JLD - 9/17/18 - Hour 2 - Beef Line

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 17th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs share their thoughts on Josh Gordon being cut by the Browns, then we have this Monday's edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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You're listening to ignited by seven game TGM's the F remedies you what they've radio dot com station good morning welcome to the program Jerry Rice into one power. What does he think about Vontae Davis quitting on his team what does he think. About the idea of signing Josh Gordon. To be the newest member of the San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice what hour of the beef line coming up in 29 minutes at 730. If you've got a problem with fourth and one in net Denver Oakland game if you've got a problem with a drop below late making that decision that got bailed out. On the PI call the defensive holding call excuse me AAA. Actually now. Stretch of flight again another number by this point. 4154038588154038. I mean eight best calls every Monday and Friday at 730 best of the best wins a 100 dollar gift certificate. Courtesy of our good friends at Harris ranch. That is when yesterday yeah. It was not pretty late but they found a way to get right like we've been talking about all week. Now we're gonna go through the drop low grades I Josh Gordon thing during this hour but let's start with Kyle Shanahan what did you think of head coach is performance yesterday. I gave a city. CEO we passed Greg and missy and I think that he Buehrle can cause some great games that. You you you were a field goal away from tying game going over overtime but it didn't have to its shipment. Minute Tony before halftime. You get the ball back. Argument what what you your run one play in this what I don't get what some of these coaches. They don't even run a play scene when you when you run the ball the clock continues to. If you decide to say okay I'm from what you know their teams not the area and know you're trying to Ben are you trying to put that you don't nail in the coffin and get another school prep time that's fun. But if you if you run one now you run the ball now the talks going now if you get a first OK now I can continue to pass but you've got to. Keep the clock moment you'd even have Detroit is a timeout. Detroit was able to get the ball with fifty some seconds left and be able come down march of two more marks the ball down the field because they have all their timeouts but you never made number one. In ticket Dokic of Phil go go time. If you run the ball one time in that situation. You make Detroit burnt eight eight timeout and now you get a first that's fine. At least you got the clock go once you put a team in a tough situation you can't do that that right there to meet you lost the complete great for that. We've got okay game management very important we talk about it here all the time you see it last night in this loser giants cowboys game fourth and inches from midfield the giants are public. Why did you spend the second overall pick on a running back if you're going to punt in that scenario that is just bad. Business and it I know you're on this year in the and they go for a sport that it is. Later on in the game with the public so gold usually it's Agilent will barely know what they're doing they are on the giants are as the as some other duo first at bat I managed to make it look like how we celebrated and now they're in the that I really don't know. Billion dollars on dollar. Friday yet beat the pokey missed that one yet low vs skins on loan mess dimmed with the hint where we out of that. A one game lead I believe in too weak to where we are out flat footed tie right now heading into and into tonight and so yeah why did one game better this week that corrected DRE both on the same tied to nine no no gondola. I'm on not he's got errors at the mayors like the Seahawks tonight yeah. Going to be its ability to build a game nicely in my language now. Sheehan and they're trying to go through the game management scenario I mean. Running the ball well great I'm not done because that too that's a situation where you could cost him points out that the team in an inning and it almost cost to the game. It almost cost should go to. You you've got to look at cartman is in you don't have a necessary you've got Tom Brady back there. NSA you got less what you don't got that side Brady just lost the portals yesterday was outplayed by the order all these forays no longer the gold standard and easy double b.'s play border left out all these things not more because not morals and he's normal homes. He wanted to add that I think. While X it's unbelievable on pace for eighteen this year listen guys play against these guys that just a little different in some deep into team okay. Then gave everyone expected them losers as an excuse for Brady. Oh pretty good he didn't play any place yet to mr. Olson who as it but I don't miss it. I asked Derek actually yesterday I missed on almost nothing good in 90% of at a real the past there were incomplete for the game and one of them was the most critical play down on the afternoon on the fourth and one performances half. 13 incomplete he just has a good and he was razor sharp yesterday. There is asking the spread needles man he bounced back. It was a bounce back situation here's a guy tick went to mount tightly integrates defense and England out there got the ball in his hand quickie so you saw our boy Cooper look good got the ball on his hands the guy's got great feet. In out of breaks and makes guys miss Mark Cooper. Is it dangerous guy you've got to give that guy involved. When teams press often need to stand up bowl a ball over to inspected the playing cover two unit Downey stand up living go to ball north and let this guy do work because he's very very elusive and he's hard to bring down like what he's doing undercard did television. Don't pretend it was not Derek through ten passes to a Mario Mario caught all of them he was ten for ten yesterday. I'm I wanna throw out another shout out to there's two we got to get to because we haven't mentioned in the show. Number 18 robust round of applause for the legend the icon Frank Gore yesterday. For the Miami Dolphins now to little Miami Dolphins. But he moved to fourth on the all time rushing list he passed Curtis Martin is now fourth all time rushing. He's up there with on the believable company sweetness. And that. I should probably know the third is it Barry there who's the third I. Connecticut till you know the man is image and it's up there limits wind and number two would be sweetness this news yes weakness in his and a history and history he didn't Jim Brown for. So francs one out. And frank Ben Curtis Martin your boy LT and then the box LT drop in might have to have a conversation about taking him out of he did it and that frankly but I'm more years and LTD I don't have the numbers in front of me how sorry let's OK I'm just let you know second among active rusher is the only guy who really has a chance to catch LTE is AD. Adrian Peterson another robust day yesterday you have Tony cared Tony yards on fourteen Gerri at Redskins looked really good yesterday juggernaut that is Arizona. Hopped up at home by the Redskins and and the Redskins go home get beat up by the colts how bad is Arizona that I am Bradford still we see in the leaked. You don't just say he was a ton of money at this is low milk got good job. Didn't go to Arizona no I mean inning Jeep had kitty cat he you know. Apparently hates America according to some people I don't know how we got and that's a vertebrae or I police say a car I don't block. Yeah reversal block on the mat greeted touchdown run and the wide receiver all the way down the field just allowing the way from greeted get the end zone that was an awesome played a lot and it was severed a 100% effort severest. Made and you see what he did on that play it you remember in new hope that you never in a situation where you give 90% because I was talking a low during the break about dad. First think our son does his hand fight to get in front of the defender before writing mollid on the field if he doesn't do that. Initial effort the guy gets in front of them and now he's in clip zone now we can do a thing about it but he hand fights. He gets like low set the half man front. And that's just pushed him all the way down the field and read a must've enjoyed watching him because our solid right in front of them all away just lock in on the defender embryos wait wait wait and they score. Slid into the defender at some point you just earlier body on the ground and hope you trip Rita why he's gonna let him push you through the end zone at some point you have to do something. Right do you really want that on tape you want to let this play you were blocked for 48 yard what happened here. Your body on the ground to get guests you can't over commit until you stand out in what's your opening to a slow excellent down which he did in your they can pursue is one it's just yet because the lions they're but not someone to challenge that lightning Patricia has got their defense pulls neatly still some art but I. Yes he distinct advantage is that but what what he was able to do negotiate an end here our son that was and we will. I called Atlanta. That's a guy just sit you know what I got the 12 and that may not I'm going to block this guy no matter what. Lot of guys quit on that like guys they've blocked in latest stop and let the read a bag go and and say oh it's over no that's what team. He understood asserts that situation I understood with a magnitude of ski in the end zone. That's what is an initial base struggled at the reds this this situation every is that now madam not on my watch here Garza on cinema DT here get a minute and don't did. Took Molly to the end zone unbelievable block. He gets a game ball and have bought that ball map block alone in ball that's what you want is the example for the rest of the team if the veteran high priced veteran is just gonna make this play. Who in this room is just beneath. It's really none of every what you got to make it plays like that literally got deep it was final football too early and again they're not gonna get enough credit because of what happened late that was an aggressive. Attacking defense yesterday I don't know how that 1040. Feet away from. This is an annual growth has been fairly determined I solo album got away from all right two big questions that are fans who lied about the if you want Tripoli 9579578. Do you want the niners to bring in Josh court. Beat. How would you grade Jimmy grapples performance yesterday AAA anti seven not 578 the money spot is next Jolo and did tonight at seven again. It's football seasons and not eat like seven roster at least. Interviews with Steve smear you change your a lot of good things would take away from that game for the niners could call. I think OK I need to dump three coordinator in the in the league guitars forty days you do. Also the ones who do you adorable little bigger screen your usual our goal brought Hawaii it's always. She every Bryce you. I'm a contract of that magnitude you have to live up. The key areas where balls being hit. Big game. Lo and dips continues. On monster Monday he brought you by oaks card clubs FT CD Lee chipped away. And Benjamin Moore takes. Welcome to the money spot one consecutive hour. Of commercial free art for use the thirsty. Listening audience. Because it's a monster Monday because we got the beef one coming up eleven minutes because Jerry Rice is gonna join us at 8 o'clock quote care and because Columbia. That's most important thing we love you. Let's begin with the big conversation that is on everyone's mind starting yesterday morning. Josh Gordon wide receiver Cleveland Browns apparently headed to the open market. Maybe it's via trade may be it's via free agency and he's released by what is at 4 o'clock eastern today I think is the deadline we're all looking for 4 eastern 1 Pacific. But it looks as if Gordon is gonna be out there now. There are two teams that his camp has is apparently leaked that their interest that the cowboys because he's from Texas. And the niners presumably because he played under Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland when he fourteen. It's a very bizarre situation that has led to his release we don't have all the details there's this report that he was. At eighteen promotional shoot any injured his hamstring. Then there are people wildly speculating about a potential relapse. I don't know what it is I just know that it looks as if Cleveland has had enough of the guy here's Ian Rapoport from the NFL network on the situation. I would be very surprised if Josh Gordon is not traded by 4 PM today in fact I'm told it is expected to happen we do not know. Where he's gonna go what we do know is there is a legitimate market and the reason is. He's a very low salaries under contract. Two years and this could be a very little risk experiment for some team may be good team. Wouldn't give up a conditional picks for instance let's say he's on the field for ten games and downs this season then the fourth rounder are bigger honor something like gotten back. How would actually expect browse to really get substantial compensation. For one of the big time. Talents in the NFL. This is not the whole story first of all told as far as where he wants to go cowboys and it is a spot that he likes not sure that's gonna happen at the forty niners would be. Another spot Gordon is also giving his hamstring checked out that is going to be this morning just to find out. How long injury that kept him out on Sunday's game that started all of this actually keep them off the field in general. Okay so to surmise Ian Rapoport from the NFL network on good morning football reporting on Josh Gordon. And this is Ian on Twitter few hours ago breaking bolting down Gordon is making only 790000. Dollars this year. He is he restricted free agent next year so there's two years of team control left. If the compensation is a conditional pick based on games played or something similar. It could climb to a mid rounder the browns are good spot this is all according to Rappaport so something happened the browns decided they're moving on they're cool he's going to be gone by the end of the day. Either cut it for they can't trying to trade partner or trait. So did the niners you look around you need weapons if they get about helping out your highly prized quarterback drew you bring in Josh Gordon. John Lynch said yesterday they made a phone call that they all are doing their due diligence. When you try to pull the trigger on this. Man it's tough I'm a pass. I don't pass on the niners. You know what I think you know I say he had bring in and guy you know certain guys we talked about you bring in. In you know once again bring this guy and for instance. 88 from Dallas because I write Desi Dez loves football. Yes doesn't have any drug problems. Desk and you know is he better just not even close. The least I know he wants to play. Josh sees cloud showed my opinion I think the guys think he's got demons and he's got things that he needs overcome I wouldn't necessarily do it for this team. Now if I'm on the patriots. Yeah I'm more alms is more settled when I look at Josh Gordon. I look at a guy like you know you you look at certain guys all the Smith. I don't look at Johnny mintel in the same breath. Because those two guys in my opinion to haul thing I don't know John I don't think time in Zell was going to be objective hoping that these two guys all and Smith. In Josh. These are hall of famers that won't ever getting. Beer hall of famers in these guys had a hundred million dollar guys plus there will never get their money because they got extra things going on Seoul with me if I'm the niners. I just don't all of this guy really. Truly it's exercise all these demons because you don't show up. Come on give it even come to training camp. They gave him a pass to try debate he's in a good situation what you think you Jackson not good to him. You don't think that organization doesn't treat them with saw anyone watch hard knocks. Day handled and as beautifully you could when they got the report that he was on his way to can't Pugh was so excited. So excited they loved this student or we all did ads absolute past tense this goes so. I think he's he's a guy that needs to be around a guy like number. He's a guy that needs to be around a Belichick. He's guided the go signal your mandatory you're doing this he's got the needs of culture change altogether I just didn't do it could be helping matters absolutely. I just don't trust in Joseph I don't think he's dependable there's a god given her before right before game is kind of took the training camp a trusting. I think he needs to be in place worked he's he's uncomfortable he's a place where they're gonna hold them took a very very high regard. And not let him get away with it and that's in the and that's what I just don't think this team is Keyes I don't think this team is the right fit form getting to New England that'd be a better fit in my opinion. 63200. We rely doubts that I can balance speed and explosion. Ain't polished route runner. There is a lot to love about does anyone who's ever around Josh Gordon looks at me goes you'll oral wide receiver because he is a physical freak. But there are issues. The niners have familiarity with a Shanahan coached him in 2014. He's very very cheap. For the next couple years obviously you're gonna be giving up a pick and there is most likely this is gonna go down the trade someone's gonna take a chance on this. Question this should united be that team. Absolutely because you've got a situation where if he does play well you've got cap space for the future and you couldn't have found a diamond in the rough and he's at a point where. He's played just eleven games over the past four seasons including this season in which he's one for two but he missed an entire year. In an over the years he's played five games so. Got a lot of freshness still in that body is the only question is to the lowest point. Does he still wanna play football I think all of a knuckle head or read all the stuff that he's done a I wouldn't characterize him. Necessarily as having quote. Drug problem he clearly had a problem with the marijuana and the NFL's testing procedures any continually failed but if that's behind him. What you're getting using game changer in this 49ers offense from what we've seen through two weeks needs a game changer. Edgar in San Francisco tiger thank you for the phone call your thoughts on Josh Gordon of the 49ers. I didn't want it does. In what could say I think you'd be a great idea is that that we do need of people read Oprah however. It feels horrible idea. They do whatever load off. So you go ahead and and kept it close to being in there. You trying to find out whether or not you'd want to look at. I appreciate the phone call. Dickinson was on with a us about an hour ago he made a similar point. How many individuals do you want on one roster in which you need to Beebe said you're not running it figured out there. And the big problem for Gordon who was his best friend in Cleveland. Johnny Johnny man's nose down used to love to go out to can you trust that he and Ruben somehow don't form some sort of friendship. And provide just horrible examples for one another. The thing with Gordon that people feel to realize is that. He's not a football player. There's one thing that makes you football player you don't that is you don't need to be big like Lorenzo Neal you don't need to be fast like Randy Moss to be a football player. You have to play football. That's it that's literally the only requirement to be professional football player now to be a good one okay. Now started into the nitty gritty but if you're going to be a football player and you are going to be paid by a football team to play football. The only thing you need to do is play. Football this guy does not play football. I'm not interested. In going over to the hospital to get my heart checked out by a guy who you know he does have a cigarette. I came here for the ducks but yet he's not here or that what good argued to me. And it's been nothing but excuses for it's been excuses from day one well you know it's just pot well you know he missed the photo shoot what makes anyone think that this guy's gonna clean up. He literally got like six chance Cleveland was totally cool with him when he was like you know what. On I just wanna check myself back in the rehab I'm gonna miss the start of camp and I promised everyone everything. I don't once again you guys stood by me I know the league cleared me and I have yet another opportunity but I gotta get myself checked out I'm just not right okay. Every once stood by him nine every what was like this kid. Once again he's he's trying of tests to make the right decision he's gonna go to rehab he's gonna get himself organizing easier to come back into in the round. He made it one day. He made it one game in the haven't yet another issued to the point where imagined. What asked what happened here for Cleveland to say now. Leave it looks like a bunch of shoe box because once again this guy played them Q Jackson looks like a fool this wasn't some simple I was five minutes late for a meeting. Something happened here to the clever Clemens and we know we're gonna be the butt of everyone's jokes again. We got to move on. The deal but a summons Joseph can be done but in my own house and that's what hue Jackson miss organizations it. We can beat him but do you guys the media did round and everyone else around the league sure will be to but but I'm not in my own house. I'm not gonna have Tyrod Taylor all these players that come and practice and work and are going to be an on time did but not come in the meetings grinding into how this stuff in a guy didn't do any of that stuff and he shows up and think tables to be able to play. A guy's gonna take photo shoots into all this that you do. I'm not the meat but here because if he lets this guy go out there and play no matter what kind of talent you Sully did against Pittsburgh guy can flat out play he's a boy dogging get a death I give all those things. But if I let him play and do those things. What is those other guys column all those other guys are working hard it's common practice that showing up and they know what's gonna happen you guys gonna stick it out there and let it go play and I. Not their rhetoric around me indeed LeRoy I've practiced all week long do all the things I mean we don't I'm sort of the mean I'm Don and you know. I'm dependable and you guys don't push judge Gordon out there you think I'm gonna feel a day right now you would've lost that team they said we're about out there but we're not immediate but in this this locker. This team Cleveland Browns teams don't win you five. Six games he's here 67 games here and they know what and it's not only would this guy because they can't yet you could wind whipping but you go to what you got on wouldn't win mess with them because it affects. He would become a cancer and more more a distraction because guys will see that he's given that kid eagle but tainted and everyone else is being held to a different standard it doesn't work. That's what I'm not there it's a pass why it 345 years away if that's the case go let it get developed by Tom Brady let him see what it's like a bit organization and regime that's not gonna put the kid gloves on you that's gonna hold you accountable that's gonna did you amateur that's gonna have you played football in yet who was not gonna give that grand big old huge deal. But that timeout those two years of active contract until. This would be in guess what they develop the man they had. They developed a leader did go public guy does not gonna be self is dead and now you've got you got bit with Tom Brady the kind of pressure it got to be honored you think he's added pressure now. Tom Brady bill politics both say no you gonna do this and getting help. Now in a year are two years he's a free agent Dan you've got to play here I want to nonessential and Michael OK I get it. Go there let him develop in big campaign got the thing you know he's been an immigration toilet right now to heart pester me. Beef line in just a moment but let me ask you question where did this guy Josh score Marty played college. He played a couple of different spots and I'm not mistaken or did you tell I was one around you to always one Baylor is where he finished can anyone tell me where he was drafted. Yeah he was supplemental pick from a supplemental draft this guy couldn't make you tall Danny goes to Baylor that he can't make it in the draft because he's a major problems -- goes to suck the supplemental draft. A lot. Look at what happens and ago its aid sesame Terrelle Pryor who was in trouble with a supplemental pay yeah exactly it's because you generally get run out of college and you were too late to get into the original draft because she thought may need to save of the year but you blew your opportunity. So he could make it where do you tall. He kind of made it work at Baylor ever wants all the talent but you ended up in the supplemental draft suspension after suspension after suspension. People will show you who they are just let out. What makes you think this guy's gonna buy in to what the niners are trying to do. What has he ever done that would make you think that he's gonna be a team got. All I need is one example and I might be able to get behind the idea of bringing him 2013. Yemeni monster year he led the league in receiving yards he was before that everyone. Has been waiting for granted us now five years away but. Playing doubles five years ago nobody had one good season on there and there immediately. Played five games the following year they got suspended for the entire sees you he's gonna Goodyear he's gonna tell everyone's being tricked by one good year. Not. One guy I. I do want an idea of standing did so I'd love to have a me know what a deviant if you hit seventh round pick they can escalate to a fifth that he has more than seven touchdowns and I think that would work getting that I don't excel more. The reports are now that eight to ten teams have expressed interest sell as much as what you guys are saying is absolutely right the talent. Cannot be denied and a lot of these teams now need wide receivers already in the year but they need drivers are sick. Yeah. You look at it as a reclamation project and you think you know pending whatever happening Cleveland this time if he was using drugs again and he's got you back three have been fine. Forget that all bets are off but it is not in trouble all the league or in trouble with drugs. I bring him in because my receiving corps in Santa Clara. Is sub standard and you got the state of the art quarterback and he's not thrown anybody who's up to par agreement pretty much need perfect segue from what we do every Monday and Friday at 730. Welcome the B flight. Life that really. He's you lock. Okay. Lisa and now. Eat. To be flying is presented by Harris ranch legendary beast legendary quality. Available throughout the Bay Area at Israelis and Nob Hill foods. Caller numero uno. If you boys how can you know then again. And I can't go sleep good I'm watching the end the game to beat writers at the public will MacKey netbook and gas. They may have got a board and security force that's been great games like good to write columns like the world group play Clark give MacBook we a couple of match. We've got a playoff contender. There are people who are more. Important vote flat. I get my health hobbled off the appeal a webcast. Look how that. Jerky Boys did he was one of them I think I like a commercial with a tire get hit by the nailing keeps on going self inflates. I grew up and I enjoy that commercials aren't great on my motivation must be steady diet. I don't know they had enough them. I'm over to commercials he got the most out of the hard Cooper in their car this week I mean I I think you motivated teams officially is just I mean. But going into that game your six point dog telling anyone expected to win. Then the first half played out people I think in a there's a big one right here and then again for the second week and arrow and lousy second half. It's gonna take time he's got a lot on his hands but it doesn't help after the game and people ask you about the past lessons like well you know we figured out. And it was it was about you did not. I have 34 weeks ago yeah and you created in the interest just takes for the future when we earn another locale so I understand why. Fans would be outrage it is what those are just court. Sounds great to conditional first. Caught him instead of my name it. Patrick and I did go off in the interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Beck looked like a jackass. And I don't want him to reprimand anybody that we are human being Orion where did that as a complete jackass. Great OK. Okay spot tonight. Looking like Scott a McGregor I mean he's he's he's going to school for something you know this guy look at Harvard or Yale graduate martyr he's a frigate Smart guy. Now he he can get away with it it's funny that her brother was blessed like that people would say we are no fifties that they're doing that for giggles we know the guy's Smart. Very intelligent guy he's appeared just being confident these joking around. Here's what he's doing. There's two parts this he's winning yet and he's having fun. And that brings a locker room together apps on Jackson's at that press conference red dress like Connor Macgregor and they all have a good time in Tampa. Janus Winston is on the outs because Jane is Winston can't bring a locker room together. NFL. Fitzpatrick hit a trick campaign giving him a big contract like buffalo dead it's the cycle it's a fits magic cycle they give a hundred million dollars. Probably got it but you know it's ever fool me once shame on yeah. I mean how this plays out guides yeah Nextel. I need you know Joseph Flacco I try to act like Lamar Jack they've got it could go all the CIQ Robert Byrd grapple it. Like moldy old vehicle back it'd take that you're not fit. I've tried that Bob we have ordered but what are you better portrayed or led dealt. After the mark dragged their old tired of you that once they're all work thank you rip the hole that day it is. Nice good up to do I like these girls that like only very have a little bit people just taking shots that I players and teams let me ask you this who is stealing. Who is stealing more Matthew Stafford or Joseph Flacco and Joseph Flacco did that somehow not least ever doubt they're laying his body on the line. Lit up fifty Stafford you saw that he got cities and good quarterback you hope. Asked if he had decree or Matthew Stafford would you take it knowing you would build around him. And thank you gentlemen this guy a guy that is thinking now he gets when you lead with you guys aren't really all you people like I'm sorry I misconstrued and you cannot dance you know. Littlest let them know hey maybe Obama to make I was pleasantly you know it varies from you right now as I mean take up a nice man. Seriously did and I insulated podium and there is upon us and thank you Obama thanks Obama and because Bobbitt her sedation suddenly becoming a main stay on the program in what else we got. Why do you go low and weird stuff Arlene. Within that some of them out see he has not LD Allred who else it is lord Vader. Create stop calling it daily in congress then. LC. There are some air that I'm like Carter but our bitter it's not fair that they had done a good back there it's. Their. Okay this is an interesting point because I've heard this before but what are you supposed to do if you name the Childs. Allen AT and people actually gonna gravitate to it that Lawrence Taylor just has that. Trademark like no one's allowed to ever refer to the guys that anymore it's ridiculous and that's real content about any nickname for any team or any play. IE for example the tigers play the tigers this weekend right the raider nation for example. What they came after the sooner nation and I am mistaken though the when they have the initial stop it. When they have the initial right hallucination. I thank him in the middle name is literally oh by the way C could be LT TLT two. Jermaine. What is it what's the Regis referring to LaDainian Tomlinson has LT or referring to Aaron Rodgers is Iraq. That's more agree do you think that was worse absolutely because I'm into Rodriguez not Rogers you could have NBA rods. Because he's got the DG and there but he's not a rod. I mean I can agree with you saying it's more egregious but I can't get behind the logic visionary only a rod did she BR OG it should be a rod because there's no. DNA are superfluous lead Hillary is why he's A-Rod interest don't like you have this problem with the Botha now skiing and wallet or awards announced the award. And friend and brother that's pretty fair a very fair and last caller joke that makes him I didn't play better career. Lawrence Taylor how. The greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL a little rough is remarkable well it's it's it's busy day let's see remarkable to see the greatest is integrated and we'll look if he does all right I got. There's act and there's no literally just name one are single linebacker I'll deal defensive player I thought Dion when he did. It was great. Great he's beyond pretty to look great there is no such thing as a war that's higher than great great is the top great and I sit and Mims. And we have different ways of adding letters to the end but great is the pinnacle you can't be better than great. What we're doing but it does get a chance I don't ever want those they'll tease it does a great Laura Taylor Marquez crazed defensive football player multi teachings to game. He backed Joseph Montana he Bechtel Heisman. But he changed the game Bill Walsh had to create a new way of playing offense to account for Lawrence Taylor county police what he's gonna behind you for years. Pretty special guy and that's a tricky spot right there because you do don't value your. It or you have to be out of jail card I don't mean I mean value Margaret does LT was they made a dumb it's freaking great plays so and so. No do you see this guy I mean if don't see them. Who plays at general ramp for a thousand I was ready to run for an alibi Judy had singles say season set record no LT singles. Touchdown season record yeah. Yes as you could. Are these two guys. Really sit down angle where it. Maybe there's something to that down the road big players put up on the that Jolo and did Twitter account Jolo be honest people but not. Yes who was the better LT Lawrence Taylor or LaDainian Tomlinson and be honest we have because we're nothing if we're not out to be humbling for you could be a tough with Korea. Did you and also it's gonna be biased and it's the raider fans are not going to vote for LaDainian Tomlinson terror. His numbers when he did the raiders that's all done and a data from the little personal but that thing called his little tear drop or else you. Don't he would try to kill you Bartlett LLT in the end zone stance in. We that we got a team next. Okay I've had a clear that I did what they had their probable in the backfield. Not argue Loeb YouTube. Didn't hurt my linebacker. Adrian. I'm sort of book sharply and I guess so they pick out better just because they every year here the whole studio get yes but my ticket prudent to get. You can go to their band just got to go far here. Wow that's not so much and he says it is. Said the fine load every Tuesday and Wednesday at 830 odd thing to decline the caller understands. Kind of abuse and I think for me and I just at peace movement keeps it my nose in there and let you guys do whatever but you know he understands. He knows that I'm a man died and had ski trip because he did manage it on a top that nine but through tour Johnny didn't mention off the top that you're takes a week and that's why you get ridiculed by the room trash was I believe the word he used at southern. We'll begin. Ali's nor does it go back to be treated at take this pretty how they wanted to crucify us you you know what in your defense there have been a unity you have not sub par. There's another what's what's of in my mind that there's there's a couple of you've you've patent. Also couple that weren't yet wildly and act this through to the point where you wanna go back in time just to race them yeah from the airwaves are right and yet greatest part of the beer. I'd sponsorship deal with Harris ranch are good friends and Harris ranch includes gift certificates giveaway for the best each of the month each month. We're giving away 100 dollar Harris ranch beef gift certificate available at your local railings Bel air and out of fruits. Jerry Rice and about seventeen minutes waving he's gonna say about Josh scored it Gerri what would you do would you bring Josh Gordon on your spot. He's not say definitely look at the guy and say what is it gonna cost is gonna say look you've been dating for six or seven. Would probably. Probably bringing me and in Sid I think that he will say that. Not just Gordon and make sure this guy's going to be available like you to alluded to it could be a football player you've got to play football and right now I'm Josh hasn't been able to play football so he's not open. Kyle Shanahan was asked about a potential pursuit of just scored after yesterday's win over the Detroit Lions take a listen to what the head coach site. However old team and the guys we have. I always feel. You know. Since camp ended and we've got a 53. And we've we've won with these good people we have that anytime players available. Com which I don't know if he has or not on what's happened that day so if if he is and I'm not a lot of common. Com but my same answer for always we will look and every situation to always try to upgrade or team. No matter what the cases. But to answer question in my happy with the we have of course now. Kind of. Let's perfect answer yeah all the right things there there's really nothing we can grab onto and and spin violently out of control to turn it into two hours was Shanahan wants Gordon or not that Shanahan issues Gordon Iain played a write down a little should and likes football team. They eat things get played with guys he had. Snaps of perfect answer while also you know hey you know maybe we can add them but I'm happy with who we have and if they do that in the leaders say. Great addition to our room you know but the we need an upgrade but. Sure is good to have them what's the price point that's too expensive for you you like the idea of bringing him in. I am the 790000. Dollars this year two more years of team control you have to worry about virtually anything on the salary cap but in terms of acquiring him. Was so would the bears pay for college a Mac now. This is gonna nowhere near that. But at what point do you say to yourself that's too expensive he's not worth it no pick in the first three rounds so I would be willing to say you won't give you six rounder and if he hits certain benchmarks and can go all led to a fourth. But no better than a fourth because you don't want and have given. You're third round picker any of your top two rounds I did when you get through. Fourth fifth sixth and seventh are somewhat interchangeable. As far as a player you get there are so that's were I would set the bar. And I think in this pretty much no price where you would want to bring him and like right now he found out you could have them for a set. Seven which yet. A seventh I'd probably goto a dead end game is you know I would do it I would do of course that does not high on the back as I just normal I'll go with them. Held a guide to talent to meet top three receivers in the league right now. Even when he when he's playing. I mean he's he's freaking book and get the jump ball and you'll kind of being beat coverage. He's amazing play or Woody's play I just can't give up a six serve I can give them a fifth or fourth you know 7:6 PM may be. But you know I would I would still I'd still like. Kick myself in question myself the whole time and then something happens I do that I knew it. It's then I would be I'd be mad at mess up he'll sort that we like. Got an election. Beat their team a wide eyed you know why did it take doing this week when I knew Jacksonville's planet home they're better defense why don't do it no one of the rare hits for beat the bogey this week. But you know it's so you know if like debt because you like. Don't if the guy if he doesn't make it it won't surprise you that's only reason I'm saying why give up some fourth or fifth round for a guy that you that I think it's less than a 5050 chance right now for the guy. It's it's an outstanding football players to play football at that like your baseline condition. For a football player he's got. Got to be able to play football and this guy is really good. At not playing football. That's one thing Josh scored and you can bank thought he will not be available to play football for you. The talent at it's it's fascinating to watch. That talent sway emotions and sway decisions this guy hasn't done anything since 2013. And yet eighteen was. Are calling according to Rappaport eighteens are calling the rounds about a group. And then what happens like the big about this or second the browns have one. Off football game over the last two years actually we're now in season three of that they have won one singular football game they have no talent now. We can make a case for some of these young guys didn't award miles Garrett that they look Barak but right now until further notice you're considered a team with no talent because you don't win. That's we need to do when you have talent you need to win. So they got no tell whatsoever. They stuck by this guy forever. If they are throwing in the house won him the loser Cleveland Browns are throwing in the towel on this guy. Why would you want to pursue him. They need him. They need people who can play football because there's one thing Cleveland does really well. They lose. Eight they've won one football game in the last two plus seasons one. So so why would you think you don't want Cleveland scored just ago which usually involve. Change of scenery you believe that your culture and your change of scenery is strong enough to where you can get this player to perform and he has a touchdown already this year. He had one catch in the opener it was a touchdown catch seventeen yarder so you know he's healthy and he appears to be motivated to wanna play I don't know what happened ahead this. We too situation if it was that off field injuries I know he was late for a meeting in the report. And Cleveland probably just fed up you know they've given so many chances that. At some point you say. No more let somebody else deal that and if that team with. Has a solid structure of the niners probably feel they do you've got a culture in place they can absorb some of the distractions that go along with it. You're getting a guy who is an elite talent if you can convince him to come in play and give effort then. You're on to something great and I'm not saying it's the same situation is when the patriots got Randy Moss from Oakland. Britney moss had gone into shut down mode he didn't look like a guy who's gonna have twenty touchdowns the next year. Doing that obviously spoke to him and mosque convinced him that he would actually try for them. And so they went and got Damon there. There's a couple players Carson Palmer he Jackson gets his got to play Q meanwhile the couch make this deal one game from getting the greatest and well. You look at the quarterback that you guys talked about the movie receiver you look when he was able to do with him Terrelle Pryor Terrell prior. You're looking at a guy like Chad Johnson all those different guys whatever. He gets those guys to play and get some play well different trouble guys Hugh does a great job with those guys porous giving the best set them. When their football player would there on the feel help could mean you storm development Joyce Flacco all those different things you did for the a lot of these guys. Behind the scenes Boris Big Brother ministership if you talk a lot of guys they'll tell you about. Now. You're you have just coordinator in you have a guide its body and it's trying to help you out in huge Jack and all those different things and you can't get this guy the show opened play for you. He can get this guided by the end. You have great woods had a lot of coaches on the staff the people that are there to help you you got a great offensive mind coach often according UN brought in. You know to help you can get to open in almost things are lined up. I just think that it's I just think for the night as word they need to go right now. I think he's I think he's it's I think it's a guy I think as a tremendous amount of side tremendous amount of talent yes he could help you win but he's this this team need get risk. A team like New England team like Jacksonville certain teams. I think did. Would be better suited like to bomb New England yeah I can go as high as a fifth. Because I know Tom Brady what he's gonna do you know Belichick what he's gonna do certain guys have a certain fear syrups smear influence they can really really help guys out. I just don't not that night as what to do that is he a talent no question he's a talent but you like you say Joseph. Appeal football player you've got to play football is last time he played a full season was 2013. This is just not a good that's that's a good. The niners are running in daycare. Running a professional football organization. They're trying to rebuilt they Marty got the Ruben Foster thing how much of that do you want the locker room. Romans Romans got to prove himself ready to play and contribute and ready to take the next step was his growth. I wanna bring this guy in to babysit him to. I'm looked to my other. Interested in how a person acts when they're up by forty. Right Whitman when times are are good when your life solid. When everything's breaking your way I'm not interest in your character that because everyone has good character when you got some money when you got some success when you've got some happiness. Everyone has good character that. I wanna see where Iraq when you're down by seven with a minute I have to go when you gotta go 75 yards on the field and I don't think this guy's gonna be available for those situations. I think maybe he can commenting DB gain in a rebuild what Evans did you make the playoffs are crying out loud medium in the fourth. You trust this guy to be there for your team you trust them to remember the route Pinochet you've got on tape that is sort of the wrong route. On the third down or drop Lowe got picked off here in the wrong route should answer after the game. It was mostly a rub route to free up the running backs that problem can hit them the problem was late because pettis was running straight down the field and the entire play collapsed now. Now. Ex took a big deal. Already dealing with all the this New York already trying to implement. Culture you're trying to implement your off that you're trying to develop players yet issues on the O line issues at running back issues in the secondary issues at linebacker. This is gonna take some time you don't. Have the flexibility to bring in another child that needs to be watched every single day who's going to be responsible for that. It's a look at a follow this guy around everywhere he goes but the only thing you need to do to be a football players to show up and play football he can't do that. I don't Tara how did you are or what what good. He's being the best right here in the world if you don't write books but what good is being a fantastic musician if you don't make music. Did the skill is just squandered it's great to see when he plays but you never see him playing any more that one pass he caught against the Steelers for the touchdown. Did you see how many of his teammates mobbed him. Everyone came over to that dude everybody was hugging them everyone was so proud of that moment it was it yours typical rehearse celebration. Everybody was genuinely happy for him. And less than a week later he let all those dudes down yet again. And it's like okay we can get him for seventh OK so seventh round pick for a guy who may or may not show up to play football on some occasion. It's TV that you locker room are you at a point where Josh Gordon gets you to the Super Bowl this year knowing nods went to the race. He hits you over the company gets in the playoffs and you mentioned you've got club control for a guy who's not even making a million dollars and he's a player who has to go out and prove it. Cleveland if they cut him today if they trade him if this all goes down this afternoon at one with Josh Gordon's got a hard choice to make Dubai wanna continue playing pro football. And if the answer is yes and you can bring him in I think your culture is fine to absorb a guy who I love easy they need any quote. Babysitting. He's in the situation where he makes a mistake. With whatever team he goes do there is gonna cut it now Vietnam beat two teams they'll be two cuts in the same season. And he multi touch of wind more so as you can do it for a seventh round pick. You've got a situation with the offense where. You're going to Kansas City and you might need to score seventy points to win that game the way they looked and they way your secondary is in shambles you're not going to be able to beat them. With Robbie Gould field goals are gonna need touchdowns self this guy can help you do that. I say bring him and you've got to cap room the contract numbers low the commitments relatively low as well. Your build that team. Did anyone remember that press conference from Josh McCown backup quarterback the jets what was it either last year or two years ago when he was bawling. But he had that great game and they lost late when he was crying up on the podium because it just meant so much to him. Guys that journeyman quarterback who's made some good money but it it none of that mattered he just wanted to win that football game afterwards he's crying because he's just losing it emotionally. Because he felt he let his team Downey made a couple mistakes late with the and the world. Those types dudes wanna try to build organization or. You would like to have football players. Who want to play football who care about playing football great and it's a job and some dudes might just view it as a job. But at a radio station you genuinely want people who want to come in and talk about sports otherwise this show isn't gonna work. If you're at a restaurant and you're trying to get that Michelin star you're gonna want people who want to be innovative. One to learn the latest and greatest techniques. You want them to be there it's just the basic level of interest in your craft. I'm great at some of us don't like our jobs some of us are in tough situations some football players they get it it's a paycheck it's the thing their most qualified to do an outside this they might not be able to make a good living. I get that that happens Orton doesn't strike me as a guy who cares about the game. He strikes me as a guy who like now it it's it provides money for him and it's pretty much better than any other option that's out there. It doesn't seem like he cares about his teammates it really doesn't care seemed like he cares about his organization we think about Cleveland how many chances we gave this guy. And it's not ending goes to show you exactly what you San along those lines at ISIS' that. He's probably not maybe he's not having a rehab maybe he's not had a relapse okay if he's not had a relapse in the question is why does not show wanna. Why's he doing a photo shoot wise or get Al gaining her why is he showing up late wise and missing meet. You've you've already had been the only demons and if you put that behind you in your focus on a job because you've had a second or third or fourth or fifth. Opportunity because you have a skill set. That people wanna see. And all of a sudden now you're skill sets they're mature late you don't show up your your miss and different things. What does that tell you how he really cares about football being habits week thank you clean it but anybody neither receiver Dallas tonight I'm ready. Right he eats its there's no sincere need there's no forgiveness there here's a here's a guy that doesn't care. There's got a moute would Sumpter went after this guy gets on would have it there's going to be a lot that comes out there's going to be a lot more because you look when he let that person keep that in house. But then once they're gone you got to divorce or whatever you don't let things fly out compared with the bad laundry. There's something that score one on. Poor guy just that not to show what to be late. Don't want to shore up the training camp said Amish who opened day and I'll said don't but he still babysitting you still loving you still bringing me a. That's not. That's not that's not being hard on someone that's being that's being intolerant that's given the opportunity that's not being as I tried that's that's what is that's a bad culture. That's it hey look we're listing your prompt global objectives open we have spoken to simply. Given those opportunities and then once you come back you still spit in my face you still should to a meeting you still may. And we depending on you what more can they do that's why when I look at it this from outside looking in it it's like. Then there's there's there's a lot of garbage with this guy and some other things besides the drugs were makes me say. I don't know fumble in the gold that high on a pig because this guy right now doesn't show in it doesn't seem Mikey loves football. You mean an excellent point there think about all that Cleveland tried to do for him they try to keep them around me let him. Not show up for camp if you're watching hard knocks you see that flat out that they're okay you don't get yourself to get out will be here. Let us know he ready do what you gotta do you stand by him and when they decide they're gonna move on from you you're right he does it release a statement saying you know what. Thank you Cleveland I made a lot of mistakes but thank you for standing by me the first report at his camp is I'm just didn't blame for the cowboys and niners here's a breaking news. I'd also be interested in playing for the cowboys and niners. Learn about more than I'm I'd love to go play for the sentences before actually get that out there at the cowboys. What I grow about liking them I'm I've interest in playing professional football for the cowboys. It in India was able wool was will Dez Bryant. There's Bryant didn't miss games at Bryant wanted to play football gets brightens on this island he's pissed he once given negate his got his national winner. He's missing missing and she. That's the difference. You're listening to 957 the game KG MC FM NE XT one and a radio dot com station good morning and thank you. For joining us today it's great to have you with us on this monster Monday as we're breaking down below that FL games and everything in between with that in mind we go to the phones he's a hall of Famer. A three time Super Bowl champion and 813 time pro bowler ladies and gentlemen Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 the game good morning Gerri how Gloria. I'm doing business manager or go or oh my gosh I took circuit guys in your current station about him. A great athlete but I don't think you know I don't think he air where he doesn't have its head on straight because this guy is very talented. And I think Cleveland they have done everything possible. Could give him so many opportunities and you don't show or meeting late. Better. He really discouraging didn't seem to remember one happily. We got.