a reasonable pro ride reasonable financial progeny were in Larry Mayer C by love to be talking right now but the fans are gonna say spend the money spent the money we're spending twelve bucks in beer spend the money on yeah. And then the organization would say to the fans we have spent the money which is why. We're up against a luxury tax threshold now this would be the fourth consecutive year because they spent. Over that number and they've won three jet engines for use of your giants fan and you're crying over them not spending. You just out of bounds your flat wrong and the organization sees Gorky Hernandez. A guy who hit 280 after the break last year let's not forget that. Cortese can handle about a little bit and he's a good center fielder he'll Alston Slater 25 years of age. Whose launch angle improved dramatically over the second half yesterday. Get a lot of let's get an idea and Diego didn't exist below shout out Enos. Does I don't know. Yeah this month dangled his eyes improvements got Cortese in his defense. And of course Stephen Dugard who we've all talked a lot about even though anonymous never see him actually play in person. He's the guy to come June that the they got up and healthy so you don't need to get all excited and run down the hill and try to get all the free agents. Brian Zabian and and company they don't walk down the hill and handpicked. The one they want eventually how comfortable are you is Gorky Hernandez has to play significant role this season. You mentioned that he hit two weeding the second half last year he's shown some flashes but if he needs to play a regular role in the team's done if there's no Dyson no Cain they're just gonna move forth like this. How confident are you in that out somewhat confident more confident that I wasn't last year's outfielder wesun Denard Span out there and really a hole in left field with Jared Parker. Not ever materializing. And you go through any check it out for April. And may if things aren't going in the right direction and of Dugard is not ready and Gorky Scania and flavors launch angle reverts back tomorrow a ground ball line drive approach. Then you've got to trade deadline and if you're still in the race you go out and get a piece at that point. You don't need to go overboard. And try to get another bad in this region marquee birdie run into pieces. That's great stay below the threshold. Go with what you have it should be enough. Triple 8957957. Do you wanna hear from you do you wanna see the giants go out make that move Dyson and Lorenzo Cain. Granted it's gonna cost 50% and luxury tax but they are print money down there. Triple 895790. I Sidney Lowe it's always easier to spend the credit someone else's money right now let's see here I'm like this that's great to Latin get a dog splash. I think you got to understand though mortgage giants are in any you do now tease okay they can do is maintain immunity understand what did sale IQ like you alluded to. But is is that really getting better. In my cute how much can this guy and less or any less a season or have to season are you not comfortable elect at any views into why why risk it. Why viewed as seen here we're all talking about it won't be comfortable you don't Phyllis comfortable so quiet and or itself did make yourself comfortable some galway and don't go in behind the eight ball that never using win so. I think you do have this man in army shortage you have security going into the year saying look I have again this is something happens we have another security blanket so I think did you have to spin at certain times because if you really wanna compete show the fans did you move money can because right now if you say he may be I'm not really comfortable so does that really put in all does that really make an effort that you really need. It's great point great point I want to disclose tries for second if you're driving around do not closure rocks keep your eyes wide awake pay attention at least and expect. And connect first game next season at home giants come off the road trip first game against Seattle. Day game weather's nice we got a cold beer and our Andrea beside you everyone else show apparently quit drinking these days. Bottom of the first. Lorenzo Cain leading off. Andrew McCutcheon batting sect Obama. Buster Posey batting third Adam Longoria batting fourth Brandon bell batting. AF branding Crawford batting sixth owners hands batting seventh. Joseph panic batting eighth. Webber's pitching that day batting ninth IC and off the bench lady if you need for speed if you need him for defense. Oh lord here. This feels good this targeted area that is a lot of speed on that team all of a sudden yes OK great and then now. The next you're comes out opinion that your payroll was fifteen million or twenty million over like he's saying he had to pay an additional. Ten million on top of that and you probably. Maybe don't have enough to get over the Dodgers the next year comes up and you're still luxury tax threshold and you're looking at a 50% annaly. And now you're asking the owner should be gotten stand for my shot though peanut harper makes and the teams can say well look jelly. We overspent last year we all these contracts now we're stuck with. I think if you stand pat. There are better bargains to be added to trade deadline and if you bring you Lorenzo Cain remember. You have to give up compensatory picks and even though Jim Bolden said Elliott second round pick it doesn't always work out if you do it right. Your second round pick absolutely works out they just traded their second round pick Ryan Reynolds in order to get McCutcheon so. These picks have valued you don't just. You know waste them away because you want some quick fix to go in luxury tax do to improve here people when you got to people on the. On that agreement you triple 89579570. We will Larry Baer to do what's the obligation of ownership in this situation you're got a lot of cant just say spend we don't care about the luxury tax. If for example you pick up Jarrod Dyson at six million for the year and that puts you read it a 197 million. And you can get Lorenzo Cain which you're not gonna get him on a one year deal and he wants like four for seventy sometime back but you paid a one year twenty million in your. Twenty million over you're gonna owe ten million in luxury tax. The fans continue to sellout park by that march. By the Beers overpriced food all that at some point and I don't wanna hear about your luxury tax issues like what's the commitment. That ownership pose even after delivering three World Series do they owe that to the fan base. They look now. I'm don't owed that to them as long as you are competitively spending and they all work. Their payroll is out on the exact numbers where we sit right now they got to the top seven if not at all. Reggae and they'll be tough for your commitment the commitment from ownership is spend competitively. And put out a competitive product you don't have any. Commit New York oh the fan base to spend over the luxury tax and incur penalties. Upon yourself for what fruit you're least I don't almost 200 million new team. Do you really think it makes sure they'll go to get Bryce Harper see that's a great point everything has I think harper Machado and Kershaw aren't going to be in the senate well. So you don't won't know until we're gonna be able to save the money for those guys they share. It's only two reds have been taken anyway so it's best to try to say let's do it this way we're going to be over the cab a mixture would do would be get it is it really gonna mean. Feasible probably not a great point to turn it over to the phones in just dissect it we get some tickets to giveaway we're gonna do this on the tax line. Detect fine is 95795. Beazer tickets to Pebble Beach the AT&T pro am defending champion Jordan speed playing with some your favorite celebrities like Bill Murray Carson Daly Tony Romo did his personal favorites get your tickets today HT TPB golf dot com first person answered this question correctly on the tax line Penske auto sales that come which is 95795. Earlier today we talked about new California vs old California. In new California is in play well as a suggestion for the capital what with a capital on new California DX 995795. We turn it over you. How fall are you wanna see the giants go the rest of the way during free agency. Hot stove before pitchers and catchers report brands are obtaining Jerry Dyson. It's gonna cost. Not a ton in terms of payroll but in terms of luxury tax do you even care about labor's money. You like dips are you thinking about the future being prudent. Triple 89579570. Matt in the lay out Matt thanks for call on the program what are your thoughts. They're both paid and then I am I wanna than the sum of money that you guys just made a bicycle arranged. And that I think the possibility. You just mentioned a little bit of Bryce Harper. I'd love to see another very balanced caliber player come into that they insert it yeah. Matt let me ask you something now. Actor Don Carlos Stanton said no and knowing that harper has an affinity for the cubs like Lowe's said it does it feel like it might be too difficult to attain a harper match out of in the offseason. Oh man concede that's it's million dollar question right there are several million dollar question so. I'm like yeah I came in all assertive and you guys change my mind so how are gonna appear in the each. At. Twisted up it's a tough argument because even though it's not your money as a fan you want your team to be competitive and you want. Ownership to be able to put. A plan together to keep them competitive if they feel as though being this deep in the luxury tax threshold hurts them the and you have a golden opportunity to reset right now and get underneath it ahead of next year's free agent class is more than just those two players we can run on the whole list of people but. Even if they miss out on the shot though and harper fine there's plenty of other big fish you wanna be able to go after and if you over the threshold. It's gonna be even harder next year and ask them to spend over that number this year you the chance to get under it and still be competitive. The metrics are saying 8586. Wins right now. Isn't projection or floats. You don't need to do. Blow this up and go over the. It over the top well if it's close let's put it over the top they don't like nets. It Dyson comes in at six million it puts you right and a 197. And you can get Lorenzo Cain for one year twenty million I don't know if he can't he's gonna wanna long term deal he's 31 years old. But he's looking around the market he might realize damn it might be better to reenter or next year what ever. If he would agreed a one year twenty million UB twenty million over which means you would owe ten million. A luxury tax ten million other teams. How much is ten million for the giants to meet ten million is insurmountable. I'll never be able to come out of that right. Ten million to load a little bit different Loney home you know you rub on big quarterly. Guys shows that ten million or. A very different lumbered to a lot of different people on this one is ten million to the San Francisco Giants if that's the penalty what's ten million. It's not a lot when you spread over his whatever thirty years 33 team general Mandy partners that they have there. You go to them all and you ask him hey it's just ten million would you guys pony up sure. They go back and trade deadline when your four games out of the second wildcard you say. We're looking to acquire more salary. And another fifteen or another twenties could point oh by the way next here we go shopping. You guys all know where in the 50% luxury tax threshold still because I ask you for this money earlier already so you keep going back to them and you keep trying to get. Tens of millions of dollars at some point yeah I draw a line in the stand up and you say to your management partners and your ownership group. This is the year we under the luxury tax so that next year. When savient Evans and dare go to that group and they say. Look we did what we wanted we stayed on the threshold now we're going after the big finish now we're gonna go over the luxury tax again it's much better plan. Chill blowing discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. He just so happens to be a World Series champion a two time golden glove winner. Former San Francisco giant cancer ladies gentlemen Bengie Molina returning to the program here on 95 said in the game good morning Bengie how Gloria. They'll monitoring guy played a door color. We're doing fantastic and as always thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us there we always love catcher now talk a little baseball with yet. This time a year I imagine you're backing your playing days what do you think it is mid January he had this countdown light. Shoot if she catches red round the corner I didn't get to take a vacation. GAAP and other Buckley right a cure is getting bigger by occasional bite bite each time you're too late but he got to wait another seven or eight months man. After a short. Let me tell when you hit new years then as a baseball player because that's really young talent and turns and you think geez pitchers and catchers. Six weeks away those resolutions in the work I asked him in place by then. Well. I usually took I didn't make the playoff I usually took a month off. Or month and I have yet to let my leg. Refreshed without the catcher but Emma I can't rule that. That the shortstop and outfielder they take a month off but they are large in output next year man I mean they eat that up you know like. If you are doubting that Samberg. Or in October you take that all up overall toward black Asian whatever you want. And then in the mid on November you'd start working your body started moving around he's there. Billiard playing and then by late December ever really dead serious especially in the back you know one more baseball playing. That's how we do it you know. No question bin what do you think the giants are going to be gig in engine and cuts you know lecture Toni home runs is seen guys forward he's been able to do since he's been there. In the majors what are they gaining whatever players this guy going to bring in what type oppose slowly bring this line up. Well actually I like decide you know I like the trade I I I think he's gonna bring class I mean not not collaboration played active they have it. Companies gonna bring let me like okay. That's right you know like that like an all star guy. Into the lineup. If they're not gonna not to worry about anything is anybody better at it or not you know it crap. They got to have a very exciting Langer man I can't wait to see how they're gonna do because I even though they blocked more or. They most got something on there there although there. Leave. Far out so I you know a lot of things that I like about the guy and it that they golf where men. That the ownership and then the idea and whoever it there it big charge. They gulf where they're not afraid of getting guy like like that these guys you know everybody thought that. They were not gonna make a move or anything man I loved that I'd love that they go out there and ask the player they ask I'd love to hear about it. Back okay we're gonna do whatever it takes to win the championship and that that the giant man. World Series champ Bengie Molina joining us here on 95 cent in the game where do you think boats is gonna wanna but that McCutcheon in the outline that we've been going over this I mean he was a lead off guy earlier in his career he hit mostly third last season he does bring some right handed power to the lineup. So do you wanna consider. What the Astros do with a guy like George springer at the top of the lineup would you rather have them somewhere in the 345 spots. No man and I I think he's been caught that ball in the in the third. The third spot light change I don't I don't fear. I don't see why I mean. But there may be keeping my third game or. Order or in third embossed 34 man I mean those two guys are done out on next year hitting down there right next to each other. But I don't think you can go wrong. Anyway I think those two guys said. They got that they've got to bring it band that shares are gonna be all right man I'm telling you. As you look at this line don't you think about who could be the lead off hitter what direction do you go because you don't have drill. Speed anywhere in the lineup and you got a question marks and senator feels it's not McCutcheon. Do you look to maybe try Joseph panic out there. Well yeah you'd either have who basically had the lead up bodies not something simple he also elect. We also let let me keep and there are some brought to the table or. Or a guy like that I mean not easy at all so he cannot just put somebody unless. Well let it works right I mean it rewards who cares if they've worked goal. But I think I think they they'd like you that you know they just try anybody there but that. By the same time it big to go find somebody that the true leadoff guy. They do anything they're being you know about it. And cat does is make this seem relevant I understand they made these moves engineers like OK guys now they got better. But how much better you know you look at their loss who. Records last year compared to dish here excuse me does it put him in a space where you think this team is going to get to the playoffs can they be serious contender now are what else do they need to get them over the hump. Well remembered Viet big guy and depend on their teaching. That the that there are a 100%. If they're pitching goes well there's going to be either. But in the gay. We're not we're not only counting on on the Dodgers got everybody know that Doug are very go to either have a good team. And yell and so they're going to be there but but. The Colorado rocky men they're. There powerhouse I think I think he got that yet economy and so. They're they got their hands full. But I really believe it they're teaching. Ball well remember last year a lot of big games in other peaking obviously a big hitting it well. Depicting look. Welcome as great as they want it so I'm counting on the guys to beat pat that Beijing up back up to look at and label it couldn't. And meaning winning a lot of games and I don't hold that position is very tough but. They can sneak in man elected guy in trial which like the pitching dominant pitching guy so any time I thought they came. Like they die and pat even though they lost much more but are still many though that they can they have. Play Mike Martino. And your brother Jose played with a Evan Longoria in Tampa Bay has he told you anything about what the giants are getting in Longoria. Our consistency I mean obviously there aid being vertical slope side the last couple years I think. And that doesn't help but. He called me he says we've already eager come to play. He liked the play and and and ego and compete. These low heat up winning. He's a guy who you've gone out everyday in the lineup. If obviously if healthy. He's gonna give you look Lou a lot of numbers we've done it is that Ed Ed like giants I may have been right there hitting right bill would be talking about all we don't have a. Three or four. Up five hitter you know let Ken constantly bring roadway you got that you got McCutchen. You've got you that I love Gloria and then you have Butler folksy Kamal man UK if you are a good again went right now. I may not be ex attic they'd like so excited we're spring training you know what I'm saying. Copy of let's go let's get deeply wrong and go. I like my team you know Adam thanks so escalation of feel. Yeah I think fans are excited about some of the additions would still questions about senator field and also the idea of Brendan Bell if you move Buster Posey to first base DC belt having the ability to go on and play some left field and a spot. I would play anyway I'm bell mean I I would say hey listen you put me in this spot that well let them getting toward time that day. You know I don't care where you put you can put it behind in the in the bullpen area and how I'll play that position but. I've I'm happy to play whoever it is confirmed him you know. Beautiful stuff beautiful son I couldn't agree with you more World Series champ two time gold glove winner former San Francisco giant catcher. Check him out on Twitter at Bengie Molina one Bengie Molina joining us here on 95 cent in the game always a pleasure Bengie look forward to doing it again soon take care and thank you very much. Well thank you meant thank you for having me new show you guys seek out. Chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. You are one of the few people I know that enjoys watching golf as much his idea remorse now back. How are you gonna feel come April when we go to Augusta national and Tony Romo is invading your masters coverage and he just lost his life was they would never let him at Augusta National never do it. And I can never tell caller Bridgestone Lebanese are calling that he's going to get back chin is gonna be behind the scenes shaken hands would listen Billy packer who's the president. Believe I don't know what they're paying heed your hand down as the chairman of an of the masters and Augusta Kim's gonna be back there with all the earlier date wigs at Augusta music guys I want to introduce share. To my protege. I'll I'll Tony Romo so now I know Tony. Is known. First trip to south cowboys' Tony is known trees here in the Booth with myself to Tracy Wolfson the guys. Like to get Tony Romo out here I'm interest. We'd like to get him to give cards and the best national. Heart of our masters coverage showed them what exactly. Antonio Ramiro Romo what do you say guys. She's a gem never steers from the love yeah and we would love it and if you're new broadcast partner Tony Romo joined you in the Booth to call dishes addition. Throughout claimed he knows to take him seriously NL unlike any other. And lows heavy handed not quite a golf clap a round of applause. Put down the media the any actual golf clap. I'm gonna tell all may get a that you wanna make it short of the prison then rocket. And I'll tell you what there is no chance that he is on. The regular broadcast now if they do me. Special free round interview with him. That doesn't count I'm talking about what you mean being on the broadcast let's talk a fourteen Tony Romo. Didn't Fowler. Dollar high. Meet Todd thanks Kuerten talking to tell you all and I good oratory and this is not had my. Till you're you're you're right Josie was. What did is Mitt failed to realize. This guys scratch golfer he knows what clubs he he's only did I fail to realize I don't what Tony is golf game before you even knew about his football games on. So we'll start a that I'm gonna actually. OK I always. This is messed up but it's not as resolutely by at least a great pleasure when Romo would try to qualify the US open in fail right that was what might might start pleasures like every year tracking him and it would be a god Tony just disqualification. But yes I was always good morning I was there was nobody made because he is a good golf reasons scratch golfer he's wonderful but we YouTube don't understand YouTube rooms. The world of broadcasting don't understand the CBS does not. Run the masters broadcast the masters chooses CBS to carry their broadcast. They got pretty Gary McCord at. Because he was too quick peek he was doomed to live that couldn't predict what was coming that's what they want right they wanna know is if you hit that cut seven and he's gonna nestled within ten Romo can bring you can't run fast that's not what they want. I think you've two rooms which you don't understand it as that Augusta is different it's special. You have to be thoroughly vetted as a golf expert to make that broadcast. That's gonna throw some slack bees yeah okay hold a snapped quarterback. To be in the boom you gonna call me slapping when he comes and knows what does this could not knock Ryan Smith Boyd. Ready to mentally prepared to go back to Great Britain would dad in a row he's dropped the I tell you can have desired. A fired up at all. Our youth groups trying to tell me what's gonna go on he was. Really upset when I suggested that Romo would be on the masters covered yeah. So he's lost it it's just the idea that that sacred weekend for him he does every team needs me to be a good husband. So beautiful wife doesn't you know allows him that I'm a lot and takes care of the kids so that they're off doing their own thing. And then you sit down settle in a while some coverage and yet. Jim Nance that hello friends and welcome to the whenever installment of the right. Masters here and guess national and then the camera pans out a little bit and right next to a smiling you see Tony Romo just wait for his opportunity and Tony Indiana. Big play for hours and action. And people don't. Tony's got to face he's good looking guy there is a lot of people that are called for Tony on the masters masters needs me needs more buzz in my opinion in these. I guess it's really struggle and ten. When you look at enacting a surprising and older DC it's outside claims filed by nine event. You can try to ruin my football Sunday with you Tony Roma try to cram it down my throat he does a nice job I'm not saying that it's just. The the worst ship and the Abdullah tree of people just throwing themselves at his feet like he's the first guy ever doing he's doing. Did you break people. Get off the zip. It's nice. Eyes RNC proved too good at that. I'm just trying to stall here as I wait for a question to be typed up in the slowest possible format did you not you may not have. On advertising and since it's class at that big your high school. Which NBA coach called the NBA for our luck. You know your show we've got two tickets to giveaway to the Eagles Zack brown band color number fifteen right now AAA 579570. Color number fifteen right now triple 8957957. You're gonna win two tickets to go see the Eagles Zack brown band when they play AT&T park on Thursday September 20 tickets are gonna go on sale tomorrow. Friday January 19:10 AM like nation dot com but the radio pre sell begins today. It's gonna run 10 AM today until 10 PM tonight like nation dot com you need to use the Wharton a code word. Double the code word is double and the thing is we just gave way to the AT&T Pebble Beach pro am. Shot in Oakland congratulations shocking Ogilvy another pair those two give way at 930. Speak them react. Speaking of silly joke. You know what you said anything about Philly media. I just tell you. Look at you hanging out Philadelphia that we don't do that say under what they are something in there he sits on the Luxembourg and then he mentioned some about so Eagles say okay sure I knew the level my brain was going so you know. You can choose. Yeah that's what matter ability of Eagles tips and he made two Eagles announced his thoughts on the came about Philadelphia Eagles made perfect sense to me I don't know it's wrong and who. You guys. Police the whole city. Is afraid if they Eagles win they have to give more police offices because you guys are just a discipline it just goes to show you Murat. Philadelphia is nothing more than a classic run on the not trolls outbreak here. I realize any factual evidence to back out yes there and you talk about the idiot who had the horse. Well that 188 is not representative of the entire city. All right so that 188 you've taken out back and can only send him to the move back. Well I did see their businesses in northeast Philly received a memo from police advising them to have their security greats from locked and secured and to remove trash cans and other objects from outside their stock price. As a whole letter that went out to youths crazy. That's going on quietly because you guys might go right aliens in South Philadelphia why why is a letter going out to northeast Philly to lock up your trash cans this sounds. But Webb was Webb city on the inquire into this is the score read is O enough. I want a letter here. Northern Canadian website escort from the pulley that's what you get when you go to Canadian website it's not even dot com it's dot CAE. Phillies lead I'm just trying to. You got family there I'm looking out for you guys I mean it's a lot going on most of families they bought believe or not the police that's and issue a statement did you guys can handle winning with class. Downside people are a little bit fired up the NFC championship game when I UAL Tennessee. The letter from the cat from captain Anthony know the commanding Ossetia. What's the last name Luka Italian he's got up on the second please doctor that I'd Irish Italian shocker shocker last Connecticut. Car owner in the fifteenth district their request they sell alcoholic beverages in plastic cups and refrain from selling take up this is all standard stuff and you guys and had to make a mountain out of a molehill you look I don't Lorenzo Neal. Includes trying to agitate my guy. Because his team is finally and it. For the first time since he was a child virtually be talking about a live through like six of these they lose some every couple years how bad behavior it is his game is just let me talk to go. There is no match for Philadelphia it's. Issuing the proper distance you haven't been in a position where you've been a part of so much that's it it's. Josie you and I are trying to agitate Joseph this is a standard issue in from a police force. You blown out of proportion for no good reason you see these dog masks are all going to be wearing. That's the thing I don't understand if you want something bizarre if you want something bizarre that's what you look for the look for or whatever should let everybody. I tell me all excited as. This this whole thing is what's gonna really mess your message your head. So they were obviously the first underdog in history. As a one seed in the in their first playoff game you never had a scenario where number one seed has been an underdog I divisional round it's never happened. So they're underdogs and they you know use that as a rallying cry as any team would would do in that situation. It was Dwayne Johnson. Or one of the players ordered one of these really. These are. Terrifying looking dog masks and he ordered a bunch of them for the team that he was wearing it around during the week and after they beat. These falcons now put it on on the field. And then it went crazy the entire city once the by Yemen where into the game like Amazon is completely sold out of these things thousands of being sold. Hole as he makes it's a must draw creepy look Irish men. Are going to be showing up at these financial field it's an idiot terrifying site is ABC got a black bear. Plackemeier to yell at this thing. But you've seen this it's not as I got a comfortable I'll find it charming little puppy with a guy like yeah you know floppy ears it's like this and if Tehran shepherd. It's disturbing. Really just because the oddsmakers. Put you as a slight underdog doesn't mean you're underdogs you're only getting points. Because you quarterback is ostensibly a bomb your team is still better. Then the team you played last weekend's better than seeming to play this week and quite frankly really I think so pretty bold take break and your plan. And I take it. It's. Particularly the warming here right now yes you do you like in the B Minnesota idea. I feel like analysts at bats that that's a strong position right now if you look at defensively. And you can say Minnesota's he's better but not a lot better. Quarterback wise taste GM I'm not all in on taste genome. To be a guy who could throw for 315 beat you in your yard I think Philadelphia once again. Know a slot that out much now I'm Adam. On the other trainer that you're on the other side I thought it was slow analysis as to why it's. Yeah I look at Minnesota Minnesota's team doesn't make a lot of mistakes if you look at what you guys are Philadelphia inability to run the ball consistency. Isn't going to be come down this game and Minnesota is a better team overall I think that they have a better receiving corps. I think if you look at what they're able to do defensively special what you guys can do Donna wouldn't what you can do a little run the ball. They're really good Minnesota tough they pay top Drew Brees and that's saints team. Instead of all Fordham third once they got to go with trickery and deceit because they're so stout in the middle yeah we've played to the stiff defense. Minnesota and I like this form a ruling like this. Am a lot. You mean comfortably you like to cover comfortably. You'll right now right right all right yeah I'll I can promise you one thing that's the second game on Sunday I will be quite lubricate it heading into that match up because we're to have the gridiron gala com. Join us and watch the games Sunday. Did they annual grid I assembly annual skip a couple of years without him the kind of copy I'm sorry. Fifth annual gridiron gallop this Sunday the ultimate championship Sunday watch party quarters in Campbell who's making 55 south Baskin avenue. Hang out with all of your favorite 95 cent in the game on air personalities like it did. When prizes plus enjoy food and drinks medals all day we'll kick things off at 9 AM with a special three hour broadcast. Look at that team. And oh lead up to game one. For more info visit I Tyson the game dot com who's on the broadcast by day yep JD yes and Townsend. Made. Howard and you stand haircuts that is Chris Townsend. It's an absolute power trio hold them down forests and hooters and cam on the deported 1205. First kick the second game about 340. Minnesota and Philly. Yet the vikings playing outdoor. It's going to be cold and we're gonna see about your precious receiving corps if it wasn't for one of the biggest choke jobs in pro sports history. Minnesota's not even playing what do you think we all wanna get behind Stephon bigs and we all talk about the Minnesota miracle. But that was just dagger source Rex. Does my daughter does Minnesota play what do they think they practice session outside what's called a Philadelphia Minnesota. They practice outside Minnesota asks yeah like sky news I'm uncomfortable right now an addict if they're gonna tell must sign there this week. Now Osama back in oh OK he's back in the day I was before. They will play in the metrodome which is no longer even NASA if we wanna talk about ancient history we talk about our friends are intend never practiced inside but that's not apropos for the match and still Crowley mentioned was. They're playing this game outside in the cold 1640. Kick in Philadelphia coming off an absolute gift victory and dog masks. Putts after the dog masks site note yes one of C offerings at the gridiron Gallo did you weren't here yesterday mrs. Kids is going to provide play by play analysis of Tony romo's play by play analysis that's another. Hanging out negative for the full game but did who'll call. Nixon. Romo calling the game suited up for a little bit. I would love him he's always been these first quarter did you hear. Tony Romo come out and you'll hear the multiple mistakes and when you're watching game let me do do you Lilly guy or girl belabor the point. We'll just simply pointed out releases all alike the slick here and then they run the swing pass. And it Jim says a great call great call Tony Snow was really great call and another thing that he does low and hopefully you'll hear and when I point this out but again. Jeez did you write well is he predicts both sides you know like Jim is that there's a great time for them to run the draw here but they also you know highlight the screen passes well. Third until head to screen Craig called Tony. I am he said they can run the draw or they can run this. Affecting morals is gay or are we on the Monday Seattle you're all of red and what how much of a problem when it was three miles an hour the time just. Granted it was gusting up to Boston. Brees yeah and we says like I got this big jam when he doesn't with the wind it's gonna blow on them. Who is gonna do and then the next initial three miles an hour cyclone. Bro look at the flags company up bright kid and I think it's it's not that. Windy pain they said that can bomb the teachers to god one PSI and then change of direction of the also made here but that will help you grip the football better and that's why they fumbled less than everybody else come on you and I I took you through the science two years ago and Arizona. Three years ago when Arizona I statue down and I gave you that Sino us trying to go it did send you to do just. Jumped almost let's get that's that's the genius of taking a PS sire to out of the football it's a live. Is that swisher which means it's easy to grip which means less bubbles. And if you look at the data the patriots fumble less than anybody in the National Football League owners 'cause they removed PSI. I wanna know that's old man now when there's still some holes holds true and I doubt it a big it's still Bobby does I think they're still probably eighteen to fumbles the ball leaves the mound god they're sheets. And they dysfunctional sheets now and nobody likes dysfunctional. When I told them they were perfect. I don't know whose barn well or whoever Eddy SP and wrote a story about how this can be the easiest path to the Super Bowl in the history of any team that had a first round bye. Marry ought to followed by bore holes. Okay what are you just abide as a rule why isn't this be. A funny kid part of this snuggled honey champions is waiting in the final this is not going to be called valley like karate tournament I got to blame they'll Pittsburgh had an opportunity they get they get. You can ever you are right because I don't. So they spent two weeks look at that New England. And then Jacksonville just in many train wreck them and when we talk about let's go back about 78 weeks ago. And you say at this Jacksonville team doesn't get enough credit you said in portals has a Flacco type of year at the playoff at the right time. You say that portals to have the possibility to win don't you said that we talked about it you city he's hot and he played the waiting he's shown that he can play with this defense. You said they can beat anyone so all other don't want is to want what we talked. Earlier this year. In Jacksonville Minnesota meet the Super Bowl it's in his first of all I ever choose not to watch. I don't they and had any interest nagging muscle over. Just come on cell OK what's my story line and I've got to listen to the Super Bowl hype for two weeks to meet the number one story line a Jacksonville Minnesota. I think you have two quarterbacks. That anything's gloomy about the threat to the court this coming talking about this terrible story line I don't wanna spend two weeks listening. The story about Blake portals and case Tina. I wrote it it. Case Kim you don't really came up it was it was Scotland so let's talk about look at the road case Keenan takes. He took down Drew Brees a hall of Famer who would have thought the board feels good goal in the new England and beat the wonderful Tom Brady and guys storyline and people need PSI. People need what was on what was flashes of why can't remember at this point Brady veto. It and alana. Stupid falcons I don't think they had a great storyline either.