JLD - 9/14/18 - Hour 1 - Raiders, 49ers

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, September 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with some scorching  hot takes for the weekend. Then they discuss how Derek Carr and Amari Cooper will get going and Garoppolo vs Stafford. 

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And all NFL insiders is one hour from now at 7 o'clock. In ninety minutes at 730. It's the be flying. At 830 Dan Orlovsky former NFL quarterback is gonna help you. Breakdown niner lions beat the book he's gonna get you paid it 845. Nate Burleson will join the show at 915. James Jones the Super Bowl champion at 930. Low vs did whip. With an emphasis on triple G canal low coming up at 945 how we feel about that are we ready to branch outside of football. And incorporate a little boxing as well I think we are asked by. When you run as hot as I am in boxing we knew it when you've been able to get as many not winners not losers but you trawlers when you're able to dial in on the draw words like I have. Like the Akamai jars I believe blow if I'm feeling good about can eligible G pardon this. Used to speculate if you're you're your take on that island it's unbelievable by unbelievably. Thank you thank you know self. I feel a big man not traveling to Purdue this weekend it seems as if you're going to see the the sun every what other we get those that don't every other week that and a appeared. A lot the Eagles in the big Fella gotta go make some day you can only spend so much money on hotels right absolutely. When he's got a two bedroom Nolan just himself living. It must be nice and everybody has. Yeah it's too bad juvenile roommate he's lived in the live friends and he's air being being used as someone who. I just damn right he. I. Out of there and I didn't but I don't but if I let's get this show started their wife. It's Friday and I fear rather than come out in. Ease into the water of a simple raider Ord niners subject will get all of that but. I wanna start the hottest of the hot let's give our hot takes toward the weekend now. This can involve anything can them all Bay Area sports it can evolve sports in general speaking go outside of sports however I would prefer it. If between the six of us we didn't have six takes outside of sports. I know that it sounds absurd that I have to say that but. Let's look in the mirror here do we really trust ourselves to handle some of the most basic task the answer probably now. I don't know who would like to begin did I generally start in me counter clockwise motion so you'd like to be yen. Yes and I'm gonna stick to sports so that leaves the door open for the five reviewed and accessing the lack. Branch as you wanna see fit we know Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is banged up he may not play but I in my eyes. On the third stringer and might not take is that Taylor. Boyle yes that Tim Boyle he of UConn and eastern Kentucky. He's a third stringer but Rodgers will be out to Sharon Keyser is no good so Tim Boyle will make his NFL debut. As quarterback he will take at least a look Cingular snapped for the Green Bay Packers go boil. Al-Qaeda could applaud and thank you really good one right that is thank you OK okay as we keep it took in the red zone bailout. Tough to follow Tim Boyle yeah cock out of you know they're Kim who do what I wanna. Jolie's they get tied it's really go red day you know did they know we had well this week it would simply deepen this will not. Good up and guarantee and do it it will be stopped it will not go nine rounds that's right into the stock not a knockout but it will definitely is not intra bud he won't give. It's been did he will get rebate and he will win the title. Am I have to ask you take the hot take back on that number one you're betting the favorite car. Number two that's the last segment of the show not the first segment dashing haven't taken that's what you're trying to take you pick as the favorite. To win a fight he didn't lead when the fight. It's head to draw acting when you look at did sizzling then got a good to draw make a lot of money and I like electrical jet pilots put it to a vote low taking the big favorite in the fight this weekend is that I take our knowing and a please turn on the thermometer a little bit sooner and Colin little silly little chilly right now absolutely not a no net clean slate clean sweep that could go down you know what do we have the funeral music ready. While she go ahead and get that ready were at the very that justice and you are hot take for this weekend. Aren't in my house at the eighth and raise or use more pictures in nine innings that. Any other game an MLB history. OK it's like this in which affect you really get take. And and then really it isn't what it cucumber sandwich what's legal hit. I think about athletes whose book the cucumbers Justine that radical and what is it that what do you know what the record is that. No I'm not a 100% confirming right now but it looks like fourteen may mean a number. Young's total picture is using a single nine inning nine innings OK because obviously when I can can extra innings okay very good I can't wait do you bring it home I just can't I can't do worse than yet. I literally can't work can't got loud and mobile win this weekend the Alabama Crimson Tide will win. This weekend. Oh points I'll just take Alabama. Nice guy Stephen we got. Well we got Josh Allen starting for the bills this week against the chargers I think Josh Allen will throw for 300 yards with three touchdowns however. The bills will not get a win. Interest thing. Very interesting because. If you don't wanna subscribe to the week what overreaction theory. That very quietly is going to be holds no special for a lot of the sharp guys in Vegas this weekend they're not gonna wanna lay the points and chargers. I don't know if he gets a 300 yards but don't be shocked if the bill shock the world on Sunday. Doesn't that take club that's that's how hot takes a legitimate take legitimate tape coating the producer what do you think can. The move Drew Brees over the door in the weeks said that they committal can be better than him so. My hot tickets how Rod Taylor gets replaced by baker mayfield and the browns beat the saints. Ellis so Cole well now because again they're huge dogs and he's predicting them the wind that's literally the definition of hot in May feel he's you have no concept backward Nolan could still win but without baker may feel that take would it work anyway listen. Drew Brees who strolled to a few new football you guys know what he's doing. He's trying to get him to go to baker may feel so the quick takes Cole that he wants he wants baker may feel he wants to see a rookie get in there and they wanna go acting so that takes Cole but it's all. All three game smoke and as I know a truce. He just picked the browns to beat the saints they're nine point dogs on New Orleans and in an apartment. Yeah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Give yourself another another one for the China really there's some other red alert about. Pretty good identity god and not in good effort good effort really just now you're gonna first down to come second value attached itself yet good is what you could use great again if you're 50%. That's not great you still failed to. On the third and long got might might simple come Monday morning the New England Patriots will not be in charge of the AFC east. We'll look at the standings on Monday morning and new wing Glen will not find itself the top there's a rookie quarterback for the jets there's a rookie quarterback for the bills the dolphins. Had not won a playoff game since Dan Marino it's been an easy division yet two weeks into the season. Come Monday morning you'll look at the standings in New England will not be atop the KFC east are so concludes hot take segment. For this morning like we said we've got a lot to get to today John Clayton and less than an hour. We feel more confident for this weekend the niners or the raiders seems obvious. But the raiders could put on a good showing in a good game in a tough situation in Denver where as the niners could wind and look really sloppy it's a bad team in the process leading us to a Monday morning conversation of well are the raiders better even though they lost I think. The niners have a better chance to come out smelling like a rose even if they do win ugly. And the raiders they can win a close win or lose a close one and look better but for me the 49ers have a better chance of coming on a Sunday. Looking good because the way Detroit's coming in the and the fact of the Ford owners are making their home debut this year. How are you feeling if you're a member of the raiders today. If you remember the racing heading to Denver knowing you're sizeable underdog in this game and that it's not gonna be easy to escape mile high with a win. Pack your bags you know this is this this is that this is that early in the season. We too. Warts already seen Mike week. It already seems like the pressure is mounting. On the whole team. Any set interest scene scenario work. Can gruden get these guys to say look let's packer bats let's pack our lunch pails and let's go on the road and shock the world. Everyone has already turned their backs on me. They've turned their backs on new car they bit turn them back on this team. They've already saved at the raiders are done after one week after week just possibly played against a Super Bowl champs. Every one has counted us out. How are we going to respond so the players I think they're tight. I think that they understand what every once and about in the media. And you got a team that's going to I think give it their best shot in going to December input PayPal after they have to Wear. Have a lot more on an apple we have to mention this in the opening segment Doug Wilson in the sharks going for it the trade for Erik Karlsson yesterday. Good luck scoring on these guys if you play fantasy hockey Marten Jones is going to be a fantastic selection. In net because let's face it how many pucks are gonna get to a this year not to. Many in additionally you have two of the best offensive defenseman in hockey now so your power plays gonna go from middling hopeful hopefully. Back to delete because the time go to the Stanley Cup final they were third in power play efficiency last year not so much so. I have burns he Carlson hopefully Jumbo Joseph comes back healthy you know by the way and entertain is ready to roll to. The sharks seem to give me nice Joseph lot of expectations. This year they remind me a little bit of that kings team from what six years ago maybe that one a couple cups of like a three year stretch big. Physical very difficult to grind past and a seven game series so held the job done Wilson in the sharks. Making a very splashy move they went from like thirty to one in Vegas when the cut down a twelve to one. They are right in the mix right now with some of the best teams in the NHL will the raiders get into the mix with the best teams in the AFC west. That preview is next Jolo and did not 57 again. Yeah like cooler at dean and proofs yeah. Talk about to do it personalities. She's. Sure you can. Demons weekly interview with three time Super Bowl champion Michael and every Monday or. 190. The game. Sure going to discontinue. Sales on 957. Big game. Moved. Niners made it very interesting announcement yesterday as zoo. One of these 22 starting jobs. That they'll need big production problems Sunday. Against the lions. Talk about that in roughly fourteen minutes at 6:30 but good morning and welcome to a football Friday here on 9570 games. We begin this segment. In Denver. As the Broncos get set to host the Oakland Raiders six point favorites at the current moment with a total of 45 and a half points a very. Difficult spot for the raiders it is a shark week as we like to say here coming off the Monday night game which was a physical encounter against Los Angeles rams. And then you got to get ready to play at. Altitude. Against a divisional opponent who looked very good last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Mindset. From Lori Cooper. Mindset for Derek Karr basement all week hearing one thing from their coach then another thing from their coach. Our gruden words gonna serve as motivation for these guys they don't wanna prove him wrong that they can step up and rise to the challenge. Or might it serve as something that kinda knocks the confidence a little bit. I ain't Joseph this is very very interest in situation with the whole raider organization. Because for the first time in a long time. You have a guy that Al helmet to guide it to the top. Did you know that is not going to be 123. Years and done and you. Found only in a situation where you heard mr. Davis said this is the guy had been in money. This the guy that I've tried to get for years. You knew that Jack the real you know the coach is before that. They all had shelf life that you knew that pay the players steel controlled the situation the environment. You know that we'll Mac was gonna outlast still Rio wasn't a question unity Derek Karr was gonna outlast still real wasn't a question. But for the first time in my opinion in a long time you have a coach that's won two last a lot of these outlast a lot of these players. And I said that the savings you alluded to how it Samari Cooper in their car what type of all the criticism all the things that they're hearing. This situation with these as men for the first time is say. I don't go my future. I don't know if I'm and I. I don't know what's quantity what next year is going to break so I think this is that time more players and athletes that when they have a new culture New Jersey. You understand true or not they're guys. You know be cured not untouchable. So this is a time work are Amar you need to do work and extract a practice they need to be in meetings say okay. Let's get this thing on course let's practice let's get us together this is more car has to. You know really really exerting himself as the leader as the leader of this offense in and pig guys behind you. But not just the lip service it's got he's got to come out and induced. Kinda impulse his wheel to make this team say Ahmet get behind us right now he got to meet. Since last year I don't everyone's really truly behind him. The quarterback must. Give this team behind it must give Mets well you know like they talk about these hurricanes and drank he needs to get that momentum won't firm up for him for his side we can shift the dynamics again. Back to the players does right now. It's solely on gruden. I C dot I quick departure. This sort hurricane Florence on the East Coast and it would see this new green screen the weather channel true. Tried out there I'm glad you showed that to me this morning because it is mind blowing Lowe pitched tremendous I see now you see watching let's IMAX movie that. She's showing the weather girl is whether person X she's an increase there explaining like oh you know the tributaries to swell and you see the coastline on the green screen you're like OK there's the map. And then all of a sudden the camera pans out. And the green screen is like this wraparound feature where she's in the middle of a neighborhood and then the water just starts filling up around her and cars start floating by the mayor Michael Bay movie. He comes and watches a wind the weather channel get this. If it's amazing. Eddie's wife serves as as a nice reminder that if they played and actually get that I. I want it to Alex if Francisco alas I thought I was a scared run for my living room you know put to watch and it ended in enemies know watching is hurting them the power and force. You look up during the warning about. Yes it's here it's like mills say it's like nothing you can do you watch that largest companies like wow wouldn't wanna be either missing forty inches of rain. Mean that comes with Talabani. Forty inches that's not quite three feet four inches aren't pretty much right on the exact product. OK so back to the bronco raider game here's this gets really interest thing. If a Mari and or Derek struggle in a game where it won't be surprised to see you struggle given the situation given the opponent given the location. Afterward the media has to come right up yet. And at some point there's got to be a question Derek you know John was talking earlier in the week about how do you honestly Mari I saw play were you mister Mario what happened there or if a Mari. Has a drop god forbid a wide receiver dropped the ball. You know gruden talked earlier this week that they had to get you open what they got ill but on this play and then you drop the pass what happened there. Suddenly that could have a snowball effect may be treating too deep into it but it does highlight the reason why they say winning cures everything you go out there when this weekend those will be asking about that's right. It's the ultimate deodorant and I would guess that if the raiders win in Denver than a Marty Cooper will stick around and talk to reporters in week two unlike week one when he left. Before the reporters had a chance to get in there and ask him those questions obviously was frustrated and just getting the one catch though. I think you'll look to see. A raider offense in that. First fifteen plays Agassi at least five Loma with a Marty Cooper's name on it whether it's not. An end around or some sort of running play a bubble screen god forbid they get on the ball early in the play. You're gonna seem targeted I guarantee you five times in the first fifteen. How does this work in the Denver locker room because I like what he's saying in the Hollywood loses second. Let's get a market more involved let's find a way to take one of our premier playmakers in May give me more. Integral part of the office but if we can say that. And everyone's heard these comments all week here you gotta figure Denver knows that does Denver end up putting a little bit extra emphasis. On trying to keep an eye and a Mark Cooper semi. Yet they do that until and they also say look get after car they put a little more emphasis say the guys skittish right now on the pocket that's just what people are saying. They were saying it you don't think numbers and so if there's say that's a difference is gonna be like hey look. To be around his feet get around their cars keep a look via double bogey understand hey guys. We're not getting penalties but if you're down there. Make sure you get a body around them down around a speedy you know what he'll take his eyes off wood just off the receiver down the feel so they're. To be a lot of different things that both these teams are trying to do by strategy in by trying to get guys. Out of their comfort zone so without a doubt. These teams are scheming and say look they're gonna happen in a row of the mart paid it to try some bubble screens with these guys. Hey look we gotta be ready for so at the same since you've been assumes they look. We're gonna add. Or bubble screen here and how we got Jalen was sharp run in the first cleaned up. Opposite side fake it here to go there illusion you gonna do some equally stuff early but also still get a Marc Cooper involved. I don't care they. Meal plan man double enemy and certain things. You move came across them that the man to man you movement cost when they're doubling once you move and now you bring him back across there's different things you can do to free up bracket coverage to make it easier for your receivers. Hey you're talking about all these different things around and the raiders in car in Cooper. It's no different you know you got to meet me at 10 o'clock infant 958. You missed a turn in you go to and I had to make two different turns and you're not you're late. It's a big deal if it's if you've got to meet at 10 o'clock in you make a wrong turn at 9 o'clock. It's okay it's not a big deal. Right now in all I'm saying is there's so many things around in the raiders. Car misses a guy in the first quarter and you're about fourteen already it's not a big deal because it's only 9 o'clock in got a 10 o'clock miss meeting in you mr. turner that we're right now it's 950 now thank you can't afford to miss anything because the media everyone's gonna be all over this team but the way they're playing it. They only did your plane a lot of my neuroses that I don't like the idea being laid I'm always very early now you got me thinking about we make things flight later today I don't need all of us now and I always wrong turns and it's OK glad. What's up today what do I do especially in the city were a lot of times you can't go ask you got to make those three turns yummy the three right consider making a left it's not gonna had a couple minutes it is you know in the airport. Von Miller trying to account for him. At any point this weekend is going to be of critical importance if he gets lined up on cold Miller the rookie. How all continue send Jared Cook who had a phenomenal week last week Monday that against the rams. Unbelievable week from a receiving perspective how often can you afford to send him out on routes knowing cold Miller could get mash up one on one verses on Miller. I don't necessarily be. Calero turned. You can have felt good the first time and I don't necessarily know joke I take him at in my game and try to have no cook because he is very vital. In part seems to be very very happy. With him any went to him a lot so what I do Joseph is I put him opposite side I put my tied in on opposite side of Von Miller. And what I do as I slide believe it or not I slight member touching. Two of the tied to the tight end side in that I am I read him backstage on the side of the cold in now I have a double make him a rent a backstage and in block in help Almonte in say look you can't tell the young tackle you can't get beat inside. Make sure we used to toughen inside because to run a bag is there to help you so you slide your protection the opposite way. Now on the inside backer who's got the running back the line a slide to him so that's what I think did I do I mix up my different coverages. And what I'm making sure that I got to get caught involved in the passing game but he's too vital to having sit back and try to block all the time Matt Patricia. And the lions have ready very difficult week bot. The forty niners may have given them a Trojan horse to slide in and makes a noise in this game on Sunday it will explain that next Jolo and did not as I've said in the game. Pretty serious football show. Digg team. Sure. When did continues. On 957. Games. It's football Friday brought you by Mancini sleep for. Golden State lumber and Harris ranch and leave. On 957. Big game just curiosity what we do these yeah. Do we need to spell out 957 league games. As if I might not know what I mean I've Symbian is yet Cody as the mighty confused yes because that way you won't say 957. Games. Kelly you'll read is 957. And actually there should be at a dash between the nine in the five all olive. William Cody justice wants to begin numerically 95 then dash seven would that be easier. We're pretty angry that I would like to have more faith in humanity that if I say I'm high seven game 957 game. Any iteration of those three. Number guy in that order with the words like game after it that humanity will know what we're talking about now I do wonder. Stand that I cannot trust 100% of humanity to get that right and that's okay. But I'd like to believe added the billions of people listening. Billions of you would be able to understand south. Thank you for joining us this morning John Clayton in about 26 minutes at 7 o'clock. Beat the bookie at 845. Special installment of low vs did. At 945. How did Thursday night ago we blew through low vs this Thursday night edition yesterday because we had Derek popping in playing the mind trivia game we were impressed with that by the way I had some friends 1000 Alameda it's it. Was that rehearse there like hot and I was like it's not there like you guys had that they exe is looking as she now. We did not know he he knows every Super Bowl winner loser of the finals more the MVP and he can probably give you the location of all of them as well it is quite impressive but. Are we through your picks out on the act Jolo in dad's Twitter account. Those are you don't know about it follow us on Twitter at Joseph lo and did is we did coming made us get. Our own personal Twitter account because we needed want us quote putting our nonsense on the corporate yeah. They thought we were clogging it up so we got to go ahead starter on what were the picks last night yes drum up there I think. We threw up there we were supposed to have on the month there we both of Baltimore and then come to find out after the show ended. Low in this until load and switch on you and that. In front of them go in front of him in front of everyone and so wasn't after the show where he didn't know that speak let's be clear with OK let's be very very frank. With bad told new everywhere new mr. Dan diddly doo I think they are at this is it up on Twitter like it was supposed to of course that you're absolutely right code. Yes things though now now so that OK so that didn't happen right. I'm because that's the type of thing that's so obsessed yes that's the type of thing that solves it that very simple instruction being followed. And that solving this issue is he on Cincinnati on Cincinnati so this isn't going to be a fight. It's not going to be a fight it it kind of vowed rubs me the wrong way but. Bottom line is I should have been better I should have seen that coming at the same goal off from Joseph Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens because that was an absolute. Nancy opening what eight minutes total and a big AJ green had three day. As a second touchdown how are you still covering him with one guy he had been wearing yeah again coach used to doing nothing. Join damn it do for forty yards and days and both these coaches toll shock me. The Cincinnati being both should a motorboat or begging should never been close to the never been in doubt but it was because right before halftime there's a minute fourteen. Why the hell it was as though you've got a little know you run the ball to see where you're back in now the clock continues to move. What happens now well Baltimore they have to call timeout may still burn. Hey timeout. What am I to visit the this is beat me if I sit. Run one play you run the ball make the most at least he see where you're at maybe it's second down and six made it second and buck. Now you could go what I did it you can do some safer than believes that clock is running Burma one timeout you change the dynamics of that now Baltimore get the ball back wood on mid and first of all just. What do you think Marvin Lewis knows that that's number one number two we're sitting here getting upset I should've seen the Joseph Flacco meltdown coming if you bet on the Bengals. And Andy Dalton goes out there has been met melt down you come into the shorty I should've seen the Andy doll I don't know coming you know what that game was. Montae ask me about yesterday does what do you think I know it's a stay away. Sometimes the best bets are the ones you don't want us to go why did stay away what did you like anything. Quote why trust and adjust them I don't wanna play against the home team in that visual rivalry on a Thursday night I hate that I hate playing that scenario but. I'm gonna put my money go adult in the bag bulls now I did that Leslie did barely got by the colts so. Packs. No rollovers is did doesn't have that luxury right to pick I. Yeah I tried to say pass would tell and asked after the show but. It wasn't allowed into the you're right though in those coin toss divisional games especially on theirs and I think don't you should take home team and less your share of it. Mo didn't to the Denny would switch dole once he found out that I was on Baltimore so. It was a filthy wind. I'm not complaining that they but it was dirty and I know within about a case you aren't that is by definition all claiming notre kids not to. Training why complain you're a teacher implying that I don't like dirt it's this kind of what I OK fair bit nerve block and it cost now like Donkey Kong so I thought. What are the major thing handicapping methadone find out what did slicing go the other way that interesting play considering he won my overs is very nice if you want to do it more like I think your team because. A lot of and elsewhere to be with you beat you this I know what to do so I wouldn't go sit at times but. And in in in two RY. Is it that you just can't picking game ten wired for you to pick a football game something you spent your entire life around just the idea of not even a split red. Just pay well. Houdini like it is like to find out who did likes and if we can get kids to say Cincinnati now Baltimore but it did says Baltimore what you say this that much play the sound what you went a few seconds we'll buy a product coming up it's like just just picked game. It began to begin. Played in his division I know I played for both those teams as you summit I don't know what point yeah I just a wanna be some time writing. Did you don't want an idea of being on the same side. What did you make it more older eggs eggs. Actually get all night on your ID and only me he stayed beside me you'll you'll be I would be too much I don't like it it's reverse is what it is but hardball too made a bad mistake in the game to you know say it's 45 seconds left. Listen in the game kicked a field goal try to get gone psychic named try to detect when they did you just. Yeah Justin Tucker that's why he's there you get a lead the field goal on what are the next two drives get it there. Yeah I'll tell you some. Listen there's a lot of money to be mating game at home at some point those coaches who are willing to. Outsource that information who are willing to put the final two to three minutes. In the hands of someone who is playing the probabilities who understands what to do any scenarios but. It's easy to criticize any read all these coaches were blowing at the final two minutes but they're trying to figure out. 20000 things at once they're dealing with a lot and it's a pressure environment is by the military structures itself to certain way one individual in the military is not gonna be responsible for nine different decisions. In a span of twenty seconds. With more pressured his shoulders than he's ever faced before there is a delegation of authority delegation of duty people divide up the hat. Asks they have their orders they know what decisions they need to make given the situation and they execute. They don't do that in the NFL you got a head coach trying to do everything I imagine if you're gruden and you're also calling plays. It's to Muster much bring in someone who can be right there where it's payments consecutive sixth that committed that reported oil at one time Matt's third are really some engineers set coach coach this is your timeout situation and a time out here. The Aggies take the timeout in the entire act. Brief take a breath. The guy you're paying six figures to figured that out for you. I'm with the police say football's a game of inches it's also a game of seconds seconds to make crucial decisions why not. Why not bring someone in with the millions upon millions of dollars these teams make and the billions these owners are worth. Why not bring in someone who could understand just that I'm just about one responsible I Jesus. Now allows it to what the heck you talking about but I'm 1000. After last night I'm 1000%. They should have someone there are now in Knowles moment to say. Take a breath coach. Kicked a field goal stop. No kick the film go in go you gotta fill will kicker that can hit a 5050 to York you kick a field goal with forty seconds left now I get on psychic you have a chance a chance they took the ball down and kept running plays. And now that that's where the game and above the handle what was I gonna do. He wasn't going to play. And don't go or apple drop the puck we get psychic. You can score a touchdown and go for five now I believe it's an opportunity to score in the fifty to five point conversion I essentially they're thanking time. Yardage and points when you get to a certain element of the game an area of the game final 34 minutes you have to be able to wait all of them properly. A certain point to 35 to go yardage could be more important and time which could be more important points. But fifteen seconds later that can all swing and you need someone who can balance those three categories. Aid down. Don't know if it's first down you have some flexibility but if it's third down you timeouts become that much more valuable in the situation you don't wanna burn it on for all that's a comes into account. There should be that individual would the very least. Is just in the coach is here hey coach just what you known couple couple minutes from now if we get inside two minutes we're still forty yards out we need to be considering this just once you to have that information. And and he just decide you Marty have all these people around the head coach anyway. Just just. I mean I've given away right now who always gonna be the first to hire bill Barnwell to do this and that. Billboard wells dug guy now who was the individual op in the NBA culture. Right he created all the metrics and analytics player efficiency rating and all that for ESPN those numbers are still there meant this hired. Memphis all that information was like. I use this guy that started the hired bill Barnwell. ESPN is fantastic but the stuff. I'm still waiting for an NFL team to hire bill Barnwell to help them with this he's not the only one. But there are several individuals I can create the list for you and I can do it for you have to arch the auto too discreet to listen dude yourself in this day looked as the pack because I'm sure all the NFL coaches when I dialed up we'll be happy to jump on the one you beat a guy you go I'm like you Cleveland for example and franchises always look and add new package I enjoyed it six I can listen I could set to meet with every team in the National League I'm not necessarily back I think I know it pretty well. But there are individuals who would operate in a better. Who operate better off I let's just elect. But if they need but he's right. It's from any Reid's gonna do it again at some point this year. OK so that wasn't really the niners are saying that we had to promise it's quite right we got the minor segment coming for you next the idea that they may have created a Trojan horse. For Detroit to slip in. Wilkes when it. And we promise us and we well here on out in front of the. All coverage in the DC area. And Michael Irvin. Joseph public record. Big game. Chills going did continue. On 957. Big game. All right so here's the situation. In about an hour at 745. Low pins and myself are going to lay out these three things that we are interest in most interest in watching. Sunday's niners Lionsgate that'll be nine total aspects of the game we're gonna give to you that you should be zeroed in on a lot. One of those things is most likely gonna make its way into the conversation. Right now. Offensive guard has been a position of concern for the niners for quite some time this is no secret. Jonathan Cooper was cut the battle came down to Joshua Garnett vs Mike person person wins the battle but gets injured against Minnesota. Garnett stepped cent but gets injured against Minnesota. Now we're not positive both are gonna be ruled out for Sunday's game but it is not looking good so here comes not jeetz quorum. Right guard six to 305 pounds at UCLA and on drafted rookie. Scheduled to start at right guard for the niners this weekend. I don't know a lot about ninety Torre and I'm not gonna pretend to know a lot about him but I do now that he was promoted from the practice squad on Monday. And that if he plays this weekend. It's probably going to be the toughest challenge she's ever face in his career not to downplay UCLA football but you are going up against. NFL opponents. This weekend Detroit whether or not there and get. If you're Matt Patricia you have had a really rough week. As the head coach of the Detroit Lions you didn't just lose your debut you got humiliated your debut you want nothing more. Like fifteen other teams that lost last week and to bounce back this weekend. Patricia as a defense of mine he's going to see this how does he go after that side of the line smuggling she's gonna move back to right tackle. And now you've got an undrafted rookie stepping in at right guard. I'd imagine you're gonna what try to overload that side and you're gonna try to treat that as a Trojan horse as your secret way into the backfield. Guess no no question what you do is you make sure you didn't and over defense and so you say OK the nose guard as the senators among them cover up the center. Animal put a man over the bar so now on the senator Kent term protection in double team and help the rookie out. The young guys get a good job he's got to do his own job in now you do that in the and also now walk up a linebacker in say it's okay. A welcome linebacker upn at eight gap in now listen the court the sinner has a man over him. The guard has a man over him. And now on them but linebacker Joseph walks up to between the sinner and that Bart and now on the line that's is yeah. That's right he. Guess we sat down what does it do now and I put a lot of pressure on the run him back because we're net squeeze epidemic arc he's got a gold. Now in takeaway Beckett walked up and pay gap. And I got a three guys have big often deep but the climate coming and we're back. You mix that up and all the sudden you think it's a squeeze play the linebacker to. Back in it it helps that the did meet offered to guard young he's gonna come down and out of those detection. You'd get confused and I look at Patricia do a lot of those things tell I wish I'd get up wrinkled these guys right now to get after it Teddy right now when you look at the San Cisco 49 or do you think this will be a cakewalk you understand what's cool off. I don't see it that way I see this can be a very very competitive game you're gonna give their best I'm there right now this might go down to our board but what mattered to me to win this one but this thing on venal runaway when he. Talk about squeeze as in now is incredible but hey your ability to go from coaching into whatever person nation that was up its ability to go from how would you handle right guard to here's the entire game plan with my prediction that's the end I'm leaving this series Jackson and Arnold is phenomenal on breakfast 113 minutes is the squeeze something that every player knows as an offensive linemen here are there other things that. A guy like Naji who comes into. Things that he has to learn from learning curve outside of as the playbook. EE out of see a lot of the guys know it's squeezes common call are all hard you know. Now Buena gun there's no hard called meaning that the quarterbacks since he's in the shotgun formation. You don't have to had your line and squeeze down the block yet because now on the run and backing get there if dissent the quarterbacks underneath the center. And now on the run at the linebacker walks and I get you gotta squeeze because the running back can't get there in time to blocking but in the gun. There's no hard calls or no squeeze calls. And the gun I was good deterrent that him. That he could turn him into a drop that fast eighty's that's really good next up we learn how to tweak here and I'm. Yeah. I'm better now is there an. There you go I think it's all right so would this be the biggest concern the teams facing this weekend. Obviously we can nitpick a lot of different positions we're gonna get into our game preview our matchups are concerns all that's at 7:45 this morning but. For right now you're looking at right guard is that the number one at the top New York. I am worried about. Dot dot dot. Number one right guard I think so because if you don't get protection on that right side you're gonna have real problems already got that the young tackle over there making his second start Mike Glenn she so if you're right side is gonna be vulnerable. The defense is gonna know you're probably favor running left all your activity going lasso the defense can stack accordingly. If you don't get good play good protection under the right guard. They Jimmy he's not gonna have as much time to throw the receivers when I was much time to get open it could be a disaster for the offense if you have major problems at right guard. No question Joseph because you don't talk about the squeeze now let's talk about little teeth. That's right tackle name so when he had that he's on now you've got a guy on the old young guard all of a sudden. You got to tackle would oversee it and also if you think eager to block and he also goes some of the anti any hits the tackle. And here's a tackle and I got the in the ET so now is going to put around now he's gone face to go to the garden. Or else he's all his body is out of control of these expand and all our health care. In looping around their T have a lot of games aren't mad. ET that or it comes down first at the garden garden ready for a young Phillips OK Brady gave this guy ready for a pit. This gets hit from the right side and now to send that apple be loops around in company that a lot of games I think just. Don't exist and what is wrong and I got fired a joy is so excited about the offensive guard covers and really excited I know it is funny hey I'm. People well don't let car in a couple of so let's play this on the other end out here Kyle Shanahan and you realize you might have an issue here an undrafted rookie in week two of his rookie season is promoted from the practice squad. To be starting lineup to take on the Detroit Lions Cheney and get another Patricia is coming after his position so offensively. What do you do to put not easy to Moran in the best possible situation for the younger I'd give them a chance to succeed. Well I think until you run back to the side that's what I'm doing their wants and runaway no not just right away at times you run away but here's what you gotta do you got to understand they're gonna come with some tees and ET they're gonna try and Swiss game so what happens what's the matter. You get to that perimeter think they're gonna game and also you got to twist game bullet. I need this whole sick indecency and that's not because they're so much trying to think about getting depressed or special third down and threw it three when you think it's I. Obvious Rex got passed out from sometimes a rug that's odd because these games about a mile to look for Shanahan didn't expect this week that they are guarantee that's gonna happen. Well. We got to get grading go to framing apps you have to get the grounding on this week ending its interest in the run right behind and you can't become predictable and just go behind the left side. Every single play at some point I think it was me I wanna see the Indianapolis Colts would that transparent last year at the point late in the season. They were exclusively going to one side with the football everyone knew what was coming and there was no success whatsoever which is that predictable the come right behind them. All right I got some bad but at the same time. Who's gonna be on the ball quoting yeah. 'cause this week and we we saw the splits on set out between Rita and more as it was almost right down the middle. You see that being the same approach this weekend eating Shanahan might decide that one guy is gonna see a little bit more than the other. I think you'll still see the same kind of split you know in your use breed and more than the speed runs in use Morse between the tackles mourned the straight ahead fashion and I still. Wanna see a little bit more of that but I formation and use of the fullback especially if you have. Guard issues like lowest talking about. With a different things and they're armed they're gonna run that right guarded makes more sense to me. To use the fullback in the run game a little bit more because. Trying to run the stretch to the right side and you have a guard who is obviously new he's making his NFL debut and a tackles playing in his second game. They may not be as up to speed as you want and if you're run in the stretch that way. Then the rain actually get blown up and those are negative plays he's the fullback you're less likely I think. To lose three or four yards on the run you've actually gain a few yards he's in more south of the I formation. Last week's results met Rita gets eleven carries for 46 yards. Alfred Morris gets twelve carries for 38 yards 23 touches pretty much split right down the middle between them. In the passing game breed assault one reception on two targets Alfred Morris not a factor there. Do you think the fumbles along with a goal line. Back to back plays remorse last week we'll have an effect. On who starts and or who gets more carries slash looks this week because you got to figure hits him tightly contested battle. The big guys get a hold onto the football is gonna carry out a lot more value. Yes and it did that Morse put the ball on the ground he's going to be a debate this week Tate Erin dumps enhancement and go back to you gotta go back to the world you gotta say I know with this young man can do it seen this guy till the ball forming in Washington its first week amnesty and the young man fumble two times Tony nine results should. There's no necessarily excuse for but look for the go back out remorse in look for more stance of the bill lot better this week they needed last week in you've got to keep breeding in the game absolutely data breaches that guy didn't get to the perimeter and run fast and understand those things but. At times Morse is a better runner inside like did alluded to in between the tackles and special but to do got to keep that in 12 punch going their crowds more bounce back this week. John Clayton is coming up at a little over two minutes let's listen show preppy for the people let's pull back the curtain and we'll show prep. What we like to ask what do we want to know from John Clayton we can ask him anything around the NFL remember. Insider extraordinary the reason I love having clean on his you can I hear everything his way. And he will just give you opinions and analysis. The mobile mobile wreck on the line I think questions about Derek Karr certainly and now what he thinks of the hole. The whole Grunin car and a sort nodded imbroglio aura. A controversy but just the situation of what how does he think that this might play out and how does he see Derek Karr improving or regressing over the past. Year and a game if we step outside of the Bay Area bubble Aaron Rodgers will he play this weekend against Minnesota. That's question afire way towards the end yet is might I mean yours is Derek Carmine he's done group. My eyes are simply SES's hate is Turkey getting to our users to partial birth. Not that debut for everyone to be on him. Art can do is get a pass or eight we knew what he was getting into we took ten years off but he got paid that as it does and does the amount of people pal I'm on is too early. I just wanna know what it would know what the professor statement about the balance on Jon Gruden. Ultimately. I think that he's and we talk and I think the team is gonna end up being good team and how good is the real question how he's a flame out as head coach. But what's so intriguing about all of this is how Long Will take. Because on the Oakland side of the equation those fans want it now and when you see the contract ten at a hundred you can kind of expect it now. Especially since people been led to believe that you have your franchise quarterback and you have a decent about a town around. In Vegas there's a little bit more patience because people realize the team won't be there for a couple years so. We'll pay more attention that. But that to me is is where this is at its most interest thing. It's not a matter of if he'll succeed I think he's Smart enough offensively. And he's had enough success he's got a large enough network in the league he's gonna find a way to succeed with the football team. I just a matter of when for how long does dictator to get to team in the playoffs to get to a point where people looking crude traders and yesterday. Yet these guys are forced to be reckoned with cadets who let's go nowhere a pageant moms in Kansas City with like the real deal no question and it's got to gruden is morning where's and we know grew and not getting tired he's going to be around your well despite an 08 is is critic that's on him is it too much too early or is it. Nine B. I got to start with the two words in front of that interest in way to read a sentence by starting in the middle. Your listening to. That if I said in the game KG MC FMH he won a radio dot com station in good morning welcome to the show happy Friday. The beef line is coming up in thirty minutes if you would like to weigh in the numbers 4154038588. 4154038588. As calls every Monday and Friday at 738. Best of the baskets a 100 dollar gift certificate courtesy of our friends at Harris ranked. The phones we go NFL insider extraordinaire columnist for the Washington Post and host of the John Clayton show on 710 ESPN's yeah.