JLD - 9/14/18 - Hour 3 - Beat The Bookie

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, September 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with ESPN NFL Analyst, Dan Orlovsky then Joe has the Week 2 edition of BEAT THE BOOKIE!

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Needham mass here and now last year won gold was when we're winning by the oh goals to pull it and it. And he got all that he got all the credit and everybody who are we're gonna win that they know the defense is shutting people down. And I kicker is not missing and so they've actually sick knowing about money like this Geiger really worked out a little. Well we have another caller. I appreciate the phone call legitimate concerns. Concerned we've heard throughout the course of the week I start to wonder though how much of this is based on sixty minutes. At Minnesota. Against what could be the best defense in the national football whipped. Again let's be honest not exactly the deepest or most robust arsenal in the NFL how many quarterbacks. Go to Minnesota last week. Same situation same coaching seeing surrounding talent and throw for 350 yards 34 touchdowns and win that game looking like SARS. Maybe may be Aaron Rodgers is the Pentagon can do it. May be Brady could do it. Maybe Jew breeze although he had a chance that we won last year and he got his butt kicked anyone remember that. Drew Brees went to Minnesota and we quit last year and get his butt kicked by Sam Bradford. So again. Context for the concerns over that game if that were a road game at Miami bar road game at. Detroit's. For example that might be something you wanna sound the alarm bell over even though it's still only six minutes of football. It was Minnesota. Just like the concerns over car and Cooper in the raider offense that was sixty minutes against Wade Phillips ramps but those are good defense is you should not at this point if you're a fan of either team. Expect your offense to shred those defense is those are defense is that have been built for years. Investments. Coaching those are not rookie these look at that defense the rams put out there. Erin Donald Madonna can sue a key to leave mark is Peter's. Peters is the youngest guy that group he's already been nor Pro Bowl Wade Phillips tried and true veteran defensive coordinator look at that defense in. Minnesota Harrison Smith Xavier Rhodes. You can go all the way across like those are not young guys it is taking years to put that unit together to assume your units are gonna go in and tread these teams. Guess it. This weekend that Denver another tough test of the raiders. But that's why this weakening its Detroit you should see some explosion on offense Vegas is giving you a 4548. Point total. Great points by well if you can't go out there put posted twentieth on the board against these guys then you might have a bit of a problem I think did that back to your point. The idea that winning might not be good enough and 96 victory might not be enough to appease this fanned and that's. Understandable at the caller said is accurate Robbie Gould last year had the third most field goals of the season in the history of the NFL self reliant on the kicker a little bit. A little bit too much last year in part that was red zone inefficiency. And that speaks to my point about excitement yet in the red zone on Sunday you're gonna need touchdowns because lows right. You probably are gonna win this game 1716. Detroit's gonna get there is Stafford going to be able to. Do some things against this forty niner defense so if it turns into a track meet canning game with Jimmy he's got to be the guy who delivers. Rob San Bruno. Rob thanks to the phone call your thoughts on the nine airline in this weekend. Ultralight. My lab that that well. You can make what you want to put. I think I mean people out there were three or four you know. I didn't expect they're like what part of all of a recounts. That are acceptable. And it would encourage bank with the miners there. As well I don't bet that. That that started patter you know sport that would at about you know about the lie in it that that meant what are all about that. Toward the bottom that we currently there Medicare we. Barbara Green aren't you cannot overdo it really. Smaller deals and they technical by the opinion like analyze our performance like that and that you cannot complain about the modern weapons. Couldn't call immediately site they got Gucci money what they want to let you know why or why he labors so it is bringing India won't be before. There's like Garnett walked form that we that they had been you know now Mac it is state energy and yet do get that I wanted to Q you scored. We could score more it's like to pretend that cannot be. In every. We are gonna look like there aren't accurate. We all like a normal beat Carolina normal street now but we could scored on now or. We're not going to ask it in 98. On eight interceptions in order and it is not a problem with that one that we wouldn't Colombia. The two when it went what we. I have all the money it if we got guys. If you look at couldn't storm being born out of spark that you put. It says something about your coaching now. That's is some about your coaching mark he's gonna win had here's Julie Marie did nothing and Kyle Shanahan turned him into a legitimate. Not at quarterback they're coming back and collect your. What did you expect with what ball key and new York and console and Chip Kelly did this roster do you expect a turnaround in one night. We need money at it then that money. Out of what do you mean well. Being able. There are the ball airline is that guy not the way to repay credit is that this would not eight. With the right. Right great. What would. It it would be read about it what are outcomes like thirty that's where apparel marketplace aren't there. All right listen. Listen we area there are a lot of people that feel that like Solomon Thomas playing 35 snaps is a bad luck. Right he's not heard as far as we now if they're keeping that quiet that's the reason it would make sense but if that's not public knowledge we can't go ahead and give you credit for that. 35 snaps is a problem your other number one pick from that year who came in at the end of the first round is suspended for the first two games of the season to bad look for John Lynch. This year however Fred Warner played big in game one at the Dante palace. Mean what I did hit on every pack and the idea that you can let bulky spent years destroying this roster and then turn it over in night. There's a reason you haven't had a cap space you've managed effectively over the last year I mean good god tell all right. I'm ask a question and to give you quarterback stat line. Now this is a stat line of quarterback playing on the road against a good defense it's not drop low against Minnesota but I want you tell me what you think of these numbers. Fourteen of 23. Which is a 60% completion percentage a 159. Yards a touchdown to interceptions. What do you make of that performance from that quarterback on the road against a very good defense. That's not a very good performance that's you know two picks and not enough yards and as the one touchdown. I hope you ran for 200 yards nine game otherwise he probably lost what do you make of those numbers and those numbers him. Not good does it surprise anyone that that team lost by DM you're thirty that night. Doesn't surprise me. Does it surprise anyone that that was Tom Brady against Kansas City the year he ripped off I believe twelve wins right after that went on to beat Seattle on the Super Bowl does that surprise anybody that does surprise Dell. A little bit because every now again you run into a tough situation on the road against a good team Monday night at arrowhead and you know people or save the game centers are drop below Brady's done. Literally Bill Belichick was at. Asked if he was gonna move to Jimmy drop well. Now to compare droplets of Brady in this situation is Reese ridiculous and absurd and I get that. But again. There are scenarios where even the best in the business are going to struggle. One game in the 2018 season on the road at Minnesota. AZ really ridiculous sample size to get a fan base worked up about whether or not they have their guy or whether or not this team's gonna be able to do anything because I'm to tell you something. If the niners go out win 41 a six on Sunday we're gonna take a lot of calls on Monday about. Sure we put the Super Bowl tickets now. Is this the new dynasty should the warriors be worried that maybe the niners will build another stadium right next to them take over their turf. It'll just be the complete 180 would even more absurd takes just take your time. Building something up takes awhile. I mean good god Philadelphia just won a Super Bowl look at the years of between eighty Reid and Doug Peterson it was a mess there. Seattle was a mess prior to the arrival of Pete Carroll and everything that took place that these teams that compete it does not happen overnight when your example is the Chad Pennington at. Eleven at five dolphins the only reason they were there is has Brady got hurt that sees. That's that's that's your example that's a problem that is that's not they did. That's not a sample that's the outlook of the template for how you gonna build a team man if you look at. What the niners could have done was all there are there cap room they could've brought in some free agents but they're building is to be. A slow progression and have the window lasts longer than just once he is the rams got two years with a all the money they spent if you look at all their contracts. And cost steel coming up they've got two years to make it so why would you try to go toe to toe with them. Try to build your team up so that when they slip in two years you can take advantage of that window Matt. Sandra fail. Matt thank you for the phone call your thoughts. Guys I'm like an old man that I I'm (%expletive) yet another in my whole life and try to chat me. Get what I consider to be millennial. The. They don't have any patient or understanding they want something right now because honestly that it would have been raised. What you have last week is younger rob the world didn't play that game lately that you're you'd let down by his running game. You'd let down by about a decline and that they got hurt but not their fault but it happened. Bill I dropped. We have the best quarterback including it being by the way. The best quarterback play that we have at since Jeff Garcia we have not had a quarterback played it well at school uploaded it Garcia in my opinion might issue on nobody David duke. But the niners can actually had bad quarterback play now we get a guy who comes in and it is worse competent. People are quite big because he didn't hang forty on the best defense in the NFL. In their outlook on opening day would injury after they locked up on the line don't give me a great. This routine that you have to give. Five weeks to and then make a decision I think they get a ticket to Detroit I don't think it's going to be a close game I think it can be it would shifting. Matt appreciate the phone call and then to defend the other side in that debate you know why you bring the guy in your market. Crop look the way the niners a market and you give him the contract that they gave him there is a certain level of expectation in those games in Minnesota. I can see were some of the less patient fans would get a little worked up. That they spent what how many months now hearing about problem he lands a what a treat. What degree tree to get intentional franchise quarterback percent round pick they just waste but he won't please them. Many steps and he wins five general and everyone goes knots and they give my 137 point five million dollars in liberal goes nuts there's so much hype that the first time you see him. After months. Of built up energy and you get three interceptions. Mean it's like your first sexual encounter you spend ten years get all excited about the night a girl's gonna say yes it's done in thirty seconds. Now it's still awesome still held a lot better than Minnesota game but regardless. Is that all that time thinking about something to get your expectations perhaps a bit too high. If you are on hold in you wanna get on the air you and tell your friends Jolo and did you want and that you were heard by billions. Hang out for just a couple minutes and we'll come right to you Dan Orlovsky NFL quarterbacks can break and the game at 830 beat the book is it 845 Jolo and its united front seven again. 9517. Missed a lot of five to 800 with a twenty shelf every weekday mornings starting. I feel really good about that defense especially. Need your root cause of getting guys who were sidelined since. It's like a mixture to opponent and don't miss pregame shows would be erroneous policies in ninety exhibit. Big team. It's time to get our weekly look at the view from Vegas on all the points breads and we bring in our friend and our expert John rice from sports information traders dot com. You can read about and in his weekly column and Forbes or Yahoo! finance also go to sports information traders dot com. Or call an 866. 4412711. To learn more about his award winning football picks service it can help you make money. This season and John as you remember last week told to take the under 46. In vikings' forty niners and he was spot on the good stuff John welcome back to the program. Thanks so much you know I tell people all the time when you're trying to wager on your own in the NFL of course mug that -- recipes or losing a lot of money in. We chavalit a game played out last week was a gallant effort by the HM just took forty knotted the vikings got the win the under came it. Better times are ahead. For the niners as we move forward and undefeated last week on Sunday and it felt so I have three. Client in the company went undefeated. Export information traders dot com we're gonna give you a chance a little while here. Sign up we're rushed for just to deposit on the season. Sports information traders dot com or call 8664412711. Let's get your wisdom in terms of the points spread this week raiders and Broncos. Of course John. Coming up the money and it lost the raiders looking to rebound in Denver the line right now says Oakland getting six on the road can they win or cover this line. At mile high. Out there right now the money's on the Broncos because it opened for a half hour to six or the money is that Italy on the Broncos. I think part of that as a reaction to the Monday night game that's generally what happened. With the general public is they look at what they've just seen and react. They did react they moved that line to six Broncos minus six to you know last week there was some good news. That I saw and some not so good then shot and I like the way the raiders started the laps we. I did not like the way they finished. I think we need to do a better job taking care of the football. And I think it would Jerry Cooke having that weapon over the battle it certainly gives and that attitude they need to spread the field along real I'd. I do not feel this big game work wagering in terms of the shot planet. I do see some value in the total. I think what the Broncos and keep them the ball last week in the way that there are. Threw the ball perpetrators I think in the big game it's the total up a lot of points so in my opinion the play nearest to take the over 45 points. In the Broncos raiders game folks that is not a game I will be wagering on. As I mentioned moments ago we were undefeated last Sunday. That's the first week of the NFL's sheet and our clients want every single game so now it's short term and scored just eight beat budget. On the scene and you are in the sports information traders 866. 4412711. That's 866 or or 12711. When you calling our go to a web site sport in relation traders dot com. Speak to what my analyst make small deposit on the entire season and start winning without beginning with tonight's play it's sports information traders dot. 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Still time for your flu shot today with his zero dollar coping with most insurance because protecting the world starts with protecting yours we'll dreams just it since 1901. Vaccines subject to availability space age and health related restrictions may apply. 957 to gain. Trending now week. Still the NFL is under way and manic Peggy Aggies is starting with the Bengals taking on the ravens' 3423 last night for now and his return home to host the lines mark he's good when my person and Josh Barnett I'll listed as questionable for Sunday's game aging Covert missed practice again with a tight hamstring and former not a QB Jeff Garcia looks upon them Vontae at duke. And first round take my negligible join Damon Bruce at 310 graders at my eyes take on the Denver Broncos Sunday listen to the game on our sister station KCBS. These are sort of this week in Baltimore and selling game and a half back of the Yankees in the wild card openings and a made for three Edwin Jackson is our coverage starts. At 330 right here on site 95 cents in the game that dies. Welcome the Rockies to town sponsored by Dolan is numbered doors and windows your green building experts for Bay Area locations it is a plumber to dot com for more manic peg Aggies former TV Dan Orlovsky is coming 7830 here and that lesson is this. Chill growing kids continue us on 957. The game. I'd here we go Jonathan Clayton joined us at the seventh I'm only telling you that because I'm reading the wrong line off my sheets. It Orlovsky. To join us twelve minutes that's what I was going to whether. To feed the bookings coming up at 845. Low vs did as whip from a special projection on triple G canal all of the rematch that's coming up at 945. We are gonna turn it back over the phones which are packed. Not her fans we wanna hear from you on a variety of topics first and foremost. A Jack to you for this home game this weekend. It feels like it's been quite a while since the niner fans have had something to get this excited about it Levi stadium the console Lara. It will remember how that played out the Chip Kelly era last year. When it was Brian Moyer starting quarterback yet new with legend Shanahan you might be on the something but lawyer didn't exactly instill a lot of confidence that he wasn't meant to he was a place holder. To Jimmy problem comes in he wins the final five games of the season he gets the monster contract expectations around an all time high. And then they claim that a bit Minnesota on one hand you have fans were really upset about that performance you can see that they were writing a lot of hype. And that game under delivered to an extent. On the other side. Patients you cannot build a Super Bowl winning football team overnight Tiki time give the guy a little breathing room it was after all a broad dated Minnesota. Intermediate it's gonna decide of course I didn't think Jimmy deeply well I think we all agree did you know. When interceptions you know in those and a double and triple coverage of the mood feel. You're like hey the decision making in you still had a chance to win the game. To me so I don't matter fans were expected more. But I look at it like what are you think there's sin in Minnesota you you had a team that he you're looking at Qualls beaten not that good. And there once or from I ended up front is so I think that night if there isn't to say okay. We understand. We played against a team that every once and a top three teams in NFL on the total NFL. In we went up there and had a chance to win or tie the game. So I think the fans have to be this pump the brakes and understand the process but I was just disappointing would it Jimmy gee some of his decision making. A born in Minnesota understood tells them be tough out. Understood they were about to lose that game the summit decision making. That's the thing that I was disappointed. And you would figure that those are things that he'll get right heading into a lesser defense a defense that gave up almost a fifty murder and their opener on Monday night and we've talked about it. Shark week. For the lions traveling all the way across country you should have multiple advantages even put aside your questions at right guard that are gonna persist until Sunday. Jimmy gee should on the service on his own play better than he did. Ricky in Danville will start their re eighteen and bill thank you for the phone call the floor is yours please go ahead. They speak better and better quality and talk about it in each year well it that they and there are though it is beyond the outlook bent. Anita back at a batter is becoming there would been better consistently. High that we currently don't regret the ball. And not get away from. Yet right guard now that make game at Otis happened stadium a great book both. Oh well they'll do it it looked great great for loud in there and that not that their. There were neighborhood court at all. I mean the fact of the matter is that you know that operate in a low on the road well. You know an affair whether it is that really. To acquire about all it. Enjoy it regained and though hello. Ricky was gone four or is golf for the adult animal. Wanted to if you don't have any patients. At all with how this process works in this season goes the way this room is projected we have laid out the schedule we have laid out the deficiencies with the offensive line the pass rush linebacker unit in the secondary. And you go out Asian seven and nine. That's gonna be viewed by people out patient this failure so you're gonna had to make a one win improvement from six in ten to seven and nine. And you're gonna play a much more challenging schedule. And yet you're gonna view that as failure that's not a failure that's just setting expectations. Into an unreasonable. Stratosphere. Give it an opportunity they haven't even had their second draft class play game number two yet. Right they had to clear out a lot of dead weight from balky. There are some tricky contracts on there there are a lot about players probably picks the ball key swing and miss on curry doesn't balky draft that never even made it to the field because he was so interest didn't guys were blown out means. Like this is going to take some time even with Solomon Thomas credit. 35 snaps against Minnesota is a bit alarming a defensive tackle drafted in the top three should be able to buying up and wrecked shop maybe he misses an assignment. Shore maybe it's double team short but at some point knocking guy down. Not take a look back yeah I should step. And at some Robert Silas said in his weekly press conference that he doesn't wanna have any of those guys in the mill the boy dogs as load column. Doesn't wanna see any of them over fifty plays if possible so. You're gonna see Solomon Thomas is number go up this week. But there's probably won't go down because he's such a game wrecker. Arms they'll probably lose a few snaps but you see those three continue to rotate and you're going to see Solomon Thomas Moore this weekend. Francisco in San Francisco on all places are Francisco the floor is yours gut. Bag of port bella at all these are calling the playing about Jimmie red able. To walk rate you know. Going to be one and grass is. It that you all are for a better more forward on. Appreciate the phone call again. You top running back and Gerry McCann and out for the season right guard up in the air right tackle has made one career start left tackle. Not exactly in his prime although can still apply left guard was cast away by the Detroit Lions last year first round pick that they gave up on. Look at your offensive line but you're running backs the U wide receiver of the year defense it's gonna take some time why was that all summer calling Jimmy grappled the great deodorant. Because when you really got to the month of August is sort of looking at the roster and he got past the shining properly thought to yourself who. There are more problems than meets the if you look at this. And Pierre Garcon might come out of trouble along the way but. Other than that you don't have a lot of guys offensively or defensively who have been at the top of their game so to expect this team to roll out of bed. And go eleven and five or ten and six just because they have a shiny new quarterback I think is miss judging the roster. LeRoy Oakland. LeRoy thanks for the phone call fire away. Guys are good morning and happy Friday com aren't very sweet escape from real big 49ers that. This week gave me I'm in a wait and see mode. Just like a war as we did. We were getting ready to pick up go drop below and I was on record I I don't think we should have. Eight drop below that much money I think we should waited but we pray that in these artist and we happened so. I'd just been in a wait and see all about just been watching them and I I'd look they're so much in league to Buffalo's week this is coming out of college. And obviously connect those Spain dot com I'm looking at. He doesn't always feel pressure right he doesn't always rip the deep ball he addition to all been paying the deep ball. He makes good receivers were put the ball down field. Amnesty or accuracy. It could use some improvement I mean I remembered mini camp it was one day where he didn't complete won the deep ball. One that same date. It's not countless terrible I mean this is all this some I was just speak just just been false start all Qatar because. It's not count so I'm looking at somebody's weakness of the match salt marbled and lax we gain by. I'm still in a way conceivable that you are still out Belichick. I highly right appreciate the phone call let me lay a scenario out for you. Imagine that your of the mindset that the niners paid Jimmy Rob Lowe too much to see that perhaps they should have waited a little bit longer. Here's what ends up Papp Rob Lowe goes in his season on the franchise tag and you're gonna go ahead and test amount sounds debt. Meanwhile Matt Ryan signs his new deal. Aaron Rodgers signs his new deal Kirk cousins goes in and signs his deal and suddenly drop below those from costing you about 27 million to. I don't know are you gonna now came north of thirty million picture if you don't wait a minute or get a franchise him again. Have you heard the name Khalil Mac you know what happens when you wait too long to pace star players the price inevitably goes up and the franchise tag. Is a weapon for one year but after that. Becomes a problem more than anything else so if you're gonna make a bet on this guy. If your Shanahan in your lynch John Lynch is what hall of fame safety he's gonna be all things safety Kyle Shanahan. Is regarded as many of the best offensive minds in the business he turned Matt Ryan into an MVP. All bag on them. All bank on them to spend their time behind the scenes look at Rob Lowe working women talking to him getting to know on studying them watching him play. Watching him evaluate tape and read the playbook and they're gonna make the bet that he's the guy that's about all mate because the longer you wait on this the more and ends up costing you. I mean Derek Karr everyone looked while Tony five million that's crazy now Derek cars now what my. NFL now basket changes all season when guys like Russell Wilson get their deals. Day eight changes and I think that Jimmy gee here's a guy that you know I was and that same thing we got to a low eighteen million you wait too low and I improved to be right it was a way too low the guy came on he played well. I think that this is a situation we gotta look at this niner team and just say hey look there there there's a lot of question marks on this team. Especially when you talk to put off until lineman you say god is here. If you don't you talk but Daley didn't hole he has is about guards sinner guys that are castle on the soft until lying immigrants he seems to be good pick but. You look at this team. Especially offensively. There's not a guys that have a lot of nineteen year a lot of guys that had that you know grit in the National Football League where they've been starters for a enjoy a long period of time so you gotta be patient you've got to understand that and that's why I think this game is so big it's a great measuring stick this is. Like I think that talent this is a team that you had a little bit more talent and his team to. It's coming here and hungry but you go to Britain had played some good football in you wanna see Jimmy Jean light it up you see this team play a lot better and red zone. You wanna see the running game get going in North Sea proficiency UNC team execute bulletin temple wanna see that crowd rocket. He was he Jimmy gee do the job though this week you really do. Even Fremont. Eight thanks to the phone called the floor is yours I had a. They have won a second 11 man said that became a cowboy fan because the lion it's so bad it's even grown up I have looked at the same. I literally. Became a rugby bank develop those that in the line that it's black and understand it finally came through and not the remote probability that it's already. They've had them all they care. Can you at all. When that. I mean that's what the lines that then drove into rugby coastlines and he'd now root for rugby and justice and everything is rate. It's tough be tough to be dead Detroit sports fan outside the bad boy is gone back to back can the tigers. In the mid they've had some success but the red wings have been good. But not those old lions this net. Beat the bookie at 845 more of your calls to route to show if you wanna hang on low vs dibs at 945. To the phones legal right now eight year NFL veteran. And former teacher at lions quarterback you can check him out now has a terrific analyst already ESPN Dan Orlovsky joining us here on 95. Seven to game day good morning thank you for your time I'm sure you've been watching some tape this week a Jimmy drop below in preparation for this game Tellme. The performance against Minnesota last week. A lot of niner fans very long armed that there are high priced acquisition threw three interceptions on the road against Minnesota. Other fans saying temper the expectations it was Minnesota after all that is one of the best defenses in the league where do you land. I'm an expectation should be currently go play well again although they are there they did he bent. You paid him at a ridiculous amount of money and you stated that a lot of money to go play well be he'd like that. I'm when you watch Kate. I know there's an interception there I did that but I don't know. It's all those that are that some argued you know while drop load not what we thought he would. You know the interception early on. Certainly look like there's that communication between him and he intended receiver and you've gotten receiver know it so. It looked to be like that receivership have broken his robot neutering certainly come back in the quarterback. I'm not concerned with it. One. Apparently Mitt you're into the game. That long was a little confusing to me is that they're pretty clear indication of what the coverage at any kind of despair that so. You know they've got a good job we regret that it. Yeah he was very aggressive with the football which delight. Down time that work now I'm on it doesn't. I would not be alarmed. It on the niners and it one game and he'll get better it only hit eight or nine start. But be expect cake and per game it certainly to play better and I would anticipate and they do just that. The contract can sometimes be such that people expect and already the season that that you mention he has only made those eight starts as far as the lions defense goes where. As the vulnerability where just forty niner offense can be successful. Yeah I mean the biggest thing right now and they're very very little out brush and when you pair that with the mean it got a pretty good secondary let is Barry in. Go over cornyn although. Getting older and still play at a relatively high level. The guy who peppered treated the state court they you to play opposite. Areas let the quarterback position whether he paper never never in law and it is just okay. So you know what with a team that doesn't have a great pass rush. That there on the alarm and that's where the lions are right now though there in that predicament OK we want you. Formulated apps are we need to bring more body and the 49 days 49ers have the weapons that they can put the ball down field copied the that they all play action game in the movement gains. How they can get catch you off guard is the tempo. So there's opportunity for a sporting aren't gonna take advantage of the defense I wouldn't be surprised if drop lower and add up in game. Allen played really efficiently and really well. And you know I certainly expect bit more formidable. Performance by the line he spent. As they've got holes and those holes. Are our. That no matter what scheme you had you can expose them though. You could run the ball relatively well again and he is broke wrote that the well against them right now until we see some changes. The week we'll looted and human side not the quarterback position at times and he Sid Haig what. What Jimmy G needs to do an eight page element. At a guy's getting paid is Matthew step and he looked like he had some problems that people were hit main door and interceptions he's a veteran guy. In some looked a little skittish at times. What are they gonna do to try to stop this. The San Cisco the front four they got 231 round is on there and it looked like Butler is going to be you know really type of a Pro Bowl type of guy and talents on Tom's coming around. What it would only noisy toys what is going to be some of their counterparts did you know the niners don't try to go after staffer. Yeah I mean that did it very simple yet there the lined up in the night line they grow up in played better Nate. Our group that on paper should be very good and aid. Got them. Early at that traffic wise on there and they ate them guys read the and they need a lateral play better. And you know arm a little bit by it is Matt is together that he made a mine at the friend of mine but at some point they hit at the top. And you've just got to do your job at a higher level and you know that down it EP that no doubt about it. The that your job and they've they've just got to play better up front everybody to a man and you know they weren't they were at that but eking kind of expose that we begin the apron divine that. You know and aren't expecting to be dominant and so. When you're going to play like you mentioned that and brandy line that probably got individually. Better players and talent and it started to really come along. You know it is that difficult challenge for them and obviously being on the road. I could argue that he's not. Is that mentally resilient big guy that you will come across. He didn't play well I doubt though can promise you that he's gonna come out there on hay makers because he is wired that way to will be competitive. I think they certainly that he did the same. Conversations that they have laws and or be bent that front they've got the law and are open the front that have gotten our brand. And but I can beyond a stated it played better and they've got to do their job better and I that for a long time often the wind lays. Certainly a lot about talent but it a lot about professional personal pride as well and you everytime you hear them they thought about a good up and divine. You're gonna hear it and today we played together as one we are great communication. We took it personal that no one press star quarterback. Until they get to that point they're never gonna think they'll never be disputed that and. Former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky would this year on 95 cent in the game what did you make of the reports that surfaced earlier in the week about. Matt Patricia. Head coach of the Detroit Lions in his first year in some of these players. Not necessarily being on the same page is up perhaps they felt he was pushing them too hard during training camp. I mean when you get when you get what on national television like that your you're not in the same agent anybody. Report the report. You know it I would there with the previous regime and Jim Caldwell and we work. But I don't think anybody would domain coat all what can it be we just pushed this to heart. I can see if there are some people that this is gonna I'm sure I had no idea but I can you and got it meant a bit different. But it candidate pro sport and there's a fine line certainly between pushing guy too much in pushing him not. And indeed the coaching the coach and and it it way and spot when their general manager in the sport and we chose not Patricia. The map which are gonna do a map judicial watch. And it players you've got to kind of online. Without being. The the only team not the only people wanna that you gain that has kind of figured out how to. Basically truly. Your cell work why and how that turned into it is. The patriots beat every team go to work in our wanna work is for our calm but there's they're you know kind of sign behind. Working very hard yet you patiently and having it. Give you tangible results so. You know. At the end of the day it's about winning ball games and at the heart. If you work really hard and when ballgame they're gonna and we just work here we worked so hard and it you. You worked OK and you went ball game there aren't that been out the credit though. Those players. How did. Figure out a way to do it later coach Juan and but also allow that determine the results. Is it tougher for new head coach is to get their program instilled and installed early in the season now because there's so much more. Limits on how much practice time in padded practices he can have first. The rookie coaches owns seven in week one is this just a coincidence or a byproduct of not having enough prep time for these new coaches. Yeah I mean that that probably a little bit in the hole by product in and some of the EPA rule and what. The thing is the little bit of coincidence and you know it it it's not you know Lester it happened it into the bank media day so. I don't remember exactly how many you had coaches we had yet LX here but. And it didn't happen it was under the rules so. It's Alec spending drastically change the ten year. You know. I'm a little bit old when my thinking they're the reality it was good that the pro sport. Spoke to be typical your spoke to be different than every other person on the planet that's why you play per sport though. Like that that I'm a little bit old Lamar Vermont that is how you should work and whatnot. You know player not to go prepare them out single player as well as they can win ball games in coaching jobs they're put to put them in those positions in. You know that found incredibly simple for a lot of people but it's hard to do it truly it's hard to do and you know with a new coach is. You know sometimes. You're okay who aren't going to be that you can use your benefit. And sometimes it doesn't work out that way or use so. Winning ball games is hardly out on the matter got a new staff for not I don't read too much into it. Eight year NFL veteran former Detroit lion quarterback check him out now as an analyst at ESP and Dan Orlovsky would this year on 95. Said in the game Dan thank you so much for your time this morning enjoy the games is again. I. Couple notes did anyone see. Last night on the broadcast when Michael Irvin was talking about how Joseph Flacco hasn't had a good receivers Anquan old. And Steve Smith was sitting right now I want to ask. I got furious at that statement and you'll see that I was there and see that but I'm not the punch that up in the ring because that's a stepping right into it is even when slot. Being no he absolutely did not number one do you think urban was being honest. And was just like you know what I don't care Steve Smith doesn't like it I'm saying that's option number one option number two. Michael Irvin forgot that Steve Smith played with Joseph Flacco which could happen Steve Smith is known for his time Carolina. Not a lot happened in Baltimore when Steve played them he was good but the team wasn't. Or three he was trolling Steve Smith. I don't really see any other options that were out that are out there on the board too easy either trolling I'm he forgot that he played with them or images be in real into that Steve Smith was right there. I think it's too. I think it's three straight up trolling I had to the page control ends O'Neill and he he had not well it'll take a shot of the guy who. You know ultimately. Is gonna be all famers Steve Smith. That the body of work that he put up certainly doing it as a diminutive wide receiver he's going to be gold jacket it's a Michael Irvin was. Find an opportunity to shot at. Now I EE EE ER yes it was a total miss by Emmy got lazy. Did forgot he was on the stage with Steve Smith forgot Steve Smith played there is that Steve Smith's numbers in Baltimore the guy I was dog beaten guys up going up given. Steve Smith is arguably the greatest small receiver that it replace him Marvin Harrison you come a little guys in stat yet those two guys would be. I think will be tuned into the grade so. I think without a doubt he got sloppy. Forgot season has played there in dismissed mr. Irvin and Smith in their primes fighting in an Alley who wins would be about a. Okay get a little man I'm taking Steve Smith absolutely and with the on the and I'm gonna go Mike new article go to urban act out one more thing because you'll just a couple moments but I am. The people are asking. As they wanna know if it's a weekly segment Tom what type of soup would you have a detailed in this week the raiders are in Denver got the niners are at Levi's it's a September game against Detroit. If you were a raider feigning Denver for example what would be a good soup for we too. Yeah you did set a good one for for timber and had done about it as a Democrat like dead did you you're you're talking money and amber you'd go with that. Rocky mountain oysters on a little silly to let whoever handles appear in a soup I don't know if it's cooling off Lynette you don't end there though. Under a few wanna do creams your bicycle finally did it on super shall we call it low ones suit. I think what we should call until every damn plugs ball's in his suit that did is that what you're gonna record. That becomes your thing is well hang in every Fella hang in there. This is you make it yeah you gotta make it adds no to ice yet you know also. Rocky mountain oysters sue and win he bad you know tried out. Silly to think about it dried out and is that thing can refinance some a lot of doubt I would highly doubt it's that. Under is a classic example of a question none and a scramble for an answer and now we're just about any 45 so rather than trying to prolong this any further. The music police now are. I thought I signed up for that line yesterday we are now using a match I thought I would be a book about it here is where we stand last week six in four overall our first profitable weekend of the season. Six and what was the total three agreeing college football. Three and one in the NFL on the season. Eight and seven. Not lucrative but profitable eight and 753 point 3% five and six in college football. Three and one in the NFL we've got nine picks me today let's begin with college football. Game number one is are upset alert. Of the week did you all hosting Washington and I played this game that you call plus seven earlier in the week but that would not account here we only give you available prices have so would you call plus five against the Washington Huskies Saturday 10 PM eastern. 7 PM Pacific Saturday night will mark just the eleventh time in program history that Utah's fans will be in quote blackout mode. That doesn't exactly mean what some you booze hounds in the audience figure means you talk annual blackout game encourages fans to dress in all black attire tell. You guessed it black out the stadium in an effort to create as hostile an environment as possible and the good news here is that the tactic appears to work the utes are eight and two straight up and their ten previous blackout games the altitude of rice apple stadium is as daunting a travel destination as the pac twelve has offered. You talk has failed to cover the number only once in its last eight home games additionally Washington just one in five against the spread its last six games overall. And 04 against the spread over the last four road games. For good measure the dog is covered the spread in this spot in each of the last five encounters between Washington and you talk give us the five with the utes. As Washington is on upset alert this week. Every girl were ordered it today that bit at the drops courtesy of the big promo who is getting married this weekend game number two. Army against Hawaii Saturday 12 PM eastern 9 AM Pacific. In New York by this point in the season you all know my affinity for this Hawaii squad which is RE three you know straight out. Two and when he gets spread and three and out to the over. But this right here is the most brutal spot on the college football cards this week possibly all season as the warriors have to travel. 5000 miles across six time zones for a noon start which is pretty much 86 AM start based on their body clocks. This is an absolutely brutal scenario when task with facing. Eight triple option attack. That just rolled up 449. Yards on semi four carries last weekend against liberty I'm thinking lots of running mates was some sloppy play equals a nice bet on the under. A 62 total points would you do with them. Motorboat and promote vote. Game number three South Florida and Illinois Saturday 3:30 PM eastern 12:30 Pacific this game will be played at Soldier Field Lovie Smith and the Illini are off to wait two and a start thanks to winds over Kent State. And western Illinois respectively which already matches last year's win total and that should be good news for Illinois but it's about to get real messy this week getting in South Florida due to the fact that the Illini are dealing with injuries to quarterback TJ bush. And wide receivers Edwin Carter and Mike Dudek who have already been lost for the season. The bulls are 32 and out and just covered is three point dollars in last Saturday's 4938. Outright win over Georgia Tech South Florida won this match up last year by 24 points. Well I'll gain Illinois by 326. Total yards out quarterback quit and flour is gone. But former Alabama signal caller Blake Barnett is now under senator for South Florida another blowout in South Florida's favors on deck. Laid to ten and applicable since. Gambling. To save it about gambling but gambling and you know you gonna win. And Texas playing three against UST Saturday 8 PM eastern 5 PM Pacific admittedly. I like this give heck of a lot more before the season started when Texas had already lost his twelve and half point favorites at Maryland or failed to cover the 22 and how. Half last week in eight crucial seven point win over Tulsa. Call me but for punishment or call me a guy who was at the Stanford game last week to witness this anemic Trojan offense firsthand what a sloppy this game might get. I'll be lane at three of the longhorns for starters this is a big time. Under the lights revenge spot for Texas fell 4724. In overtime at USC last season. As seventeen point dogs and that was when the trojans had first round pick Sam Arnold. Covering up their issues now USC is riding with true freshman GT Daniels who's battling a hand injury to they relatively banged up offensive line. The trojans are always six against the spread over their last six non conference games 015 against the spread over the last 5 September games and 313. And one against the spread or the last seventeen games overall hold your nose and laid in three Texas is gonna pay us back. That we when disaster Maryland Obama came back prepared it was a gift top. I'm pregnant with me. All of earn playing ten against LSU Saturday 3:30 PM eastern 12:30 Pacific. Jordan hare stadium there's a lot to love about playing the number with Auburn on Saturday night for starters he got ourselves another revenge spot here has got smells on screw was five and one heading into the snake pit last October only to find themselves on the wrong side of the 2723. Upset special despite closing as six and a half point favorites so don't think for 12. That the tigers of all the burn we'll get caught looking past the tigers and LSU. Speaking of LSU as. Usual where's the offense and or drug squad not just 31 points in last week's win over south eastern Louisiana despite all the talk that quarterback transfer Joseph Borough. Was taking over at signal caller for the tigers. Additionally it's gotten so shaky along the LSU offensive line with the tigers is sending out just two receivers on most pass plays in an effort to Max protect from Karl noted these trends here except for the fact that the home team has covered the number in each of the last four meetings between these two. SEC west enemies lay of the ten with Auburn basically pre morning. To recap your college football plays you call plus five over Washington. Army Hawaii under 62 South Florida minus ten and a half at Illinois. Texas minus three over USC. All burn minus ten over L as you here come your NFL picks. The game number one Pittsburgh. Posting Kansas City the Steelers are born half point favorites 1 PM eastern Sunday 10 AM Pacific at Heinz Field this is our red alert game of the week you're telling me. That the Steelers look like garbage and it's 121 tie with the Cleveland Browns while that she smoked the chargers in Los Angeles and when that to meet each other in week two and Pittsburgh the Steelers are laying more than the customary three point trumpeted and is. Something stinks here for starters look inside last week's box scores and you'll notice that Pittsburgh out gained Cleveland now 179 total yards while Kansas City was out gained by the chargers by 145. Total yards. Final scores can be misleading. The little further and you'll find it achieves the our wanted to or against the number or their last five games against the Steelers and they haven't won in Pittsburgh since December 21 1987. We'll have our staff here wasn't even alive the last time achieves one in Pittsburgh and since joining the chiefs in 2013. Andy Reid is one in four against the Steelers. One in four against the spread against the Steelers and he's going to vote straight up and against the spread in Pittsburgh Big Ben and company bounce back in a big way on Sunday late morning have Pittsburgh one. Oh what a loser earth and game number two Jacksonville hosting New England Sunday 1 PM eastern 10 AM Pacific TIAA bank field against Florida I'm calling this one our faith in the public game of the week. Maybe it really is this season. May need to spend thirty seconds looking at the port of Scott the patriotism small favorite club down your cash on Brady and Belichick to turn a profit after all the patriots have covered this situation from the Brady era on the road is favorite 59% of the time throughout history so maybe I'll go down in flames in the Vegas tourists cash the most. Obvious ticket on the board this week but this is the biggest game in Jacksonville schedules. After the jaguars blew a twenty to 104 quarter lead against the patriots in Foxborough last January during the AFC championship game and his defense knows it's enough to topple new England's. Coming up play the contrarian angle here I'll take the points with the jaguars will be tipped it says here we should work into games. North and west spotter. Number three Sunday Night Football from Jerry a world in Texas at 8:20 PM eastern 5 when he Pacific it's the giants at. The cowboys. This is more of a feed on the cowboys than anything else honestly how much pot does Dallas really disaster and Jason Garrett Monday offense mustered just eight points. And 232 total yards and Carolina and we want. While committing ten penalties and averaging a paltry four point one yards per play. New York is covered the number in five of their last seven games against the cowboys. And they possessed more firepower on offense they boast a better defense they feature more advanced coaching. I got the giants winning this game out right continue to free anyway but it didn't regret. The final game on the board Monday Night Football back to the well a Chicago laying three against the Seahawks Soldier Field 8:10 PM eastern 5:10 Pacific. Tricky spot for Seattle let them play at altitude in Denver last Sunday. And now has to travel roughly 2000 miles to Chicago from Monday night game at Soldier Field throwing the fact the wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Linebacker DJ Wright and guard TJ hooker. Are all battling injuries and you get a highly questionable Seahawks squad going up against one of the league's nasty is defense. Seattle's covered a number just twice over its last ten games. While the bear is six and two against the spread over his last name honey I get something in which I give credit squarely to the great people of the city of Chicago. As long as Matt Maggie keeps his foot on the gas I'm not sweat this one might appeal go with the masters. Hello. How about that ride end. I guess that's why they call it sin city but hot. Nine total picks to recap your NFL selections Pittsburgh minus four and a half over Kansas City Jacksonville plus one over New England. The giants plus three over the cowboys the bears minus three on Sunday night over the Seahawks it doesn't count towards a total. But if you want another six point teaser I teased the Broncos from six to a pick him over Oakland and I cheek teased the giants from plus three to plus nine. At Dallas couple minutes left here saw askew this. Anyone surprised that Colin happening can't get a job in the NFL but Michael Hendricks and average to below average linebacker who's facing 25 years on insider trading charges just got signed by the Seattle Seahawks and could start Monday night in Chicago. Mine started trading doesn't affect my a relative patriotism so you go ahead and I mean it's. It all he did was I embezzled money from from people smell like key desecrate our beloved flags early in the second chance without a doubt and I can't Stafford act out. Yeah keep him finally jump yet keep them right out of there. Surprising there have been a quick you know it doesn't surprise him we did a very got to keep meddling. In August. Aircraft you right right now first three people to call the number and tell us. The last. 100 yards and gained you're gonna win tickets. The numbers triple 89579570. Triple 89579571. Three people. To answer the following question. Who was the last lion running back to run for over 100 yards a game. The tickets we've got three pair to giveaway to How the West Was Won featuring ice cube. Bone thugs and harmony too short Warren G and many many more Saturday October 13 at shoreline. First three people to name the last line running actress for over 100 yards a game AAA 89579570. It's been awhile is the is the hint there it's been awhile since someone stumbled over 100 yards for the Dietz relied. Yeah I mean you put on their goalie back don't bury him to berries berries and their Barry Sanders it might be subsequent to them playing but. Pretty darn near tobacco an airplane I mean this streak of futility of that team has put together in so many different areas not just the rushing. They haven't won a divisional titles since Barry Sanders I think that was roughly around the same time they want a playoff game honestly. How long is acceptable to go in between playoff win. I would say would be. Sizable five to seven years I mean it can you make an appearance in five years would know parents like buffalo they made an appearance but they didn't get the wind. That's all right but. EU got out of playoff win at least one a decade to fortify. Every five years should have won playoff winners are saying. Yes that's relatively reasonable rebuild should get you to the playoffs and a win in five years rebuild roster and three get to the playoffs and losing your four get to the playoffs and winning game in your file that that must ask. Not when not at 1230 to make it into. As you've met you've mentioned so many times you're not competing against the other fifteen teams in your conference is really seven or eight teams in each conference that are really don't forty years so. Five years if their timetable are we got conversations with Nate pearl -- and James Jones coming up you're not gonna wanna miss it Jolo and heads entering the championship rounds here on 957 game. It's. A pretty serious football station. Team. Dream match. That little triple. Obscenities and I. First champion this is six in the middle hour race. Undefeated triple. Morning Pacific Life won't be for you. 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