JLD - 9/14/18 - Hour 2 - Beef Line

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, September 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with NFL Insider Extraordiannaire, John Clayton and have this Friday's edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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John played with the CR 957 the game John good morning and as always we greatly appreciate your time will begin with niners lions Sunday at Levi stadium. There were some talk coming off Detroit's blowout loss Monday. That Matt Patricia had an exactly made himself a lot of friends in the locker room that lions players were a little upset with how hard he pushed them. During training camp what are you hearing about this coming out of Detroit. Cut but it was certainly a bad start I think from the give way to game went to the way that the players seem to be yet reacting by the court. If your Bill Belichick guy is not supposed to be the normal reaction. I think because you're pushing players have a lot of different directions and now the question is it going there right away I think everybody had anything to ration judgments right now. To say that this isn't working in one game. But about that still the fact that even yet some players on the record saying that that they didn't like the way it's. Started with a adjusting times and how they're using players against. Bill Belichick. Makes it work because he wins it didn't work the first game from pat Patricia and actually is going to be some criticism that some questions. Niners gonna have to go deep into the right guard bagging going up against the odds that could be very challenging just how formidable is unsigned the Detroit's front against us. A niners offensive line it is a little bit patchwork. Yet it's not great because right now that he hasn't really been healthy for more than like about a year and a half and he's even got some question marks going into this game. And so that could be a problem and tell you look at that because of wind and building the more they need more past Russian that's something it's still going to be an issue so. When you look at it I mean I know that they're still adjusting with some young linebackers and all that great they're vulnerable team. Because spell it got to get better certainly on offense we got to beat out why the New York Jets seemed anticipated no just about every play. But it it's I think on defense I don't know if they're good enough. But still I worry about the 49ers in the interest abroad worried about it and that's all that training camp I worry about their debt. And I think that you can see countdown. 22 guards put down a couple linebackers. We'll see if I guess welcomes this going to be back I guess where it is enough depth right now to get through this. Sure professor when you hear what's going on in Pittsburgh offensive line in talking about leaving on bail and you know and said he was gonna show up in dead men. All the different things around and him do you think the Pittsburgh still be interest in trading that young man in training to San Francisco 49ers would be summit suitors for early beyond. Well we really that this suitors are gonna be many because you don't have many but the cap growth to be able to do it and if you're gonna be able to make a trade the Levy on. You gotta be still 11 player away from being a Super Bowl contender and so when you really look from the cap standpoint and yet pressed up. The Steelers are very principled team. They're not penetrate. You know they're just gonna take the 150000 dollars optic cap and suffer without him. But does so for new organizational standpoint they're not gonna do that in fact you're even starting to say hey. We've put the transition tag on you at the end of this season. And really try to screw you up but that's going to be the case but you know there's only three teams at the capital to be able to do something like that I think it may be. Only one of the three would be that and that would be the jets because that they don't really have much of running back. Indianapolis Colts but they're not big in the free agency. And then there would be they of the 49ers but they get seven and a half billion dollars tied up in Europe the kid and even though they don't have a open this year so no trade. Just a messy situation it just kind of getting works. John Clayton minutes here on 957 game. What direction do you see the lead going well with some of these non quarterbacks were looking for as much money as they are mean we know how the market works a guy signs he gets fifteen or sixteen million and then. And I comparable to that the next years gonna get more it's gonna keep pushing itself. Well now the narrative after the air and Donald in college a Mac contracts the narrative now is well you can't pay a quarterback. And a nine quarterback twenty million plus per year so so what are we gonna do we gonna seed teams drafting Aaron Donald's and Khalil Max and and just trading them for five years down the road because of this logic. Yeah I mean you're you're you're seeing that in some regard anyways because. You know get to the third year of what the players contract is and then you start making value decisions and so for example. I think you saw that happen with Brandon coaxed. One from New Orleans to New England to the rams when you see that particular when you have a good group of wide receivers. Then of course for the defense of players that's going to be the one I think is the most interesting because in the unique defense but necessary to win championships is quarterback like championship. But there's going to be teams like the raiders and others that are gonna say you know what we can't do this we have a quarterback we're paying we want to where they put more money on offense. And with the fact that you're getting more offensive head coaches I think you may see a little bit more of that which of course I think at all. Because you just wanna have the best players on your team as possible and then you just try to work the cap the way you can't. It maybe recently biased John but it seems like Cincinnati might be the best team in the AFC north considering what Pittsburgh's going through a Big Ben. Being questionable is Cincinnati a team that's for real or does that divisions they'll go through the Steelers. Coming out that you're becoming for real because I think now they put it didn't play great game against Indianapolis you know they won by ten. But that was a good win last night they looked good and you conceded. They've they've gotten better on the offensive line at a John Lott didn't do much to receiving core PP. Do you look better there I think they're back to being a little bit of a factor again I wouldn't look make too much of a rash judgment. But I think did you concede that they're going to be in the mix now to compete. They'll Pittsburg I mean nick baker keeps slipping back because they've got a little bit of a proper schedule and they also have a problem with well beyond bell. I thought Baltimore relate and make it I thought I thought that that this was a playoff game. Good run defense. Joseph Flacco was all totally in this game. So I can't be a little bit off guard but not much surprises Cincinnati started the bounced back remembered they did have five straight playoff runs a few years ago. We have a rash decision and people being. You don't jump to conclusions a sub about the Oakland Raiders John gruden comes at a Booth then go away from the game for eighteen years but steal that gruden coached gruden grind there's all the things keep him around this game. Is critic is the criticism mayor is a criticism married right now ours and more car do you look at this team that patty looking Jon Gruden as a whole. Probably Jon Gruden to coach I think you have to respect I think you could see how good he has and that's why I think it goes without question. He's a very good head coach but what you wonder about his Jon Gruden the general manager. And it is that going the right way it would now sixteen players in their thirties is that the right way to go I think the fact that he made a bold decision. That you know it cost them a little back get a good draft choices and all that but that doesn't help them this year. I think one of the things he concedes he's got to not trying to say okay. I'm taking it into the playoffs right now gonna try but it just tried to build something a little bit different. But again is that going to work the right way I think that's still a question mark. John Clayton joining us here I 9570. Game. Speaking of gruden won the popular talking points here in the Bay Area right now is what he thinks of Derek Carr he may say one thing he may do another he may be aligned both. In private and public but. People are taking notice that. Derrick still nineteen point nine million on the third day in the league year and that if they were to balance symbol for that it would only count to seven point five million dollars in dead money against the cap so is Derek Carr along with. For the Oakland Raiders. I think he's fought for the raiders now the question is going to be even where where there's going to be some bumps in the road and I think they're. Will be some bumps in the road because of me. He doesn't look like if Derrick are two years ago. And I don't know that's because of the back injuries take it from last year. Whatever it is but he just doesn't seem to look the same. But one thing you know is it that Jon Gruden liked working with veteran quarterback at this stage Derek is a veteran quarterback with a lot of talent. So I think it you'll you'll get it passed to some degree but if things don't get better then there's going to be some scrutiny we'll see how we handle scrutiny. Packers have themselves a decent veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and what do you think is the prognosis for him playing and should they even claim against such a ferocious defense is Sunday. Yeah I'm I don't think he's gonna play but certainly get a little bit worried each state that he misses because I still go back. To watching Russell Wilson who had it worse injury he had a certain degree NCL and he'd played through that and so. What you wonder about now is that it really is going to be able to do it I guess the thing because I copied. Eat cold could again when you saw him come back and play. He knew he was okay. The when he started talking about a little bit of the swelling on the knee as the week went on. And then also the pain that puts things in question because that would a little bit worst. And Russell Wilson's so I still think people play and regardless of the bit vikings or any other team do you need they need him out there and he wants to be either because the think about this if you can come back in the second half. They lost it appears at home and then possibly know Roger they lose the vikings at all this season just about over. NFL insider columnist for the Washington Post and host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESP in Seattle John Clayton with a Sarah 95 cent in the game John it is always a pleasure you're always dialed in thank you so much for your time this morning. Gotta be kidding me with this that there are half seriously. I can I I would love you know I would pay and I know the desired very small market for this may be just one I would pay. To be able to sit in into a show with him one that. With him but to just sit there and watch him work. And just be able to fire questions at him and let him do his thing like that could go for an hour and I would be fine hours and hours even I don't there's no scenario where I would throw a football question at hand and feel as if he wouldn't be able to give me something on where he would be able to sit there. And break it down if you like that is is in tune as he gets from an NFL Mon. He's like the old school. 99 point 6% conversion pretty good analogy yeah pretty good. Thank you this radio show their new school PAT. But if you're the chargers from the I'm guitars kick kick coach Dan Bailey is out there go get him. Not that hard no to personnel move there's a good kicker available Unita kicker go sign him. Do we need to do we honestly need to have the discussion as to why that is so challenging. That's for Los Angeles radio that's their. Not ours we got our own problems we had two teams that are on one we got to figure out how they're gonna win that's gonna come out next Jolo did with the B minus 730 here on many fronts of the game. His football season. I have never. Game. She'll go and discontinue. Its on ninety fives and the game. Welcome to the money Scott is one. Consecutive hours of commercial free art for use the plug in listening audience because we love yes. Because it's Friday and because our cause overflow. Shut up and after making it through that read despite all the chaos. Place in this studio all of grows pro and I can't get Iraqis think some great bit ideas. Coming up. Did is coming up with that probably can never make their way to air. That's when there's a pot that's whether podcasting and many down upon my retirement and the retirement shall come up and however many 100 days months or years we'll break out. They're tired of show had been deadly and it starts and like there's music given like you don't hear them because you know he's checked out and the thought process kind of like I wonder what this thing is he checks in for a little bit. And then he just leaves and you don't know that events and in music plays and an ad it's over it's to buy gasoline no matter who downloaded every. Whenever there got a patent. Our I'd be flying in eleven minutes our three key K keys to the game excuse me coming up at around 745 let me ask you this. I can tell you right now you can find out right now that for the rest of his career Jimmy drop below will be Matthew Stafford would you take that. Would you take that knowing right now that he will be Matthew Stafford for the rest of his career. I wouldn't I want a little bit more and Jimmy gee when a guy's gonna you know be good with the ball take care of the ball. One that is going to be a winner when a guy it's gonna give me for her and gets when some playoff games that they did you got somebody in Jimmy gee so. I would take that I think that that's that's she that's that's set the bar too low you guys both alluded to this guy's not a whole. That's Matthew Stafford that is so when you think about that it does that send a lot about Matt that that's a lot about Jimmy gee I think you mean gee would save you ask him what he settled for Becker. I think the answers now. The answer is yes he has had 4000 yard passing years seven consecutive years including one over 5000. This touchdown interception. Ratio is nearly two to one which isn't terrible when you've played. As much as he has I think. Jimmy G would love to have that run you think your seven years it's ever Cisco he had seven straight years of more than 4000 yards passing. You figure your team would be in great shape to be a playoff contender each and every. That is makes it means to lose and it's that's what it means we get on the ball that much that's what people got to realize right its staff to make stats look I want him to look so let's for losing teams you look at a lot of quarterbacks and lose and they're gonna have a lot of they're gonna have a lot of yards out there because you using down by 23 touchdowns a what are you gotta do you got a script. He got Gordon got to go off until. Often that's there the yards means everything he got a got all 4000 yards each and every year and Nate I just think that you got to look at the situation and say that meeting though the ball pleasing don't make some passes I get that but I don't like 4000 yards this season doesn't mean anything to me right but how much that you put on him and how much of that do you put on. The ownership group the front office the coaching the defense in the players around him if he's throwing late in games it's probably not because the defense has held the opponent the three points. Yeah I think I think you got to look at you say okay who's he had to look at easier when he had 4000 yards was who was bad idea to be top five top ten receiver in the country it's been in the World Cup five hall of Famer and mega Tron how was he then okay and in houses numbers. After the guy departs in in when they go to ball is in that and that is already did you got to put some of the way everybody I totally get that and until we understand that. But also a nobody had pretty good receiver that he had mobile Jordan though here's a pretty good is that. Very Stanford's best seasons are without meg trying to. We gotta be factually accurate here Stafford has been an absolute best with how Calvin Johnson. When you gave Matthew Stafford eight competent offensive coordinator Jim Bob cooter his numbers went through the roof and he did it with out the best weapon he's ever had at his disposal. They worked together all together in 2015. But look at everything after that. Separate and 2014 before the arrival Jim Bob cooter completed 60% of his passes the year before that 50% the year before that 59% right so it was an accurate quarterback. And the year before the arrival Jim Bob cooter 60% completion percentage 22 touchdowns twelve interceptions now let's jump forward to the first year with scooter. 67%. 32 touchdowns thirteen interceptions following your 65%. 24 touchdowns only ten interceptions last year 65%. 4400 yards 29 touchdowns tender receptions. As a about quarterback. We've proven right here that you could take away his best weapon one of the greatest receivers of all time but if you give him competent coaching suddenly. The mistakes come way down. The completion percentage goes way up the touchdowns go up the yardage goes up. So with some coaching he immediately became a much better quarterbacks someone you felt company giving 27 million a year to. What happens if you give them defects what do happy did you give him a good head coach this I ask this not because you need to necessarily ask yourself do you want droplet of peace effort. But what do you need to do to build around your quarterback your franchise guide given the best possible chance of success because Detroit clearly hasn't done. Detroit is never done that for Matthew Stafford then he's made plenty of mistakes and he's got dinged up. But the numbers he puts up the skill set the attribute the mentality that he has. Is good enough to get to the playoffs and may be went off Cingular playoff game something I believe he has never done in his career. He's played in what two playoff games the loss to Dallas and then years before that the loss under Jim Schwartz to the New Orleans Saints. That's it. Exit these numbers this skill set that mentality. The work he does in the community all that has resulted in two trips to the post season and to flame outs in the opening round you can't put all that on him. So the ask yourself right now. You want crop would be better than Stafford you wouldn't take Stafford fine. What did the night is they need to do to build around drop below so that this doesn't happen here. At Levi stadium because that's gonna be the quick big question for John Lynch over the next three to five year the first. Thing you and they tried to adjust to this offseason would need to do some in Detroit hasn't done which is to get a running game 69 straight games without a hundred yard rusher for Detroit. The niners thought they had something inject McKinnon and now he's lost for the years so they tried to do some in the Detroit hasn't been able to do and then. You look at the skill guys and you hope you continue to improve your wide receiver core you resign Marc he's good when the you got here in our son who's solid and now the rookie Donte' pettis who may start for good when it may be found something with him he looks to be. A pretty good player a guy who can make plays and special teams as well also hope that you can give Jimmy gee more of an offensive balance than Detroit had. Certainly in the skill positions and also the office. In line no I hear exactly what you're saying you want more from Rob Lowe then Stafford and the lines it comes after I get that you would not settle for Jimmy grapple is treated B Matthew Stafford but in order for him to get past Stafford. You already have Shanahan which he's great which is integral. But what else do you need to do because clearly right here we have laid up the case of a competent. Quarterback who's got the skill set to get you to the playoffs he should have had more success in the playoffs by this point. I think most people would agree. That the lions failure to win in the post season. Is it because of Matthew Stafford it's because of what's happened elsewhere in the organization find it happens all over the leak so what are the niners do to avoid falling into a similar pitfall. C I mourned decided two. Only green we you guys are coming from and I understand numbers so you say okay do want them to have those type of numbers. It doesn't equate to victories don't know you know when you look at and say okay we'll discuss serviceable quarterback. I agree I distinctive sometimes in those moments you've you've got to have a defense so the niners may got to get some receivers. You've got to make sure you get they often to line right now. I am I'm word about Jimmy G safety would you get dropped until I mean short. Get that our position that's that's that's the biggest concern right now where that offense and you've got to get the red and back the running game we understand the niners work. You need him to be. I just look at Stafford and you think OK. Would act if there's a one minute left. And I'm trying to win a game and don't say Brady and say Roger didn't go big being you go Philip revision though Russ Wilson go Matty ice you gotta go Drew Brees. I think. There's so they're Internet and there's some more quarterbacks that I would have overcome if there's one minute or two minutes. I've just seen sex Stafford in my opinion when I watch him play in yeah he can pull the ball all over the place. I've just seen them in the game's on the line at times. Oh cost interception. In in crunch time situation. Go interception don't get it done yet you know you put him in there would would would would would Flacco went you know women in the red pistol. But the point for the begin until we you know ahead car any dog in those five or six guys to mean you put them in and say who don't want for an. The last two minutes ago. I don't know who would you pick so all these till now it looks and how difficult it is not yet anyway MVP award I mean wins matter pregnant she's got two wins right now. I give Deb you don't have a memo put his. I don't know when I'm sick and Jimmy G hopefully have a better. I just think there's going to be a lot of moments for Jimmy G and last week was one of those that you can't afford going to set used to had a chance to win those games late. I rather have a quarterback that what I need him most if the games and instill in a ballot to get. That's what I rather have punished and the yardage in East Africa until the ball and do all those things great. Give me a guy that I know that in the game's on the line. I really truly have a chance to go down and winning so the 49ers. They have to give him weapons. They have to make sure the first thing to do is TE Jimmy G protected in last week he took a pounding into the dean. In in in where he played so we gotta make sure we keep his guys keep them healthy was when he played Minnesota he took a lot. Even though the contract is massive we do have to remember that Jimmy G has only started eight games in his NFL career and you look at Matthew Stafford. He started a 126 games so. Matthew Stafford has played so many more years so what so many more starts he's played in three playoff games grant that he lost all three. But his body work is much much larger so a lot of times I think he caught up. Look you Jimmy g.'s contract in forgetting the fact that he's really in his quote first season as a starter. It was started eight games. It's a football Friday brought to you by Mancini is sleep world Golden State lumber and Harris ranch beef on 957. The game. The B flighty just a moment but RJ in Napa wants to weigh in on Matthew Stafford narrative RJ welcome to the program the floor is yours please go ahead. Thank you gentlemen I guess I'll let you know can I know you guys talk all the time about. You know national narrative vs what really going on that amount and I can tell you I'm a die hard life long lions stand what is not an easy thing debris and it's pretty much the general consensus. Among my hands and at least I know on on all the blogs I read that. Not these Stafford has definitely not the problem and now I'm. Get you to grab a trivia question or trivia bit earlier this week about you know the last time a line had a patent on Russia and it takes about back. I mean how many bad and a thirteen pounds Hammond inherited. Thousand yard rusher every year right not a hard to have one and we haven't had a lot of in about five years so it. You know the staff are slightly inflated because they'd be that there are a lot meant that the guy at super tough these super Smart I mean he had an awful game the other night there's no doubt about. Much worse quarterbacks that have won Super Bowl and that the general consent that the moment and the back. It's like you're that if he ever did have a decent team around him he would definitely ask. Definitely be Super Bowl winning caliber quarterback but I got there are happy process that is. Rates up large tank. And that reinforces one of two main tenants on this program PHP. People helping people share a lions fan here in the Bay Area clearly distraught when he can call Jolo and dips. Even though there are billions of listeners will get into the front. We'll give me an opportunity to vent on that very subject. We will. At least hopefully provide some sort of perhaps catharsis. For him as he goes about his beat people up and people. Yeah I like that too sorry I can't help you it's time for the before it. There's some things in life that really. PS you off. Lisa and you know. The reason why is presented by Harris ranch legendary beef legendary quality available throughout the Bay Area and really is. And Nob Hill. Boots and a reminder. Best calls every. Monday and Friday at 730 the number if you wanna lay in his 415. 4038588. That's 4154038588. Best of the best that's called a month. It's a 100 dollar gets into Viet courtesy of our friends at Harris ranch will that call come today let's find out caller number one. Love bird blog I don't let us through this store is located. In the Bay Area is very content you went David Wright hey are brother and he'll let god sometimes. Good god had a flight people look at an editor who won't allow us. Go home. Everybody loved it and can shop as the lone Arafat's. Believe what I say. This team this Billy oh okay. Good up next couple of women there but he specifically wanted to address you in the situation you face on a daily basis that this program. The floors doors blown I think this shows teaches me patience. Teach me understanding. And for me it's not worth it. I don't mind if I can understand it. And samba put. It's not a big deal to me. I think the most important part of what you just said is that it teaches you. Patience and understanding so what you really slice the data the nitty gritty we are hoping you. You now not hurting and so was an colored people has no chance of winning the gift certificate because he was factually inaccurate start finish the exert. Feel free to call us anytime at 415438588. Caller number two it. My case is that the biggest ever bit ago come on man I'm in the paper there's good Jared Craig did we get. How many potholes. Or are no we ain't that hard but brain dead duck Dodgers off art the potholes are that great. Well aren't man. Stuff out there coach. Stuff let me ask you something anyone know how much money the city of San Francisco spent too. Clean the city last year how much tax money went to clean streets this is a report the other day from. One of the local I say 25 million dollars 25 million. I'll say 2222. Million. 1053. And it beat three million dollars of our money was spent to clean the streets not fix the streets. Clean the streets and if you look outside they are not clean up. They're not clean at all. How many people live in the city like a quarter 1000003 quarters of a knowing three quarters of a million Chicago's spent a third. Of what we spent. And they have like five times populations it so just think about that for a second how much money you're spending and what you're getting in return for that. It's an egregious misappropriation of funds and as I could get an appropriation sensation who has and Desmond got friends bid and only did his job and understanding taxes so it's a good ol' boy network that's the game that's at play. A little deeper than and I think you can make legally blind right now I'm there I'm sorry if I keep your real. We will keep it. Moving and I color number three it would gentlemen I believe is the joke disregard network all Friday they were off Friday yeah yeah yeah I got a great position boats. I don't need Roland Hebrew Yana is bad enough he's got that you drive folks trying to take like a bunch of old buddy that he got to pay a. From 37 words now. Other beat it copy that is not the morning Joseph this is what vault Friday get mean or that yet those are great acquisitions give a bit and not go to David. Bob Kagan at the Nittany Lions ball. Got faith DR. A profit but I like going on there comrades foremost I don't do the up taking on the dangerous program people calling in to the uptick in I can't be responsible. For the seven billion people walking around on this planet some guy in Australia. Wants to go ahead go skinny dipping and scares neighbors what am I supposed to do about that nothing is nothing I can do I cannot solve the problems in Venezuela. So right now. If you got a problem be updating you take it up with the people number two. Football Friday I'm not the gas. I'm the star they bringing me in May to be the star attraction the highest rated two hours in the history of radio I got those numbers last week there's nothing that beats it. In the entire world. Get up now live good luck finding those numbers were big Alexandria and some of the call and not what you're supposed to be inside peace in the afternoon not the main course. Look they don't bring me in the eye prop up the show they bring me in there think they showed the next level take them just get it up next. Good group of let the guys I mean what bothered about basketball. Already is well and very. We all need to reiterate my days removed from the first NFL game. We gotta talk about Bob field basketball players you know that we will let us. Anyway I don't know golden actually show on the sideline him my goodness after the FOR and a bit tired of it and I had just over the basketball like hockey and you know. I'm just not even though it's it's it's good. Classic problem with contact you don't talk about basketball people are mad Euro is talking about football talk about baseball wires talking about football you talk about. Tennis YE talking about tennis you really cannot ever known and I think we talk about basketball for about sixty seconds on the sorry sir that you got caught up in that one minute on singularly minute basketball I think I think I. We're couple weeks away it's getting get gotten heavier reasoned that it can't get the opening and I battle golf. We'll that there is a member of the show who walked away I'm gave each and every week well and I got out of they're going down like Greek. Black and Olympic speaker well known for their all of well I hit all of they leave this weird horrible sour taste in my mouth I feel the same way after hearing what you're update these. Do you go call the debt from my big fat Greek wedding and have. And spread them when deck on the bird and I wish I could you make the show better but my mother thought you'd always tell the truth go to hell and it figures typically don't to a deal. Okay. I'm okay. Well. We know wow floor is yours if you would like to address that. All of led all of boil all lives all of that goodness is incredibly popular around the worlds that are. And it is huge for that Greece's industry but anyway I don't think Seth Curry also it's a lot of burn all the time even though he's one of the greatest players. Ever in the NBA I results. Yeah that was his latest out there at the end I get it back to Florida from the floor I don't play much and you've got the most popular segment of radio I'm like Seth Curry look at and say. We're serving as we have a little Dayton or you know here and there short quick gain he even out to Ventura aperture radar can now often. Plastic I love them in my Martinis which leads me to a very brief anecdote to be cool like getting married in Chicago this week and I'm flying in tonight for the wedding to guy. With coma about a year ago. I have never been cut off by a bartender faster in my life went to Chicago last fall you bring music and the good read. We went out for Martinis Mickey's companies based in Chicago so every year for their Christmas party they'll fly in. The employee if it's that one of the other satellite locations and I'll put you up into the whole thing take everybody out I think our it will go and she'd get her running years go to Chicago allowed some fumbles these people. So I go to the radio show at Moline Hanley in the morning to the president for years and afterwards whoo man I go out. Two while I think the Loews hotel we just are how to Martinis because I got him on those in Vegas a few months prior. We must go to want to like with a only two people in this bar might. And we go through price three Martinis each and the bartenders who was walking out he's one of the guys has the where the type work of religious optimism site eyes I cancer anymore. Since I be talking about Margaret I've never egos have been bar tending 25 years. I've never seen anyone drink Martinis that fast I'm happy to serve you some food packets of attracts. And are we being out of weaving belligerent and now you're you're actually quite fine that's what's scary. Well don't cash your 5% tip we will take our business else works are what I toll to at apple commercials is to stop drinking miss Chicago this is those 21 of the great American town had worked out we literally under the hit too little I started falling asleep at Mickey's dinner in front of her bosses and everyone else and she pretty much sent me home. I wasn't really. A big portion address these imagine if you actually had more martini afterward I would have been able to make it through I would powered through on these sweet sweet nectar. That is the martini not to. If I don't think I thought I. That that would happen I had to wait much to drink Oden had a private magic show for everyone it was awesome it was at this hotel conference room and I was pounding line in there and then we got to dinner and I sat down and I had eaten all day she looks it means she's like you're mad now I was able to sell it as we landed at like midnight. When I went in to do Molina handling two hours later I slept for about an hour and a half that's when indeed a four hour show that when house or -- Martinis is like you know he's had a really long day but. Substance. So you aids excuse me now or is it like it was more like. Go get a goober ago. It was an excuse me I'm out it was excuse me get a new birth and go home. Matters she forced him to you an Irish guy yeah purely I think it may be just being mean don't you just you know that you are dead a gala thing a dead human being. Would she got home was able to beat you up or was it the make I up. I got to the shortage at night. I had I had a party for the podcast at OK watch party. So like I threw out like two grand on wings in an open tab and had a bunch of listeners show up at the spar the 5050 Chicago got and we just blew out all afternoon to pool which shows up pounding Martinis again if he gets to meet pumas fiancee that time they just got engaged. And they're just watching this and they're like this is what this is what happened yesterday this is why he couldn't make he could make it through the dinner and whom his fiancee soon to be like tomorrow is looking and if you like this is why he can't make it through any. He's going to get cut off the White Sox game for the bash part of a priest and neither do you do any little bit of a departure there. I great news part of our beef line sponsorship deal with Harris ranch includes gift certificates to giveaway for the best beef of the month each month. We will give a 100 dollar Harris ranch beef gift certificate. Available at your local rail lees Bel air and Nob Hill foods next time we get it is Monday. At 730 remember. If you wanna beef on what happens in the raider bronco game if you wanna beef on what happens in the niner. Put an Einstein alliance. Yes two weeks in Iraq based on the yellow light it up hit the line let us know if there's play calling you don't like there's decision making players coaches what have you 4154038588415. 4038588. Beat the bookie one hour at 845 low vs did with a special triple G can LO installment at 945. You have something you what exactly yeah. I want to jump back onto that were talk about Matthew Stafford another caller talked about oh he's a great quarterback in all of this that the other. I think when you gotta look at this the reason why. I look at and say a little different because this team will never win a Super Bowl they would never get deep in the playoffs because they don't run the ball. In a lot of these numbers we have Lomas brown and talk about being physical and all the different things you have to have an attitude you have to be able to run the ball consistency. Insist and since this team says no this is not how we're built we're gonna fill the ball around and continue to do that. Always get these great numbers but you're never going to do anything you're never gonna go to playoffs and you're never going to win this Super Bowl with this type of approach. Bottom line market down market take this team. Will never win a Super Bowl because all they do is one play basketball on grass on a consistent basis in Mac east efforts number's gonna look slowly amazing. Because this team is not physical they don't have it and they never will if this is going to be their Croat. You realize that for that take to be accurate the world has to end or the NFL has to cancel its business. To say the lions will never win the Super Bowl mark the tape pats squeak to be waiting a long time. To pay out on how many of the past detained down to children and grandchildren so all granddaddy Nielsen market table what the lions aren't Super Bowl 10 yeah. Now it's like a big toe grand prize of what this. Eight years 2352. Of the brave brave and hardy go to general thank you fear. Somebody who has great question. And it marked the tape but would participate because of 500 years in the NL. That's I wanna be proven right I was you dig my bones up and bring him into whatever radio programs going on. Played actually those people. I. It got bad guys. Oh yeah bring it back in every week we do this. Three things. Each one of us is watching in this specific game this is the niners lions. Addition three things were each going to be watching gonna gets a music please yeah. Scott thanks to miracle. Thank you. We'll start bloating don't give me the first of three things are you going to be watching for Sunday went alliance. The template and I just absolutely Joseph and it starts you know where on the goal line Internet grid zone inside when he can't. Last week just suffered in the red zone they continue to have their roles in the red zone. Let's admit. It's the red sauce. Steps and I think you'll be watching us on tape pettis killed likely he would start but he's Goodwin is unable to go. And you're gonna see some electrifying play you're already CNN special teams on the punt returns and hopefully he makes a big plays their dog loud Dante has. To see it. How many targets he gets if he had to start in place a mark he's good and I like the rookies got a lot of outside and it's gonna start to manifest. This Sunday. I'll keep it there at the matchup of matchups to watch this weekend lions Pro Bowl quarterback Gary is slate against San Francisco's highest paid wide receiver PR cars on. Slay it was a pro bowler and 2017. Our son you know he's got the money but he was only able to play and half the games last season he has just one game would you be dropped below under his belt. This is the matchup if our son's gonna be number one target. I'm not saying he needs to go up there and catch ten for a buck forty with two scores but he has to be productive sleigh is quite possibly the most underrated mobile quarterback. In the game I don't even know how many people are aware of various leg because he plays in Detroit if he were playing in new York New England or LA. He knew one of the biggest names in the business number Tip O'Neill yet went out to tell me is that Castro for the San Francisco 49ers wide because you guys talk about this great quarterback in Matthew Stafford. If he has opportunity continue to grow the ball would no pressure. This will be hugely disappointed for the San Francisco 49ers so this past Rezko and get after Matthew Stafford and hit this guy beating off thinking get him give him too much time. This will be the same this will be in for a long day three things will be watching for Sunday when alliance can kind of take on the niners did number two. Eli should leave a linebacker Joseph he was the highest rated player on the 49ers according to pro football focus last week he'll play tense that's but he had a 91 rating he played well in a limited. Sample size and you're gonna have a situation where he's gonna probably starts. We've brought coil on injured reserve who knew it would be Lee and Fred Warner at linebacker we solid Fred Warner can do. Now lies DeLeon a bigger sample size needs to play like he did against Minnesota. One more game that we get Rubin Foster Mac but again the operative word being one more game. This week is gonna be key for the linebackers numbered 23. Down defense against Minnesota the vikings converted. Seven of 173. Down opportunities that was thirteenth best in the NFL. Not bad considering how much Minnesota spends at wide receiver running back and quarterback. Also considering the fact that Minnesota is playing at home I get the niners. Passing grade in that scenario Detroit last week on third down against the jets at. At home three of thirteen that was 26. In the NFL for week one now last year the niners. On third down defense twentieth in the league opponents converted 42% of the time. That was twentieth best in the NFL this is an opportunity this weekend. To get off the off field do not let alliance convert on third and extend those drives get Rob Lowe back out there are so he can do what he is paid to do. Three things we're looking for Sunday when the lions take on the 49ers low number three. Got to have all our horse he needs to run the ball better demonstrated need to make this thing happened is that they right now. Team that runs the ball best will win this game and it is can be very very important for an Sams is forty nicest tablets that run game and make sure it's consistent. This number three. As well as running consistently you need to hold onto the football and for meeting key is Alfred Morris and ball security. Going into the season he only fumbled eleven times in more than thirteen hundred career touches that's one for every. 120 years so touches could mess he's probably back to back plays jump and that's unacceptably fumbled got it back fumbled it didn't get it back. So low front about consistency. For his ball security without offered Morrison. Number three and we'll open up the phone lines this one triple 8957957. Need the environments oh Levi stadium. I can hear the crowd noise at the coliseum. On Monday night. Now the red. Tingling and Iran a little while longer there's some issues taking place behind the scenes possibly but that's not. The problem of the fans the fans need to show up Monday night will be needed to make that place hostile against the rams they did their part. Period Gator Nation showed up. Now I want to know the niner fans are going to be I get a a lot of people don't like the location of the stadium they don't like the temperature of the stadium they don't like the lay out of the stadium. They don't like what they've seen within the stadium over the last few years. All understandable complaints. What do you got for me this time around. This Jimmy drop well this is the most highly anticipated seasons since 120122013. I just what's gonna sell out because last year the niners in attendance thirteenth in the NFL brought in about 70000 per game the red. NFL stadiums like Jerry world to bring in a 100000. That's gonna be tough to stack up against them and met life when your bit about smaller venue but thirteenth in attendance and on the road. They attracted the sixteenth largest tennis itself what's gonna happen at Levi's this weekend. Those are our three keys to watch for this weekend's lions niners game you think this is gonna be sellout. Absolutely I think fans are excited and not only about Jimmy gee even this four not a product and even though we Austin Minnesota ninety minutes saying all week. It was an expected defeat for the most part. First chance to go out there and see your 49ers it's not going to be extraordinarily hot. Which I know the hot side can sometimes keep fans away especially in these September games I think you're gonna see a sellout and won a lot of crowds we've got to leave lies. I'll say definitely yes there are also giving up the Jimmy G Bobble head for all in attendance this weekend. All of that Tenet had and the 80000 Bobble heads down there conflict. Good to show off of that yet people are really gonna enjoy that. The selloff this weekend yes silly action say no more and it just now that you should Tug mud to BG's head right there and bottle it people are going to be all over there to be a lot of ladies in the stands activity doll so I think the Bobble heads come via a hot item but I think did the crowd was gonna play big tremendous part in this victory for the sensible foreign minister would how to doubt the fans are born to be there and I could see this thinks the numbers triple 89579579. Her fans we wanna hear from you triple 89579570. Are you going to Levi's this weekend is this going to be big tailgate for you what do you expect from the crap out. This is been a sore subject for a lot of bands for quite some time. They don't like the location of the stadium they don't like the heat we get it we've heard all that that's fine it's out there it's not original but. Considering that you've gone through such a down period the Tom solely year. The Chip Kelly year both Cingular are singular year and then the end of the horrible regime which kind of fizzled more than anything else that final season. When was the last time you had this much to be excited about as a niner fan membrane it late last season. People sort of jump back on the train have been a good time with it but you knew there wasn't a shot at the playoffs you can only goes so far last year. So it was about moral victories developing and enjoying the new high priced point Jimmy drop. But this year. What is lions game gonna be is going to be see Iraq is it going to be loud if you turn this game on Sunday afternoon are you going to hear a loud crowd. On third down because you heard it on TV at the coliseum you could tell without a shadow of doubt that that place was rocking. Monday night grant. You have more time to get ready for Monday night game and anytime you play under the lights it's going to bring about a more hostile environment for the road team but. This should be allowed environment they should be one of the most crowds the niners have had it in 345 yeah. Without a doubt and I think that's how long has beens since there's been this much anticipation and excitement around the product and it's not only because of the quarter Wright Jimmie Gian. And as write the Bobble head is gonna bring a lot of people out to the ball game but. It's more about this team in the fact that. For the first time in three years or so they have an actual direction Shanahan and lynch Jerry York stepping out and taking his hands off the steering well. Letting it go to. Lynch and Shanahan let them run things hitting the fan bases that they see eighteen it's going in the right direction. It's a team that's been somewhat interesting exciting you just hope that they don't come out. And blaming Joseph and have. You know maybe they win the game 1210 or 1211 all field goals. They need to not only play well and win the be exciting this weekend that's this same point so you say a win is it enough it's got to be aware that it's got to be pretty as well I think excitement is a huge part of this because the hype around Jimmy GE is gigantic that's why he had a big contract that's why UCL a number ten jerseys around town now. Yet to deliver its one thing to not deliver at Minnesota three picks in some unforgivable. If you come home when you don't play well even if you win the game maybe it's 1514. With five field goals. That's Italy fans wanting that ultimately. It is entertainment product and you wanna entertain the fans so you wanna see Jimmy GM big. They right now you don't see you tomorrow big day he's gonna have to play big sum there or not they don't get Tony when they're not winning this game. I defense can't hold Detroit to less of one on now now they can't and they won't. Let me he over on the year to Jimmy he's going to editing layer on the sky in this machine is gonna have to get things done I'm dumb with Q would that kids. Both these teams don't get insulin produced a B a Wendell Jimmy G-20 eight point two point eight points for this can be a goodwill game and I think that the niners gonna get a look this got to put points on the board. Totals 48 in Vegas so they're telling you that this isn't gonna necessarily need defensive struggle meanwhile count Carolina Atlanta. Two NDP quarterbacks total 44. Right fast track of the Atlanta dome. Atlanta has extra time to get ready for this game that's a total 44 Detroit San Francisco total 48. They tell you something right along what you're saying you don't get the 21 you scored 21 or fewer. I would agree with that I don't think you're gonna win this game I don't know if the defense is good enough. To keep the lions the last 21 points great point to the phones marks and herself mark thank you for the phone call your thoughts on the game this weekend. Well I'm I wanted to back up a little bit I grew up in Detroit then plummet comment either come up Matthew Stafford and if you look back at the list of the light cornerback you build club it. And bill bunt to exploit Landry you know you know there there are not quarterback that ever about the Russians anywhere course but. You know at that time you know they award at fairly bad. And you know of course the wide that would give the like they've beat governor up there with Bobby lane. Soak up the effort to me it's the perfect if it immediately Detroit quarterback he is not quiet this year all the way. And that speaks a lot about the are they can be repeated the lies horrible and expect any admit that like a cowboy and just because the last look crappy and a but a new idea you have to debate the issue in my opinion you know relied talk about it high class organization and you have it at the really great opportunity but I mean they just can't ever quite get there though I sort of like the they'll people ever get the Super Bowl while I'm on it you want to look like another forty years or so will be a two weeks and we have a great weekend got a great choate thank so much. Thanks Barbara appreciate it thanks mark pre. Out of two calls we've taken so far today we've decided to open up the phones both lie and stance while I Simon niner fan I'm wondering ha. Han we're supposed to sell this place out which must be better team were favored and yet we don't call the radio show to talk about the game the lions fans take over in the Bay Area and and hard to believe niner fans are calling Detroit sports talk radio that's right in all defensive mark he's actually cowboy fan as he admitted he's a cowboy fan from Detroit as Detroit it was so bad so he's not used. Perpetrating in the line stand and a whistle Miley wants for you you tried to Scott Mitchell and would the Mike off so just a league we keep everybody up to speed on the would applaud the flight was for the five yarder that was on the wire you you know why you waving at me houses I was is until you don't don't you I don't know how of this that I wasn't going to OK but I don't see you waving at me telling me and not the pilot could now and try to do a radio show here. Today and again that protecting the host is that five yeah are hoping that all of the show because not only really make a mistake to not turn his Mike on me than he just starts telling everyone. It. Entertaining to. You had to blow the whistle. To La Don you know if I'm you I'm looking for a TV timeout look at it in any bring this thing back there's two players that. In my two favorite players and neutrally history that I love and they happen to be random acts. Barry Sanders believes it number two as the guys who have watched him so Detroit. I love Detroit a celeb watching team you just said they literally will never win a Super Bowl and then. Five minutes later what did you tell you should get we did we actually did a bit on how. When you said mark the tape they'll never won a Super Bowl we said we'd have to wait till the end of time right prove that true or the folding in the league and we all laughed about it and then five minutes later you're talking about how you love Detroit as someone who loves Detroit would it dedicate all over them like a good match. The goal. Weight Dixon did you really good. Funny dude I thought I do know what you jab my you know what I can clown. It was just that I've made a statement that they want a Super Bowl because. The way they do things but. That's what that was talking about this air would Matthew Stafford that's the point does make it not for the lifetime whose sister and a but I was his quarterback to say there's two players that I love watch him and Billy Sims have you watching Joe's Pug for a time Barry Sanders those two guys and like that's all I was making a statement. And about when and is suitable. Right Marconi award on line to the radio you're producing right now he's just. Spectacular I would look out if I was literally anyone else in this industry. We're seeing right now is I mean I almost think that's too much. Kind of fades out on me it's like one person clapping because they supported and someone else clapping just because there's no magic to there's no matter call I introduced the ledge it literally just I'm staring at them right now but I'm waiting for your Detroit loves fast slash hate fest to end so we could go back to the show now you remember when he started waving at me to not get vault. Had Jim not. Disrupted the entire flow of the program. We now. There's like radio Raheem we've got the love and he hey the callers don't feel sorry about that stop. Why are you interrupting him now. My name's on the marquee I can speak and I'm not spoken to OK and maybe you hold this yellow hanky that I have over here just just to remind yourself of where we are if only we had. Gigantic print outs that told us what we'd be talking about in front of us and things that told us like you know when segments are now. Maybe we could put you in his mission really have a better chance to follow along with the program and get the beef line calls up you guys too rough on low. Common one that. And watch this and action. What I like 9579578. Niner fans we apologize low hates Detroit he loves Detroit. It's a tough segment that night out at at a Kazmir Walnut Creek Kazmir thanks for the phone call what's going on you don't have to begin this weekend. Now. Computer but I haven't followed. A real quick to automatically fire squad in the morning Brodeur who were very. A question buddy no question are. Ever niner fan my sister spend. It's been so much I remembered more like. Do we just put two point six million dollar and somebody that would unnecessary and point six million balls that I mean honestly in their their start there and I understand you know the deepened. And oh goal kicker. I mean how many games last year did they win word lobby gold kick kick Phil Goldman then like this here are just the click it again met. All around all. Global could be good at getting our kicker closely now that that might suspend news is that any other guy's gonna work out that not what happened to the niners. When did I wanted to that concerns start view if I if I may ask. You're when you when you when you started feeling this can learn about crop although it.