JLD - 9/5/18 - Hour 2 - Kyle Juszczyk

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, September 5th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with 49ers Fullback, Kyle Juszczyk. Then they discuss Nike's new advertisement involving Colin Kaepernick. 

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Let's go out lets get after the vikings. And I still like you feel good about the work that you put in the preparation. And now it's really just excitement you know I think would this year especially we're just really excited to go up there. How are also caught together playing meaningful oak pollen just you whereas. Telling you when you think about where you come from and that the niners watching this. Much in this team grow right before your eyes your veteran you've been around it in his team's gonna go to some ups and downs you're gonna be there you know they are to right the ship. I love the things you bring two to the table. Is there is there are things you talked to him in the linebackers when you planning and said the team and say hey Matt. I got to bring out that night to them have to catch because a seat. You're getting guys now on I'm watching on the perimeter watch you mix it up you waste Al blocking. You kind of warnings of then they don't know what you gonna do William kissel and amount you don't cut cut the legs out. They're under. That Saudi noticed that you bring it up at a that we you know we had a joint practice is accused him. And did we step on the you know the first day of practice and right away. They're they're Mike I'm back here and worried about the inappropriate at ease him. And what are experts say they save me like a kick out today it get you like it last year. And yet you like and it didn't linebackers. And you know try to mix about what development. I can't tell you how many times like god does that open media about. Meat cutting them in the game. You know I just collapse and you know may get some are they up next time of course uttered again. The mental work where there or are out there are so yet it need guys sat there and moderate how much. More is the cut block in blocks like that can be used now because of the new helmet to helmet rule even though. Most of the calls go against the defense as an offensive player particularly blocking you have to be mindful of that when your leading into the hole. I. Rihanna and say I'm not very mindful of the day. I really thought about it and I try to keep you know my head out of it anyway it's. So that I have and that's headed in the region. And I used to it. But I could see how. You know some could argue I bet that eerie but they've cut or. Kyl used checked joining us here on 957 game a lot of Talking Heads debate this bout we rarely hear from the players on the issue. How do you and your teammates feel about the idea of shortening the pre season is that something players would be receptive to. Are you are just from the guy up due to the general healer unlock Kermit yeah do you feel like most players. What like short snappy and. Now conversely if that came with the eighteen game regular season how do you think players would feel about that assuming pay would go up commensurate with those two additional games. Yeah I mean that's that's the assumption that. Definite debate yet or does yeah it does direction games. Is very lecture by a week in there there's a lot of different nuances to it I think people are open to that conversation. Now when you you view yourself and you know your leader on this team and I to tell oil tee and then guys that are blocked force to get them hip and don't dip let's ride. Amy can India and down. What is your relationship with the tell banks how important you have them on the same page and get that you know got to dance and pardon normal what you're doing when in kind of the thought process what are some things to tell your running backs and understand. You guys are vital to get that running game going especially in Minnesota. Yeah nut that are important have a good relationship back to Baghdad. You know there really tight group this all eaten. And eject it down or hurt. You know we saw on Bartlett. You know most needed to respect. Luckily you know Kurt showed up at the right to operate and regroup right away. They're exactly. We don't talk about like the start. And we got to that order and what are we shocked the current and Ers might. City audience at the line of scrimmage. Be they be delivered it that that we talked about our. Does this change the role of Jimmy drop below as it pertains to throwing to running backs because Gerry McCann it was going to be a big feature in the passing game as well desist maybe provide you more targets or does this change the passing attack at all. I don't mention the secret get a game plan say it but you know. Like that breed no bringing most certain I shall we recall had a spirit of hope also. I think operate you know DL or take over parts that outward Chad darn ball. By an hour murder iPad you're never going to be a game plan. Organize fullback Kyle he's checked joining us here on 957 game housed these first round pick might McGlade she picking up the offense he's gonna make his first start a very hostile environment in Minnesota on Sunday. How's everything we know once so far for the young guy. And my that are rocks are eve. In an alternate pro I think it's been huge Saturday just daily with and those two are literally best friends. You never seen as too far. But he's got a great job. Embraced her role and just really didn't know playbook and the guy does he go to Perry or perform pretty well. And it you know it it's telling that. So played Indianapolis and you know he doesn't make mistake or he did make a mistake he knew he made a mistake right away. You know he's talking no insult our c'mon Mike you know better than that and just pretended. Be an abolition murky if it does make mistake you understand that he needed to know that he'd like sure that you had knowledge of what those duke it out that. They would you can always nice to tell my tackles say. Matt Kutcher outside just don't get beat in side and you get those ribs when detritus Cuomo or top them ribs I did drop guys that that's oak. The put those live shots but real quick how listen how much has. Where you came from from Baltimore. Kind of helped his transition pars a guy you know Harbaugh brings it to tell me how much would that help you in a transition to San Fran. At jeopardy at all part that we're known for being you know Luke well I mean Teaneck grind it out. Orchard L doctors you know let the good work they. And I thought and then at the brain that ever just go out you know got voted guys. He people at a candidate on the way in short order what it means to be pro and would like to put that worked in every day so. Not give up tacitly backed Campbell and that there and I've learned and grown up you know record ballpark brigadier. You mentioned you're excited for the season to start we all are and it's a tough test at Minnesota defense that's as comparable to any of you faced in the past year or so how great is the challenge going up against a physical defense in their stadium. That when you meet this challenge. One network or embraced. By it you know I bet. That what you need you need to play again. Good team could eat and did measure warrior let them. Really it you know we go up there. And could you aren't like that that only got to build competent and other momentum going. Or. Two time pro bowler San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle use check would Jolo and games here on 95 cent in the game how we know you're busy so we really appreciate the time. Best of luck this week in Minnesota and hopefully we can do it again on the road. Comment thank you so much how these check ladies and gentlemen. Com. Did you see that Minnesota. Signed. Cole like a teeny to their practice squad now. According on oh subterfuge. Couple days ago now why would they do something like that he was with the niners drought all the pre season now he's one of the last guys cut. The vikings pick them up for there. Practice squad they've got Kyle Rudolph that tie that night presumably they're good why would they do it's of sharing information entail. You'll get indicted Smart you get a guy that you know it's been in there he knows I've read he knows cited just it's he knows that signal calls he now understands what they're don't. He's been in that huddle he understands that the line. Kill kill kill kill. All right and ended what's the next relocate four point five what's the what's the call so he can tell him you're here kill what's known. So this guys don't be able to bring a lot of entail that the San Cisco 49ers do accident in Minnesota by where you ever a situation where you played on a team where a guy like that was brought in absolute so what do they do is it like when -- a spike comes in from the cold and I doubt I. I'm from over the course of a couple days straight pretty much he knows that guys only in their four week or is on the practice glided. We've had a door to seize I did catch up. We're bringing in men and you'll see the defense that coaches special claiming it's a higher power off its decision near okay what do we do here according go trips what do they think it and it's just it's crazy the kind of Intel some of these guys that bring sometimes guys. Have still they're they're playing. Because what you gate using you know when you have a game playing mostly guys take iced always I got every playbook teams that I played with. I've told copy that's crap I want my makeup or not. About getting coach never got to make sure the different coverages and different things so I got all those dip from playbook you filled a couple of meet people you turn your playbook back here. All the little one the wiser. Rise and you run much seventeen telling you get to the jets it's like Iowa New Orleans runs or. The second they don't lose files Cincinnati no more no ho and it was never necessary for for in Intel and different things I just for me just have an understanding. Always artists who don't snitch. Yes this is get stitches that's always wanted to make sure what the defense to do. I understand how has awarded drop in his own what's they're covered I always quoted defense meaning it would jump O'Donnell we can ask these guys are times editor time. We'll sit and watch defects in go whip them by our eye on them to justify on everybody noted that to understand people into sixteen the home. Nobody is essentially Arnold Schwarzenegger in true lots I. No I did you give me Tom Arnold C create snack and I think that's coming out of your moment of zen because we're almost at the end of saudis are most relatives and breaking news from Sam Sweeney of ABC post and an emirates 8380. Is currently in quarantine at JFK airport right now awaiting the Center for Disease Control. Officials after about 100 passengers became ill with fevers over 100 degrees. And coughing flight to look three had just arrived from Dubai obsolete about this someone gets on a plane in Dubai. That flight to DC is fourteen hours and twenty minutes and it fourteen hours and twenty minutes 100 people minimum are infected with the name. Temperatures over a hundred degrees it's all there are offering that scary coach. Man scare you cannot advance above you. It's like that I'm a movie outbreak doesn't often yeah yeah you threw in these new diseases out there. Kids being careful a lot of them every week and next your moment of zen. We can't set the button up your niner game plan knowing debts 957 the Center for Disease Control. Tomorrow. It's just so yeah. Cools vs. Atlanta now. And still lead of some 95 sit in the game. The Super Bowl it's Westwood one's coverage of an. The game. Sure going to discontinue its on 957. Big game. Welcome the money spot one consecutive hour of commercial free art or use deep temperamental listening audience because we love you. And because. Blow a couple of popular stories are back in our lives. We've got the niner vikings preview of coming up in just a few minutes just the tip as it's only Wednesday. We will be getting deeper. And further. Into the game plan analysis tomorrow and try why's everyone laughing because we'll go through all the ins and out right and Indians announce again and it was great. We were smiling because your imagery was now is very flowery thorough detailed knowledge of like what I. Part of the temperamental while listening on. President plastic told that he not telling in this day and coordination laugh. If you have a if you didn't have the might of the twelve year old I didn't want it and why did all of us look I I'd definitely like today's cliche UN I think everyone bless. I did skip the straight face. Dude did you know teenagers can handle I don't think I could and just a little like him. We were all into like a pro he realized what was going on yeah. But it back up and realizes a job when you've been in the business lines I am and I was canning garden when I started for crowd that is so yeah it's army. Aren't there. Tosses this Tata. Let's let's get in the something like chowing something like the start the cycle it's very apparently isn't new billboard in town has anyone seen it I have what do you target and I'm very light comes. Stationed there is a new billboard. Over in union square right now and you may be wondering if or ball raiders right. Don't care about a new billboard in the heat we had that Coca-Cola sign we. Is fantastic. Lights up like back in the day of every old school to it but there is a new. Advertisement. In union square at the top of the Nike building of all places and it's a picture. Of the face of one Colin happen. And it says quote I believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing. Everything now now this is the new slogan and a new pitch man. Ford 90s30. Anniversary of their just do it campaign so just do it came out thirty years ago. They wanted to do something the issue to commemorate that. Colin Capra nick who was already in Nike endorser but had been quote on the bench the last couple years is now the face. Of this launch there will be Colin capita apparel there'll be Colin happening advertisements there will be Colin cabernet. Conversations. And Colin Capra nick appearances. All that stuff apparently. These meetings have been taking place for quite some time. But they've been keeping in place in secret according to Darren rebellious get this morning NFL had no idea this is taking place. For a variety of reasons one of which is because Nike is the official apparel sponsor. Of the National Football League. Colin will make millions off this is well this is not HE deal. And presumably that country is in an uproar now whenever side of the equation you're on. We get to at some point we'll take some calls Tripoli 9579570. But. Let's start would just. The basic question. How surprising was it solar. That not only is ninety coming out with this big time campaign but that Colin cap and it is going to be the face of it. And that can't happen it is going to be the pitch man for. You know what it's not necessarily surprise and I think Joseph we started this thing couple years ago when this all came out. I told you guys I would Neil I sit I understand it's freedom speech and he can do what you want. I don't necessarily think it's wrong. I understand when you Neil. You know Don king junior and on the god those who think teachers you're showing its submission so I don't think it's a sign necessarily of disrespect but I understand. People's view on this Colin got information from a soldier I bet they say here Neal. And state counterparts but I've said all along. That this guy and when he thirty years from now Colin Katherine is going to be bigger than any quarterback any bigger than any black. Athlete that ever played in the National Football League. What he sacrificed in people can say can't play all these different things you'll see because when this thing's all when the dust settles and it's all cleared. In this thing is going to it's it's not even close venal and NFL's gone to have to probably pay millions in million dollars so Nike. They thought this thing out Nike's too big of a company just to say oh about a fighter CO Colin hey you don't look on his campaign. This is something joke it's been thought out for years and now it's come to fruition. Collins collusion lawsuit against National Football League just got through the summary judgment fee won't bore you with the particulars because well I feel the bar exam I was to get back at playing poker back in the days of online poker but. I do know this. Summary judgment was the NFL going for a dismissal right dismissal of this case before it got to the really serious stages you know lost that portion. Of this case which means it is going to proceed. And I don't think there's any dollar amount in the world they can offer Colin to make him going for a settlement I think he wants this an open court and I don't think he cares if he loses. He just wants this to get to a point where people meet testify under oath. And that discovery needs to take place as much evidence as humanly possible gets out there because remember. If you buying that team that turns over a scouting report that has Colin capita graded higher than some of the players they've signed I you answer for. How do you answer for those are things that are going to be in the public like Jerry Jones Robert Kraft individuals like that testified under oath right with. Vito reporting taking place by the minute on Twitter to let the world knows what's going on this is a very dangerous situation for the NFL but then. For Nike to step out there and do this for Nike to take on contact predict as its lead endorse or when they got individuals like LeBron James Kevin Durant Serena Williams Tiger Woods does it surprise you that he is now the face of Nike. It surprised me at first and then luckily yesterday loan I had a chance to talk after the show about it and what. Lowest saying about college cavity into one in thirty years and the fact of the Nike branded. Is associated with a lot of African Americans and you just mentioned a much athletes who endorse it and I know a lot of people buy their products as well and so it it makes perfect sense in the long play and then you start thinking about it. In the short term and already seen LeBron James come out on Twitter and say. I stand with the Nike. So now you're gonna see more and more athletes who are endorsed by Nike lining up even more behind Nike because they that they've endorsed called cap and agree he's endorsing their products. And ostensibly. Nike's endorsing Colin saying we stand with Colin and so to have that. Big of a brand behind the movement I think is powerful enough itself and of course is going to be massive backlash. As Americans what we do now all we do is argue about things by. The fact that they're going with the campaign in this fashion. I was absolutely stunned that the more you look at it it makes brilliant marketing sense. Panic to popular opinion the playoff the what you said and what Los at number one. Nike is making a future back here yet they're betting the future they're betting that 102030. Years about like lows been saying from the beginning of this. When history looks back on Colin cap predict he will be viewed far more favorably than he is now and as a result. Nike wants to be linked. To that association Nike 2030 years now wants don't appoint backing now remember when everyone turned on them we were there are ninety that's bad number one. Bet number two. Everybody's talking about Nike to death whether they're against it or not did right along when your point. Everybody is talking about Nike now. Not always favorable but everybody's talking about ninety at the moment that is a big deal for a company itself. NI ST what is taking place cannot Dante has this. In this is what he was although you're crazy in pat and you know guys do I gave they gave their lives and I gave them and I like I said I wouldn't elbit. Here's and people have to realize. Twenty years now thirty years on Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback Joseph Montana is a greatest quarterback to ever play. They're not going to be in history books. They're not going to be in college they're not going to be worked were professors are Eric teach in lectures okay those history yet it. We'll go to the football building rise what its okay. But the masses crossed not just they're gonna be in it and come up the world. This United States we heard the biggest and baddest and toughest in the most liberal country ever in where there will be some melting pot so people have to roulette. This is a part of history whether you want to believe it or not. That's going to go for further than just the US this boning and easy to its own vote because they say here's this country here's what this guy did in here's football. The platform is because football's the most watched sport in America in the world. So now you need to tell me now incident and regarding the most favorite past time. And you now what the what are we anoint people acting on its heat I took from. My community and so many people there because I've voted for trump. In people look at me like oh you're crazy because you don't you think changed knowledge and also now you like wow. In you have to express yourself when you get hate I mean that in laws at the thought father Paula why did you do that as it because my beliefs in this or any other. And but now you see what happened they take this thing even further. You look at a guy who sit get those you know lengthy banks ought to get their ass off the field from nearly the president. And all of a sudden you got a war hero and every once they know what's Tillman and all these or healed and you had cinema kind die in this guided when he won a lord of flag. In how hypocritical or how hypocrite are you guys on the text line just talk about who he died in Pat Tillman and all the different things you guys talk about for American. And you look at a senator who passed. Who was went and fought wars in did all those things. In your Prez in our president did that in and now you wanna die he wanted to say what can anyone say oh it's okay for him not to do that but the and he can talk about Colin and those guys on the field. What masterly one assert if you don't beat jest beach yes. It's. Hypocrisy cross alt plus it was house doesn't we'll set lowest since then. As well said I I saw pictures circulating. Over the weekend if Tim Tebow kneeling for the National Anthem which was for a different protests many many years ago. And that of course was glossed over because. It was an anti abortion drug test and of course that. The right wings or whoever else is is outraged about the anthem protest quote unquote they were offended by that so the hypocrisy that Lowe's talking about. It's in all of us I mean how many at anthems of the you've been to in your life -- a thousand you tell me every time you've gone hat off. Hand over heart and you'll quietly reflecting of course not so. That's sort of hypocrisy lives and all. One interesting point I want to bring up right now. Because this is gonna carry us for a little while is that we've had this discussion on air now for how about ten minutes. How long we've been doing this Pamela Bruins rough area you'll notice no one yelled at anyone. You'll notice no one's screen that anyone be little anyone called anyone a name. I tried to the real low by bringing Jessica Simpson into it didn't Erica did stepped in nicely but the point of that situation. Is that we are trying to demonstrate appointment this conversation. It can be civil. People can listen to one another in this conversation and we can try to work through things we keep hearing each other's opinions. We can respect each other's opinions that we can move forward because the biggest problem with all of this is that no one on either side is willing to listen to be other. One of the biggest hang ups right now is that a lot of people feel that the protest. Is a protest against the amp. It is not an anthem protests no one is upset with B Anthony yet that message does not get for a some people feel to protest against the military it is not. Bots. But because it is a protest taking place during a moment where we honor the country and because the military is often synonymous win. The country. People get offended by. Each side of the equation not just want each side of the equation needs to listen to the other war I agency needs because of a little too demanding should. Listen to the other because then maybe we can advance the dialogue. That is what they show in all its brilliance is attempting to do right now. We are not all politically aligned in this room we are not all aligned on several things in this. Different people with different backgrounds. From different areas. And yet. We provide brilliance on a regular basis I will go ahead hmmm very arrogant right now not home with how aware of the teacher that is our number one show in the world which is accurate or not. But that's the point we wanna welcome you into the conversation but it's gonna be back. It's gonna be a conversation. Idiot debate it's not going to be screaming match we're all gonna be talking well what's neat. If you ever read the book one day what's the title going to be. Were often and we let's talk I think it's a beautiful time. I think you can release a book with 300 blank pages and just that title and people will be lining up to buy it I can't wait secret justice. And then you open up as it was the works there now there are no where he's got a person in that I'm not aware of everything out of Iran how are not a word I didn't even dedicate this tonight on how. Act act. But that's avoid triple 89579570. Triple 89579570. If you would like to weigh in. To talk about Nike's new campaign would love to hear from but again we're going to talk about it we're going to discuss it we're gonna lay out both sides we're gonna try to reach. Dialogue we're gonna try to at least demonstrate that at the very least. It is possible in this country for people to talk to one another. And for people to talk to one another about an issue that is polarized. People from both sides activist screen the calls and take only the people some of us may wanna hear. We're gonna hear from everyone so the phone line is open triple 89579570. I will say this I always find it fascinating. When people who are upset with a company decides start burning that company's product for example there are a lot of individuals who are upset. With Nike for using Colin tapper nick as an endorser so they're burning their Nike products. Number one. Perhaps you could give those products away to people who are less fortunate people in Puerto Rico or around the World Bank. Who could use oh shoot those close but number two. If 84 lumber. Sided with something politically that you didn't agree with would you burn your own house down if I. They've meant to be funny no it's awareness does so fascinating to me it's hilarious Chevrolet. Was endorsing something. That you weren't willing to get behind would you push your car off the bridge. Absolutely whites only a pair of socks if Sherwin-Williams takes a controversial stance on stripping all the pain up my house a bit. And I'll immediately march I'll try to get my Sambo Johns did dead old geezer not her little these. Actually I. Why why it. Think that's a great I never heard it put those terms well that's the brilliance of the show as we go back to arrogant portion of the program now the brilliance of the show is that we're trying to create a picture. It's easy to burn a pair of socks. But if it really came down to it you get a burn your house down at the lumber company that constructed that thing. Takes a political stance or you don't agree with milieu would not burn down your own house because that would be insane. It's insane to go out and yet there's no reason for that whatsoever to be upset is one thing shore heavy emotion discussed. Speak your representatives get out and vote about it the earn your socks and it's select. The outraged Joseph because he think about a lot of companies and I don't know if Nike does this but a lot of their goods and materials on our made in countries where. The conditions of the workers are so sub standard and so sub par underpaid overworked. Child labor acceptable we're not outraged at bat. But the company decides to put a controversial figure out. As a spokesperson and now we're gonna burn our our Sox and the and tell him to shreds where's the outrage for all of the human beings who are being put out by these large conglomerate. Yeah now that long because it affected about one thing Amylin Eli because now on the shareholders who humbled by Nike B continues to plummet. I Mumbai why look at the stock drops and understands coming back so. You look at it why did they do it wider companies do it doesn't make it right. But it's toward the people the it's for the welcome people to be investing in stocks investors stuff and that's why they go to get the sweat labor and all the different things around three notes on that number one for everyone pointing out the Nike stock dropped yesterday Adidas Reebok whom every shoe company dropped yesterday it had nothing to do with contact Renee it had to do with NAFTA. Let's get the narrative right on that treaty number sue. That is one way to play the other side of the fence here if we're gonna present everything we do have to present the fact that contact predict who's trying to stand up for essentially equal rights. Is representing a company that does not treat people with equal rights who produce its product. He should have to address that at some point he should have to get up and what you're standing with Nike so you stand with sweatshops in. Developing country south that you know southeast Asia Pacific Graham. What do you say about that actually be something you have to address if you're gonna stand with this company so at the same time we can play both sides to it that's number two number three. Nike is in this for one thing and one thing only this is for money like he's not out here trying to make a political statement. They could have taken a statement on anything at any time. They're choosing to make a move here because they know they know deep down. It's about money they received more than 43 million dollars worth of media exposure and that 24 hours since the announcement was 43. Million that's like you're Super Bowl commercials right there. At the same time the fraternal order of police individual who's the head of that I guess maybe you can call it union organization. He is now calling for a full on boycott of Nike products so. 43 million dollars in free advertising. It is also leading to some negative publicity yet whether or not any publicity is good publicity is up to you but the numbers Tripoli 95795. So I know yet a full phone lines here lit but doesn't. It is a polarizing issue. I think he will debut at Joost the other night he stopped by the way over the last six months up 25%. It's up again today from work closed yesterday's sell you look at the graph of the stock and it's it's only been climbing despite yesterday's minor blue. Inching up there just get a because serious conversation just to get to the front of the but I turned it round passed. All right I'm just gonna begin in order from top to bottom I'm not gonna even look at what these people wanna talk about I am I am I don't wanna. Even be perceived to have bias this is about conversations. We will cut you off if you cannot handle the conversation. We are gonna prove it is possible in this country to have open dialogue on a serious issue without screaming. Yelling and failing to do the most important thing. Which is listen. AJ and Hayward Europe first aging Hayward welcome to the program the Florida shores. Dislike us they want quick bing and I do you really want to back up to cap. This year drop a lot note cap and keep. It's not bad bet but I thought the same down I didn't know if it was going to be quite high enough level material when he meals for the anthem. Now let's you don't protect does he make me pats should do yet they don't they pals here. They make everything the agenda Ali law. Well at all yet they are knee pads and viola. I guess they shouldn't be surprised at the first call was material rather than anything serious just did this that's what this show really Gillian off hitter who struck out looking but. You know he took a lot of hits. He could send it quite yet. But I don't you pitch it back the cup is a particular game was and how bad. Idea that maybe if we have to do legislative hours is nothing but jokes and everyone. Good time with the topic maybe that would prove the ultimate poll out beyond brands till NLV is on brand is Djokovic a puff up salad delay oh cell welcome to the show the floor is yours please go ahead. Thank god told him. Quite that I dislike them make that you know. Call your guys just so sick and tired of people being so angry about so many different today than it is not there it's gonna be something now. And let it looked like you and I don't understand why there had so much doubt especially when that guy. I don't like the congress and I can't remember what it ain't much good. All over Twitter because there's been this question at the town hall meeting basically saying how do you go about this protest in the NFL player. Like cute answer was always one of the best and that occurred that. You know yes we have a military men who go and fight for this country oh we've also had men and women. Have not won them are. I'm military outfit and have still gone out and popped out right. People like genocide Chalabi is people like Martin Luther King people like local art and everyone else now days that as grass root. You know apple. News good. People not like it. This is what they did have to do anything I apologize. Older people should just sit and listen let. You know this man has betrayed and that understand what do you make people better what along with. Yeah I'm listening to someone China help QB become a better person I guess that's what I don't understand what. Where he should be striving every once battered and Tom DeLay so I don't get it. A very uplifting phone call right there Jolo when did 957 game that's what we do with this conversation not answer your first question in the air. He doesn't understand why people are shouting let's break that down at its very core why do people generally shot. They shout because they want to be hurt and right now in this country no matter what side of any conversation you were on. People feel as if they aren't being hurt. That's how it's playing out right now. People feel as if they are being hurt so rather than listen to anyone else because you're tired of not being anchored. You're gonna shout and scream from the mountain tops and that continues to have a snowball effect which leads to less discourse and more animosity. Less talk and more action and that action isn't necessarily always a good thing can be a very negative thing is we've seen in places like Charlottesville and be not. So people are shouting because they wanna be hurt. Groups all around the country both sides of the equation not being hurt that's why we are where we are you and I think our Platt. Forms that are designed by the media and also through social media and also other platforms like read it it's a lot easier to. Have the birds of the feather mentality where you gravitate toward your side so any time. There is some difference of opinion you end up clashing because you're used to the group think on your side Riverside Iran there's so much of that that. When you actually do get together turns into a shouting match. Actually how the rhythms are gaining new to that excitement thing like the three of us can go to Google right now and we can all tight end the same exact sentence. But the same exact cents is going to produce different results for each individual based on your previous searches why. Kubel has taken upon itself much like other search engines to try to figure out what it is you want I think at the onset of all this they wanted to just make your life easier. But that's not what's happened. So now you're searching in your being steered right towards all the things that are geared towards you. Based on their determination. So the same three people can get C three completely different results because we're all living in these vacuums out. On Twitter I follow people. I don't even mean it is that you end up realizing following people who are like might as why would you could follow but on some what you dislike. That person probably has an opinion you don't agree with the comments about your following all these people on Twitter who. Have the same opinion every Google search and every FaceBook free those algorithms programmed PG what you want. You just end up living in a vacuum and it further divides us. From conversing. Conversing with the individuals who have a different opinion it's so that by the time we actually do those conversations that our conversations or screaming match. And it's tough you know try to be a little you know of the person of color to be at a school this predominant white. And you have daughters. And sons there. And you tell them stand up and as it would do things the right way don't argue sometimes you scream so loud no one can hear anything of saint. I said listen take it and have you beautiful couple don't get in a conversation but how do you feel in our house you know it's it's it's it's different. When your your kids at this school. And parents are tone of easing this guy's eighty a look at these a bunch of crazy day in and they hear it from their parents. And now you hear the now you're you'll black kid at a school that's probably why would 3040 you know bikers in the school in valuing these clusters in these conversations and it's uncomfortable. Because you're in here you're skating you think okay how did you would meet. In the overtime we use these are teaching moment for for everyone so I think even if parents don't agree with Colin and don't agree with all these things. Be careful of the words you say to your kids become because you do have a sphere of influence that. It leads to get permits to your kids in and they go to school and hear what they hear from the kitchen table in May take at the school and you hear all this rhetoric. Prejudice isn't it prejudices and caught it's caught. And so we as parents Wear the black white green purple doesn't matter the message that we give our kids. There's a lot of biking weather races in can teach kids eight and all those are things. These are moments that we teach we teach tolerance in our country continue to do that on both sides. We can be better off I don't have to agree with you. The let's respect one another is due. Views the first stage of learning silence. The second stage of learning is listening. That is lost on far too many people Justin in San Ramon Justin thank you for the phone call the floor is yours. According. Oh thank you. You know you're charger. Allergic to them which are the only reason have a problem with capital mixed met did you. You can't Wear or Fidel Castro or certain Miami. You get your girlfriend text messaging. Certainly showed the owner of the Reagan and later it says jango. If you're gonna say 10% being exported stand on it and quit quite a problem with cap it is huge pocket I mean. It's the same god it would hurt by Richard permit local talent and movie ticket you know the here after which we're Super Bowl he called good attitude. So I like technologies to accept a political standing up pretty cute that we need to change flat out no matter what other York. There's police brutality towards certain groups continue to operate. Can we please get someone that is a little bit educated and stand on something that they can talk about instead of just being a puppet. All right let's say it right there don't hang up let's stay right there. Do we feel and this is it to challenge again we're listening we're talking is there an individual out there that we feel could represented cause likeness or another serious cause. Who would it have skeletons dug up from somewhere in their past remember we do live at an age now where every single young baseball player who has a good game. Is answering for previous tweets. Later that night that does not mean it's right. I'm not advocating for it I'm not saying what these people do. Is it wrong but the point is could we find someone that we would try to teared out I get we sing about Cullen a lot of people with the Sox in the ways not about it. It makes perfect sense but is there an individual out there who could represent something like this without skeletons in their closet. I don't think cap after alternative ought to be upping if you don't know how. It's true I mean there's a lot of people like that certain. They've ever done it's your particular look at this early. Judge somebody on the seventeen year old saw we mind your your mind it and then let alone how you are like Everett has there're a lot of athlete. Bet I don't recall web and it's great general if your perspective and you apologized for the move on an example out of it that. Again I don't think captors. Mentally or intelligent enough to be able to move forward on the progress we've made it yet and there's Chattanooga and. Iran is Mardy or the bride James appreciate the phone call thank you very much now to your point LeBron James. Could still criticizing this could could he honestly be the face this movement without being cut down the now and can't even exercised. His NBA free agent rights without being crucified by half. The audience the guy opened this school in Ohio. And he got about six minutes of credit before everyone pointed to the fact that he didn't pay for every single dollar of that school's budget. Therefore he no longer deserves it opened two schools really get you do see how we go after everybody I get the cat I get it. Here's a deal there is nobody out there. That you wouldn't criticize now you might get less flack for certain guys. But there's no one out there even if you read that book and always an elective read they still remain realistic raise it did do all these wonderful things and they still guilty. Remedies what they've done for us lately he now you go so it if that book is even a fake book it is now it's all fiction. Why would he do all these great things he still quote as people don't want accountability. In the people scares people to hold people accountable so I'm look for this. Ambulatory negative because accountability he's been in their income and I believe in forgiveness column was wrong I'd totally do that last call. Castle socks the peak sucks all they did castle shirt. But can we forget. We we we we live in a country where I like I'm on the other side I believe that our president he does a lot of great things as a reason why certain people vote for. But morally at these certain things you do did you say but is he still capable. In the open tough questions of people afterwards that's why there's a lot of people that still love this guy in people understand some of the things we do want. So yes there's a lot of things horrible. The weeks what we won except in Wheaton in that's the part that I dislike teach tolerance that there is some good and bad and every one. I believe teaching to. All right I'm sorry Joseph that to a country that largely doesn't want tolerate and never has tolerated each other's cell. I think Joe's right even LeBron James he put him out there is free agencies vilified let alone if he actually took a stand. On an issue every did take the stand and I think it's what Tony Blair Renner road ever said stick to basketball are. I guess this dribble the ball yes shut up and really now that's a different young Blake ran out something I want a safer and it was critical in Austin perhaps I don't know I don't wanna have put the wrong I don't think there was and I was reluctant but did what he really at the is still through Tommy aaron's name up and I think I'm right but and you know that's why wasn't so relax always one of the older shut up and dribble the ball I don't doubt about that you don't I mean are something there and George Brennan. I had big dance violating everything by just throwing regular. The a civil conversation until that dad's yeah I think Tommy wouldn't like to be their first but more muted and quite frankly grant. Well let Greta don't do it without a flag from people suggesting on the sex and you could you staff curry no you couldn't. You couldn't. Stepped curry gets crushed in the media the next morning if he Shimmy shakes after a three pointer at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter of game five of the NBA Western Conference finals to remember that. Then there should be just a little bit people man he is so arrogant he is so arrogant how he can't be the face of basketball. No matter who you find is the face for anything. There will be people that tell that in the country out and during a weekend we can focus on that but there is no person that universally will be accepted to endorse any products. I agree at all I don't do all my biggest thing and the whole deal is parents and dads and moms whoever is listening to misunderstand. What we believe in the way that we delivered to our kids. It affects our future generation so wet there aside you want. Present both sides and say I wouldn't do this here's a reason why but I understand here's a reason why they are RER she's doing is what we should give balance. That's one because when your kids leave in near your house. You got a good as ever is that they're still represented new was your family in when you teach them hate you teach them this is 88 and almost Parse things. It permeates through that school in there's other kids and other races they get to hear this vero that's not from the kids but it's from new. So just be careful the way you go about anything that you discuss that topic that the issues that we all deal with. Let's go back to phones Mike in San Jose. Mike thank you for the phone called the floor is yours. Joined by John they're not a size 7 again good morning. Yet had your radio off at this level we will continue moving on and we will not make wisecracks because we said. But it was sacked. We said we'd be civil and women you know it's nothing but. Derogatory comments from that was a truism of red. At this level is we are not in Poughkeepsie people this is the number four market in the country we will have our ideals off if we implement. Let guitars. Penalty box theory on this is his bit on the shy you go to the penalty or no question we started this segment at 718 yeah. It was gonna be about listening and understanding of civil discourse I. I bet. Nothing but have seen the comments and won the handedly the one of the most. Radio experience in the room that was quite civil in fact I didn't name call I didn't shot him down I simply reminded he and all of our great listeners are up. Ponderous listeners to please keep the radio down when they're making the top spot federal court Nellie did you do you. It beat Cornell in Union City with. An odd. Mortal bella and I appreciate that Jerry York are awarded just almost sold about Osama. So and it's not predominantly white school and we would never stated or losing streak against her panache and at them. First can I explain term like two and actually if you didn't stay at. So. Even though oddities such a completely different we're now gonna put him in the situation it's never been a conversation short cut and now. I actually now that the conversation went somewhere completely totally different no orchard. Sat down did anything else before it. As soon right now than. They went a whole completely different area also well are just so where's. Everyone is senate post also when Nike did but that's important target global capitalist and bought the bottom on Nike did that. Also because I don't everyone knows that it is and Kumar what altering jeopardy. Our contracts so at minute debate about make money too so that support someone to make on that operation got certain. Agree points in their 100% accurate puma and a deed is we're offering million dollar deals. I key pad to you know what or get off the pollen that and that's why they decided one of the reasons they decided to make in the cases organization of this cost but at the same time. Don't think for 12 they didn't sit down at that meeting with Phil Knight and say okay. Big about making Colin cap or make the face a march 30 anniversary just to campaign. How will this affect us financially or do you think they just skipped over that question. She's not got it get to the artwork let's get amendments get a cup before I was out slogan may only use the swoosh on this one I don't now and it'll go for. At a team of ten people show the short term stock kid but the long term benefit and analysts about a number but 43 million in. The initial bump was going to be this it's gonna hurt us here in the phenomenon on the people can replace that the Sox that they burned at the doc I and I gonna come for a month I'm sure they financially went through all that. It is interesting Joseph that you hear even the blacks people that are hard to listen to a lot. Low you sound like all the time isn't it isn't you see how you see of all does someone did someone say an intense line on the front line. Okay what you got to clarify that as Cornell just called and I don't want that now all I did it wrong parts unknown that's so I'm not I'm not looking at the fan I but he is I'd have a feeling it's just it's just Yellow Sea life when you when you when you when you say this is the reason my boat. Not because I am the trop I just say. I thought change in you think okay the system is broke in here ebony and you see in elves and think okay how much is this is gimmick and how much is a real. And also now and he said Becky that. I went down there and I was now you it's changed my perception of this but at the same since. When you honest in you tell people this that you can steal from both sides it doesn't matter black white that's some telling me. People look and say well he's a sellout he's this that the other and you gotta be able to be undertaken in understand stand on where you gonna stand and that's what tell my kids as they. No matter what. I can't make everyone like dead. In everyone's never gonna like you don't care what you do what you say you can bomb the finest gets their you can do anything for people what they are never all want to do is let you. The day you think you get everyone to love you are except to. You're foolish that's never gonna happen but you gotta stand where you stand you gotta believe in the things you stand good better and it. That's why we're trying in this segment to just have open. Responsible. Reasonable discourse for about one full hour as sort of like we're listening we're not arguing. Some of us may be too thinly veiled shots. People on the phone lines it was unveiled one bucket when anyone out but if you wanted to chime in and identify yourself I think it's noble I don't pay don't you think the sign any of the five people on hold the UN or bring your a game I'm taking you cannot attack us but it can be done that's the point of this exercise right now. This isn't just a conversation in. So many people coming us and say we like to troll we like to have fun on this program but were also. In the business of educating informing him right now we're gonna demonstrate from 718. All the way through the end of the segment. Or more than capable of having a conversation. Without screaming at each other without cutting each other off without treating each other with this respect and hopefully. If we bring you into it and we continue this sort of thing may be rubs off. Maybe you can have a conversation. On a polarizing topic without walking away feeling awful without walking away having insulted someone to their very cool. May be and that's why we're bringing the phones and as well. Many in Fremont. Many welcome to the program the floor is yours. Good morning yen in the long time listener. Frequent caller we call a buddy swallowed up the lenders say they 10. Ultra light. How about your critics this man or this hole a movement that we've been discussing. An athlete actor Denzel Washington. Every now and then they'll lucky in that speech from remember that I know well which you. Like my issue with ninety in the two or get Syria Israel might issue at ninety. Outside of what I believe in what bowl only got a situation in this let the hot this real Nike. That would put how how how they are having all these switch absent in the east Asian countries and whatnot let us. Feel Mikey did put calmly get rid on the April amidst openly brand. Two years live and recorded his opinion. Clearly though they dropped quite arguably the most what are my generation that remembers he then we'll let receipt. In Manny Pacquiao because many regulate it in the big an impact Yevgeny he didn't they got a grandstand. Like cab when they did he didn't. Nobody nobody noticed what himself. Okay opinion apart in an interview and Nike. We'll import and that's what to that in making the right now. Number no I want her leg buckle collar and a Little League park in Monday to gain do you know what bold. You you can pay cap weekly to let the most psychotic people. That did this this movement. I have ever seen. And what I find me about that in that. To look at the context and understand the prepaid is where there is disconnect between. You know we both sides of the different here. Yes capital bacon the pig side cap rekindled in the Castro should not let up. I'm so that side what are you what my disconnect went that would make any little movement bing is it that. Do you label themselves as being black and our daughter is doing and basically. Profiled by the NFL and do not true. You've got to remember he had eighteen with the 49. We're almost forty now and we go looking at you risk and you agreed he wanted to test the free agent market. And make more money and it blew local I didn't eight. OK so let's not make him out to beat this this my idea that a lot of people people who are in there and ask. All right that is your opinion and you are entitled to it Manny in Fremont thank you for the call referring to Manny Pacquiao Pacquiao is very outspoken. On. Gay rights is I guess the best way. I should go about saying that gay rights and gay marriage and because of his position in the when he chose to take Nike didn't see things I'd I didn't see in the same way they decided to drop him. From there endorsement contract whether or not you agree or disagree is up to you we are gonna necessarily dive into the new wants and specifics of that. But it is a point nonetheless and it is one that's worth raising when Nike's gonna take one stance but not particularly stand up. For now I wonder you know my being so the caller would be because I actually agree what he scene and you don't don't.