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Friday, January 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs preview the Warriors 5-game road trip. Then they discuss LeVeon Bell threatening retirement if franchise tagged with the Steelers and we open up THE BEEF LINE! Host of Outkick the Coverage on Fox Sports Radio, Clay Travis joins the show. 


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I. Still little wouldn't do. 195 seventy games. Siri seem more enjoyment warrior winds. Or LeBron blowout defeats and I had to start the show it is because of anyone watch that Toronto game last night LeBron James O'Neal grabs. Have now lost seven of their last ten games they are two and six. Since getting beat on Christmas Day. Here at oracle website for years but they lose last night by 34 points LeBron hasn't played the fourth. And it was the single. Greatest amount of points given up by a LeBron James team in regulation 133. Points at Dawson Joey and the word he shot and Freud when you are delighting in the misery of others and I hadn't thought of until you brought it up just to 6 o'clock it's close for me because I love the lawyers and I would love watching them win the but something about watch and LBJ go off in the huddle and his team respond and watch and still give motor voter by 34 it was delightful. Chilo did not if I said in the game happy Friday great to have you end so much to knock off today Rick Kamel is gonna join us for an NBA discussion in about 29 minutes. Clay Travis will join us at 80 parity. Bill raw mask he had nine Shaun Livingston at 930 we get divisional round picks to get to. Lowe did and myself. We've got the deep fly at 730 and generally I got previewed a few days this morning. Fantastic did did did anybody and that's the thing it does make it all go in that you're going down pretty hard. And then I'm going down and actually pretty hard which is to be expected and then there are about the there's there's. I did not hear anything you noticed right. Fans I cannot believe you guys to not dole did did is lack of catfish a flock inflation you guys don't give him now willing you have. Have received excellent and consistent excellence by have Lorenzo in this market now gone back some on eighteen. Twenty years I think you're impervious to the slings and arrows. Of even the most jaded and cynical. A bar listening audience. 4154038588. If you haven't gotten down yet we might still be willing to take a few more calls one dig out dad's BL OUIR and the cross hairs 730 today is the beef why we begin with. With a five game road trip that commences tonight in a Milwaukee the most they've warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks to time 5 PM right here on 95 cent in the game coverage will begin with warriors warmup Damon Bruce Kerry Keating 3:30 PM here on 95 cent in the game. It's gonna be Milwaukee. Tomorrow night it's gotta be Toronto and if anyone. Has failed to pay attention to these numbers this year. The raptors are 29 and eleven it's the best forty game start in franchise history they just hammered the cavaliers last night DeMar DeRozan is playing out of his mind these guys look good. Monday it's a rematch would LeBron. Why is this the Chicago Bulls were a lot matter. Men expected over the last month of the season and then next Saturday it is the Houston Rockets. How excited are you for this road he gets like honestly those five games that's a that's a brokered Greg thanks. Especially when you look at three games in four nights and yet Seth Curry coming off the ankle and Nina wondering. How many of those games he's going to play Klay Thompson coming off rest he should be fine. You think about it. Your expectations and a five game road trip like this and of course you'd love to say five you know this way teens unbelievable and honestly. If you come home three until you're not that devastated even though that would mean if you were 33 over your last six. I think dreamed it would be fine considering stance ankle and the fact you've got to rigorous trip ahead. What do you think in five game Brody what's considered success coming out. What did he is that don't go with him is coming toughen them beat Toronto was going to be tough for him when the night you know when you see the two teams they have two teams that are. They're playing pretty good ball so. And then you know you got the cast so that's a gain it. You just never know that game even though I am moto moto last night you saw guys DR Smith guys just didn't play around Michael got a bad you know submit their shoes could move. This led Toronto penetrate the ball below terrible look horrible pain I really bad last night and all team I mean they were just like they look like George Foreman in the ring any hint. DJ Michael Moore did he caught him red doubted my down the pike you mean he missed a lot of shots on Monday night that may yet he only. That's how they get pressure when he got I don't want to start he was breathing before you hit the ground is that it. I almost a thousand people pines a side note the rematch looks like it's on for two eligible. No word on what the draw prices at sun out yet. I'll take a look at early and I really like best fight in flushed down the toilet Pena and I'll watch now you won't get my money at once I love that sport you'll get my money I don't know. I'm sorry I don't want to Dojo we now Oscar de loyal owes me for the wager I lost on that fight I had triple gee I. I had and significantly I was in Vegas when that was going on that was my flight marijuana that he could get from me until they lawyer pays me back I'm not watching names products and rail against them from now till the end of time you're not gonna has been money but I think it's some kind of way Hugh but this what I did yell for the fight. I had my buddy I called the moment cellphone any put myself his plus cell phone around. Right next to the TV so I got to watch a slush streamed right in my iPhone so it's been any money the illegal stained yeah yeah and a great. Shadow dearly the strain I did. Don't know one for senators getting one up on everybody else yet again can you need to see now and yet and ten year NFL career. You can't afford it did shelled out 7995. Per day or Hoya this won't hurt you pretty quick cut everybody back. Please please I think he'll you figure in three into just like did you split between Milwaukee and Toronto worst case you split between Cleveland and then next Saturday's game against Houston and then you beat Chicago that you go to green tea. And the day every feel pretty good about. Absolutely and I think the game obviously the scariest game balls probably Toronto considering how well they're playing and that's the second half. On the back to back out of powering the Houston game as a second most difficult. Q and depending on the James Harden and his condition if he's if he's able to come back for that one the bush gives most difficult I think the most of goals Toronto. So James is gonna be third on the list. Yes third on the last day or even fourth you know could that team is on the ropes and even though it's sad that on MLK game that odd spot. I think you get always on Cleveland and they're a mess right now because there are. I'm from Modesto we need to show and I you're looking for John from Modesto is turning 35 years old tomorrow happy birthday from Jolo and there. He had nice guy Stephen FOR my wife's birthday is well also hung out outside. This is deadly shot happy birthday mrs. did little to their responsibilities. Talked a little family dinner. You know arrest of seven games over and ran at saint Patrick's enlarged work on seeming yet clear our soap. She it's a pleasure watching you raffle numbers then yeah there's nothing better than being a wise little. In fourth grade girls game know that she's gonna make it out for my seventh. He's got to pass a possible way you rap like hey PM yeah pat I probably should do on the web server as well also birthdays all. Happy birthday birthday everyone RI clean dish out until the spring distinct back to a screeching halt. We had a good shot senate senate Barbara all the things the mudslides and things it's it's that's really no doubt that. I think that's more than thoughts and prayers I don't know you shout out a month why don't buy what I mean so I mean I'm not trying to be funny about this and I know I'm sorry are you serious situation there. A lot of loved ones Lotta people there you know it's a lot going down into thoughts and prayers to everyone in Santa Barbara that has been affected by the mudslides and the fires. He's Joseph lo and there's not if I said in the game. Yesterday. As we've got to dive in and as the NBA. All star vote. Has come out the updated numbers. Staff curry has overtaken Kevin Durant in the western conference for league vote getter. In the Eastern Conference LeBron James has overtaken the Greek freaked out for league vote getter this is important because this year. We have that new format. The two leading vote getters the one from the east the once from the west. Will service captains enable draft their own teams from the rest of the pool of players available to rant actually said. He's pushing for staff to win because he doesn't wanna have to draft for the team he's not interest in having to make those decisions I found that to be quite interest. Yes not that surprising and doesn't seem to be two ladies in tennis style you can see dream on relishing in and staff is actually said that he wants to go out there and beat. A part that he wants to pick the teams Katie doesn't have that same interest and and you're not shocked by at the bugs meet Joseph and I don't love the format first and foremost I like the old school format. But if you do this and you do a draft deal shows the draft. That to me is the biggest problem this is they're saying there to keep the draft private you'll know who gets picked to win that and you'll be able to see a lot of I think that's a big mess. Did the egos need to be publicized and protected that much that you're gonna institute a format and what you're not gonna go all the way we did because the idea is great putts. Monetize the concept people want to watch the track I wanna know who LeBron is gonna take first if LeBron passes up on. Hi re for Haiti dear whatever the situation may be those story lines are fascinating that's what drives the NBA these these these great storyline you right now I just think it to protect innocent and I guess they're cutting do I guess so when you look at it. I think using any more people talking about. One who ejected if they get to see you get to see is okay got debt but here's the thing now it's like that mystery people like what he did you I don't and he did that did you and your guys both lines and all he wasn't there he wasn't available I had the business so I think did you you get more X Mallon all this excitement to get more drama by doing it this way because it's the unknown yet more speculation okay you're gonna certainly have a lot of people asking questions because they don't release the order if you just see the team's. And I get it no wants to be the last peck. Even though you're still an all star and I was gonna wanna be the last picks like I kind of understand that but at the same time. There's if the warriors send more than two guy ran a good chance that's not gonna get to play at all is now. So what happened did he pass on clay for somebody else did LeBron try to slip in their did LeBron pass on Qaeda Reid if he was available when he needed. Starting guard I just I that's the intrigue I wanna follow the NBA has been so good last few years because of these personal beats KB Westbrook. And everything else that's taken place around the league. That's why you get fuel fire I just can't wait to dismal with his odds of who the battle because I hope it's that than LeBron because I what is he did odds who's a first person off the board has already know who's going to be the first person okay dig. NF LeBron the first painstaking JD gets the first pick and vote directly at almost. And you I think the loser of the raider banner calling top wow. That was too easy for you I'm going through now I thought he wouldn't you know that well think Wilson I'm glad you brought the raiders up I really am because he gives me a perfect transition here they gruden era. In Oakland is already off to an extraordinarily rocky start what happened yesterday is he getting a ton of press but it's going to do in the next 44 hours we're gonna explain that next Jolo and its members of the game. Chill blowing did continue. On modified seven per game. Lead beyond bell says he'd consider sitting out or retiring if tagged again the Pittsburgh steeler running backs fresh off. A me first team all pro nomination. Is 25 years of age he's actually gonna turn 26. In a couple weeks here on February 18. He has been an absolute beast for the Steelers and most the running game and passing game. Last year the Steelers slap the franchise tag on him he got hit for twelve point one million dollars that's no small chunk of change but. In the NFL guys once a long term security they want some guaranteed money they want another futures are secure. This year the franchise tag would cost about fourteen point five million dollars this Steelers want to make that decision between. February 20 and march 6. Which is the franchise tag window that's also something the niners will be thinking about when it comes to Jimmy ground below should a long term deal not be in place by that time. But back to bow. He's talking about sitting out the season for retiring. If they had with his again you remember last year he held out all summer long here and show a lot. Until late August beginning in September he wasn't gonna go through any of the raiders because he was that mad heating get a long term deal don't blame me for. What do you think about his situation do you think you would actually sit out possibly retire. No he's not gonna he's not gonna retire and he's not gonna sit out Joseph fourteen million dollars less touched Jack is still generational route and and you gonna bring home about close eight million bucks. And that's still good money. Do you blame techno Y run about Suzy last two to three years four years as a great career for random back here's a guy like he's faced 1617. Years old he has only about four or five more years left. If that. And and that's not bargains you barring any injuries major injuries so he has to make this he has to make this stand right now if he means is standby. Until the point a to point where you go do you miss training camp and they don't give this thing done you definitely mr. Cheney camp inside the last day and then joke. You get it and I'm good I'm. And Lamy on if I mean his situation. Joseph I'm hurt the first week. I heard the first week and I'm like I'm not playing and he should do if you're gonna do it Italy should do on the right way because here's a thing. If he goes out there and rips his knee again in our deuce and tonight you know much about I knew he loses its not like it's often slime inside that upon our quarterbacks is they you know they don't give this hurt as much but the risk for injury. Ryan Beck may be the most highest risk. I'm injury prone person. All the people you deal with his many bumps and bruises. Is anybody's. Russians are certainly in play as well and then there's a new risk in the Achilles rescue all the serious injuries that come when no question that's an interesting point I wonder who which positional groups are at risk for the most injury if I had to make the bet it would probably run you are getting hit by eleven other guys trying to achieve your arms and those all those depends when you get the ball receivers they get hit by using back. 2.2 different positions linebackers in receivers I mean linebackers and DB's. That's what receivers using give him back. Running backs you get hit by Iverson DB's and safeties linebackers. Even July mean you're getting hit by everyone. Siemens already downfield so mighty Macs there's their shelf life is very very short so when you look at his situation. He needs that get fourteen lose good but hey if you know you got fourteen million can't sign him don't miss any U averages about seven or 89 a year. Tenure here you say he was that one payday and I don't blame the guy sees many. Really interesting for a variety of reasons number one bell is probably the best running back in the week right there are it's going to be tough to argue yeah he's got. 1229. Carries already under his belt he's got 312 receptions under his belt he's gonna turn 26 on February 18. Right so we've got some where he's got five years' worth aware but there are some really good seasons left. The problem for this course you make for good season what were really good season so that's one more good contact salute a cat okay that's what afforded an easier to come and play. Here's Brit gets Dicey for the Steelers on two fronts number one. At the current moment the only half four point four million dollars in available cap space third worst in the National Football League so they don't have a ton of money number two. They paid Antonio brown and if you lay beyond bell you've got to look at him a deal I'd look that he can ball. Best receiver in the game but I'm the best running back in the game I didn't catch passes and I can run the rock and that's that's the ball more than in the game ball more than him so I. I want as much or more or something that's at least respectable I don't know the Susie and get their due the Steelers should probably think and with a fourteen million dollar tag for another year in the unleaded hit 38. And say without a doubt and if he's really in the play chicken would damage fail I won't play then if you don't give me a long term deal I won't play under the tag then. Then so be it then Pittsburgh can go out and find a replacement 260 touches a year. That's a ton from maybe on bell us and that's considering he's missed some time you know there's been games he's been unable to go I know he was suspended as well also. If you think about an example when in the air yeah how many touches recruiting under and now he's about 25 test the games and he is so critical to their offense and what they do but. At the same time if you're Pittsburgh you don't wanna give most five year deal you know. Don't if I mean you guys you can pretty at 15141. Touch is between carries. And catches in your right how many more of these peak quality years the haves. Thanks for so that's why I'm in I'm in this situation about on the pitch towards those writing until he said Lowe put a new GM and wanna do a motor niners and say you want this guy. When he got you got that first bedecked in ninety take they need to think about trying to trade him saying OK let's do let's tag viewing angle Caucasian. Let's tag on signed a trade this is what the paper took as they can't afford gasoline back they can't afford it and you don't want this guy being described how you wanna say okay. Let's let's let's win. Let's both parties win. Let's do something that we can live where it may be it's getting that maybe it's getting a run him back our our youth are you take on the phone and you say okay whose titles and higher position and that what other teams that are out there that have a top five picks that we'd be looking for a lady so we said okay we can sign and trade with the until you tell his agent. Go out there bowl or the phones we will trade but I want to I want some conform and. And that's what I'm dorm on the experts still stood near Pittsburgh you are not 100% committed to long term future related beyond doubt that's right okay so with that being said that means he could now be available for an acquisition. Wouldn't that even be something the 49 he should be thinking about because this is naturally where. This is how works a name like this gets floated and in the standings once a notion we make a play can we make a play is that the right move to make a play that night news. Do you think that's the right move for San Francisco right now given their salary cap situation their pressing needs and what the Shanahan family does with the running backs. Do you think they Johnson bit on the phone and say we yes they can under the college on a day Joseph until he needs to think that. He never answer he didn't pick up your calls on and he knows better I'd come down there and cut down a motorboat means jockey John I don't. Now I'll tell them and they do what we mean president together we got. Yeah Miller and the truth about the guys just don't know Florida is a big deal he's innocent I don't there for Brian. He actually said he goes I'll go down I'll go down there and I'll motor coach mentioned they have. I don't know about that yes that's and that's a visual. Hole. Hopefully you and I can go on to gather and have few motor boat have been threatening Yemeni thank you extort him multiple homicides and John. You and I both snowing in Jan how you doing CS I did we don't go oh you know he doesn't. It always does this instead of just walking by jet nose they did it's just John and I'm talking and all. Although John noted that lady rebels not the answer he's too expensive you stare down the barrel of his down years. And those four factory your job you over replacement player for the dip. Between a fifteen million dollar Lamy on bell and 87 million dollar Carlos Hyde there's not so much of a different thought eight million dollars worth. A different yes hey let's disagree my god you were listening to manifest in the game keeps DMC FS BHD once every Cisco. Room and now right that's what yours you bring lending until in this organization did you got a team. Intriguing thing among competing. Because now you still got that cards you go on pick another guard you know decent bureau office becomes one of the top five offense in the league overnight this. I do not knocking that. In lady on ballot Geneva Rob Lowe PRR song comes back suddenly this becomes very very scary but you gotta ask yourself again it's not Major League Baseball you can't just spend everywhere I think is that money. Better off earmarked for a different position to win the caveat in mind that if you really want a ball out at running back. May need he hit the nine peck and you either have to make a small trade to go up a spotter to or he falls do you make the move for say quad Barkley from Penn State now we're back on this topic. That's and that's a that's a very Melbourne would you rather do now Barkley took me now. He carried a heavy workload at Penn State but so did bell at Michigan State now he's coming out he's fresh in the eyes of many he's unproven but he's trash and cheap. That's in port as well eBay will be cheap I agree to their joked. But. I think that I think it's in these two backs. And they are both good backs they've got bills and on the levels deal. I watched this guy and you watch the way his patience. His ability make him miss in space there's not even compare some he's able to do and he can actually provisions like something out of him. Analyzed is so slow tedious jobs of two US. And he's gone and he did he can run heart any can run people over he's one of the most. Diverse changeup backs that I've seen in this league he can run with power he can realm of the next. He can catch the ball out of the back till he does everything in Indian when you look at a guy like that and now you go out you go and spend an offensive line do some stuff. And now you got to still back the draft so you you spin for your guard no well. He's been for lady on and so now you got two guys that you he's been top dollar for a guard in our running back. You already have two pretty decent tackles he still can go get it ordered a young. But messed tackling the draft and a third round two is still getting developed so you can set this team up for the next four years goes way beyond he's got four good years and not. He's not he's not going down right now he's got four years they can maintain and continue to get better he's still got some years that he can play even better he's only twenty bogey Tony sick right. So what it's like he's this he's twenty Tony and I you know between 929. You start that followed up he still got four years. Told to give you gotta check the odometer and you don't check the birth certificate you look this year. 321. Carries coached three Toney one he led to the entire NFL you thrown another 106 targets. 85 catches but the targets you don't fallout. Plus all the of the plays eating get the ball he's over 400 touches this year and we EST may play in the playoffs yet for a six goatee he averaged four yards a carry is so rare in the stands out. Eleven touchdowns this guy's a monster but he doesn't get hit that's lovely Motorola the ninth. He doesn't take a big shots because he does that must ask what's that noise you make to describe how Iran's. I picked out or we might oppose. I mean this. Dude. I mean this guys talk about motorboat and the volume you ordinarily I'm here. UK did you play basketball you don't not of course Matt I. Take that what do you make up till you'd drop back and and thought okay you did a good point that John. You didn't bat one game isn't good outcomes I bought the eleven month all the basketball hoop for Christmas he really can't reach up and ninety yet part because he's eleven months old so you boy he's just on the other side of the kids in the launching staff curry leaves. Also the room. Smash mouth the wife is she's trying to work balls and bounce around anyway you. Only on guard of all right now adrenaline all night. I do that I didn't say because it's. Like I walk up didn't isn't standing there wobbly and I do like a little crossover he falls that he just read all. Did she drizzle around what are you doing a good kid got to learn to play big. How did hit eight umbrella group you're right now the court with your money. I think I can't I think I can't. And the games so you look at this guy may be on yes he's got a lot of winter here but he doesn't take the big shot he's not a Marchand he's not letting that type of it and run that way he's just a nice. Chills going discontinue. Its on 957. The game. Good news it's Friday another thirty. Over and over again. I see you well. 015. 15. As we was the first week we put this in play. From last week to this week that calls have jumped astronomically we took dozens last week we have hundreds. This week so we shuffled through a shot at the Cody and Stephen in the back for finding the best ones we begin right here. The all the love we drivers in the Bay Area. City traffic every day and ads. Rules you know we. Hundred foot gap in between you called. That's what I did this trap big night. You people act like you're politic he general. What are the big bear the. Totally feel like I hate that because I end up missing green lights that I could have caught it the cars had all stayed up behind the previous my guess move up folks are so we're asking for here and if you don't move up or any other people diving in the front and the ripple effect causes traffic for. Hundreds of miles down. He'll move out we'll be sensible because sometimes you if you don't you move up and you among the people and ready until. No patients as well I mean sometimes is now stop right there you're gonna have not take defending big debt now you can jump me. Guess you do if you do get on the joke number two. I've got beat. I try to order one and be efficient nugget I McDonald our pride themselves and it only can you prove. How about possible votes. Can you wanted to target was too little positive to come out I think I could not leave. I know our hearts in the Bay Area. He's like that I'd really hate that when you go and are you get the prize you need to catch up yeah more more a little. And is actually right comes out at the end sauces for nugget you gotta. I thought for every four nuggets I think it's fair he had twenty nuggets do sauces that fanatical and my wife loves bread sticks from Pizza Hut for some reason the bread sticks they may get beat somebody if you ever get a you have to order like thirty marinara sauces and when they ask sushi yes that's not enough she needs he needs more cups of marinara. Or bread stick it's unbelievable color number three. Every time I'm from Modesto California and the great central valley. First I gotta say yes operator diehard raider fans and I have to say I respect whether we're married and don't now let's David Ortiz management. Where they spent these last couple of first data is all of sudden. Vision and they say they're going to the Super Bowl. Yeah we've had a bad experience and we are straighter than ten minutes when we had a bad didn't. Well all I gotta say for an hour to finish this out. They're hard and enjoy the process I'm out. Those he had to wait for one of these now the and what does that on the field this year love. Oh did somebody just say I've got to beat us today when asked if Brady think to do with old bridge we're about to commit to write music yeah. We G plus I've gained undefeated what I. It comes back I'm done what it is these inside of beef some guy's gonna be about the race. People would want another excellent stuff next one. Okay job he's very pretty good games no more like he's proposed G Breyer you gave them all. Although much needed here. More weary who as well. Fortunately. I have nothing to say that gentleman his 100% accurate how much how old shop made the rookie up. The next hole. Do humor. Days after that drove. Ordered an iron I think it's a budget sea bed. They are where I've ever just because I am tired of everyone's sake of their hole which broke. Our. Rule. Spicy yeah we did and threw throw my only my guy occasion beat them. We're okay greater niner B we got location BP got traffic Beasley got ahead in the heat what are we got next. But what is being able to California this the first base coach who you have to do it in order for me first call and arts Errol art. We watched. Because cardinal. You bet you we you don't. That's what we want you are at higher risk phonetic alphabet book that's no good he well. Why do. They have. More old friend for you brother that's wrong he's wrong Joan yeah. A plane come in strong anti there are no it's like how we look lines hot pink line it's everything right now give me give me a little record by six keep your card you don't want to go. Why you keep their car movie one time Kirk cousins was named the MVP yeah but I can IndyCar was why he gave him. Here so we had a bad day you know what until now I wanna believe I'll tell the world golf didn't go to sun don't shine and then comes. My big black behind me who I'm excited. I see the ball Silicon Valley tech guys. Bet I've loved sports and body. That's Barack. A brand new Camaro. Bargain good victory in the damn bad boy. I hope that's what you do and why it's if you have a car like that is the damn that please don't bring it. The reason why they're bombing traffic Victoria's Secret private sports fell off. It won't adopt that it delayed but don't all drop desperately over tonight I've stated yeah I did all the way but you've still got to support. It no later they had our buttons Saturday. A focal. Do I. That's the old man Florida's syndrome how many old man in Florida DC driving Porsche is cork bats the random Ferrari at the buzzer Roddy but there in the left lane going 45 mile an hour because they don't wanna go that fast why did you get the sports car. Designed to go fast if you are unwilling to exceed the speed and additionally slower traffic keep right town. I'm hard on my cars it's my personal beef John in the two right lanes down. Supposedly got all filthy. So it doesn't run out for us so we'll not we keep to the right as best I resting as well yelled god studying additional 51. 000. People for not paying high yeah what does we have people who oatmeal. You mother and here are tired of hearing about bill he did therapy there. Therapy here therapy there. This is not very Diego. Did there's not vote harder nations this is murdered. It's rumored off recorded rarely come harder here about the ability god. LP LC LP. Oh wow. Is there a spot mr. Neal 32 majority. I think right now we're in this guy is I want to meet him in the enemy to sit down is don't take a while bringing lunch pail Google we got we got to talk. I think you're talking money. This day I don't about the effect. County with a greater nightmare they guy was arguably one of the greatest active ever play again this was exactly is being so he does not want to shoot that. Can you excluded that neither hey. I mean. I love you may want. Don't keep a great crew of I don't golden. But I'll react. Bit and he goes abroad years incomprehensible. I guess good shortages that are on the air borne him a big game and go on. Registered owners aren't completely incomprehensible. Why can't understand them I have listened to them a hundred times. And I'm still not able to figure out. Well it's being processed during the lyrics of that big game Marlins and it's yours did so let's be able. Oh yeah capable of they're not for the yeah also birds pump up the volume it's time to play ball it's still low and did turn the game on none of the men and enough sir guy. It's not a new pair of JBL had yeah. Let me think it's better maybe a new feeling you don't leave violin and yells at. I don't know we never sit on top of the table covered would GE's homeland yeah meat sauce. Without this guy. But I got it. Our his hair or her overall. This restart there. You'll have dolphin meat especially it and grow everywhere. That certainly who's hurt yeah. Yeah I felt like you guys to look at all it's. Out of work it's our own little or no fan girls are those who. They're way out of our heroes our starters are okay. Chicken liver more feels that this is a red ball Darryl grew Johnson's infamous school roof gripes that yet which is a rip off of us up and I did over on another station five years before would you as a rip off of something that was done I guess before that. If you don't rip then you're not trying chip and I live. Could be put my heart like good little hole you guys bitch curators. You guys just quit than tiger might not do yeah we had a bad heated but we both had a bad season they've been head. You guys call minor speed and our current season come on big Ambrose got them do you use. Why did they wrote I don't look at why did they raiders but I. No shots fired there yet not really know bro because it is the flagship station and you're gonna hear their games on this very station. Chills going did continue. On 957. Big game. You can catch him six to 9 AM eastern. As host of Al kick coverage on fox Sports Radio every day of the week check out the web site. I'll take the covers dot com clay Travis joining Jolo in bids on 95 said in the game what's up clay how aria. Well even dream about you boy we got some snow covered in Nashville so what this city you don't walk down my kids who are running around like crazy people so want. Bigger crock that the city got hurt that survive a white debt here at about slower Sergio could probably talk about. The south it's hit by know what we all follow. Are no guys in our current. Clay I was hoping you can start by telling us a little story I was following you on New Year's Eve when you put the CNN bounty out and then next couple. That cut down pants on CNN can you lay out the story for us and have you made contact with ten cents. He got an important Graham. So what. I don't ever spend money on marketing brown kick I don't have first big you know it all worked out that everything else so the people who don't remember back in September I went on CNN to edge said that their all acutely than it ever let beat down at my life. The first the bad but Ed boobs says then he'd go Saturday. And the other woman who was hosting that show walk from all I like just spell a loss I'd like I'd just sit the most they appropriate thing in the history of mankind. So she quit on this this what led up Brooke Baldwin. Was on CNN first special New Year's Eve edition. For all of your or do warlords and so much up out keep people can't be only to her video where she was talking about outdone what they've had bigger I have yet bigger balls than dolls one that did you do show wet and they were talking about their Mardi Gras beads and everything else this joke. I get on a brilliant idea I thought just got all the spur of the moment I said. Hey if anybody who had been out expand can get into this bar where they're brought happy alive. And held court ball the one that you absolutely you walk groups who live on a year on CNN. I'll give you ten grams. And it a woman can do it then I'll give you twenty grand. And I'll be damned. We're prepared to forty minutes. There worked out kick people who had gotten into the bar and staged a fake wedding proposal to get live on the air Archie and Ed. And that happy girl stand up and say I want proves PO OP yet going out live on CNN took a good way. For Beattie get firmer then Jon be that bad that 4017 came to a close. They have a while and that curiosity what do you think about the war week we've Libby and whether it's sports whether it's politics. How hypocritical how how. Oh how is it dead you can say certain things in the and people don't be tolerant in the and you can do certain things as athletes are you can't do it and people want to crucify you see the deal with. The million in the stance on bad ending you have outtakes about office all the different things that you see but then there's no tolerance and then if you don't let you go on CNN and he's here he'll sane people. You know whether it's black white whatever. Still talking about one another Jesse Jackson Hurley did about Obama when he was running so how is it that we live in the country well what isn't what what do you what do you make of all. I think it's a great question and I think people up all they're all like I beat I think social media is a big part of it because everybody's just walking around perpetually offended. And what I'm not saying that there are big that we can they could do better in America today I talked a lot about that a show. You'd stop and take a rat. Things are pretty good break like in the grand scheme of things throughout human history very few. People if any that ever lived better this this is like speech that I made by the way to my wife what we actually it. Because that feel like what you first have kids especially your first kid. You are terrified that things are gonna go on anybody's ever been apparent as are talking about. And I felt like my wife was going crazy like a lot of first time all our and I just better accept what. I'm sure we're not gonna be perfect pair. I'm sure that we're gonna do things wrong about it we got three kids now all by a doctor so I out of the perpetual two but I that's what you think about something. In the entire history of the world. Our side or daughters or we had a hit back I continue to speech after we had an effect. Our son or daughter Nicole being born in America today. It could have more advantage is that 99.9. Percent of all broad reported history the world. If we have managed to survive where we are now are it is probably gonna be okay I think it take a breath and get a lot easier of course the parent. But it how to get your second kid you're a lot more chill but it got to get your third kid like you barely care about anything a day to day basis. How exactly did you get the 45 or six or like guys whatever every day the party kit going to be followed up but I you'd be dead in general. Mike by a recipe for why he's just take it minute greed and I think per minute is this really that big a deal. If he answered no then why get worked up about it so that I perspective that we see don't live. And a perpetually offended society today where everybody is always looking beyond that like helping. And I thought that what. Well I'm offended by what you're saying clay because on the fourth kid in my family and while I so let's go quite neglected my parents barely even knew my name class maybe. Maybe in fact he got downright. What sports perspective they did a study this one at that he said he got got three boys immediately or kitchen to be. What they find is every sign in particular date you have. Becomes more of a risk taker and the way they studied it exports was. They were looked at the frequency with which players would try to steal bases. Based on where they were born in a wide at what kids and a lot I've. Did it betray you like the first kid content to be more responsible. Though they admit they are they're taking what chanted. And every kid after that take more risks they actually studied at a bank bought spell this fascinating and I get Allen my own family. Like my three year old try to due to pain that the older boys do even though he thought he walked do we get right he'd take a lot more risks try to keep up with them. And that translates through the white I just I it was great they get that they studied baseball stealing bases. And the younger they hit it in the family wideout the more likely years to try to steal bases I thought that was incredibly interest. That's fascinating and I think it would've applied in our family had I not been so short and fat at Hollywood to try to steal bases bonds to Smart. To try to get thrown out clay something I've been thrown out to my social media following you on the show is the idea of last weekend in the NFL. Vs this weekend the NFL there's always disobeyed. About which weekends better. Is curious which one do you prefer the wild card weekend or the divisional round matchups in general. Our other than the opening week at the F policies that would everybody's all excited they only see it go to the Super Bowl lidge got a whole lot seepage pay somebody very okay secured the going to be so what's better projected that they. My favorite which is my favorite week of the regular seat and I paper just this week. I think it divisional round games are typically the bet now I'm not sure that it play out this year it I think we got three guys too we're going to be at all same. You know at Grady Roethlisberger entered Greece probably first ballot guy we got Matt Bryant who still had a case to baby make alt a that he had a good final five or six years of his career. And then we got a war totally unproven guy and so only one of those awkward to die case he got newspaper. The beach or the guy you drew hurried to the plate and help with the vikings. So to meet that started this story like this weekend and I hope we're gonna get some good games blood out operate the way it's set up that we might not. Clay Travis joining Jolo and is on 957 game what did you think about the raiders moved this past week to bring in Jon Gruden. At a price of ten years 100 million dollars. I think it's good for the raiders cricket I think he's just that he higher debt for the last couple of years that they are at no point it was they pay the college group over to doubt debate yes. He's the guy that I think that raider fan base is gonna respond are really positive way cute. I think it be available coaching hires out here I actually think it's gonna be successful have a lot of faith that Jon Gruden I want to pick up back college. And go to the University of Tennessee I've kind of avidly followed because rumors over the year under the shot heard rumors I never believed. That he was gonna stay and be like it's not bad as ever return to our country so I think it L a higher I think it's a really good one our world raiders fan I would walk the possibility of what Egypt to repair our. I get interest they don't want it don't quarterback up in the NFL not with any typical upload let's go all your quarterback. It Eckert fairly happy years that we anticipated they might weather gear car or are you go to. Or certainly changed went that public morals if you want a cap head to those thirty import your quarterbacks who really didn't take that step. That we may be all anticipated that they would take this year. Bad guy I don't know what Mario de car whether that had something to do with coming off the broken leg it just never really get to get rid of in the same way it ought to Mario to wait a borrower called off an upset over odd that the patriot nobody even care about the course that you don't if he gains that he played. In their regular seat at the danger of water and so while we'll see but I think that that Nicole and it will be a great addition. Or force certainly there are I'd be very excited operator at about our. Ed late houses in Belichick Brady. I was a story play out your opinion. Yeah I've got to be what I've read that story yet yet doc I'll bet everybody talked about. I read it kind of aggressively from a writer perspective it'd seem to be would be a article that Bill Belichick wanted to get out they're. To make it clear that it wasn't his decision to trade Jimmy drop or to make it clear that you feel like he's the guy I'd if only they eat together. And it's amazing and maybe it's just something about yeah that guy. It's hard for cute guy to Kuwait this steady course coral long are without one of their try to establish you know what I've been out. I think the reason why we your your weather spell big company. Whether clay audit team. Mean you can't exactly OB it's like everybody when there's two co weak cool we years it's like that. Doesn't necessarily work for a walk I art and so I think bella checked. Morse code at Grady is believing that he is achieved yet that how the patriot together. And you want some of the credit or so that maybe he's receiving I have to question how has stuck by their response god I put up with Twitter all and I said patriot trainer. For the next three years you have to pick one of these two guys can only keep one up do you think telecheck what do you think Grady. That he 5% of people said they would take telecheck. Over Kuwaiti. Usually the NFL what you go quarterback over at coach. I think that this side of how much the patient by that to what Bill Belichick aren't that I coached. I think certainly people point to it they say he got Matt Cassel to why did it five we're great because this seat had he got a Korea to one record with surgical beeper that aunt Kroll global what they were at church. I think there is a lot of the week he had Bill Belichick out there and I can't that they may be Unclei beyond that. I can agree that the patriots won a Super Bowl or they wanted to play our game. There's a decent chance telecheck lightly. Some people say oh great people believing that but that's the way every if you read that Belichick might ultimately decide at least agreed obviously it do we like that so he can't quite or careers over. And we'll find out Saturday if this is the end of the season for New England Tennessee getting in on a flu keep playing we've seen that before from Tennessee with us. The mayor exit and the miracle of music city than this sham that took place that the day. See what clay what chance they give the titans are going into new England and possibly ending this Belichick run. You know what up or all that weren't good deal for being a part of that play because. There at the stadium and it I appreciate you do you could blow it to you got a queue at the white checkered at the because there. And. True miracles that he caught the football classic flaky apple does not play Dolan don't need a new tough technical nobody. Ed that sort of look debating plate everything it was offered to let the beat they're sits. But you know what I think that. This team believes that Marcus Mario and almost did a similar way that the titans believe did speak to pair especially early in his career. But forty caddie came into the school after that he was if you look at what Mario has done the last two weeks to win it must wait gate to get the layouts. Each scramble and get all of the safety could pick up a first down at its peak goes query port I'd be overcome its 41 to three deficit. Based upon a big plate you're 7% and a third down on the road and talk quite figure can't just steady and did at the end of the game. Had the wherewithal to be a weed blocker hurt air jittery to get a walk off first down they are bit allowed the type to take it be. On a 38 quite. Sunday Mario it's healthier and they play better that it'd be quite in his career and his career probably certainly on the stage this big bat. You're the challenge. The titans don't have explosive wide receiver so far who have been able to stretch the field or take the top off with a key fact the most reliable threat is Billy walker. Derrick catering to help the aggression hasn't been used much a couple of years they're gonna Ito would have liked by all rights. And they also are gonna be Mario they convert a lot of their doubt placed potentially wicked way if they do that. I think they also need to put Mario they've begun a little bit and let it grow the ball and quite like they're all behind a big kick out. This type topic has been able to score points. But it like they've always been able to do it. We they'd give it up and got behind it that screw it let's put Mario did begala liked it also played ghost of bill Otto rocket to go to offense. That's what to operate it seem the group that bet. And on the defensive side of the ball the titans like most he bit the NFL got have a good back just to cover Rockford cal. So if you watched that game against the chiefs to try to help he doesn't get injured it was over a hundred yards receiving. Probably get a couple of touchdowns I think that cheeks go water whitbeck gain. I think it that I didn't have to do something. Could get robbed her out yeah out of his rhythm whether it's just try to be so critical weapon that you get upon holding penalty that you're basically tackle again the white scrimmage. And dairy be official the caller. I don't know what would it be you're also probably get beat Kuwaiti. They continue not quite well like you had built a final thought we could see that he's got six touchdowns only 55 interceptions. Is passer rating has dropped thirty point. If he's starting to put warm. Like a mortal that would all be that happened I still pretty good that the patriots are gonna win it by a touchdown Albert RBR your point but I do like the site to keep it close enough to cover. And and make it game to the court ordered everybody not gonna be turned it off on Saturday I. Clay before we let you go is that a blood banks special or is there one you like I learned more. I've got I've not comfortable with the titans never going to blood bait your key to this coaching staff that there operative though so atrocious but I like they'll be opposite side of the ball. Like I viewed big guy it I think it's not a blood bank. But he the creek Soledad guarantee a term I don't want the fight that there thirteen perhaps. Follow him on Twitter at clay Travis take out the website I picked the coverage that comedy and catch him on right before us every morning during the week 69 AM eastern coast of outfit the coverage on fox Sports Radio. Clay Travis Wood Jolo and dibs on 95 cent in the game awesome stuff like thanks for coming on have a great weekend hopefully we can do it against him. Appreciate it want that you guys have a great pleasure appreciate all the listeners reported that it be back early the morning before you got a deal. Chill blowing discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. You find that spread yes Nextel open is the hole and asked and it it's gone gone to six so. And this is I was staff curry listed as doubtful according to the website I looked adding Vegas insider odds are whatever dot com. Boy is given six and Milwaukee and obviously the big question if you're gonna make it that would be Seth Curry in around listed as doubtful. My gut feeling would be they're gonna send them out one more before he plays at Toronto and Cleveland but. They'll be determined closer to games. Lines knows he's. Not comply I don't know I just I don't like it. How would touch it you just he'd like to spread that yes the spread had no intention you just got to let this team and we know it's the best team in the NBA they they just wanna win. They're not talking months point spread there right now they're trying to get you know stepped back into injuries and all the different things at. In on that surrounds this organization and these players. I daddy I just don't want to cover that tonight a really really don't think we'll dips. Bob nightingale a USA today on Twitter reds center fielder Billy Hamilton who has been on the trade block. Just signed a one year four point six million dollar contract with the reds. So I take it he's not going anywhere. At the sense but if he's on the trade block maybe it's and to sign and trade situation if you sign up for one year and four point six. I don't think the you'd look to trade him that's a pretty pretty good team friendly contract for a guy who does something that. Lot of guys can't gives you always funny joke that's told my I have to imagine you would want a ton and return if this is a coveted guy who is coming at that price is virtually nothing when it comes to baseball contracts interesting how this hot stove season has gone with. Not a lot of big deals out there yet to stand deal and you have Longoria he got a couple other semi big pieces but. Nothing really major yet here we are almost a mid January. Yeah pitchers and catchers coming up in like five weeks coming as if your JD Martinez you have to be pissed right now. You come and in the free agency you were scorching hot this season you were huge down the stretch for the Diamondbacks he got a monster numbers York's Z big ticket item. And you're coming in the free agency year before all these other juicy you don't have to worry. About what's gonna happen with harper in Machado and all those guys could because that's next season but here's the problem. All the big spenders. Have either locked up they're guys the Yankees stand or they're gearing up for next year the Dodgers and the odds and perhaps the Red Sox were interest in Martinez the clearly. Are willing to throw at him what he wants so he's just sit there as the top guy like this is what you dream of being the number one guy in free agency. And none of the big spenders are insistent and your price. Is going down each and every day without real offers are competing offers. Then you're not gonna really get. 250 million now also new thinking geez. JD Martinez people on a legitimate power hitter 125 million a year. Maybe you're only 23 million a year and we get closer to February maybe now you can only command eighteen or nineteen a year at some point. The market's gonna drop to a point where he still gets paid a but Davey Martinez getting caught in a very odd situation. With more teams. Looking to save than ever before. Ariana hasn't signed Yu Darvish hasn't signed JD Martinez hasn't signed. You gotta wonder how much longer does it have to go for any of these individuals before perhaps. The giants look perennial maybe we weren't interested because the luxury tax that maybe we are now. Now yes picketing get multiple guys and you go over the the luxury tax threshold then maybe get in but I don't think. You're one player away though from being competitiveness here the giants you need to get. Area and Martinez and maybe take up. A McCutcheon nor another solid outfielder as well otherwise is not worth your while to be another year in the tax violations on. Did you actually write this situation you get an a pickle and now a he know you do you don't win so here's a guy you know it's worth the money but like you say teams are locked up they Marty spent what they what they do ability of allocating their gonna wait till next year when the big boys are coming off the board in all those guys are going to be out their next year so. It's tough I would wanna be in that spot. I would I still take it I mean yeah. Scenario what do might get in 24. Million maybe times five is probably the sixth year let's hold this thing up Africa's porous I think one at like six for 200. South India that's the one that scares me is the fact it is Boris so when your team like the giants. Or that the Red Sox or any the other potential suitors you know it's a Boras client so. You know he's not gonna settle early he's gonna wait and see. Every last dollar he can possibly get but. As the market has continued to slide in these players have gone unsigned it I think the price drop and for all these guys that this is exactly what happened. How does a three years ago James Shields is like one of the big thanks in righty pitching acquisitions. Big game James and the giants were in the leg needed wanna go all the way in on its own shields kinda just waited waited waited before you knew it. I think we got said late January early February assemblyman James Shields hasn't signed with anyone and he ended up getting. Are really quote a lousy deal compared to what he could have had. Because he thought he was worth a lot more no one of the patent granted a few years later what's happened. Shields has not lived up to whatever deal he ended up signing right and it's interesting because at some point when baseball and football and basketball certainly you can get to a point where. The money's gonna Max out and these markets have to reset at some point Joseph I don't agree and have. Baseball players make in forty and fifty million a season at some point you've got to hit some ceiling and teams have got to rein in spending a little bit. We are 27. Days. Funny seven days from the NBA trade deadline. So there's going to be a lot of talk over the next week or so about the warrior fighting Jean Brodie obviously because it's a great one and then you're gonna have the NBA all star game in the player draft and all that but we're 27. Days. From the NBA trade deadline. Between now and men. Do you see the cavaliers using that first round pick that they got from Boston for Tyree urging in an effort to help and LeBron James this year beat the warriors. I don't think an easy Joseph but I do you know I think that they probably should hold it undone because I look at what's going on they're talking about rumors that train you know Tristan Thompson a swap for Dionte Jordan another guy didn't play in the middle ram protectors so. I think if they can do that and pull that off. I think he too sick he's sick you you whole piece hold serve. And don't do anything because LeBron after a year they don't go there he's probably leaving because it in the guys and it seems little replaced. As targets are challenging do you use the panic to try to help James now to get one more ring before possibly leaves. Or you hold it as the foundational building block for the next era because LeBron James is gonna leave. I don't envy that decision at all because it feels like no matter what you do you're going to get crushed by somebody you. Can't afford to get burned on the back end on this one meaning you can't trade the pick before the deadline to help LeBron and then have LeBron. Up and leave if LeBron wants to sign a long term deal before the trade deadline to stay in Cleveland yeah then I'll trade a first round pick their legs. For whatever to help the wrong thing about what could be if LeBron leaves low. It runs threatening to leave which clearly he might leave at the end of the year and the only chance I have is a hold on to that first round pick. I totally agree in your opinion no. While there Jimmy name me one guy you think they can really had this team compete with the gods are you double win a championship. He's the first name I don't come -- he doesn't I'm not saying it's the best name announcing some great names they match the name that has been linked to them repeatedly. If they were gonna use that first round pick because you gotta figure at some point New Orleans just has to break it down. They got to break it down what do they have. Right like they're sick on and on and on two great big man but they've got all full wings nineteen stinks. You probably and this is unfortunate because he was here that first drink you're probably gonna move on from. All the gentry at some point if you just get a terrible thing down and rebuilding you're not gonna compete with the dobbs you might as well get we can now which brings me Anthony Davis. Yes see I I just got to throw this out there pop has said yesterday. To bond today that he takes remind green over Anthony Davis. You agree. It's a tough one and I don't put everyone on the spot. But Cody and I are produced were talking about this morning because that was one of his life just say whether talk about what I don't even happening exactly said but he takes Jamont Reno ranting Davis. Over the next five years or I don't know I guess I'm disappointed or said that dad trim I was the better player than Anthony Davis that he would rather have to remind green that's it's interesting as it pertains to this team Jamont might be a better player for this team Anthony Davis wouldn't answer because he does so much of the dirty work in general. Anthony Davis is a better player. But if you if your boys dream on with Anthony Davis I don't necessarily think the warriors get better. And I agree do I think they get better scoring without a doubt anti Davis can run just well. He's beat him he can protect the ram do a lot of those things it straight month yeah on this team. The pins on the team certain teams you look at NT days he can score do far brighter scored in three months. You dream on this team I think if it's it's perfect but. It's tough to save in three months better nine you know I I don't think he's better future I'm talking much just from a sporting aspect. I don't think he compared to. Congratulations to Matthew and San Jose on winning. He must energy super cross tickets for. Answer the trivia question was champ ship in Livermore or ship she is the caller that took exception to. The beef line being a quote rip off of the Ku lose right stint yeah of course because gurus drives was the original bit where you had people. I complained on radio oh wait that's right. Oh I I might have done something like dad back in on five when I was up on a different station in the market which by the way it was a bit that I stole from a New York show. In the late nineties which Hardaway was stolen itself from a bit uneasy new contract this all the way back to the beginning of. Time Joseph yap. We stole from guru that's right on the third thirty that's right this is a team effort the baseline every Friday 73415403. Me aid that will do it for us tiny and the bureau were coming up next to Roy's gonna join him at eleven A and the brand a for low for dibs on Joseph thanks for hanging out with us all week everybody. Greatly appreciate it have an awesome weekend we'll see you back here Monday. 6 AM on 95 cent in the game. Relationship would have a more.