JLD - 9/17/18 - Final Hour - Nate Burleson

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 17th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss Jon Gruden's comments regarding the pass rush as well as Antonio Brown's relatively cryptic tweet on the Steelers. Then they speak with Co-host of Good Morning Football, Nate Burleson. 

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Be Monday and welcomed CD championship rounds of Joseph lo and did this year on 957 game. Nate pearl Sinn. You see him almost everywhere ABC's good morning football on the NFL network. NFL today on CBS he's gonna join us in about 25 minutes at 930. Talk a little wide receiver action around the NFL Josh Gordon's name is not. The only ones circulating more on that in just a moment you'll also hear from John gruden at nine. Ford. Just curiosity. That was a three minute press conference he did yesterday after the deadly day. Was nobody had just been asking any other questions of the head coach for more than three minutes yesterday. Late this heat not have complete control over the situation owns it or why and this isn't a call at any one specific but honestly. That's hit the media got everything they needed in three minutes fourth and one. Another second half collapse I like the game about the raiders played a hell of a lot better yesterday Derek Karr was razor sharp. A Maurice Cooper caught all ten passes that were thrown his way the defense made some plays here and are now granted. The plane on the short week at altitude in Denver the second half got to a Denver is not about football team a two and are right now you're six point balk. Not the end of the world to lose that game but three minutes was really all that anyone needed to get the most out of Jon Gruden mr. quotable. It kind of feels like he he meant he's got it figured out because no one's challenging him on any thing let's be honest. Now than they're not in in groom new Leckey said he's got a great calls for the media the media knows who Johnny is and and they're gonna you're gonna give him that benefit of the doubt and Lotta people are given John and you pass this team played better they played better on the road they given a pass who's been in the Booth for ten years. So let's just and I don't think there's a lot of criticism. That that he's going to take right now it's that I think it too I think it's fair no I think did you know you decide to edit the boot. You decide to come didn't back to the National Football League they gave you a hundred million dollars to go out there and played what whether win. And brought in coaching you decided to do that so I think it's all all bets off you got to understand what you signed a Ford got a hundred million dollar reason why. And that I guess that's the reason why he doesn't feel any pressure and that's why he can just give a short answers and the media is not getting guerrilla many further because he's going to be there for ten years and they wanna continue to have a good relationship with him as long as the raiders are here I suppose and the people who are covering the team. We'll continue to cover the team mother here so. I was a little surprised that the press conference is so short I would've liked to hear some of those questions gas still. Well what the raiders are just one sack yesterday only to total sacks on the season so gruden in his three minute press conference was asked about the pass rush yet this is site. We had a song we hear this song we. We gotta get there we get winds along one reason they're called more blitzes. We affairs somehow we will. Follow up on you know you can use called a Mac this game probably presumably or not. But whatever it may be there's like no follow what's this that's what I don't get. If three minutes he's eight headline. Entertainer that's who he is that's why you brought him back. Ten years a hundred million that's a statement contract nobody wants. Asked him a few additional questions to elaborate on anything is a brilliant football mind you have access. To his mind right there no you don't even at the fire waiting negativity out. Hey John this week. What was it about. What you said that not Derek cargo when did you know you can pushed Erick Carly got in the media and get him to complete. 90% of his passes is that the best way to motivate their car this car looks fantastic. Three minute press conference I just find that a bit bizarre after such a good football game because I am large I know the result wasn't what they were the divorce that was a good football game yesterday. They played a solid football game for about three quarters and it got away from a late but by and large. I mean I thought he made it terrific decision to go forward on fourth down I thought he dialed up to a beautiful place he may chose the wrong individual. To put such an important play in the and that individual's hands T Smith. Mean not known as a pass catcher but whatever you dialed up the plight practicing Smits got to make the play all and all they were going for the jugular yesterday LA put us all. Angry guys get a chance of what's that played pull it up I I didn't necessarily let's solve this station and Keith Smith. But watch him play what what you got as you got a run played in you got four back underneath and you got to type in hi if you watch. I didn't wide open the offensive linemen knew it was in the the extra time that he got a high tide in the wide open that's why that's why in a government format because they were trying to climb to go getting. Bet it's one to you have a window there that play I loved that play so he had two options and probably to tidy and look at look at what the time but because depression was in his face. And you know in a press conference US Jon Gruden question you say. You know you you've got to you that two picks for it could a Mac 21 round picks for clue Mac understand clue Max Malcolm back if this team continues to struggle defensively put pressure on the quarterback is there a guy out there that you do want to make a trade for because you still got to first tropics. I'm asking something like that. Because you know he's still got to mount first round picks there's a lot of guys out there don't wanna leave different teams authority under contract to talk about a new come on Josh Gordon sent new. New environment there's a lot of guys out there may be new environment maybe they'll be better you know in Oakland so I think there's a questions out there and it you know group of probably the happy dance he got 21 round big I. Ask him anything. Would you think about cold Miller two games in first round pick pageant filled out his performance tough spot against the Denver Broncos got a nasty little pass rush. What do you think about your secondary to anything detest him anything three minutes interception and they knew why they aren't gonna. Play better. Marc Cooper he asked him about that like you said the and the fact that Derek Karr had just three incomplete passes and asking questions about the quarterback's performance and just how. He was able turnaround from week one to week two. So now. In the day and age we live in with social media we've got a story brewing at a Pittsburgh. Our Ryan scar Tino used to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In they're PR department he was a PR assistant he threw out a tweet yesterday afternoon that says as follows. He's talking about Antonio Brown wide receiver AB needs to thank his lucky stars because he was drafted by a team that had bad. And Ben got AB paid you know darn well he wouldn't put up those numbers for other TX. Brown decides to re tweet this this morning and on top of that he just says trade me let's find out. Wow now in some regard you can look at that say maybe it's just frustration he's asset around he really doesn't mean a whole lot but then in. Another context Pittsburgh is 01 and one with a tie eight to Cleveland NA humiliating blowout loss at home. Suffered at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday radeon bell is not happy Ben Roethlisberger is not happy and now you got your wide receiver tweeting this out. Is this this is everywhere on social media right now everyone's running with this story trying to figure out what's going on at Pittsburgh are making too much and it is this just the classic rather tweet. Run wild or do you think there's more here than meets the. There's more here than meets the eye because you already know that the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room is somewhat broken because you see lady on Bell's not Darren James Connor had a big game last week in the tie scores a touchdown the linemen go crazy. And Connor again yesterday. But pretty darn good so you look at Antonio brown and if you the Steelers you think. If this season continues to go the way it's trending 01 and one at. After two games maybe get to a point where you start selling off some of these pieces so as Antonio Brown is really that unhappy. You know that there'd be at least 31 of the teens would love to have that talent. Great that we watch right you Joseph you watch it if you. Got a little gas. They've got at a certain bottled at Cleveland. And fourteen just corn wanna play their you've got a good off and corn in cutting access would you want not really knows how to call some plays in doubt that he loves that vertical game you saw you had to violating Todd Haley there the set and get now. I think this is assigned them things that come I think that if you look at. You look at the tenure Tomlin did a great job won a Super Bowl you look at his record against other coach as far as winning he's won some games he's probably one animals winning coach he's got. It's it's a shelf life for certain coach can't control locked room can't controlled can't gang controlled tribe anymore I think it's going to be I think this is going to be his last year there are really do. Really think they're gonna move on from Donna because these guys are doing whatever saying whatever media wise don't do much this coaches lost control that lock. Do you think it's worth calling the Steelers to see what these guys would cost I mean if we're talking about making a move for Josh Gordon and people seem. Fixated on the notion that the niners could use more weapons that's. An accurate statement. They could use some weapons that he so more firepower just based on what we've seen so far do you think it's even worth making that phone call. To kick the tires obviously you can say you did it so you did you due diligence and if in a huge fan base but you think the Steelers have any intention of moving these guys because. Pittsburgh is very. Particular about how they do their business and the one thing you'll notice with the Steelers is that the players do not control. Their shots they don't call their shots in Pittsburgh you fall in line and if you buy into these steeler way you'll be rewarded Polamalu is a perfect example late in his career. The final few years Troy Polamalu were exactly we'd expect it not allow left and attack the Steelers to care they always say to you by Ian. And you fall in line in you do we need to do we'll take carry on the back and kind of like what you see from the San Francisco Giants or they ditch Santonio Holmes remember when he spoke out. Gone traded to the jets and a week. They don't score around their so. This would send the message if you're willing to cater to any of these guys you sends the message that. Pittsburg open for business that the players can get their way there it's a very dangerous ground to find yourself. Yes and we talked about the cap and you don't talk among a lot of cap space that matters under but do you wanna spin that that money didn't necessarily want to spend four people say don't gets in NetApp money for a past president but Jimmy G easier when it's been that that money and what is gonna possibly and kick the tires you're right though Pittsburgh how loyal they are Joba loyal to a lot of their guys is look no further into Libor OJP and about trouble he was after football why is playing I mean didn't guide to all the different things. What are you brought him back and let that might have bigger Israel's finest. Ruddy man coach and save this guy's like not as great coach differ Pittsburgh so they do they do take care of their own but that's interest in situation does what it's gonna cost you could on the phone. What do they want for his first is first in its third what do you think they're gonna do anything asking price for receiver of that magnitude. From Broward bit at this huge contract coming over to that huge conference play 1617. Year. Plus they're gonna wanna first I guess he's the best receiver in the game right now. On when we reported last week we saw the news that they wouldn't niner game on TV had done a 155. Is that the share. Odd that is the rating and then they share is the number that comes after it which. The reigning and now wanna get this right the rating I believe is the percentage of all team means. That we're tune into the game and share is the percentage of TVs that were actually on. That or tuned into the game so the first run is is the general all population. And in the second number would be that those TVs are actually working. The first two vikings games of the season. Posted a 75. Share and an eighty share in Minneapolis. I 75 in an 8785. For the niner game like I and eighty for the packer game yesterday backers very. What is the rating on their interior has seen the she's just this year that's why I ask because I was trying to equate that right. So that's the Schering as the sheriff TVs that are on so basically eight of every ten TV's that was com Aysu yacht after game. So the rating would probably be. Upwards of probably thirty I would imagine because that's a massive. I go to a lot of Minnesota. None of you really when you think about TJ no Green Bay in Minnesota it's among the most fierce rivalry is but you know I. And get a seventy our life so the Green Bay game doesn't eighty but the niner game in week one does a 75. Big time longhorn going on in missiles. Yeah I don't know. Hi team you know got a purple people leaders in their edited defense in the bucket from we'd be adjusted and that they that. Steel that's that's great Segway the forest Buckner college game yesterday I have another sack but. We've had this in the notes we have a really touched on it. This team got big problems at corner this and got really big problems a corner right now you would not gonna spend it. A lot of time on this because we have the rest of the week to talk about the chiefs. But if you haven't been paying attention Kansas City has eighty points on the board through two games and those were both. Road dates they opened. Elena played the chargers and then this weekend they were at Pittsburgh to play the Steelers they've got eighty points on the road so far. Homes hill Watkins caught Kelsey speak or slaying. People slaying people. You are not gonna be able to keep public them next weekend. If you look anything like you did Jesse get to try to get to the end of the game they had Witherspoon off the field Jimmy ward replaced him at corner then and there Witherspoon came in like the nickel situation. Yeah I bodied married to cover this topic or joked to me in airless talk about receivers in looking at the offensive line and did different things mean on this team. I'm trained for. I mean every once a month okay Lou that is just awful and yet you do I get that. But you know got to get these different guys is defense and pass pressure right now do you look at what's going on. Teens are just one that Witherspoon they're born at these cornerbacks you've got to look it's an eight and what's new what's this team needs right now. Did just make their defense a little bit you know Ford won't be such a and get rammed through it's a corner its core I think this teeny decorum worn Menem back means a point more than receiver right now I think it's cornerback pat. Gotta be the hardest position notice filled this time year other than I would say pass rusher pleasant. You know I Chicago found a way to get to fill that need so maybe corner is more difficult. Other than that may be what offensive tackle you'll see a lot of tackles get movement right. What sort of a corner would they be able to go while they're required because most of the good corners are on good teams send. Most of the corners who don't have jobs don't have jobs furries through. Yeah that's given me the offseason and I'm looking at the corner market right now Jason corny but he's 32 years old. Remain Brock he could come back Brent Grimes is making seven million a year I don't know if you want. What his wife brings to the table in the general area. I'm thinking more as Claiborne will be a free agent he's 29 bus described the New York Jets he's thirty Rashad and Melvin of the raiders could be a free agent he's 29. I take Davis is listed as a potential created a heart basically an adjusted their. I think he's currently without work he is free candy give rim you bring you right into our half of football at. Yeah at the moment and maybe it does not appear. As if this is going to be a particularly deep. Free agent class corner so now that means you have to address it during the draft you also have to address the guard position at some point. I mean China might person for cutting through yesterday he did a fantastic job and given the injury concerns but. He still need double on the O line you're probably gonna need some more explosion a wide receiver you'd definitely gonna need a corner. And depending on how it works out with. Armstead and Thomas you might need to go back the any interested secondary rich Sherman's only to be around how much longer. They look more issues here than you would think so who put that in context when you almost give the game away in the fourth. It probably feels a whole lot better knowing you didn't actually do away got close but Richard Sherman after the game. This is the standard these guys are holding themselves do now this is not last season take a listen to Sherman after the game. What it wins a little further at a loss. On to me you know we've we've played like crap down mistress on defense and offense we didn't they figure a certain point you know started thirteen boards for support we gotta excuse. That stretch. Except it's a good quarterback good your team but we gotta you gotta stretch we got to play better I think it's a good lesson learned a lesson for young team. That we needed you know it's a humbling lesson. Thank goodness we've got to win out of it but. To get tape like to learn from this there's going to be humbling experience a lot of players. This part of the reason you Pena not just for the production on the field but to keep everybody in check. Last year and John Dickinson during this 630 brought this up last year when that team beat the giants. He said it was like a playoff win in the lock and rightly so it'd been a long struggle you wanna enjoy the wins when you got. He said yesterday this one was not like that at all. Sure there's some. You know high fives all that stuff because she did win the game and by and large. The fact that they're at the very least holding themselves to a higher standard does speak to the progress that's being made right that's why they're needs to be at least. I'm a lot of com of patients with this team because it is a long way from where they were to where they want to get to the point is. Right in front of your very eyes right now it's unfolding the way you want to see they are taking steps in the right direction. Yet and that's why did is that gave you know Shanahan talked to a totally game it's the seat. And you say man you're good reigning Hart talked about right before halftime we had chair come on engineers say. You the ball you run the ball and you make that team burn a timeout before that end up getting three point take it so that's that's one that's hidden from a to a beat. And the reason why I went to a C is its specialty. You you tell your guy in a game you kick it deep which account coffin corner you pick you can't get out of bounds you don't want to it can't. Give guys space on kickoff returns punt returns what can you recap you've except those are big. Plays that are chain gained changing games till you alluded to it in Jackson remember you're giants they had a chance to win net income. Punt the ball putted towing and what did he do lights off walk off. Punt return certain guys also that was yelling at the potter. As the ball was in the air traveling to Jackson because as soon as it came off his foot he saw many ticket to Jackson and he was screaming out into the game was over. And that is constituted to recruit a mile walk out of the house and heavily negative that. Outlast the other I see it work and it is so close to meet. Those make me you don't talk about that word of old gray because this newer coach understand you've got a young team is a better and can call had. Situation you got to understand game management certain things that happened clock management. Guys are nervous in any game. You look at certain things you nerves are born it's in only get a before cut its not gonna make it also in ninety puts money gallons eagle nerve. It's this happens. Guys game's on the line it's tighter Joseph talked about it I I'd love it when you're about when he it's easy to see what guys are about building going to be dancing to a that. What about what is on the line in yesterday it was on a line it's in crucial situations I thought they missed. All right so many girls at the San Antonio Brown stories get out of control the Josh worn story should have some finale within the next couple hours here he's an eleven your credible veteran receivers he's gonna join us next you'll also hear from John gruden for about three minutes. Right here on 957 game. You wanna listen to 95% on the day. Your favorite or not he's like seven to receive breaking news alerts. King previews and here his sport CN ninety fives yeah. Big game. She'll Loewen did its continuous. On monster Monday for occupy oaks card club FHD blue Chevrolet. Benjamin Moore pigs. Eleven year NFL veteran wide receiver check amount now on good morning football on the NFL network. And NFL today on CBS. Big girls in joining us here on 957 game. Nate you guys look real good on TV this morning with DR Ryan Fitzpatrick get up Manhattan Phelan. I could have been a good come. Out there you go out there right down a little. Well we're having a little might we use to try to do every corner of the bank gravity on its reputation with this other problems on the last couple weeks but. They also for Paltrow. It's all good it's dog and we always appreciate you taking the time to jump on the program I let's begin with one of the big stories out of the Bay Area. Josh Gordon apparently is going to be exiting Cleveland whether it's a trade whether it's about right release will find out sometime later today but the niners are linked. They are linked as a team that's made a call. It tell me your thoughts on Gordon. Would you be taking the risk with him if you're general manager like John Lynch. Well no question I mean word yet they bought the militia in culture and it got so about seven. But the Cleveland well hello there for a couple called it just. Well one of those players become oh they would malpractice. He was dominating meanwhile they've dominated army dominate. Seamlessly all welcome to practice or a girl I'll never they're totally. Remind you of printing more and it out. It takes more of the greats in the schedule and this and after that took out thirteenth easily led the league it ourselves dark. Dangerous sport and Darren this or that it's about the airport there out of and you would benefit. Yes targeted sir I wouldn't get the city's portable way Tony went by palpable right aren't aren't they here overlaying your comedy right there. For so many. Years later after that are still somewhat of doubt but government would still have an LA. Pass off these him. And he would. You most to Google who got ever seen it like. Capable we got that part at the plate or secret weapon that can run away at work and they try to opportunity the opportunity to get back on the field. You can see that he's a phenomenal shape Amir could look at the airport and I don't try to let the pipe that. Like they were travel. You know to ask the question I would say yes they're very low with the order. Otherwise would be built to order a we were about finally decided. Well aware sever the relationship. I do know they're just scored. Help beat faster all. Won the Betsy resume again at the question. Word yet from a commitment airport on the outside looking in of like you'd be an action treasure anything that would sort it out got my brother or eight. Mean we all applicable at Kabul weekly has been that Angel within that door of the stability control. Can't speak on exactly what they're going to get are doing well here you know put monitor Oprah put triple border north and if he's. What he what could be for a leader and a playmaker. Dubya Dominic receivers and our district that kinda helped between them talk about it. How can a team find out if he's motivated to keep playing though because that seems to be the one narrative that's popping up. Not only from the Cleveland story but just in general so how I as a general manager that he about every man can you determine whether or not he still possibly football. Right preserve our. You know online dating weirder. Let us a little bit older stuff goes right over everything go right you are still. Are you gonna have to be your restarts there's at least to back respect for the state you heard about a growing darker and darker but it got. You orchestrate literate or find out there. Yvette Cabrera been there before you do it. Yet a collection of things that would then about it is critical that being formula adult thought we open elation or. Where you would shoot the Specter it and try to cater to very. All of the time. An intimate picture okay. I know what I'm getting. Now let me take over. What do we do go ahead and leave it alone an opera like or when you look at Josh Gordon who mr. there's so much of the risk. But the risk for more war like putting your court order or eight and anybody if you. Well. Written that I got beat somebody at the ability that is very had that was going to be a pet. A Dutch court might why don't write similar attempt when an early in the career. You know similar to the elite players that it might be trouble or have a stroke has been that alternate because there ought to go get a look very. There's something be said about starting in two politically Cabrera. I'm happy for. It's like I like big and out of what we're talking a bit of I would like political recruit out. It is they do and they've been open computer. We model for that person like. Open it back on their feet it would go hard time they had a job they were broke and she cabinet. Notes here right. It became beautiful they walk away and why really talk about broke Bobby electoral. He's like yeah I notebook Bobby get a job and I got a fresh haircut etiquette a thought they are out. That's gonna happen pretty epic that part of it cool before that court. I think started. It could start for a couple of neutrality go for it couldn't do it Troy. A big blow to hold off. Like this oh culture pick. Greater value great analogy when you talk about quarterback and we tournament you're talking about a Fitzpatrick Brian. Look at Carlson Wentz and course nick pulls you CRE came in and we won a Super Bowl and did those things meaning about Jamison what's going on now with Ryan. Is this same situation what's the biggest difference how would you compare and contrast he Summers situations. I don't feel in the folder auto guys. Really caller well did it but there are local and now is called my own and be alert that. Arsenal that is clear to play well and that is all playing that well. Down over the last couple weeks carpet what they'll be sitting on the silent hill and up next couple weeks left in eagle Delilah. We gotta keep this season going forward is the word from a there's been a bit more about it that it's initiated K they go to local tour they'll be. Hopefully a gold yard mutiny BP form Horry got hurt lecture. It's magic Bo can correct it going to be a bit about. I've got my completely free and talk a little bit on the show. But it says there are you got a few weeks and that they welcome back you don't detain. Event for those money these are guys that are equivalent of a relief well. Brought here and rhetoric and you. Play after play well. And little articulate duel last year that if UK okay. You know all of a token our quarterbacks that have a contract because belt where apple reputable the president out on the course and do this without real. And be without. Any regret their claim preakness because that they'd be very applicable oracle apple. Pretty good player so to cut it would be hit or miss played well lecture playing free. Belgrade because sensible trade saying we're gonna go well output and lecture notes there are guys. Noted that. Dmitry utility play the or any easier couldn't leave it. A PP goal at the rate you also record and not losing that the book I can't let your. Not a city immediately. Sold at a certain freedom in that particular. I didn't. Exactly. Not go on their plate freed because there you go there's been pretty much a net profit so it its lead editor play freely about it. It shine more better shot four. Upper body which it is now and receive an opinion seem to resent. Same type of freedom. That culture. Which you get that bag. People are looking at you now that we've got to that we hope can be our state here we got a better be our savior that's a different type pressure stroke. All Republicans are totally different experience so far. Or Robert Crowe and the vet that it does that doesn't pick up there. Air car back to back up that we ought to have a good week to. And then we'll have Mahmoud path and really are you kidding me this and then quit at a phenomenal level paper. They're all pay for. Cut a rookie record on. An expired at the content won't it can't believe people could keep they're in here and be very thoughtful. What can we don't start implementing that system could be Null modem won't Republican elite somebody's gonna try to copy and they beat the level. And then beyond that people helicopters were ten feet through there on the pro side you know Alfred says that he saw the movie like Google body correctly you were getting very. And it could go look defense. An example he probably going to be a bit public like can be direct role. Mean girls and with a 095 cent in the game have you ever seen a team with that much speed everyone knows Tyreke Gil can run. But you put him next to Sammy Watkins you go. Tell CNN you've got Corey mark in the backfield. Ivan Watson in these first two weeks I mean I grew up watching any coach the Philadelphia Eagles I have never seen this kind speed all over the field. There's sort of an out of their way to put it at an upgrade being. Created or. Looking pretty it's not a perfect bracket. Because. You could just a true big. Every week first article got no. We've been pistol offense. And all the while the jets sweeten the race and we can go five or I'd anti bacterial. All how to get. Their eighty Baldwin college. Letting it be different and the content and products based on the either boot W and there are going. You pick could be even ordered that we've political question that they. If you're going to be this will be even beat the thought that if only because we. Would rather have these guys bonus is if they got are got credit. But it. Peter Crane brought the rhetoric to Russia ordered out there and have more remote and deftly. Current deal. Nickname panhandle on Twitter feed my actual feet like he stole from it. So NASA started to call me anything but data I've just one way you can. Slowdown Kansas City would be to get to the quarterback and nobody doesn't Bennett and Khalil Mac on display tonight for Chicago on Monday Night Football. How much does this continued listing the raiders knowing that they have a limited pass rush until Max out their reckoning game for Chicago. Yes sorry you know we have these conversations between the commercial break. I found that I would thereby attribute to a of course you know we were that in the group to what we love him he's well. You know what I'm good film and check it out I think we played OK it offered the lead in their car. Article quote or they. They didn't go far you withhold their car and in India both big. Little has. Been repeating. The couple we hit it you know got to get to court that no pressure. Oh. Would pass first don't have we get a catcher a couple of code that. I'll let you know I just open it it literally got. Me a call. That's that's what I get fighting about it and I expect. Mobile tour but it is kind of what you bet and her the million dollar and of course people respect it. And personality. Are overly broad effect McCorkel will matter and waited too little bonnet to establish a relationship. And that by that time will metro orange. Beat the Chicago. Imelda overrated you're kind of searching for that are qualified are quick and I'd like I met like. Let's cut from the LP law in my skirt cut from that club well pieces that that we expect food Dominic. Eleven year NFL veteran wideout check him out now on good morning football coaching gets on the NFL network an NFL today on CBS need morals and what does here on 95 cent in the game. Always entertaining and insightful Nate thank you so much for your time. Robert Guerrero or. He's gay man's good he's really did. Hit a nice little career nice career with Minnesota Seattle. And then this TV show they do in the morning is fantastic. Bedard had gotten I didn't know once again he's. Like he's a nice little career but. His TV is is it's taken to the next level this morning shows unbelievable he had bar you know Bart Scott you wanted this Sunday game he comes in. He's way. Different he let it come down he doesn't try to force it he doesn't try to over talk the coach is. He had one meet more confrontational he does a phenomenal job and he's got a great niche also very interesting Jerry Rice comes on hard pass on Josh Gordon April send in this can't. Big fan of the moat the idea that a different Jersey. Could be he says the same thing anyone has ever been around a guy says he's just this physical right freak show physical freak Cilic of Eisen tries or seen it all. Painted on muscles yeah and that's why are. As a GM or as a head coach I'd be so attended because you see the skills you body you see what he could be but it's such a giant question mark. And it's interesting that two receivers in the same Mauer had two different opinions but. But in and what do you think we love this how. It's unbelievable I when he's available so where do not see the guy can't play when he's not a they'll try to walk it back no but the stone traveler back I don't. But the same thing with you this when needs it needs it what he see it yet seek god this guy's awesome and he goes you would you see when indeed shape. I'm 25 pounds overweight. That's the same problem he had the and east you have now. Even though now he's in shape. But he still not Shawna he's still not available so my point is that's what I'm sick in your 2530 pounds overweight but you're still a freak of nature the year really loved football. That's the same question that have been asking from this but this whole Q I know. I. Eligibility and as he loves football and what do we say on this program about availability don't believe everything that's happened I have to I. Brought to you by 3-D. Imaging three dimensional services prototype production proven. Here is that go to the Oakland Raiders John gruden. A tough loss. Really proud of our team. And opportunities I think to. Come out here with a win and I credit the amber I'll answer any questions I can't. So yeah. Everybody was gassed all all four sides of the ball. They're guys our guys everybody yes that's part of this. Part of this obviously is comes out who. Conditioning it comes down to. All of that especially the end of games we'll be easy. No comment on that. Gaza verbal. Disagreement sometime. BI did he did well today he did. You know what we ask them do protect the ball moved football fame. Critical third and one or fourth and one we didn't mean to make play. And handed him the ball and we a second four I don't know we had a false start to really hurt us because putting away right there I thought Carr play great today. He has a great player and he's doing an outstanding player look forward to the the days ahead hopefully there's there's several. We. Hope that. We had this song we hear this song we. We gotta get there we get winds along wanton may recall more blitzes. We after somehow we will. Tuberville involved every week not the issue Ramsey pretty good they did today. And I not to be genius in this latest figure out you know it's hard to make first down somewhere Asus is that your hot some weeks you're not. These can take away one player they want to have somebody else asked stumpel put. He's come involved every wake hope everybody's happy. They weren't. We'll come back next week and asked tough blow again our special fans have. You know suffered obvious zulus are long snapper our return or not only that are our number one cover guy. When they would go. I hope we win next week for Miami. Cool and I figured you'd exit. Or shoppers. We'll you know he takes shots in. Oh. We did take some shots we hit a couple of second half where one called back for office pass interference if you call that. Get all the ball very long wondered what some like that with the rosters that played you have. Are we had ballots today. I don't know what Derek was thrown a ball but he didn't have very many completions one or an incomplete at Enron I think. Harry and our receivers and hands I think he can at every pass. And he's. What. Well. I came through how's your. I love my dad what was the problem. He. And we have people working up there and they try to relay information to me as soon as possible and our guys upstairs did get a great job they get credit for that. The result wasn't necessarily what they were looking for yesterday. I still think the greatest but Bruce awful ball game all the way around I mean. Group and essentially how are you freeze it may be kind of called out. Both car Cooper this past week we discussed it throughout the week. Their car and amazing football game completed 90% of his passes the cuts on the set Roberts in traffic. To wit to to Rocca defender ran into each other not each other down that's just our is what that is Marc Cooper at ten passes thrown his way he caught all ten of that doesn't happen in the NFL special when your plane on the road. Granite there are probably little things you could find in that performance yesterday that need to be cleaned up but by and large you went in theirs is six point all on a short week. Playing in altitude. Most likely you're not going to win that game. They had a chance it got away from the late but all in all doesn't it at least feel. More organized. Than it did in previous years like yell. People can be critical of gruden. I'm of the try to outline but he did it does feel like he's got the team more organized and in a better position than we saw the last u.'s offense. To leave got an identity and you saw something in week one read didn't get scoop the ball enough and you know he ripped a quarterback you recoup or whatever you did you made a concerted effort you made a plan to get him the ball and it was a lot of deacon Doug yesterday. But it worked Cooper got the ball ten times car was 29 of 320 so you seem much more about. Of the consistent offensive approach perhaps the biggest mistake. In yesterday's raider game happened right here. Brought ghost writers now we go to break. Guys I got a great note for you Seth Robertson just scored the touchdown for the raiders. Did you know that the raiders are spending and hope when he scores a touchdown. Go look pretty good for the Silver Line. You know that's blush wow we're touting. Scoreboards caddie would you like to handle the unless they love to jive I've known Chris longer than anybody in this building in a dearly beloved it. Comes with a heavy heart that we must. We must put that down because the Italian every sideline reporter. You avoid trend that could come across as a broadcaster jigs and yeah. Exaggeration dissent Roberts he found the end zone but unfortunately. The raiders didn't win that game and thoughts touting sideline hit must re. Overloaded touting. The enthusiasm. You know brand new deal ESPN did you know. From a 1995. That are right that's a wrap for our society and the guru are coming up next cam Inman will join them at 11 o'clock we'll have the latest on the pursuits. Of one. Josh Gordon for debs and and low on Joseph thanks Ryan Allison everybody we're back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 957 again. Michael eventually improves every Monday for some real song. He never talk about another man's money that makes things funny easy in the world football doesn't like. Read it was here yeah. And yeah missed one unions green you're. Iraq to the greens. You're you're. Out. My cooler which he drew. Yeah obviously this. Idea why. The game.