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Monday, May 8th
The guys discuss Patrick Beverley's performance against the Spurs after hearing the news of his grandfather. They also discuss Colin Kaepernick's future as Jay Cutler and Tony Romo will be in the broadcasting booth next season. Warriors TV Analyst, Kelenna Azubuike joins the program to talk about what's in store for Game 4 between the Jazz and Warriors. 

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I've long held belief that last part about these jobs interaction with the listeners the such a beautiful place to live Sony beautiful people in the Bay Area let's check in with some of them. Up from the 51 out Joseph you sound like lunch lady Agnes. Oh lead Doris nice he would take a shot my boy. Did it right techsters yet but not. I look at. They did. All right material for you joked he needed I'll crush people at full volume I due you're welcome. Yeah honestly anyone see this at the nose Lee doesn't change in change their temperatures this is just something else that might lead to do don't we go to FaceBook live to be kidding me. And I think I really don't panic and you get that camera please and please look like this I was lead production stares at me like I'm crazy. We rarely go to the ball movement as you say anything grow Willa I honestly. But anyways here's a guy like what do I do we know myself yet. There's enough I'm done you gotta get into the Houston San Antonio gotta we gotta go to Twitter live FaceBook live on that we're gonna have this on multiplatform hole. When this week you wanna awards San Antonio when you look at Houston when those two teams meant to get it together you would think. Debt since she saw the weighted. San Antonio will start to impose their will win in those two games on rodeo once they get. Oh my god look at this you know my man goes down Tony Parker goes down no problem they still were able to motorboat and in them last night you know coming back home you would think. It was going to be different welcome you would think it quietly and and all the way to sort them play a lot better. Would pick up the gain any scene down to sixteen they held that they're too. They held their two big players. To sixteen points did I always is shocked. That the Houston Rockets team that's not known for its great defense Beverly. Great defense yeah the other guy's not necessarily great defense but the whole bowls to move to sixteen points apiece that's pretty impressive by the rock. You don't remember though the nature of these playoff series when you have the road team in this case San Antonio re gain. Home court advantage by winning games Larry it's difficult for the road team to go out no matter how big of an advantage it is. Take the the Toronto Cleveland theories aside is Cleveland so much better. That it's not a big task to win both games in the road but Santonio. Ewing game three you've got the upper hand knowing the you've got home court back. It's tough to then get. Motivated again to take game four on the road at Houston especially the way used to play it's. And the rockets yesterday offensively so officiate the tempo was too much for San Antonio and when that game gets into that pace dispersion have a hard time winning. Source with a three below once you know and being so hardened a couple of times he had marks alters boarding mound from underneath that hoop. Any game a couple jab steps. Arturs was on a fallback like OK I'm not only in drive. Instead it just say okay Ahmet take aside. And give you aside and give and let them go in and penetrate. Because he's got the trees there he's got the salt there and that's that you want when your plan against a guy that's that's Politico the shooter on the perimeter. As in special when he pulls out of big man because you can't get your hands up and you don't hand down man down so you want him that you marketed snack. So give them that angle for bloated all. Go to the whole world more of the trees were to solve those guys are able to alternate shot. That's what I thought the San Antonio didn't do as well let's not joke and it led them to stay on the perimeter and and that's when he was deadly with a three ball. It worked boys I appreciate that model myself like George Cody and Cooley is believed to. This picture yet Campbell at this is why he's you know he's kind of the path why don't we George security. Yeah. Each yeah Richard Philadelphia. Racism is what it. I'm the story of pat Beverly huge game last night huge game for the rockets has evened the series 22 heading back to San Antonio for game by. Everly takes a pregame nap customary for every game he wakes up he finds out his grandfather's passed away. You tell him in that situation. A couple years ago 2015 World Series exit Balkans was gonna pitch game one to the royals. Its own game his father had died earlier that day. And when the royals found out manager Ned Yost was talking to the family. Said what you want us to duty Boston talons and where you Austin not to on the ice it we want him pitch this game. Please do not tell that became Big Bang sports talk radio TV everywhere people weighing whether or not a wit and talent whether or not keep it from them and listen in the and we wish. Would you want that situation load you read the most. Well it's you know I'm not just nose bleeds just got a questions and I all the dancers. And. Two down seven we've been here we were pretty good in San Diego ghetto. We want and ran with our ruinous who were born. You'll lose. I drive home. You know six or Travis clinic at home drama Cardin went a fly wanted to drive and drive back the to Fresno so stop a little more thirty mouse from Fresno. I go in the house mom and dad sitting there and Stanley and likely won't talk to. And they told me nemesis had breast cancer. So then I was like. Why do you guys tell me what you guys tell me they say they we don't want to use the playoffs things were going on. And you know at the time I was a little disappointing because I wouldn't be you know. Ought to maybe altered things that mean and then. Out of broader out more I could you know bar to more games goes imports and shooting get to see the next season. So I wouldn't did more for us so in a situation like that I would have liked and known. Earlier and later a bomb situation words that day I'm planning game that it can happen. In after he may be that situation I'd probably wanna know maybe afterwards. Thank you for sharing and I know that's not easy and that's not easy so you would've rather had known about that in advance so that you could have made. Different preparations gone about things just to love born or more. Fire out two more games. He would do more. Camera comes staple we can do is in his. Explode do the things that you wanted to do give her everything she wanted so that when I was a little disappointing that they were like hate your focus we don't wanna you know adding extra pressure on you but. And I can understand their point but in that situation when it's his sister in you know it's terminal and you know you probably not going to be able to get to the next season. I would have rather known before. I think that. There's no easy way to answer that question whether or not you tell Beverly whether or not tell bolt has. That the only thing you can do is try to come from a position of love and that's what his family was doing and gave the World Series they just thought let him pitch the game and that will tell. Was trying to deceive anybody no one had any. Or intentions coming from there are. We're just trying to do what was right gets so for Beverly here that he goes out he pays homage to the grandfather who rose him. And several other of his cousins played a huge role in his life he goes out as a B one last night tonight's performances are always nice story lines to see guys played big in the snatching. Credible and you know you think about these athletes as suggests that as athletes you know we only see them. When they're on the court doing what they do but they're real people obviously in low and thank you for sharing that. That was an incredible story. Very personal reveal and I appreciate that and you see these guys you see what happened Isiah Thomas and Patrick Beverley and branding Crawford the giants. Real world things hit everybody. And it's unexpected. You never know what's gonna happen in the each family has to decide it. What they think is gonna be best for that person and I'm sure your fan they agonize load trying to decide I'm sure exactly how. How best to do you know for myself if I had something like that. A big performance or whatever I would wanna have. The performance out of the way and then find out after I think myself but. The case you make low the point you make is an incredible one. Runs per game. ERA. Open ERA run differential winning percentage. Of those five categories the giants rank last in the National League in four of them. Which one don't they rank last in coming up next Tallulah did like five points of the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Good morning. Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game if you just joining us. Yeah again. Of BS right there asked the producer comes into a collided head phones are plugged in nice and orally and planning into a beverage from our producer. Memo to the producer. We're here five days a week suck up I'll probably is urging parents. And in doing in his defense at around 650 when my nose ring and started bleeding. He came running a paper talks a human integrys dale thank you I'd laugh who were snubbed them yet you I. Yes I Tibet jobless. You admit to do badly do I got you is that that you let you talk about the this is pretty it's pretty do it. If you allow caps at fever later. And play out hunt through it always plays that such. Yes yes yes OK Jimmy coach look at me. Like what might be of one's friend that I Kimi and I kept it together in Vegas like early hydrated. Comment nice Alley did fraud according to a guy. Nose bleed everywhere. He's. Had a bad day thank god when. Soon you have that. The day. Okay. Jay Cutler I miss this on Friday you guys. Chance to talk about this for a little bitchy colors decided he's done with the NFL he's moving to fox. He's gonna be taking the John Lynch spot that was vacated when lynch came to the 49ers so he's on teen number two. What's interesting about this is when color came into the league with the Denver Broncos. He played with links for two seasons. There was with the Broncos. In 0607. And 08 before being traded to the bears lynch final four years of his career all floral five or 60 seven's there to race for two years. At least jumps San Francisco's general manager has held a draft color now jumping in the broadcast Booth they clinch a spot. He's the CBS Eric sees me fox Tony Romo. Has jumped to. CBS and now we're left to wonder whether or not something's gonna happen with Colin -- predict because all these guys. Perceived to have plenty left in the tank have had success before interest and Reza race. To jump to the Booth what do you think Max cap well. Yeah I think due to mainly what's next for Cutler to the Booth he and Tony maybe GM's. Down the Africa Mexico they're going to gym next now know now and I think it really Colin capita now is is have to be evaluating and looking at insane okay. Am I gonna play in the National Football League it's crazy because you can go from a starter on this from the you know from the in the house of that outhouse in overnight. In both these two gentlemen started on their respective teams last year and now Collins Al. And still looking for a job when you think about all the quarterbacks that has been picked him up as backups and Colin in Jed neither one of them got a job. This is now situation more college really looking at himself in the mirror. Talking to his agent and now this is time to meet in my opinion I think he should pick up the phone and called ESPN if you look hideous. All the firings they did how liberal the station has become all the different things that they're doing. I think that now it may be moved calling cabinet to look to say look. Maybe I'm going to have to be that third quarterback that have to leave the feel and going to a boom. And I think that's what I think Mike may end up happening are calling GAAP and do you think ESP and would be interest in that. The political alignment. Is certainly in check do you think even they would want to go that far with it because that would ruffle a lot of feathers but again in the media game. Sometime that's what I look at it and here's just Angel mean think about this a couple weeks not even a week ago. We're talk them out what was going on an imposter and talk about the fans. What happened against story opened the key young man has put Adam Jones and Jones who Oreo. You've heard all the different things that was going on in. If people were outraged they were disappointed they were just there were disgusted with that. And it was only group of people wasn't a whole lot of people was and every one. And so does this now kind of make Colin cabbies do you look at and say OK that's not the masses but it is some. When Colin did his position that's not all police but it sound so when you look at and you balance these things up is there still. Racism. Isn't that prevalent it's it's sticking his head up even more so many things going on the world we live in and why don't nobody it's happening. Does this kind of gave Collins some leeway to say look. Here is a professional athlete on a feel inning game in their arena. And people to use in goals racial slurs. Beat officer could be a father to father its officers to doppler we don't know who this guy is but doesn't that show that there there is some type of still racism going on so does it mean any gravity to conduct. Knows. Do you think Colin even wants to play football what I mean by that is this. A few weeks ago he helped donate a hundred men in suits to. I don't know the exact location but for people who were looking to get jobs I think was individuals are coming out of incarceration then just so they can look better present better at these job interviews not only did he do that he's at a symposium recently that a couple writers attended that said was. Fantastic Peter King writes in Monday Morning Quarterback this morning. Some believe cap predicament might want to do more social justice work. To the point where it he'd rather do that then play football do you think is a very real possibility that in his mind he's thinking I don't want to back in the NFL I got bigger things stand with my life. No I think the reason why no joy I think that this young men understand he still he believes that he has a lot earning power. And I think that when he's done with full boy I think that he started something we said months ago. That now he can't turn back. He's involved in this he's tied his name to what he's the most one animals visible after weeks because of his stance and his position good better differ. So I think that now he still feels that he has. Bargaining powers are empowered so I think eventually he'll want to go to that. But now you see this guy will be city goes he will stand he's you know we will stand we'll do other things so I really believed that he still wants to play in the National Football League. Just now comes down to pride in how much. In will you let that bitter taste getting him out and that's what happens to Cutler and a lot of these other players but I can get. I got the money I'm pissed off because no one much my opponent ranked. Although do something else. Speaking of color he made 73 million dollars over the last five years just five years not a whole career he's made 73. Million dollars eleven years in the NFL. One. Playoff victory want it how do you think Jake gullible do in the Booth. I think he'll do OK I think Tony romo's gonna do great Jay Cutler is gonna be all right it just depends on. Whether or not he goes fully in that. On certainly. I think is true personality so he's either gonna have to be somebody he's not and in the upbeat and really be into the game. Or he's gonna have to go a 100% fully in and just rip everything and be negative and and be a bitter guy. I wonder if he. If he has that the self confidence for lack of a better way to describe it to go fully in and just be a guy whose edgy otherwise I can't seem being very. A letter to your relatives he's glad to be. The guys that the first when you said fully in an edgy though he can't you know why because Joseph to salute to eleven years when play up. No credibility no credibility so it's gonna be really is going to intercept for them orally. Even with Trey rookie Trent Dilfer guy who's pretty phenomenal TV and radio whereas a lot of high takes. He's always been that he's always been boisterous no matter win lose or draw that's when was that his precise. You're gonna ask Jay Cutler you see EGG's always buttoned up he's very short answers he's never really Corky really doesn't have that personality now he's glad to really turn the corner to do that. I think it's going to be a lot is leg did saint it would have to be sold fake console made I because I don't believe believe that Saddam. Tony Romo has he has some corking a some witnesses guy can get after he can speak well that's an anti can't I just don't think that's. I guess now I think he's gonna be better than Romo and here's the main reason. Color yes the negative perception and he's gonna need to clean that up but the one thing colors always done. Is be honest and have strong opinions that's why people don't like. In this world of the media he needs strong opinions he's Smart enough quarterback will where he'll be able to break the game down on TV. I'm Howard about the big Romo can do that they know enough about it that you just need to jump in 1012 seconds give some insight. But I think Cutler once you see him come out any. As the strong opinions. Not matter if they're negative or positive I mean look at what Stephen A Smith is able to accomplish look at what skip Bayless is able to accomplish he just has strong opinions he's gonna have a lot of success because he's going to be polarizing people are either gonna hate them. They're really gonna like him but regardless they're going to watch and they're going to listen. Romo's biggest problem I think it's going to be the lack of strong opinions he doesn't strike me as a guy who's gonna be critical when it needs to be. He doesn't strike me as a guy who's gonna come up something completely original to give you some take on something he's gonna break the game down he's going to be a nice guy. And I think on the number one broadcast team that's going to be an issue whereas for Cutler on the number two team he's gonna catch people off guard may be surprised a little bit. I don't see it that way it'll be interesting to see how it plays out I think Dick Cutler it strikes me as a guy who losing interest. In doing it and he won't have the same passion for it. I think that's one reason why Trent Dilfer has lasted as long as he has is he's good at India have also has this enthusiasm for it when you tune in the one of these pregame shows or even the game itself you wanna hear a commentator. Who has some passion some real genuine interest for doing NN and and ultimately. I think that's one thing that would hurt Colin Capp rank in doing it because Colin has all these other. Influences and all his other interests. But I don't think that he would bring the passion that job low if he was to go to an ES TN. You're right about cut Cutler just his whole signings is different. Pain you look at in new look getting so used think. I don't know Marco I just don't see it coming out of him that he could he could suck the and Tony Romo I know did not have eased disguise that he's witty but around him long enough. It's a guy you guys don't give a lot of credit who's pretty and Smart. You don't really know that he's got a different site Kazaa bit around in they had compensation pretty way to college pretty funny didn't. He can be funny he can be witty intelligent can talk about the game. I think it's you look at it and you look at the different boost that are around you talk about different things heal which is affirmative action tell mummy and color. Here's a quarterback that's articulate and beyond there is is a guy that I think that they're gonna need to bring a guy like a colony and and I think it even don't spite of all the stuff. I think he'll be got to get an opportunity giving may be. It would be bettered that if he was gonna make the move to TV that can't happen to become more of an in studio analyst rather than a I on the broadcast. Not every player needs to go into the Booth may be becomes a guy on TV with more opinions you sold trying to forget that sure Randy Moss is doing math right I Hasselbeck is doing that he could do something like that I think that might think is is for some a little bit more manageable wide range of topics. To get involved and maybe rather than just football yeah I think today it's great I think he could do either be the orbit you're right maybe be in at a good guy behind you seem to be be. If his like he cares who won't be starting quarterback in the NFL this season. Jay Cutler Tony Romo Colin cabinet Robert Griffin the there here's who will be starting quarterback in the NFL this season. Josh McCown Brian Hoyer Michael Landon. Process that process that for a moment Cutler Romo capped RG three out. Account Brian Hoyer and Michael Landon all with justice. It's it seems surprising that you go through case by case and you could see why Robert Griffin the third is broken. He's had multiple ACL surgery is Tony Romo is broken. Jay Cutler is tired at. And Colin cabernet. That's curious one. And we all know that he had zoning issues we get a full hour of warriors coverage coming up Kelenna Azubuike is gonna join us in studio I'm gonna try not to bleed on myself I can't promise my voice will get any better. But I am back in Vegas they don't told Dave Chappelle story at some point throughout the program. We've also got tons of tickets to giveaway seven hour eight hour nine and need our wrecks even a way to get sliced stick with us the Bakken admitted Jolo and its at a time where it's at the now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Good morning and happy Monday let's get the obvious out of the way I sound like garbage I was in Vegas over the weekend. Everybody have a good laugh over it. We can move forward I can't stop loving you know now I downgrade those U gorgeous joining us my voice will be very flat today. Can't get too excited to today's data coming your hot exports. Like into an about usually my emotion is what I thrive upon I have no emotion today and defenseless at 6:15 this morning at bled all over myself for some reason. And now. Begin a slow count down towards the crucial meeting which Beverly will not go my way. Joseph blow Indians 95 points of the game degree Kelenna Azubuike in studio with us the next hour you Dylan and Goodman you guys in the sadly I wish I had a lot I when you sound and look like this sham for better schools and I don't I had some pizza I think craps source Appel. Leo get in that bits whitlock but other than that it was a regular trip came back this morning donating your myself so what we're gonna do is. We shut me down. He's probably going to be something there is very excited about but now we got a full hour of warrior coverage coming up we got a lot of tickets to giveaway throughout the next hour and on words the rest of the show but for right now here's doesn't update. Well Monday could be brutal day for the Golden State lawyers and they look to sweep the Utah Jazz tonight game four best of seven Western Conference semi finals series Steve Kerr. Not with a teeny underwent surgery at duke. To alleviate extreme pain for that previous. Back procedure Kevin Durant talking about game three said the second half was a great performance. If there's a route that's would you guess would be talking about 41 points and six. We have no turnovers either. As a Steward it. The story of the game tonight could be the same time six our coverage begins at 430 with the warriors a warm up right here on 957 game. Cavs remain perfect in the post season they sweep Toronto Celtics and wizards now even at two games apiece. As are the rockets and spurs. After Houston comfortably won in game four of soaring number two the Oakland aids detonate Donna. In a walk off fashion for the second straight night with tickets on the way and it's. On the wall in left field have been going back at that threat is right to the Walt turn. Man that wanted me. Six the final Ryan he lived all over Yonder Alonso hit his ninth home run of the victory he also homered twice. On Saturday Kendall grave and gets the start tonight against the angels the game can be heard on our sister station K fox. 98 point five story number three unforgettable series for the giants in Cincinnati. They get swept away for nothing. In the finale panicked pants Arroyo and Gorky Hernandez did Ortiz. Each with a one hit a piece. The update brought to you by bail arm. With the male army of protected 24 sevenths by the local security experts go to Baylor dot com to schedule your free security review today Baylor armed. What have you got to lose I'm Dan diddley on your home of the lawyers tonight it starts at 430 on 95 point seven a game. That's your highlight from what happened in Cincinnati. You go or three guys each had a hit four guys you know including mom man almost that do wondered now. Gorky Hernandez guys. Hit a piece you can't spill gore he's without gore. Violent dozens of tackle and a what I did okay facts. One to deny anyone was your final Saturday night game four tonight as dibs mentioned we're gonna have it right here on 95 point seven games starting at 6 PM. Kelenna Azubuike in studio would Jolo and dams how difficult is he going to be for the Jack is to get up for game four usually in series like this. If you're down 20 game threes that pivotal swing game you try to get the momentum back on the tracks we saw the wizards to an against the Celtics but now you're down 30. That was one of the best teams you played all series they are emotionally where the jazz that. We got to be a little discouraged they're trying to really Harvey positive word I was listened Rudy O'Beirne and Gordon Hayward. In their post game and you actually game and there's tries so hard and not beat his scariest and say hey who did some good things we played well. The starters did play well and they do you give more off their bench in the Joseph Johnson played better off the bench but. It's so discouraging because. Personal staff and clay didn't shoot the ball well defensively to jazz were much better like I thought they were. Gonna be so CNET first half. Man and offensively again the the stars really really well. If you make some adjustments for them. I word this. Hey go bear out of a game. Like and that's what we're his story became my go by Katie says along with their wars defense in the second half the fact it didn't turn the ball which was wonderful. Was Cady and his ability to expose regal bearing and pick and roll. Expose them in the post. Usually shoot no he won every once you sometimes they switched people on to him it didn't matter who is on the news is Joseph Ingles guy identical times Gordon Hayward got in the postal times you get into the body defender. This kind of fade away she knows how do you weigh every once in Iowa and in the pick and roll. They were basically sand whoever gold bear is guarding run out there and set the ball screen. And let Katie do it he does and Katie got the bass did he stepped back on I mean not that threw down over right Rugova it is didn't know what to do prison I can't really move his feet. That great. And at times he body was close enough to the ball screw me three you know connected gap in the little bit use my lankans still confesses so Katie is six a thirteenth. Andy's act at a the end liked because of their. And he's fascinated you shoot three of all any can step backs to midrange Eitan gets that basket. To a guy really has no offensive weakness so against the guy regal Baer who's a little slower footage yeah he is tall he uses legs. But he's slow footed and that the war is realize that. My round gave Steve true Grover crannies I guess you did talk about this before the series pick and roll with with Canadian and try to get go bare there. And they did degrees out so from the jazz. Especially late in the game in the fourth quarter when they're just going to a back to back to back to back. Yet go bare played extremely well. But at that point he's hurt you more than he's helping you got to take dramatic game they had they had Joseph Johnson and there they root there Rudy go bare there Rodney hood in there they Gordon Hayward. And Shelvin Mack. I take regal bear out maybe put in. Joseph Ingles all our. Boerse deal prevalent garden though paternal great year and that's. Think council and ask you didn't like it's like Jack I can't come out exactly you just heard defensively they've got nothing gives Joseph Ingles can't guard anybody really at that point and yeah you know boards DL as you'll 39 years old he's not gonna mail the state with Katie on the perimeter right. And who I probably put Joseph Johnson on and Katie maybe you are no I put Joseph Johnson on dream my dream. Then maybe played Goran it with your I don't have meant they don't have answers to wrap because the lawyers is so good offensively so vs top and then you I think. Further Utah says that it's to Stefan clay are probably gonna shoot the ball better next game they're not both gonna struggle and that's that's another dimensional wars have. The splash rows are going to be just like I. I'm take over and that was the story beginning. We're looking at a situation here where we knew this coming you to all thirtieth in the NBA in pace they love to slow it down Bryant all these games are playing out the way they would want. Lower scoring games is the first time all post season the warriors have been held to fewer than a 106 points you trust kept them in check to an extent offensively. They're still losing by double digits in every game that's there's just nothing left for. Right that's why it's so discouraging and then they're slowing the pace down it was their pace for most of the game. And the warriors didn't get their normal assists total. There are making as many shots. Like dream on says some assists would have been up that's stepping claim made some of the open shots they got the lawyers got some deathly make a loose shots and and I thought do you ties as we better defensively homeless they worry their feet not the crowd there there is so. Some momentum shift is there and give plays on defense. But all in all when it's time to take over the game and win when it's a winning time. You got to take the wars in that situation and Katie closed the game alloy clothes and Steffi giving guy going to put 23 points and he didn't choose to Montreal. Right at or who you know claiming U local box and tube and they say that styles makes fights grow and the last Ceres. Joseph Johnson unbelievable against the clippers. Stopping gold split foot speed has same guys up in just. Is the veteran leadership in just the veterans present a crafty moves took over the game at big times a big moments and showed up. What is been this down that's just got him hampered in and doesn't seem Michael Joseph. He's getting going as is the wars are still early on defense this is the different beast you in Vegas the clippers. There's some people you can expose out there on defense Jamal Crawford. Probably not nearly guard Joseph Johnson is just not strong enough. And there's some other people out there with the warriors. Who you go defensively there's not too many guys that. That will switch on to you and you can really take it as I watched in in. In game three that's losing game two. Staff was working hard defense staff chief who's on the Joe's Johnson and the wars may straight and leave them on island but he was body Ahmad he's moving his feet. And he gets in steals in that game yet active hands he's reeling gays in the defense aside. And in the wars are so great at helping each they don't never leave anyone compromise we're gonna help you out. Especially later at the rim straight months gonna be there Katie is going to be there so everybody feels free to work as hard as possible defense and end on that. If I screw personal goals by me on the perimeter our teammates gonna be there to help me out. Kelenna Azubuike and studio we Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game easier until 8 o'clock we get tickets away. Matchbox Twenty when they're at shoreline on Friday July 21 we're gonna do that about them that's got nine minutes at 720. Jumping into something you mentioned regarding dream Mike Green earlier did you at any point think he wasn't had a for a technical foul during that sequence yes I again and I. Is it he saw the eruption writer so the second found he got. Always you've got a reason was his third company took 12000 way. Which was the right call but the second foul. Was not a file. He barely nicked a ball I think he got a little hand it to hand as part of the ball. Barely got hand they do is all ball. And they call us now. And dream on subtle little something and it. Not enough to get attacked Iraq showed great restraint. And he gets back and I look the same and I said. If he get a tech there he's not again attacked the rest of the policies. So fast track after power is firearm into the senate. The and it actually was a valuable gold air down. And he didn't get tattoos on the bench or that he was saying is that to their efforts you lock him by. A light and a call attack there that finally ended messages could help of the Soviet yelled out. Some ugliness that that's metal finish Diaz of old fish write something like that. And hands a certain to at a fish Joe Brown in the waters of Utah where there's a little fish so irate side and it snapped Dolores he was frustrated him. The ad attacked and you talked about a game I'll las Michael that he knows that he's again each unabated in China gave him. To loses focus and and and have his emotions kind of going out of control and they get to that gates hopefully be better and game four and and the rest the boa and the great. Restraint I think showed by the official was because he knew we missed the call and ultimately aren't synergy crack that whistle. You gotta call some Dan and in that moment I'm sure the refereeing knew that he missed didn't sell you a dream on as much leash. As possible one guy kind of we haven't really talked a lot about is. Klay Thompson and who do defensively he's been great and will always dog. You're the best offensive player on the of the team that. Offensively. Not only is he not hitting he seems like he's. Don't dis interest it is fair but he seems a little bit missing out there. So he rushed a few south I think he's really disinterested after like you rest a few shots. It's he definitely miss some make will shots a lot of the shots he's listened we've seen him make plenty of times in. I said earlier in the season. I'm never gonna worry about cleats off she'd involved Phil Hughes and getting gone the shot looks the same to me whenever guys start miss and the insane always try to break it down illicit illicitly and finds them doing it's if their balances off let's see if they're fading one direction there at the moment Alan taken away from the basket. Are there hang in a little longer. The normal one not shoot the ball on the way out to where it's just about their former king is there. Their legs into a bit and we can't really find anything so this just a matter of him continuing to shoot the ball. Getting some action shots of him practice it and you missed takeoff felt like we know he will he has no conscience like a machine in Boise and keep she'd had. And eventually those shots to go in ally that he's not forgetting about the defense event he's still focusing on defense and in that that's what really shows me that he's not disinterested. You're disinterested. Defense is using Diego's first serve is very you lose your interest in office you're gonna keep shoot the ball as the glamorous thing that's the fun part of but he still working on the defensive end. And I believe that's south gonna start profit or how much does it stand in that same space and sings here we think about it guys a cold you know sometimes they get tightened even start trying to force and it doesn't go and in this can lead continue easily down the bad path. Amateur that the other night that. KD the reason why they win that game is because it Katie this is one of the reason why they bring him if and when the team is struggling. How much of a confidence boost to is that to encourage these guys keep soon because Katie can do what he can do. That's why I went after Katie so hard because they know he can score in any situation. And at times on offense the ball. Got little stagnant times and and obviously for the lawyers no one else was really into a great rim and shoot the ball in she's a great percentage. And it's such a confidence booster when you can throw the ball indicating when you know and doesn't go on offense. And you know you're just so the ball in the Cady and he and his Cuba is able to do you to in the post do your thing make your move to over the top so one. And his score for Sweeney's and he can do it and he did it will last game in game three and nude beautiful to see they switched on to warm. Today it was over Gordon Hayward he's a pretty tall offender a big defender. It was over Joseph Engles. Shelvin Mack heavily go on dates with Rao made on its own. Mistakes are always everybody. There's nothing you can do about that guy. The warriors had a ten point lead after the first quarter in game three looked like it was going to be cruise control. The jazz come back in the second outscored by eleven that ten point lead turns into a one point deficit at that went back you'll all the playoff games. This is the breakdown by quarter for the warriors first quarter. 33 points a game. Print outs were in the opposition by nine points in the first quarter on average is a playoff teams they're winning by nine points in the first quarter. Third quarter scored 29 point seven and there are upswing opposition by about three points fourth quarter. 27 points per quarter in or out swing opposition by about five but in the second quarter when the backups come and there are only scoring 25 points a quarter. The lowest by a long shot and they're getting outscored by four points per quarter. How do you solve this and if your Cleveland you have to be circling that second quarter as a moment when you may strike. I think you can leave Katie in a little bit with the second team like they did some this season. Now it helped as far as scoring goes maybe leave clay Thompson there. When things about the segment Cortes also probably the worst defense of Courter I think a scene for them in the playoffs this far. One plays specifically sticks out to me in this who's with the stars and there. There was a double team that the wars throughout and in the corner hosts with staff in place in the corner probably on the right side. They doubled. Throw the ball on the dole team. And what happens with that is one of those defenders pacifier out too weak side. To complete their rotation in case the jazz get the ball all the way around the premiere the other side. They both stale and on fires out and they sowing the ball over and jazz piano printer in the corner. Does this plays like that at times are not as intense on defense decided as a defensive breakdown as far as weak side help hidden over to take away the role. And Rudy eagle they're easy getting easy buckets. And and Katie talked about they clean some of that stuff up. And the third and fourth quarter and are much better defense really took away the basket. And again jazz missed some open shots too especially in the fourth quarter they got some good looks like can knock them down bit. S discount when you don't terrorism and the wars defense and intensity was up higher. And they just never could get into rhythm so I think that second quarter especially. If they can work on the defense and then. Maybe as reinforcements. KD. It's played well and stay in their little longer. But that's the coaches figure out they got to figure out now occasion of the plans on seats they can make that work with I think that would definitely help especially KG. The way he's been planned. And at the should be fine and yet here the jets that are if you Cleveland Cavaliers you look at that sing karaoke like Erica we take a business with a thing about that is. This doesn't just circle a quarter against the wars fewest negatives this and that that won't let us rap name. Because they're giving to about the third quarter and just crushing the warriors giving us so much firepower in the fourth corps of living close in the games while also. As second quarter has been a little bit of an issue about thing is gonna be a big enough fishy to rail on the and now think we're going to look him back after the policies of it is the reason the war is lost a championship because of that segment core I think that when the chips. Let's give voice and tickets. Matchbox twenties with Counting Crows of shoreline amphitheater on Friday July 21 call in Tripoli 9579571. Person answer the following question correctly. Who made the shot to give you all their first lead of the series against the warriors. Tripoli 9579570. Who made the shot to give Utah all their first lead of the series against the warriors. Lleyton that second quarter end I immediately to weed out how cute the jazz lead like seven seconds yeah it's like when you give a little. Pat on the ahead of the second quarter to Atlanta with some of the defensive rotation I know were lacking. David west was terrific in the ball game especially. Offensively in that third quarter but thinking about Cleveland. And their size and their big men when interest in tops in the way he's playing Kevin Love looking rejuvenated on the offensive glass. How are the warriors big guys match up with what Cleveland could put out with a big lineup. I grew Warner's it's always about what their big men give you defensively. And offensively they give you something that's always a bonus. And Zaza Pachulia. If he can grab some boards. Out of these huge defense we can just be Smart on that side and be solid that would be big. And then just finished B saw on the offensive side. Pick and roll what are you onto a pick and pop in the NB knocking down a little midrange jumper issues it's either two times the jazz who wore her. He on everybody else and leaving him open forcing him to make plays. And he struggled at times but I thought he played well. And that game three and then JaVale McGee. It's come in the games and we talked about him last series is coming game and changes Mikey note you can hit and run the floor get rebounds finish above the rim. I really like his pick and roll defense I think he's been really good on the defense aside as JaVale McGee. This sometimes he'll just let you beat him. Like when he's on the permanent legislation beats Biederman and just recover and get the block. At the ready so long many times is so well so he's been great test so defense development he's Dylan. Offensively wrote the basket catch allows me to get some offensive rebounds bring that energy infuse energy like who like you can. And David West. Knocked down a couple of those big time seventeen footers I thought that was huge his passing has been wonderful defensively he's a super active on that side. So. I like the wars against the big men assisted different style that they play the within the warriors don't demand for tonne from their big win on the offense it's eyewear is Kevin Love. He's one of their main scores and he's a different kind of player and he's a pretty good read about it Tristan Thompson's Gary where guys their role of the basket and I got to watch out for Elena offensive boards. And that's on the news Izod as our Tristan Thompson. He's got a queue by yeah. And make sure you're keep him off the offensive boards even if you're not get rebounds make sure trysts and doesn't anti yes but two defenders are interest in Thompson. To keep him off the offensive boards and face to face guard. And just body and and make sure it doesn't get there so those. Well listen different challenges that the the Cleveland Cavaliers big men and provide their brain by an. Like with the warriors have them with their three big men and it's perfect for the team because it's a guard dominate team along with KD. You just need your big men be south. Congratulations to Brad in San Jose the correct answer Rodney hood who made the shot to give Utah all their first lead of the series against the warriors Rodney hood second quarter Saturday night Brad in San Jose winds. Chicago in the doobie brother tickets coming up in the 8 o'clock hour. Luke Bryan tickets also giveaway at around 845 that we've got Dirks Bentley to give away in the 9 o'clock hour clown Gaza -- 95 point seven a game we will take your calls if you have any questions you wanna ask Clara Tripoli 9579570. As well as getting into everything happening around this the FBI. The broad James and have any problem but the raptors. But what's that mean for Toronto how Lowrie coming back. They can be imprisoned big changes Isiah Thomas wants better treatment from the wraps interesting because staff carried and get that treatment. He minute wait in line if he thinks he's can be treated differently all that's coming up next Jolo and its but it happens in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Great to have you on this Monday morning Joseph low Indians 95 point seven game and I Azubuike in studio with us. 2 o'clock for those just tuning in I was in Vegas this weekend my voice is a mess. The nose bleed it's 616 X amount and where are and everyone of course jumps to the conclusion that you would expect from a comment like that. It's the change in atmosphere yeah my nose and killing here I got a big surprise in the dry air clears it felt great team back immediately amassed. So now. That's right at quitting smoking excellent sound like smokers but that's not. I'll continue smoking at least it's African pleasure out of it the text line weighing in with questions for Kelenna. What rotations. Drew the warriors had specific advantages against when it comes to playing in the rock it's the appear to be even more suited for matching up. I'm with Houston over the cash. It's so if the rockets survive to the next round that series is currently 220 this is a question from the 95 asking about rotations where the warriors would have specific advantages. Different lineups. Soon I think that a lot of advantages there's the a lot of drew roots Asians you can look at you can look at the the small ball lineup and finished the game winner with a Andre Iguodala and there are. Staffed clay during mom Katie. That's a nice lineup that in that lineup has an advantage over most seems. Emissary team when they're all pretty much death and and if Andre Iguodala is knocking down his threes like you did last game that be nice. So that's a great lineup I think they can switch everything within their versatility on the defense side is what gives them. Such a huge advantage over a lot of scene because. You're trying to run your stuff on offense. And you're screening. And none of its working. Because it just switching everything and is really knowing you can exposing all of its listed OK let's go at this mismatch over here now it's it's doesn't work like that and if there ever is a mess masked the warriors held wonderfully and they double team when they need to sometimes unexpectedly they'll switch it up on his sometimes a double team. Next time they'll day gets he would give back. So are just all this combined related so that's a problem. I love when JaVale McGee comes in the game. I think Debbie nice against them the pick and roll. Because he did defensively. The rockets I'm not super concerned about that and the wars are much better defense team. And they rotate better at a double teams the weak side help is much better. So I think. I think Javelle McKee did have an impact in that series. Do you think. You know affect the level of competition they're playing against do you think they have another gear do you think when they. Oh against the spurs are sensor and you know Santana spurs are the rockets and then. Maybe if they meet the cast. They keep turn and up because it affect the true not necessary plan a team majority up 30 you kind of lackadaisical at times you have little lapse. But we you know you're going to be planned better teams better premier shooters better teams play defense. How much more can they improve in your opinion there's. Actually another gear they can improve a ton. Listen all the wars didn't shoot the ball great last game. They haven't played amazing. Throughout this series. Stefan clay. That's what can play way better and they will. They give me much better defensively for the whole game. Or for a longer period of time more consistently. Deathly in the second quarter. In the first quarter at times they can be better defensively and an amazing in the first quarter offensively. But they can play so much better and I think it's about. From court a quarter. Why in the third corps we've seen in turn on in the fourth quarter to finish strong. If they play consistently well like on defense like they did in the second half fight TDs talked about in the first half they went by even more. And they've done the job on the boards that's one thing that people talking about maybe you can export slows the lawyers there. On the boards maybe get some offensive rebounds they've done a great job on the board I think class games the jazz are only five offensive rebounds again. It's somewhere around there. The war is run the read on about TD was great on the boards defense and boards there really focusing there and then turn overs only seven turn over the last game. We talked about before the game. Or structure got a good number but I OK if they attend turnovers that's really good they can stay around there below that the deeper they got seven. That's amazing so the really focusing on those areas and if they can continue to do that throughout the playoffs. They'll be very expected to shoot the ball better expected to be better defensively for a longer stretches of the game. As you looked forward and you can almost can safely now look ahead because this this series is just about wrapped up tonight hopefully the way is look at the sweep over the jazz. Looking at the next opponent rockets or spurs based on. The waited two teams are planned this series looks like you may go seven which one would you rather have as the Golden State Warriors in that next match out. I think I'd still rather have the rockets. Even though the rockets have a ton of firepower. And they are tough to guard Lou Williams in and Eric Gordon. Our score the basketball or Friday mrs. documentaries. And James hardens a monster that pick and roll. And pretty much everything goes through James Harden. And then Lou Williams comes in off the bench is counted his world. If mayonnaise click in. In San Antonio Spurs kept Popovich with his system and it plays slow and this is the clash of styles and as always this hard. It's to go against Tina plays slow and try to dictate the tempo you gotta make sure you focus on defense and board seeking a rebound and run which lawyers can do. And they denigrates our defense and boards against the jazz and you got a guy like TD. I get the ball off the boards and he's six at thirteen again and go all the way down the scores of times and give him a high pick and roll. And they'll expose people on payroll in transition. It's incredible but. I still liked is the Houston Rockets because they do like to play fast toward the coastal there and the wars of the better defensive team and maybe the rockets have enough firepower to score with the war is with the can't stop the wars fight the wars can stop them. Now the spurs the acquire Leonard if LaMarcus Aldridge is is playing grades their problem there. I like what the Sante Murray is is all Rodham last game definitely and he solid. And that I think even with a game threes and kind of struggled a little bit and in turn the ball over early. Blood. Any some other guys step up and score consistently. And how the salzman good on the boards would. They need more but it's still a problem just trying to pick up tempo hallmark I'm big on tempo for team plays slow and they're pretty good at an excuse to discipline they don't make many mistakes. At team is really going to be a drag them play for a whole series and you're trying dictated tempo against them in trying to tie the score is not as many possessions. To go around. Against the team Mike leads for like the Houston Rockets that love to run. It's maybe a little easier in this discount you're you're more comfortable in that style and the danger and your better defense team. What is it with his damn my phone seven twice this thing to serious. Are talking and I was the who's who I left my old phone in a damn over when I was in Vegas I was going out to get Rios and long story short this town has great breeders but they don't make the practice brio the way I love. Hurdles in Vegas doesn't hurt though claim it's the greatest read a place on earth just to act for the breakfast. So we get up early I call into your show I thank you guys on Friday and then I head out to Roberta was like I put down like two of them every third one back at him and have for dinner. I had this conversation with you were driver who just moved from Texas yuk it up for twenty minutes my phone in the car. I get dropped off to Korea to sprint back into the street a block of not only does not Simi somehow almost it's me and he takes off so I have to get into strong ticket to new phone. This dance Siri everytime someone says something she just lets talk about 6 o'clock time. I think and she just starts talking but what is this. Anyone have the iPod seven yeah I should tell you haven't. Yeah just talk to me. Though sometimes if I've pulpit it she will you it's really more dip you don't have to hold the button down its life easier which I got the thing on the other. Not anywhere next. I just picked up and threw it across the room as it was on now dysfunctional you don't I don't think I've told you people want to told you a thousand times you got to get off the tee of the apple products and go to Asia Samsung this thing never says the word to me that it might be beings. In mind you plays phone. You gotta be kidding me I'm. It's like twice just chimed in it's picking up your ice dance and then it just starts giving me an assessment on something I don't need your hot team security and I got plenty of people and you're not too exciting news and phones that lets the worst is first time that's a wrap enemy it is that left in the car you get out you do you'll get a in the front so that's a nine over all over to get this got back here at the papers time and all that nonsense seriously some air time who's who delusional. Sound better than me anyway let's put it to vote dot iPods have an iPod which rather hear from Syria or any restaurant I 795 class of billion studio Angelo Nieves and if I points of the game. Couldn't eat when you when you when he gets a team like the war is when you do have such prolific shooters and steps are to be the greatest three point shooter and ever played the game. And is it best to have a big come out. Our guys come out and just. Give them the right away right passes to the hoop and take away the three free game in their with the trees with the big guys. And make him get rid of the ball make that tough shot instead of letting him have that perimeter is that Al. Teams is that one of the wade chipped. They decide formally man. Tour the the the bigger guys are for making typical shot Marty said Becky Tennessee now we're gonna let him win in in trying to take that. It's kind of like pick your poison against him because he can still finish at the red too yeah insane given given the basket Olympia basket OP can block a later or help laid at the basket I was saying that because yes I saw play yesterday would we saw a bit. He was when US Houston Rockets all rich. He is trying to play hard play and at companies claiming marbles from inning to step Beckett at three yeses dissent okay. Boom I'm gonna let you have an angle cook assaults in their grown bigger guy and it's gloomy Q given the ball Alter your shot. It's some situations. It's a problem with him because he's such a great passes to. So if you let him get to the Basque here if you if you get out bottom and uses quickness and has bought ailing Yangtze with a double cross or something like that like he can do. Mikey likes to do. And he gets by you. He's such a great decision maker and he sees the floor is not one dimensional as far as when he goes in the basket he's not single minded. If a defender comes over there he's a scary accident okay audition desires are Javelle out throw the lob. Others react to the defense and then. We've talked about his ability to finish at the basket ten min carrier. Have. This incredible. Knack. For spinning off the glass from any angle. And I think it's something they worked on this it's something natural to because. The in stinks they added just the ability to finish off the glass and just spin it where they are is incredible and staff has that so. If you get up on him and he's able to blow by you seeing if the basket and finish pretty easily he makes it look easy it's a tough finish there for him it's not a and then if you send held defender. He can discs a year man and get an easy lay up if you feedback on that guy that they help came from. Then you start out to the perimeter and is an open three of his Klay Thompson out there who he talked about we think you'll start making shots is Katie out there. So their personnel assess that. Is basically pick your poison if you can live gets a basket they'll make you pay there if you double team stuff off pick and roll the kick it to drain on Greenland go four on three. The problem. It's unanimous. They'd rather have Syria hosting the show and as the 415 I'd rather have Siri because Joe's sounds like big ants from bottom lives upon us. I've seen that brutal I got a call for your voice maybe we can play that next forum. Glad you might know they see us former NBA legend. The real comp. For joy is next are Joe's boy wouldn't do that to him but we're also gonna get in our army as it pertains to Steve Kerr and what the future holds for the warriors head coach Jolo and gives with Kelenna Azubuike is the united five points of the game. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Debut in one hour from now we have tickets to giveaway and see Luke Bryan with Brett Eldridge and ranger Smith. The winners and get the pick their choice shadows. These aren't even available for sale yet in Boston at Chicago and a Doobie Brothers to gets to win the next hour but right now Jolo and in 95 points of the game. With Tawana Azubuike in studio brought to you by. Body armor sports drink a great tasting potassium packed sports drink with natural flavors natural colors and 10% coconut water dense clay Thompson. Recommends adding safe way. And making the switch to body armor torturing his long you drink it with you on 'cause on I think claim to be telling abbey while throwing a tennis ball for your little Bulldog. Whenever he may be named. Steve Kerr. Had a no other procedure on his back this past weekend he did it at Duke University. In North Carolina it was to hopefully solve the issue of the leaky spinal fluid. If you're on this warrior team right now do you think there's been a discussion amongst the team and maybe the rest of the staff that book. We should be preparing to make it through the rest of the playoffs without Steve corps on the sideline. Deftly and dream on talked about that just preparing. And be ready for the possible reality that that Steve Kerr is an able to return and who talked about Mike Brown he's extremely capable coach. He's been a head coach. He's not rattled by situations he go on to hostile environment and still think clearly and make good decisions like we've seen him make. And the team has played well under Mike Brown as well and in. We talked about that first series how it was probably as impressive. Of a sweet as I've ever seen just because. There was some adversity that the war is had to go do you leisure head coach the only Katie for two games. And they were still a little wind map Barnes wasn't healthy all the way shot Livingston missed some games. And they still got through it and that series if they drop to gain you'd realize that's understandable that is they're going through some things but they still. Have confidence. Stayed mentally strong. And got the wins and slapped him and they still haven't lost still undefeated in in the playoffs thus far and they're playing extremely well so. You definitely have to be ready for that Riyadh that. Apostle awry that it won't be able to come back and at the same time he prayed for Steve currently love amid love to have him back it's still different it's not the same without your head coach. And you just go. There the same thing can be said about the Cleveland Cavaliers who are now eight you know in the post season they've got think they're gonna get a week off before they get in Washington or Boston LeBron and cavs just. Railroaded. The Toronto Raptors in that series if you're Toronto this has happened a few years in a row now but what's the next step what you've currently. Is not good enough to compete in the Eastern Conference at least not at a high level with the cats. So do you think they're gonna blow this rostrum little bit let's start with Kyle Lowry I'm not really as optimistic about the future of the trial are actors. Is how hours you know one Max. I like him and that's a great backcourt with him and DeMar DeRozan. Serge Ibaka will probably one Max. If you pay all those guys are you gonna have room enough to have to get some canals to get. Another impact player that's gonna really help your team. Soldiers stuck of those guys the long haul and answer team going into the future and you know united close to being able to beat the cavaliers. What's the upside Lou what's there to be excited about it you're Toronto Raptors fan what's the next move. He is blowing out then an end and not signed how Lowry who's one of the best point guards in the league. Let's surgeon bock who goes and impact players pretty good defense and we still. Got a lot to offer. This tough decisions to make its images in points because it affects you brought in surge. To compete. Right this team right being used god last year in what you took them to six games ago so you'd thank you okay. Surge scopus over the top he's gonna match it would Tristan he's gonna gives the board's new kind of neutral -- there. We'll weighs in your face didn't happens well actually it's back to this. Drawing board. Yeah Isiah Thomas and the Celtics have a 20 lead on the wizards the wizards after yesterday have now evened that series up game five back in Boston I believe it's tomorrow night. Isiah Thomas afterwards. Was speaking about how he only scored two points I believe it was in the second half. He didn't get to the free throw line at all for the game and he feels that there's a lot of holding and grabbing going on and at the rats are treating him fairly. Staff Currie on line one Zachary online one Isiah Thomas yeah welcome to the party. Exactly I totally agree staff Kurd as we get the respect that he deserves. So. Why did you expect anything different from Isiah Thomas and battle it out was that the reason they lost that game. The wizards went on crazy run that they 26 to two or something like that some crazy runs in the game and John Wall. Is east monster right now probably. Probably the second at their best player in the east right now on the player in the playoffs. Probably the second easily he's incredible into the basket. Knocking down jumpers this is he makes them go Ed Bradley bills knocking down shots. They are probably get up and down. They know how to play now they feel comfortable with the way they play now the John Wallace controller for them I think bosh is gonna have a tough time didn't through and potentially. I like. The wizards more dialogue Boston to take game off Cleveland the next series. So I'll let this weekly or bust. I love to see the wizards get through. And be Boston. And competing against Cleveland I think they give a better series though he's a tough perceive that at least taking game often Cleveland and I can sweep the wizards if they play like they did last game. I mean what does this say about the state of the NBA that were hoping that it Tina's physics Denny team off of Cleveland and get a game. Off Golden State and I'd like to hear you're John Wall love and a hit me. May he would give his until he thought my god save add I didn't mention that I just went off and how is split and it's a fact he's on he's absolutely on fire today in always it always comes back to the old blue grass doesn't I gotta get my guy. The love that is out of the playoffs this round of the playoffs socks as I'd like wrongs and box holding sides got fourteen of fifteen games fourteen of 152 round games have been determined by double digits and it's like this everyone's just waiting for the caps in the warriors like that's a big problem for the NBA you're gonna rate when you get the trilogy but then you expect me to believe the officiating is gonna be on board. If San Antonio Houston Boston. Washington finds a way to make it. Compelling shall we say in the conference finals you don't think of its three games apiece heading to game seven in the Western Conference finals the warriors are getting calls. Anyone but we also what happened and kings lakers series back in the day there is no way the NBA after what happened this season is gonna allow back task how to not happen. It is a collision course Cleveland in gold say there's no way anyone else get in I really don't see it happen and. I was thinking about you over the weekend as Cleveland was getting the sweep the warriors are in a step closer. Your whole theory about the refs would make calls or whatever but it's it's time to come close to meeting that happened he can't. Picture Houston or San Antonio. He really forcing game seven yeah let alone competing and answers like Tony Parker goes down in Houston immediately loses the next game. Nate Nate gets hurt in the San Antonio Spurs can't win the game Boston goes up to load looks like after winning six straight they got together and then here come the wizards. Those are nice series against each other but that's where it ends 'cause the next round will be two more motorboat things. And then what happens in America see what ends up happening that's a big at the NBA is after you some couple what are you gonna do. You're not gonna compel LeBron James play more games during the regular. Season when he looks this taint this good the player says that's why Glenn is him when you're did you have two teams there. They're head and shoulders of others. Peninsular leaguer and now it is what I. Course I do day out of the week fixes is it is Paula George gonna have to say you know what. I'm gonna go to quickly then I'm gonna go to and rockets because he's got there there has to be another superstar. Wanna win and these teams. The rockets San Antonio if we're gonna make this thing. Even it'll take itself. Six itself in about five years when the next TV deal is worth a fraction of what this one's worth. The salary cap will come crashing back down you won't have the resources to pay multiple big name superstars all be on the same team so it's going to be back to the drawing board seeger now through the draft three you're out. In free agency with modest priced acquisitions and build a team because right now salary cap allows you. To put together some all star teams that's great teams take advantage of the road but. Once the TV deal in five years I think it is craps out and no one's around to pay a billion a year because why would you when you get guys resting on Saturday night in prime time games. That's gonna force salary cap down and and you're not going to be able assign all these big name play. Tiger's dad Allan Allan good thing about the cap for refer the home team right now. That's really not gonna help the situation you're talking about that that fifth year now is gonna be words about like what forty millions like that so it's going to be tough. First superstars to pass up that fifth year. And and leave their own team and a team that they've been waiting go get a four year deal so or else I'm not passing up that and see how that situation. But he as in that's not gonna solve your situation right now I do read the at some point is gonna. Come down a little Disco like the housing market just keeps them up and others seem to come back down and at that point yet you'll be able to make some news and it will be as. The one and it's two teams right now and that's pretty much to everybody knows is going to be in the final thing is going to be like that for ever. Howdy you know kind of moment kind of a side notes to those who basketball but why do you always hear the perception LeBron. Takes too many games often this guy still reckon more menacing Dornan anybody name BA is this perception is just worth reality I mean think about. There was sudden modeled LeBron he's taking games over he missed a game. I mean how much precious guys 32 still playing average in 38 more minutes in England every let go we sampling. That's got to say it's her game vs overall net that's for the discrepancy as to he takes games off right but minutes per game is near the top so he's not actually playing as many minutes but when he does play he's more than just about everybody. And it ended legal. IQ when the sits out like that NASA multi game isn't and ESPN NT NT all these. And all these days displayed all this money. The first effort. To see you guys play and when their star sit out to the fans aren't happy views and happy then. It's it's kind of a problem but I. At a toll if I've been from him I told them bland because the way he looks right now he's he's getting ready for the post season and if he's gonna sacrifice a few games to look is crazy does right now and and winch and assisted on all at the news to review a look at how many chances he they're not really talk about how neat. National to each team this and that's what these think. Prediction we're down the final Medicare. It's easy hour with you prediction tonight the warriors are eight point three richer over lenders 206. Its game for Golden State at Utah. There is weighing in. By way. Seven. Ladies and gentlemen the great when I'm glad to have the bill OJ Ryan number there as we get it back tomorrow. Yeah yeah and stuff yeah. Rob those. I. Hop throw to protect for yet don't go to Vegas tonight. All right Glenn Azubuike Jolo and his 95 point seven the and we are back in a minute with your call on the warriors would rather face in the next round the spurs or Barack its AAA 9579570. Jolo and did not five points of the game.