JLD - 9/5/18 - Hour 3 - Kurt Warner

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, September 5th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with NFL Hall of Famer and analyst, Kurt Warner. Plus, we preview the week's upcoming Lo vs Dibs. 

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Eight Colin out to be here I'd get that but here's a bad ass tonight and wonder what roles apart what is done in message here Rosa excellence it. Here's a hundred go here's fifty million dollars. For you do sit in the back of the bus and that's an OK Margaret ticking before you start his campaign here's 35 million dollars. What what will they do day. Because when you look at it as a backup and what he could've made I think it's about 35 million dollars I believe that what Colin could have gotten its future earnings. That's that's my not that's the that's okay that's not my numbers not know 25 million a year it's not. In those top fifteen million well we know how you are are paying quarterbacks who went into Iraq below. 400000 I did so in a song that's on senate 35 million what as a back up and what he could play for the next 567 years very reasonable that's that's a number of so how would you get looked. And then I hear people talking about well you know. Voting in all the human beings. Here I've voted Obama voted Clinton had voted against Obama voted for about so want to go to Portland and didn't here's keeping have to relax. People say okay. If there are certain things even heightened especially comes a Christians and all these or do they go for Democrat on the certain things and here's abortions I here's this. So we pick what we want. And then we can we justify what we want so I'm gonna go this much but both them I don't know Gruber so what. I don't understand how people just come say. They wanted to. You don't speak hatred that you all went here's some things that you don't believe in but you still vote this way here's some things that you believe in but you vote that way. It's just it's just weird to me how people dissidents say no to the black white and that's not the case. Don't between trump Obama. Voting abortion everything you have mentioned today you art. Animal abuse away from hit for the cycle doesn't match and I'm literally every hot button issue out there. Its peers because I'm listening. I'm listening to everything you sank pinkie and that is what we are doing right now. Now you are listening to not in my seven the game KG MGM that many she won a radio dot com station good morning you. If you're just joining us are in the middle and an exercise its Colin cap predict. The billboard for Nike went up in union square I believe yesterday or at least it made news yesterday. He is the face of Nike's thirtieth anniversary just do it campaign. This naturally has become a hot button issue not just because Nike's chosen to go with cap predictor because capita is back in the limelight. But because it is now provided a forum. For every side who's upset with something to voice their opinion regarding what they're upset what. Sometimes it never even has anything to do with like your contact. It's just now an open forum we are trying to prove something we are trying to prove that over the course of a one hour segment. We can discuss this we can bring callers and this. We can hit on both sides of the aisle. And we can do it while listening to each other we can do it respectful manner we can do without screaming at one another because that's where we need to get to. If we're gonna make any progress whatsoever. Like I said a little while ago the first stage of learning is silence the second stage of learning is listening. So we got a few minutes ago here but we will open it back up to the phones Chris in Tracy thank you for holding the floor is yours please go ahead. Our guys are basically well I just lied to wanted to say it is you know gave. It always so interesting to me because people get soaked and about this topic are calling out predict it literally you know lying. Divided in my social media my friends are and you know where our people and I can give you. Such stripped away you know the formal Arnold which he chose to do it and how he's doing it. And you literally just look at what his goal it is going to help people and I'm not saying I agree with how he does it and I disagree. The fact of the matter is you trying to help people and our people really going to get. Angry about that because he's trying to help people I mean if if they indicated then those people bigger problem than there in their own life that they need to work out became. What do blown down new radiator trying to help people probably are helping people. Why. They're playing is you know cutting back on the order social media people. We're all yelling at each other trying to change each other in mind the perspective and trying to give you wouldn't be able. When I mean that's always been the wrong way to go about it. I mean if you want change but Byron York in in your own home you'd change your own perception and you become a little bit. More wide that and where you're gonna do you know listen more and not just listen but it was cool to hear someone not to respond. Featured kid ain't it'll into it an open mind it's okay to. Difference of opinion. How you choose. To raise your children and then go about things in your own home in gonna make changes and in in the entire world on the bank. Appreciate that phone call Chris Greg golf rang in op he made a point in there about the idea of people shouting at each other because they're trying to get that person to change their opinion. I don't think that's what it is I think work it's actually so much more primitive. British shouting at each other now to try to prove that we're right they're wrong not even about one side trying to convince the other side to change their opinion. It's about one side telling other side you are wrong. I am right listen to me I'm screaming because I need to be hurt. That's unfortunately where we are and this speaks to all parties I'm guilty of this on virtually every topic I get involved. Very difficult for me to have civil discourse and anyone about anything. Yeah and it's a challenge for all of us I think it becomes heightened by the fact that we all live on social media now so somebody. Puts a FaceBook posts out there about politics. Inevitably you see seventy comments people while back and forth all cabs it's on Twitter and the TV news shows and I'm watching more of now as I. Become a global. News correspondent and had a greater part of New Zealand are you doing more than just New Zealand Australia are doing New Zealand Austria are now trying to expand to a further on the rim but the point being I'm watching Ali shows now on you can pick whatever network you want. They always bring the other side on and it's like. Coming up you know we get into it and it turns into just the two people yelling at each other while the moderator in the middle sits there and shakes his or her head as to say. This is bad TV guises that deviate. It's awful. Awful. People aren't interested in discourse now. Although it's coming back it's coming back and podcast for a I think you're starting to notice that there are podcasts that are starting to surge up the charts that have people. Simply talking about issues. Bill Simmons is brilliant now I know people listen to Bill Simmons with Kevin Durant recently and was staffed and you can find little tidbits in there are such as. All of this means he's going there it's all sports that's fine. But Simmons is a master conversational because even when he's broaching. The subject of something aggressive or polarizing he's able to do it in a very disarming manner. Whereas it doesn't feel like he's being aggressive with you and their Ford gets the interview subject or couple that. That would work a lot better on TV but for some reason it doesn't feel as if that's what rates we've gotten so caught up in the looking at ratings and bottom lines that we really don't look at whether or not proud of the product. There are still companies out there that would rather make a little bit less in order to be prouder of what they're producing. Then find themselves in the situation where. You know I might not necessarily believable were doing but held the ratings it through the roof the world and paid get a bonus check coming to me at the end of the year too often it's that shortfall. Elected TV magazine it's a five that they feel the podcast you can do an hour you can do five hours and how to be civil and really take your time and and then elucidate indeed the issues and go through one by one when you have that short form stuff. A lot of times is just rip and run. Joseph Rogan is perfect at this Joseph Rogan takes so much heat because of the people he has on his podcast Jordan Peterson's perfect example. I won't necessarily get into who Jordan Peterson is but he wrote a book twelve rules for life an antidote to chaos. There are people who loved that book and there are people who hate that book. And that book has put Jordan Peterson at the top of the best seller list and it's got him on speaking engagements all around the world. He has a message. That often gets confused and because it gets confused people yell and scream so Rogen had him on the podcast Kabul time. Simply for having them on the podcast. Rogen gets a hack like you wouldn't believe now these are people that don't even listen to the podcast. And they might not even understand what Jordan Peterson's message is but the fact that they don't like to. For one res or not are not another and because Joseph Rogan is willing to have a conversation with him. Joseph Rogan is now being attack. Read the article. Gulf through the article then go to the comments section don't look at the headline making assumption and then jump to the comments to start fighting with any. No one's going to win and that's an area. Colin Capp predicting Joseph Rogan. That's where he should go look at some point he's going to need to have a public conversation. To start to address these things and I'm sure Nike spoken to him about that. Rogen would be the perfect spot Rogen the type of guy that can help presented on both ends of the equation he's going to sit there and he's going to have a conversation with. It's good challenge you restock a scrimmage he's not gonna yell it. That would be the perfect for a needle on Fox News or CNN that's it'll all be for their game Joseph will benefit from the but he got in the podcast game before it was even make you money. It was like him and Adam Carolla doing this thing I don't even knew how it worked and how it existed and that he's got this monster forum but he's an excellent conversational. That would be the platform for cap predict have a conversation with someone that millions of people would be able to listen to. And that's what needs to have and I think in my opinion for him to get to that next level because there are still people who confuse what Colin cavern X message is. And also are holding onto things right Philippe. Like the pink socks a Castro assured these are things that you can't get beyond and what is girlfriend tweeted out the picture of among the owner of the of the ravens and Ray Rice in in jango unchained. So ray Lewis and Ray Lewis is no luckily Syria and that's that's the kind of thing you need to answer for because that turns a lot of people off people who wanna be apart of and what he's trying to do but it can't get beyond it. I totally agree those are things that you do have to address sooner than later. In in college and to let you know if he had the right people people to come on you say you ought. I wasn't the best you know what I had some resentment I don't Sox shouldn't do that that's a bad look. If so were my heart my heart was in the wrong place. Because I had I had a prejudiced toward offices. And an and it and it's wrong. That's that's not how I want to portray officers at at people and you know an office and people paid family members and military. I think that he should clean up you know you you you do have to you do have to answer for that. In what you don't what you do starting something and how you finish just two different things so I think there's a lot of dips like you alluded to a lot of people would love to get behind this movement and let people loved it. Give behind Colin Cameron because of the things he's done. Inching Mikey hasn't been remorseful form. You you're creating racism on another site so you gotta be careful when you when you start any type of movement because you understand this is a very very sensitive issue. You don't have clear balance on both sides. And just like that we have completed one consecutive hour of commercial free discourse. The beautiful and intelligent listening audience. Blend into the next every court order on we're gonna set them up make them feel good and that could bring him down to earth is now time to get back to what we really do around I don't look at the front of the. And need help getting out of debt. Dead in the morning. We've gotten an answer. The pregame show. You don't know what do. The game. Sure lol when did continue. On 957 big game. We're back. You boys Dylan did Cincinnati five step in the game. You'll hear from 49 Ers fullback Kyle used Jack at 845. But right now. We are very happy. To welcome on our next guest he is a hall of Famer ace Super Bowl champion a two time NFL MVP the resume goes on. All day long but. He's also an analyst for Westwood One and the NFL network ladies and gentleman Kurt Warner joining us here on 95 cent in the game good morning court and as always thank you for your time. Sorry for butchering your name I had happened don't have try to. Butter knife you know no no worry though at all but I'm excited public good to be owner and excited that it it's we welcome that voice to problem. All right so you're gonna be calling the second half of the Monday night double header for Westwood One it's gonna be raiders and rams now you've been going through your prep. Tell us what you see. They were I mean you look at the rams and there are people are I think a lot of people would say this team had a chance to be in the Super Bowl I mean you go out in body. You know Peters and it's believed it its due in there and then you did you guys Aron Donald back and I mean he he got all these pieces on defense coupled will. An offense you know led by Todd Gurley. It jerked off a little break out year in year two inch on the creative and offense coming. Just on paper yeah I'm just excited to seeded team the interesting thing it. There aren't quite appreciate it. You know so are they gonna come out firing early gonna come out you know shops that are and it was going to be a rough start because they didn't get time in. I increasingly especially some of these young guys the young quarterback. I do think they got the makings. Of being a team that's very very competitive. Every week they had the chance again on paper to compete in the NFC was with anybody. What's that like for a player who doesn't get much pre season timer doesn't get any dollars and inability to come out and really be firing from the first quarter should we expected this ram offense takes may be a quarter or have to really get revved up. They were yeah minute when I played him in a matter how many years that was in the league. We board the plane preceded and I didn't know how much I wanted to play because you know moto Z he'll play a lot. What you wanna play it now. It collecting your mind OK I'm ready sure they actually came down. I've seen everything I feel comfortable because of the great evening I don't know all players had this been every time I went into the off season. And we went back at the start training camp I would get this question in my mind. Well let me get things guy worked last year. You know will I be able to do all the things things like it did last year you don't feel the pressure. And move in the pocket and make a decision. I needed from time whatever about crime network. Let me go okay I'm ready and maybe it was one series in the first preceding game. Maybe it wasn't like in my lap time in the third preceding game. But I needed if feel ready and so I'm really interested. Just see some of these young quarterback that has played a lot of football. And they come out just pick up where they left off. Actor know pretty decent time. You know when they have played a lot of football this level. What do you do with a guy like Carr who hadn't a year a year removed from having them. You know in BP tackle in the year and in last year kind of set back if you're recruiting your car what does that what does it mindset going into this game. Special against Iran. What is this raider team need to do to shock people. Well I think what if I look back at this raiders Timor the last couple years. I'd be a very stagnant. Boring offense. That didn't make it easier owned beer cargo. Two years ago we talked about yet is great year. They still threw a lot of one on Warren go route on the outside it's just so happened that Cooper Crabtree and company. Made those plays that year so they want a lot of close games because they mean a lot of plate with dirt cars big on. And have playmakers on the outside last year try to do the same thing well what you know is that certain plain old low percentage place. They made those first you know what percentage play two years ago they didn't make it last year and that was the difference in. What they were offensively. I believe Jon Gruden come didn't make the game easier. For your car. That he's gonna make it easier for these sort of create concepts that are gonna make it easier decision. And create opportunities for guys to get open. That they didn't necessarily how the last couple years I know Jon Gruden have been out of the game for ten years. You know sort of speak from a coaching standpoint but I believe he was involved in the game. He's always think in he's a guy that's always trying to create you always want step. And know the next in the latest and greatest thing so I believe he's going to apply that Berger called this year. And you're gonna be an easier opted for deer car. Does that mean more wind not necessarily. Bomb but I think you know playing quarterback is going to be easier for deer car this year. That it didn't probably 83 point play. And career Kurt Warner joining us here on 95 cent in the game Khalil Mac traded from the raiders to the bears on Saturday. How was surprised how surprising was that move TU given. Max durability has locker room character and his production. Yeah I mean yeah I think if you just look at the player himself I think everybody's shocked I mean either you don't give away your best player. Don't they give away but you don't trade your best player that Asian senate. Physically locker room guy physically leader and a great player and a young guy. You don't just do that told you just look at a player. In the world the team is you know you erupted on your radio screaming going oh my gosh. How in the world we possibly do that. Mean it would be a move like that. That's an organization thing for me we don't believe a word that co host. To winning a championship we believe we are a number of pieces away from getting there. And saying you know 140 million dollars to our best defense player. Along with that much money to a quarterback. Is really gonna tie it down to maybe not. Built this team can get a piece that we need. BA championship IP if you felt you were already championship type team. If you look at those pieces are put the loss singles ram you sign your guys and you go to work and if they were going to championship this year. I believe the rate it will basically saying we're not there and so we can not I have ninety million dollars in one guy that we can get two more drastic. You dear Paul and build this thing. The right way and we believe we can be competitive team to retrieve four years. On the road. Instead of calling all that money up into a couple of guys and not have enough pieces so really you know utilize those guys in their skills. To be up most of its low I seem. What side the good thing. It's never easy for a team working eight. To lose one of their best players that you that you can help you wouldn't championship in a fan base to lose one of the you know basically a franchise. But the thing that any organization always got to be looking and saying. Totally different and about two players this is about an organization and winning championships. What do we need to do if the fund total that we find problematic. If they let him go get more people could to help us. Then that's what you could do even if it's the unpopular decision. Is its interest in the Chicago has a different guests thought process because they don't necessarily have the you know. The talent well but they see a transitional player player that you just don't bend come around often to lately the buildings and I totally understand it. I think that you know the interesting thing they are you saying maybe not ready now but spirited defense at the top ten defense. In scoring and yards last year. Value to our local slippage in number one pick. Yeah out of a linebacker spot you properly on Mac they're the pass rush okay now what does that do this already really good defense they BW the top five. Offensively you know we've got a young quarterback that you've got a number years left before you got to pay and you've got a young back that's really good. You believe your skill players look better than they've been in the past and so now. You solidify their defense or you think this could be a top secret you've got you're young pieces. Now you could just add water to ward guys offensively. I think Chicago's start to go. We got a lot of people that could be competitive in the board that could be be competitive. In the NFC even though couple people were very strong right now. If they call what we think they can and now we've set ourselves up to be competitive in that division for a number years. How is it do you believe that drew off until the last because you look at their off until lines one highest paid up until lined a ball you pay to quarterback and hopefully you know outside receiver is going to get paid. But if you think about that I'm just trying to get the philosophy would gruden store when the time he won the Sioux boy didn't necessarily win it would offense. You know when he went with sap and those guys who's kind of defense that you think now owns is an okay. How to we just tried to ship until we get the pieces are do you think this often still can be pretty deadly because of the offensive weapons and office aligned. Yes on the I think that's what they got to beat figure right now is. We were left out score people or you're gonna have that could bank on there aren't more Cooper and the team back in the back field and offensive line. The carrier because you know we've seen even what collegial that we work very good defense to play. You know we were to gain changing defense and so. We need apply it to pieces over there so yeah I think that's got to meet their approach early on we that would about it right now. And then we get a chance at peace that we got to ask people blog defense. I think they may attract more low as well. You know that you may see some of those offensive linemen that are paid. Be casualties here this off season. To really try to build this the right way to feel like they can. Get a number of really good piece is around as opposed to just a couple. Great players. Yup they've got a number of people that they have to added so I think there's going to be more. Addition by subtraction. I'll once we get this thought he did in Jon Gruden really gets into the make it that you're sort cheapen things the way he feels so much championship team these reject. And for first round picks over the course of the next two years as a result of this train even now. Looking over the raiders have delicate little Mac do you still see them having an ability to stay in an AFC west that. Looks a little bit more competitive now with the chargers having suffered so many injuries. Well yeah you know I mean I think that you know division is still up for grabs a you know you look at Kansas City in a playoff team from last year but their defense. What the real strong you know capital smoke in the years from that standpoint. So you've got a young quarterback they're. What's he going to be we don't tell that he is that how good are they going to be a lot of questions they're Denver. Again you know we're a team that that struggled case he never had one great year you paid a point to money. If you're gonna be that same guy in Denver that he was in Minnesota. You know so. Fifteen little little but there's only one fighting last year but you look at that the peace while ago I think the more talented than five win team. If they get good play quarterback they can compete and you sit retarded I believe. You know or one of the most talented teams in the league giving you look at what they did last year you know the best record of the team it didn't make the playoffs. That scoring defense of the team that didn't make the play out in the seventy points. A game your offense led by a hole pretty type quarterback what are the best receivers in the leak at a really good young running back. Last twelve games they were nine and three they could just start a little bit faster I think they were. The team to beat in the division in my opinion but as you add their questions with all of that he. And so I think that any one of them including the raiders. Couldn't be competitive to compete for that division while they all kind of beat each other up and figure out who they are. I think it's crazy I think everybody has the champions. I guess that I put the charters of top the patty put Denver right below them but probably put the seat next in the Oakland last but. You know Obama still got a lot of playmakers. That they can show up and play good football offensively with those play makers. I think they can beat anybody that division it indefinitely to before. Curt naturally niner fans are very excited based on the way they saw all last season conclude we Jimmy grapple stepping in. Playing a key mobile brand of quarterback an engineering five consecutive victories. Well what would be reasonable expectations. For this squad this year given aid the injury to Jarrett McKinnon and be the schedule gulf states. Yeah I mean I think com. You know tempered expectations would be. 89 win for. You know it is I think where they were last year. You know pure saw him coming back. Good way and try to come and into his own a little bit you have acute and I think it's gonna hurt that they were trying to build around him so from now what are they get the back position. And especially. You know McKinnon was kind of especially effective. You Rhode being kept out of the backfield I'm not sure the guys they have now you know follow them can be that dynamic. So how does that change. The way to often look. I get a literature and on defense you know we got some good young people in the on defense. Can they take that step up. But again you're talking you know in the west the lamps. Seattle is always always stop there Russell Wilson always gonna make them competitive even know. They're gonna look a little bit different girls don't know. Lot of playmakers there you know even north and a lot of people question what they're gonna be given their defense in the preceded head you know 1617 turnovers it was ridiculous. Taylor Jones Patrick Peterson. You David Johnson came Bradford it be healthy they're the kuril. It's a top division. I think every game you played Activision is going to be competitive. Across the board and so you know I don't know what I expected to make that huge jump and make the playoffs this year. But I do expect them to be better and I think eight wins nine wins is definitely reasonable. If you make Iraq look it's a little more open here last year because I guess I believe he's gonna play really good football I believe he's one of the up and coming stars at the quarterback position can do it all I don't think what we've seen at this point the fluke you know may not always be evacuated. You know always gonna be undefeated. But I think he's a really really good quarterback it's got a huge upside and with the help around him I think they're gonna be very competitive. Hall of Famer Super Bowl champion two time NFL MVP in you can check them out now. On the NFL network at Westwood One he'll be on the call for the raiders rams game Monday night it's Kurt Warner which Jolo in dibs on 957. The game Kurtz always a pleasure thank you so much for your time. You bet there will be catching up a few weeks governor of ticket guys. What a guy. What a guy. So gregarious with his time sought earlier. Is see you know him personally I guess is he behind the scenes what he appears to be in the public light. Even nicer even nicer than the guy's unbelievable Joseph he does so much for you know for. Disabled kids in ten foundation. And he's an amazing amazing man. He is now on the call he's working for Westwood One this season you'll get to hear him on the raiders. Rams broadcast Monday night which leads us into a special announcement we are now the home of Westwood one's coverage again. The playoff guy and the super ball solid you're looking for national wireless right here in 95 cent in the game we are Westwood one's home. One could make the case. One could make the case that as Westwood one's home. Being that tomorrow we will carry the game. That it's a fact though we are the home of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Well you especially. It sounds like when the Super Bowl can share one. Well we were nice and the last hour and I promise we get back to witness our. It's all right that's enough that I hit all the salt thing. Really drink it and not good night. Thank you very much it will be the home of that game tomorrow night don't hate appreciate he won the title you've got you in the zoo for me to come across there and try to assault that now be wrong now his. His blast you having never won a Super Bowl that was wrong and it was on line US but. No no I think there's nobody like why the chief's job buddy Joseph what. There's no doubt true enact what happens when his tee shot happens the the official when you bulls need official PM our home here our resident efficient at the flag if the cheap shots doesn't it though the flag is sometimes he chose not to sometimes and then you are in a sometimes the refereed locks up in the moment in the plague of violence and not that I should have qualified for that but. We're on the Cincinnati you have time. Instantly now it was the wash in a brilliant Jake Browning had drilled at the end of that game that should have been fifteen of the mystic hurt Washington in that game John Folsom on Digg Browning. 100 alarms itself. Unfortunately section by. We are the home of Westwood One page doesn't include tomorrow night's season opener at and a pat Philadelphia Eagles pregame tomorrow morning at 6 AM right here on Jolo and his death bath which is that starting at 6 AM this is why root for the patriots went yes yes. I will say this if probably than Atlanta tomorrow to be honest with you of the places going to be Iraq and that the Eagles priority at match. Get the coach fighting with the media over who's gonna be the starting quarterback I have never seen anything like it's. For ever. That places waited forcible and they got it and they couldn't even get to the next season before they already started going after head coach it just goes to show you how it works that. It's ludicrous and they wonder whether he'll win. With the frequency can be Harry is with us admiral said he can't even get to the opener are singular game he's going Dowd and all the infighting and then we'll handle it going Philly don't let them fool you and I don't know until it right now it's it's it's a note flag because I just wanna sit down and enjoy the game. Doctor if I have to sit here and prison mad at ya I'm I'm I'd take falcons really. I had to bet to get night I am not betting he understood and making that very clear but if I work to wager on that game I would wager on and it mark. A mile has come in buttoned up Atlanta Adam last year at the link. In that while and that divisional round playoff game but they had poor play calling inside the red zone which cost them late night game. And actually throughout that day. I think they're gonna come in but not ready to go I think Eagles yelled you're gonna celebrate you have a nice offseason you have a great crowd but if you don't jump up on a morality to have a problem. Please come Iraq and commentary Eden Jim Swartz had that defense element. I don't lighting that's Philly just don't get yeah well it's not you know please she played like the chargers where. Fans it's come in and take no for an help put out and still I got there are probably pretty quick I'm sure we brought up a lifetime record there it's probably offer. That's not true who buy when you win there we want there but I never go. Then mid and matter we won well with it matters. Had beaten Philly okay now it's tough to play that you your fans I will admit they get after some root fans think and you guys are roommate. It's not debatable the year we'll talk array of raider fans they're just tough like greater damage your fancy. Even just Henri if you guys it's just yelled just so we. Root name is an. Yes yes I'm not really gonna try to defend it. Because there is no defending it it is quite a break so take it one adorn their private advocate of probably more perhaps but maybe if you're from Miami Gardens or anywhere else in the punch he might handle a little heckling and how much Arizona on the farm. Really don't corn the wheat screaming match on a daily basis you really can't can you base for something just in my movements nor let me go to. I think Jeffrey I'm getting a lot of yeah. Where you joke I bet regarded many democratic. Front. A couple of moon might get a conversation with Kyle you project coming up at about seven minutes which really opens up the floor for anything we'd like to discuss right now. Dealer's choice anyone have anything specific merely to get it do for the next seven minutes or so weakened to. A little bit about low vs gives because that seemed to kick off tomorrow within the first take of the first game of the year so. I don't know if you have any idea about not a format change for same but just how the pics get rolled out because I know last year there was some not some shenanigans. This is Pablo how right sheeting for most of the season gets he ducked down bidding and no one the first year he was the champ and then. Last year I got on with not only had to peace but a minus three piece McGinley I. Finish then you'll have your moment. So after I got 103 or four piece. Resorted to shenanigans to injury and dump Hillary and so I was just wondering if we're gonna do things differently because all approach it the same way I actually. Make my picks before the segment start so I don't know if we're gonna do Willy Nilly. Or freedom build a more but not the. Should know as let me run to bring everyone in and M I'll I just for those who don't know at low vs did says it's the last segment of the week every week during the football season. We played great open we place in music but we did speak every game on the board no spreads to pick every game on the board we keep a running tally and that at the end of the season at the end of the Super Bowl. Or do we just go regular season and only the second part yes OK we knew a minor version of low vs did for the post season but the regular season. Has a wager on it now will get to the wage at some point as well need to establish that but for those who don't know tomorrow will be pick one of low vs debt. So my idea is I think we need to get video. A coin toss every day before the show and posted up. On our new Twitter page for the show at Jolo and did the delicate you can see it go follow the page. And you can see who wins. So coin toss it. And someone would the winner would get to choose if they wanna go second for every tech shares for every pick is that fair to have. Because of some of his three coin tosses in a row now and then they have the opportunity to go second for every peck. And the reason why this is in hot debate was that last year when Lowe fell behind. He would hand me and I was completes complicit in this. He would hand me she knew would say beat the games off in this order and start with did here bright kids would have to pick all the games were 5050 solo can take the other side. And then all the games ever like fourteen point spreads. Lo would be proud to take debates right. And did we agree that important topic I don't guess I didn't call me a toad for Joseph belong to them yeah I'm only going to leave millions doing it turned out. That we can do this year I think it would whoever's behind after week eight that's when you can go either turning machine is that fair enough or using weak team. That is you know future felonies okay bye week Gaynor we obtain if you're down a sustained. By seven or more then that individual can turn in the cheat that's what that was so they're not in stacking games how you wanted to back him right. The Stewart yet this ideally both individuals who just turned in the games to meet for the shell. And now and we would go one by one and it would just be a radio segment the problem that is Gibbs makes his picks while we're actually doing the shows so he checks out and you had to go through and make picks stands out is that this man it's the first time you even think of it. And you just yell something out that's that's literally how it plays out I don't check out I do make my picks for Michelle but I am never checked out no pleasure of 100% focused while you're making your picks during a segment. Don't make this all assist Detroit the math. I that I get out. Did feeling that Clinton that's let me pin it to the last segment of the week because we now everyone has officially opened up you know will be but that we all know how well given all get picked we'll get our picks earlier about. You won't actually there is no way you to get your picks them before the shelf that would require responsibility that's who did your enemy. I'll continue to do a man turned out because it allows me checking in laws and any deeper into the content. And listen you know instinctively and now hostility to adjust transcend. Yeah yeah put up. Email was literally I need for everyone throwing out their ideas did his email was just agreeing with everything that have been said your email was on a chain from three weeks I. I. Literally the only requirement for the show isn't email the night before where everyone pitches a couple ideas haven't been my it was still recent that was what I was thinking about. Today and lose some good topics and ahead in there and I just saw happening were great it was just funny he it was previous email chain the rule is. Cody sends out and then everyone follows up. You routinely pick other email chains to jump in on. Did just agrees with what's been said he gets a bunch of words out there that make it look like he's doing something but he doesn't hardcore release energy I didn't cut him finds a nice Scott Stevens finds a nice stuff Cody just. I don't even know it it's a cut in pay just got here just did not war in DC and be just did what I appreciate. So now here's what's gonna happen what is gonna be a lot of words about how overseas did is gonna be different this year. Well we're gonna get to this Friday and make it at 945. And it's going to be the exact same thing I don't know who's going first you just gonna happen. You gonna fight argue over a definite no what's the Democrats and hours and letting go what's the bet you know it's gonna happen we're not going to be able to agree on anything and that will say we'll do it down the road and don't advocate. Does that sound about right we already. Have a bet on the board for this football season you do that's eight. Indeed and not for this segment yeah no but that in that is a bad that's on the board so it it doesn't always fall in the pattern of let's make of that and we don't make amends I don't think we've turned a corner to now. We're making that's an alarming rate our bets per segment percentage has gone way up since the Labor Day show skyrocketed. In the DPS. I think this yet you have won the second bet and I give you that there was one it was a wonder why he's gonna do my feet we got that when the second best argument just routing again until what six wins that right noted as the Democrats need to get to six when Ramona the other for instance I get in then there's an we can do the other one that. Is due in Singapore is the far is that the picks. Give my mom back for five minutes when my little one his hands all of the players every bet him putting his hands on what happened right next candlelight dinner in Vegas. You don't wanna know Joseph you don't wanna know it's good point. Thankfully it's time to hear from our conversation earlier with two time pro bowler and former. Like you think former motorboat or 89 nurse pull back. How used. Forty out of fullback two time pro bowler Kyle use check joining this year on 9570. Game Kyle happy game we can thanks for the time you Dylan. I'm doing good man you know excited I'm a real ball. You don't you get through the pre season you get yourself in this position you're gonna travel to Minnesota this weekend. What's the mindset coming up the pre season is it just you know what man thank god it's done it's behind us. Let's go out lets get after the vikings. And I still like you feel good about the work that you put in the preparation. And now it's really just excitement you know I think with this team especially we're just really excited because there. How are all squad together playing meaningful apology is due whereas. Telling you when you think about where you come from and that the niners watch in this. Much in this team grow right before your eyes your veteran you've been around it in this team's gonna go to some ups and downs you're gonna be there you know they are to right the ship. I love the things you bring two to the table. It is there is there are things you talked to him in the linebackers when you're playing it said the team and say hey man. I got to bring up that night to him at the Texaco the seat you get guys now and I'm watching on the perimeter. Watch you mix it up your way you stellar blocking you kind of warnings of then they don't know what you gonna do we don't kiss them and amount you don't cut cut the legs out. I under. That Sony noted that you bring it up it solves. It. We you know we had a joint practice is accused of and did we step on the field the first stick practice and right away. They're they're Mike linebacker. And clarity about me you know give it much easier. And what are Barrett first thing they save me like a kick in today if you like it lets you. And yet we do like it get linebackers. And you know try to mix it up went down it. I can't tell you how many times like god that's set up than me about. Meat cutting them in the game. And it you know I just I don't lap. Adam and you know may get some are up stay up next time and of course item again. It's a mental work where are or are out there so yeah it is guys and I muttered. How much more is the cut block in blocks like that can be used now because of the new helmet to helmet rule even though. Most of the calls go against the defense as an offensive player particularly blocking DF to be mindful of that when your leading into the hole. I. Rihanna stay I'm not very mindful of that it I don't. Ever really thought about it I try to keep. You know my head out of it anyways. So that cabinet had been agreed in the and I you did it. But I I could see how. You know some could argue I bet that eerie that they've cut more. IOU's Czech joining us here on 957 game a lot of Talking Heads debate this bout we rarely hear from the players on the issue. How do you and your teammates feel about the idea of shortening the pre season is that something players would be receptive to. Are you aren't just on the got up to the Gerald Europe Clark earned it yet do you feel like most players. What but short napping and. Now conversely if that came with the eighteen game regular season how do you think players would feel about that a similar pay would go up commensurate with those two additional games. Yeah I mean that's that's the assumption that. Debt makes a big differences are we get it your game. If there lecture by a week in the air that a lot of different nuances to it I think people are open to the Arctic. Now and you you view yourself in you know your leader on this team and I have to tell LTE in the guys and Andy McKenna and being down. What is your relationship with the tell banks how important you to have them on the same page and if that you know got to dance and pardon normal what you're doing when in panic that thought process what are some things to tell your running backs and understand you guys are vital to get their running game going specially in Minnesota. Yet that are important have a good relationship. Back you know Baghdad. You know that are really tight group this whole lot eaten. And eject out deftly hurt. You know we're all you know forum but I. You know you're most needed it now expects. Likely you know I heard showed up at the right time to operate and regroup right away. That means. We don't talk about like erratic start to. And that we got to let that thought in. Like a real shock that earned an upper plate. It ought that the line of scrimmage. You can't beat date I got beat the record that our that we talked about our. Does this change the role of Jimmy drop below as it pertains to throwing to running backs because Gerry McCann it was going to be a big feature in the passing game as well desist maybe provide you more targets or does this. Change of passing attack at all. I you know on condition a secret get a game went today. You know he. But not breed in the bringing most certainly are not pre recall had experience edge of the ball so. I think pop very you know EL a take over parts that. We're Chet was Harbaugh. By and were Europe I'd out here today and an aggregate impact. 49ers fullback Kyle he's checked joining us here on 957 game house beat first round pick might McGlade she picking up the all that he's gonna make his first start a very hostile environment in Minnesota on Sunday. How is everything mean going so far for the young guy. And minds that are rocks RE's. Even all of pro I think it's been huge having just daily with and those two are bitterly about Scranton. You never cedes to our. But he's got a great job. And great at Roland just to really get better playbook and I think I don't going go to buried there you perform pretty well. And it you know it. It's telling that. So we're playing Indianapolis. And you know say he doesn't make mistake or he didn't make a mistake he knew he made a mistake right away. You know he's talking no insult our c'mon Mike you know better than that and just pretended. Yeah and abolition murky if he doesn't make mistake you understand they eat it just noted he'd like sure that you had knowledge of what you're out that. They would you can always nice to tell my tackles say. Leg action outside just don't get beat in side and you get those ribs when they try to slum lord atop the ribs I did drop guys that that's oak. The put those live shot but real quick let's say how much has where you came from from Baltimore kind of helped his transition pars. A guy you know horrible brings it to tell me how much would that help you in a transition to Sampras. Definitely it's all in order to are known for being out of Luke Allard lean Teaneck grind it out. Works or else not just you know let the good work that it. And I've. Been able to bring it ever. You know we got voted yet I. You meet people and a candidate on the way into Charl what it what it means to be pro and what it's like to put that work in the everyday. You know argument that he backed amble. And oh and I've learned. Grown up and you know marker ball park or here. You mentioned you're excited for the season to start we all Lauren it's a tough test at Minnesota defense it's as comparable to any of you faced in the past year or so how great is the challenge going up against a physical defense in their stadium. That's going to be a good challenge. What no order embrace. Play you know that. That's what you need you need to play against. Good cheer and good eat and to measure where you're and really it you know we got there at end. Got deeper and like that that only got to build our competent and builder momentum going. Forward. Two time pro bowler San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle use check would Jolo Indians here on 95 cent in the game how we know you're busy so we really appreciate the time. Best of luck this week in Minnesota and hopefully we can do it again on the road. It. Always a great interview thank you so much to how you check in the 49ers. For making that happen. Sabres Cisco finds itself. As a touchdown underdog in some spots right now heading inactive in Minnesota opened 55 and a half. Money continues to come in on the vikings probably more so soon. When people get in that teaser action as well teasing mapping from six down even or from seven down to one more on that we can explain at another time. There's going to be a daunting task to open the season in Minnesota against the vikings. You wanna talk about a front four here's a front for four yet Danielle hunter involve Joseph Sheldon Richardson. Ever seen Griffin. They are highly compensated. And very aggressively on the defensive line. If you add that there are a team right now they could still had to create a new line of scrimmage and what do I mean man that they hit ten year plan on the backside in when your doormat. It's tough to get any type of running lanes going. They play with great pad level they play with hands that had enhanced keep their hands in tight. She people's hands in there and they wanna get those linemen off but Al balance and get them going backwards and do remind a lateral and what does that do it makes it very difficult. That run him back to get north. So now breaking news from Adam chapter of ESPN on Twitter within the past week Dallas upped its offer to the Seahawks for Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas. To a second round pick according to sources. Seattle was an interest did it once more. Second round pick for Earl Thomas fair unfair I think it's player. I think it's Terrell Thomas Leighton his career and clearly disgruntled so the leverage doesn't necessarily live the Seattle looks like a volatile hold outs his might last the longest because. There's that sense of how many Seahawks are just fed up with what's going on there and and the chance for him to potentially go home in Dallas knows that I think a second rounder is fair compensation. Seattle should make a look to do that deal. A kid and so quickly it can and so now quickly like in baseball you can just keep spending money. I mean there's no one around for the Red Sox that was around at the beginning right when they turn the corner at the turn of the millennium and all of a sudden sort of winning all those World Series all those guys are gone. We keep firing all that money you keep acquiring talent. Chris Sale. David Price smoky bats all that and you just keep working your way down the list you draft well. You're going to be a juggernaut in in the NFL doesn't work like the cages by success you can attempt at nine you can fill out the roster with purchases but. Amanda falls apart Ari you always likes. The best is that what an availability. NET dom be available so. You thing about being in bella I think that will be established on the show his availability is everything yeah relatively loves everybody and we haven't gotten plays at this level in he's not going to be available because not because of injury. You try to trading because here's the deal the truth is that you probably your head coach is going to be gone after the year. You look at it this thing as tourists in greatest start a rebuilding in Seattle so why the heck would you stay with a guy who when he after the next tree's gonna be still disappointed. Because you're you you didn't pay that guy you didn't rich restructure. And you better it's best to trade a guy like that gets something form because you're you your best years behind him and he's not want to play at a high level for you because he doesn't want to be there. I just think it's a better trading it to a second round pick because Seattle they're getting ready to restart press rebuilt. The raiders despicable bunch decks and additions in the secondary. A second Furl solid it's gonna cost twenty million a year guy and you're off the hook for that deal Earl Thomas to the raiders are second round pick ally has now. I don't think either says no I mean the raiders have 41 round picks over the next two years of that second become somewhat a non NASA you can move in purity you know. Wasted away a third round pick in Martinez Bryant so white admiral Dyson a second round pick. Hell get a first day and you got to my view the raiders get that guy any if you wanna well. OK I don't would you think any team Italy he's given up a first Earl Thomas. You played pricey yeah I did you got to look at it like this and that if you look at a team that can compete right away is it. If you look at if you look at the raiders as the raiders feel that too far away he just gave away a pass pressure I'd get that but you still got 21 round picks. It still would give you three for the next two years. I don't mean. You got if you got that happened he had that I maybe you don't need a down you need I doubt you'd even deliberately renowned now it's you know it's Bruce Irvin we get back but. Nine guidance safety and knows how to going guard people can help your defense. I get. Do the raiders needed defense a leader to the niners need help at. At the running back position the Gerry McCann it injury and cam Inman next Jolo and did your boys here on 957 the game. Tomorrow. It's just Super Bowl champion. Eagles vs. Still Leo I'm an aggressive company playing. The Super Bowl. It's Westwood one's coverage of the N. The game.