JLD - 9/5/18 - Final Hour - Cam Inman

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, September 5th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with 49ers Reporter for the Mercury News, Cam Inman as well as Host of the Sean Salisbury Show in Houston, Sean Salisbury. 

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Into the championship rounds of Jolo ended here on 95 cent in the game love indices incumbent. Could you do you have with them flags almost like now. Eking into the might. In on pretty chat now you can catch their retirement broad overview. Got an impressive man it's. Douglas can't throw that back in an official like at sixteenth and my eyebrow. And that is true anything can submit that if there's really not even that funny thing about it now it's unfortunate and his career. Yeah nowadays back on behalf you. A gambit. Would you how much you get paid. Which millions news or not. Would you take ten million had your career and by getting hit I would have like he was thirty some years Ochoa was done OK so. Yes and who's harmed he was seems loosen the grounds out. So easy to rest in peace I don't talk about demand that it's gone so then why did you start the conversation by talking William EU kind of change in narrative I was just salmon eyeing his tapes to the flag. Innuendo as dark hole and started to just as Orlando brown eyes and Gilbert Brown I was I was wrong in Orlando brown what do crackdown flight soft though real fight ourselves for accuracy is we. So why her leg is bad jokes at the best show I think you guys and try to hit a shot out and he swung amass the got to be held accountable for that only. Taking the inaccuracies can can go and try to shot at someone you've got to be buttoned up plus and its way to like himself. Cam and incidentally from an actor and six that problems men we some serious problem we started. Our own Twitter account OK yesterday for the show what's the official handle. Does anyone know how low and did a ND at Joseph lo and indeed dead Kerr gives it one day yes. Follow would help us out all the shows are going toe to toe to see who get the most dollars and one month's time. We're going to give at a price. We're not sure what it is just yet follow along. UK and you know what you come in and you can hang out low lol hang out with everybody and I'm for as long as you like to come your markets up. You bachelor party has come out blow anyone who follows the account yellow free for one around till next to me dance OK here we go. Those some peanuts to do my bit and now I got until years later do you not to bring your. Yeah you go well. There for a while playing Q&A there she got out of him that he's back at. Things different now than we all day appreciated did I I think than that singling out of view in this case is wrong and to analyze. Yeah. Although we just turned 39 Pollard now CNB quite busy. House. That's a lot of garbage like this it is good afternoon I'm pat. I'm. Yeah I can't name is gonna join us and a few minutes we're trying to figure out if there's anything that can be done. For the niners to upgrade the running back position. Very very slim pickings out there on waivers and I don't know how many assets when we give up in order to try to acquire a running back on someone else's roster at the moment. We can discuss Levy on bell in just a minute but come Minnesota on Sunday. Who do you see starting is the number one tailback in this backfield. Yes I think it's going to be offered you would get out offered out he's been in the situation with cal Shanahan offense he was here in Washington new watch the way he had some of his biggest years with cal Shanahan so. Look for southeast veterinarian and wade and he. Ran against the other night when he played against the Indianapolis authority ran the ball well and over a hundred yards if they would net. Negated the seventeen yard run so I think it's a meal LP he's been around he's started he's in ready for the moment. I'm gonna go with the LP for the starter will only really saw him against Indianapolis yeah wasn't exactly the best competition but you think given the track record. Given what you saw an Indy that's good enough to get the start I think all of the believed that both running backs will share the workload. Yeah the feature one of the most crucial situations you think it's an Alfred Morris yeah I do Joseph India think about the get a guy who hasn't played you know he's been injured the pretty much the pre season. And and now so Alfie had more game experience above as of late. So we had more touches as of late even though we was you know not on anyone's team to interpret training camp. It to let let latter part of training camp but he still had more touches so when you look at it like deck. He's not injured the other and MX is coming off injury shoulder all the different things around that's up. Go with the human then you know you bring him to bring him in as a change. Good luck following that up. Would you also go all Alfred no I would go mad Credo free and there are running back to whom he was reference thing I think Matt Korea having been in the system longer. Certainly this time Iraq I know Morse played with Shanahan and back to Washington years ago but. Pretty does the guy who was the incumbent is McCain wasn't brought in with. Prelim in the guy after Carlos high glass so you start breed your first fifteen plays or so or scripted any way you can use more us a bunch I think Morris comes in the more when used tech comes in an ad that true I and the offset I would like to talk about so much in the running game but I death Leo and Matt read a first. From the 415 my bachelor party is this weekend in Tahoe you're invited Lyle thank you so much for an invite. And I won't be into an ounce are about them of the west the big Fella go as low place mall down there and those sort of got this weekend. At home game it is a home game. It is a home game and during the schedule yeah assorted data they had a home in this week's on the go and check it out and eastern Michigan I think it may be. I'm just guessing but yeah September 8 eastern Michigan at 9 AM Pacific time yes early game so I won't be able to make it back to part. And I original over the oval I appreciate the offer regular old Jamison form and added a vocal or lack enjoyed. There's no direct flights from Middle East Lafayette to us public tolerate Henry you know you can and they jump and over the head to either place even having their everyday then hit the actually I got to fly no fly into either radio Chicago. Yet they don't have you know Lafayette at their airports too small cars that drive from India not Indianapolis so 45 minutes how about from Chicago two hours. I Cambodia so yeah. Why would give it to Chicago gets the box and say a couple bucks got more flights more availability flights bigger airport you know and sand there yet to airports there's in these little smaller you might have more availability with the flights but you have less availability with your time due to the access driving. Yeah that's true too but you always gain an hour to think that too you know Chicago's an hour hated so tuna heady ammonia gas so from from from me from Indianapolis so. It's enters in to times that's true. Annapolis is east earn in Chicago is central. And there you know let me ask him as at pelican at Bentley Tinto rather than fly into the time zone Landon one times and drive across. When you leave though your regularly. He's younger than our conversation this. She just asked me I just put John center stage telling him you know. Limited to the limit until the people my delivered and so adds up to the people. That is up to the people. Somebody get camino and on the phone did we not learn our lesson with Richard really a couple weeks ago I cannot be left to our own devices if we are asked to deviate from the show sheep. It is a train wreck. Fortunately we go to the fuzz it out covers the 49ers for the Mercury news cam Inman joining Jolo and dads are not about seven to game. Camden morning and thank you for your time the running back situation. Are the niners having any discussions about trying to make a move to bring someone else in for depth given what happened to Jarrett McKinnon over the weekend. Well we're gonna have a discussion there are probably happened a few days ago guys. It looked like right now they're gone without remorse that reader want you aren't they act he checked back and back at the spot back open. That's pretty much that the situation there and obviously. I've not on IPO on a mechanic on down on Saturday at that ornate yelled let. I think that's why they went out and offer more do we get a survey showed up on the market offer more out of Cuba even when he was under Shanahan haven't watched that. And 2012 and thirteen and he got 69 career start which tells me that he'd probably a lot. Celebrate more the featured back and Mahan and although I really like lip read out these quick key you know the offense. He can catch better and Alfred but again your daughter and no real hostile environment we won the regular. Not the plate that babri it is first career start. It'll be curious to see them because if there isn't an effective run game I don't think it'll matter who's back there because more likely than not won't EC more used check in the pass game and see them just straight up abandoned the run game. They're gonna against the Minnesota Vikings defense that was number one last currently. I think we can call it not the right game is gonna be great. Especially on top of the one that kind of deal on its way out of the all new lion this year while I Staley and make it out on the left side. MA technology games to get kind of Jon and they got a bigger problem back there guys with the enemy mortar attack that we've seen the battered by a long time out. A lot of people are predicting for governor trick or upload a lot. There's always been report that our quarterback in history out battle for Wagner but it's and you cannot sell the app you know ballot that ever happened that got up after my. Until right now they can't run the ball they got no chance you gotta run both keep team's defense are honest you can't let me just pin their ears back even in the ineffective you gotta run the ball in the National Football League anyway as they digest. I like to think about a guy who's their guy out there that they can get at the Booth DeMarco Murray you see this guy you know anything about you think is anyway essential for NASA can influence him as he guides think still until the mail. I think you can Alter that I need to amend or you don't know the value of our rusty. Asked. The old Fella just a little tool that bill and I heard you met them out there and little brown time but yeah are you didn't want proper tests show it actually Aaron. You're atop a little called John Lynch dumb I'm ready go let me go on NBC. Let's note you are not sure that illustrated ago. I don't know automatic I think we're at a point where. Especially that we want. Them there if you bet on Iran without first game after their key threat here I think what you what you in the first we may need that back and to a veteran treaty in market sure we got out there especially if I think you wanna be operated but all but you know outlet Alpert an expert and such. Dire straits battle on the watch crank on how it got two capable running back. They are not nobody really knew what they are gonna do it can and other than you figured you gonna bring so much more. Receding aspect out of the backfield. And I tell you what that's what argued chicken or are all Bob Barker out of eight. Premium position. On a while back. Nice cam Inman joining us here on 957. Big game what what's the plan at all three linebacker positions with the Rubin Foster suspended for the first two games of the year this has been a question that's been kicked around over the last month what are the niners went on don't. I think that plan might hinge on whether Malcolm. Our every beat out in outburst 49ers debut at long delayed even with the people and last year were packed in training camp. And she's battled injuries the last moment I have now anti shut up the camp battle and heel injury. You missed about three weeks right hamstring injury on Monday when we're here. Out on the practice field per where he wasn't warming up with the game a lot. Side though. Blocking but work on his own gently upon normal what the below see her again in the case is there going to be brought oil tank what rebel war. Let Warner rookie out of BYU victory linebackers back east physical. Rock oil is not as athletic I guess that you could pay about their obvious that our reports are. And these two guys whoever that middle linebacker that that you and I linebackers. They're gonna spaced out I expect a the stuff last year originally toward they'd yell or gain. And we Koppel followed Mike Cameron like virtually. Delicate ready to go on looking has accelerated at the abbey itself. They're gonna have our hands McNamara. Kirk kind of. Another player recovering from injuries Richard Sherman who hopefully for the 49 as little key the secondary how close. To a 100% is Richard Sherman and how important is C. To the niners in that the death behind a may be more suspect than niner fans would want. Yeah actually but I but I tell you do happen and I think that was the biggest lot in its server going to be helping but we won and all I'd indicate that yes. EU met all of that I'm a hamster academically to area. But I doubt it if I don't know how that. He kind of dawned clear out there all eight backpedaling. Macon McCutcheon need to racing downfield. Sermons so aren't Smart might be the smartest quarterback and I oversee however. You know I think you gotta be able you know bigger stamp and without your knowing what to anticipate he didn't help are respected by. Beat but I I'm very straight that you counteract that and ensure. Thought Kirk cousins that you make the viking behavior and a lot faster and if they're not Sherman that is gonna go build that Al. All in it checked in here. What can we expect from Armstead Mitchell but earned Thompson. I'd love to tell ya. Ed it's kind of the big wild card act call via the top take real platter with armed but error and all the ala. And everybody weight program emerges is great he tempered remember the ram years ago and they think. Came out all he why manager and out and cannot prepare and Donald right. Well has not gonna work out what DiNardo got out like you cannot so our partner and he's always got a big country respect he should have a big year I'm really expect by art. And we had a big star on him out of our sport section that it Armstead I think is a guy that people remote street out because each last year and they're gonna get hurt. Bigger guy and respects I've been. And then all atomic. The belt around a mop the editor remove I think what they're gonna do a lack on the be spent by the going to be unique selling games each to twist. Just to try to disturb. The next thing that they don't have a premier pass rusher and I just let. They're going to get out of that sort of like keep our eye on line. That's not very good and the vikings. As much as a greater factor particularly. If it. They've got questions on all that and the other not just Kirk cousins adapting to a New England got a new optimistic for Nader could come property. Up at the line really can be concerned about. Cameramen from the Mercury news joining us here on 957 the game. What's the plan at tight end I saw that Garrett Celek elicit as a starter Jorge kettle obviously is someone with a lot of upside. Oh we get to the red zone and could there be a flipping because we've been predicting kettles the guy who could be the team's best red zone target but I believe Celek led the team in touchdowns last year. I believe it to the current situation to have it or that the altar and I am the least this is. I I held that they if they may put that that be an official that turn out that are not certainly done by the coaches that. And I don't have operated almost they two tie it and starting usually at pelican you at all. Chela at an ever written now it looks like you shall be separated actual a special honor. I think that would really concerning the Atlanta comment is not a good time but he looks help pay his promise he went and helped a lot of rookie of the battle injury. And Celek not known as the most special event I would be very capable. Of the seventies and earlier too tied that it. Rocked our people are bigger or hope that aspect Kindle could be. And it and it might be is that it. It's a situation where you need to be helping them steal and I think we won't really know for sure until Sunday at poppy how much water you. How explosive is Dante pettis now in the pass game but that ten but potentially as a special games game changer. Are watching him return punts as Gary turned my parents were touched down the wash. And when they drafted MI LL be automatic they DeKalb about our preacher. Even more than that turned out it pretty target wide receiver questions about him going over the medical. But they've got so many other receive an option that I need a rest of their receiving all but I think they need to get them on the field but he and deal. And that that did not return they did Taylor back it. I tried very valuable your spot right now are back back injury in the offseason so I would not really a standard that lawyer. I'll keep at a blank. Cam -- covers the 49ers for the Mercury news he's with us here on 957. The game camp tour of the sub is always thanks so much for your time. Our Gary why. This story is horrifying to me read this to you it's from Twitter mother nature network. It's a picture of this. I'm if you see this Exide sand spider. That is highly venomous please let the Philadelphia in in sectarian now. The spider along with 7000. Other creepy crawlers. Have gone missing all god I want Philly and I did you get. What could not filling up your party and for your Super Bowl championship who's watching the insects. Seven that. Thousand creepy crawl these have gone missing in court including some the other thing it tarantula. That thing is. Horrified into the hunt the did they wanted to hear how like gather legged insect thing like if I mean most of most people don't regular spiders or does anyone have like a genuine fear. Ventura I think you meant like literary amber you actually tapped the spiders in and I think no I am I have no fear of spiders and bugs not at all. I know them I have I would have popular. I can't do it. But like that's pretty much normal do you have it to the point where it causes any sort of serious stakes are people that have a serious phobia with no for me rent a phobia for me it snakes that's the one I have the biggest phobia of unchecked. But I you. You I don't like in six and not afraid of them or snakes either but it's just. This that they mean I have been mad black Lumet dead you're on house is working on have been you know you think. Mean go to hospitals reduced you know you suck it up rub some dirt on it pretty much you know it swells up a little bit sad that I had bit map like well I'll hear a song goes love the days hey thanks Ashley went out you rate munitions. I'm so I mean shoot snakes go for snakes that live down a country Joseph snakes and how she got to go grab somebody didn't. Remembering them outside and so I grabbed snakes you know. Go over snakes rattlesnake you see it all and you play with those cats in a big deal. I would cry imagine you're in a room the size what would you say this room sizes square footage I'm not do with estimates may need 300 meter 10 X 10 and a he's about ten by 10 X 10 yes but this is longer than ten feet this is typical or not. I didn't weigh more than ten feet could you have no expert Steve NYPD I twelve team back in this body in here and that's the movement is probably yeah. Probably on fifteen against the pirates of fifteen by ten do we feel that that's reasonable to show is definitely lengthwise simply more than ten I keep pace it off you know it might not articulate tent. Imagine it's completely pitch black no windows. Four walls ceiling floor all that stuff completely pitch black yet to serve I didn't therefore. I don't know you gotta feel around the room. For a key the key to be take to the wall. The key to be taped to the floor summer on the floor but in that room is either. A snake. Four. Tarantula whatever spider would be the scariest what would you rather deal. I know the deal the tarantula because led the snake. The snakes can slow there and it's gonna lash out at you potentially that despite got a call on you before he gets you the snaking get you from long range I. I would pass out person at a plant to make it can be torrential can you gonna hit the spider over the same yeah but he at all yet. It's excellent but baucus are what's going spider oh yeah all right snake. Verses. BB wolf. That knows how to kill. It's already too. Some don't they don't you've got to get to the dual war. To get out snake are we talking here you talk like a rattles they are of that but so what to scare people constrictor. Well that's gigantic a rattled and I excuse scary. And it kinda con. Shot at Anaconda in Philadelphia I gotta get out and be a little gopher snakes definitely not it's quite it's it's not that the poisonous Canada after the boys this they have. Your wife has to be in the line. I'm not offering you a butterfly vs an OK I'm saying give me a bowl constricted it can kill him that kill a man are rattlesnake a commendable district was much more dangerous to kill. Focus richter. Well don't wanna go over the farm to the death that's think the veneman the book of the cold brought Iraq would you can kill you but what's scarier. Tia. That being the cobra the cult all right so you're in a room with a cobra. Or. Oh wolf. Which would rather face get to the door. You mean cobra. This code is sitting right by the door about the final mistake left and you'll spin move and I'll be around them all swim move them are literally have to stretch before you do a radio show. Not sure I saw you shifting more of Anna I don't. Have to Spanish but I do there's a good tutors did it give two and a half two inch used to rag I hit the editor why Grand Canyon of a motion to me and Joseph. Every morning before they RadioShack they're afraid he's talking about cooking a viper. Cobra cobra particularly Dubai or not. October's got a chance. Russell Wolff I'm all not the wolf that goes up against Lee and nieces and in that movie in a book that a wreck so all other you know. How grunt and die no matter what is Arnold and she just because a woman and encore for each you have BK will he got to the snake you guys. It's not a chance is the door he's going get away from the heat and the wolf with some language what I hit a wolf let's on the at least have a shot of hitting it under the. Trying to swing at a snake as a matter to you and AM in the background it's well I can't stand out. Let's give if you policies I think it's a little okay the wolf verses. Tiger. And. I words. A gimme Tiger Woods is nice that it's tiger. Tiger yet but it won't oracle IRI real tiger give me the will yes they're local but like the wolf in the movie the great idea back when I had my head of the den at the end I could probably will pull a tiger a little. You will a wolf over a tiger got weapons and stuff they get know what this this could probably know this room is like the religious dark there's nothing in the room. You know it's him tough gimme the wolf again I take my chance I had weapons. Don't you get their rocket launch a channel that we thought this room it was Phil. These shares I think I think he's got a real turn this pan into that stated dynamite yeah. Our biggest microphone I don't know how to turn on or off but I'm turning into so how did Imus stabbed the man turn off right now among my cat. Are right Sean Salisbury we won't ask him those questions but we will ask you to other I got there a point comic. Within the next years so we're at team's gonna figure out a way to get to twenty million a year players under contract and compete personable. Or is that completely out of the question. Joseph low bids back in a flash on knighted by some in the game. Need help getting out of bed in the morning. We've gotten an answer. The pregame show. Did show low do. The experience what. Football station. Big game. Show Boeing did continue on not 57 big game. Updating a story here from earlier ace stories from earlier. Outage after ESPN on Twitter Earl Thomas Seattle's safety has just told Jozy that Anderson. On ESPN that he plans to report to the Seahawks. Tuesday. Now that comes in the wake of reports that Dallas offered a second round pick to trade for Earl Thomas CR said no so maybe. There's a contractual situation taking place Seattle made heroes about to get more money we will keep you in the loop but for now we go to the phones. Former NFL quarterback and a host of the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk 790 in Houston Sean Salisbury joining us on 957 the game. John good morning how's everything on. Go Europe are in a warmer what we appreciate the time thank you so much for your willingness let's start with the big trade that happened here in the day over the weekend Saturday morning Khalil Mac. Traded for a bevy of picks to the Chicago Bears what was the first thought going through your mind as you heard the news. I like iron and I am glad I don't know what you know what the year coal it has been in the Oakland that they area and their fiscal. But I did not like it from me spirit are all trade away my best players as well. The coaches make another million I can guarantee 99 months that learn much and I like they're caught. The best player in Oakland collect better disposition of when their car that is my car and you guys know that something on national political war article lead Trittler your best player or what might be. I don't believe that and I'd also probably the greatest people we're gonna rebuild and four years from now will be good to beat will be better because the graphics they're going to try it. You Treadway best football player in the division the needs special treat you get rid of in the division that how. What may be the best player may be the best that the prep player in the habit. Welcome narrator Pamela diehard raider fans have been my whole life I. And I know somebody they can get 8 am I'm OK with current and I don't believe in the slot. There are willing to actually paid. They look like a running back he can't be paid like between immediate best quarterback in the only available here what do Welker you're built the team in my Michael you put that court that first. Yeah that would disrupt or second and the print out order quarterbacks they strong safety net. I didn't next debate right partner external outlook editor important is the guy who quote the quarterback at recap. And that are very they're very definitely we reached the recent market much Havoc as the quarterback I would have kind of leveled at. You know that everything could be key parent Eagles in the way when it comes to negotiations. Couldn't everything that is I don't get rid of my core best players. Look around the leak the Brady's locker. With JJ watt will be felt we go on Miller coming up earlier Bill Carmody Elliott but there are still on their feet. And they should be kept cool Matt a couple of the major mistake vital port operators. How much does this hurt the locker room for this season when you're in airing and you know that one of the best players did get traded for future picks does that affect the mood at. Of the guys in the locker room and what does that say to other potential free agents who might wanna come here. Having seen Mac not get paid by Oakland. Well I think that they create they will have an effect but there I try to look at every single buying. You know by itself. Like well I'm creativity and claim that pay MacWorld maybe they'll Pena. Tried that have put an umbrella if you're creating new political play in Oakland are a lot but is he won't be your greater. Bit oh record opinion when it comes time I think I try to look at individual electrical long history every single time there will be wicket that is going to get rid of the I mean that it got to take a look report the current locker room. And all those that are among integrate you do I think I mean it's bicycle for a walk out comment on and I wish you was there. While they're also concerned about their own jobs and went in what you can experience your preparation probably sure I get where you're getting ready to get yourself ready for a little hamburger or your money your name. And unfortunately. Attacked at or about the guy who's not look where that nothing to do. We collegial Mac. They have everything to do it themselves to keep their job they'll find their final spot without control. It he is you got to folk simply yeah now they don't want him for. And they're beat their given up thirty point game then guess what. You know what a way to start people who have been you know Mack hears the economy that you there's been a great respect it great the beach the reminder. My concern for the raiders have been overly explosive on defense last year and it. He is are they gonna have to score 3035 point BP bought. In the NFL and that interview took it you better without Coolio Mac got mail you can bet he's proposal and one guy does make it their. And oh Katrina didn't want to go to make it did what I don't think it was like the one that doesn't make it different but middle linebacker it matters is why you're paying guys. You know Florida does bear the pain in ninety guaranteed me a whole bunch of money so I do I don't think they'll. Think too much about it as they worry about their own rather they are there not only mitigate collateral which problem model popular collaborators so. Well but you all know is that they're not playing well how good a pretty good going to be and then go on and on paper it looks go the world released from a national and you've got to prepare. People aren't in the national intranet are greater than a look Lee decorator and have to score a lot of points to eat pray in the Natalee and it could well. It's got some great crap structures put in order to be a player out Keenan. I think you'll wonders eight home and I think the national focus and people are talking they're good they take you under that they were Campbell I'm not a big gamble but I'm not a heart rate I. I look at this to China might well I I think the gruden is gonna come out smelling like a rose on this service some reason not and I told you read the I think that you don't get rid of a dialect Cleo Mac but if you look at their schedule. The rams okay rams offensive line has not necessarily great they're defense should be unbelievable. But the what the raiders strong point is often to line and offense police don't you look at the second week they got timber Miami. Cleveland San Diego and Seattle. If this team to mean when you look at it it's a mean you look at that. That schedule right there it's a toss up there I mean has seen him very well be six and one may be 52 if you also. I don't look at their schedule the first I think Denver unproven quarterback his case he needed to have one great year. You look at offensively with the Miami Dolphins OK it's Miami in exactly the San Diego LA charges in a lot of injuries Seattle they've rebuilt and what's so I look at this raider team. I think you've gruden. Does well apparently he's gone luckily it he can look we can do look like a hero. All there's no question I couldn't agree more now of open you're right for a cup. I'm all of the partners is that they give me and I'm open liberators what historical look at great matchup situation one operator. Trust outcrop on the I'll go well why not put the reader the principal and principal. And partly. Eyeball or is just. I'm await so you can only play their ball pretty public are a lot of the if people in the right position. You're speaking you know after you know they say OK charter at all and why we go cross court or cheeks and a young quarterback for the Miami culpable. Quite frankly he's not a quarterback and they're over with the new quarterly you're right. But the whole idea and why it has ball well so we feel like yeah. We still got to play the game but I'm with you there politically in the west we go through it and real quick yeah. Believe what a trucker look to be divesting a rep and you know hundred Henry. Read that could affect every universe to think that would guard baker and preakness starters. And they are you ready that we can't cope. Nicknamed little app partners have been into the position that probably pollute we will let you read that DNA and change course so. Open and then let the record of it was pretty loaded. But it it's been my home can be I got a you've gone without Alex buck and now they're in the article but some jaw dropping play. Ballot I've followed apple because it's the most underrated quarterback Italy I don't believe. So while in the future mobile equipment that can be special I think there can actually pick a little bit step back on the importance he played a breather and then. You take a look at the Denver bronco pal I don't know what to expect from them credit on it and they law. You know that you won here wondered if that doesn't mean they aren't. Culpepper well quarterback who were here is similar to the decent computer or what happened in going to be like that allowed into their. Why not the raiders are two big guys. I equally. Trade might get rid of what. I got under twenties in the public order. And a former player of the year and every year we're talking about Libya where the now secret weapon in Scotland and they've been that are either pretty good on deep regret. They may not be hysterical that work there upgraded. And you say and then the whole go to first round pick a hole before our pick it was kind of cool Hitler. You know what he's done a greater I don't like a parent to go and pray. And it sometimes you can go look great for players and and I hope it works out like the ram your lawyer Donald great. But you know they're paying him like a quarterback so people who argue that but I could hear about two I want him in the middle market people. Sean Salisbury joining us here on 957 to gain to the niners we go in Minnesota to open the season against the vikings. No Jarrett McCain in who they spent a pretty penny on this offseason he tore his ACL on Saturday. How important is the running back in the Kyle Shanahan system. Very. You know with that comes from guys in the capital of outspoken doubled. Former West Coast which has been a part of them. The most you've been in the whole bunch of different systems that nobody in in the effort that it is important that you don't want what happened is and saw in Atlanta. Look look a bit with full screen and Coleman sure they're winter during that random BP year while Julio. And that's what they're due in court really really good. Live event that brought him back on the back field that ball and running it and I battled it caught the handoff on talk about coaches are so important. But our whole culture thing and in and that's hard Ricardo. The younger who has some neat little old soul who knows football but the little there could be at memorial. And what ought not arrogant that they got a pretty good understanding of what he's got. And they're gonna build and I'd like I believe the 49ers they're gonna get their history or are you I think there are right or can. I looked accidental launch an unlocked car also it is important element of going into what I think when you look around the league of their order. Offensively secretly operative line units home team. Is there a better all around team with a big spike in the top three or you see the get out and cook. Their defense could all come in Minnesota girl and applying the kind of been really really good they upgraded the quarterback position. Felt that they may be a talented. But little definitely. They they really need to ramp up pretty out to the different you can look at their their principal or bust them so there are no have a game plan on card and then you know what Erica. Got finally get the ball and what they do it used to recruit them well. That in Olympia time then spread them out and you and why secretly Kyle will foreign. At least the deploy against the looting the tension between them on it would deny Adam they've got bummer when the that we Terry you know when you go. And then you're caliakra I thought he was very. Under publicized and very very good player who I thought could handle the motive be in the every down back on a regular basis so I capable there's no question but. The fact that the courts are really good. And I think that there are underrated on the perimeter a little bit right now but they're gonna have to partly the court because it's been not only that in the run your. They create their own there and I don't think cut and run game but also play action and you can call the lat. And you know what sometimes you find hidden GeMS and unfortunately somebody get hurt by not open about somebody else. Call football before we play tackle football you better have got in the car while you're in trouble and and Oakley reporting that it could find that mixed culture and it that they are we gonna cut you pay these young bodies with Miller called players. Trying to connect or. Tough debut for Mike McLane seen the first round pickle started right tackle for the 49ers are fewer the quarterback Jimmy G issues. What would you say to the roku is gonna have to deal with a tough. Minnesota front and also a lot of crowd noise in Minnesota. Just you know what don't what happened is we get a lot of clutter and I and a quarterback recruit new government player. You know the first thing we start to do it didn't and if that what my later small school. I would actually I was in it yet remark that duty with another thing. You you you understand the big stage every week you're notre. Eat every single week now I'm a little bit about why they. The pick that would you know you played equally huge crowd that the publicity order the school were number one so beat up that for about pre heat the church. You know what you're committed it. He's the kind of know what you were great or not now when noble want daughters are more business. You can hear your didn't understand. It in the middle will do well typically your better what happens is gaggle of one of them aren't. They get a lot of clutter in here before you know it. The metal part of it is the technical side because it sounds like arch. What do that you know what you're playing your political thought political settlement could be and you know that going vehicle they don't let. That's relatively you know what they're good oh well you know you'll quit you know they really could beat her companion Karla what follows what play or. That people do which you do is no longer met in that by the year two could you might McClatchy of course skeptical I like and relax. And we'll pick terrible CPR apparent position and all that and go Jim the ball and come out quickly. The market take care of your got a lot of pride got comfortable about is we do a lot of water. They're good but what it meant that your your visit at the corner route and just go if you dominate your guide. Yet what sport do to prepare there that I looked apparently switches and all that. A little I don't believe he could dial it in our pocket and more you know we don't got guys in the first round only. A lot of would get to a legend and some of Antarctica and what they've got it quite that electric perspective I think what happened the very guy quicker that you collection. Is it environmentally. In an emotion that you look back and before you know you're like oh like gossip and back. It's okay important shook bigger than the rear view mirror you're gonna give up a sack leader in Alipay where he is an African in your Pamela oh what are got. You're you're dude don't worry about the resident Jimmy they hear the rest he got caught I was in a couple of Cullum got beat by and we grab you re great player. Sean Salisbury joining us here on 957 the game. You said something on your radio show a few weeks ago that I found very interesting that you were going to personally stay away from all issues regarding the national and them on your show there are some networks. That loved to talk about it there are some that stay away from it. How has that been received since you made that declaration. Gold medal commemorating the gotten more than pretty damn good. Okay partridge children multiple look at in the in the past so it's you being. You know there are currently in public schedule in my Crennel and I don't like usual abandoned well and the good information about it. And I and it I don't hear what I wake up in the pouring them right let telephonic it just below that they're put there recovered well fox. I don't care what the other cup it just cannot look at it might import people I've talked to. I'm I'm I'm worn out by. We don't know about that is so true that you don't report. Because that we don't have another socialist in the comfortable addresses but you know what I can kinda right now no matter what happens in September. What are we talk about it written word it's going to be a little pocket in different than whatever. It is network connection between September and February other than of course OK okay Intel won in court embarrassment in order to yell. I don't care I hope we don't let them being it doesn't look he is supporting the size it doesn't need be I understand. Why are completely. Understand and I'm all war period dreary we wouldn't be where nobody with a nonviolent protests. Or hope that I understand what you like some political social and get our yet completely to look at that. My point is that they wouldn't talk politics or government. My short sport 79. I a couple of slightly more point very clear on yes oh wanted to kill a bit on and on my show how I feel about it. I'm not going to the third year now gotten better at what what was it very he would out of that battle he didn't know it and why and what actually happened. Because they don't want to talk about what I'm not a bit I don't care who you'll. I. Don't hear what they're horrible they're very dark I don't care who put their power their hope that I don't care who is in the locker room you know what. We ought to compete over the Coca but I don't have it got the secret ballot I want football people are hired. People are tired sport and did we get it everything I knew it would it would hurt social justice. In the united political and they are here and rape to racial and go to dinner and got the our ball or pick them back. But we opened up my children and you know that Joseph six secondary have to get oatmeal this week and killed the secondary character at all it. Okay well. What they call gonna do with it is going to be ready and people met people wanna come auto export our show and talk. They're being independent record. Straight there and so we heard all that I choked up don't we patent. We will be we could pop up like yeah yesterday was elected to talk about critical aspect and I'm not. Yet called and it doesn't want talk about a nickel on another show called me a popular or you can ban treaty. I'm all Portugal are martial popular sport. We're talking to say that we'll talk about what the cup about the unnatural and I've already given my to be equal to the public talk they don't lecture. I shall go back so you know what and it predicted it would give it a lot of talk about it. They call them back to our call got across the street called pin to promote UPD you can go to I don't. Evernote a bit whether at and not enough of the social and you know this sort of about the food and American who brought a prop America. I got an up the back beating Lee might sport show. It is it is now we'd like what you people go to and I think war or recruit upward of a dramatic because the guys that are out. I want my belt. The people there are fighting on. My problem they're gonna military. Active stand ready effect that racial injustice I can't engendered does but it can't vote. I talked about it now but what coaches' jobs are crucial support stocks 790. And guess what not gonna dominate my show when they get their politics or not it Altria. I showed a book that will probably be released. From the dominant every single daily life the people you beat down and they may have every day I'd look in the what's going on with my 49 or Astro. That's what I'm talking about a Marshal and I guarantee you would like someone special February. They're gonna be a lot of strain that would get what you expect in the unlikely PayPal because you know what I don't call either side. I know what I do I stand for the national Tibetan political economic data melt. Absolutely not we all different of opinion and mining agent because I standard meal. And I got to the million current and it ain't gonna be talked on my show yen during the ball and football basketball baseball sport. You know in the lap car that UConn game worked one on all. We're not talking about it countless numbers of who you group bidding on an expert on Sunday I don't hear. Former and a vol quarterback and host of the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk 79 B in Houston Sean Salisbury with us here on 95 cent in the game. Appreciate the energy that time and the key endorse John thank you very much unknown in Ottawa look we didn't govern parts that. It happens yeah I think they you'll. What are your heart classic don't you don't thanks for joining us that's not a do you think in light of the Nike ad that drop yesterday in the news that Colin Kapanen will be the face of the thirtieth anniversary of the just do it campaign. That the interim situation this year is going to be messy here or cleaner than it was last year that was a mess we didn't know the rules. Roethlisberger in the Steelers they end and they come companies and American Andy singing many support his teammates the dolphin players have been told they'll be fine by that the owner. Some players from Philadelphia and Deon said they're gonna protest no matter what you think this is gonna get worse before it gets better in light of the Colin capita dues in nineteen. I think it's cleaner. I think you know see I think he's gonna see guys staying and I think it's I think it. I think that there's going to be so a lot of guys it just stand up I don't know you're gonna see a lot of guys Millen back. I think that Colin cal Collins. What he's done. Is going to continue to permeate in their at DC would Nike's dorm but. I just think it now I think that the league itself is trying to if you know what I don't think it's I don't think it's a problem because. I think now people want to move forward into an injustice and almost think you're still gonna have bad I just don't believe they guys are going to be so. Outspoken about it. Additionally I think that they're gonna show the anthem less even shown it all and I think that coverage and it. Will decrease to the point like John said last year late in the year. It became almost like a box score you know week fourteen we had twelve Neil there's we had three with their hands on the teammates reinforced sitting. And it became more of just a list as opposed to what the people I sure protest inciting and it goes away to a large extent players will still Neil I think you're right some will some will stay in the locker room etc. but I don't think it'll be the same hot button nation that was last year. That's a wrap for us tiny and the guru are coming up next they are gas free and filled with takes the report is that one of them is very excited about today's show. Well let them explain to you who that is the did strand a fellow I'm Joseph thanks rang about this and everybody we're back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 957 again. Okay. Tomorrow yeah Super Bowl champion. Eagles vs Atlanta Dallas and Zell leaves somebody like sit in the game. The Super Bowl gets Westwood one's coverage of the N. The game.