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Thursday, October 12th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Game 5 of the ALDS as the Yankees are on their way to the ALCS after beating the Indians 5-2. They also discuss possible options for the Raiders-Chargers if the game can't be played in Oakland as well as what the original role for Kirk Cousins was to be when drafted. Amira and Katie from the Warriors Dance Team joins the show to promote the Warriors Golden Ball Tour and to play a game of "Which Is It?"


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Everything yeah. Welcome 1995 points in the game. Alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph for the ball thank you for spending summoned here Thursday morning win loss. Greg Papa was when my today at 730 market down not as normal 830 spot. Greg Papa today at 730. So much to get to today. One question no one is asking. And the raiders even play this game at the coliseum on Sunday. Have you noticed the air out there practice getting cut short yesterday as a result of the air quality where they go while they do. That's coming up at 615 but we begin. With a apologies. Floral. Maybe not all of us. Maybe not in every regard but Iowa big apology to Stephen Strasburg. And I made a lot of people Lowell big apology to Joseph Girardi. Trailing tuneup thing. Judy Cleveland Indians and having blown game two in Cleveland in just spectacular fashion. The New York media was trying to run Girardi at a town there were rumors that the Mets would be interest did that the Red Sox after firing John Farrell yes today. Might be inches dead and then. Game five yesterday. Against the Indians. This happened. Yankees five Cleveland sued the yanks advanced take on the Astros in the ALCS did what's the bigger story line here. For the second year in a won't grow the Cleveland Indians choking away a massive lead they were up 31 on the cubs last year in the World Series. They're up 20 and best of five series against the yanks. Or is it Girardi managing this team right into the Elsie yes I think it's. Girardi managing them into the ALCS because clearly they're playing for men you heard Matt passed version. On the call there from MLB. That they're undefeated in elimination games the wild card game they win the backs against the wall against Cleveland they found a way to get it done this team is so potent. When their lineup and the starting rotation CC sabathia went out there and gone and as much as. He needed to get them turn over a good bullpen and when you give Chapman the lead gained 82 innings he can get in at six out saves. That is the fourth time in Cleveland Indians franchise history you're driving around be very careful because this knowledge is gonna blow your mind. The fourth time in Cleveland Indians franchise history where they were one game away from clinching a playoff series and lost three straight games to blow it. They did it last year. They did it this year they've done it twice previously. All our highs now the unions and lost three straight games would only need it was won the claims you've been talking about the Yankees for awhile even Heidi LaMont your big hearing judge fan naturally. It seems nasty. They are intense you know didn't didn't fare well at the day at the blade didn't do well but. I thought. And then in the ninth. When you saw him just that that bad bet I think twelve pitches at thirteen money in the kitten in depth given those two extra runs. The Yankees that is he saw that you say this one's over you knew that that was over the CC I mean this guy four innings nine up nine down you saw when he was paid ten and fifteen ran into a little trouble in the entertaining but CC gave them a lot of we gave them a lot of some good pitches before solid innings. Good to go shaky and then turn multiple can joke that pull in the yankees' bullpen I think it may be one or one of the best kept secret in baseball they can go out and do things you know I'll run you watch that bullpen the way they were able to king's day game out. They just brining in in these all of Betsy did just enough to win the game as things Cleveland Indians they are gripping they were fight knew it was a battle. Yankees though Girardi angle anywhere here's a guy big but he could say they already Matta town we need a coach get better. I will dusty apology team that's zig zag or get their super bolts. He joked Eisen is gonna join us today at 830 back to the Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier after the game. As you're coming this one's for job. I'll be honest with you got a lot of criticism out there that's exciting game when you know we talked a lot mean Hammond. The Columbia River have been a lot of credits are money is why it should know and you know we can dollars and ten Brennan as politicians are the result came. I just almost always got your back a 100% don't worry about anything else I know took its all on them. Not always happen in a million and you know god bless and another come out here she figures just balance that is up one dollar 100% I don't. We didn't do anything until I came out to many cities brought to make him a hug. They said no we are more it's more stuff to do and said you do your dog run we do let's go. Big question I have what happened at Cleveland's momentum. The Cleveland Indians a Major League record 22 straight victories they finished the season the 33 and four. They come into the playoffs and win their first two games that. The very definition of momentum. And if they cut their pants. On the flip side the Los Angeles Dodgers were terrible. Coming into the playoffs they have lost 22. Under our final 35 games that boys and girls is a winning percentage of 371. You maintain that the course of a full season worst thing giants and worst in the tigers who would hide for the worst team in baseball. Yet the Dodgers come into the playoffs. And they smoke the Diamondbacks three nothing and that the Diamondbacks team. That credible momentum coming into the post season having won 24 of their final 35 and then they knocked out the Rockies in the wild card round. So people think I come on here and I troll when I talk about momentum what happened Indians. What happened Dodgers. Explain it. They have all the momentum Jones and as Earl Weaver will tell you his famous quote momentum is the next day's starting pitcher. And that's when he is in baseball and I was talking arteries you tell me about this. On our morning bagel run in baseball is the sport where momentum really doesn't apply because it's such an individualized. Action and when Cleveland tied it doesn't mean that all Tony five guys are playing out of their head and playing great give guys who always gonna be up and down and so. From momentum in baseball to really carry over. It's almost impossible because it's such an individualized act. You make some great points but again it's an excuse it's an excuse we can talk about momentum and football and other rain men's word very shaky in December before they went white hot in won the Super Bowl and there will be an excuse there. And we did talk about it with the warriors winning 73 and then claiming that well you know drain I got suspended. There's always an excuse rather than make the excuse why don't we ask ourselves do we put too much weight an emphasis on this concept of momentum. Sometimes it's just guys making plays. More than the other team. That's sick we don't have the believe in momentum we don't have to believe in some sort of scientific fact we don't have the fine a word to label something that we feel better about our analysis. Yeah Clinton won 22 straight they had nothing to show for it but it's an individual lacks the ravens were terrible December but they went on the win the Super Bowl where the momentum come front. Well Cleveland they just peak too soon and you hate us what happened we are 'cause we are there no in Vegas we're watching those games they win. For the record and be more exciting clean those role in the they have the adrenaline they had all the momentum but unfortunately. That was in October it was September. And skip ahead when the game's really matter and they didn't have the same amount of momentum. And so no way it's it's it's a word I understand interest and Joseph into word. I just know always is playing nice and no lead. You get on a roll I don't know if that's even words to use get thrown out old. He get momentum on our guys Jamaican plays. In these starts to snowball. A guy make a mistake you see what your guys from the ball next time receiver gets the ball and he fumbles in any start to see things just snowball the wrong way so. I was small ball and then some. Guys made the plays where you and call it. This place guy makes a play guy does that makes another player we don't have the label momentum. Speaking of momentum though Stephen Strasburg yesterday fantastic seven innings paced three hits no runs dead wrong on this one on my behalf. Twelve strikeouts and only two walks as the nationals borrows the cubs. At Wrigley Field game five today in Washington. No rest for the wearied board the plane fly in the nation's capital it's going to be GO Gonzales for the nationals against Al Hendrix for the cubs IDC had them so I see is a great game and I. The big looming everything from Washington is Max Scherzer house soon and into the game to see come because GO Gonzales is not gonna pay six or seven. In the playoffs it's a three or four inning start so. I think the matchup with the cubs is going to be tight and it could come down to whichever team plays better defense and based on what we saw. From the cubs yesterday. And this entire series on the national when in Rome you got the future autumn tomorrow may be hot hand on the futures right now bringing home real dusty. But it around you party losing like obvious media yesterday it was a situation we answering anonymous here comes the guys here. How does does it matter but that's how I listen I was on the opposite side of that because you got to see two different guys everyone's thinking OK so that the guys are thinking all right and who's going to be patient. So they had to think about their mind the mindset thinking OK is this one person that went so you you you you don't you kind of mess up their their their train of thought and message would be using what the guys are creatures had been Becky talked about yesterday you and did you say. Hey baseball players are different they go to the ritual observed you know the same things that same thing yesterday adding to place and I thought that's why the license to mean I gave them the edge. And in good game the night follow show now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game yesterday. The raiders cut practice short word Trent was used low they went right from stretching. The teen period so I'm assuming that means they skipped individuals. Correct he explained to us what they skipped yesterday going from stretching routine what happened. Yeah he's got to go through stretching you go to individuals that's Indo ward running backs and receivers everyone breaks up and go on their own separate groups you were on hand placement if you did it's Lima and your linebackers it's it's it's. Loosen up some its continued guidance stretching. But also just on technical ones in certain things which your coaches in and once you get all lead down because of things you do want individual. Translate into routine but all together your from running backs are running the ball. In which individual they got the ball in the hand and run or ropes are doing certain in an Al drills so that's what endo is in now they skipped that they wanted to go right the team because they know the air quality is wasn't good yesterday instilled that. And the team period is when you go through your installation you get his game plan got rendered the plays you make sure everyone gets organized and actually all right so they did this get. The individual portion may trim the practice down because of the air quality they wanted to get the players' off field. Well this is all due to the north bay fires and anyone listening right now if you've been outside you notice is looking up into the sky and the quality with speed with which you breathe my H Boyce has changed how often pops up this morning I would in the city I had even been outside. How do you play a football game in this. We want this to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible because of the people involved because of the homes involved because the lives that are being lost but if you look at it from a football perspective can you play game at the coliseum this weekend in the air quality is what it is now. Or if he gets worse now going to be what sixty plus thousand people outdoors. But then athletes running around on the field at full speed now you know. He can't JoAnne we should obviously Ed they come beyond that we're all thinking about the people in the north bay and we know that this is secondary to the real tragedy going on the loss of life and the loss of property sad trip. When you look at Sunday and you start talking about air quality. I'm looking and air quality forecast for today which is unhealthy in Oakland tomorrow unhealthy image says people with heart or lung disease. Adults older adults and other children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion at Cornell should reduce. Heavy exertion so you're gonna ask these pro football players do bother for three plus hours in pads and helmets knowing full well that it's unhealthy air. I don't think you don't play any game with the air quality continue like this Joseph. Oh you're playing right now would this be a concern I know some guys when they play in that concussions and all the injury issues. This have to get about a man born out there and play that's what I do I get that. But right now would you be concerned about this without a doubt Mattingly players are concerned about to show without a doubt. In the hearts even of guys won a clinic it would be very very hard for guys to play in this. I think these guys Robbie did day Joseph I think they're going to be out there probably would mask I'm surprised. That's a trainer Todd crowded they don't have among yesterday a surprising given little mask to Wear this in house and Alameda saw different people wearing them walking around. You can see this Sutton stuff from the smoke and ash is RT. Around here so when you're thinking about thinking about running the amount of RC that you breathe in and how much would be actually breathe in and on a consistent basis this is not safe it's unhealthy and I think a lot of things you'll see even schools have canceled school today so you don't want I don't think. These guys want to I don't think these coaches nor does. Front office nor does the players what risked their L you don't want to eat your your your talent out there you don't get risking injuries for later on because this is a lot of smoke these guys are being held on the condition playwright. About an hour ago we reached out to Brian McCarthy he is the NFL league offices head of PR. We reach out to them to seat if the league. Has had any sort of discussion whatsoever about moving this game. And how they're going to treat the greater charging him this week and we had not heard back we will keep you posted on that situation. Oh you played a situation like this before it's funny at all three of us. Without having any idea than the other two existing right were all in San Diego I believe it was 2003 right. The chargers were scheduled to play on Monday night against the Miami Dolphins are really Cleo Lemon yes quarterback back. I'm resurgent Greg you're on your good and the wildfires that broke out in east in the east county. Affected the game so much that I got moved to Arizona. On Monday night Arizona I'd missed an entire week of school that was my first Joseph Walsh school down and they cancel the entire week you can be outside if we do down there. I was down they're playing golf hoping to play Torrey Pines how old's body was no time I had a tee time among all of on this sheet notes shows payrolls are here that game was sharp sharp that is now to be here but now we're playing 36 and another course I happen to be down there. And the fires the smoke is eerily reminiscent though of that fire which was about. 3040 miles to the east saving win here in Oakland were about fifty miles from the the fires in in Napa and generals and yet the smoke is so unpack fullest come all the way down there. Yeah did a talent show eat it wasn't that we just fluent to play the game. We did it sound like I think on a Thursday or Wednesday. I would use it the smoke was too bad we. And I jumped complained team had a guy just knowing at. Ask knowing that Sunday morning when it it started I looked outside my car I doubt it it's note my car at about three inches and ash on top of it and I was living at the beach myrtle. Miles away from England and no question so we had to go to Arizona and practice their did and get out you couldn't be out their tracks and then. I don't think it's that bad here but I'm telling you. So far away and I think that he continues to burn like it is and all the things connect. I don't see this game are the one they won't play it are going to be mode animal feed I don't want you played before. Remove it. We move on short notice like this you have to figure out any go ahead and assume the league's already considering mess because it or not. Hey guys are hard to believe there was making that much money back track and where the first two brownies and have come up with this we are pretty clever. Just am looking at this and everyone's reporting about well you know practices being cut short I didn't see anyone start talking about look at happened to gain cable but to leave guys or is it still looks the air quality like insanely. Why is not goody I don't know if it's necessarily a to have it work I was thinking about to switch home Dayton haven't go to the other snub of senators would like to call the stuff love down in Carson. But the LA galaxy. How the game this week out the old USA men T get involved again can you know looking for a bounce back in mid American soccer. Soccer toxic when he three point oh yes guys take getting a couple of years off not a play on a couple years off after everything that just absolutely just hang out Trinidad Tobago learned from a first rate program how. Don while Saleh is now John are nowhere else you'd possibly movement. I mean if you had a charger game. Love Jenna had put built us. Eighty M down in. In moderate maybe be OK I want to entertain us so maybe not a fan should be a little bit. Or sent to the idea and Jagger I could do with a straight and now are we get out we'd take it around this morning. About Qualcomm. I see the charges go back to San Diego isn't gonna make ticks to go back anyway now. They should be doing this once a year ball back to San Diego but I really believe that that in the bibles I. I've seen joke why you gotta look it is always there and you're crazy to state and menus in a year to dirty notes news flash I played they're sending the state. Lazier their games are so the feels in great shape. I'd weaves a play they play Saturday night game no different they would play on Saturday and we would play on Sunday and I am getting at Boise State Saturday night do you think they can turn around in time they did ignore all of until that happened when you were playing. Absolutely and LT was cool that absolutely shut out LT six point four I didn't say you did it hit right. He would still mobile for 150 do you almost 200 instill you know break records and steal all the way and he'll play I don't feel that was played the next day absolute. Now back to show lowered dibs on I 95 point seven the game is Kirk cousins we beat the San Francisco 49ers. The niners will be in Washington to take on. Who many believe will be the franchise's future quarterbacks in the Kirk cousins now cousins spoke with the media yesterday. As did Kyle Shanahan head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Will begin with Kirk cousins. When he was drafted what the plan was underneath the ship and famine. I think they're glamour and all be great if we can get out here so you can play really well preceding day. And maybe in Boston here they're there and beat them and then had a chance betray you let a few years person that day and I'll be a great way for everybody did. Who those who don't remember the Redskins traded up to draft or G three with pick number two after the colts took Andrew Luck. And then later in the draft grab Kirk cousins Shanahan speaking to the media as well talked about same situation. You know that is very good as we've got that would eventually could help us but remember we went into that trap and knowing we wanted to take two quarterbacks. We actually made the trade we knew we're gonna take a second pick in the draft and actually our goal is we're gonna take Russell Wilson in the fourth round. No 100 and what type officer of Enron and why they're so that's what that was even before that and we had Kirk bring Diane. News there in the fourth. You sell stuff ourself we've got a new laws and organizations. Wow. Imagine what might have been. If Russell Wilson's sauls past Seattle. Lands with a radar as a backup Todd Robert Griffin might get out what would that been like it and I think she both those guys have been playing right away it would have been chaos. It would have been chaotic there. Because Russell Wilson waited he. He's waiting he catapulted into the league with the consistency. He was Mormon genie in the bottle tea Robert Griffin would still be in trouble to gamble what do you do that. Started Russ would've definitely sat the entire first year but the thing would happen. EC would happen RG three would that hurt. And Russell Wilson would have been right there and we would be having this conversation. Because. Russell Wilson the way would the way that he plays the things that he can do. He's more way more mobile and RG three in the pocket the different things that he would brought to the game to the table but I do I just think that Russell Wilson would have been a face of that franchise. Now but let fate take yourself through what has to happen for him to start RG three gets hurt find prospects and even if rust plays great. How do you not go back to aggression remember. They were just sitting at pick number two they gave up an arsenal of picks to believe the rams when they're confused on Saint Louis. They doubled sponsor first rounder to move up to that picked. So what do you do if Russ steps in and say weeks six went RG three gets hurt and plays really well you come back the next you're bronze. How do you justify that your fan base. How they would I don't know how this thing what I had played out my question what they had played out the same way did since Ross got hurt. They went back to when did they scope to still got fired all the different things would happen so. New coach could have been and so. What we still be here today and that's the million dollar no question that. RG do we we know would've been heard everything so Russ would have been in that position. Just don't know when they would've played tomb but they would had to go back to RG three like you're alluding to. Just couldn't crazy. What do the mapping the Seattle. To Seattle go to consumer most now the Seattle. But think about it. Lot of people said it wasn't Russell Wilson that the whole lot to get them there. They said it was the defense carry number Marshawn Lynch running and Russ not turning the ball over Russ not making massive mistakes. Matt Flynn. How many quarterbacks this that in that role and managed the situation plane couldn't do that TC that's why Russell Wilson startled I think the biggest thing would argue that they will Seattle still many good team yeah. Super Bowl no look at what Russell Wilson's did with his legs that's the thing you have to get taken consideration say. OK who's out there that would've been Russell Wilson light. Towards Seattle Russell right the defense won the championship but Russell had time some great plays and think you will all that would agree upon it may Seattle. You know get beard and a lot it's a lot of critical situations. Russell was unbelievable. Then maybe Seattle doesn't go to some more maybe they don't when it may be Manning ends up winning. That year rather than getting blown out because the Seahawks don't get there he it's a more favorable matchup he grabs a ring earlier maybe he retires a little bit earlier that maybe brought costs Weiler gets more time to develop Brock cost filer turns out to be the next Peyton Manning you can visit Edinburgh right now is undefeated in rock costs Lila oh my god indeed Tom Brady. This is my caddie when you'd change that the time continue our daddy one little I regal and everything else I facts that's right. I knew what would have happened. Would Russell Wilson if he's not there he can't throw the interception on the goal line against the pages and Super Bowl meaning he can't alienate everyone on the team with meaning beast mode probably doesn't end up in Oakland just tried. That's right while he put us he took us through ones are best. Pretty. Beast Obama lit leader. And in a lot of things would be different I don't think Pete Carroll would still be up in Seattle that's for shared his there'd be a new coach out there. And yet people say I'm crazy. It suggests that if Brady had been drafted by the browns. His career would have turned out the same abrupt end up countless times none and I'll Brady still would have been awesome. Really. It's never been about Brady it's been about his environment she's in a wonderful environment who's to say if another quarterback can get put in that environment -- say. Let's take a bomb right there's yeah really bad quarter it got a better one. What about a guy who's in the league right now whose terrible. Castle for example boy is Matt Cassel played in New England ordered that all he did it. He won eleven games that year under bill dollar check. And he has been garbage. Everywhere else yardage in Kansas City. Garbage in Minnesota garbage in buffalo garbage in Tennessee the fact is he has a job as a quarterback in the NFL is remarkable. But he won eleven and five wood Bill Belichick in New England. Now again and it's not about whether or not Brady easy good quarterback he focused quarterback he dedicated quarterback. But imagine the environments. Imagine if Cleveland drafts of what's the say Colt McCoy could have been a good quarterback brain leading could have been a good quarterback all of these guys that went to Cleveland very equal and virgin wind had a we could really go on for and how how are you gonna get up. Tony eight guys there will be never to Marat. Hogan will be never Tony when he starts on Sunday and got Tony eight different starters since 99 for Cleveland but a lot of times your environment matters does it not know. I see in that Brady wouldn't be who he is today enacting Belichick wouldn't be who is today and they both those guys go hand in hand. I think we talk about other guy's guy he's talked about castle castle doesn't know disrespect and an amicable IQ Brady as we and that. In castles TT she'd he's funny watching this guy played it decisions that he makes you think wall what happened than this guy so yeah I don't think Brady would have been as Donna you're absolutely right that's a that's a fair Sessler. Eighty still even be in the league would Brady had never played first Super Bowl ask yourself this would Brady have ever become a regular starter. If you drafted in the sixth round a few picks earlier by Cleveland. They plug him in as a backup right he's not coming in the need to face the franchise so he's got to come in. And he's not highly touted and remember you have a very minimal investment guys in the fifth sixth seventh round they're easy to cut because they don't cost any money. So who's to say they don't go through can't Brady doesn't get a lot of reps with the starters the starters aren't any good coaching is many gun Brady does have an opportunity to flourish they cut Tom Brady. He ends up out there on waivers may be gets picked up I don't know as a backup in San Diego but never gets an opportunity to play because at some point you got Drew Brees and Philip Rivers and god knows who wells may be bounce around Miami but you don't get this start there because you got coaching turnover every two years of the dolphins. You go to a place like. I don't now Tennessee. Which at times seems to be organized and other times they're not. I know you wash out of the league yeah for the guys played for seven different teams in your career back. He's going to be he would admitting that Google place like saint neagle was he was tracked this anyway if I would've stayed on long term. Because that's its way to do business if it'd been a place like expert he probably still would have been relieved in place like you know this place and you talk about New York for instance look at Britain would it Manny still pod would have been only so certain places where you would have gotten drafted even though. I don't think you had the success on weeks straight week the I don't think you'd won as many Super Bowls. Would look out ballots economic Belichick won many symbols but I think certain teams he would still be successful in one Super Bowls and he was still had a long career. But not like not as good as he MM and I'm. People think it's crazy to suggest the notion that I highly touted quarterback like sand Arnold and Josh Rosen she tells the Cleveland Browns if you have the number one overall pick in you want me. I'm not comment. People get so up in arms about that they get so worked up you do what you're told this is the draft it's approve lidge your prima Donna we're not looking out for your business interest you trying to make Smart business decisions rainy lady did a great situation. A great player a great situation. They came together and they produce greatness not a surprise you take a great player put him in a lousy spot they can't figure out up from down. Player's career could be ruined you take a bad player and you put many great situation may be get the most out of them so if you're darn old. You Rosie mean you actually care which is what the fans want they want these kids the care you care about being great if you care about winning. Why wouldn't you tell the browse you know what. Sorry I don't wanna play for you. 28 starting quarterbacks and you came back in the league you don't go to the playoffs you don't win you fired GMs and coaches routinely. Blow draft picks routinely. Why would I want to be a part of that why would you wanna be and that's an area they need to be the first. Overall pick in the draft you know and when your career files out you get to be dogged by that for the rest your life alongside such names as Ryan leaf and JaMarcus Russell. Guys taken at the top of drastic quarterback who go on to be failures taking a giant Enzo was a top five pick his failures are still talked about. Those two tells so I don't fault the player for wind to have some of individual control but the next step to me in this discussion is. What do you do with Cleveland medicine this bad in people don't really want play there you might as well eradicate them as a franchise because it is yeah of quarterbacks in college I'm not saying that this is happening but. If this quarterback decides he doesn't want to go to Cleveland the then the browns I didn't at a disadvantage because of their own failure in their own history. Let's take you only look at the goat is well it's a Smart guy politics went to quarterbacks Tom Brady wasn't good. Military Wendy's our record that we know let you know that because Belichick and Parcells those guys they eagle two quarterbacks and you can't lol I doubt they're going to get ready. So Brady must be pretty good these guys if it just mean there was a guy that was better than Brady. You'll think that Belichick wanna keep his job and I don't carry easy you said he talked about all time Joseph. No movie then they would mood and go to trade nudity something. The guy is that good. He is that Dominique he is that much to superior quarterback that let's is superior athlete that's with merit him a start but I told you 1000% agree we do. If he's not here he doesn't have the career Belichick doesn't have Cree as well Belichick is Smart guy. Brady had an opportunity. Who's to say Cleveland would have done that Dow closed at Cleveland would probably just viewed him as a goofy. Paced the sixth round pick. Tell me why Cleveland wouldn't have viewed that way. Cleveland has shown us nothing for close to twenty years to make us believe to give us any reason why we should sit here and assume. That had they drafted Tom Brady they would have found a way to make that work they've done nothing. Since they've come back in the league to make you think otherwise New England usually every reason to believe no matter what move they make it's the right move have you ever noticed that. Belichick takes I'll remains worth brings in Chad Ochocinco. Reason Darrelle Revis the media forms over it off. What a brilliant move by Belichick to bring it out birth pains worth couldn't work in Washington he's gonna make it work and then when it doesn't we don't criticized a lot. Because his track record has so many successes that the few failures it's like act whenever it's Belichick. That's why the random successes Cleveland has get thrown out the window. Because it's an anomaly anyone can lock in to a win here and there. Cleveland is such a poorly run organization for such a long time there's literally no reason to believe that if they drafted a guy like Tom Brady. They would have made that work they may have cut him before the start of the season he's a sixth round pick. The quarterback the 49ers took last year Jeff Driscoll write him if he ends up in New England. Wasn't he a six round pay again who's to say he doesn't get a shot with the patriots at some point maybe they develop a little bit but the niners didn't even carry their typical kid opener Chip Kelly. They just went and cut him. That's that that's the amazing thing about all this. Is that the talent bully take you so far you've got to get lucky and part of this is it Malcolm Gladwell smoke out liars he got to catch a break here and there you've got to be in an environmental. Where you had a chance to Iraq. There are environments and cultures. I can get the most out of you and then there are the Cleveland's of the world silver Sam Arnold. Doesn't wanna play forums or Christian McCaffery doesn't want played a bowl game do you really get that upset about these dudes. And start yelling and screaming about how they owe more to everybody no they don't know anything anybody. When they got a contract their jobs to show up and perform and they don't they get cut and we criticize him that's sick. You know anything's Stanford I'm sure Stanford understood where it was coming from that's why Stanford Stanford they take you. And I must not an athlete dogged kids they develop you when they send you out of the world and you do great things which is why Stanford University is viewed the way it is. Because they take talent they Foster at the developed it and they send down in the world to do great stuff so when McCaffrey's doing that. It falls right in line with the blueprint hey this is a Smart kid why risking injury in a bowl game that quite frankly doesn't matter all that much go out there makes Stanford proud with the Carolina Panthers yesterday's. Doing just that and I think that this is ultimately you know effect. These bowl games down the road when you've got players who are likely in the first round take seriously a lot more of them. Begging out and deciding not to play in these bowl games and it's partly about the culture at Stanford but you look at the culture in Cleveland the and you hope is starting to change at the front office decisions and doing things slightly differently hue Jackson is a really positive guy hopefully they given the chance actually. Coach and stick around and maybe the browns can eventually turn this thing around. Now they show is about process not results that's the Smart way to go about a evaluating things. The process. Not the result wants you to listen once again to what Kirk cousins said yesterday when talking to the media. About what she thought Shanahan plan was for him when he came in Italy. I think they're finally as well be great if we can get out here so you can play really well preceding day. And maybe inspire they're here they're guaranteed that and then had a chance to trade you a few years person that they didn't know be a great way for everybody it's still way. Envelop you how do you look good in spot duty and then flip you for some pecs. Now once you ask yourself why CJ battered hasn't seen the field yet to the San Francisco 49ers. People are up in arms and Brian Hoyer hasn't done a very good job employers shaky and erratic he's not the future lets people we got mastered. Great let's see what we got mastered at the right time when the situation. Permits him to perform does that slew backs. Because if he's given an opportunity to perform and as absolute best one of two things can happen perhaps he becomes your quarterback of the future. Or some other NFL team's season. And you can take a mid round pick and with very little investment foot the mint is something much much greater. That's what Shanahan is thinking here. There's no reason to arrest this kid out there and break them up mentally there's no reason to put a ton of bad tape out there against teams like Washington on the road hostile environments. Find the soft spots and make him look good. Anyone realize what just happened to Kobe percent last week and he looked very good. Two years left on his deal after this season. Neither years' worth more than 900000 dollars you don't think someone's gonna be interest in trying to acquire Jacoby Brusett for a very heavy price. Indy blitz him for Philip nor set a wide receiver that was a bust who's doing nothing in New England might add. And yet percent looks like a bowler Angela comes back knocking all one of the guys that contract is extremely valuable right now you can trade him for a first round pick. You don't think you could do that right now you'll be you can call. Miami right now and possibly flip preset for a first round pick a lot of teams that would be without a doubt our business. In eighteen so you talk an amount that it and I agreed that here's what you guys that are Lewis who. You never you never want to say and you know once you're back in the game right everyone says but you went when the first leg goes down when your blood goes down you Brady goes down. You hope to guide you gotta look back at. So I look at this thing here's a guy that I don't think I don't think in these gonna stick it there are no need there and no rise to try to trading. They're looking at here they have a quarterback you know luck that they don't already pay eighty so easier. Why are you trying to flip this guy yeah I'm back I'm gonna keep department try to keep this guy because it's hardly get a number to look around a leak everywhere talk among college better and bring him. 80% of all the back on some 90% of all the bad guys they'd he'd have a job so they go hard it is the Guinea viable backup. To be with some consistent he did so when you some ball games. I think they keeping all told that just can't of course you try to footing maybe that Fortier a right now you need a quality back up in new. Yes it makes some sense on that Sam pointed any game you are rock bottom as the colts organization so if luck goes down again that. You're not really looking to deemed consideration for what you'd be a playoff team also without locking doesn't matter who you have. Add back up that team is still a couple of years away from really being solid. Once luck comes back so to have Jacoby percent and being the I said that he's becoming especially Joseph when you. Lay out his contract terms plus a million dollars. This guy is maybe the 23 best quarterback in the NFL he's making 900 grand it. A team like buffalo and he's not making anywhere near 900 that's at the end of his contract into your best incendiary Zacks deal all gonna. I mean I can't coordinate it's actually you know Walsh. Actually traded for first round pick and jumpstart. Your chance actually becoming irrelevant team again. Joseph the iceman 1983 NFL MVP will join us today at 830 Greg Dobbs coming up in seven minutes at 730. Great point you need a great backup. And how long can you honestly hold a great backup on your roster along and like did says if you're gonna rebuild. What's more valuable to you. A backup who's gonna go out there is to a plan by winning games and causing huge opposition. Or the number one picks he could fetch. They you can use to build around Andrew Luck who's gonna have how many years left. It's been in the league handful years already you've got to get something together in the next two to three years that's competitive frame. That's a point I don't even know we don't even know who is Angela. Didn't answer I mean I know it dating and I get a situation delicate insane. I rather have a guy that I know it's gonna be consistent it's going to be doable it's going to be LT so let me keep this piece because of my guys get hurt. That's on the Bible. All right so here's the next layer this conversation intersect continues to performing a nice level. Why don't you consider the idea of calling the forty niners and saying are you interest and Andrew Luck. I would do that because we take that around earlier that massive contract injury concerns but so it's gonna make double plays junior to rebuild. He's mobile he's big he comes with a Bill Parcells endorsement would still carries a lot of weight. Why not start kicking the tires on Andrew Luck if you the 49ers why not call the call to say. That guy you just beat us with the pretty get it you like them what do you do the other guy that cost. I can. Took his radio show does she think. Break it down Jody. Amir Johnson eighties and early I feel for how you don't hear them vying yet Katie how are you. I'm doing well I think yeah from the warriors can't seem joining Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven the icu brought Larry with you know we've got ten games I don't know this everyone referred him is that now since that's sort of and that. How about that now. Miller you've been with the team this your seventh season crack Katie this is your second app lets start with you you were just in China with the team what was that experience like. It is unbelievable all just to be able to see the presence that the warriors hold in and completely different country it was under out and the fans are my guys they like crazy for the warriors and to be able to bring warriors grounds. There was phenomenal I'm not only do they go crazy for the players but even people like Lawrence who works on moyers TV because he's in the promotional videos that are seen in China. So he's in truth he was treated like as a rock star himself. Yes I mean every every on the street like Iraq sag. There there would ditto what you want to take pictures with you would suffer how does it would you Freel was that made its brands as well for. That they really did they'd come out here in just hide Yale and every single person wanting to page and then there's a lot of fun Portugal to mill when you're there. That has taken. I saw you once again. I panicked a little luck we. Even this. I get married and I announced I I had. Happy. And yes hello Mac Donald I wonder how well France and 80s every day I am I didn't know how many users today added nodes an don't ask got to go for beauty adventure that I know that in his friends and out of a mirror this is just seventy year with the team green and then you're back in the studio thank you for having me have you grown bored with the slash Brothers. I have not yeah keep surprising me though and never know mom and annoyance. It's been great and how are not gonna tell you you're in Phoenix before what I live now we traded how that works out. Yeah. Then we got today I traded admin and send an it's an amazing ride. Seven seasons and then. It's just been progressively getting better Sabha on. And right now we're gonna talk about the golden victory ball yet in just a moment and but. You remember this from last time we do and we have a new game. I did is going to be hosting this one step up call I got the rules and he's gonna lay out these so please pay attention I don't mind did take it away ladies did say it's very important that when you come into our house that we treat you with this bag dean you know make everything friendly but the same time it can't just be. An easy appears that we saw her hold your feet to the fire a little bit but we want hits with too much sports trivia first thing for you wouldn't feel comfortable. So we thought we would go with something more in your milieu it are you to both professional dancers and we say hi we are iron play. Professional dancer so you should know a fair deal about pets percent right. One and only have one would only know what my visualization. Just without any further until I welcome to this edition of bridges did Stephen if you would play. My family feud but we will bother sound effects begin our budget is such that we don't have. Amazed are you ready to play which is fit. We are ready and I'm good read off a list of these items one of the time and you have to decide whether it's a dance. An athlete's name or nickname Pacman or boats you. So all I'll read something off to dance an athlete that came about Joseph I have fifteen. Items here. How do you think he's young lady should be a live this appears to be your most work you have ever put my rounds. Oh I know I. He's say hey yeah why you know there. I just think it's his fifteen what do we expect this standard to be pleased to intelligent young laid on the descended relatively high we're gonna go over under nine and a half I think they get. And play the overflow. Under dips pretty tough haters yeah. And that's what you guys did I say now. And the winner on the Oprah definitely plays welcome to witch is dead again it's a dance and athletes nickname for votes. Are you ready the end ready my you can you can talk to each other by the answer first up is this. Saw Bob is it a dance an athlete's name. Or is it. Some ladies and it's noon and clean. I'm tired and when you notice didn't find any answers you re right exactly fits us. Since the day and. They thought they love it yeah. That's her point any. Yeah that's right that's right ladies night out segment is. Please up next is loving father a lot of mud and lower body today did an athlete's name or nickname or bow. I'm Richie Valens. That would be love love love Obama this is. This is life. Love. We're even now. You can in his new. Billups. It's just a damn. Duke Virginia and president coming on an average net. Lady and gentlemen and ladies if you want it now walk in the park you really got to the NY. Like the exact numbers. It's not the does not and I think well yeah you got that they did not have a bad bad. And just spinning name. Three of all let's do it again Jim lost. I had the club president dance an athlete's name or nickname or boasts a Junebug. Do any in the gym I do under the pressure of big name or nickname. Here we go. I can't. This is what you did put the lawyers dance team. I can't athletes make damn well. Did you get to see country of origin. So let. She saved. Both nicks fault of course. Mcdougal's five for five this is unbelievable. I'm not a re doing the cap but tonight. Well and that's all I saw was more Eurodisney. The camera. Yeah yeah and convincing and nine cents. Tuesday nickname. Yeah okay. Oh it's no motive behind the mom laughing mom yes about. I don't know. And they just came yeah these. Lazar actually leads the Droid X one which kids. In fact mum bow which is as we know it's a dance another nicknames and we will continue. What about the road block then around the yeah that goes around my affluent. Nice is a man just a dance are you sure he's done a defensive lineman for did you. Line seven and won three more video over odd couple more years maybe so we have. Part in this yeah how about this Rondo would do the Ryan. As a Disney and athletes make me more isn't phone does the name's Justin name. Not advance because they'll do the. And they did yeah yeah bad bag and you get the right now yeah. It's maybe it's like yeah you shouldn't have done that and now is the rug out. Well if the front. Not a dance moves I want to come though it's hot down we do in the Condo. That gives you what's so what is the Condo is a good dance movies and athletes they came as a perhaps both. His pin and made and athletes they. Couple more ladies are getting to the end here why are just need one more silver hammer. Dance athletes nickname or is it oh yeah. She uses it and I. CD hand and listen. I was like yeah toaster. I Oakland's. Nicknamed Ali. Okay. Okay. That's actually how little either. Yeah. It might come down. I don't exactly live music a so we know that Condo is not a dance move but what does Nene. Nene back yeah league dance almost. This could mean it's kind of busy eating he's there. I'm Susan I'll look at him yeah. A piano on Wednesday I appreciate it good I know you're both Canadian day and so yeah. He's do you think it's both. And Katie have what. Oh yeah. Of course Nene Hilario great. Now that's a pretty I don't yeah. Don't even need all fifteen attack. Beat the book he finally gets one right congratulations. Anyway. Again pretty hot and cold there the Big Three ball tour yeah. Now lane on us why. I.s so we've got and the chase. To present in this giant golden ball that is carrying around cheese with chase and so. And their lawyers are Connie and changed the seat stays as was trying to win a multi between now and Saturday. Warriors dot com people check it out thank you decay heat thank you to a mirror playing dollar. Don't matter cashing out over we'll see you out at oracle and you swing we're getting set for the start of the season. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. University of California has gotten back to us. Tomorrow night is set to host the eighth ranked Washington State Cougars big game in Berkeley huge game. Big Lee implications for the national championship picture but. With the fires raging in the north bank. In the air quality as it is such we need to update from did on that second. Doesn't make sense to play that game you have to move that came we've seen this happen before 2003 San Diego. East county fires moved most chargers to Arizona to play the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. Kids you don't mind an update on the map you have in front idea if. The air quality map you can find it it air now dot gov and it shows the areas of the Bay Area this particular map showing you the Bay Area air and right now. Almost the entirety. Of the east bay from Oakland. All the way up to in the north famous generals on the sea of unhealthy air and it actually extends. From marine county all the way up to about no bottle down almost into San Jose. And those areas and I didn't mention what you're not out of the woods Livermore has USG air when they call unhealthy. For sensitive groups if you're older earth you have now lung condition as makes that track. The air is unhealthy for you but. Up next from unhealthy is. Very NLC and then I. It is which is what you have up in the north bay right now you've got very unhealthy hazardous air so if this continues. And the conditions are. Unhealthy quote unquote officially. And I don't see how you play that game you can't access to be outside. You can't so Cal's gotten back to us they said they're monitoring the situation room Friday night's game no official decisions have been made yet. The raiders short practice yesterday Lowe who Sunday they're hosting the chargers I think the players about this well Joseph. Joseph I did just alluded to in bits and held. You don't happen and guys the next day how would be coffin at all kinds of flame and it would be good I went surfing during the San Diego wildfires and I caught for nine months I had a prompt for nine I'm not kidding nonetheless it was a stupidest thing. One of the stupidest things I've ever done you know what's smoke induced does to people we are we understand that. And you're hitting that amount of passion almost certain your anger might mean. So your lungs and everything expanding into so you're in that amount. What does your bloodstream no way it's this bad Leckey be eaten that defines it did read the read is it gives pulled up. You can't play. We just can't look no way. So options we can take in this round all morning we have we talked to will kiss from the raiders this morning. He said same thing is how they're monitoring the situation we sent an email to the head of PR for the NFL Brian McCarthy. For some reason hasn't responded to yet on how I take it as a personal affront he's dumb that I needed this done right away. I don't believe I dropped your name now and that that in hindsight it was a mistake on my behalf I should've said I work for Lorenzo Neal and he's very interested that would work would it not. And I was so. Now I well I can you put those words you say Barnes and ill and we all have a great show together. In the lucky to get this question answered dear Brian I'm a member of Lorenzo Neal show in San Diego RC's mean I don't know where I live yeah. Do you go to blankley and that's that's verify I sure can't eat out flags earlier. Series or maybe you had to get better and I'm sorry. I don't necessarily we've talked about earlier we take ran a lot of ideas Qualcomm how how ironic would that be oddities which. Home date so the New Year's Eve game that's down there in LA would actually be out here and there and the is that we you do though if you play any game at Qualcomm is that then becomes a charger home game yes I did you know if you raiders organization you don't agree. To play in San Diego in less that counts as their home getting. Now if you move this thing to dig at the suburbs and heard everything going on there now what they've got their own things going on in Carson actually more isolated Carson chargers. If the raiders in charge of the raiders called the shot and say let's move it to. Whenever other stadium they want to manage their home game if he goes San Diego Allentown as a charter zombie and in my book death. I don't think anyone in Carson's gonna complain Communist island couple thousand people that into the well. Well at least it's hard to get it they'll have one homes and it's going to be sold out my guy like Jason Sudeikis is semi pro we sit courtside he not usable Ferrell stopped the game to go but it does not just from we don't sell those things are. Dick thought it would right Juan cricket matches and is there and stay. That reminds you what the southern senators probably like for sure. And it's brutal look at Casey just said you know the locker rooms are like high school locker rooms well memo to the chargers. It's a soccer stadiums and soccer teams. Have nights that he's got courage and they only showed you these (%expletive) know you'll need help to sort of about five foot six Colombian guys. As a pair yeah six foot six you know 370 pounders I 46 guys. Vs eighteen guys of course the locker rooms are gonna be insufficient I get the league allowed this happened because I'm Bonnie. Options the nice stadium. The air quality on the map you have probably not in play right yet to figure Levi stadium's still close enough. Despite jets' best efforts is still close enough that you would be able to move the game there you dances some of the same problems some of the same problems but it looks to be better looks to be moderate to the US GA I talked about for the yes specialty groups it's not unhealthy as it is. In the east they're primarily because the way the winds blow the blow and south from the fires and it all moves slowly to the east and sell settles in Santa Clara are a little bit. Outside to cross hairs being ninety miles from Napa got so we got to rule out Levi's reality at the las Stanford as well what girlfriends Merck. I know you like some of the game animal friends barreled. They game there on Saturday but they can turn around don't think different areas you know and it's not a grass field so you you couldn't you know pain into all those things that you would need to do so. Fresno I can called Pepperdine get that done I'm quite try to get into an MB no problem. I car. In Fresno that would be awesome I would have a sellout crowd I mean everyone would love to see car there an awesome navy frigate unbelievable for Fresno we get a pro team and you don't know fanned the the upright so that they can and we have other adjustable because the other different widths in the college in the -- weekly contaminant as mobile game that doubt that we'll get that done some thrown out Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas this if you're gonna move there why not go now show the rest of the world how Vegas is gonna show up the sport that club yeah. I think the best places San Diego but why go to why don't you go to symbol you don't wanna go to Vegas you say why. It's just I think you you sit in the same needle like you say it you forgive me edit charging game swap out the New Year's Eve game I think that's the best fit if this thing is if they're not gonna play ball here. Our fans in San Jose and apparently there are a lot of them because this is pouring in from people in San Jose they got the smoke down there the reporting on the Hayes lots of smoke yeah can't have any friends are back on just you know reporting on the official air quality don't know it yet it's not as bad down there as it is here I know certainly the smoke. Is there it's almost everywhere because these terrible fires. And we always do need to remind people that we understand that this is. Not even secondary this is tertiary to the important things that are going on. And the first responders the firefighters that are doing such great work up in the north bay in Napa Sonoma County Mendocino County center we understand that this is a course somewhat. Frivolous notion it's a football game. But it's what we do frivolity. I'm really shocked at the raiders don't have any facility around town that they use case bad weather mingling doors. This is a day that you need that you guys indoors and don't tell you shouldn't be outside practicing. It's just too much to Indian and tell you if you talk to you practiced hard to day practice on the mall you do on that in that weather. Sunday you're gonna see guys sick you'll see guys probably miss games it's that it's that bad about it. Quality. I can linger. So they have a quick turnaround with Kansas City has everything I'm not mistaken you wanna put your guys I'd like to practice and as you really wanna do that for these couple days. In all of a sudden now you got to play game on Sunday. Guys are going to be backing up out there on Sunday script point. Great show DT did that really enjoyed it. I didn't tell you got given those get out those answers in the onion and dance is the dance team they're savvy they're sophisticated they got it right you went beyond. I really don't you guys Otellini at times on Sar. He brought the times. And it turns out. All I want to Carolina tonight by the way officially for lovers is dead of course he. On Clinton time if you they keep going for him Wear out. Carolina the F Carolina crowd thought about the Philadelphia Eagles and follow me tell they're planning Caroline vis a bookie would laid the three if it was making an official plane home teams. Eight in one against the spread last nine Thursday night games keep that in mind that's it for us I mean the guru would David Lombardi at 1030 and Mike wise at 1130. For Lorenzo Neal for Dan diddley I'm Joseph affordable thank you all for hanging out this today we greatly appreciated stays safe out there and we're back tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on 95 point seven the game.