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Thursday, May 4th
The guys break down the Giants and A's +/- stats in terms of runs. Fox MLB Analyst, Dontrelle Willis joins the show to discuss his experiences with racism while on the road as a pro. Plus, Lo has a story from NFL Films involving him and John Pagano. 

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Want to marry shell in the giants take down the Dodgers last night in LA Atlanta and it's a border 10 wait that sorry I'm not hearing in my ear piece that was it marry shell. I was sued samarra. And admit had to be one just a large H strong three hits no runs that's right that one run that scored. On earned eleven strikeouts and no walks. Hips. That's pretty Mike's. The top of the mountain for some margin is it not earned ten I float the idea that maybe he's big you something about moving forward. He's gonna turn into the guys that they paid eighty million dollars to. That's the correct barred you know it's a beautiful day GO a year on the eve head off and high school trip so why not look at the glass as half full. Back to back good outings one good outing one amazing. Outing even though he's still stuck on zero wins. I think he's found that I don't tell you this look like a bargain that contract now. That's not bad performance last night and you'll win but that's exactly why wins and losses means so little when it comes to pitch. That's why you can't make the argument during. MVP races and Cy Young race is now. It player is twenty wins player BS sixteen it doesn't matter games like this last night as good as he gets their dues last night and got wins given up four runs. That's the whole point that we're getting at here but we digest. That's right digest for the moment. Piece that I said would make you throw up. Ready for amending. He truly because I don't think you want Ryan that he's ready. There the giants this season. At the moment. Had a minus 37. Run differential. That means all their games they've been outscored by 37 runs this is a very important that is it helps predict future success. Minus 37. Is tied for worst in Major League Baseball Withrow. Don't say it on me to say don't say it via local or not. Do you believe it minus 37 the two worst run differentials and all of baseball resign right here in Oakland. In San Francisco. Did anyone actually puede does that driver on this morning 95795. Which clean yourself up. That's a tough one and now all be the match drinks and dull old school metrics batting average RBIs ERA ratio etc. all the new numbers really when you wanna look at how good team is and what they're trend is likely to be run differential of the great way to look at it minus 37. And it's painful who. But it gives the one thing you said coming into the week against the Dodgers was hang. Let's stop talking about turning it around as it pertains to the giants would stop talking about this and that which is focus on winning. Ha series Cingular let's win one series. Because coming into this the giants had only 11 series all season long that was against Arizona on April 10 1112. They took two of three from the Diamondbacks they won the series against the Dodgers. With odds stacked against him I'm talking mightily stacked against them they want us there. Today the Clayton Kershaw on the process EB Kershaw and you find a way to get to with a three and now you can move forward and look at the next series in 88. Two out of three against Cincinnati when you you move out. And you play the next seven games in need you don't worry about 500 and you know now get your ace on the hill today. Matt Cain tomorrow Elster and my dad Joseph that's all right Matty came to any of the ball even made a bomb garner. Team plane well and the thing I liked about last night. I missed the joke on the day sorry I was too busy with the nuts and our nose got a little I don't know. You guys they don't come here and he's been here and is able in Maine I might BBA's right now don't I don't. That everybody says that that he's going in Egypt will Cain and Abel but not but did you say Pena a school on but didn't. Don't look now but Sunday. The black Knight Johnny quite ill going home if he takes them out wouldn't he be Saturday I don't know I'll block the sorry so does. Yeah I've sent a totally new so I think Sunday's yet. In his dollar no I'm just blown away because you did this the other day to you know the pitching matchups like five days in advance now and try to you gotta like your thing. You can be the local guy that knows the pitching matchup I'd hate to add. Hasn't been my stumps in. You know it's it's my small cut I try to you know and thinking you don't increase my baseball knowledge and learn about the cycle all the different things are cyclical. Crowd loves it so it's good effort and I know that you have an. Fourteen wins. You'll at all. It not against easily if you think you until now. And see that in condescending and stability in the hunt remember it was doubling me and and Tim he's picked up. A clause material. Last night the giants showed coach yeah exactly baseball coach Dick try to get this back in the continent. Joy you know over a long pass that baton its anti wanted to get your ass I'm happy I managed. So larger warmed up but it really looked nice last night Steve Joker to how about the the youngster coming out of the bullpen. Two efforts. Where he went one and two thirds against the Dodgers in the Kershaw game and then again last night hold it down throw bullpen that much maligned even normally it's a good save last night nice to see a guy like that does have some up and downs come out and have a big series against Atlanta. Again the giants were able to find runs in extra innings you know the offensive eruption so to speak the volcano of offense didn't come until the eleventh inning. But they got it done with three in the eleventh and how much poker at low. As the guy gets his first win the in the major leagues he gets the beer shower in the locker room it's one of the great. Rites of passages to they have that football we scored your first touchdown and and they do some point like that. The EU I learned that a guy comes at the gates his first win you're using is more of a game ball. You know guys just give you high five you know you're going do give you high five and what does it do spaceship it's a young quarterback or young running back he scored his first has to annual low meals a veteran guy. And you. Awesome that's awesome both of the go to give you five in the put their hand up you put your and a rather and as they go to do you've got shot. It. I've gets you know was the best part about all that Dave's only you and I got a address when he throws the high five of the air there's that crooked figured out the wrong direction opposite stared at that date. Richard you have beer shower or the high low from a guy like colonial. High low from O'Neal's gonna WL. Tennis it's not just. A little gun shot. If she doesn't know his own strength a guy like him a lot to apple put it down for a few and I could break dads in all the got a slap you you. Give. You. You know rock on issues as Albert C crew as he wants to weigh in on the LeBron situation you two went off on each other during the break and that's why we're gonna end up bringing this back. Out Arctic Circle on the program guide. They love the. It. What do you make. More than one we've pretty probably more to do it yelled out baby boy. Yeah they're pretty good bet that the record straight rough will ever beat you because you're you're out front right. Ice. All right Michael Dick you know it's a big hit that it could be argued it would take that the big bodied inmate is no well I think I've. Like every day that Michael and it when you add up but this topic but everybody would need to eat. Not going to be any better right now and it started you know it. My dad the best Bordeaux people but he got about. Right SharePoint any Smart phone call we appreciate it we like having fun back and forth on everything personally thank you Albert calling the program. Be more you know better cell service down yeah that. Schools find it has all been Bangladesh. And ha ha ha. All right now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Great to have you win for what could be the best segment of the net. Very rarely do we come out this hot it is going to be hot take segment. It did have been going at each other behind the scenes in each of the last two breaks Ross is gonna turn it over you. LeBron conversation domino set that up for you in just a moment but for now great to have you had on this Thursday. Tripoli 9579570. Is the number but first it's the live nation summer. Concert tick off on 95 point seven again you get one dollar tickets over thirty area shows now through May ninth. I live nation dot com back slash twenty ticket. Will begin late tickets to straight no chaser. That's in the seven hour the deft tones with rise against in the eight hour. And I love the nine Beasley TLC. Montell Jordan rob base and more in the nine hour. We do live that would be how does that Montell Jordan I was really geared. Still using anything else or is that the only one that was only hit. Content. It was top ten for quite a I can't remember on yet another massive OK we'll escaping me that was. It really massive don't match that you think Robin thick had a second Hitler tech tour. Hi CNN provides everything else to rescue me and attacks like these are just saying here's where rat. LeBron James conversation on this morning. Whether you'll like him or not I'm guessing most of you probably don't love him and that's okay naturally. He is one of the all time greats he just passed Kareem Abdul Jabar last night for second all time. Points in the post season he's 210 points away from passing Jordan for first ends post season scoring and that's gonna happen this year. Barring an injury. There are more and more. Articles sources of information coming out highlighting the fact that LBJ is passing jordin in category after category after category leading to the discussion. Of whether or not he's a better player I think most of us at this point feel you probably wouldn't rank them above Jordan on the Rushmore debs. At this point but he still got at least three good years left and what I brought up was. As he tears apart the NBA this season you're not gonna be able to convince him. Next year and the year rafter to play more regular season games I think we might be reaching a point LeBron says. I play about 4550. Regular season games can't stop me because a marketable and you need me I know my team yet in the playoffs they'll flip the switch like I did last year. And we'll go ahead we'll go on our rock. He needs the warriors the warriors need him that's another discussion that we'll get two and a few moments but for now. LeBron. And his greatness where does he rank. Ten he passed jordin in your eyes at any point Eric Sacramento thank you for calling the program how worried should the warriors be about what LBJ's doing right now. I think it they're currently a rocket that. What are target good and it competent lawyer. And that without the warriors. Wherever quick peak rate and the way ticket or during wanna be addressed. And what I would let the brain that they get time out. In lake record. They. Reshape the phone call David Oakland thank you for calling show jordin vs LBJ handy way again. What without boys your first the real content is not between Michael Jordan LeBron James is between a boy. Warriors great who got caught and it that we believe ceremony hot take beater exit. Thank you for not that I do and it's nice ads. We don't get nearly enough Frank Wells in the program Zarko to bark about was there though which I yet represented Zarko and that's the same we believe Roswell. If LeBron wanted to take. 3035 games off low feels that he be able to get away with it that the guys in the locker room wouldn't get upset because LeBron get them paid LeBron get him rings you disagree I would like to reignite the fight into almost had just from my own personal benefit. While the idea of LeBron playing let's say 41 games he's just gonna play half the schedule would be. Something that would drive a wedge in a locker room in my opinion among the the veteran players those with Robin tosses players such as ivory Irving and I was a superstar. He's not the same level as LeBron James but. He's in the top twelve or fifteen in the league and you're gonna expect him to go out there and play 82 games and hold it down while LBJ. Gets his rest. I don't believe that he would sit back in to say oh yes I'm getting paid I understand this this is what's good for the team. It would drive a wedge in the locker room David present LeBron James for it and the whole thing was fault. Art according to have a problem that wrong as Donald Trump would say wrong it your role raw deals with image up. You wouldn't Jill and here's why. Having the support they actively he's missing and blesses parties at ease Greek guys in and induced and he wrong. Not a great guy. Distinct did you look at guys like Tim dunk attempt it Timmy took off winning games or is that apart his career. There's no guys in that locker room would get upset because they know what Timmy represented in the new Timmy Duncan. In the head coach is going to his job as a play made it message because you couldn't item you can get going and to me still respond. It's getting made term with 33 and all that you've been he's getting older. And so I don't think that it would draw drive a wedge now. It would drive which it heats it and take these games and I am going on vacation. I'm not going to be around guys but if he's still their practice if he still they're getting ice and get in in the meetings. And still apart in the tank and still traveling and being involved in the team's day to day. Joseph these guys wouldn't because the end of the day it's that you played these games to get to where. A whirlwind right now this is the money making time so when you're talking about would he in can he do that and in the league players would necessarily get upset with the I don't think now he was 2849. Years old when a young player and was one that. Absolutely would drive a wedge between him and those guys and analog embedded with the help of he's been an. A boat and in January. Down in the Caribbean haven't I'm having a ball on these pictures surfacing online while Irene company you're slated Albers Memphis on Tuesday night using that could cause an issue. Actually I LBJ's get them pay no question and that's what did you write it if he's doing that. Joseph they would hate they would like to really he's put pitchers and he's having a good time where these guys at work know now he's there. In the facility work they're now doing the things that just saving his energy to get to do plaza only played 4050 games on here. I don't see I don't think the guys would have that big of an issue. Our roles rival west. If I send you to a picture of me on the dice table tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Double fist and the most sound you've earned it you've earned your time off and you know what they're not a bit about situation doesn't look. Earned his time first of all step off so I can retort coming to make gore out. I can't Jackson wants that simple thing to me today and inducements Manning's lol thank you money as low. A steal at what I did yesterday for that max's firm. So that's what you do you that's misappropriation of my material don't spoil his prize for every government are you two done. Yet for the moment AT finished. Deserved day off you're you're playing more than half the games so go ahead and have a nice time in today is Tim Duncan. Never had a BP might got to begin taking a shot you manager. Tim. It never once played 41 games this season. And when Tim Duncan was getting his rest. He was at 39 year old rule player you're not talking about the greatest player. On the planet it doesn't matter of LeBron in the facility are he's working out. Or appease apologize to his family for his pursuit of excellence greatest he's shaking it. And not playing a full schedule and other guys are there's going to be resentment paddy you know. Because I've been on teams I've coached teams and when you give the individuals special treatment. This treat people resent that it is special treatment. If you say LeBron Tony gave you a play this year while you know top Ron Allen wanna play 41. Sure LeBron all the California everyone else the brought played 41. You guys have to pick up the slack. The throats of gas. I got. All the incentive to take that bomber on Gaza's. I'm saying it is sold as a championship. Any you know that the dubs over here in their younger and they're more finesse team and they got all the weapons and if you know you have to compete or what you save the team. You when you play when you play it's just the best thing you do is to save became what you get the king became sober about it you don't want to say they came to the FBI. He's the king on the floor the team and they're king. On the boulevard she's on the. I was like I asked not to jump been on in his defense. You throw it had great analogies and made some of the best radio YouTube ever done. I really don't like it that it's happening this early because now I feel as if things could unravel very quickly on this here until over on don't you. Act. It's one thing if they want to you know arrest thinking damn place 757678. That's fine semi seven games the occasional wrath but to take half a season off. That would that would develop unbelievable resentment that locker room by our McGlade let me ask you question great points do we over rate Michael Jordan. Think about it before you go nuts. Because if we went back twenty years and we were talking about Jordan's greatness when we meet cutting him down for someone from the terrible for him that's what we tend to do. We take the guy from the current era. And we say he doesn't stack up front with the guy from the previous era because of a B and C that's what we're doing little under her into a doctor. We compared Michael to those guys in the magic and let we did. I don't necessarily remember that I was 1516. So I can't speak to it to the point I'm kind of getting at is. As we. Move away from a guy's career leg like Jordan the myth all of G of him grow it's the dunks seemed. From further back of the free throw line the tongue hung out longer the flu games were more plentiful you don't I'm saying everything about Jordan now. He's blown up to such mythology that it's almost as if we've created an individual who can't be touched like we did with Montana. And Brady came along at 15 ranks LeBron gets to the six rings I still don't see people. Siding with him most people anyway I don't even think you have 5050 split people would continue to arrive at and T but why. What do we I'm not saying it's true I'm just asking have we blown up jordin to the point where no one can ever reach that level. Because I think the branding they shoes Nike everything that came along that TV deals backed meant he was he was the perfect guy the perfect time. And I think maybe it's possible that we remember him a bit more finally. Then for what he actually did produce it was so many. Great guys to hear you that I Zain at the magic the berg all of these guys when when Michael hit the scene. They were in their twilight of their career when he came onto the scene. He did things that we haven't seen you done. Can't law they're I don't think we're putting this guy on on on on kids mount Rushmore without mayor. I think when you watch Michael Young watched when he did. Paying east tong here and say go to different here how much physical the game was basically beat Michael Michaels and healthy sick before beating counsel that he started the weight program members started lifting weights because they were counting yeah and he void in it's still you all look at where he took off. At the born at the three goal line. He's still doing what guys are doing now even though he was an indifferent or so when people say all what is the deal but it's tougher now he's got these are bigger. Menu put Michael right now that he was able to if he was it is air now. Michael was still Dominique he I agree with that literally I'm still thinks he was taken. Different line hasn't changed. The deal was still flying in his tongue was a little longer and every every American. I mean it could come let's let that in at least four people does not look at and finally getting sort may still applicable at the it was. And that's the point that's the point the jordin brain I mean you have all the best guys now under the Jordan brand we all know him from his shoes from the movies. It feels as if the the person the player has grown into something so much bigger that can never be touched have we reached a point where no one would ever be able to touch jordin. For the greatest ever because I'm sure our exports radio. The Internet and everything else existed as it does now in the ninety's. You get people cutting shorting down. To say he's not as good as magic or as Russell. Or as good as Kareem or wilt or just somebody DC what I'm saying yeah every era has that the current guy never gets the love that they got from the past. And it's the nature of us is people you wanna miss apologized the pack. Pass in the things that you grew up with as being the best you look at the music now the rap music notes not as good as the rap music would not executed. The teams aren't as good at the players aren't as good at the air quality is not as good. Nothing is as good as when you were a kid or back in your day and that's how all of us act as general Pete. This conversation is cruising has over gonna do we're gonna bounce for a minute the full minds geez we're gonna visit with Susan's luster when we come back in a minute we're gonna not do some baseball and that we're going back to this conversation and taking all your calls jordin. First LeBron. Do we put Jordan on a higher pedestal and possibly. We would have back in the day Jolo and lives in a minute that it hybrids of the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Happy anniversary to my wife first date for years ago today didn't believe it. Congratulation in traditional Vegas style it was that 1 AM at the sports book bar at the red rock casino 1 am was our first date don't technically it was meant that I guess well. All this time I've been living a lie Soes not made the fourth it's actually made a pretty big date was made on May the fourth. Right before I covered the Floyd Mayweather Robert Guerrero fight. And then the fight ended and I made my way back up to summer land where we both we both live only a mile from each other we met at the red rock. Projects as the first day I love the red rock now he had to as a nice vodka it's odd that she celebrates into the mine and I'm gonna celebrate by leaving her in the hit home on leave for Vegas today on their eyes as a party boys will be all over the yard this weekend happy anniversary to me. It's really an anniversary it's it. First data verse three yeah crack when you get married and I've had other friends too all of this is deferred in the day we met 23 years ago like dude you're married. You don't have to celebrate these cockamamie. First December's three I got to second base anniversary. Well celebrate the anniversary. And that the rest of the loss to west got to be honest I think the first day anniversary is bigger than the wedding anniversary it's longer it's the first time you went out. I I I I get your point a lot of people move in that direction I just. I think it's important I think this is more for the wedding anniversary that's in like three weeks that's number one like I was a paper. Let me cash you got married three weeks after your first day. Bank account or you kind of fast you talk us you think does death she's pregnant citizen your blood is really not I'm not get everything have a car. But I think they had no time to screw around Oprah boy again and it does you are right. Teacher and Dontrelle Willis we can get it done he's coming up in just a moment of right now gives the update. And it's a big night for Golden State lawyer fans as they get game two going against the Utah tonight. At ORACLE Arena staff curry sat out practice he said he is quote definitely good to go despite tweaking his ankle. In this. Game one Steve Kerr likely won't be on the sideline he's still suffering those headache and back issues after his multiple. Back surgeries Bob Meyers on the afternoon delight yesterday talked about why they hired Mike Brown as an insurance policy. I think that truth is yet. It it was a little bit unspoken because it's a hard thing to bring up. For Steve for me you know we may have brought it up once or twice but to to be frank we wanted to get the best guy. And they have a good assistant coach indeed our coverage starts at six tonight. Warriors warmup gets at all rolling right here. On 957 the game story number two are giants back in the win column they were in this series against the Dodgers. With a 41 victory in eleven innings Jeffs a margin of spectacular. Eight innings he allowed three hits no earned runs Brandon belt. And Gorky Hernandez each drove in a run in the eleventh giants off today. Story number three rough outing for candle grave and the a's lose in Minnesota he gave up six runs didn't make it out in the fourth inning. Kenny Vargas drove in five. For Minnesota the Asia trying to avoid dropping a fifth straight and also avoiding a four game sweep they got morning baseball to danger relic cotton. Against Kyle Gibson the dugout show comes up in just about an hour 915. This your first pitch. To antennae on 957 games the update brought you by covered California. Experience a life change in the last sixty days. If so you may qualify for health coverage through covered California. Visit covered CAA dot com I'm candidly and your whole of the lawyers are coverage begins at six tonight. Right here on 95 point seven game. Did your pros probably in China that the hell's donor because while you were doing that there was nothing but shenanigans taken place in here ST you are not pros for a neither of guy. Let's be honest that's not c'mon. That's not that nobody conduct yourself during an update is so little boy probably can't he can't be he's he can't become many here. Disrupting everything you wanted to get that update done to pre can pull back and China should you know yeah that is. Yeah. I think you look at him and I see this look like you're the probably does not let the province has pointed it went out snow let me stop everything you are the problem. Just smash it needs it he's just trying to work. He's trying to work. I'd like to recognize that the late Keith Goldstein 93 cal state Northridge for teacher need just a soldier threw in the heat. Of all kinds of that's going on south and rest in peace Keith for your great teacher. Dontrelle Willis won a World Series. And hopefully he can bring this program back to the tracks it's a desperately needs to get on each language a low bids on 95 point seven a game dontrelle idyllic. We're doing real got a got a couple all the wall questions for you before we get old boy hello John I did okay to celebrate the first date if you're married today's my four year on the first date but the wedding anniversary still few weeks away I find it to be an important day diddley does not. What is the teaching way again. I'm in the middle part while congratulations that's a beautiful thing and so I go to Vegas party. I don't know. Opt out and. And I don't ball below to got to celebrate all the good times and enjoy all the good moments but. It's a blessing to have someone that you're in love with it and enjoy it and don't want to wrap poisoning or food right now. You let it celebrated and enjoy it model. Thank you I I tricked there and legally she gets nordic outside. Question number two. Why do you think LeBron James is so did slight for a guy who's done a lot for the community had a lot of on court success and never really gets embroiled in any scandals or drama or arrests I mean ultimately that's the type of guy you want a new team we're trying to troll warrior fans it's just curious situation where so many people hate on the run James. So these perfect I don't wanna meet at bat. Back. I've adapted Needham and I told on the war is that he started dive laughed then and is this because he's a great guy and we did little bit. Society did lark. They hate. Kept him people by god like and again that the other guys you all where you you can't figure out why everybody kind of like. A gang of people that don't like him for whatever reason. You that ice is the most sincere god. That you could meet sell again LeBron is successful he's wealthy he makes. More buddy and anybody can dream up on this issue no deal while in orbit got about six. And he even champion and continuing the break record every targets. Seemed like to get on the court not days. And it is great news in our presence felt you had this much people problem there's going to be a lot of people that don't like. Without a doubt dontrelle Lotta people in the Bay Area rooting against him certainly I all right now you can count on that. On that team as well Dontrelle Willis the front Alameda joining us indicted by a seven game giants get a series win it. In LA it's a small thing but is that the kind of shot of momentum at the struggling club needs just a win a series before heading out on the road again. Not that huge especially their cool about being able to goal. In the White House and be able to play good baseball and sometimes you need that type of of of scenery is to bring the best out of the Poulter stepped responded that the wind started to him come up with some big not. And everybody around and collective leaks its way in about a little bit better getting better back. You don't make it tougher state battle Clayton Kershaw which I was very impressed and I had a couple days ago effort did you come away with a late inning win. Our last night was autos could see some party you know eating get the win. But as encouraging this to see if not his command and that's just short betcha gonna need especially in the middle of that rotation so you know all these guys. But the majority of the of the veterans in the block report proved it and to walk these. But this is the cut the series which is key will win when they're able to play well what about what is still the Big Three on the road it's useful locked out. You know what is been the biggest surprise in canes to reemerge in UC the way this guy's playing. Series down the guys playing pretty well what is been the biggest thing you've seen his game that's had this play so elevate it. And heated you know what he's a Bulldog. Much is all of the different and stuff maybe the Lockheed now. But he is being able to play well under the radar. And again you know it felt like that you without money or whatever can't give it you know I've tried it looked like. It is different but in Cusick ankle that's great. But he acted up odd and I mean he's got one lapse forced sparked in doubles like you the full outline chain so it is. You Z. You need that type who played with any type between somebody come out of nowhere and it is the veteran and actually what he continues to stay out of the I'm on the shall couple weeks ago. He's deathly look on at home it's argued that ball on the ball park quality problems along ball fully able to keep got a New York he biblical deep ball game. Now he's aggressive and play now. World Series champ two time all star MLB analyst for fox sports Dontrelle Willis. Would Jolo and gives a 95 point seven game what do you make of this brawl just our rehab role in Baltimore or are often between the the o's in the Red Sox did this get to a point where it's gone too far let's start with just last night because I want appealed is back with you quite a bit last night did this go too far. It was too far it was important outing copilot called. You know with Joseph Torre they've got all you have bald man army opt Ali well I've never heard this in baseball and it. And it also started from the slide in Farrell does mr. reading. You know Machado and you'll bank bank. You know he didn't want to jam escalate. Helping potential right when I saw that Pedroia felt like he wasn't intentional and would you address something like that you address something you do that day. Or the next day. That it and it's always. And now I mean you'd got peanut Ronald. You got people call people and work. It is a total net. It's sad because he's accused him that are going to be in the end already in the first if it's already counting the minutes and took away from the baseball because. If you great. That would definitely be tremendously in the policies and so at that. Dontrelle you obviously played a long time in the big leagues and you heard I'm sure a wide variety of things around. Major League Baseball what do you think the sport can do. To clean up or prevent these incidents from happening we're fans are hurling insults like the Edward Adam Jones and other African American players. You know let it it you know rejection. Never allowed to be come back to the ballpark again because I've gone through that. In the mine at least always up into the big league at bat like that somewhere out in the Boston. What else ya. Without even Wrigley which as you know most friendly compromise and all of baseball and added that because. You don't want that. In the stands you don't want she on the field. You bet we don't want degrade somebody is looking for the beautiful game that's for all of us to enjoy it and if it wasn't for. You know not only the wives or the minorities that this game wouldn't be what it is today as part hapless in the in the start which you see full everybody enjoyed that and it. There is no room for that it in the game sport in the games what does that mean baseball. Dontrelle Willis tremendous insight it would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven a game you said you're at a Boston Philly even at Wrigley is Boston as bad. As this summer making it out to be CC sabathia. That. It's pretty bad and I'm out to California from the Bay Area where where I am and I hope somebody is not that I didn't. It's great to them it's like on the pro ball and Leo Leo I've ever experienced back going and anywhere in the Bay Area until hot spot on travel and. So these cities in the Southern League at some of these northern and you know with a chipped it chipped it. Leg up in what happens side on the easy target for that episode so you know but again it. Indeed suffered in May be stronger you know I didn't like and and to be honest with you everytime I've been around something like that if something happened to me it. Actually the white players in the white teen is that'd jump in my defense the quickest that they had got out okay. And that's the beauty about this you know sports being able to accept somebody even it'll come from the same background as you know that they have your back. Loved in the same look you in the role model to wall forty fill in not immediately sports. So again there's a lot of times that's happened to me it's made it tougher is made wanna play. Better for Margaret and more cultured but also just want to block it could be a baseball player and beat judges from the cup McCormack scanned. And abuse team wars. Think about it it's it's it's disheartening than me you know as you know implicit plea sixteen years in and then fail in mind too. God knows they're great. Now and I'm take my does the why factor for you was because. I've been in locker rooms and of course you know they see in the NFL and other sports almost 5050 right but when you think about wanted to first. Games that people were able to play the crossover was. In baseball blacks in Italy had the Negro League which is a huge lead in India all the records state still over there but. When you think about basketball football where it's so much more prevalent. You don't see it as much why is baseball steal one in the last sports. Is it a different my question to visited different fan base they have for football and basketball in other sports than based. I'd actually get the combination of a different it's obviously that the decline about American players you know playing the sport. And it you look at these rockets and you know you look at it like LSU baseball where they might only have two African Americans ought very odd man doctor. And YouTube Beasley. And all of a sudden you look at their football team that black review of both aid as it did a lot of time and that and you know talking about child who won my best friend we talk every single day. You know were on the map to move would be you know and when Jackson Justin Upton were all on the same maps text. Yeah well Culligan on the until it out. You're not. It again at his friendship. To do with baseball. And that's the thing about that one right after that game out of came on the NAFTA can discuss what happened. And the culture would not what what's you know because we albeit through it. The first one mechanical in the forefront and speak out about it. You know he's got kind of got that gone on has gotten a lot appreciate problems but you know we. We have to get away that we we we happens they'll continue to spotlight it speak about that. I commend Boston I can and get their organization and getting on addressing but again is that you know. People we appreciate appreciate each other and that's one thing I love being from the Bay Area you can put no different you get via from the capital no pocket of the economy. Because I've not been able to appear around no different cultures and learn and appreciate them for the good is that they break in not to make contact in their skin color so odd thing. Thank the lord deficit on the base for that reason. World Series champ two time all star MLB analyst for fox sports and one. Hell of an interview Dontrelle Willis were Jolo and its 95 points and the thank you that all outstanding man have a great week we'll catch a group soon. Love the chain link where do you even be in with dad and your first of all yes he's made out for process. Radio TV whatever he's going to be doing a big career and that's going to see someone from the from the area that's number one Reynolds and number two. I don't I don't know where to go next that was as candid as it comes coming from here gives you the price because this little bit. Not dealing with racism at all from the east today and then suddenly your plane in the south sideways happily he says kicks the leg up. Getting introduced to a did you. Look at something like that at all vote because in where you grew up. Was was there any were you ever subject anything like that did you find that later in life it won't months later east seem a little bit and not to this extent and guys get mad and do certain things but I know I wasn't raised around a lot of black and you know hold town maybe 2030 so it wasn't necessarily that everyone knew everyone knew one another. It was so you grew up in a different you know it was family culture is so it's just told give him an app that was phenomena and almost wanna listen to what again is that profound. The fact that he's on this mass texting Adam Jones weighs in their dislike what's now. But this is the number one story in baseball right now what's been happening and for that it's what's now. Nothing new about Boston Philadelphia he dimensions Wrigley Field in and in Joseph that's why to meet did you joke Ed essay question because. So you've been in locker rooms you guys go play sports. I'm you don't see that in football stadiums you don't see it necessarily in basketball and that's my point was like. Exhibit different fan base for baseball bats Kazaa you know you hear what he senator Mike. And I've been up close the fans and CNET and being played in Boston played with her blue things but none of it is absurd as it was they're so. That's why I'm just shocked that you know the fan base itself for baseball I'd slim fast is it different. That's an interesting point I think the fan base in part could be wider as a result more prone to be racist but also I think it's the access to the player because. If you're the center fielder you just stand out there and he got a thousand or so fans and a section right behind the and they can do is shout right value if you played full back there's no way you can hear me even if I'm in like the twelfth row with all the noise. It's now I think you're on to something there as well heckling now I'm not saying this is I have heard that overt racism completely different. Not trying to justify but heckling is always kind of been woven into fabric of the game. The access to the players like big ditch talks about in your right behind the dugout guys coming out you give a little bit in the business says he's on his way up. I think players understand that part of the racism again I'm not saying that's part of it completely unacceptable. I think that's part one I think two is the pace supply. Football do you necessarily have time no matter where you're standing even though you might not be as close. To try to yell a player who's wearing a helmet running a two minute drill now because you're engaged in the two minute drill baseball's a lot of sitting and waiting. Baseball's a lot of patience baseball's a lot of OK there's a moment that we stop. It's more pine tar move round up got a call Time Warner redo the grip this and that there's just time football there's no time it moved so fast. I agree but here's the part today this would work or just a part that when you guys think about it Joseph I'm from here and dumped twenty feet away from the window outside. That's how close the fans are to me when I'm sitting down on the patients and you can hear pretty well what they're saying. Don't. You know the big match I you. Got. I mean did I mean I. Round common ground brown bloated ground you all kinds of stuff. Well back to beatle years some people say things. That New Orleans a good thing you know say Nagle played against teams crazy subject another beer you know. So there close and up to you can hear certain things on satellite T get your well me how you need and against patriots. Did your knee hurts what happened to all don't two years you cried. I've been so you'll hear everything to low. So. Never met since you know why you hear those type until it the fan base in meets it must be different and it's. It is never never once in sixteen years here the and word shouted from the stance. To be lied about sanity I. Not played sixteen year thing about pre season Evans and not been in the deep south played Tennessee played in new warrant at play New York so and and. Am not given everywhere we know you've been everywhere trying to do too on this in my opinion with you on this site. Two down any clarity and few of these cut cut cut. For letting this letting go gives way yet to say cannot have a funny line and I delivered in I digest you he didn't fight and are taught zero. In moment to joke about it got boring but coach it's an idea this is to it anyways. Heard you hurt not hurt people say certain things that they like that nobody heard other players say they heard it yes okay. Yes but it seems as if there's more to base why not basketball because you are bright on top of the court. Right on top of the court I mean you are so close you used. In defiance. Of time they'd been at some of these games I'm hurt and nothing comes to mind I had the good seats before it ever. People to see you ain't losing winning even a bulls still YouTube did yeah. Yes Nene I think out here is a little bit different obviously I do like that about out here yeah yeah they'll coat tarot. I have a dust and I can speak to be a fan on here in the Bay Area and the times I've been to venues and other cities I've never heard that. I I've never heard that word used from a fan heckling a player but I I haven't been to every city I haven't been. To Boston to CNN Bill Simmons makes an excellent point he's from Boston he wondered why no one else in the stands stood up and and worked to get back got thrown out. Like other Red Sox fans being like dude that's going too far. How come no one it took the initiative that that guy truckers you have a lot of places where someone try that at AT&T in some tried that at the coliseum. I am feeling. You have other individuals in the stands that would do something about it maybe they go too far but some that would be done idols are easy to have a whole section of people just sitting there and actually allowing something like that happened it's still. Places. To. But you know. You know I know we go to break the winner I'll tell you tell us look at you learn in the out. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Load heels got story time for us in a moment here and you wanted to ask you questions for video afterwards we all rusty lost. She's asked questions right now and the ticket sellers character frequently did. Man and I got pegged as being C three PO for soleil seen it right now it sucks man I kept track. My wife wouldn't use my girl and we lived together with our good friend Al Byron John investment Elvira batterers so. Reason they thought that I acted and looked like C three here. The protocol Droid did know and my eggs don't Brad Pitt of robots absolutely morrow she is so I gotta go my boys beat three PO. It hits you close the whole idea barely in the currency and we can go and just skipped right through that. And yeah not on the island console puck a lot of guys did not. Aka it. I'm not a good idea box at this hour. I can do it just it the communication never communicated innings they got the team he's able to make rather aggressive isn't that the others. Got a we have about thirteen minutes left in the we kick it over to the dugout shows it is thirteen minutes but a lot of directions this gal. Lot of directions this can go up predicting failure but. Bible intriguing failure because anything else is a success at that point so we'll begin with kids in your update. Lawyers hoping to avoid failure and I Joseph game to Western Conference semis against the Utah Jazz Seth Curry. Sat out practice he said though he's definitely good to go despite tweaking his ankle. In game one dream on dream coming off base seventeen point. Eight rebounds six assists two blocked to steal performance our coverage begins at six with the lawyers warm up. Tip time 730 from oracle right here on your home of the lawyers' nice five point seven game. Story number two giants get out LA with a series victory their first road series win this of the year for one the final. In eleven innings how much Jeff some are just the shark was predatory eight innings pitched he allowed three hits and no earned runs. Brandon belt and Gorky Hernandez. Each with a run batted in in the decisive. Eleven innings story number three Kendall grave and give it up BA's. Lose to Minnesota gray men gave up six runs did not survive the fourth inning. BA's of try to avoid a sweep we've got morning ball Terrelle cotton against Kyle Gibson the a's dugout show begins. In just eleven minutes. As they try to avoid their fifth. Consecutive defeat. And avoid being swept by Minnesota that's your update I'm Dan dimly on your home of the warriors our coverage tonight begins at six right here. On your own little lawyers 95 point seven games. Dynamite stuff couple parliamentary procedures to get to a member O'Neal story number one we get tickets I love the ninety's the TLC Montell Jordan rob base and more Concord pavilion Saturday July 15 first person in our producer. On the phones Tripoli 957957. With the correct answer the following question. Gibbs one and Anthony who was he working for when he won that Emmy Tripoli 957957. It's good question great question. Great damning. Thank you what a mammy. Houdini when it working for. Tripoli 95795. Semi first person hit up our producer. With that answer. It's the tickets TLC Montell Jordan rob base mark got a billion. A procedure number till today is take your pick poll question brought to FH Daly and a lot Toshiba let good morning. And get money of foul up while economic the warriors which team will lose more Gainesville for the start of the finals will be the lawyers or the cavaliers bow at the right now. And have not lost yet in the plants OK we'll start would you like to begin this one. Share airline act who's gonna lose more before the start of the files for the start of the finals I would have to say it's probably gonna be the wars just because you meet tougher Western Conference finals of once I believe they get past this okay the warriors O'Neal. Cast. I think when you look at the next series it again employ against. The team has probably maybe gonna take them seven I don't see I don't see the warriors point seven and any series to maybe they get to a dibs. I think it's also the lawyers I mean I think the cavs could go in at twelve and know the way they're playing right now in the league east is straight role and over and I think the warriors are gonna lose one that. At Utah and they'll lose one at at Houston at the Jonas two defeats into the NBA finals the B twelve and two against twelve and on a clash of the titans. Imagine if they're both perfect going in that there's a story line writers of America not a whole lot of work to do following Matt. O'Neal story time let's get to an air. NFL players we know the segments where there might dot com man. External source of explain how it's not how they might Q how do you get picked he takes it into steam the NFL network. They come out the training camp and now they got the hard knocks all the different things but he used to be then come wanna come out to camp and they would tell. The PR individuals hey here's a guy won't want to might cup we want them to we wanna see what. This guys want to say your due to when the whole practice does this training camp it's the down time season hasn't started. Sold the PR person hey look just months you know NFL films they want you to beat Mike that don't practice the whole practice so Lorenz are you gonna be the. Okay now what should Mike dot you want to practice yes stuff happens you lock on. Do US moments forget that your Mike dot. Is it possible surely conversation election should I just relies on Mike got a question you guys before. Dude I'm Mike so maybe called maybe you guys have a bad coach. And that seemed that's the amount decent step. And he wants a big T you need to do you mean the point that day. Be careful Mike depth so you don't want you don't want you know you don't want so you boy. So yes absolutely. You know and sometimes you do forget he the man leading the moment your practice and something goes wrong in you forget you might dip so yeah it happens OK okay can happen. Now. When you're the charters yeah jock Don I'll brother chuck O'Donnell head coach of the Indianapolis Colts he's now working with the raiders yet he was also working in San Diego at times what are your coaches have suit and your Mike dot. Whoever's there decides loan yields already yelled at this and you know to give them credit that's a good night that's a good spot again the joke. Your Mike doubt. And you and Nagano used to have some little inside joke between shall what was inside joke who. You know I've been known Donald shoe for years even my days with the saint. So regal wave backs at 9293. So there together and he was young and Neil Young coach at the time. And we would go through have we would we talk about movies because we're insane you know he's like 34 years older than me for five years old. So grew up. He of the planet of the apes we love watching movies the Charlton Heston version basketball fans the planet uncle in. It's a toss it passes as a part of that movie where he gets his Lennox you know stokes cut out he really can't speak well. Because he's too easy to hit something easily gets weeks he gets caught by the Sunnis in the net. And they grabbing. Eighty seven's first time that you're speaks his pitcher he'll be puzzled me you damned dirty ape. And so iconic line. Is if anybody knows that people. I digest. Or digress for general on your call this point and so. So I'm Mike up until we always so. We do this it's New Orleans and I'm at this amid the charges now we are passed prospect again and have always with every time. He grabbed me out to pitcher feel people's army side give them a line and he did last did inside joke between the two of actually so he and I. I we do that'll tell. And for those who don't know John Modano is of Caucasian white guy back agent that's gonna play a partner and about a mom to. It is our smelled so I'm always grabbing him he's a teacher feel the politics you know he grabs me and I do this. So FL films there might. He doesn't know. In the course and what. I I grabbed his lower. In his pitch your penalty calls me you damn dirty the films on it go from god. And Mike I'm. And hoping you'd say something like that broke. And happy and and I let them iPad and you know opposites on it's inaccurate shoulder and I saw on the Mike. Any sort of scheme or a good and you can't do this. Don't you guys left at its so bad Eagles right to Marty shot that they hate coach he tries to open talkative GM he's like talking and about you tip that you can't play as part of that. That's is messed up I'll bust up a tough time he can we talk about it to this day but a of course heating and. Hired that's going to be playing it up like I'm. You know who is this guy how dare you say such a thing called me get a rowdy part of a sort of. Who can't play. Think coach how does that work with with when your Mike up are you able to go back then later and be like look. I had gotten heat of the moment I was out there couple times I said some things I'd rather you'd not error they basically I don't know the right to all of that day Arab you have to sign any thing nobody does beat beat beat the come on get what's so you might okay sister a year. Behind the scenes maybe you have a deal you're working on for an endorsement and it's it's something that where you need to look like a good guy and you are in the heat of the moment. MF in Ray Lewis out on the field all that Kinect gets caught the mayor in his company looks you know like you know what. I'm sorry you seem like a much more aggressive individual that we thought we we can't do this endorsement with the I think you could go. And talked him about some like that but usually. They wanna see that part they wanna see. The guys they hear guys talk about what really happens on the field the fans want to see that part of guys. I think that and so I think it in certain situations they'll cut off something you're being. If it's too much yes race. Do you think so so. So without a doubt you watch Allen NFL films they have sound aspects that comes out easily Wednesday after the the rowdy Gaines. And a lot of that is an individual against any player. Look too bad I'm like that thing with you and McConnell they wouldn't air it even if they news that you guys are joking back and forth because he has good deed. It's taken as racially in an accident and they want protective shield. And they don't want players to say. Forget it I'm not learn a Mike every day I could call so they are gonna protect him a little bit right though. They do wanna hear the all come already you know all come and get jealous and still they want you all that back. Fourth I mean Lawrence Taylor is portrayed as the wild man now that's what brings on the sidelines amid hastily you all but never get back get there on that particular. It just. Off on a tirade of beeps. Lawrence Taylor that's a scary Cuban. Mike Singletary tuning your member okay I'll hit an iron Mike Tucker samurai Mike rather when he was playing middle linebacker all the talking needed whom he'd be you know again be a perfect candidate for that. On Dallas a two week you might chill delayed that would be great great. You always say those bikes go live during the break them on my way out in the industry now. I don't exactly hold back on my you know what's notes that modems if I ever do stand up comedy my Ford bomb person nation definitely on my hand I hear this did you go wonderful but I've never heard it. Immediately you wanna you wanna do all of always do my impersonation of you talk into the boys in the back please YouTube aren't there a need of blueprint bought an off. Bought all the net. Alia what do you do doctor Melvin. And it isn't doing anything. I aliens is the fact that only is that good he's also really toning that down already down big time yet you're you're usually it'll ring testing. It's like Mike and I really think he's out. Looks to get Mike I was. 250 some pounds I opened the camp but that why you eat pistachios. At nine become one of the top of that is just a book. This goes shells flying everywhere it's not a race and don't mind look you seen. His. And a 250 pass. With you again protein that's what. Organic personal. Everybody out I'm going out scorched earth I didn't like the impersonation on the up Matt all the sun scorch the earth on the Wagner. You don't you give me the finger let me know of one minute back and don't run it over in the job I damn well please quiet. Even now. I. It wasn't off any advice them on my way to Vegas later today any advice yet anybody I do I yes please get crazy crazy crazy it's that's terrible advice dammit that's terrible advice I do that you know I'm not gonna be back on Monday water to go early and often one for every beverage have at least they announced the water broke skill. Well I mean. I. What's. So just say no I'm just it's that you know I'm sure he's sick and cannot. I don't want Yahoo! phone that you want to go. Nice kid may be a little light gambling you can thanks also there. That's Obama trying to do OK it's really it's a one man coverage brother thank you have that look. But the guru tomorrow I'll be back on Monday great working with you all the dugout shows coming up in like thirty seconds and a for low for Dave's. I'm Joseph formal thanks rang Alice everybody these cool bulls are back tomorrow 6 AM nightclub with them the game.