JLD - 9/5/18 - Hour 1 - 49ers Starting RB

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, September 5th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show sharing their thoughts on the A's bullpenning strategy, who will start at RB for the 49ers, and the Raiders recent business moves. Senior NFL Writer for CBS Sports, Will Brinson, joins the show. 

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And there's a reason for that OK yesterday. While this very program. Reduced contents. Reduced are pro fire in the building. Sitter and many were escorted outside Wear protective what's the palace station was taken outside if you're on a the Sierras into Graham account she's one of the absolute best. Yeah they were outside in the streets documenting the fire while your boys Hala could have perished. Shepherded safely outside let's not forget and a guy get I guess and read the flames. As well she could've turned tail she is closest to the exit which by the way we didn't know our nearest exit Y zero I did inform the back room where once by the way I just have that it. It was amazing because I asked them did you find the exit is and then two minutes later I asked them where's the exit. Well I don't overweighting not really waiting on that you can you don't have people working for you that you need to go find it yourself so the big question Tibet. Were we left a parish. Because. No one thought of us because they're admitting he now much more or how are probably so important. On this radio program that they figured. Of all the stations in this building not a high seven Jolo in bids they need to stay on we'll get everyone else I think it's a ladder that you. Definitely the level of import that the art that we perform loan that we provide for the people is is so far superior ultimately. If there's an edge Schering tune that can be played it can be played on a little. As long as Serengeti and the crew out on human use that Denver and all the rest that bother safely out of the building then. All but no. All right so as we said how are you Jack former. Not former 49 Ers fullback gonna join us in just under an hour at 7 o'clock Kurt Warner the hall of Famer is today at 818. We've got a million things going on as we get set for week one in the NFL. A big shout out to Matt Coles. Original. AM every single morning Monday through Friday but. Again big questions. Is it vote pregame show or is it. The pregame show. We were you got me locked up now because this is like the Oregon wearing a backpack. And why am I standing because I'll retailer and aligned Tianjin now I got caught halfway between the door on the ice and then and in the dugout saw on the ease my way into it but you not read the emails I didn't I didn't but I but I chose not. At 530 to come in and do what you wish elected to do to get set up I did as much as I could but what I found a way is much as I could find that my headphones and SNL thing. No votes were set up which is critical. And not the back back though wasn't properly stored in the overhead compartment this Fletcher wasn't removed. The Dodd and other nominates a cam I'm happy to do the first segment in my backpack and I should quite comfortable. Actually quite odd here. Oh god I guess it is an ugly I'll say this now that we have a lead into this program yeah. The only person who was actually in his seat ready to go is Lorenzo Neal. Stop everything's plugged in he's the only one completely buttoned up. It happens sometimes you know it happens that I I just wanna tea appreciated. This morning what rat had committed ginger and I loved that you had money in the you know as a Timmy brown the flock the body heat bill was senate five yeah. Is and I thought to myself it's perfect for dips low and Anna because they can come in. No one's in their seat Asia are set up the only person in the faxes me because called ski as the host of the show tonight is in this seat so the only person being affected by this is me and yet somehow. How it some odd minutes before the show and it looks mean those what's the out yet there is no out everybody else. Here in his backpack because he clearly missed the unknown. Very comfortable I just underestimated how much maintenance I have to do as an older guy yet you gotta get all your stuff lined up properly you say have your creams accent training camp. Matt Coles he from the pregame show joining us now. Colts beat the hard hitting questions come early and often and ask is it is not pregame show or is it. Pregame show. While that is a complicated question that I don't think I have yet consider myself what's being billed as the pregame show but the Twitter handle is act prediction. And we're trying to get the bottom of it where you've not prepped for this question I was not literally the only reason why we asked you to come in this morning I thought of continuing to promote the program I thought we're gonna do ten minutes on Jimmy droplet I'm not we're not okay again I if I. I would go to the pregame show up pregame show yeah sort of needing to change is Twitter handle. It's shore I'm. Or does and that's the thing I can do absolutely how is your first hour. Did I hope people like did I. I am not going to have trouble filling an hour I am going to have trouble getting to all the things I wanna get to every morning. Putts. So far so good. Only given to people what they want the seat just I feel fresh you've given them what they want. If what they want us to be anger on the tax line I think I am perfect welcome. What's interesting is that that will bleed in the six to ten and then tendon and and then noon to three and then three all the way through you tomorrow morning the tax line has been renamed the fans lined by this program because it's really nothing but positive he from the fans yes it's a lot of hot fanned ten weeks and and there's a lot of emotion and I appreciate that. Well listen we appreciate you as the lead in from five to six this is the moment where we give the round of all yeah odds. Do need to get the business we begin right here. How below three home runs in his last start and it was against the tigers last week. There is no one vigil on the way Steve and a deep drive and a senator nexus going back. In the bottom of the second. Sadly it wouldn't last as that was the end of the scoring for the Oakland Athletics last night the bombers come back later in the game the score five. Yankees five K is one as the case trot out 12345678. Pitchers last night dips. Eight pitches as we now begin the bull petting experiment yes. Danieal Manning didn't look like a starter even though he didn't start until the second inning but he came out and he was dealing in the way things are looking early they had the lead. And you knew he had your strongest part of your team still to yell your bullpen by. Unfortunately it was a little uneven at familiar Rodney known to close the door and eventually good Yankee team scratched and clawed and the a's offense didn't quite produce enough to get the win. Your situation is as follows the age now 83 and 57 on the year they find themselves four and a half back of the Yankees. For that highly coveted first wild card spot Seattle shout about the loss to Baltimore yesterday after a freak determined to fight in the clubhouse get this. He Gordon second baseman for the Mariners. Escorts all of the media out of the clubhouse yesterday afternoon knowing full well they were about the come to blows Seattle then came to blows in the locker room. And it's minus 200 favorites went out and lost to an Orioles team. That is 41. And nine B eight on the season the Mariners are fading. And their fading fast but today the rubber match between the a's and the yanks it if you're the eighty's this is this cup this is gonna be because Luis Severino is taking the mound. For the Yankees yankees find themselves this huge favorites in this game minus 155 the money's coming in on the yanks. First pitch 705 tonight's out. Playoff atmosphere or do you find yourself in a situation resale low we just got to take it one game at a time. No reason to put anymore pressure on this game than any others it's the Yankees he might seem in the playoffs it's not over think this. Well first. On July I want to give a shout out and congratulations. We had a guy to go. Long wolf mr. deadly. You know he went on the move on an island yesterday all the said they wouldn't take days to do any good caught you know I saw plus unintelligible. Anyway along look think. I thought after watching the game you see these what one that he's okay here they go and you saw a press she's you know gone and those little slumps and we need now and it didn't. And you just saw this game start to get away. This game Joseph I am really believe that you look at the Asian look at the yanks. I don't think either team is saying we're in a dire need special way that you talk about Seattle Mariners fading. And they know these two teams meet again in that opinion on one game series so Scott did you see what happens but yet you have your days you definitely want to win this game. Severino is going to be the guy that you're likely to face in the wild card game. If that's gonna be the situation right now it seems to be set up a Boston so far ahead of the yanks say that the yanks maintain. They'll be able to set their roster over the final week of the season the put themselves in position where their best guy takes the mound the question would be. Is that we Severino. He's been a monster this season and today could be that preview but last year of anyone remembers the wild card playing game. He took the mound against Minnesota and got shellacked. Early he got run out of that game and like. To winning yeah I'm obviously I think you still go Severino because his stuff is just so electric and you'll get a good sense. If you're the Yankees today of just how effective he'll be against an ace team because this is not a must win by any stretch for Oakland is still would like to catch Houston but. More importantly you wanna show yourself. That you can beat the Yankees in a series knowing full well he probably. Want to go there and that one game playoff. All right here's how it's gonna shakedown. And about 62010. Minutes from now we are gonna announce the final. Possible qualifier for the Kevin Durant fantasy basketball camps but not if you registered at 957 game dot com you have a chance to hear name called. In about ten minutes from now I'll use check will join us at seven Kurt Warner will join us at 818. We have got a question for you dare we can an injury. Is it actually worse than anyone is letting on you might think to yourself season ending. How can it be any worse than that oh wait until we explain it next to alone dads that a by seven game. Need help getting out of debt. Dead in the morning. We've gotten an answer. The pregame show. Didn't show no way do. The video really is what. Football spaceship. Big game. Sure what wouldn't did continues. On 957. Big game. 49ers fullback Kyle you check coming up at about 45 minutes at 7 o'clock Kirk Warner. He's Super Bowl champion MVP and hall of Famer and about two hours. At AT team and the latest. Kevin Durant qualifier. Coming up and about four minutes here at 61 it's your boys Jolo and lives in 957. The game. Yesterday naturally. We were preoccupied with the news that broke on Saturday. Regarding the trade and all traits quick side note did a radio hit in Chicago yesterday. Over the moon ready to play and the rate nobody cares about the compensation. Nobody cares about the future they care about the fact that day just got better. That's what she palace when the Ritter appointed you'll be coming up at six which. But for right now we miss the Gerry McCann story we saved it for Wednesday because we wanted to get into our preview. Of the niners vikings game today we wanna start today and roll through the end of the week so go do some this news on McKinnon. Last play a practice on Saturday. Here's the ACL on his right knee out for the season. You're thinking this is huge blow to the offense. A huge blow to the teams fantasy Chancy as you look at the point spread you think about minor things and you start thinking about Albert Alfred Morrison Matt breed excuse me. Then you realize Gerry McCann and may never played snapped this team ever. I started looking at his contract they gave them all the money in year one. So what they want they can just dump him after this season and it turns in a one year eleven point seven million dollar deal. And that's that everyone can shake hands and part ways the niners really wouldn't be on the hook for anything else. Three point seven million and is 2019 salary becomes fully guaranteed April 1 when he nineteen. Three years left on the deal. The reality is he beat cheat you wanna bring him back next year you can bring him back for three point seven million. Do you coming off the knee injury knowing now that all the money is going to the lost year. You know parting ways that this guy without ever seeing a snap on the field. And at and that's why one reason why you do bring him back when it's on Monday cheer on three million. Three million is back at running back money now on the league you know it's not necessarily a huge contract for three million so in the worst is behind just so you can look at this situation and say. The pins and this guy comes back and you wanna see is that playing pre season I think they'll be a lot more pressure on him to warm. And a high level and pre season in many camp and all those different things around it but you get hurt now. You have over used to have a complete door near year. Take to get ready so you've seen a computer can come back at the age of 302930. When he tears at his knee. So is now unlocked Armageddon let's see how hard he works this yup that's this guy can come back. And be able to play at a high level but I really believe it's sensible for and I will keep this guy special reason why Joseph is you point out is based nature is only three. I know he was working out Adrian Peterson in the off season so he knows the war to Peterson went through a good thing yes the famous three plus hour work out did. We can it was dealing with Peterson. In the offseason so he's seen the work that's necessary to come back from it. That being said if I'm the 49ers I would just paying what you have to pay and then and move on from there's too many fish in the sea. And the running back position to. Put a guy out there are coming back from knee surgery and a guy who who doesn't have a massive body work it's one thing get to bring Adrian Peterson back after ACL is one of the greats and his Ara. But Jared McKinnon I think you can go out and find somebody. For even less than we have to pay him and get even more production. Who steps in for Jarrett McCain in Sunday against the vikings coming up in just a moment the right now. 957 game and the Golden State Warriors are giving you a chance to blame Kevin Durant its second annual fantasy basketball experience one lucky listener will win a spot and Katie is basketball camp. Taking place September 21. To the point that are being a chance to win you go to 957 game dot com and you enter. Now today's the last day summit with skip over the last read. Because it really no reason to do this out we have one last name. How Batiste from South San Francisco you've got 35 minutes to call us back. On the contest line 4154026865. 4154026865. If you know Al Batiste from South San Francisco. Give us a call back. In the next 35 minutes and you are one step closer to crossing over TD didn't start with you on this one major Kyle Shanahan who are you starting at running backs and Vegas that might. It's a mad freedom because of the familiarity with the concepts and the scheme I think Alfred Morris having been here for a shorter amount of time. As herb stronger grasp of a few replace so. For me go breed a guy who's been here a guy who knows a scheme that you're gonna get a lot of Morrissey in there and I think the way the two running backs operate being so different. You can have different packages and highlight each of them individually but to meet you start to Breda. I know semi and now I'm not on the opposite side of that I think it sophomores and what does he give you. Stability what does he give you a bit and credits president. And you know EC hasn't been in this offense he's been in its offer to skiing he is with Shanahan to Redskins and you see how what kind of year that he at. This guy has told the mail and he has been in the starting role. You look at breed and breed is going to BS can breed a young guy to go into a hostile environment at perform an eye level. I don't necessarily start him for that reason. I bring Brito of the branch I still give my life told but you have a guy that's been in the league who started in big games and opera mores in my opinion I'd start Helm. Then I'm definitely a give you a breeding in the game and let him play a lot. But I would go with the more steady guy and I think alpha remorse and fits this running scheme he knows had been blocking scheme is he's patient the guy can get it. I like them a lot better he looks solid in the gaming it's Indianapolis what you have to remember is that Indianapolis in the trenches at the linebacker position is one of the worst in the NFL so you can't get caught up. Too much and what they did against the colts. That being said. You weren't on any roster you teaming cold you got your opportunity ran with it meanwhile Matt read out who has more familiarity in this version of shake hands offense. Missed almost damn near the entire pre season with a shoulder injury. She got to worry about that coming. How much do you have to consider. The ability to hold up in pass protection knowing you're on the road against Minnesota against one of the most ferocious front four hours how much is that gonna weigh in. When it comes to the snaps in the rap Sunday at some like. I think noise and light show and I think that's why they're gonna go and offer I really believe that you go with a veteran guy. To kind of right the ship early. Ending you put you know he put other guys in and start you know off speed. But if you look at what they're going to be getting they're gonna get a heavy dose of those guys to you know walking up and they get the Mike linebacker double league. Gap blitz you don't get some squeeze some hard calls and offered to Lyman run backs gonna have to test. And I think because Al remorse and has been in this type of system for well under Kalish enhanced tool which I think this is a an offense that he knows opposite he's speaking graphs he's already been NN. So but I really believe that you are going to have to lean on a lot of veterans. And it still doesn't merit a wind still hasn't deviated the think that you gonna win inbreeding can run hard and breed is a good little back but I have for myself. I won't with a veteran guide guy who's been in big moment to start the National Football League. If you're John Lynch. Do you call Pittsburgh about lately on now yes if you John Lynch you've prior to may dad called because he's shown that he's got a certain amount of clips stock. He's got those don't think you need is a GM as we were called all nationalities and all cultures in the program they're low on good morning I think he's shown that he has. The ground and tossed the ball the trade of New England so he would certainly have that to call Pittsburg and I don't know if the fit would be right or if the price would be right but. John Lynch has done this already with some acquisitions but you look at that running back position and honestly if it's Alfred Morrissey guy who like Joseph said wasn't on any team. You got Rahim most dirt and that breed out. And it's not like me kids coming back in week six he's not in a concussion protocol. The reality is that eagle and guarantee six months of the absolute earliest and a really more like nine plus so. Do you really wanna go into the season with this as your stable your first full season Jimmy G-8. I think you wanna look for an upgrade you know on one hand. The running back position. This year and family it is unreal. At discovering diamonds in the rough and getting more out of these guys than anyone else could ever imagine Steve Slaton in Houston working under Kyle Shanahan Alfred more us previously at Washington. What they got an attendant Coleman of the Monte Freeman in Atlanta. So on one hand you'd say to yourself you know what. As long as the guy fits look how wants to do he's gonna get the most out of them. On the other hand. You do see how important this position is to this off that and to go into the season with Matt breeder. Relatively unproven and missed virtually all of the pre season due to an injury. Public out for Morse who wasn't even on our roster couple weeks ago. There has to be at least some level of concern. As to what you're going to get out of the position now that doesn't work in Minnesota it's not the end of the world. The vikings ranked number one in the NFL in total defense last year the only gave up 276. Total yards a game. Also ranked number one in rushing the facts last sees something to keep in mind moving forward. But it doesn't where he had some like it's gonna have to work against Detroit at some point you're gonna have to get this running game up and go. And you you you will and you have to. I look at the senses the 49ers I don't wolf they go after leaving on bail and his side you are the gonna look at him to upgrade and in free agency next year. Lay beyond and earning a spin that type of money I don't know how will do that he's already spent some money on this particular back that he has. You look at me cheer you look at whether the raiders backs it they have that's going to be free agency look around the leak in the about how many running backs out their. Is are they gonna just jumping in all would radeon and and have to pay a guy you know between 1518 million dollars a year. I just don't know they're going to actually view the running back position. In that regards because at the (%expletive) and success because of like you alluded to earlier what they've been able to do with the running back position. Find diamonds in the rough in those guys have performed at a very very high level source is going to be interest in to meet if they do happen to pick up the phone in John Lynch focus I think it may be John likes this guy and well who doesn't like when maybe on brings to the table but callous and he's on the other side of this he said look. I don't need to spend that type of money in a running back position. For my type of scheme if you're gonna spend that kind of money which would've got a got a colonial Mac ever gonna spend that time money give me an offer to tackle I really believe the way that he runs is sold skiing. You seem thrilled Dave's all these guys this. Family has produced is running backs you don't need it necessarily a bill cal to be successful in this office. As perhaps a little gun shy. Next season knowing you just gave eleven point seven million dollars to a running back he's not gonna give you a single snap this year actually hopefully that doesn't Alter the V can't let one I agree completely Alter your strategy moving forward but you know darn well when they're discussing that position next year. The pocket book comes out it might be right how much do we necessarily wanna commit more on this throughout the program we'll talk Kyl used check. Seven will bridge is gonna join us next he's from CBS sports Super Bowl picks sleepers. How will Mac Jimmy drop below and everything in between right here on 957 again. Tomorrow yeah Super Bowl champion. The dopey Eagles vs. The Atlanta Falcons. NFL lead at some 95 cents in the game. This Super Bowl game Westwood one's coverage of the N. Big teams. Chills going deals continue. On 957. Game. Market down take a picture and the NFL hall of Famer Kurt Warner coming up today. Eight team keeps your boys Jolo when bids 957. Became highly used check at 7 AM but right now we go to the phones. Senior NFL writer for CBS sports will Brentson joining us here on 957 the game will good morning and thank you for your time. Let's begin with the San Francisco 49ers. As someone who covers the sport nationally we love to get the opinion from outside the Bay Area bubble. How do you view the niners in terms of where this team stacks up in the NFC west this season. Our subject of more I think very. And I actor like the it is a weird. The organizers I doubt about that on the that this podcasts Gerald local multi time I guess the leopard podcasts ganguly. An ulcer that you instructor and I could but I that he bit. While debate that was a bit. This conflict I had a key to Richard Sherman and maybe then that cooled off significantly. In the public. Similar to the red skin in the instead. You're McKinley dirt down with a tornado reported yell out call. Well I'll light to moderate Arab League ball the ordinary bandwagon entirely. Or we did Hillary like bill but it wasn't actually the director kept much put it till you're a bit. Where journalists dropped and they get all these and their children people are cooler moment I'm her a little bit I think I think it's really more about. We like what they've done but they're probably your way in the and he has slandered the pair her perjury you're getting returned to trading pursche Khalil back at the property that that's about where am I think. Did their duty properly tighten our popular very much right earlier this all you've been on the very articulate articulate what their get a real. Gut check for your particular maker and administered on Sunday. Give the team that is. To complete and I'm not sure what appeared to argue that you get tickets are delighted guard they're starting receivers are great running game. And I think maybe the best overall eager pupil while even better than Jack course. I just returned to what they can do promote stop Iran Russia pastor I object in the secondary perspective and I think they're. We will hear real test out here and an amateur or outlook that they show up and they can they keep it close or even people beat the vikings in Minnesota. The plate to root typical corporate parent or the right thing and that's that state big game and in. Yeah I don't over react too weak one but it is going to be. Some of the put him more on our radar if they get knocked out by the vikings particular beer a real reality check indicating the latter's been. The first four games brutal us troops to Kansas City in a date with the chargers down in LA as well so it doesn't get much easier for the 49ers. The big question around here is what to do at running back might lay beyond bell be available for trade and if not. What other options and niners have to upgrade that room. I think I got surgery in Grenoble. Be it straight if they were so inclined to do that and you could speak. That lady jobs now you're you're an I'm actually just that you mr. at the very moment that you you have to wonder he. Did laid Nobel orbit we can you would happen we will record a way to do it. Didn't show up and retreated and so vertical tail that you'd. I did not drop that might explain that. I don't I didn't have a picture of desertion he computer repeatedly to jetBlue chief Victor 49ers it might be worth the sacrifice something. To Pittsburgh in order gently got bell. Are beatable or certain even I go to the Pittsburgh would be willing to do that apparently they want Nicaragua during this year ball towards the heat on yeah I mean that. I think if they're to choose to want to do that. That would be an interesting addition to his upper relate well. Calculating and I'll give you I mean my heart fluttering a little bit about the is that if we go Kirk are actual Algerian war the spirit they're just. They're technically valid is Ralph great pass catcher tremendous between the tackle lover I think he'd be incredible not just dumb. And it would be worth considering brought. Given what reporters soak into the division manager Kevin. You know given what your. The contractors there at you were completely committed to plug in your future are I would wonder it would one. Allocate much more. To their space in terms of air running directly credit. You are included harder dual I think you know what Turkoglu back. We'll actually being you know you Paula they compare the beleaguered dollar more than air dialed down drug look at the big dog on what they got bell. You really have to figure out what he walked in terms of what the market running back money. And when you when you look at you're not a time you have between now somebody might be top law but I think that reader now or more to cobble together a decent little. Up four redrawn again for calcium in and out remorse or a murder that a lot of success there. Not read or maybe the more athletic explosive up catcher or should major McCarron I can see Europe. We Palestinians don't work with what what Lester who bought yourself before. Yes I am counting green we do their pars are they beyond what's at the markets they got a will and a goal and if you were going to. I try to facilitate that trade. As so you're kind of sell in the San Cisco forty niners not think in you know every once think in nineteen went on I'm on the same side as you don't not this team is as good as everyone. I perceives him to beat on the decided they have the Oakland Raiders. We know who's at the Helm Chucky AK gruden. People give that you know this guy put in the morning coaching pedestal what is and isn't your UI and are selling this team gimme a break down on the raiders. As well. Are busier and spelling it employer aggressively. I Enron stock broker whenever Enron. You could address there Jon Gruden that era. What culprit could call him gruden at dinner about a lot not what you're acting do. Hundred all of you I mean if you're trading Google back. You work. Actively acknowledging pitcher Q you're probably not ready to win in 2000 and they write any complaint that the defense publicly even with colonial. Previously been reaching out that that. In a way to probably didn't sit well we'll back but it wouldn't be entirely inaccurate. This wouldn't get a computer teacher noted they drafted Cole Miller big kick dropped into the right director of all who hold out. I'd be coaching a did you have a very. Yeah I doubt whatever of rookie left tackle starting your Tom Cable. Ron operative wanted I just I don't know that nudity and a third round trickle marketers Brian Todd and remote later so I don't help anybody. Can I. I revert. I mean they're stronger raiders stared through all of I got there are DM from adult they left I expect. You're cloud the build political triple cheeseburger true to distort due to my counterpart Specter. Are you sure you got that because of your bills stay compact car at. No I got a terrible take out there and I know that everything I do that product they're really big Bill Bennett they're gonna come out me everything figured they wouldn't do it. Calls. Him a I. Did a development that scared I'll I'll remodel we needed I don't know I don't I do they do I think would be. I would raider two of the top I would I would be bigger it probably your doctor dirt there are other raiders undertook hit that eight were basically even Mario or decorum actuary. Or really doing sorted to turn against Oakland and you know I think I think under age is a pretty good bet this year the program I would be very proud. It would armed group of women. Yeah. More rooted garnered go to block our order so we are surprised and impressed. I do think you actually get to get a pretty good game against rim even worse about you know the players probably being a little. Disheartened by article we'll back cherry are heading into week wonders and celebrating our. Senior NFL writer for CBS sports follow him on Twitter she can stay up to date with a all the podcasting the streaming and the writing he's one of the best in the business. Will Brent sand will bridge in joining us here on 957. The game always a pleasure body thanks so much for joining us this morning. Yeah ordered repair. Opt back to what he was saying wit is first response the niners. Over hyped under hyped properly. They are over hyped now I think that but after the injury in what we've seen from the schedule since the schedules come on I think the hype train has slowed in. He's right on the money when he says it was at its peak with the Richard Sherman signing 'cause we all put aside the Achilles and then you start to break it down and while he may not be on amber send a knee is getting older and then you lose your running back Excedrin the schedule comes out so. I think as far as the height curve goes we're on the downside. Of the hype but. If if you want to beat Minnesota U shock dump the hype train gets thrown books again talk consumer. On Monday without a doubt soda over under proper. I think it's definitely over hype I think you look at this team you look at the guys it's on this roster. It doesn't merit a tin win sees. And then people say and 910 and you know between nineteen wins. I don't see it among them a matter side of 78 wins and that's a intermediate I think that's a rate season for the niners with the guys that they have on this roster he made an interesting point about. Rude and and the Mac trade do you think any part I'm not saying it's the primary reason you think any part of the decision for gruden to trade back to the bears had to do it look. I don't have a Mac and I moved him and have assets there won't be as much pressure on me to win this. Without a doubt and as we start to tick down the last days or even hours in Oakland in light of the recent news that which I know we're gonna get into. The pressure to win should be greater but at the moves their making. It's like in Raymond K Erica at the pressure's off well while Vegas. Act I think these opposite I think that that you showing you that he can't win any Sony can win what a match. You look at them you look at those laws and his plans off until line Joseph it's. It's older speed up you got some concerns rivals guys and played pre season because they were afraid to get injured. If you look at their schedule the raiders scheduled to meet. I think proved a genius. I think that he planned this thing any orchestrated this he's like the conductor of the center. In this guy's got this thing conducted just well I look at their first five games and among other side a great pompous and it looks like this first five games are brutal. I don't see it that way I see the niners for frog game the way more tougher they're planning its way more proven teams in the raiders I don't care how you look at edit. They are in a great situation. This this raider team if they don't make the playoffs I think it's a big disappointment when you look at the first five games they have a chance to make a especially when you guys laid out when did laid out spicy with the rams coming in not plan and got a guys have an opportunity catch them on on we nobody out not good timing and all the things they can do this team. It necessarily jail you look at it now I was thinking OK they don't have Kuo Mac so they're going to be a little bit lol more to sleep offensively I think they got a great chance that makes noise side selects. The people that next will we also this question with the raiders. Is this the final year in Oakland. And do you care if it's the final you're in Oakland relatives back with that next here on out of my son in the game. When once comforts of. The game. Chills going kids continues. On 9570. Games. If you want to weigh in on the following conversation. Phone numbers AAA I tried 799 cent triple 895790. Fives and if he can't but he won a vote on it. Go to the website 957. Big game dot com we'll check out he'd take your big poll question runs he might ask each daily Chevrolet. Self fulfillment here and Andrew Ross of these San Francisco chronicle have an article. Out today that you needed to read it. It's like this. The Oakland City Council has authorized a multi million dollar anti trust lawsuit against both the NFL and the raiders. Over the team's impending move to Las Vegas legal action that coliseum officials. Said could result in the team leaving Oakland at the end of the upcoming season essentially money money money money money bottom line is next. The city wants to see the raiders. The raiders have said that if a lawsuit comes their way. They might go ahead just bail after this year that's the stand off rat right now. Read the article Phil Matier and Andrew Ross Everett is the chronicle it's got all the details in the air but bottom line. Let's start with Dex is this gonna be the final year for the Oakland Raiders in the city of oak. I think it is because I believe that this lawsuit in some form will go forward and I think that the raiders I'll take them at their word insane if you sue us. We're not Dennis aren't gonna stay which he can't begrudge them for that so. I think when push comes to shove and a season progresses and unfortunately this will be our story line little pop had sent out like whack a mole. And it by the end of the season I think this will be I don't know where it'll go or where they'll play maybe the snow above center can have a second is. Very perfect couple years out of an act at I think this is it blend in Oakland ultimately. Ultimately the Macs with more in this stadium in Las Vegas has done is two years after disease you're gonna play at the coliseum this year. And then they're talking about. Playing in Oakland for three point seven million dollars as the rent in 2019 and then if you need one additional year like they needed an LA for the rams because of the torrential downpour last year. Which delayed the construction. 5000000 and twenty point that's not what they're arguing arguing over. So many other things we're gonna get it all those details here but the semis do you think all of this pushes it over the edge is this the final year for the raiders in Oakland. It's gum that's a right now this lawsuit actually happens and and do it named Fallon and becomes you know and you know. I go down this road I think so and I am telling you I think that San Diego is the place follow. You look at it for one year and then over to Vegas assuming that I'm lines cracked Armey and mr. Xue registries and get one or two years. If you're in San Diego you got all the people from LA that'll drive up. You got so many people in San Diego Chula Vista I mean weep when I was there. And zinni be more raider fans there than in our own state are solid the last even when. We saw last two years ago I mean when they were the last game San middle played Oakland in San it was legal. It was more raider fans mean we saw before film and his like it look like the coliseum. I think the best place for them if they do have the lead would be right downstream Sanjay that. And you know what it's easy to travel to drive from San Diego. Right over to Vegas you tot mom build a met fan base Jordy got this fan base the diehards here you gotta let them Southern California. I think without a doubt you got a stadium Marty there people say needless aztecs play there anyway they can just get ready to turn over the next day I think San Diego. Is the place form ago two questions first one. Did the raiders have a good business relationship would anybody. And I don't mean that to be spiteful but every time. We're talking about his third and I. I'm talking about on the field production which is talking about straight business to live a good relationship with anybody not did I can see your from what you've dealt with it seemed like to have a good relation to Las Vegas but it still it has a bird Sheldon I. Adults and to get there now while the guy that was that the guy who got them the votes for the stadium they had the stabbed him in the back. Hard to get what they ultimately want it so do they really have a good relationship but Las Vegas because right now it's not as if people are thrilled. At the idea of 750 million. Going towards the team if you don't read the polls down there the fans. They got a hockey team that went to the Stanley Cup final they're good with pro sports they like the idea of the NFL coming but they also see their school systems ranking fiftieth in the country and that's starting to become. And alarming concern for people. That's good counterpoint now I was forgetting about the shelled and adults and wrinkle in that whole Lotta loss race in the machinations that you're gonna Riegle were shelled and I'm sure India. He discovered that he was no longer end. On the deal but. To the relationship with the Oakland this predates the current owner goes back to the owner's father win. He wanted to move back to Oakland and so he got the city and the county did take out these massive loans to build the abomination that is now Davis so. The raiders are gonna leave while the city and the county still owe money on and I think that ultimately is that the backbone of this lawsuit. What do they have good business relationships without anyone. You know it because every time may come up they're fighting with somebody they were fighting with the league about LA and then they get kicked out of that equation. That they were fighting was shelled battles and about how was gonna play in Vegas if I would the radio station they fight with their TV partners they fight with agents they seem to be mixing it up with everybody. I really believe if it if the Mark Davis is listening. I really believe that he needs to bring in a consultant. An outside source that's gonna say. Let's look at your bottom let's start from the top to bottom from GM from organization's structure and let's go and it's find out what you guys are doing well. And let's find out which you've gone bad and there's going to be a lot of things are going well there's going to be held a lot of things into combat. And you need to start cleaning house or bring in people that are competent or bringing people they are least teach them. How to put things that teach them how to do business. Teach them okay when you got to exit strategy what are some of the things you need to maybe don't we could look to the night's. When you got San Jose maybe teach them business practice in them you know because there's probably a lot of competent people don't want to say they're not competent. I just don't think that they ever given the right details in the answers to the task because right now. This team doesn't seem like they have a good relationship with a lot of people in in when you don't have necessarily the pick pocket sometimes you don't know how to facilitate these things that make it work. You just don't get you know you you you crawl before you walk here you know your your own you walk before you run and sometimes this team is trying to run before they even started Crowe also. It's a lot of things that point on in to answer your question I don't think they have great business practice and I don't think it's I don't think it's intentional I really don't believe that is intentional. I think it's his organization buys. They need to clean up a lot of things. To help the fans to bring these fans with them. What are some of the things they're do want to ignore the community base you should be ingrained into Oakland for you you've left this place twice came back. You should have roots here in doing something to make sure these fans understand this transition and I just don't think there on front of the door at the right way do you think. Raider fans true raider fans in Oakland right now how many of them what percentage. Just want the team gone after this year we are not sooner rather than later I really believe it's about thirty to 40% that's a high. So about a third to do 40% of the current fan base is just like you know like it just get out I think and and initially a quarter but. Indian youth and a third or even 40% makes my quarter feel even a little bit low as I've talked to a small handful raider fans of late. Hui have either gotten rid of their season tickets or aren't going to then use at all to even see. Our game and no reason lemon so Heidi is because I think it's that. That that group of people and be what is in. I don't care either way right you know items and and then you've got fifty to sixty presented to steal guy or take the people who have an opinion. Is anyone who doesn't care either way move them out of the equation. There are some that want to stay forever as long as possible diehard Gator Nation can't find. Then they're also the people that have the opinion diehard fans that are just say you know what enough is enough which leads me in the points it. Anyone who's watching. Season two of ozark. Or who has ever watched house call arts. Understands how important perception is when it comes to getting bills passed when it comes to legislation. When it comes to anything it's gonna play out the public for. You wanna make sure your ducks in a row and that too buttoned up so that when you go after someone or you present something. You can sway public opinion to your side. I find it very interesting that the reported this lawsuit comes out about 48 hours after the raiders trade Khalil back to Chicago Bears. Went public perception is that close to an all time low for the raiders went raider fans and people who follow the team. Could be angrier suddenly your Kansas City looking to so. Now if the raiders had just won a Super Bowl and everything was dialed in. You be thinking yourself get out your city. Remember when the Oakland vs warriors being played out what the parade who was gonna spend for Wright it was gonna side with the city on that. It's the warriors they won the title with a parade pony up no one wants to hear about your issues. In that spot however in this spot. I think more people are willing to sit back and say what your financial issues what does this team costing us restraining column back I'm not exactly happy with them. I would like to hear about how you plan on going after them to get some money. You think that's a conspiracy theory that the timing of this was. Architecture that's not looking for engineered. In order to kind of. Step in a moment when they get to give me and I was out I mean that the City Council makes this decision and it's not a and on the docket vote they just decided to group that they're gonna explore moving forward and of course EU given to matier and Ross because they're the best reporters in the Bay Area. When it comes of this sort a news. And it becomes injected right before week one by the way in the NFL so even if Khalil Mac didn't get traded at I think the stories still gets broken out. At this time because of the fact that the NFL's about the starts the timing is maybe double coincidence in that Mac got dealt. You are listening to nanny by seven the game KGM's the F a mini HD one a radio dot com station good morning and welcome. To Jolo and did your 95 cent in the game Kyl used check forty and a fullback set to join us in just a few moments Kurt Warner. Will join us at 8:18. This morning. Fullback position. Exactly cost in what some of these other positions do which is what can make it valuable if you can utilize it the right way. One of the things we wanna try to figure out at some point is can you get to twenty million dollar a year players under contract. And make it work in the NFL. In light of what's happening or has happened in Oakland. That is a conversation that's moving itself. Into the forefront of the national picture but for now. Fortis had a fullback two time pro bowler Kyle use check joining us here on 957. The game pal happy game we can thanks for the time I need one. I'm doing good man you know excited I'm the Israel ball. You don't you get through the pre season you get yourself in this position you're gonna travel to Minnesota this weekend. What's the mindset coming off the pre season is it just you know what man thank god it's done it's behind us.