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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, April 14th
The guys reflect on this incredible Warriors season. They also preview the series with the Trailblazers and give their predictions for the rest of the playoffs. Plus, they discuss Eli Manning's "game worn" merchandise. TV PxP for the Trailblazers joined the program to share his thoughts on the Blazers roster and what he expects from the series. 

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Jolo and dips interesting conversation during the break it was on air we'd all be fired yes. Turning to tone it all back just a little bit for you because it's early in the morning it's Friday and we wanna have a good time. It have a good time. Cody our producer has put together something. For reflection of the regular season. We're gonna take a look back on the 67 victories the trials and tribulations that this warriors team is gone through to get to this point. Before we Posey very. Tricky question. Regarding a possible pick up that could occur in the very near future for this brilliant basketball team. Three months and coupled with a couple. The rain that's what one would play. Out like I. As. The walls were able to the front court this very boring boring. The free jumper right side. Play our way. And all day event would greatly to probate court got a big. That's down I'd like to announce that turns the baseline. She's clever stuff that's both good and out to Randy is very immature it collided direct trying to run it off and they can live with his left leg he jogged over to the front court. Have a right to try to reform the way your bench holding his knee if it's your knees. I'm always concerned about. And injured because you never know. And it's going to be the song is destroyed and seeing people finish. Wait and me means that the league has in part. To be worse. So to be horse that it would not have noticed everything. Good night there affiliated with big full back hard relegated and to have it back but it's. Here she sees. They got doubled. These things and process. I'm just got to love you. I've read dozens up stuff. We'll supplied to ramp like way drives I'd get that at a rat hole. Let's start and welcome back eight. In the cold state boy. I find moment moments indeed thank you Cody tremendous work Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game. Sure beats the sugar baby conversation we're having I excels at that. Play a little bit yet never even heard that I had not heard of that term no idea that. An educator and I try to listening to get an idea no clue I got to the candy. And though he's you know and he made sure Grady sugardaddies the data so as diligent as they went to visit and held a candy. How the scoring differential to for the warriors this season the last segment we highlighted the fact that Boston. Question do you if you want to weigh in on this they get a regret the fact that they were more Reza with the trade deadline at the time I sit stand pat. No need to rush to mortgage your future I still stand by it but yet a first round they would Jimmy Butler individual you could have traded for. Not only that with a scoring differential this season. A plus two point seven. That's the lowest for a one seed in the NBA in more than a decade. Took some vulnerability especially with the Isiah Thomas on the defensive end of the floor. The warriors scoring differential of plus eleven point six outscoring the opposition by an average of eleven point six points per night. Is the highest since the 1996 Chicago bulls' fourth highest in NBA history. Clearly we've seen it on a regular basis this team will blow you out and they will blow you out a heartbeat. That leads into question of concern. Had they not pleaded enough clutch games with Kevin to bring it to be ready for those moments in the playoffs and what I mean by that is this a clutch game is defined. As a game that's within five points. Either way. Over the final five minutes of the game sell 96943. Minutes to play. Clutch game clutch minute. 100 to 85 with five minutes to play is not clutch. The warriors. Played in a league low 25 clutch games this season now think about that for a second. 82 regular season games only 25. Of them were within five points. At any point during the final five minutes of the game. That leads the question that do they not have enough experience with Kevin Durant in those situations Kevin Durant who only played. 66 clutch minutes of basketball this season with the warriors. I ask that because most people would say now now when it matters most they'll turn it on. A lick. You remember what happened on Christmas. Huge lead until about eight minutes ago. When it got tight I could buy a bucket do you remember game seven last year final four minutes. And find the rack. Not to say this is cause for panic. Lo and not be in this situation you can't simulate this it practice. So how much of a concern could that be moving forward here. It would John Terry now. If that guy by the name of KD bin Saud. It would be huge concern because you're right. Teams and bought and say look we're gonna get to keep my on the perimeter we're not gonna let anybody penetrate we're gonna clog up the middle immigrant they're in the last five minutes let's make film beat this from the three. And it's different it's sort of that that would talk about yesterday two seconds you've got to shoot to shot is Colette situation. That's what happens in the last five minutes guys get tight they wanna pass that shots leaky pass the ball in wait for somebody to make. And we saw stiff get beat up last year would lead in penetrating the last five minutes and they went eyes coal. Why do you think the guys the crew that team which is one of the best most humble team I've ever been around you think Michael Jordan Scottie Pittman. In those guys with a government a government plane to Eagles say oh try to go quart Larry burger goes say hate Colby you'd uncle become join us our gold it is Shaq know. Kobe Jordan together and allied air in the world would have imploded. Think about what you got. Steffi K did you. Think about those two guys were there at in this league you ease its. And about the school and had these guys to be V they're pretty I'm not gonna compare them yet as a whole body work what's that's done Michael. Coby no words can you could do pars at three point no one can do what he does so he has his own unique thing that puts him at space. Which superstars what's legends so. When you look at this now that's why I think mutiny talk about is this team clutch now yes because I think KD provides it. When in doubt you'd go to the hole you'd go to the wreck you go create. That's claim they can do when in doubt big LeBron bodies themselves down gets in the low post they pulled a ball into any goals singles or work in hopes that three important guys collapsed on in name guys don't have to beat the three point line Irving can do it too we saw the Christmas Day game so out of Iraq again against claim that was good defense on behalf club where else any defense so but I think now because it affect you got a guy like KD. Those that five minutes and at two minutes. You go to ball indicate DNC. Do what you do what you do do what we brought chewing her to do and that's drive and penetrate and kick and do things we know you can do is gonna guess over also. That's what gives me. Less concerned about that clutch situation which you're smarter dibs. Even though Kevin Durant has only played 66 clutch minutes this year clutch meaning within five points and any time during the final five minutes. Is that gonna be cause for alarm or his ability to get the Rackley glow says. Actually could be of benefit a big benefit I want it low is very eloquent and that description is because he can now can begin create his own shot yeah I was reminded either. Q and you're welcome lie I got your back this. This time in this time molding his ability to us right cry that you yeah. It is. We're trying to victim stillborn none. Nice read off the dribble Joseph Durant can get to Iraq I think there would be concern. Over the exact thing you said about the final last year staff got bottled up in clay sometimes to go missing in action. But KD'S_X. factor especially in the clutch right. So maybe not a lot of concern when it comes to clutch time for the warriors in the playoffs and narrow now back Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. I was writing that article last night previewing. The first round and beyond of the NBA post season. And one of the questions I posed in the beginning. Was very simple. What easy going to take. For the NBA. Come late June. A look back on this post season and say. That was a success. That was success for us is a business. Because I believe there is only one avenue and it concerns me a bit. Warriors caps. I really think that's the only avenue. In which this. Business this association. Can salvage success. Ratings down anywhere from fifteen to 20% this season based on who you read. One of the number. One story lines that we've dealt with all year. Has been superstar players taking nights off do you arrest culminating. In the 82 game of the season which. Rather then a race to the finish for playoff seeding and an opportunity to play in the post season for teams like Miami. Indiana and Chicago. It was a joke of an evening. Guys from Brooklyn arresting Milwaukee arresting. Nobody cared. Nobody care it's gotten to a point where the MD MBA sending a message that. The only thing that matters is the post season. Here's the problem. How many teams are in the association. Thirty. How many make the playoffs sixteen. So that gives you. Fourteen teams aren't gonna make the playoffs now all of thirty how many are tanking in any given year. Actively not trying to do anything. Read a four problem he can we say that yes that wasn't trying this year Philly hasn't been trying for years the lakers pushed it late Phoenix. They're taking you get teams like kings need to make sure they're in the top ten to protect their pack right so you have 45 tank jobs every year. You've got sixteen teams getting into the post season. And then you've got teams like Detroit that might not tanked but it is bad it's not good enough to get in teams like New Orleans and not tanking days is bad. Right. Where is the drama ever gonna come from in the regular season can you blame a guy like LeBron James for looking around and saying this means not that. I just need to be ready for June or re gonna reach a point. Where guys start taking twenty game blocks. Think about this if your genes and you can get through the playoffs Eastern Conference this year and get to the finals why wouldn't you just take off all of march next year. Why because you're under contract for what the only thing that matters is the playoffs and the league isn't competitive enough to force you into a race down the stretch we saw this year. You've got enough teams that tank enough teams that are the cream of the crop and too many teams making the playoffs and enough teams that are just add without painting. There's really no drama hit delete it means. A stellar post season in order to justify this season. It would help certainly in you know we've had years in the past was bad regular seasons in good post seasons and you never know what you're gonna get to pay in the match ups what they could do. To ensure that they had more drama would be to go back to five games in the first round. With a five game series. In the first round you're more likely to have an upset because a bad team are a lesser team. Can beat the better team three times beating him four times is obviously at least one game tougher I would argue it's harder than that. But for this season all the NBA can hope for is a lot of game sevens in this first round to create the drama of the regular season was largely lacking. I I think there will be some game seven especially in the east. I think Jody answer your question you talk about can LeBron take that month off than. What do you think this is about getting in the playoffs and people but people wanna watch him play. Maybe there's a situation where guys are thirty. And you say when he at the thirty give them a certain amount of time off because. I think the biggest thing you see the younger players take nights off inning guys sort of questioned. Answered the question. But if you do you wanna see LeBron play another 23 years party won a seem play you know 34 years and missing play a year to. Because you are seeing play here tuning you wanna seem play every single night. In this so be it. If you wanna see him play 34 years it takes to in his career in the league should understand if this is going to be your most marketable guy. In this is the guy and it's saving your league and is the guy who's in protecting your brand. And you gotta understand he needs rest because it affected he's getting older so the league has to understand I know you want guys that play more and which. I think that a lot of the younger guys shared. But the league also needs to say here let's make this Tressel at thirtieth 31 so we we got to make sure we want these get specially these guys wanna continue to play and they are superstars. We got to understand what's at risk by the complaint that amount of time for the whole 82 games. Here's Jeff Van Gundy on the low podcast Zach lows podcasts and ESPN. On this year's version of the playoffs. Already oh right I called signature champion it will be quote no one in a courtroom but. We optical troopers. If you're you really believe that no one will know San Antonio or Cleveland in the final due to get his over. Ago. Over it was over last year and all that it wasn't over and I get Cleveland so much credit program would do it but this is a three year ride. That been incredible. And they're got better this year the only thing that occurred I think it made him stumble is on another. Incident or an injury. Great news for us thanks Jeff Van Gundy on the Zach Lowe podcast and by the way. You wanna go to game one against Portland trailblazers check out Damon Bruce today he's got two tickets he's giving away. They're shipping on the Tony it's already done now this is great news for talks for Oscars were warriors. A beautiful thing. But if you're anybody else are you stoked it all about the NBA playoffs. There's really only one matchup anybody who even wants the city. That's it and did your credit yet if we shorten it back the five games the first round could give mortgaged. We've seen this before and nobody's taking games off the table NBA NFL NHL MLB games are coming off the table. Sadly not a viable reason because I read and write is the main reason yet so what's it gonna take care because the more I think about this. Look look right now at the stadium yet. You have no reason to be competitive during the regular season thirty team's total sixteen made the playoffs. Phoenix was tanking this year. The lakers were tanking this year. Brooklyn was tanking this year that's three tank jobs Philadelphia. Has been tanking for years and you knew they were gonna contends that's for. Orlando is disgusting. That spot the knicks think that six. Sacramento. Tank at the end to make sure they can keep that top ten. That's seven Minnesota it was just bad that's eight Dallas was just bad that's 92 warlords was just back. That's ten. Charlotte was bad Detroit was bad so you're gonna have any given year a handful of teams that are tanking. And a group of teams energy is bad teams that would like to contend like Minnesota but they're just not ready yet. So when you've got that adding up to ten teams you've got twenty teams fighting for sixteen spots what's the point let what's the point of the regular season for anybody. That's what's so tricky for the NBA that's why the NBA needs huge playoff run but the only way they can get it is if it's the warriors. And it's the cats and it goes seven because outside of that. Think about this right now even if you weren't warrior fan. If it's hard inverse is John Wall how interest or are you. It fits the Celtics vs disburse how interest and are you. No what I'm worried adjusted but the general public I'm not not as interested in bits Houston vs John all I don't care I don't even talk about. I love the NBA's all watch it no matter what but I'm not the person who's tuning away from these games if you're down 20%. On the ratings you're probably not losing the die hard as much as you are losing the fringe fans and the French fan. Certainly wants to see the third matchup between these two superpowers. Warriors in cavaliers. I think you will see it rewrite joke. As far as the overall general rating especially you know markets like San Antonio or if Toronto happens to emerge. Then you've got real problems from the TV ratings sample. Leg work we're not that far away from having players just take a block of time off like I don't understand why. As you get older staff curry shouldn't just take three weeks off in December possibly apply. This team right now you really think if they were the 2345678. Seed in the west they'd have a problem getting out of the way past a problem where they would be pushed to seven games by anybody. One of the most appealing match at the NBA can offer you is Oklahoma City Houston they're gonna air that Sunday night game one. So you're already gonna have kids going back to school on the East Coast port necessarily gonna stay up for that. And one of your two front runners for the MVP is gonna be eliminated after the first round what does that lead US how compelling does clippers jazz sound to you. How compelling the hawks right leg is there anyone on the hall she reached in watching. Paul Millsap last summer is naming Israel or they were gonna trade him. Right that's the probably MBA right now this is what they're gonna need to work on the season that's why I gave gonna have a tough time buying into any officiating. That doesn't side. With the warriors equivalent 'cause there's no way the league can allow any other combination of teams to make the finals I AP and that conspiracy theorist but just process it. You ratings are down your players won't even step foot on the court if they don't feel like it anymore they're selling you on this concept of rest. He give you your product is struggling year your product is really struggling. It its struggling for some reason. The first reason you realize. Is when you don't have competition. People in this guy away. There's not a competitive edging geyser it would take off let's let's face it the NBA. You only watch Celeste what four minutes that's really important it's really compelling basketball you can turn off the game and just say OK I'm watch the last five minutes to find out who's gonna win. Because that's when it starts to get teased it truly serious so in till the MBA realize. A product needs to be better until they say look we gotta make sure animal. I think you've got you you have to make sure that you get these guys especially in key games. Where people want to see that talent on court. He coaches the NBA has to do a better job of scheduling because you see that the ratings are starting to suffer. Yeah he'll get it to the finals of in if you don't have LeBron and Mikey said in the Doug's. In the it's it's not a ratings are going to be. Awful that it's anybody but. LeBron vs staff for the trilogy. The ratings are going to be terrible year for a terrible season you need to do away with conferences. It just needs to be the sixteen best teams one through sixteen. That's it. That's how you need to do it because you're not gonna be able that we got suggestion on the Tex lines take it from sixteen teams to twelve teams never gonna happen. No lead is ever gonna give up games because of the revenue in the hat you're never gonna do that. Stop we got to stop talking about shorting baseball season's shortening football season's shortening the college football playoffs whatever it may be best rules. No one's going to give up games that means giving up money we need to work around from the right now the only way for the NBA forced the teams that have a shot to be even more competitive. Force LeBron to be in a situation where he might draw the spurs. In round two. That's what you need to do. Cut the conference crap. And figure out a way to see them. One through sixteen you're still under sixteen teams you still have your seven games per series but now you're gonna force teams to play better now you're gonna start jockeying for position. Down the stretch. Because if you're looking. At Atlanta in the second round vs hardened in Houston suddenly things take a whole new meaning to the last week in the seat on an. Change the schedule obviously you'd have to balance it out that the the Eastern Conference teams in the Western Conference teams would play. Roughly the same teams in with thirty teams believe he played everybody. Three times that's an 87 game schedule so you'd have to find a way to where. You play some teams three times some teams twice and make it somewhat balanced but absolutely Joseph. That would be great fix because then you'd have the situation where. Cleveland wouldn't be resting their guys knowing they're going to be either the one scene of the two seed they might be five or six and all the sudden. That second round series would be on the road if there is no copper. X.'s it's your point is just wrote Ayers look at college football. Some years you draw Alabama and L issue if you're in the SEC east some years you avoid both of them seem big in the Big Ten you're in the western side of the equation are reports out what it and holding call it you might not. I'd have to deal with a Ohio State Michigan the senior that's a great year the next do you might get him back to back terrible year some years the schedule plan out better some years it won't. Boo hoo you can deal with it but it will all come back to get it but this is the only thing. I can really seem right now as affixed to at least somewhat improved this product on the stretch. Now backed it show lowered did on 95 point seven again. Kevin Platt road is the television play by play voice of the Portland trailblazers he is joining us right now on Jolo when Gibbs you can follow him on Twitter. At Kevin collaborate oh. Kevin good morning let's start with an injury update from the Portland Saudi equation are re gonna get deceived America it's sensation in action this weekend. Well we won't probably don't work out today when immediate collapse talked to there is. Beginning twelve snapped and now. Or did you told reporters she answer collapsed the regulars. Here on Wednesday. It worked out there definitely happened hours at least leading and all right so that apple CE. And people contact. Is he used to so so. All data will be. I. Along the boards. To. Gain. Would lose. It. On loans were fourteen and that sort of auction. Point two weeks. You can do and the courts be pleased to later. A march 30 so he could root eager is eager. Also. Acquired. Arbitrary deadline for making Paula out from under him. Is also loser and a different team and there's no question about that it it shows I record post Ulster. Kevin in the boxing world we have two heavyweight and they always say the guy has a punctures chance when he spied against a great fighter and he's just overmatched. Know what all due respect. I think a lot of teams in the west and east as well are overmatched against the ducks went gives. You know you guys a chance that puncher chance against this team the way that they're playing. Well the boxing analogy. I'm not sure that here because. You do need that one punch. In this series your opinions on to our last three years. Indicated they should be good Utah and champions. And I have been first some unfortunate circumstances in five. Last year against the cavs. Look I'm not aware apologist but my third rate team. At the seven game series now like back part of the Supersonics that it brought to the product or years. I was. Of upon. A Batman ninety's and number eight seeded Denver nugget beat these supersonic 63 went all wrong and he. Ought to change here. You can't put that law owns the simple answer on six and our principal or at all. Only eight for the blazers. The world and they happen. Help the views are so. Then it doesn't fill up and here are now want. This network which is in the you pinpoint all of the warriors. 100 alienated shoot threes those who lawyers the league's quarter. All he's known her equally in points scored the lawyers ought. Adjusted and done. I'm not gonna steal on awestruck in the turn you over on trial was ultimate coupon itself. And now. It will last. How critical is Alan crabs performance and his ability to score the basketball to maybe be that that third complementary piece to Willard McCollum who obviously can score well in the backcourt. You know limited. And you know Alan and it sort what's electrical and that's going to be ready to play she's got about a career high. When he arrived at Princeton Minnesota. A week in Lesotho. Unity reasons you have the ball extremely what is finally. Important just lays the ball club the blazers something like thirteen. Games which. He has scored. Or it's Asia which he scored fifteen street pretty good on but it. Up match. No doubt. You have the blatant gonna have to keep our own apps. A double fault and they have. Triggered regarding. Our. Are at all time all there. It's all as they did in the first. Call. Upon fairly well last meeting at Akron and. Chemical amber oh the television play by play voice of the Portland trailblazers would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game. The the national media is running with this and people are trying to turn it into at least in my opinion more than it really is. But when game Willard is saying his prediction is trailblazers in six. A local media kind of into a test where was. Lasers and sixer blazers in seven and he had to say something right like this is being blown out of proportion. Yeah I mean look what you expected to day. You know if he's as well about it prediction business. You know. Atom would move on I suppose maybe that's but it would be directed the players they know predictions at all of them don't particularly outcomes. But you know what windows you're bluntly world. So I I applaud my employed. I applaud the result competent government and up top of the organization. I collect. So. Kevin wants story we are fallen down here is the curious case of Mo heartless in his quest to shoot a high enough percentage from three point land so that he was able to get. His bonus which she was able to do how much traction to that story have in Portland and is this a a cautionary tale for organizations to maybe stay away from these in San of latent contracts in the future. Allow. I'm. It goes there in terms of what. Their contract a is. An interesting and instructive. Like the city in the world sport. And instead of on and so forth that for the last three games he shot three. You know 1351. Bird 5% from reported like at all of an adequate. Well ordered him he would meet you what I look forward to it would you at. The other there you go. He. On a law last game of the year note about unity trees and yet these people out on the block amber. Mostly try to close Tuesday to support and thereby Elmo and oh and by important. The blazers geez you know I took that was started in Brooklyn all the opposition. Because he doesn't open up or but I would. You know. Open. And our public to accept alternately at its welcome you to read it opens up for. But I thought as not a purely an indicator of success on the floor. Television play by play voice of the Portland trailblazers Kevin clap broad Jolo Indians. On 95 point seven a game Kevin we know you're busy thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it look forward catch nobody is sometime against him. Absolutely Baghdad Stuckey of. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Well. We are two days away from the start. The 2017 NBA playoffs. I think most of us it's been a different range of emotion each of the last three years right now like that two years ago. That is. That's like you before you go out to the club. For those who have been to a club I would know. But I imagine that's it feels like before you go to the club back in the day when your. You go out shared on and I mean it's these tonight an endless possibilities you really don't know what's this war. Last year. Little bit arrogance I would say on behalf of the standings I certainly look at it like. Probably sixteen and now look out lakers who went sixteen and one thank you very much Allen Iverson right into sixteen now. Now this year I think it's a little bit more reserved but confident and teams playing that way as well when you said yeah. A plane with great poisons that I think the resiliency they showed Acadia hurt and they went on that little manes did. And then they went out won fourteen straight impressed me I didn't think they had that kind of a run in them. Without JD and now he's back in very near a 100% this endless good juggernaut. Before. We start looking ahead however it's always nice to take a moment to look back. To business. And. Three months the couple different apple is doing what what what would play. Online quite flat out. Oh my god there's. As long as we're able to the front court this very important for. We're headed for the break up the right side the plate far away. Very funny. And all day event would greatly to probate court got a big. That's not late to announce its return to baseline. She's over to offset those goods and out to Randy is there any picture it collided direct trying to write it off and they can live with his left leg he jogged over to the front court. Through the right to try to reform the way your conventional reasoning I think your knees like tomorrow. Concerned about. Any injuries because you never know. And it's gonna be the song is destroyed and seeing people finish for us we're. You and me means that. The ligament has in part. Could be worse. Not only myself to be horse particularly on them go to every. It's like night there affiliated with big full back hard valid but it and had it but it. Here she sees. They got double team travel team is about ten events I've just got to love you. So I. I agree that U dub stuff. We'll defied the ramp like way drives I'd get that to the rat hole. Let's start and welcome back eight. In the old state oil. In 67 games in three consecutive years. Very nicely done boys Joseph blow did was 95 point seven the game. Wide range of emotion there wide range of emotion. To a couple things in the past text line 95 he dips. Would say Cuban restaurant called again Tonya. From the man who did it live and and he sent me in it and because we always answering your questions hubby and anyway we can. And I love this because it's directed to me and sent a low five and Al gel. Headed to San Diego for bachelor party few weeks any suggestions where to check out. O'Neal. Went to pro bowls of San Diego and the man to come in to the king. Let's got to sting a bit of testing at all it's big guys to submit. No what are what would you recommend a for bachelor party were both thinking the same to places. Like you don't think I go to the PD they got to find a spot down there. I'd give the one we all know ha. Ha Lahaina it's. Have a couple back is a lot highness start off there head down the beach go to south mission wave houseboat. Ha now I housing you stay east Eric burns are right. NBA playoff predictions we haven't done this yet so let's start with the first round I'm gonna throw out a series to you to suckers you're gonna tell me how. How do you see it playing out he can be as elaborate as you want. You get these brief did you want to give me a winner give me an idea maybe Humana games. Maybe a couple thoughts any person in particular would like to start on each series I'll go ahead you wanted to make it easy and aren't we're gonna go in order. Beginning with the game Saturday so series number one. Number two seeded Cleveland against number seven seeded Indiana season series Cleveland with three to one over the pacers did Teddy C. I think the cavs win it in five and the bronze streak of seventeen consecutive games won in that opening round. Comes to an end I think the cavaliers. Are still the team to beat in the east but they will lose one India. Pacers are 82 and one against the spread over the last eleven meetings with the cavaliers well how do you see this series Cleveland vs Indiana. The cavs went in this and six I think it I think with the rest in the way that they're playing. It's gonna take some time negated together. I don't believe that this is can be in you know I've got a quick and easy out I think Eagles six number three seeded Toronto. Vs number six seeded Milwaukee game one Saturday. 2:30 PM Pacific season series Toronto three games to one over Milwaukee dips. The Rosen and allow Regis too potent as a tandem Milwaukee outside of the Greek freak. Doesn't have enough in this one I get the raptors winning in five the favorite is 28. And one against the spread over the last 29 meetings. Between these two franchises twenty wins. Eight defeats. One tie against the spread the favorite in the last 29 meetings low raptors box IDC it yes this 152 at Toronto's is too much it might even only go for Joba tag Tara. Why Leonard in the spurs the two seed out of the west against Marcus all in the seventh seeded grizzly spurs a huge favorite minus 1000. For the series tips yet I've got the spurs winning in five I think the matchup is intriguing in that Memphis can slow it down and they're good defensive team spurs are the best. Defensive team but ultimately. Your plane right into San Antonio's hands when you slow it down as Memphis will spurs in five. Season series two and sue each team winning twice however for the spread Memphis went for no against the number against the spurs this year lull an upset in the works and his spurs advance past. Or is gonna advancements gloomy fiscal game I think San Antonio wins and home in game six so I'm gonna takes a San Antonio in game six minutes and out on all the way court. The fourth seeded Los Angeles Clippers. Against the fifth seeded. You talk jazz game one Saturday. 7:30 PM Pacific the clippers three and one straight up against the jazz. This season also 31 against the spread against the jazz is seasoned. One of the best of one of the two best rather opening round series is as is I got the clippers. Into seven Jody it's going to be Staples Center. Back home for game seven. You talk missing out on home court advantage in this series is and ultimately. Cost them I think the home team wins all seven this is one of two opening round series it will go seven low Chris Paul one. A great point guards in the game but for some reason it never switches on. Compost season time does he get it going enough to get the clippers past jazz here yet and I don't I don't see gore and seven I see this one on like six I really believe that. They're gonna get rid him I think the clippers won it they understand what's in front of them and I think that this is gonna be years that they they gonna do something out of a little deep in the playoffs transitioning to the series that begin on Sunday the fourth seeded Washington Wizards in John Wall. Against the fifth seeded Atlanta Hawks Washington wins this season series three games to won the under. Cashed in three of four games played between these two teams. This year the wiz the hawks did. I think it's a great series and this is the other one gel that I see going to seven and as much as I'm tempted to take Atlanta alternately that tandem. Of Bradley Beilein John Wall will prove too much and of course the JD need herder must seem to a dot. I got the wizards and seven the under has cashed in eleven. And Atlanta's last fifteen games lull hawks and wizards icing it it's Washington and it's gonna go six games. Don't say warriors in the Portland trailblazers nothing else needs to be said. Daniel. Get out your berms people did you brooms ready and if you wanna see this warrior team in the first round after Cody your game one at. Or game two because once this thing goes to Portland. And the rose city it's not coming home I got the warriors in four. Even though market stops in the second set Oakland doesn't go all like dad ain't gonna get one. I leaned his way for a moment but I'm saying it's a sweet kill warriors and for the rest a little doubt that Oakley count before or if a nice digs Gump I got I got dubs in 5000. As a kind of ten. Boston celtics' top seed in the east against the Chicago bulls and Jimmy Boller a player Boston was trying to trade for. At the deadline dips Boston vs Chicago. Upset growing a bruise but it doesn't ultimately faster and developed at the Celtics in six I like Chicago's ability to stay in this series that ultimately. Too much versatility. From that Boston offense flow timing green Celtics in six. Celtics in six now and then the final Sunday night the MVP battle. If there's no team basketball better team basketball to be seen in the playoffs I don't know where to find it it's gonna be Houston and it's gonna be Oklahoma City. Three seeded James Harden six seeded Russell Westbrook Houston takes the series three games to one during the regular season 31 against the spread the over under a split. Two games two games didn't who's it going to be. It's gonna be the rockets in six Russell Westbrook it's supporting cast is better than people think when you start to look at their bench and and as cantor and Steve Adams the two big bodies but Houston and their ability shoot the three and spread out that thunder defense I think the rockets just have too much of their arsenal they wouldn't say. It's west from wants to be the MVP Logue is the enemy it is distinct now I got the rockets in five and anti rockets in five. Will there be five triple bubbles from Westbrook will ship yet I'm I'm. Or improper ID he went out and eliminate Saddam Nino in the playoffs it's gotta be different he needs to do more scoring so we mean CN tempering back on the assisting. And it's interesting I because he didn't want to do that Phoenix game because it was a shooting very well. Its price rise. All right so let's go ahead Eastern Conference participants in the finals Western Conference participants in the finals. Hope we'll sort the west is it Golden State over somebody does he have a surprise that easily not get the warriors up over the spurs. Yet warriors over the spurs in five I think the way. They've got things rolling now there's going to be too much for everybody O'Neal Western Conference is it the warriors over and it's so little. Yeah and the warriors in its gonna meet we know it's going to be San Antonio San Antonio you gotta say we lost a hard. Now now decent deal before the clippers did jazz status don't have deeply grids of paralysis the grounds England them. Aids San Antonio is a team. They play good defense they can score at times he's just they are the best team besides the dubs. If they look okay so the dogs. Lot of time out on the limb here but dobbs for dead in the jobs is now I'm just get a kind of putting added I'm not taking anybody else it's a dot. Eastern Conference this editorial go to detained in depth you Grayson does San Antonio probably win a title that ago. I'm sorry that doesn't count doesn't dobbs can't throw some other quack you do prediction out west Eastern Conference who over who dips. I've got the cavaliers over the wizards hockey in six I. The more you look at it in you look at these Eastern Conference competitors. None of them can stand up in my opinion to LeBron I read and company when when push comes to shove and it will ID Cleveland's left standing any. Slow daddy. It's going to be Boston over the cavs or the cat. None had the defense you're gonna see they're going to struggle defensively teams are gonna score if they're not scorn not winning. What's cool about that is we'll get to see Brady and Belichick courtside if there's anything the Bay Area once it's more of Brady and Belichick courtside. So dips cabs. Warriors the trilogy who emerges victorious. And five I'm given the cavs won and just out of the kindness of my heart but the warriors are gonna run roughshod and. By my count Joseph the warriors are gonna lose three games they're gonna go sixteen and three in the post season of course no one at. This year anyway will approach the lakers all time best which is fifteen and one they played best of five that year so they only robbers in fifteen. Fifty knows it Iverson yes. A 51 I won't acknowledge it. Fifteen play some audio -- Iverson audio back they comply I'd probably could find some but Jim I'll probably now some guys you guys as you digest as I digest doves in five they went their second title three years the dynasty is reborn. Well it's the Celtics and the warriors for you hasn't finished I today insults is gonna push and six. Celtics a team that plays good defense their physical. They're gonna bang them around just don't have the firepower keep out the dumps Joseph lo and did so we are back would JT the brick and a flash don't go anywhere 95 points in the game.