JLD - 9/17/18 - Hour 3 - Jerry Rice

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 17th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with the GOAT, Jerry Rice for his weekly interview. Then they continue to discuss the prospect of the 49ers signing Josh Gordon. 

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Late one time in in about twenty years that they go about fifteen minutes late. And the indelible bit so you know I I don't think. I don't think he's really serious about playing a football. Was really great story when you're laid I had to be like shock to the system Gerri if you are never late for twenty years in the one time you were late. What happened annual what was that feeling like for you. When they were terrible because I was driving back from sacramental and and you know I under estimated the traffic and and not just a little bit. And I think we had that meeting with that 8 o'clock. In night got fair and I got there about eight. 815830. Or. You'll own the major character isn't there a hot hot copy. Yes yeah hey look you know are pretty Vietnam as you know I at right now on the end on that's very important to me and not biggest spent a bit met this to my teammates to that you if you look up in. You know you need to show you page you need to be on time are you need to do it there right we need that Big Apple and that it will. You know judge Gordon he's not doing net. Yeah and Jerry you probably wanted to find yourself you probably read an extra bit knowing you you probably were an extra to practice you punish her own self put out in you know I just want to you know they did tonight and you know. And Joseph we'd like cake so these accuses some you wanna tell us my wife she's fine and people said oh. Oh you look like they've Jerry's wife her fiance yeah you may dump overtake you simply what what to explore home coach talked to anybody. I think he let let's dig if we let down low hotel that I'm. We don't know it all so this is that they don't know what Ike strikes. Jerry you know loan very rare. The line. Coach and even had a big Fella OK beauty and you don't get when rob didn't play nine or do you know. The niners. I thought showed up anyway Jerry. Look at this nineteen GG. On third down. So awesome as so many Eckert C in at you know some missing some of the receivers miss cattle early in the big game you know and tied in costs and middle. Some of the some of the third down really wasn't that into with 311. On third down some things we need to do to improve this part of the game. Well I think you have to sharpen up everything and you know third down move and all that very important. You know again had a couple. You know stole in to rip all. I think he got back about three times but you know overall pick up a way to win that football game but. Even big this really is paid not want something you know like. You know bullet between then and once you're in the rare bone popcorn cart now you not be brought Beagle. I think he could kick about three field goals and you know he put points on the board but when you get down and Everett Bowman you won and you'll you won't drop sticks you wanna put points on the board and in the beltway in Israel but colon test panel. Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 game two games into his second season with the club what do you thought about Jimmy drop below so far. What had there was going to be a little bit more typical fortunately because you know now. The as the coordinator they got a lot of film on him and they don't do everything possible to try to stop it. But it still ought to be up to his teammates to continue to make police you know like combat. -- what it would he would they would do man this guy that it might creepy. That he carried for about 138 yards and he went for 66 I think the longest cut output at niners. It might have been colored cabinet. I think he went ninety yards up like that little bit you know step into that now let. Get to those players to continued to. To support him and get open. Oh run to rock it and you know tell him where all the pressure's not on out imagery. What did you think of that down field block PR gar sown through format read on that touchdown run I mean that's a wide receiver paving the way for like forty arts. Yeah patella something that we prided out built on you know back in the state you know Dow Beale air it. Get an imposition. Is boring about it way to implement that basically get it and and I remember I had a game I think it was in a lot that the book. And John Italy or about epic bout to over eighty yards more ranking yet who got it down. He'll make that block low it will mean lol I had a though so you know I you know bill really. You know that bill really. Rightful. Could be able to bring John Taylor didn't let him score to try it out like that. Gerri big play yesterday it was when Jimmy to Rob Lowe threw an interception but there is a flag for defense of holding on George kittles who said later he was getting grabbed virtually. All the over above the belt below the belt could on the belt quite frankly what would you do as a player when a guy was clutch and grab a new ball game. Well you know what you gotta be physical with him also. You've got to know that yet they expect that. And and it is it the battle down the milk in it all about this year so sometimes you have to turn into the Bender. Way utility guy in that the ball popped the ball now. Billion auto they played the back there because it like you don't you quarterback he is crispy not gonna be Arctic all the time. Sometimes you can't happen be able to know him well in and that being built up in that we be it will mark and that beep you know all the. Jerry Rice joining us here on 9570 game I'll will jump back into the niners in just a second but yesterday. A bizarre scenario playing out in buffalo cornerback Vontae Davis decides at half time. He's done he retired he stopped playing at at at halftime any left. And he releases statement later but buffalo players aren't quite upset with something like that happening. I don't know if you ever encountered somebody like double what would be going through your mind if one of your teammates quit at the half on. Now you can do that that is so then you you do head. Before he started you had one training camp quick. To do all those things you cannot quit the one of football game because. It's implement the three of you or your teammate that you're you know that you're not completely on board. It and you're not part of what what we tried to accomplish here you know rhetoric so product but I'll block that would hurt by it left out like that is still great. God help me to tell all but decided well okay. You don't look at the pit road at night where you know it it beat a much I thought creep up now and and just quit. There on the ball game so. Competent that wouldn't know what happened with the staff the physical border now and I don't think it should happen with any pain in outward apart right. I can eager to mourn Jerry I think that's unbelievable for a guy to win the game at halftime says I'm done. A very very shocking to me at cal Shanahan when you think about the head coach there was a play third. First second second quarter. Well the minute minute ten left they get the ball back. April the ball three times. Allow all you know detoured to get the ball with a minute and I mean like him fifty some seconds left march down get the billboard. What is kind of the thought process were coaches. It north and at times do you want to run the ball the first time to make it team burn a timeout. Then you didn't try to get the first down mean used to have Thomas at what's kind of the thought cross what is kind of the best way have a young team you're winning. How do you go about their process anoint another team has three timeouts and you hope it's three and out. You gonna give them their team a lot of time with timeouts. Yes I did not think where are now he was trying to win bikini. You know right there but you know sometimes you got it you know you got it. Make him used those timeouts so you know I would've ran the ball may be. First down second down or something like that and it beat it if they were like. You know quote for the port down or whatever in pay everything. Route that this vision if you go pro what are you gonna just trying to out there are like that but I. You not think he was trying to state right now we need to win this right now and and eat it up to. The players who like get it done and they weren't able to and get it done. Gerri before we let you go we're gonna be opening up the phones to our callers on the Josh Morgan conversation because they wanna weigh in it's it's kind of split down the middle so if you were the 49ers would you bring him in if the price is right or is that a situation where you stay away now. No I would stay away. I think you know I think the guys. Is a great athlete but it is way too much caught all they'll battle being totally committed and you know he's proud the no doubt would just come in and induced bank bank with their fiscal order batters so not with stairway. Hall of Famer at three time Super Bowl champ thirteen time pro bowler of the great Jerry Rice with this year on 95 cent in the game Gerri it is always our pleasure thank you so much for coming on the. I think a lot you know look I got a forty minute what do five minute ride in this morning. So you know he woke me up like that you want trimmed down a little bit. I'll. Repeat for you okay Alyssa Medicaid begun Omaha it's you don't worry I'm a dent in Al I don't know I don't know what Kate. We don't fall completely accurate fix thanks Gary. And our apologies to low as always have to. Gives out halo they'll. He he's not it's never gonna get all at the end just always the work out comment for you TNT two dabbled I don't know BC. Is he capable. Of relaxing he seems like someone that's always on that's always got to stay in shape that's got to compete at some point it's just he's wired that he is that's really lead the way that he's here to joke that. He's always competing whether he's playing golf where he's playing marbles I don't care he must be first everything it's. It's crazy I'm going to work out he's got to rent every day he just constant push himself when he did that that's why he was such a great player when he played in his career the guy can't sleepless itself he ran the heels. I mean he still runs that he'll I talked Marquez Pope played a Fresno state came here as I. As you can train and be that low. A newly elected trained this dude is crazy so many guys would just come to train would Jerry man and Jerry's free and hell reveal any still wired that way unbelievable. All right so now that you heard Jerry spots. On Josh ward. Does that change your opinion we'll open it up TO AAA 89579570. Do you want the niners to make a play on Josh ward and your thoughts on yesterday's game. Your thoughts on Jimmy problem we got those grades coming up next as well again the number AAA 957 at about seven inch Joseph lo and it's gonna about seven and. She'll lol when did its continuous. On monster Monday he brought you by oaks card clubs FH daily Chevrolet. Benjamin Moore take us. Yeah. Eight pearl Sinn eleven year NFL veteran wide receiver will join us at 930 you'll also hear from John gruden around 9:40. This morning it's Jolo in Dave's here on 957. The game the question is very simple. Coming off yesterday's. Nail biter shall we say in the fourth quarter which the niners prevailed thirty to 27. Do you want this team. To make a play for Josh according. Court in the troubled Cleveland Browns wide receiver the report came out yesterday the crowds are gonna dump him at 4 o'clock eastern today. Unless someone is willing to trade for him before that. According to multiple reports. There are multiple teams interest at adding Ian Rapoport said somewhere upwards of eight to ten teams of call. One of those teams is the 49ers John Lynch said they didn't call they are doing their due diligence. Courted also in the wake of yesterday's report had a story leak probably from his agent and said he'd be very interest in playing for the cowboys and 49ers. Worked under house Shanahan in Cleveland and when he fourteen. And it's from the state taxes which is why Dallas is probably in black. 790000. Dollars is is cause for this season very cheap you have them under control for two more years. What is the risk worth the potential reward the numbers triple 895790. I said you just heard from Jerry Rice who said he would not. Take a chance on Josh Gordon so what say you guys will be it would left coast might. In the city left goes Mike what's going on. You know what's going on guys Jolo and did. You know was I would say good liar and a guy why not why not help to mutilate. If we can now particularly deep you know a little bit. He pled down the field I need to ticked up but you know I got to face some out there and I wouldn't be game yesterday government the end goal. And I'm sitting next to grandma and little babies being kidnapped and I'm Dylan might show up I know. I know these people are not there to support. They're being thread but come on man. Drink some putrid game up my boy the only one there you guys tell me now and tell everybody. I'm chair for the defense men. And you know what he's got a bomb. We appreciate that great uptick on the way out. Are all right so what's the protocol there it's been awhile since that. Place really filled up home opener there's a lot of excitement you've got the new quarterback you've got a team that's heading in the right direction. But part of the fan base you want veteran member of the places have been the everyone's complaining. Now it's full. But it's got kids in grandma's art make a lot of noise is that now the next problem I mean baby steps right baby steps let's go to join up and let's make a little bit more hostage. The evolution of the fan base as it's going in parallel with what the team is doing we know he stated team. Or about the team we don't go from being an Owen ten outfit to be in the Super Bowl the next year there's incremental steps you have to take and I think the fan base. Is in the same state. You go from San Francisco. Weary by the and you many rockets candlestick crowd it was a great home field advantage. Madonna Santa Clara and you haven't had yet but the team stump for the last two years and the fans evaporated so now the product is getting better the fans will slowly. Get better on their own. But some people just enjoy the game differently not everybody can go out there and yell themselves hoarse. I mean you've watched the evolution of the warriors fan base the live warrior fan base at oracle won it was ten years ago what it was five years ago when it was two years ago and what it is now this isn't a knock it it's just a different clientele. That's coming in as the prices rocks economics justification to an extent as pertains to professional sports. Just the idea that people are showing up is great. That's step one. Now you wanna make it a little bit louder but left goes Mike makes a great point you needed the defense to make some plays yesterday in every now again the fans. In my opinion do have a bit of an obligation to step up and make that place hostile. It's no joke red Seattle and its heyday. That place was worth extra points on the point spread bookmakers accounted for home field advantage because that place was so loud you can have an impact. The day yeah I thought I'd that the biggest played the game on defense and that third and fifteen and you you know its third too much you know he's gonna play cover four cover eight to. Eight people to have sticks you get the guys no one gets beyond the stakes is set on the sticks on the mark meaning of cigars on the field. Not back up. And to give that play up to go into weight they got rammed through peak in about sixty yards or fifty some yards in the play in usable. Inexcusable and of the defensive coordinator. And in no matter what they're looking at that same guys this is not championship borrow this right here will be does. This will be just in yet in the end offensively so we took turns. And they get their dvd images in any game were winning. We're winning. You know what. Don't stare down even though the guy runs the wrong route you're staring down breeder you stand on the random back and you just stared him down and you do the interception. You did not come off at the Helm all you stared now on the entire tucked. The the ball away June. Let's punt the ball. Let's live to fight another day. You can't build this pick ready airports is intercept force is fortunately for the niners. There was a call that move that game the first out but so both sides of the ball took turns. Keep in Detroit in this game. It can't happen. They got to get better and the fans they do got a lot of for the defense but the fans had nothing to do with that bad call it fits gotta tackle they should not have given up that third fifteen. Before we get back to calls on the Josh Gordon's situation. There is a case to be made. Back this radio program influence the outcome of that game there's a case nick I'm not saying it's a great case there's a case to be made. Sean hockey week the head official of yesterday's game son of the great and tons hockey league away. Take a listen to. Him addressing the crowd during an got a ton in my time out. How how is an uptick ladies and gentlemen. That's up to put out about it now listen closely again. For the uptick at the end. Time now. How incredible did it. And I'm starting to connect the dots and just how this influence has happened because he's very for a good friend of the program that coal ski. Who is the host of the pregame show mornings from five to six it precedes us. All men left the studio at 6 o'clock is doing is does. Going home between that is that he went to college which. Sean hockey league so. You've got shockingly the ref who went to school and Matt Coles key who invariably. Is a listener this program when he's in town to officiate a forty niner game. But having not a moment Bob. Which led to in order billions. That he likes to show he does the uptick clearly he has a bias anyone out there yesterday and they made sure late night game. When drop below looked like he was gonna let it get away shook. And for that flag on the line defense sorry Detroit. Good call you need to get your radio stations. To pick up billions listeners so you can influence what it is so you can dissect those kinds caller he had I think we'd get the goal and the hockey assists goes to popular and of course medical he had the second assess. Great out there are great up to great uptick. I'll Blake in San Leandro do you like the idea of the niners going after Josh Gordon. Yeah I think I am I'm a little crazy about but I I think that they should literally bring in a baby sitting club and and apple political. And just Ballmer around don't let him do anything it is that. Hey guys they figured did the baby it. And why. Why do you want to add that to the plate of your organization. This guy that we only requirement to be a football player in the NFL. Is that you have to play football. Do you know why I'm not a professional football player. Because I don't play professional football low why is a professional football player he is no longer why wait for it. He doesn't play anymore. Gordon doesn't play football. So why do you want him in on your team and then why do you wanna make exceptions for him. Make exceptions. For the guys who are making plays making exceptions for divorce Buckner he had another great game yesterday why he would bring this guy and say look. Did you differently. We did pay a little extra attention to. You have done nothing for this organization not to. Ever Cleveland to stand by this guy. For so long then only to dump him after one week I imagine what happened behind the scene for Cleveland and hue Jackson specifically to once again admit. Failure to once again become the butt of everybody's jokes. You know they wanted that got to play for the worst and a question if you watched hard knocks you know the story. And yet they ended up dumping them after one game one game which scored cuts now. Cleveland has no talent. Cleveland stinks they won one game over the last two plus seasons may need players like John escorted if they want any chance of ever winning a game again. They need guys like Josh Gordon so what they're saying now. Imagine what's going on behind the scenes sharing is niners are not running eight day care sorry. But it's got to be professional organization if you want professional grade results. And for me it's it's simple act XY sit take Dez Bryant and released Dez Bryant once applicable. Least you know he's gonna beat the game he always going to be available he's got better and just were not even close I get to. At least you have a guy that's hungry that what's it like just scored short a plate didn't make Cheney can't sit off the damage that was a Beckett didn't you know didn't have a relapse training. Did he's gonna get hurt. Supposedly had a film shoot. Doing something ME at this. It's a lot of things that's going on you got to think about how many times this team has stood by film brought in Becky and welcoming me and it all these things and now you weekly meeting moaning game and all these other players are short of the practice doing everything they all say he's not in pain you gonna get another chance. They've given he's gotten more than night. Klein he get those chances with Cleveland he hasn't had a chance in the San Francisco so if you're severed Cisco it's a fresh slate and a chance to get a player. Who is a freakish Lee talented guy. Who's only five years removed from a monster season in five years has not been. In this stage heck we've almost been working together for five years closer until really an effort to a feels like five trust me. Is like clarity let's 5 just this morning but I digest. What it is he is not burned any bridges Terrence this go. There's a chance to buy low on the guy. And maybe change your entire offense. Picture not it was that now if if that guy is getting trouble Joseph and you seem like a Rubin an unfortunate different guys got in trouble for. Subs and improves and you know things happening get more out of okay. I can somewhat see that. But it doesn't mean they don't wanna play. This guy is okay he's snatch one up. He's missing altogether he's missing in action so it's not like you say oh why don't data edit re no this guy's not even showing up he's door what he wants to do that's different that's what makes me question. Does he wanna play football I. I understand. People and I'm in our fourth second chance are you guys know I'm one of the biggest guys for giving guys' opportunity to Kansas you very apparent but I'm questioning does he really wanna play. I'm questioning is is hard to really play football because if you really wanted to play you'll show what you would be your time you would do these things that you need to do I understand about the other stuff but this is something new just. A direct slap in the face of the Cleveland Browns they sit. We might meted butt of the joke nationally. But not on this team because guys see what you do one in all the love and all they care and all the contingent we giving new kid gloves and you still not showing up for meetings. When you got the greatest receiver of all time of of all time. There's no we would talk about there's a debate between you don't the LT in LaDainian Tomlinson to a bug bit but there's no debate who's a greasy ball time and he said no don't know. What good. Is a world class chef if the world class chef doesn't cook what good is. Eight famous painter if he or she doesn't paint what good is a great guitarist who doesn't play guitar. In Gordon's a football player play football. All I know already and this guy that he's never playing football and his whole cartilage and bring him in which they treat he's really cheap will again. He's really cheap because visibly football to bring him in for cheap. No flash great players you can bank on it can help you win games they're not available for seventh round picks. Co go Mac is a great football player did you see what the bears had to give up for him. Multiple first round picks 23 million dollars a year. That's what you give up for game changer Josh Gordon is available for nothing because he doesn't play football. I don't play football either. But we're not gonna take a seventh round pick for you because you're not five years removed from a monster season in which he led the NFL and in receiving yards so for the 49ers have a contract. That's very very very team friendly. And you're probably not gonna have to expend much more than a seventh round pick. Now becomes do you and he plays grade and that ends up being a fifth or fourth rounder because it's conditional situation. Then you still win the because the player did what he played football so for me it's a very low or almost no risk maneuver. Obviously the worst thing that can happen is. You sign and you make all this pomp and circumstance and he goes Gordon again and either fails a drug test or decides he doesn't wanna play football but for me. You're buying low and if he comes in and shows you anything at all you've got a team control for a guy who can be a real game changer come next year when you're gonna need even more you won. Really operate without logic do you wanna save it doesn't work out we just cut him and move on. That just happened with the raiders in marte was Bryant that's on rudeness ledger so when people to evaluate gruden well you know he screwed up the McCain is Bryant trade like right off the bat you got to answer for. When is that what you wanna answer for you John allege because news flash. Again Solomon Thomas a we played 37 snaps yesterday to force Buckner played more than sixty. The Thomas pick is not looking that great it's early but it's not looking great Robert Foster didn't play again yesterday because he spend it. Now pettis look at. Fred Warner or slide all of the field teams got a lot of potential you're not gonna hit on every traffic but how quickly do you want your resume to fill up with swings and misses. Again it would be cheap parting ways with Gordon but. The media is gonna talk about it the fans are gonna talk about it is that remember this governing board and but I couldn't get on the field he gave of the fifth forum he came enemy they got suspended he's got. Go somewhere and he's going to make plays for someone and lowly gray case earlier by the patriots and I know raider fans out there listening you're getting a six hit in the bottom of their stomach because. That's the kind of team they could bring Josh Gordon and then help them reclaim his career and he can turn into a monster in the new be taken yourself if you're forty niner team. That right now is without mark he's good when you've got Dante tennis the rookie running the wrong route. And a critical situation and I love the rookie he's going to be good player you've got here at our son who's on me. The last few holes of the back nine of his career you're desperate for game changer and this guy sitting out there for virtually. And that's why don't bring Amy and let him go to New England let him go one learn how to be a pro he's not a pro. I don't care how you look at it I don't care how you slice and dice it the guy's not a pro. Yes and did had a whole season years. He's played yet he showed two play that he go up and get the balls to he's done some big plays last year we get that. But he's not available. The guy what is shown you that he loves football now understand you don't addiction number eight I'm one of those guys that has said and give me chances I give up part of but now peoples reclaim and you're still not showing up. So what makes you think he's won because getting clean slate that's why he needs to go to a place that is going to be tougher. I go to places that haven't ruled necessarily who would Foster on the team a guy that you can. Maybe maybe Josh Horton gives would this guy and it becomes even more poisonous now bolt these guys. You know unfortunately because there's still have addiction are different problems they can read it. Why put Newman put these two guys necessarily get it lit and later on. 23 years from now group also gate yet he mean would it just court right now my teen doesn't need that type of guy always in my opinion that I know that may have a bad day they don't always gonna show up he might be in cars I decide not to play tracks they normally do some delay. That in you putting neck type of weight on that guy to be your UB you're all. New England you know always going to be in that situation the pressure is going to be a disk to become. Did make sure that he's going to be reliable in right now I will one of pro because you can still give him any year or two years. After he's developed let someone else developing. In mean you can get the campaign after he shows that he can stay LP in he can be reliable let me see something and it's been five years ago I give it. The numbers you Wright did are unbelievable but it was five years ago. Why would I invest this you know a draft pick him on the niners especially when I'm not there yet on a guy that may not be reliable. Let me go exceed this guy be a proven product a proven commodity in the league before I invest if I'm the niners for. You can have second and third chance you can root for got to have second and third chances outside of the NFL. No one's saying that the guy in jail no insane put him on a barge and push amount of the ocean. You don't have to play in the NFL remember that. It's it's not right you don't have the right to play in the National Football League you don't have the right to play in the NBA. Given great opportunity great privilege you have a physical skill set that. 99.9 percent of the world doesn't have and as a result you're given this opportunity but if you don't want it. Where you don't care about it. That's fine if you have demons that's understandable people battle a lot but that doesn't mean everyone needs to keep catering to you giving you. A salary that more than 99.9 percent of the world had the opportunity to make. You can go ahead have you second chance working in a library or you can work at the mall we do work at a restaurant you don't have to get a chance in the NFL. Everyone keeps it is used it. It just like it did the enabling but did you think he has any remorse. This guy who just got dropped by an organization that is stood by him for what seven years seven years they've given him every opportunity. When he Burnham again and they finally said enough. He doesn't come out apologize to the team. Or the fans the first reporting is on interest in Dallas or San Francisco. Oh OK so all right. I'd also like to play for Tom Brady. I don't get on the field again I hate it but I'd like to check in the ring that comes with that should he win the Super Bowl. The daycare down there it's forward thinking by the player and I admire that he's seen the. The writing on the wall at Cleveland so you put it out there and all we feel we talk about players being disgruntled listen that he puts doctor this drone wanna go. And now word comes from rap sheet in revenue and port of NFL network that eight to ten teams are interest and so there is a market for this guy as much as. What are you guys what you're saying you to what you're saying is absolutely right for me and my spot if I was in John Lynch is seat. I would look to see if I could throw a seventh round pick their way and get a guy who I believe. As John Lynch and how Shanahan and that's not an organization that's now more buttoned up than it was when you had to. All those players Ray McDonald and all the Smith and all these other guys get in trouble. Got Ruben Foster who's coming back and you hope as an organization. All of cells behind new as a now you can take on a player who can be a real game changer I'm all for it. Because an iMac and I'm and I'm not disagreeing you about the guy. Camby game changer I told you believe that the guy could be gained. I told believe the guy deserves second and third chances I'm toll in next I'm in the same allows you and I just think for this team. Heard this organization that you already turned the page you're still fresh offer Ruben Foster incident that's that's going on around him. He's just coming back from suspension now. This is a guy that you already got a first round pick involved in this guy invested in this guy that you want to be your defense and leader. If that's the case that I want to make sure that I can hone him. A bird in the hand is better in two under bush why give to players in my opinion to the players and bring them in necessary now. Now I got a good group of guys you worked when them okay you guys kick pedal don't you offer declared you guys got to sit at this and hey you guys gotta say the and now becomes so much of ABC news team. Im im good I I've been around guys were you pick them up and they couldn't drive in certain things I understand it. But you have a couple of those guys. Now the team's focus on other things in and night the night before. Friday night there worry guys are sacrificing their family their things that they have to do in order to for the good of the team which is nothing wrong with. I just don't think this organization I don't think this team would be better suited for me for Josh ward it's just weren't gonna get a shot. Absolutely these are some teams out there and I think they would go after them what a question and I think he'll have a lot it's better success in the tighter situation by New England. No question the let thirteen left bill and develop let them take the risk in getting some doubt that special they got in for its control for years to two years. If that's the case. Then after that. Let me get a developed product guided knows the playbook that's been in New England it's got a great tool it's that's put pressure situation. That hasn't been coddled that's been made to be a man in change some of the things and find out this. He left football because he's in New England he's got you noted yes laughable you can't just not show up there. Ask Randy Moss what happened when he went there in the got his career took off in the right positive direction. Lady you talk couldn't make it work plated Baylor couldn't make it work. And it did league not via the actual draft like everyone who's got it semi organized does Gordon had the common view of the supplemental draft. House around Cleveland for a little bit had a great season got suspended for a whole year was out was reinstated was back was injured. What about the last eight years of this guy's life makes you think you can back him. What has he done. There's no stability there is no track record of Josh courted being dependable. Individual. One season you know one season sample size of jet and it was half a decade ago you. Could argue that the league screwed amount of multiple years in his career with there cockamamie policy of a drug testing for marijuana and that I'm gonna say that. It's an excuse for Josh Gordon because everybody has the same rules and he was unable to abide by them but I think that took away a lot of his productivity coming up you. Coming up to migrate your Tony thirteen. Fourteen he was doing OK in the he got suspended he missed all of Tony fifteen and then he came back he hasn't been able to do to stay consistent stay right so. I think if you get it in the right place and there's no reports that he relapsed or anything like that. It is head in the right space and let them know that he has one last chance in the league I think even work. However you like the place how is the right place a city that has a weed available everywhere. So I learned that the right place how is putting him this year knowing he's got a weed problem going to be the right moat. I'm better in Denver words on the legal longer well we'll we'll proceed to your point the 22 dismayed. And you know in and Jared came mostly he would do for the same reasons announcing because he don't mobile us football. If if it was just which you're saying I'm forty I'm 1000 what you see at the league matter Robbie he's still could have played its we'd ideally it'll tell. We don't have to agree with the rules are still rules that you misses the point if those are the rules that's fine. What happened the other day. Was not because marijuana not because of real let here's a guy judicial and I can be late I can do what I wanna do I'm not gonna show up I'm not dependable I'm not going to be a training get I'm gonna do all these other things around it that's why question daddy loves you talked about does he loves football he does he go you know what. People love football you know what they do they play football. Is really not that complex and I love dogs guess what I'm probably gonna have a dog. Hello my wife for probably gonna stay married like that's how the world works if you love football. You play football. I'm and that and that's amazing did so I I totally agree if that is the lead the recently screwed I get that pork but now. As of late. He's post recalling. You're still not showing up you're still Jack and around. Used missing meat you're not being on time you don't go to camp would give me all these tees is a way out. That's a question I agree with you forest maybe edit it but I'm not talk I'm talking about why is he still not do want it if people's weakling. That's the question I am questioning does he really really wanna. I would cite a broken culture in Cleveland as a reason and you know the same old story clean I think if you give a player. A fresh start in a new place with a new group of people. And how she and thirty work for them so Kyle Shanahan would know the individual probably better than anybody. And if you have a chance to talk dormant Sewell went wrong in Cleveland see if his mind really is on playing football again. And you Raymond because the guy wind right and motivated is a game changeup but you don't have on your roster right now. Now go back to the phones Eric in Oakland Eric thank you for your phone call your thoughts on Josh ward of the 49ers. I factory would if I think you bring in iron lowers. Not economic camp on him you know let the culture in Cleveland in little more lived and played there anyway I mean there's Syria and there's another shot there which permit and the locker room general field general didn't get yesterday betting on the sideline with well. What lane avenue Q your argument are gushing out everyone but it. This guy. Can put a young player like under arms. And and and really I mentioned earlier in the way you do which that we ought strategy speak now arm. Well it happened or not articulate border and be the best thing that happened employer opera if you right shin. Hello all it and. Good opportunities. So I don't see it coming to let me just listening very and you get an interest in going here and then go get up to act nice. It's nice when they do that now joining us referee Sean hockey alien the other billions of listeners. Are taking throughout the morning up ticking wanna. Immediately that's the beauty of bonuses immediately somebody grabs on off the screen descends it rally on Twitter page and the rest of the uptick to. Yeah I. That's actually shot Robinson amber hurt our rob thank you for the vote call viral way. Is gone all public. Let why are born though they'll weigh in will be gonna play out of it is. The niners need count plastic yesterday. Toward art. Or would you wanna want covered the that was written. They're bottom of it be what I want a result in which is why. In the dark it got good news there is no limit edit their own content though you know it despite back there when we shop is born is there. There ain't no where have all it is not a law is not there is that the exotic the body. What one would argue they're not you. You know there are there but are you know it might not been written that is what got my combat art is opening up another thing here. And they are a lot of value of the banking it. We know a lot of it is yeah. And over where your where we're. I mean they're not open it when. I never knew that caught well I didn't learn not been called coconut Bayer got it but I don't well yeah. That's my guy we talk a lot of trees that we don't get caught when you know ought to be detest. You can smoke weed and nationally that's when guys don't understand that's what's so warming Aniston in December we sending small. Guys don't get tested for wheat you get tested once a year. In these guys are beginning pot either they got pulled over in hand we'd on him and then they're in a program are when that once a year in you kind of know when it's happening to our plugs up for the wants us. It's a once a year and then once you get past that one time. Guys smoke like beetle they smoked so it's not like it's that hard to when you see guys who get caught our guys that are in the program. It didn't they couldn't beat one. Wasn't fifteen. Wasn't dirty so yeah mommy at least talk to my guys did ask. They don't get they don't test every day I don't Cody Sweeney army for mentally and so wound up. Well it's short term it's like the guy who won every year Beverly one guy tells of the come by you know it's coming you know it's coming you know exactly when that test is coming out and that's three what does it got to be like. Not bad and we. And stupid you got caught for apps do not know well you know a lot how how is that possible you know. And I don't I'm long gone. Because we got I don't get it profits they bring Katrina Teddy in office by the intense next week they just let you don't. And in May when is that during the season no Michael to. He's so sometime late April that April he might have one thing you might import to want it you might do another group brutal read it and not be tested again in July. So it's to our offense defense whatever so you know around that time. Any so it's not like some surprise test. So guys it means yes some guys can smoke is just. My biggest thing about just I think the guys element talent at toll understand whatever all the callers Hussein I did the guys not shown up the team's been behind dean. You can't pamper a guy more than what Cleveland. So and they bring him in to meet the risk isn't worth the award for the nine as if he's I just think right now does he really wanna play football letting it cut the clintons gonna cutting. There quickly and let Cleveland cutting in and if I wanna do it on a proven deal if he said. Now catching when his words 'cause if he can they cut him no one's given what clean no one they cut and went. So now his word to our played OK you have played here here's you can do it's gonna leave this here is that can be incentivizing we do this then the other and not give up anything if I can do that do that but I just would necessarily get a you'll probably know everything you need to know by the team that acquires. Right Healy it's a New England agreed bag that's one thing. He lives in Cincinnati. That's another thing I'm absolutely LeRoy Oakland LeRoy thanks a phone call it's on on. What's up guys they would send them. The 49ers. They seem like they almost have to. Take a chance on this guy because I feel like they basically based. On this receiving corps are are they such an economy in an assault woody it last year and start making these receivers better. And this year not so much and I think they all holes to take a chance one job scored now say that. You basically give him or about two million Puerto two years so there you go to champ owner. Just needs a change. Pop culture I mean he's been where we believe are sold moment Joseph. We keep talking about how this organization stupid are you but what organization what. If it's them who they organization it to its option organization. And I kind of liken it to Jabil Ricky where everywhere it. The locker role what it would Abacha local it's so what that monopoly they try to carry it and maybe it would have been barred. And then it comes to oppression organization. Like the warriors and he has a model citizen saw a guy it's. Need that and I think they have to take a chance on it just because. Think they'd they don't miss receiving cores so Gordon take a chance on which specially peek its gut. We're seeing what we got bush Egypt might need. A cold church age it might need to get. A proud of by you guys are professionals that are about winning and hopefully it makes you different dumb reportage you Q you guys have a great. And their points there fair points no doubt I would say they Cleveland yet dysfunctional Joseph Thomas had no problem there. Tyrod Taylor's not having a problem there right now to artist landry's not having a problem miles Garrett a rookie get a text NM last year he's not having a problem there are plenty of individuals who have played football for the Cleveland Browns and be able to get on the field and play football to do what they're contractually obligated to do. Now Johnny Mandel Lotta problem and now his tunnel Pacman Jones we noticed Cincinnati soda all dismissal we know right here we go through half the writers say that's your example is man's Al. Every team in the league has a man's cell situation in just you know am talking about players who were there who had problems and players who were there who didn't have props go to the niners not. Well yeah what's the point. The point is that the Cleveland's culture is for one a losing culture because they've. They won one game and well established we have over alert the analysts that a lot of last forty years on the show we talk about it almost every day we know that they're losing culture but there are human beings who played football there Joseph Thomas is headed to all the things the guys like perfection it's everything you would want a player miles guarantee young kid he's seven no problems that are Joseph Haden had no problems there and now he's up to Pittsburgh he's good no problems that get the what's the what's the point when you look at all these other two every team had. Has these issues. David Boston but the chargers that was a problem you can go to every team and point out a guy every single to right I think that my appointment is that the culture of Cleveland is like the culture everywhere else of Josh Gordon is having problems there. Maybe you'll go to another team and not have problems maybe he'll go there and he'll continue to have problems like you OK so you just said if all the cultures at the same. Then how is he gonna go from a culture where he failed to another culture that's the same he's gonna have success sets everyone wants to take the risk but no one can point to why what he's got talent why. What talent does he show me the talent the best thing you can Shoney's 2013. Five years ago via social we bring back Randy Moss does it able to see if Randy Moss mostly because Dez Bryant had some great seasons years ago one would bring it. But that's pretty good right now Dez Bryant's. If it it's this it's it's it's interesting justice because I think just has done get a job out of jail without a doubt he's in a job without a doubt he's a talent. I just an easy available it's not even about the drugs right now announce about distinct discipline in the love for the game and that's why Jerry you know Jay Wright's built at a window would be for those reasons not necessarily drug issue is just the fact that this guy right now is not dependable he's doing what every once so. May be a new scenery maybe the that is but I understand right now I this question is hard to do wanna play. In 2014. So a year after Gordon and his big season Dez Bryant started all sixteen games of the Dallas cowboy 1320. Receiving yards sixteen touchdowns first team all pro when we bring women. How losing in that you received thirty as a in 2014. Or received and I think Josh is five point nine years old right now so yeah he's 29 now does I don't know. He's not 34000. If I could go older he's 29 years old. That's why not even thirty I was educated and don't what are you wearing a brand in beds but here we go a year after Josh Gordon made a couple plays this Bryant was first team all pro. No wants to bring him then why do we looked at 2014 in his situation. Because we have recent proof. Recent proof that he doesn't play very well when he seventeen is one of those years twice sixteen he can't separate any more now would have that proof reported why. Because he can't get on the field because he doesn't play football anymore. We're supposed to believe that a guy who can't play is a better sign for this team than a guy who showed you can get on field. And one year after Gordon had his big season as went out had a monster season first team all pro. So what's the logic because we think Gordon can make plays the lodging investment. The temptation of the upside BK GE C a player who can still play in your mind you think if you get him right. Off the field and he find his desire to play on the field but he still has electrifying numbers. In him and I think the desert dry heat like you mentioned you see a deterioration of his career to the point or maybe. He doesn't have the same outside the Josh Gordon has I figure you're tempted by the what if with Josh Gordon Moore so than you are Dez Bryant. Kazmir Walnut Creek thank you for the phone call the floor is yours. I guess that particular call great Shirley. I think he's got it's not mostly about boarded it's more about Shanahan and go upload these guys are guys are our future and our team I would think they could bring the best thought anybody. That is why he got up on that it. It Kyle Shanahan engineer Rob Lowe. Are they good enough to bring them bring out. Bring out the respect them and the talent that Josh Gordon but that connect right now. I'm on the armed and ready to me this is Robbie Gould scene in the articulate our superstar and you know and I think I don't know what your bill that added that if we keep going this way I mean 200 yards Google. Lot all I mean he needs help big time and I and I just say I'm the test the waters to see it. Kyle Shanahan is really the coach he is and here we should bring the men. And I like Shannon work with community can I mean this is a great time attention at that my whole point. You wanna tell Shanahan. Ally attractive. From. Aren't certain abilities you know bring equity redo would someone that's like Gordon that like that you look at it and jam and and and came chanting and green out of him and that's my in my opinion I wanna test Shanahan. Bringing this guy. And that Shanahan can work with him and bring it out down in that told us straight they're mentioning on the guy for the future because they don't. And I and I don't like hearing noise you know that that is that Graf or doesn't have receivers could look like it's. He put those same receivers over and New England or what Roger's. And then go upload them that level he could indicate. That deep they keep it'd be the next Aaron Rodgers and Brady so. Why not we've got to give these guys are going like one of the leadership you know what you bring courting here that we look at when Chad Johnson. What I honestly don't even. Well that's an earnest until we make and a great point you're tired of everyone saying give Jimmy gee some weapons give Jimmy. In you that you could you're saying the same thing that we allude to that if Tom Brady had these same guys that are on the team now. There they would have success so Josh warn everyone believes it talents and now Jimmy gee wouldn't have a way out that's why assemblyman ducks scored to make a big trade. Antonio Bryant looks like he might be out there Pittsburgh is falling apart at the seems like that for next Jolo and dance not 57 game. Listen just kindness and do. The niners have a passion for when you talk about playing fingers. Winner's chances it would change the course of the game didn't have been more fun when Warner I mean this. Taller and they went toe to toe with the Minnesota like it's snowing that seemed to prove it's nearly 1957. The game.