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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 12th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs have an interesting way to change up the NBA Draft. Then they discuss the Brooklyn Nets resting 6 starters in their final game, who the 49ers will draft, and recap the Giants loss to the Diamondbacks. 

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What we're talking about was Eastern Conference in the NBA now tonight the seven and eight cedar up for grabs Indiana Chicago Miami all vying for. But they're all going against teams that are essentially resting players the Celtics are playing a Milwaukee team that's resting players do it will be playing anywhere tonight. And did is making a point about playing spoiler and how Miami's on the outside looking in with. They've got to be upset about Brooklyn is gonna play nobody Chicago which essentially sets the bulls up. And ultimately this leads into discussing you throughout there's morning ads about how the NBA could improve the draft. I was fascinated by this continent is gonna turn it Odeo all the biggest problem we have in the NBA is this draft. Lottery where you get rewarded for being bad if you're one of the bottom three teams you're guaranteed to get. A bottom three pick in you have the greatest chance of getting the number one pick through the draft lottery it's the system. That has long. Advocated in encouraged you to be bad. Taking it is rewarded and at times the tank to avoid losing your pay because maybe its top three protected. Maybe need to win a little bit and lose a little bit it ruins the competitive edge of the competitive balance of the NBA so. My plan would be to have all the teams that don't make the playoffs. It entered into a playoff draft tournament. So the fourteen non playoff teams enter into a fourteen team with single elimination tournament the winner of the tournament so you're. You're rewarding winning here the winner would get the number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft so you have. March Madness style in the nation none of his best of seven take all month. One game only. You lose and you're out will see the draft and you get all the way down to two teams who would play for the number one pick in the draft the loser would get the number two pick obviously. And who would be great way to. Have more basketball. For these markets that don't often get plan. Offs. So many things a lot about this however fourteen team single elimination. After the first round you only have seven so I think we're talking some buys Sears thereby scenario there's two pot so the two worst teams in basketball so this year that would be Brooklyn followed by Phoenix right so those two teams line likely be in the quarterfinals of the NBA draft. Tournament so. At the very worst. They would get the seventh and eighth picnics in the. The NBA draft in fact it even do better than that if the tiebreaking procedures were done. Correctly you have thirteen games played for this fourteen team tournament you could do it. In basically. Four different days so the playoffs they'll start till Saturday. Leader of the season and today and then tomorrow. And or Friday you would have the first round of the NBA draft turner. And then next week maybe Tuesday or Wednesday the quiet spot in the schedule. You have the remaining two days that term and knocked it out and figure out the draft order this way as opposed to ping pong ball. You can even claim during the day NCAA tournament first round during the day. MLB playoffs first round a lot of times you got that action during the day how awesome would that be to have. Philadelphia. And Orlando. Meeting in a situation where generally it would mean nothing to you. The knicks and the sixers played and I don't hitters are and except in this scenario. You tune it you absolutely too and this wouldn't be tough to convince players on the east teams to wanna show up for the stuff late in the season it is more. Then the 82 games are contractually obligated to black. It is but it ain't tough for us players that go grab that check and you could do things offset it. If you could do things where you incentivize make sure that they get paid for do one plane those extra games. It could be great for the fans to I think disagreed I'd guild Dan came out with because what it does now damn. Tentatively. You know it it does I think it does a great job of making sure that now and stay engaged too because now on the DMZ I teams to have a chance to get the number one pick. And how would you fix this for you say OK but teams like Joseph did talk about two teams combined. The bulls teams even when they're planning a city. It's still a point system so if the team if you set a line whatever it is. If you can use the places say the least it was competitive game soul in the teens favored by three of four. You wanna make sure that these teams from both teams are going to be able to compete at the highest level any you do that we're the points system comes into play as well. Now teams don't play hard to the. Into the game boy you talk about a point spread absolutely. You can do so you have to cover the spread in order to advance why not if you know didn't. That go into it I love that but. I think that's too far advanced I think that's too far advantages bring Vegas right in the equation although I love it because it solves the handicap this year. It solves the issue loved because the biggest problem and this is the only problem I see with this right now dense. Is the idea that. The draft. And it's very basic nature is set up to help the awful teams get matter right now somewhere along the way we lost focus that we started tanking and going through all this stuff basically are counting toward life. And I can understand my teams do it but. Its very core the draft a set up to try to help restore the competitive balance bad teams get first crack at the best talent so that they can become competitive yet again. In your sending. A team that just misses the playoffs like Miami up against a lousy team like Brooklyn and hammer Brooklyn early on. Oakland still babysit melodies that at best around the eighth pick to spread there he's talking about put spreads it is now making that situation more competitive what do think about that. Just be better if you're Brooklyn it's a one game scenario on what we've seen it. Time and time again the NBA is that any of these teams can beat any of the team at. In one game scenarios if you make this really matter and you put the players in position you're not necessary and always have the bad teams. Lose out in this scenario plus. You've got the as the two worst teams. The teams that most likely to lose would get advance the furthest they get the two bias and it seems to just slug it out it would keep you. From completely. Down shifting into tank motive. In marches which is what we've had some of these teams have been playing hard since the all star break it to her. Jokes he did it be great for ratings oh my god be so much on the watch you take a lottery to the equation how many people what is it generally like Saturday. They did the little pinball thing prank. I tune in five minutes see what happens and in your out of there this I'd watch all peace and so all of these would be great you finally take teams that you probably don't spend a whole lot of time watching how often do you watch Orlando. None of the warriors plan to decide that you could. John are we talking about or it is always ought to give household we watch each game twice and I. Fan a couple problems that are coming up on the Penske auto sales that contacts like viable points number one. Well you can help desk. Convincing players. On the next on the sixes on the next bad teams to go out there and play hard so that their team can eventually draft their replacements. There replacement. Does that cause an issue a few people have weighed in on that valid point would that be an issue trying to get Brooklyn I guess that's what they're when this in the night. Screw that I don't much get the number one pick that might be my job could that be a problem. Trying to commit these guys to show off of that. Good in good I would say and incentivized at low ever among those money. Yet it in here's a bit not Greek so you can make sure they're getting paid for is a good Atlantic some games but here's the thing you say you're given and got it replaced her job. Joseph it's guaranteed contracts in based NBA so if I'm not playing long they get a guy and they take a guy. He's got to pay. The fact you still get paid you feel okay about that yeah. Plus there's so much more versatility with how things work in the in the NBA. It's not drafting a quarterback who's gonna replace you draft another point guard you can actually put all of them on the court at the same time you can get creative with that. Actually in it helps teams with the trade back because now they can say okay we're gonna get this guy gonna move that got. So it. I think we'll make the league more competitive. You'll get guys play hard because they're gonna be able to showcase their going to be in the playoffs. You get more you give more branding opportunity goes about branding your Lamotte who's out there in Dallas like branding big. They endorse it endorsement to endorsement factor of this now mess are guys who doesn't get any publicity doesn't get to be seen now. An opportunity to be seen on TV it does a lot I think for more for an NBA. Here's another situation that's coming up. Brooklyn. Does not pick this year Celtics get it. So for the teams that would be entered in this tournament that have already traded away their picks for example. Right now the lakers had that protected pick they don't land top story. And 53% chance they don't land top three the sixers get that peck. So for teams that wouldn't have a pick as of right now Brooklyn for example. How do you get them to show up again the cash is that enough to get them because if you would say it's fifty grand you win that game then there's another fifty years 75% to wait for you would that be enough to keep them bell Bollywood meal out of the turn me in this scenario if you don't have a pick in the first two rounds of the NBA draft vineyard is not the tournament you gotta sit idly by and watch. And going forward you have to have it structured to where. You couldn't. Trade the picks are you'd have to have. Eight pick to partake in this draft and deceit and now we're finding an issue because that's part of what makes the NBA great is the trade deadline that's always been one of the few knocks against the NFL. You can never you never at any action at the trade deadline because you can't take. Certain players and told him in the different schemes it's too complicated would that salary cap would basketball the NBA trade deadline is generally pretty loss yeah. People are flying picks or fly and as well but if you don't have any any stake in the game much like dream on tonight you know he's not gonna play for the warriors because. They feel like this is a mean this game he has no stake in it. If your franchise that doesn't and a pick. And you have no stake in determined in years not in that year. So okay help me out with the Brooklyn scenario like right now they wouldn't be in so what does Boston do with that pick them. Boston's big they're getting from Brooklyn correct like how would that play out. I don't put you on the spot they haven't yet flush this out or working our way through it if you wanna weigh in Tripoli 9579570. Would you be up for this suggestion would this be something you'd be interest in watching giving the NBA could pull this soft or what problems do you see. We did this scenario let the teams in the lottery. Play March Madness style single elimination tournament to fight for the right for the number one pick Tripoli nine by 795 cent that's a hard one you know if if Brooklyn. Closed their pick to Boston. Based on you know previous trained and obviously they wouldn't be that term because they were just tanked the thing. To give Boston the worst possible pick as a a conference rival maybe in that case if the take was already. Three pretty given. Then that just goes based on the record the slot of the record of the security given the pick away and that it just comes off the board and you play for the number two pick Dan. If you have to give Boston your pick and it's the number one overall pick that they just comes off the board that here. It's something to this but they're a little big lead our yeah many buildings and I work out but I love the concept I love the concept and eliminate the ping pong balls and game to be fantastic and you and you still joke can't use it okay cool boss and you don't have a pick we get that. But if they finished. To route three in that do you say OK now they put him back in the second round the NBA can do anything they won didn't say if you go out and perform our duties and you make some some will look to see if they win a game. Okay all of a sudden we're gonna give you at least a second round pick. To induce. NBA can do what they can make rules so I think it's a way around it yet figured. Now backed a war Wednesday he is a hall of Famer and NBA champion an eight time all star you can follow on Twitter act. Rick 24 buried and of course always check out the website Rick Barry 24 dot com. Actually it's Rick Perry joining Joseph Louis dibs on 95 point seven the game Rick how are up. All I'm doing great I look better to come back in the NB. Well as always we really appreciate you taking some time to hang out this today few minutes ago we were kinda reflecting on the fact that the last six months. Has flown by we remember doing the show before the first game against the spurs and coming in the next morning and talking about rim protection in getting blown out at home. Now here we are another 65 plus win season. Another number one seed you know ended the rant Aris so far. What was the biggest surprise for you this season watching this team come together. The fact that the bench and to start to come together was my biggest concern that was word about the offense can jointly between bureaucracy there for the couple record. Going are typical kind of repeating this could go to come out the problem correctly and to what it's going to contribute. And that number of players that are good and now obviously contribute at a very high level. That play out an excellent chance of winning another title after basically handing the championship Lester to the cavaliers shall clutter. Crucial. Solo home I'm excited about you know what what could have moving forward and hopefully it's gonna be another exciting like he's. What do you make of this date of the Cleveland Cavaliers rake as they sit having lost six of eleven LeBron James sitting out a number of these games late in the year. Do you think that they're gonna be able to flip the switch in and really make it out of Eastern Conference. Well certainly. You know that they're playing good basketball or going to the you're playing this well is playing right now that got your major concern. That to deter Iran are concerned Christine. That you would hope that you're going to be going you know I don't. Everybody start come together healthy. And playing good basketball cavaliers aren't doing so to current features Colin cook and the that particular. Current program could go speech is. Some financial aid may be going through that it would most teams so early retirement so it seemed skeptical country teams in the history of the 200 piracy without a down period were anxious to go well and the cavaliers going back out in that case they broke. 02800 playing. Which are too well now there's 22 caliber basketball but right now they're not going to ask. Rick how much has some very much does this team the cavs that is. Eric. How it's as the cad business. And the team has gone in also. Meant to go the dole spicy their defense problems. Well my I would like a lot but he was nice player that it has size so large strings or. But they also passed by the people under team now that also you treat a crop up well about a jobless accused of over six joked with people to sign the Bill Belichick contract. And an actor he could beat her right to be part orders. We and in. About secret that he could made RT I eat he could better child that lead. So we have the guys Charlie Johnson the other people we had played that he could debate arcane. And so at no eat it and the thing about it is. Clinical it was in the past you have to take advantage of what's going on out there ought to Arctic that. Started a couple of the guys are actually early in the courts are excellent credit separate pitched the broken. Falcon actually each batch played the way that I actually like pepper and add titles as what was great player shall. Sydney this it's really helpful total orders it's just couple brown could be just a great fit orbit or are you apologies too much quicker adamant. But it pitched into the cheap debatable of course. Hall of Famer the NBA champ follow him on Twitter at richt when he for Barry checked the website Rick Perry 24 dot com Rick Perry would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game. What are the issues in the playoffs the last two years especially late in the playoffs. Is the physical played its staff curry encounters from the opposition at times you seem kind of what does he take it out of the game but limited in what he can do based on what we see during the regular season do you think now that it's year three. Steps found a way to combat some of us. Yeah policy that was my big point that you accept the troops there because that he would he would BA player all the time my plea in. Always true now. For some. Recruits and ask also acceptable that shall there and play off. But it did and took a the rules are interpreted totally different in the play. They don't call it be disclosed music called the regulars in one like this I did not go into these security. It does not take talent skill and that would be whole grain at the shop and push and world. Report at admonished her to play like I switched on stepped shall. Oh. Many times he would help and held in bump in cramped. And the impact that's gonna happen this format it can happen any impact player steps as opposed to currently applied change is strong our local. Clay is not impact his orbit to globally can't put somebody that. I understand it yet to realize Padilla urged China which weeks it's what do we know he's a bright guy out this week. I'm sure they eat this occurred out at what he needs to do to try to liberty some of that equation. But it all comes down to the officials to call the game that we call the regular season don't at all discouraged this take place out here. It is that you believe me it's like I watch group is crucial you don't you don't want. Huckabee but the player perturbed Yucca players are determined yet can be a great course like or that score. And a big deal about it and I was. Grew up I heard the announcer that we mature being. That's great no call but yet at the eagle I ought set finals. That took a person to guide that the people would drop coached at the trip and our sense player there's a collegiate. And people on the court I could ever be in the call. So how somebody who's a block or charge. Gay line it to blow the whistle. Trapped. It's a good no call ranking in some people's plus they I think did it the contrary argument Delray kids. Though the record. Yes I know what. So don't call. What did not acted as bodies collide so but he felt somebody it's no call back the game's on the line. Rick you're right I either side with Rick Barry you're did sear. Dick Rick Barry beaded dad's. You know I got my whistle McCarthy limited star wanna pick I think beyond the what people don't want is what happen in the national championship game a game between you zag in North Carolina. That turned into an absolute rat show. Wouldn't you rather see the players be able to get away with a little bit more in the post season. Now. Yet it's our oh. It'll we don't know we already don't enforce the rules with traveling you got guys taken for steps on virtually every possession so so like the rules are being enforced now. A lot the players for later but that would be crucial are calling. If the player that you went out more they're gonna do if we shall all see according to the gold the players well the chips. Rick think about the MVP right now we that we Westbrook we get. You know we see what's going on pardon the rockets last night that it helper her Westbrook he somewhat they're never once said they didn't have any talent on that team depended that is. And you saw guys making shots they're still way would win that game. How much is Westbrook to San unwinnable score he shot over 400 times more than anybody in the league I know he's a boy dog he can take over the game. But how do you view this in BP. Well first of all this great old lies. And false start in port sea nation to war. In the India. BP should be used to the worst account it's ludicrous app what BP leak at that exchange. Makes the most sense what's. And if you had outstanding play most valuable player now court what would be the most outstanding player. And I'd baby sitting I justifiable would give bulk award to get. You the most valuable but I like is a number. Like I did you Kirk example. In the sixties pivotal start in that was the child was where he's at. Great players and at the plate efforts spoke. I got Ian PP 38 point oh of the most valuable player RT are we. We beat service says it got worse this whole big server with the most sizable player to the western copper to act eat I had. I would been the most outstanding player because by outlets are at. But he. As always it is one of the most enlightening and insightful interviews we could never happier Rick Barry and of NBA champion. Hall of Famer eight time all star follow on Twitter at Rick 24 Barry and the website Rick Barry 24 dot com would Jolo and lives wrecked. Awesome stuff as always thank you so much for your time enjoy the playoffs and hopefully we get to begin soon. Yeah go. Watch championship beautiful stubble see out there thanks again our liquor art. Now backed a war year Wednesday he was too low end DX. Hi it's a get a load this were a couple weeks away. From the NFL draft. San Francisco to the raiders a 24. Adam show after of ESPN. Tweets this yesterday. And these were back to back so the first one. Just had an NFL exact tell me don't be surprised if my heels Gary is that the number one pick. That executive according to show after is convinced a QB is in the discussion at number one. Miles Garrett of course the highly touted pass rusher out of Texas and a player who could very much fit with the niners are trying to do on defense. And would be a great selection at number two but by and large considered to be. The best prospect in the draft and has long been linked to the browns' number one. Also drafting and number twelve in the first round chapter continues. Cleveland. Has not made up its mind at number one of her source split opinions some like miles Garrett. Some like Mitchell Robiskie quarterback North Carolina we will see. Low and every these off to you in as you read them yesterday what do you think is going on in Cleveland right now. Wow that's a while that allow a moment for me I thought as forgone conclusion that now's scared would be the first pick in the draft. And I think it's all smoke marrow so I really do. I think they're drumming up some stuff to see what's gonna happen to be a ski seat Cleveland's now seems almost gonna try to trade or do whatever. But it's no way you you can't. Not take Mal is geared he's too much of a game changer and I know this is a quarterback driven league and I know the quarterback is the face of your franchise but when you have a guy. I love the number two team brought up talk about this quarterback what he's done to be risky. In any quarterback he go to the history of college you talk mob guys coming out early with minimal amount of starting. It doesn't turn out well Cleveland can afford to miss. This guy males here at the core of this that this guy the passcode to pass rusher. It's a can't miss you can't take a gamble on an unproven product in the National Football League split two when it comes to quarterback did what's the likelihood that miles Garrett is sitting there at number two. For the 49ers and a couple weeks I think there's no chance this is just the three draft shuffling in the Okie joking that goes on debt to maybe get. The trade offer from someone below someone who wants that. Race up it's a no no we want your BSD if you're interested in taking him. We wanna trade up to get your number one overall pick clearance and a great spot with two picks in the top twelve so they know that their most likely. Got to get in the league quarterback if they want miles Garrett first they're gonna get one of the top 34. Even five quarterbacks they're not all going to be gone. By twelve there might only be one quarterback taken before they get chance to take again. Let's go ahead and work our way through the process here right Adam chapter widely regarded to be the best or. If you think someone else's mess he's one of the best reporters in all professional sports questions he does not mess he is extremely thorough. So for him to tweet something like this out. Talking about what's going on in Cleveland according to a source they haven't made up their mind there's no way that's gonna be source outside the building. You don't have sank he's not gonna take someone else's opinion and throwing up their likeness and attach his name to it so what's likely happening here is that someone in the building. He's talking ish after and saying this is the scenario. Now shift of probably playing back in its saying if you just trying to use me to drum up the interest I've got to phrase it a certain way but in exchange. When the trade does go down or before you make the pick. I wanna know who it's going to be that's how the scope works you do guys favors in exchange they do favors for you. Right now this has the feeling of Cleveland talking to show after saying we want out of this in the two names to drum up the most interest miles Garrett. And in their opinion they probably think Mitchell should this heat is more enticing. For other teams and any of the other quarterbacks I think there's two reasons that one. They've heard all the true risky height from around the league and two. They want someone other than your best later with pick number twelfth I don't know who that would be. I don't know what direction they would go but they're certainly not gonna hype up the quarterback they're interest today and because they're gonna hope he's available later in the draft whether it be the beginning of the second round. Or at pick number well. I think by and large this is an attempt by the front office. To swing a deal because I think they wanna acquire more picks most teams who were in room rebuild. Would be wise to follow what Jimmie Johnson did with the cowboys requires many picks as you can choirs may picks you can this young. Cost controlled healthy talent by in March right and if you miss on a fourth rounder. Bad does that hurt you financially. On it doesn't at all hardly. But you miss on some of these free agents. Sixty million dollar deal is if AJ boy Jay doesn't plan out in Jacksonville that set you back. These you do would you hit on three out of four mid round picks to get three starters and you can pretty good so I think Cleveland desperately wants out if you wanna get up to number one. You can go and get that big I think that's what they're told yeah. I don't know if it's desperately wants out but they definitely want offers and that's for sure and as everybody knows there and take miles Garrett their dead set on that. Then you probably not gonna make a move to go up there and get miles Garrett. If there's quarterback does the year after in a team is desperate for a quarterback and they think you might take Mitchell's Robiskie. Then you my going to be more apt to try to trade up and try to take away from Cleveland. Motion after went on about an hour later he had a tweet yesterday that said 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. And quarterback coach rich skating Murillo flew to Chapel Hill, North Carolina last Thursday to work out Mitchell Robiskie. Do you think there's some significant interest there or is this is due diligence and due diligence which you you've got to. This is a guided reports that you know it's sought out and sought after and everyone thinks is going to be drafted very very high. I am in my opinion. Is admits to risky doesn't get drafted the first two picks. I think he falls past hello. I do not think that he's I think it. I think kid I think the other quarterback is going to get drafted before him you watching this guy beat Alabama and he played a game I held a game the first year. As well. I just don't I don't see too risky you know he'd in the first two picks I don't thinking was that it be hard to take that chance and go to taunts at. No hyper and Todd McSherry just released a joint mock draft. Where they worked through all 32 picks in the each give their opinion. Mel has the following quarterbacks going in the first round. This is important for niner fans to pay attention because of your thinking about making a move with I believe it's picked 34. This is who might not be there for you at the start of the second round according to Mel he sees Robiskie going six to the New York Jets. He sees the Shawn Watson from Clemson going number twelve to the Cleveland Browns. Then the big surprise at thirteen. Yeah Arizona Cardinals taking Patrick Holmes from Texas Tech. Then at 27. Kansas City. He's got a Andy Reid taking dish on Kaiser from Notre Dame melt hyper four quarterbacks in the first round McSherry on the other hand. Shawn Watson at seven to the chargers. That's his first quarterback off the board to Shawn Watson at seven to the chargers Philip Rivers ends up playing the role of Drew Brees how ironic would that be later in his career. Mitchell Robiskie thirteen Arizona. And Patrick Holmes 32. To the New Orleans Saints. So a minimum of three. For me shed a minimum of four Trammell hyper. Given niners you wanna quarterback knock hyper scenario isn't very good for you right if you wanna be one of these wait and see teams if you're hoping to get my homes maybe in the second round. He apparently won't be there or Du'Shon Kaiser in the second round. I'm surprised. That so many quarterbacks are up there in that first round considering this is widely seen as a bad quarterback class but. Isn't the case Joseph that every time with a draft rolls around. Quarter extend to filter out the draft board as more teams start to look at their situation and realize that. It might be suffering through a long year without having a quarterback so they pulled the trigger earlier than they should. Let me ask is on it's why demand its most important position sports so there was an overpaid there and in the draft is it really overpaying because the way the new collective bargaining agreement is set up. Yet paying 5060 million like the rams had do for Bradford in the lions had two for Stafford. Too much more cost effective way to miss so it's not a big is as big a deal to take this game on the first round. My question is. If I asked you who you've heard more about. Since the beginning of February Mitchell Robiskie or just on Watson what would you sector risque picture best in the lobby. It feels like we're hearing more positive stuff about you visiting my closet. Something stinks about that guy started thirteen games at North Carolina. Guys with that kind of college resonate don't succeed in the NFL look at Sanchez it's all the good quarterbacks Matt Keller sees it Manning played for years. At Tennessee. Radiate Michigan breeze at Purdue. Rogers at cal go on and on and on down the list the got a Philip Rivers and NC state Russell Wilson at NC state and Wisconsin. It goes on and on down the list the guys with very little track record takes time takes a lot of seasoning. You hear all this subduction risky yet watts in two years in a row when against the best competition in the country by fall. On the biggest stage the the most pressure and both times played awesome and everyone's like Dan wound. Not a lot of velocity on that arm. I don't know might get hurt not really shore really. Really after what he did two years and drug it's Alabama that's the guy you're gonna slight something stinks there I think the interest in him as much higher people just don't wanna him to. And that's always the case is. Teams the Smart teams are gonna lay back and not talk about the players they want but talk about the players they don't want and oftentimes. Those guys are being talked about by everybody ninety. And that's why every time on draft night somebody's gonna slide down the Bordeaux who's the big followed. This year it Brady Quinn if he slight now on the board no. He's not that good and not that many teams like him in the first place it's the media who like these guys up the media. Who get it wrong and also these guys are sliding down the board. I would me rather suffer now in the pay later and when Yousef renowned gives Utah among teens it is to company an article my god I gotta give me quarterback. Are they suffer now and losing continue to build in stay the course. In the suffer long term next local later when I have a quarterback that's realize there wasn't it. If you invest in that long term it it could hurt too long term down the road. And when you talk about quarterback compared to other skill positions at other positions like defense to lime in our pass rusher are linebacker. Vols guys tend to get on the field early because it's it's a thankless it's sexy ball get ball lineup it's athletic ability. Quarterback is one of those guys have got to be very astute been able to read different coverage as the defense blind people do all these things. I get a pass rusher. Linebacker certain things they can play jam they complain they can play force or they could play them nineteen to complete return team picked you got it up return. You have a player that you can get and high draft pick they can do so many things for your team really big deals that can build a team a quarterback. And do one thing that's hold extra point in complete quarterback so you don't have as much if you specially if you missile quarterback early. Trevor on the text like telling me I'm wrong about Brady at Michigan I'm not sure what you're referring to the plate and 31 games he started 25 he went twenty and five. And his bowl game the final game ever played in the Orange Bowl against Alabama. Was one of the most efficient and ruthless gained a quarterback has ever produced in college football history. Go back and look at those stats he started 25 games it's nowhere near close to Childress he's thirteen. Number two. There was someone who was commenting on the smokescreen. Sticks and moves so fast. 916 Joseph don't you think other GMs are able to see through the smoke screen like you guys are so what's the point not a smokescreen if you ever watch this show. Billions on showtime. Where you've ever watched house of cards on Netflix you understand that this is a way of communicating. With the other people you used the media to send a message is not so much smokescreen. As it is Cleveland sending out a message we're open for business so are we warriors conversation one minute from now Jolo and its 95 points and the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. Pierce Jolo and DX. Not just to Roy we've got the hall of Famer Rick Barry coming up in an hour and fourteen minutes 730. For Rick Barry Mike Brown assistant coach of the warriors 830 today great to have you in. On this warrior Wednesday driven by the all new premiere Kia a new work on line it premiered Kia of new work. Dot com. He ended the regular season. Doesn't mean a whole lot in the west just about everything set up yet you Tallinn the clippers kind of trying to figure out who's gonna get home court advantage. For their first round matchup but by and large most playoff scenarios are set in the east however. A slightly different story it's a very compelling story because you've got three games tonight that are gonna have a lot to do with how the bottom shakes out. And then more specifically who is gonna get a shot at Boston and LeBron James in the opening round. Three games to keep an eye on Atlanta at Indiana. 5 o'clock Washington at Miami 5 o'clock Brooklyn at Chicago 5 o'clock currently. Indiana is the seven Chicago's the eight Miami is the nine on the outside looking in if everybody wins it's Indiana seven. Which means a date would LeBron James. And it Chicago eight which needs a date with Boston. That's assuming. The Celtics handled their business again and tonight against Milwaukee who who already been traveling for their stars including degree treatment is gonna get ready for the first round so Boston should cakewalk to grab the one seat. Based on the way this all plays out. But you ever been in this scenario in my week seventeen where you're doing a little scoreboard watching during the game not to say you're being distracted but you know. There are other factors at play from Miami to get in tonight we need to win and then they need help so have you ever found yourself watching the scoreboard will these guys be paying attention that. Miami's going to be watching it with out doubt and that's why Joseph K five kills me to disdain comes back and hunt me. We replaying the last game of the season and were playing against Detroit 1000 Tampa in were scoreboard watching we win the game in we're like okay. All we needed was I think the rams needed to lose. In the and we were in the playoffs so you needed a win. And help yes and so we took care bars and we're still watching the scoreboard later plan. An Alice Texas please let the rams lose my debt. In you know they end up winning and that we were we we mr. Welker it's not so did they win late. They won late so you were just grip that's why missile actually because I knew we'd three deaths McCabe five that came back at me. That Agassi about god but we got into we took our business. We won but needed some help so absolutely these guys much you've got to my diet is going to be scoreboard watch in the heat because they need help. So without a doubt they're gonna be the team to two Molson school board it's now one of. The games we mentioned was the Chicago game 5 o'clock tonight they're going to be hosting Brooklyn. Who has the worst record in the NB yet. The worst record in the NBA yet they're gonna be resting I think it's six players tonight yeah the Brooklyn nets have decided six guys on the team. Will not played at night may be its did. I can't come up with a good reason but did this this didn't sit well what do you from what I understand. It's an abomination Joanna I'm all about given players rest throughout the year and also for teens having the right to do what they want. With their personnel but there's always been a code and low you know this that. You you wanna play with your best guys if you going up against a team that as a chance to either make the playoffs or not make the playoffs based on that performance you see a lot baseball. September call ups up. All month he did that last game 162. And if you're a team that's out of it. Against a team that maybe he's gonna get a wildcard you give them all you have and broke it's not doing that tonight and it's a disservice to the other teams in the east. That they're competing against because the race the male lived there and they're laying down with any game where they could play spoiler. Self. Based on the way it works now this is a theory came up this morning and I thought it was fascinating. The NBA draft lottery we understand the concept the ping pong balls will help slot out one to win three and then from four through the rest of the lottery. It's based on wrecker. The worst record you have the better chance you have of getting that number one pick you have more ping pong balls as of now as it went in reverse order. Brooklyn's the worst resting players tonight Phoenix would add that to pick and then you've got. The lakers slotted as number three assuming the ping pong balls fall as they met. You think there's a way we can solve this problem and make it more entertaining we can actually forced teams to compete down the stretch. There's been so much tanking and I know the warriors tea attorney to draft pick did Ted Hillary keep their pick and so often. These teams are trying to avoid losing their pink. By tanking or you didn't at a certain amount of wins they're cooking their results might. My theory or my idea would be to take all the non playoff teams fourteen of them every year. And throw them into an NCAA style either single elimination or double elimination whichever you prefer tournament. And the team that wins the German then gets the number one pick. In the next year's draft so all of the fourteen bottom feeders were gonna put them any tournaments to determine. And this is gonna be a meritocracy you're gonna have to earn your supper you're gonna have to wind your way to the number one back my theory is that these teams all the teams that don't make the playoffs are relatively similar even broke Martinez twenty wins. They can beat a good team. On any given night so set up whenever loves in NCA AS style tournament and you could do single nomination with a fourteen teams. And give the two bottom feeders. A biased a they don't have such a tough road to get. To number one pick but as you win the Abby as you advance you move up the draft boards instead of rewarding. Pathetic utility which is what we do now. You would reward teams for actually playing well. In playoff time so these other teams. What is fact go to the quote playoffs but it be the NBA draft plan. Fascinating because what you can do we structure your television at the end of the season to have nights with playoff games. And then on alternate nights these games. You get these message you can even play these during the day like March Madness yeah you could set it up like that would it be difficult Mota convince players on bad teams. Guess what you're gonna play a few more games at the end of the year while you wanna get paid right so we gonna play in not just that like you say you want to mark the ratings on two on basketball and someone them down. This would help it because now you're gonna ruling watch a lot more fans that truly loved their team. They wanna see how they play they're gonna be pissed off for their teams laid out and I think to further than what would you do is is make sure not just that good. CR competitive game I want to play every single man tough and competitive so also contained it's bad and they plan to bad teams you blow now. That goes against the Soviet double elimination now you've got a point spread is okay and may god. 32 they're still fighting to try to keep this close they can't because now you have a point system as well you're talking point differential yeah don't think. Elimination he's still work because. You're gonna have what of the fourteen teams you're gonna have all those teams that lose right out of the gate right shot just to get a bye right of those five property fueled by fourteen vs a team that lost by the team that lost by eight gets higher seat as in the tiebreaker absolutely that's not bad. Two concerns will not actually one benefit. Is the fact that down the stretch you're gonna wanna win games. To put yourself in a better seeding against a worst team right so for example you would rather be. The Teaneck just missed the NBA class at the Miami Heat you rather be damn. Then don't call the final five games to give yourself a tougher matchup so that's an advantage to chasing down the stretch. Does it hurt that it goes against the whole idea of the draft which is to take the teams that are in the worst shape roster wise. And give them an opportunity to have the best possible player because if you take the teams that just missed the playoffs naturally you would assume they're better than the Brooklyn's little world. And it may end up winning. You're gonna keep at. Core group of these teams in the basement forever 'cause they're never gonna get that number one pick they can't advance in the storm all the way dated. The system is now you're incentivizing. Being terrible and you know Philadelphia tried to build this roster based on always being in the top thirty in the lottery. Having the most ping pong balls and that hasn't worked at making it about competition began give teams a hunger to improve my favorite thing about. English and European soccer is the idea of relegation your bottom three seal later go to the lower league get better and then come back and compete. Brilliant idea. An idea we've only spent like ten minutes trying to flush out actually sat down and work this out these is more games for the end yet. You can create your own mini March Madness tournament with the worst of your product absolute worst your product and probably generate better ratings. Then you'll get for the U talk clipper first round match and not just that didn't Jolo which would give. Dorn to season when teams are certain slide in certain of fallen and bottoms fear but of contention. They might match up against one another. So you leave the C deck game now guys are taken and I don't meg games means more. So the product will be more competitive even lean in that tournament so I think he does have some legs and I think you'll see better competition and better competition means people wanna state to watch the game the whole game. Because they understand ratings are down MBAs I think you know all of Iraq. It gives the fan bases who spent all year like Philadelphia foremost a decade now with nothing to cheer for something to get excited about at least for like a week there at the end of this and I still flush this out more if you want to weigh in Tripoli 9579570. Ways is to work ways this could work let's flush that in addition to that. We spent a lot of spring training looking at the giants' rotation thinking about one big move that could be coming. Something I'm thinking now is how long it'll second big moves and end up taking place -- when that next Jolo and did not five points of the game. Now backed a war your Wednesday he is Jolo and didn't stick it right here. There is ever want to. These are a business contract he's got it to. Fox sports Arizona with the called Arab. Diamondbacks four giants three. For the Diamondbacks right now you probably prefer to play the giants just for the entire season OK and then let that. Determine whether or not you go to the playoffs seven into the best start in franchise history for the and four games out in the NL west the only team as far out examine the National League the cardinals also 4 out of central. The bizarre start of the season. The reds are on top of the central. Diamondbacks and Rockies. On top of the west. The angels leading the AL west. Obviously we have a long way to go here but that's my game down at third inning. And it was. Who plays in center field that determine how was gonna well. How was gonna go Jake lamb had a three run triple in the third that's you just listen to for the Diamondbacks were keys turned Hernandez couldn't get their couldn't make the plight. And then. Later in the inning when the giants had an opportunity. It was. AJ Pollock rob being Aaron Hill in center field. What was almost an identical plight. I'm not sure how much to take away from this the team looked sluggish they don't look very explosives. Every baseball conversation at this point always leads into well it's fairly well this happened before it but I mean. I did doesn't seem to be a whole lot upside with this club right now I act act but from the run production standpoint. But your your not wrong to look at it like it is what it is right now less assured they struggled. In manufacturing runs we solve it in we understood being on the back of the rotation wasn't as strong. But you can look at Madison you could look at Johnny quit on him Posey. And you know Brennan Karr offered you know. Sides Dole's guys joke who do you who you see is really meant to superstar you go look and say hey this guy complaining that this guy could be a bona fide player. Some okay guys. It's you that you know he got to two pitchers. That Posey and probably Brenden. And besides that I really think about who could be at every day of play around them round MLB. Just don't see a lot of goals guys you look at and say oh my gut. There is eight you know two all star. Going around the diamond we're not talking about the pitchers here. Left field you know is gonna be a probably knew coming in indices center field between spanning Hernandez I think you know you've got there's no surprise coming breakout. In right you know what you got from a Max perspective on Hunter Pence but between the injuries in the age you know you're probably not reaching that point. First baseman belt he feels like a guy who's Pete not saying he's on the downside but I don't think there's a whole lot more there shall panic I don't think there's a whole lot more there. Crawford interestingly enough like Tiki might be it would take another step forward Nunez has been outstanding. Posey while he's now on the seven day DL for the concussion. I think he also we've seen his Max. So if we know everybody's Macs there's not a whole lot of secret upside anywhere else did where's the run production and a come from because this is starting to feel like the second half last season rather than the first half of lassie and Tim. Come from the move the line mentality in power when you're on the road when you get it in the right spots Brandon bell as power. Many Crawford is showing you power 110 it's still can hit with some pop but I think when you set off the top the outfield. Left field right now is an absolute disaster. You need to find somebody and get out there and TV some production. Short of Gorky Hernandez and I won't called a missed play because I would have been on the believable catch. But the fact that he didn't bring that man and he's your defensive guy. That hurts Denard Span on alien healthy outfield production is a major issue in if you don't get. The same kind of year you got from Crawford and of Buster Posey. Who had a little bit of a quiet year power wise last year if he doesn't bang each 125. You might be bottom third again home run. Must press is going to be a newness to step up this he's in right now he's got pretty good bet. He's a great yet another huge night last night exactly you know also. So do you look at this and they can see any struggle like you guys say if if this is if this is going to be moving fort. You've got to really look to say you know when we start when we starts in OK we got a blatant and may make short form these are minor leagues are getting ready to make that transition. It is what it is. Why don't you trade your top prospects to the east or Chris Davis to play left field there's a power there's a right handed bat bids. That's my dream. Yes and it's nobody's making that deal is yet to much in Davis and there's no way the giants and he'll pull the targets are down John they're not move an asset their load now it was time to bring buyers at the the trade deadline the tarps are coming off fifteen dollars is set up top. Your initial reaction when you heard that you're all over Twitter yes I thought catches for president 120 he's already team president the Yankees got my vote. United States president no doubt no doubt Obama looked at the current diet see woody can do before I think about just one licensee to your time again it's okay you're ideas are asleep but there. Investigate you in your Chinese ties more on that for the after show at 1015 I can be trouble for my possible mayoral run in Oakland as they take down Libby shaft but I digest. The torch coming out Joseph even though. People are hit me yesterday they don't even sell out now what's the point it's the symbolic nature of it the fact that. Abomination. The fact that there's tarts in the upper decks such an embarrassment. The very presence of those being gone it will lighten up the entire venue and if you want to look for an affordable seat now you can get all without having to sit in the bleachers. I like the idea because I wanna take that kid to a baseball game. This year but he was just born in February. And you can't take someone that young to a basketball game. Or a hockey game or football game there's too much going on is they can only these babies they're only good for a couple of hours it's very small women need to be changed. Obviously everyone besides me knows that there are limits and very limited right it's limited upside that they're going to be there one coolers are not a the ratings are not 52 people there one tool people there's very little you can get. Did you go to days gaming you sit up top you'll probably have a few Rosa Spacey after babies crying won't necessarily. Affect anyone's good time if you need to change and you'll probably have an opportunity to do that without necessarily. Having a major commotion major stress freaked out situation right. And that's the case with if you have kids who were three year five room like my kids teenagers you know. Who aren't necessarily going to be diehard Indy every pitch if you go to a giants game in you don't find it a cheap tickets gonna cost fuel that more than it would it. To just go upper deck and if it's fifteen bucks. That's basically what movies cost and he got there he catch a ball game and two kids aren't that into you're not feeling you get burned. Because he spent much money. I'm throw this question out there because I teased it I'll get more into it later. This is the second year of the five year deal just Dumars has signed with the giants five years ninety million dollars. I'm wondering how much longer he'll be in the rotation. He's probably in the rotation all year because he can give you 200 innings but in all honesty. At some point. You're gonna need to move into the bullpen it's probably where he's better suited. Because. I mean. We'll see upside here he's only two with a 675 ERA last night was technically a quality start but. Hurting was a bad inning single single walk triple. And that's that. Matt cain's gonna night you know what happened in Vegas as soon as they hung the number money poured in on Arizona. They hung came as a minus 130 favorite. Immediately Arizona became a favorite immediately money came pouring in the Diamondbacks got problems of the back end Matt Moore can do what he's doing OK I want to three of fine but. I don't know this margin thing last pass this year in terms of being in the rotation especially the block and be coming. Well what you set I think off the top as the most pertinent thing he gives you 200 innings and hit those are a lot of innings. Over the course of 162 when your plane nine that's what 15100 innings or so you need guys who go out there and eat it up. And beaten competent and a Smart as you are is gonna come down he has problem with location at times. Pitches to run run over the middle played and if gore he's Hernandez makes that play may you were singing a different tune so far about the start for us a margin. That's true and if so Marge is going to. VA guide stay in his rotation. To have the bat stow. If he's going to be a guy did that you gonna say we know this guy's gonna give up three runs you got an old bad night. These bats Brandon belt all these guys are gonna Noonan they often have to step up. On nights when hill and came to pitch and it's no question about it a little bit more added pressure because you know what these guys who you know these guys are an NFL nugget. Surfaced yesterday that could be a huge. Huge break for the Sampras is so 49ers we've got that next Jolo and its not a five points and the game.