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Wednesday, January 17th
Joe & Dibs discuss the SF Giants decision to move Andrew McCutchen to Right Field, Jeff Passan's article regarding the future of MLB Free Agency, and the decline in NFL TV Ratings for the Playoffs. SJ Sharks PxP voice, Dan Rusanowsky joins the show. 

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I. You'll always see. 19517. Games we're going. Here we go Wednesday Jolo in this 957. Games it is great to have you win. Blows out today so this is did tonight and is riding shotgun with this as well. Rod Higgins former warrior general manager coming up in about thirty minutes. Raise searing image mark it down uncle rang. Pitching coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates is gonna join us in about an hour to talk about the Andrew McCutcheon trading and of course. The warriors are in Chicago tonight to take on the bulls took time 5 PM right here on 95 cent in the game coverage will begin at 3:30 PM. With the warriors warmup featuring Damon Bruce staying Kerry Keating. Here on 9570 game. Have you and I ever gonna show together which is the most I think so I don't think there's got to be at least one on the water doing nano and there's been a. Koppel where I think low is back down maybe Clinton during that time that we didn't have doesn't do in the that's seems to be another time Emmy last August is when I was that's right all right what should be relatively easy today we had a ton of baseball discussion this morning we've got some interest in these historic. Regarding the officials the NBA. Again last night read before we jump into the out of the most he comments and the evans' comments from yesterday to what is going on in Oklahoma City I didn't see the highlight until he showed me this morning no putts Russell Westbrook their body so yeah he felt like he was fouled hard in the face and so we win been -- get any contact at all and I you know throw yourself to the ground to let them know that. You in fact have been wronged your your grandparents have been wronged and there were filed a gonna find out when you watch the video Russ is live. Gotten raised by the end of the defenders wrist band. No real cause for alarm but he fought the panhandle to keys you're gone. And just another page in the board of discontent between players and rest I'm wondering if we're paying more attention to this and this is always been an issue or if it's becoming a bigger issue. Players fighting with each other. Players fighting with the officials coaches fighting with the officials does it feels that this is taken on an the next step of its evolution or is it been like this for awhile and we're just now noticed I think it's the next step in the re evolution because back in the seventies this was commonplace and of course there and remembers the Rudy Tomjanovich incident. When he was knocked out by. By courier Washington in his career basically was ended with that sort of punch and then the bad boys of the physical airman we've gotten away from that. Until recently and now we've got a lot of these incidents with teams going through tunnels to find other teams and last night punches thrown. The NBA's gotta get this in order players getting upset that teams might try to honor one guy on another man's night when all this. This god sends in Boston so the next month. The Celtics wanted to pay tribute to Isiah Thomas when the cavaliers come to Boston what are playing video tribute like a four minute thing. And Paul Pierce is upset because it's like they're honoring him at Rajon Rondo finds out about it is trying to figure out why you know he doesn't get as much recognition based on what she didn't Boston and the fact that apparently the Thomas is getting too much and he will what do what do you. And slack each other how about that then brought back a slap each other and settle this thing like. Yeah now what ever this is these days right it's not the way used to be read cool planet guy going. This humor about the cancer that on national TV now you can't anymore Rajon Rondo. Out of control and Paul Pierce wants is on special night so. In the knocking on her IT after on February we'll double that plus some very interesting theories did tonight concocted as to the NFL ratings issue in the divisional round that's at around 6:45. This morning. But we begin at which dates to the fallout Andrew McCutcheon the latest addition to the San Francisco giant roster yesterday. Thai general manager Bobby Evans joined Damon Bruce and had this this say about the defensive alignment. I mean you look outfield. We anticipate believe McCutcheon and right into the left the coaches are the both subtle about the game plan and they can look seriously do here in center along with an external options to have to solidifies. The middle. I will get the center field in just a moment McCutcheon in right Henson left. Was there ever any doubt this was a direction they were gonna go do you think behind closed doors anyone had an issue with this and know when you look at the defense last year from hundred hands and Denard Span in the outfield you know the worst defense in the outfield and baseball and even though right field is some you gotta learn it's not easy out there with. Triples Alley and the way the war comes he pretty quick down the line and I feel club yeah the version middle Atlantic club you've got a lot going on even the fourth archway and all the various other cameras off the brakes it's gonna take cuts and time. To get adjusted to right field but Hunter Pence just doesn't cover the ground he used to do he doesn't have the best arm so it was a natural move to put him on the left. For me this feels like a season in which anything you'd get at a hundred pence that might be average to slightly above average is a huge win. He's battled so many injuries over the last two years he's just following that natural trajectory of a player who's breaking down late. Nothing to complain about their nothing to criticize there at half. Happens with age he's put a lot aware in Tehran that body and he's put a lot of weary and tired blood and sweat into this organization seek and understand it. What do we see him as a platoon in left field this season if so pour some of the options because I'm thinking what did you get a hundred games out of the million this year and he finds a way to hit to sixty you're probably a pretty good shape if he's not a mess out there left field especially if that to sixty comes with fifteen home runs and maybe 25 doubles you know real impact as far as the power bad. In net six hole the five hole the sixth hole. I think it easier your regular left fielder Pelosi struggles because you don't have. A lot of great. Platoon options you mentioned to do her in of the potentiality in center field this akin who hasn't really faced. High low hole high minors Major League pitching yet so they include him in a platoon right now I think is premature. That's the name that's been coming up for more than a month any time we discuss senator field Stephen do there Stephen Dube and it's like why only had this great performance in the Arizona Fall League said he did. But is that enough. Is that enough I. I don't know if we're gonna necessarily see them on opening day on the roster do you know unless he is an absolutely monster spring any shows you that he can hit Major League Baseball pitching even though. Cactus league pitching is not real live. MLB 162 game pitching if he shows you something maybe you break camp with him 125 man roster personally. Based on what I've heard from Bobby Evans and others I think. They're gonna slow Plame a little bit. And not put that much have responsibility on his shoulders because you saw what that was Christian royal last year. He was elevated at least half a year earlier than they probably wanted but they had such a problem at third base they threw him in there he wasn't ready. He got hurt and now he's in a situation where he's not even your regular guy you don't even really coming your meat plants as a great point so that would mean. That would the six million dollars they have left between the 191. Million they party committed. And the 109. B seven million dollars that is 2018. Luxury tax threshold what can you get to address senator field. Jarrod Dyson is a name that's out there he's a left handed bat he played with the Mariners last year mid thirties. I could bring a lot of power Salina but he does have some speed he can swipe some bags and he's an above average defender which is probably what the giants are looking for at this point. You would like to believe. That between the money committed to Longoria McCutcheon in. Posey. Brandon Crawford she bounced back braided belt that you have enough power there to be average to above average in that department so center field isn't going to be a spot where you're looking at power you can be looking down a defense kicked Dyson might be one name out there they can consider I think also up on base percentage is the key be as they giants' offense even though you do have an uptake in power. This is an offense that. Barely hit on her home runs last year and so you knocked and also NBA team. Hitting 250 and slugging with the big boys used in the Yankees etc. so you still need to be. A move the lion offense and so the top year order. You need a guy who's gonna be high on BC does not to steal a databases. But does get on base. Keep the line moving. Have the ability to make a Smart Alec. The second time through whether it's a ground ball the right sider sac fly. You need a good hitter and somebody you get on base the best way to take the team's performance from one year and try to project how that team or Paul Farmer. The following year is run differential. You plug it into the staggering in wind expectation formula and keep your number now grant it this isn't the be all end all but it's a nice indicator. For example. You could have taken a team or you will take it seemed like the San Francisco 49ers don't plug in the runs scored. Point score I should say football points allowed its its got to formulate gives you an accurate indicator of how many wins that he should have had. Accurate there I genocide that won the professional class. They do it had to scout mint last season the giants were minus 137 and run differential that was third worst in Major League Baseball however. That run differential is indicative of a 67 win team not the 64 win team that they worse they performed a few games below expectation. Take that into account and then look at how the National League playoff teams have performed over the last five years for example. We have that six years now baseball which this new wild card systems and an implied. You've had five playoff teams per year select did you thirty NL wild card teams. Of those thirty NL wild card teams. Herb playoff teams I should say thirty NL playoff teams 29 of them all but one finish in the top five and run differential. During the regular season. So that's what it's telling you finish in the top five run differential you'll finish in the top five in the Lee he'll make the play only nine of 3029. A third of the past six years in the American League Tony four of thirty cell run differential is an ad. Accurate predictor if you put up a very high run differential there is a very good change will be going to the playoffs. For the giants to get there they need to turn a minus 137 run differential into about a loss. But 55 bright and that wheel house that's almost exactly right they need to go through a plus 19 B one swing and I. And if they can do that they'll pick up about nineteen games nineteen wins because it's ten runs per win. Is essentially what the math has figured out. And from that point you'll get right up till about. 85 wins and should get in the policies that sounds about right lot of math lot of numbers and it drives you early in the morning but this is what we're looking at it this team wants to turnaround he gets the policies in Mexico with a 190. Runs basically which is on our running game which means every other game you score one moron. And every other game you allow one fuel run exactly that's what you're looking at either run suppression or run production one of the other and hopefully you get a little taste of both did you rotation gets healthier and hopefully better. You're closer comes backing gives you a full year and you've added these bats so. If you can get both sides of it to work you can make this massive jump that is your math lesson for this morning now. It's been widely assumed. That at some point the giants in Madison mom garner will reach agreement on a long term and very lucrative contract extension but if you didn't read this Jeff pass an article. That was on Yahoo! yesterday. Your mind is about to be blown as to what is going on with the issue free agent market. And how that's going to affect bomb garner play that for you next Joseph blow and did many fronts in the game show Boeing did continue. On 957. Big game. Tonight of course the warriors going for fourteen straight road victories which would tie a franchise record set all the way back. During the 73 win season of about three hours ago hilarious and that list two seasons ago at this point it seems so much longer ago Jones bold tea bagging I was doing mid days off then. And his toy and it ran that days by one of my top ten moments in my radio career. It's fantastic that here and listen to pop off about three points contact. And tea bagging in geeky man laying on on on I was sitting in a car. Don't know I say a car and our car if this is at the intersection of fourth and king. So I was coming down for south on four that was gonna cross and you get back into our neighborhood. And I was listening to that's what I heard the tea bagging yeah I remember where I was the day at the infamous tea bagging Graham I was great at that. It. Eyes and about twenty minutes I didn't know you're the pro yeah you can be I didn't bring in the my granny and you know I kept them off life. Get off my he started that I remembered public just gets progressively more angry angry angry and then it just it's it's cassette noticing red isn't fair tax. Credible. Again at ten years ago and that year they went 34 and seven on the road at. And this year they're on pace to have clips that I believe. Twenty in three or 21 and three on the road that's the most mind boggling part to me. About this whole year is that. They go on the road. And they are determined not to lose these road games they all find something thank you rod suit challenges and they find something to motivate them and this year it appears to be we wanna be the best road team all time that's what it feels like right now yeah so these road games. I mean I should be looking in the points reds see how good they've been on the road this season. Just a bit late on that one. I'm gonna air it out in front of everybody gonna get another dozen very eighteen road games Dion and you're right Joseph this seems to be the point of fixation. Two years ago it was 73 wins last year was obviously a redemption song trying to get. TD in the fold and redeem what they gave way the year before and this year it seems like their motivation point. Is maybe we go 374. On the road and just put put a number that will never be touched again. I'm deep reds got a sales dot com tech site asking for the Popper rant. Maybe if we could find a snippet of it really gets mad because I you know there's only for our program so we don't have enough time that I don't wreck path but maybe we've got a snippet for for you we will play that just a minute now while business is booming for the warriors. It's not necessarily the case the National Football League NFL gave you four games this past weekend. Three of which were very competitive coming down to final possessions. And yet. Ratings are down about 10%. Falcons Eagles did a seventeen point four that's down 5% from the sea hawks falcons game last year. Titans patriots is down from last year's Texans patriots game. Jaguars Steelers is down 7% from last year's Steelers she's game and seems vikings the marquee game of the weekend. Down 23%. From Packers cowboys last year. This is a noticeable trend and have a ratings were down last year we blamed it on the election in the protests this year. Blaming it early on the protests and now variety of other factors what's going on here as the NFL just hit an unsustainable peak and we're starting to see a slight regression as a. Well our and it's a number of factors and I think there is still some spillover from the the election and leave the climate that it created in this country where more people are paying more attention to politics I think. Than ever before because every day there seems to be a new story whether you're in favor what's happening or you're against it. There's something to draw your attention additionally. The teams in the match ups not as good as last year a lot of rumors subtle subtle tees but. The fact you've got. Minnesota saying that there are not an exciting team Jacksonville's not exciting if you're a casual football watcher now if you've been watching all year. You know Minnesota's many great story and Jacksonville's got the best defense in football. Eccentric setter but. Don't have a lot of marquis names you'll have a lot of marquis teams and the you don't have a lot of the big top ten markets there's no doubt list. There's no Houston New York's not represented the day's not there. LA it was one and out the lands went out quickly so I think all those factors combine with. All the options now people can have a lot more going on from a an entertainment pie standpoint. Even older guys like me discovering Netflix late and Hulu and other programming you to but these are all things that there are now pulling it. Bigger parts of the audience away from traditional street. I think all of that's accurate I think you can even zero in on a few other elements of it in a more specific fashion. Quarterback black quarterback play the most important thing to any NFL team is going to be the quarterback falcons Eagles last year. Are extremely falcons Eagles this year Matt Ryan verses. Nicole's last year that game was the falcons' Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks which did better one with better quarterback match up. Fast forward to the end of the weekend the saints in the vikings Drew Brees fantastic case Keenan who cares last year that spot was. Aaron Rodgers this is stacked press got. Scott was a huge story last year Rogers is always a big story and the cowboys are always the biggest door Eminem that high is all valued pro sports team in the country if I'm not mistaken always so we can break it down from a variety of factors and that probably is the overall answer. Is that at some point this growth of the NFL was going to be unsustainable it was Tony hit its peak it's tipping point. And you combine that with the quarterbacks and we're gonna see a decline from the championship games last year to this year because how many people are interest in case key numbers is Nicole's. Or Tom Brady is at ten point favorite vs Blake portals. Those are not appealing matchups. This leads us right into why. Why you're going to spend a 125 putts and beyond Jimmy garrote blow because it's not just about what he does on the field it's what he brings to the organization. Outside of play on the field. And that's interest its merchandise it's TV it's radio it's money it's fascination. Same thing in Oakland you've got to marketable quarterback he just got to find a way to fix. And you know you've got any supermarket mall coach who is the new John Madden for your sport basically he's made the most recognizable. Non player figure. In your game so. Anytime the raiders have a press conference and hundreds out front. You get coverage coast to coast and around the globe you wouldn't you got now with Jack Del Rio. You and god now many of the coach out short of Jon Gruden needs the most monster figure. In the game and you have the franchise quarterback you've got the lead pass pressuring you should be poised for a step back into relevance next year. I would add to that joke the second here in the Bay Area were not as. As deterred by the protests we actually led the league in protest when our teams here as far as. Eric Green Marshawn Lynch Eli Harold attach route all started here and all star with Jack and excel the erosion because of that doesn't exist as much here in the Bay Area. The thing I think that hurts football. Across the country is the fact it's been it's become tougher to watch these games. Once you catch we don't know what he catches. Everything's getting reviewed all scores are reviewed. All plays inside the last two minutes a review all turnovers are reviewed yeah I think kicker all these timeouts it's become a a tougher watch for an audience in a generation that has a shorter attention span. Leading right in that show in San Francisco I think he's gonna wanna weigh in on that as well Joseph what's up. Yeah I don't got the yeah I agree which you all that there but I'm. I'm target to meet you need an old guy. You know we're taking away this fundamental. I guess episode again you know I can't open collision sport is about what sport can mostly Kyoto the whole lot to do them. You know I really like. Kind of wandered back on you know it's and stuff like that much I'm Samir slice it it takes I don't know how you solve the but it takes some away from the sport. We knew reg U late. And desperate so much more I give example. Players on notice that played a play with a missile plague islamists. Now you know I don't think you know hey I want happened to Minnesota could they have a lot of tough breaks you over the years but to see at saint these. If I. I can't believe that safety and that. Not wrapping their arms around a guy when he got to clear Saturday dished out when the guy actually my model to me you boom laid out to me that had a whole lot to do with. You know taken away what does the value discordant what attracts people to support that they hitting playing blackjack they they're regulation getting it's almost like. How I can't believe this site okay did the way you've got the set track coach it's like. You and that plant flag football. You know you would you only stick ball down it's actually I couldn't you can yelled at constantly talks to us up like that looked like you said the ball but ruled all of turnouts all this and that's all Merck know who regulating the sport its bottlers don't let anybody go to. Green job bank Joseph the phone call shaped phone call lot of good points there and I are very quickly did hold on. Or listen to many times in the game. You're right you're right I'm Rondo who you thought you were yes trying to get all over my legal idea I don't maybe go Willy Nilly and let it slide past the absolute top of the hour but you are states like law yet you and your article are FX show makes you say NHL. Distant I've talked to a lot of people who are casual football fan's name when they watch the game now. There's so many flags every single taking play aside from extra points BAT's there's a flag every punt. Every kick off its leaving block in the back or hold. Pricey you don't really see so now we show this kick again it doesn't matter I know there's behold there you see the block in the back on the 32 I don't exactly there on twelve yard line. And let's take a time out. It's it's become. A lot tougher it is watched the ball. The one of the problems. And this is exactly what you're speaking to is the NFL has been very good at finding a way to take the police post legal cigarette away from sex. To take the dessert away from dinner. Right how many times you go out you have a nice dinner you wanna have a dessert with it it's a nice way to end the meal the NFL's found a way to take the dessert out of it. Yemen nice encounter with someone. And you don't have that cigarette afterwards right Vienna polls taken that cigarette out of the equation you don't get that moment of true euphoria at the end. Because there's the revealed there's always something hanging over the process every time your team scores you've now been conditioned to. Hold off every big play your teammates you've been conditioned now to hold back rather than just let it rip and celebrate in the hunt I mean even in Minnesota they're going nuts what you know their people like wait a minute when he. These are about the gonna review this and how did you got a point exactly there's so much that goes on now with all the reviews the challenges and all the rules that are in place. Nobody knows when they can even celebrate you can't just let loose and that's the whole essence. And entertainment professional sports writer you're able to get away from reality no one wants they're entertainment to be tailored. I'm such a specific rule determined rule focused fashion. It's not visceral anymore right and that's that the beauty of baseball in many ways is easy guy to play. And he hits it and it fails and you watch it sail goes over the fence and you know it's a home run unless it's just down the line and it's iffy but otherwise. You see it you know there's not going to be any flag on the home run. And you're either joyous 'cause it's your team or your bum because it wasn't your team and it's visceral it happens in real time. That it's not nebulous there's no debate. About what happens now in football. Lotta these times. If you're watching on TV Europe there's a flag until they throw the graphic it's like god. Flag on the play or you don't know if it's catcher not. You think he had a few feet down but he had to grab the ball might remove the millimeter. We're gonna have to wait and Elliott now of the red flag comes out and now we go to New York to decide whether and I can be happier sad. It takes away. The pure joy of watching you do. He's right isn't it just confusing game has gotten too confusing me over thought every element of the game. Let's think about let's go back to before this season. One of the biggest issues for the NFL. Was whether or not players we're gonna celebrate the end zone right do you remember when that was such a big deal these guys can't celebrate it's a bad example of bad for the game and and finally this season they come out they see you know what what every can a group celebrations. Has anyone written an oracle or discussed. This season with a group celebrations any sort of issues are we setting bad examples for the kids or we actually kind of enjoying it. The Philadelphia Eagles had had some really great group celebration we sold Minnesota with a great group celebration over the weekend against the saints. Hurts the product at all. No group has come out of the woodwork to try to protests this or say the NFL needs to make a change but for years that was the biggest issue for delete these celebrations. It pick it it's it's it's humorous and you either pay attention to it or you don't. But it's one of the few things it doesn't offend anyone anymore we haven't taken a single called this year that's like guys I gotta talk about the celebration thing these groups celebration is just too much no. The group celebrations are fine because now we move on this hole. We don't know what it catches we don't know of a guy's been in bounds we don't know the difference between upholding an overturning. And standing by in not enough conclusive that mission total this terminology people they don't wanna go to law school. I wanna watch a football game and you wanna deal the gist watched the game and have it play out and that's always been my thing and it's three play gel because we've gotten to a point. In America not just in sports but in America where we feel like we can't get screwed over any more. And it news flash that unfortunately is a part of every person's life. On this planet all seven billion dollars at some point you do get a bad beat. Whether it's knee hit a bad parking ticket a month ago some of the broken meter and the meter meter meter major in the write me up anyway. That's a bad beat. I get a deal that I can try to fight it and I did but after further revealed I still joke over 84 dollars and. In our sports now or at a point where we feel like instant replay can be this elixir and make it so nobody ever gives bad beats anymore. But you still do so if we did away with instant replay and just allow the referees arrest the game yes pretty bad calls probably more bad calls but. We get back to a time where you could just. Experience the action in real time. And move all of. Do you know why we pushed for instant replay more instant replay because we were tired of coming on air the next morning and talking about Howell always blown any game and how the NFL needs to fix that. We're still doing that yeah we're still coming on air the next day and talking about blown calls instant replay hasn't fixed any length it's just made things more confusing if taken a lot of the fun out of the game and that's the problem it was supposed to come in and solve the issues catches inbound scores. And all we have are blown calls that end up leading into the next they can you believe this they blew it on the challenge they blew it on the replay. No it's not gonna solve that issue I don't wanna. I was a proponent for the longest time of review everything get it right. Now scrap the whole thing is what the rest called the game and if we're gonna complain anyway let's complain over the human error and the human plus computer element and I don't forget it ever will be able to fix everything you know can we we watch these these plays in slow motion in the games played in fast motion and it's impossible to be able to do. Legislate plays that way after the fact it's just broken jump chill blowing discontinue. On 957. Big game. Jeff and passing and an MLB columnist already Yahoo! Sports had an awesome article yesterday. Equal parts awesome equal parts terrifying on what's going on during MLB's. Free agency period right now at the moment. 51 free agents have signed up for 655. Million dollars that sounds like good news. Only thirteen. Of those 51 players are oppositional players. It's the middle of January and only thirteen free agent positional players. Have signed you know who hasn't signed Jake Ariana Yu Darvish to eighty Martinez. Have to Kansas City Royals round of the market right now. My baseball is in mid we are less than a month away from pitchers and catchers and there are so many dudes out there shall pass and spent the last month talking and we'll be exacts union reps players' agents what he's finding out is. We are reaching a very interesting point in an Arab Major League Baseball where teams are realizing. The current economic structure. Doesn't work anymore. It seems a stop just accepting the fact that they have to give six year 200 million dollar contracts the 32 year old players who by the end of the deal they're gonna end up in a horrible situation. Teams are realizing that so they don't wanna spend money on these guys anymore. And it's fastened to his huge eighty Martina Asian garlic what just happened what do you think if you Madison mom garner. I see right now from a local perspective your bum Gardner and you read this article you gotta be thinking wait a minute blow up. I'm in line for 25 to thirty million times six. I got that common enemy you're telling me the markets can reset itself yeah. Yes and I think we're seeing that now Joan we we've seen previous years where the hot stove was. Lukewarm and it took slowed heat up but ultimately just about every player got about what they deserve what they expected that this year you're seeing it. Like we haven't seen it before in modern baseball we're legitimate. Star type players around there and they're not getting the money that's being sought. And maybe it's because Scott Boras who represents a bunch of these guys who are still out there and maybe it's the market re setting but. As you head into next year which is supposed to be the big bumper crop year. Metzenbaum garner has one more year is deal and then a club option so they could decide to just keep them under the current contract. And he can just wait out the market. But it if things don't change now what's gonna happen next year for Bryce Harper name a shot though and others who were expecting to get thirty years 35 million this season it may not be there. I think those dues are getting paid because they're 26 there right now at 26 wheel house I've I've I've had. We have no problem getting an eight year deal to a 26 year old the product is giving an eight to ten year deal to a guy who's 31 or 32. Tickets giveaway at about three or four minutes here Tim Roy's gonna joys and 905. Here's an example. This morning I went through a few of those articles that have like the worst baseball contract small time. This is why teams don't wanna spend a ton of money now. Robinson can now write his ball and out for Seattle no one's gonna question that. But who knows 35 years old and his contract has six years and a 144 million left on it. Albert pool holes he's 38 years old 38. His contract has for years and a 114 million left on how. Pablo Santa hallway on the what happened there Mike Hampton when he signed that deal with the Rockies making him the multi is playing baseball eight years a 121 million he lasted two years before he was treated. Mo Vaughn back in the day signed six years eighty million with the angels that was one of the biggest contracts of all time. When it was signed he lasted two years and any which traded Jason Bay with the Mets four years 66 million. Hit 234. The 26 home runs total in three seasons they negotiated an early termination dikes I think you can make the case that. It's been a long time coming. You finally have a lot of these analytical minds running these baseball teams looking around saying why am I gonna give you six years a 180 million at the age of 31 I might get two to three did you is that you would not want. I'm just on the hook for this massive guarantee. Just to reward you because that's how it's always been done. Baseball starting to reset itself in the next CDA is what 20/20 one you might have some major changes come. Right and I think the giants are a team that may be is realizing this market Greece and a little bit later than they would've liked and last year's 98 lost season was out cold hard slap in the face. Because you look at your contract situation. And you've got. So Marge at nearly twenty million widows of twenty million. On dollars and twelve but he will be a twenty million opposes it Swanee Crawford's fifteen or so. Pants is more than fifteen. And you look around and all these guys now becoming aging ballplayer is he finally got out from underneath Cain you're able to move Matt Moore who had an eight figure contract. You all these guys stacked up who aren't delivering peak seasons and this year. Doesn't go according to a new plan a also you take a look and you think well McCutcheon just don't want a one year deals and he's gone. You still vote for quite though you still look for Crawford Posey all these other guys. At some point you got to churn the roster and start over and say a little bit of money here's the other big problem. Baseball has made it acceptable. Salute. It's. Baseball is made it acceptable to lose in a team comes out now and says we're tanking for the future we don't question it. As fans we don't even rail against him. Houston is the Astros. Chicago the cubs these two teams bottomed out. Built up in one World Series so another they're showing you. It's possible to tank off for four or five years and then make a run out of it no one's questioning it. Hanson's article lays out what realistically could be ten teens that are not going for the season that's a third of Major League Baseball. A third Major League Baseball is saying will go ahead and will take our revenue sharing check thank you very much. And we're not gonna play to win because we're gonna build for the future. That goes against every fiber of why you have revenue sharing the whole point of revenue sharing was to give the teens. In the smaller markets and opportunity compete with the big boys. But then Derek Jeter and the new ownership shows up in Miami and they just pare the whole thing down they say sure won't take our 5060 million dollar check thank you very much. And we're gonna go ahead and do nothing. Any other teams are looking at this like wait a minute that's not what this is not for the gonna file a grievance. Right in the gains were one of the first teams that are really as effectively do this by. Not spending a lot and staying below the the media and that payroll level and get net revenue sharing money. As a quote smaller market team even though the gains there in a top five medium market. They were able to play the poverty cards successfully. But I believe it today and and other teams are now off that heat and you'll construct is changing too where. They're forcing teams to spend more and be more competitive fire is an opportunity to win some tickets specifically a pair of tickets to see the Eagles went Zack brown band when they come AT&T park on Thursday September 20. Now tickets for the show go on sale this Friday January 19 at 10 AM at lied nation not count. The pre sale however starts tomorrow Thursday January 18 it's gonna run from 10 AM to 10 PM at live nation dot com you can use the code double. DO UB LE double now in order to win today's tickets. You've got to call the hotline AAA. I 579570. It's in the following question correctly. While being the first to do so this is the know your show portion of the program so the longer you listen the better the change shall have to win. Which member of ginger nation is that we're calling this ginger nation is did most excited to watch during the upcoming Winter Olympics. A triple 8957. 957 and raider nation go ahead and hold your tax about there's only one nation because you sir and you madam are incorrect. Because the subornation. Predates your precious raider nation so raider nation you're not the only nation in fact ginger nation. It's real. And we're here let's say particularly spicy take. A 47 aren't really accurate John and troll the raider fan base report there was the NFL. There were native Americans and the people of sue had their own nation and of course Carrie nation the great politician from the nineteenth century center. So the word nations before the raider nation she Danny I did pull probably goes all the way back like when was the first ginger priest or man. Yeah I think if I think the original cave man was a redhead gel maybe not the original cave man. But one of you have to figure there was a ginger in their somewhere right sure. Sure you'd figure. I don't know how on the first ginger popped up that's canceled the Bible for that one symbolism mating with a woolly mammoth. Yes did you thank god created in here except I act that I'm. All right so ginger niece only examination in raider nation Matt nation more trouble ignited by 79970. Immediately on the Tex signs at all capital letters raider nation exactly. An anti I got deep respect and love for the raider nation. But it doesn't mean there can't be other nations rank the nations stayed Carrie nation eccentric. Yesterday. Yesterday Bobby Evans general manager of the San Francisco Giants joined Damon Bruce to talk about the team's latest acquisition. It's her pirate outfielder Andrew McCutcheon. Question about where McCutcheon who played defensively was it should take a listen. We anticipate plea retention and right into it to the left the coach is pocketbook level that the game plan and they can look seriously do security center along with an external options to have to solidifies the middle. So before we jump in the center field. Do you think there is any issue getting this set whatsoever McCutcheon didn't write hasn't left giving anyone and a promise that no no problem at all and I think. Intentions exit interview Vienna last year it was a very. Frank discussion. As far as the future for underpants he knows that. His days as a 162. Games 600 at that guy they're probably behind in the duty injury. And relative ineffectiveness. If you have Hunter Pence out there for a 12030. Games a year in left field. All of sudden his defense of deficiencies aren't as big a deal and maybe with additional resting can be more productive. The thing I was thinking about joke is the idea of of a soft platoon. Out there in left field where you have. Hunter Pence taken a majority he had bats but maybe he tried Brendan Bell. In left field. That gives you the ability to play both Buster Posey and Pablo Senegal. At first base and keep belt in the lineup on those days so my guy is scary I know. But defensively the size of the UT huge hit everywhere from Hunter Pence photo Brandon belt I don't know how huge. That would be in a step down most of all he's a man. They would like to believe. I would just like to believe that it's not that pence isn't that far gone felt left his. I like the guy and about left does not it's not a necklace I would say optimal situation to be if you're the giants. That you know what that leads in this on the I had my nose for yesterday and we never really touched on this. With Longoria in the fold. We had bombard her coming back plane that contract would McCutchen in the fold which player on this team do you think's gonna end of the season with the most pressure on his shoulders. And here you got a massive payroll here right you've got a team. And a front office let's make it clear. They let you the fans know they're going for it they're not gonna throttle back they're not gonna rebuild you wanna competitive product you want a winner they're doing everything they can give you that when I remember they did have a trade plays for Don Carlos AM. It was a woman said now nothing Bobby Evans can do about that they went down got an Longoria the face. Of the Tampa Bay franchise they went out and got Asian McCutcheon the face of Pittsburgh franchise created these guys might not be in their prime there's enough left in the tank to contribute. So once this season gets rolling. Which actual player on the Rossi he's facing the most pressure I think you touched Andrew McCutcheon who really I don't know one year deal. I think he comes and are now one year deal and he's looking to get that best last payday that we talked about the guys. Aren't getting this off season you look at his splits yell at AT&T park. He's played a total 28 games there so not a small sample size to decent sample he's had a a 102 at bats and three home runs at AT&T park so we talk about cuts coming in and providing pop to this lineup. AT&T park is not a place for he's driven the ball three home runs. And five doubles in a 120 plate appearances. That's less than 10%. Of his plate appearances resulting in a. Actionable. Power ad that's when doubles or home Rosie also has two triples thrown in as well so ten. A 120. Plate appearances. Resulted in an extra base hit that's. I'm very good. Interest think he's going to be here on a one year deal that plays the pace in the neighborhood of about twelve point two million dollars from the pirates threw in 2.5 million. And being that he's only here on a one year deal I guess it could see the pressure I don't know he's facing the most well I don't know this is not and you gotta figure from a personal standpoint. Bum garner has got a major amount of pressure on his shoulders as he's looking to get paid about Johnny Quaid I. Quite ill was the big ticket acquisition law what two years ago. And I know we're entering your premiums he opted in people are gonna expect more Johnny Quaid 02 years ago rather than Johnny Quaid a last season tying Hank. Yes absolutely and on my pressure list as we fill up the pressure cooker here. Yeah brownie giant pressure Moore yeah put you to do the amount of stuff I mean your body closer to do colonial top twelve list and you are so good now because Britney Crawford's under a lot of pressure. To show whether or not. He is that hitter that we saw two seasons ago and now Bob Morton lancet. The high price is 31 points came in and didn't close anything Nichols of the wounded is dormant the size of the grand agenda and that problem is the fact. That's that correlates with look you could look to branding Crawford and bonds garnered quite know they're all giants who have done something in the pac. Small Lance and he's yet to cut his teeth at the club when he's yet to have that signature giant moment. They kind of get Sam. Ian but everybody not to say he's on the outs but you're right that this is going to be a close you look at this season where. You know if game one is against Arizona which I know that I'm talking about last season but you but you get in there to get a lot that foundation no one's gonna wanna hear about the excuse. 35 saves in minute mom and get less than five blown thirty years from Lance and Brendan Bell is under a lot of pressure as well pressure to stay healthy and deliver on being at 125 home run guy so. You could pick. Any number of seven or eight of these giants. And they're all under pretty significant pressure and that's what happens when you lose 98 games pretty much everybody in and you could say. Buster Posey is under pressure by. Go ahead right now. And take your pattern your pencil out and write down 315. Seventeen and ninety because that's what he's gonna give you hit 35 doubles he's getting hit over 310. He won't get twenty home runs will be close he'll drive in ninety she's. Getting contend for a gold glove and I contend for a silver slugger is about as consistent as you can ask anime about a catcher of that ilk. You know belts gonna be facing a lot as well because that's the guy who it feels like every time he doesn't produce. I was above and beyond but I mean. Quality also our level numbers he takes a ton of them you missed it takes its energy from a fan base that's pretty receptive. To just about everything that goes on that's pretty lenient compared to a lot of other fan bases in the country that's a guy who finds itself in the cross hairs more than anyone else he's battling the concussion thing so you know the first whiff of dizziness is gonna shut him down for a month and the natives are gonna get restless on that one the natives are gonna get real wrestle with. Without a doubt because he has shown so much potential but he hasn't been able prolong it for an entire season. And you can't help but be analyzed by that I I saw on the thing delay. When I was doing a lot of family giant games any at 380 in the first half one year before getting promoted. And yet haven't seen it. That ability to wield a bat at the Major League level. Michael Irvin was in hosting Ford how O'Neal last night urban actually spoke with boats is good votes had to say about the outfield situation. Well he's going to be right field we talked to. Courage. Where when they do is still. He's played more center fielder anywhere but tell these results were doing. We're where we I think it's best for the club and so with them on the right field now that moves tense overload fielder who are talked to. Yesterday and a partnership so excited about good McCutcheon. Over here and so you know it's gonna I think may thirty cents better it's obviously gonna give us who have some more tension. On the team. Specially need help field where we just didn't have low production. Good luck and I can just see him you might get the call about McCutcheon is our you do this guy call a thousand number of clay and Wright did to have yet. Oh honey just quiet old line. Hundred act lottery a million a lefty are or narrows. Who bought. You know it's an easy mistakes and I'm sure that me. Talk depends a detail in the last year and you know yet heart to heart conversation with everybody whether it was Crawford in her anchor bell. Everybody had to say look here's three need to improve and here's what we're thinking for you for next year and. Parents knew that they're going after Stanton and they were gonna put Stanton last stand was gonna play right field so. Pence is known since the last out of last year that his time in right field is probably over. They got assets and toner early in spring training goes on tell you what how many years both had left right it's not as if this thing turned south early there are gonna be some whispers about this being the final season so it's gonna be important assets and toner legal we got plenty of time to talk about that. As we work our way towards pitchers and catchers congratulations to Ramon Indonesia. On a winning the Eagles and Zach were. Shaun White. Which member of ginger nation is did the most excited to watch at the upcoming Winter Olympics Sean why can't titles and it brings it. It brings even though his hair is more tightly shoring up. Then the old Flying Tomato days back. Well part of did you nation Tim Roy the voice of the warriors of the preview on the bulls game tonight next Joey did not advise them again. Chills going dibs continue. On 957. Big game. Very happy to pay that right now. He voice of the San Jose Sharks ladies and gentlemen gamers allows. 957 game Dan. I wanna start with what a special evening it must have been last night Mattel bionic care records his fifth goal of the season the sharks win 32 and a shoot out and must've meant the world to you to see bought Eckerd it at that call. Well it was great and what what a special night it was solemn day you know I still can't believe it's 2000 games in the NHL for me but that's what celebrated last night nice that the boys came up with the two points to might it really was an an amazing ruse that was screw if you would Bob do all we know about 2000 games last night congratulations as it's real. Well I it it's fantastic. Like I said Bob Barker could scored a hat trick you wouldn't have mattered although about what it made somebody under us dollars richer or radio this year. Let me tell you that. It really was special at the reactions I got. The sharks organization. Are up broadcasters around the league people like cells are really are very specially. 2000 games for dinner is nasty dynamite with the San Jose Sharks say I know it's tough to pick out. Which your favorite moments were looking back it's like your kids in many ways I'm sure all the games you don't take one favored but is there a moment when you look back. At the 2000 think. That's a moment when you really felt like you arrive for you felt like this is really the most special place field. Well it all began really with the first game in sharks history back in. October 1991. A lot of people get that very first game this team ever play was not broadcast. In the area radio all which is amazing and another -- but Dennis held a big game with me is my color commentator. At that and their kids from California named Craig Cox we're refers gold history of franchise wished I thought was pretty our old oak awfully rare trip back in nineteen I want now we get more kids playing hockey from the Golden State all through the state of California or southern. You know that that's where all began but. You know IE you have to really add up problem. I I I can't get beyond that at that game against seemed Louis blues 2016. When the sharks went all the top and went to the Stanley Cup final for the first I'm sure there were couple wins to call in the Stanley Cup final goes great I'll I'll just never forget it tears the ice so many sharks stands at that against the blues to sharks' final and to me that that was special moment. Great Andrews announced he would Joseph and did here I 9570. Game I'd imagine that when you had a milestone like 2000 games. As you've discussed so many people are gonna ask you what's the biggest moment what's the most memorable moment what's the moment that might fly underneath the radar just some random games some season where something happened that you weren't expecting whether it was on the road home does anything like that thing in California. Oh sure there are whole bunch of things like data can tell you that at the very first time the sharks team back. Two SAT senator was called San Jose arena back in those days after they beat the red wings in the playoffs that first playoff year in 94. People forget that one game on the road in Detroit. And they're very next two games in round two were on the road in Toronto so this is game three a round to. It was the first time it's sharks fans got together they're two kind of celebrate just at ace curt. In that playoff run and other forget the sound of that bill and of just how loud it was ice ice appreciation was sheltered them you know another moment like that it comes up who was a playoff game against Edmonton. Back in 2006. When the sharks were down five on three. And two with a three skaters they had on the ice broke there's sticks. Out forget daddy. So many memories over 2000 games dander is asking here on 9570. Game that it's a tough thing though to revisit it but 2000. You were involved in that car accident that left in critical condition and you missed. I believe the majority if not the entire season. What was that like for you when you were able to fight through all that adversity and come back to the Mike can do the thing you love so much. Well wasn't a full season and this 27 games totals. That's all you men do little one. Did credit outlook among a hockey broadcaster we come up quickly you know we had. Aha. I can tell you that it was very serious for awhile and without my wife Karen and their and all my friends and all the sharks fans so in courage inch I might not gotten through that wouldn't great medical staff took care army but make. I tell you what when I when I went through all of that the response people stand really made you realize that the San Jose and and the Bay Area really was my home and these were my friend should this is what I was supposed to be doing and I made that was that was the most incredible article you know everybody's a little bit afraid of death but a I think it in a strange way that experience may be a little less afraid because. What I went through and what I remember from that and I got a lot of piece from it that way and a personal level it's about the odd match is just a reaction. Was really incredible I mean remember going back to a game against Vancouver in December of that year had started broadcasting it. In the sands of really gave me a wonderful response at that came in an ever since then and it's just been wonderful sense. Maybe who is the enduring a proxy Bernstein and made it feel like more than 27 games Dan. Well good he'll look at part of our office like could I ask the beyond which is great that was when I. Burger something struck blew out hydraulic system not out Dallas. They take off at love field and they landed Dallas Fort Worth just a couple of miles away the pilot actually had to use. UC physical guy wires and I'm glad I was. Yesterday mr. Bayh you Rosie and it's called Bernstein curse and I'm not mistaken. There are. Yeah he's a piece of work I love and he filled in for a lot of games army and depth door but a handful of guys in debt the rocks im sure most. Henry is an ASCII Riggio Indians on 9570 game bruised one of the great mysteries this season in the NHL is the fact of the Vegas golden knights in their first ever season in the league. Are smoking people there one of the best teams and all the NHL and not only that they had this unbelievable home ice advantage do you think it's a little something to do with say the Roxy flu like up in Vancouver our teams haven't a little bit too much fun on their first road trip to Vegas. You didn't that there Roxy in Vancouver had given Melbourne I've read about it in a great ESPN article and I've always wanted to go there it's something that fascinates me. Yeah I think guys meet you'd be in the hall of fame if you ended up their did is no doubt about it that I. I gotta tell you that it's not just that it's the way that the team was built and I think that you know aren't any real stars on the team. But there are a lot of really solid players and that's what 500 million dollars by Jamie and I was always hearing the expansion draft the sharks that. Compared to the one of the biggest golden Knight said now they can wow. I guess the NHL's learned a lot about teams since that back in the old days didn't do. Too many favors the new clubs coming and although the charge did get Doug Wilson and trade Kelly kiss year old and a few other release solid players and great human beings. It's a different level when your your losing thirty goal scorer like child march is so go to Vegas to join that team and they kudos to to George McPhee the GM there and the coach Gerard a lot or getting these role players to play into his system. I'm just goes to show you that tip that that's where the NHL is and how close the league is when he gets all HL players put into a team T enthusiasm and really the way they brought that city together it's been really special city and we'll see our goes second half of the year you never know. But boy there are off to a great start. Crews before we let you go we wanted to play a clip from earlier in the show today we had Tim Roye from the home state warriors on we asked him about cameras announced he. 2000 games here's what he had to say. I'm so happy for again he's a great guy and he's it did so well dessert any appraiser comes his way people my oldest friends and business in the early 1980s. Right out of college I was doing some Colgate hockey in the EC AC. And Danny was a voice to saint Lawrence University hockey so he and I don't each other since then. And if so great. Then we worked together in the same conference. Yellow light 1983. And now we're back together in the same market and we have been for years it's it's it's really a great front. Tim right Tim Rice rose I didn't realize you guys went so far back. Yet he was he's been a really good friend for a long time remember those years the buses driving down or inch mr. rating with Tim and and the friendship began and sort of kept bumping into each other over the years and Golden State Warriors and then we stayed in touch ever cents a you know the sharks in the warriors get along quite well anyway but at but need your special. Good friend like that for so long is in the same business. We're in the same city with shares some pretty good hockey and basketball games. Follow him on Twitter at Andrews announced he's the voice on your San Jose Sharks fresh off his 2000 career game. Dan ruse and ask you Magellan did 095 cent in the game bruise it's always a pleasure congratulations again on 2000 here's to 2000 more. Did stereo I really appreciate it thanks so much very welcome. Andrews and asking laser jet. In 2000 games impressive I mean really when you think about 82 and a season that's more than twenty years closer to 25 years and think I was the original voice and he mentioned it first game ever not broadcast on local TV. Which tells yet 1991. Just where hockey was priority lies in the Bay Area and our country really we sound that much like. All of a little bit act I've actually heard that from a couple different people I don't think so but some people and actually and we had many gas now saying. In huge our job origins to a selling old redhead with yeah dose myself like I young angry East Coast witness now first gals I. I have that act. I mean imagine how many hotel rooms bruises did an how many flights he's taken how many buildings he's been in. To call hockey how many icing calls. Coming delayed off sides he announced Tony and dinners how many times to the five Paul how. How would lose handled Tony Romo doing hockey color commentary. Even running an out without a doubt there'd be no stepping on ruse announced he here's Michael moderate he's and he's. Yeah I didn't think. I don't you think the better you're. Own dad I think Tony Romo he's doing just fine. He'll look back at his first year of football hopefully make the right adjustments to we have the Brett mos burger audio by any chance I was on decent. And he was given Tony is advice if we have the data that was my he's like stops his radio show Donnie. Tony listen to me. It's it's because this is right at the moment where every what are we is overwhelmed with the assassination didn't look romo's first game the greater titan game yes that was in the mix right and I was fall our hand and Brett must Berger in my eighth at. Accurate criticism of Tony Romo get them when something happens Dylan and broadcasters. I actually listen to what the broadcast you sang out just. Go all goo goo eyes over coach Tony is so good look he's so funny. We cold bad play I did you believe city called the slant. The other nine DR wrong people. From B 95 in the Penske auto sales that context sign periods near future jelled in twenty years you'll be on the other side of the table making ginger jokes. While no doubt be a sad statement for your career could. Sad state and you early twelve years younger than me so I thought it is 848 they're pretty bad you're only about twelve years away from miles from being old and angry like I am here's a Brit must burner play that. Listen to him okay. Tony. Get off it okay. First of all you're intruding on your play by play man Jim Nance who's just trying to give us that we like to watch the game okay. And you're not going to be hit here's a memo to all of you people who lost a great. Six itself. Further the more years you spend away from the league get. They're gonna no less and less about the personnel that's out on the field so on employing that I stuck. The hype OK right now. Must bird comes out I just saw outside that's got to put Roethlisberger into my position one the amount Rochester Maurizio he's come right out of there may want to just be like this is not. How it's gonna date he's always been high on my list gone back to my youth when he was Colin all the big games in. Also on that lives and that I didn't get a chance to say it Monday because I was off but Keith Jackson. I did a piece of mean one of the best ever doing the best. To ever call college football are really college sports period when you're the voice of a sports. You live on well beyond new years but all right PDT Jackson the voice of the sport some say the voice of the Rose Bowl the voice of autumn. Keith Jackson boys today Saturday damp the voice of Saturday imagine that what I would be the voice of Tuesday. Nobody likes he's and I think he might even be on mount Jackson more which is among the most elite mounts in American history. We think about the jacksons allows you just saw wolf just go ahead and ended with mount Jackson more. Tomorrow we reveal any half. I forgot I had a guru or coming up next Tim bonds stands at 11 AM bright in savient. At 1130 Branford did on Joseph lows back in the saddle us tomorrow at 6 AM. Won't you join us right here on 957 the game he'd be in the hall of fame if you ended up their did is no doubt about it.