JLD - 9/14/18 - Final Hour - Lo vs Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, September 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with NFL Network Analyst, James Jones, then we have the Week 2 edition of Lo vs Dibs.

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Deep championship rounds. Joseph Boeing did here on 95 to seven the game hoping to talk to meet her Olson former NFL wide receiver in about ten minutes. James Jones another former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion. Set to join us at 930 and then at the moment everyone's been waiting for a 945. It's low it's digs. It's low vs stints. Both broad net. You're on different sides of Thursday night football apparently yeah so low had that would lower the baggage in the US the Reyes unfortunately that's current and lo had a one game lead after a week once he's now two up heading into the weekend. But yeah that's good to Iraq a guy you'll also be handing out your. Predictions for triple GE kanell here's how that's gonna work on and ask you for one prediction on the fight. You can do the row how loose you can do decide but you get one prediction for the fight. So you might not be against you said you can both win by picking different things someone could it be over someone could go ahead and pick. Canelo those two things can happen you could each wind so it will be up to huge determined. What you want to do with that fight over his dad's. We too rematch. Nine point five. If your your are sound in your going up against Derrius slay this weekend cobol quarter last year one of the best in the business. You're the highest paid receiver on the roster. You are supposed to be dropping those number one target what's going to be. A reasonable level of production for Barcelona he spends most of his day against various slay what should forty niner fans expect from PR ourself. Expect him about the internal way you expect for him to say look Jimmy gee I'm gonna get open and speeches and some routes that you have by design or whatever you say hey look. No we go to bite to look I understand he's coming present them outside the kingdom come and inside I'm only going I'm Alina enemy we're gonna work on this and Hamlin pulled away. Let the ball go I'm gonna get to this spot trust Obama get open there's a couple routes that guys like. Certain receivers like certain routes they have to know the whole route tree I did Devin at times or certain routes the guys do better and that's what the peered his bloody nose and look. Here's what member and voter I like this play let's school it would go make sure we on the same page. I will win on that route and you do that would receive restart get on the same page with quarterback in Dante the quarterbacks we'll just let it fly did believe that trust. And that's a trust situations appeared Karzai needs to play big even know you don't corn and it's a lockdown corner you've got to find a way to get open because you can't make this Jimmy gee just total one side that's when you limit your quarterback you've got to find a -- way to get open you appear grants are they brought you know for a reason you gotta make it how often do you look that way though. Knowing full well that this guy is one of two very dangerous players on the defense of our on the defense how to write off of alliance right there and nine other guys you can try to exploit. You've got other receivers another pass catching weapons how often would you be looking or would you be advising drop below to look ourselves why you got to get in certain situations okay what they could do they don't think it came through that this guy go amend Amanda bump double this is it would also double killed and doubled tidy and it's OK now I got you don't want more receiver at times you got to run him back of let's go four wide so. It depends on certain situations and certain situations though if you look at cal Shanahan everyone's somebody Kalish and we trust. If that's true that what you got to do you've got a dual by design. And make sure you can get this guy all in daddy getting open by certain designed to buy to the punch looked in your run guys do different zones you make sure the got a bunch looked in how do you play definitely tight man to man coverage when he got debt trying to look we got a guy at the poignant two receivers behind. How little triangle bunch look when you haven't like that in most regal well caddie necessarily play man to man on that type of coverage that's what cal Shanahan has to show was. His weight that's why he's brought here to be able to get guys open in both the point guy at the point he's pushing up and now you have here are sign underneath another guy quantity he can't play man to man it's impossible to play man to man and that type of situation. So by designed to Shanahan need to find a way to get these guys open. 47. When he won that your projection. Based on the spread in the total you've got an over under 48 you've got the niners favored by 6927. Lions 21 did you to six point spread and the 48 point total. So finish this sentence for me in order for the niners to score 27 points. Why. Do it again. Let it marinate they're on the old dome. In order for the niners scored 27 points black. They can only turn over one time that you can't have more than one turn out Harry how are you wanna say it had to make it fit to your own fill in the blank if you turn over more than once. You don't get to Tony seven points because for me. We talked about 27 points here or not. Talking about four touchdowns and one miss PAT it's probably more likely. Maybe three touchdowns and two field goals a might even be more for more than four field goals to get there because your red zone. Hasn't been that efficient so if you're relying on three points instead of seven a lot. You can't have turnovers so my fill in the blank is they can only turn over one time. In order for the diners to soared 27 points blank. Jimmy he's gonna have them keep it. And as can be yet they're two I think two to three you know. Touchdowns in the air at the Dubai in the inner so I really think the niners win this game nor for niners to. It two to fill that in them blink is. It's gonna have to be done by Jimmy G and back there what should we expect from the niner offense when he gets the reds this was a concern last year when droplets took over it was a concern of ours during the pre season it was a concerted we Kwan. We highlighted earlier for our three keys at 745 which we do every Friday but you brought up red zone offense yes last year Detroit. Ranked 28 in red zone defense. In terms of teams getting into the red zone against the lions and converting those trips and a touchdowns they did it 62%. Of the time. The only teams that were worse Miami. Green Bay Pittsburgh surprisingly. And Cleveland. 28 in the NN dot red zone defense sort order to convert this weekend. Should we have a reasonable expectation. Because I can understand against Minnesota not getting it. It's Minnesota I'm not gonna really hold that against you because they are a first class football operations against Detroit based on these numbers and everything I've seen the amount i.s of 37 years. I would expect red zone trips more often than not to be converted and touch. Yes and I think you're gonna find that they're gonna be more aggressive running the football inside tackles they tried to duty in Minnesota and it didn't work out Alfred Morris with a big fumble. On a previous play they spread them out and they try to run and. I don't think the you'll go to so much trickery inside the red zone so to speak against Detroit I think if you find him inside the ten. First and goal to go you're gonna see the big package come in. We even saw a defensive linemen coming in the fullback spot Mitchell and one of those plays as they went to the the big boys I think you're gonna see chopped buzz it by Harrison Smith the bison Deo OK is they may have just brutal body right Adam man to a dramatic well metal god and linebacker came in untouched cleaners loads any he made the stop I think against the lions. You can use that same mentality to have more success because their defense. Isn't as ferocious especially in the red zone based on the number you just gave. Yeah I mean like is this this is got to be a point of emphasis during the week right out of a team approach a red zone issue if it's to this magnitude. Yes I think it's civil way inside the two yard line you've got to think about running the ball here first and goal inside it to you gotta run once it's just you do after you've got to take the chance. In how you do it you can stand down. Point toward a gap in happier running back read it out. They get you using bought it's easy down block down block your poll in horror Poland so on the backside. And now you fullback lead in you have eight get beat get leniency GAAP what so many times who watched. Plays you watched it last night at times Cincinnati tried to get to the perimeter. The running backs are amiss in the hole. You start down a gap you have your off defense attack Okajima and jumble and you on a goal line in defense that too often to tackle is blocking down. You're you're you're you're tied in is blocking up to the backer. In Maine you're having your full back comment that it's in music there's a safety outside. In what happens is a guy try to get the wrong sort of you are trying to get that full back to get a say inside at any cost me necessarily get your head inside. And now you can get a kick out even a still me. The run him back shoals that flash outside because the safety and make him play air you gotta get your foot in the ground and get nor the except he cut the defense. Both of plays and then you're talking about a goal line. The two by two in when you're doing meg going for why it's what's your dornin when you're in net and net ten yards spot now we have the running back in the back bill. You have on the backside you never receiver that's two and a drag because Jews on the goal line are. You know reds owner when he and a fifteen and using play cover eight. That's for cross in in this Ford deep so what they're doing is trying to make you find those windows that's what they are using defense is trying to do. So how do you do that. You're making sure to one side you pulling the safety had that corner so the guys getting why you're making sure you're underneath and you can have the one guy just drag it across on the back side. You're finding holes and Wendell so now you're bullying the quarterback around the run him back this coming up to. The guys planned in the the first line and if that's a good linebackers in east pulling him out the flat so now he has to make bets safety even drive in when he's driving down they're using a window for you to get the ball in the air it's by design and Nestle cal Shanahan is going to do. You'll see he'll move the quarterback you'll see them start to drag. Hear our side. You know certain receivers across those different formation that number alone those routes pulls your route in across a formation to find the window for Jimmy G because in cover eight. Any cover for your running through windows as a receiver you've got to find at Wimbledon sit down and make sure the quarterback get the ball T. Quick departure I'm about to ask everyone in this from a question and old job back into the football. But this is a tweet from SpaceX. Elon Musk company yesterday about sixteen hours ago. SpaceX has signed the world's first private passenger. To fly around the moon. Aboard our BF our launch vehicle I don't hate this means. An important step toward enabling. Access for everyday people who dreamed of traveling to space find out who's flying and why on Monday September 70. If you could be on the first passenger flight that leaves earth goes around the morning comes back. Would you do however there's a caveat if you pass you never get another opportunity you're either on the first one where you're not on any would you do it. I yes yes they would and not only because of the VFR which stands for being fancy rocket how nice really by. I think knowing Elon Musk is probably big blanking Iraq yes I would with fancy because I'm trying to keep my job here. In case I don't get to beat that passenger and I should not. Yes I don't like my chances at fifteen years of age and with this stuff physical makeup but if I was given the opportunity. Yes and if I had asked her approval from the wife and kids they would be thrilled to see daddy into space a case could be your only opportunity to be on the first ever flight that goes from earth. Around moon and back on the big fancy rocket if you pass now. You never get the other other opportunity and the Jolie genes that space yet. I'm an essay known as much as I would love to go to space and love to go on and then the idea of the first one and there's an issue you know I don't wanna have any complications are writing I had you know young children here I gotta think of them. Burst SharePoint thinking about your family were as did stinking about himself I'm actually thinking about my family because they would love for daddy to be incinerated some owls the mild flu alert that you can. I mean obviously kids are older you you'll get there are things and abducted OK yeah. Monetarily I think that Travis yes it's a 5050 proposition makes it big enough for me in ten years dean meat packing your bags just all of how are they. One on one opportunity they had one opportunity you're either in your out if you pass no big deal be in never get to do it again would you take the first fighter on the mound now and I'm who's so you do it in the big established itself Hewitt do you design yet gave it to that's not unfortunately it's not a question of Macedonia does wait until such established before she throws that there. In the ring. I wanted to let you know quite. You go to the moon if you are guaranteed to live BC and when you came back there was a trillion dollars we. Have so I don't want anyone. Anyone on the other side anyway it turned out option down I would go. Is the first time I would go with the last time it's not just not important to me so you don't religious whatsoever out any particular is a want to take curiosity. It's space. What shortly OK you're gonna get on the plane in get a flyer around them. You know maybe you're just gonna go see the space. It's boring it's based broke he gonna get an airplane it's hard enough line for hours to New York. Even door near can't cede ground depends I you have to cloud to kids. In you look at one point four hours trying to falsely what do you think what you in his face 400 space you're looking up there's not that its base. Good evening goals on the moon and come back for the rams fell themes that might be happy. Probably had to be weightless that would probably be press club he could do that on earth did get to hear that a whole new light immediately without the without. IIICJ. To take though it was a very impassioned take me take racquet god is great anti space. Put a big base. What they told us they don't call dizzy were right when you get a dig your guarantee people reborn like okay. I don't now a first administration think people would be bored at the idea that you just left the planet. I believe it sold a what do there's only 24 humans have ever been to the moon. Imploring you've been so dole nothing there except you know exhilarated I know and got a you know people I'm thinking there. I'd rather go to burning man you're gonna look around me and you get negative they're okay nudist circling around them who you gonna do you you probably not gonna -- we gonna okay I'm look at him starent. It's darkness. In space you're gonna see everything all the time that's a personal. And has given the or bit it's going to be a celebratory. And you believe that lets them. Traffic it's number. I don't see the numbers haven't. I did I would Buddhist. The union objected opposite I don't. We alien no really go around the sun to Melbourne and but yeah it was close what about what got to land on the now he got the physically land on the moon yes. Now you're in for that that's not tell me why that's exciting. Because now want actually out Peter I can test the surface and get to see the crescent you detected by union we dig down a little deeper get to test to court the you know the crest over and I hope not RB II think he really can't sue. Journey didn't sit there. Under the mood of the mantra let you know I don't know with a and as I thought. It was like ID gives back and it shouldn't Jolie did I got this idea of being out of don't want to get the job. I mean I get the feel like I'm Superman were six under jumping from. The rock and actually do some dirt and stupid and up and bring it and do what's up just circled the moon I don't want to do it. I let's make it darker now. Get to go to the well you're going to be one of the. First humans on Mars they're gonna send let's say twelve people. Twelve and you're going to Mars you're going to colonize Mars you'll be the first people to ever land on Mars and the first people to ever live on Mars however. You will not be coming back to earth. Under any circumstances. You'll go to Mars he will last as long as he can you will be with people who understand what they're doing. You'll be helping them to set up infrastructure and to find a way to learn and researched the planet. If you do this. You'll become. One of Earth's. Greatest heroes you will have a monument in Washington and your family will be taking care of forever they will be protected forever they will be given all the money they need and all the resources they want to enjoy their time on earth however you will never see them again. Would you. Colonize Mars no I'm not interested in colonizing Mars I'm I'm interested in a chipper on the moon or even a visit to the moon or Mars but I would want to just put a wrap on my time here on earth and and colonize Mars fruit for what and especially those twelve piece to save earth essentially and also to create a fantastic life and your family. It'd be great there on their own their own country and now. Jared and his as far as I can't. And these are called their cabinet all knotted up at the martian. That in of his son on the Matt Damon movie yes I did and it can it's kind of the inspiration for the question again now well that's what I like now you included the final night they honored. Now for the big Fella if I had no family. And it was. And it was told people we said okay you come on you gonna go out there in in releasing can colonize your golf huh colonize Mars you are we at earth were coming to an end we don't have a lot of time left you're gonna go there and you are gonna try to set up Connie if you can and you are going to save the planet. If there were some things that I can had laid out went out a doubt I would do would gel such tasks such is. Sanchez is if you know companionship. You know exactly what won't when I don't I'm not and I've worked a deal on an. Selig a little female campaign is about ours I think the government therefore I would have to be the I would have to be the only one that Connell as soon be on my my seat. The throughout the Mars all eyes are eleven women and Loews based release and that's what it's a well now it's also liked the movie I interstellar you're gonna go there with all the eggs and you're gonna go there with everything you mean like do you regret and a half away at the end she setting up the planet. You don't need to go we're not sending you there to have sex with sending you there to set up in Florida. You miss and now you can half female companionship but we're not. Earth days and asking. For you to be Adam. That's an eleven meets but here's the usually you'll do it poorly and I'm an essay that have to be younger poop. You go yeah. We want you BJ not exactly an actual audio okay so called an older we have all the blue and colonization. And gasping argued. Do all the stuff to teach built in have met I these I wouldn't I would do that. You only go if you'd be treated as god. It sounds like you need to be god or his son Jesus in order for you to be willing to do something like this means we. Those kids have been down the road to eat well and how many did it yet and while the kids messing about how Smart we need we all didn't come from them. That's a real and a half not half I'm not sure what's really well I. Voice is our game is it really glad that's OnStar enabled jobs were gone and played school redesigned compact than the Buddha. Don't they don't. Video that is past I appreciate the honesty that's all we really want because guess what. No one's asking you go to Mars you can go back to Fresno after the shell and to enjoy your weekend Ellis forcing you to go anywhere. Is hypothetical that should be the script from roommate. Well. Concede I'm not a nine to see about that has apparently entered that the TV show through and it's going to be launching a sudden I'm in the future we John C. Reilly. So we lost out on the casting bat which I don't. We give it our best. It will play a little moon bases for the people later we had the really pay the AC auditions will grab it this that and I here's what to do we get organized I promise you we are going to get organized we're gonna have a conversation with James Jones Super Bowl champion former raider. Coming up next and then. It's on the big one it's low vs dips here and defense of the game. His football season. I'm Kevin. Sure though wouldn't it continues. On 957 for the game and now we just managed to find my minutes going over his name. And we all settled on the fact the U we're gonna go to triple G rather than get any eloped I'm an at the last second contributed back to the names and what happened. Well I looked at this time of the machine and ending at and the truth though it's terrible gene but I certainly an agent and dead. Weight. Not so much as I appreciate the intent always looks which does she just was looking for confirmation that given eagle often. I bench top seed and she is you know what. I think recently tripled to become more people know him as triple Gina aids its actually to work out better for some trouble decency here I don't know this is like right when he gets you know I wonder if it's and sure. I'm not tried to go with the full name again got thing on. I'm an easy name now I don't know brutal American. Easy hard at the last minute like I could understand if you're like a gold four I'm don't forget an eagle oft cited and then the last that you're like we did our nation each. I don't carry my left leg that in the on the debt debt to it which is DJ you heard an I'm not. After I kind of the funny thing in the corner I seen make it that isn't ready. Yeah you need a whole thing I. I ride up and out the back I was like like could you help me and Joseph that's what I love him he's gonna have to wait a few seconds. Us media which Super Bowl champion nine year NFL veteran wide receiver and former Oakland raider chat about now. He's doing terrific work as an analyst for the NFL network James Jones this year on 957 game. What's up James you boxing event it all you don't watch the dribble she fights run right. Well you know on 200 foot farther number Arctic are gonna see what goes all out been one or are they they're rugby darker look Cornel. I what do you think give me a secular hasn't storefronts and it's not a draw all this time around video like. Are there it'll be a triple you don't think the market knock down I don't know who. Low said that earlier too low also on the side of a knock out back quite exciting for us. Speaking of rich. Any chance we CN knocked out in Denver this week and your former team the Oakland Raiders trying to even it up in the win column they find themselves a small underdogs at Denver. Isn't the top spot though playing at altitude coming up that Monday night game. I actually don't think they've brought back fill out that they are the way to get it done and it. The group. Obviously they can't pressure scope and after a well they can't find a way to get Jordan all scoop the ball a lot of short short of that and all that they're Koran there. Topic pick Ottawa to win. You're with car you understand his visit his. Willingness to study the time that he puts in because he wants to be great you know this kid from Fresno Bakersfield kid and he just loves football he you know he's a football junkie. What do you say to a guy that's been through some struggles last year bad tough purity here before MVP type of year. And now with the struggles was the biggest thing you do this guy didn't Beckel quartz. Just do donut. You stay an aggressive on main don't try to. Limit the playbook Ernie they were beer choral we know what to do what all the nooks and scream and be special in this league demeaning the global growth or later so you know mark bingo the Croat charm and Alistair grant that on you bill built by the choreographer of rushed out. You know pro on the ball like you spiritual and export studied it and so keep thought. That you know reportedly are bucket or two automakers can't put. Well wouldn't do it you know to embark on the playbook and you know charter and be in court Kirk you don't wanna handicap. Special orders so let me keep door on it and Laura wanted to do it on being here in the I like the lead. One of the themes that we've been any on this week is the ideal Marty Cooper getting more involved in the offense what are some of the ways that the raiders can use to get a Marty Cooper involved early in this game against Denver. Well I think more Guerrero level which around a big no no you know what a lot this. People will be about RM the potion and a little bit no no a mall covered so rigid hull. Maybe in the future some sore after the all that is net present Cuban born and it you don't take some shots there on the field or are pretty. Or receiver what she touched the ball early start in their culture there that. You know eventually the big play and they'll come up big ticket which started the started in the short game coach madame. You know mobile around the order that they have but it played urge to tackle jacket and each Arctic chart there. James Jones joining us here on 9570 Amy you know and Jon Gruden signed that ten year 100 million dollar deal. It raised the level of expectations for the Oakland Raiders after all. They had guys like Khalil Mac and Derek Carr and Mari Cooper on the roster now Mac is gone. And clearly. Clearly a guy like gruden is going to need some time to build the team he wants that can make a legitimate run. At a deep spot in the playoffs. What's reasonable well because I think fans are entitled to a certain level of expectation but also fans can get a bit aggressive with their expectations so. How long should it. What's a reasonable amount of time if you take for gruden to get these guys back to the playoffs. Well not our topic the time is now the beyond that which. And from meet talk and accrued and won all down there are new cap army truly believe the time is now two and whenever you regardless persecuted that they're understood and there are truly believe you'll there a chance to win in the all day. And it go all in the Plano successful year in the greater share of that so. I'll believe what they could get being click it all all they have you know they're cork being Cohen and I mean you run the ball will go do it decrypt all the field and appeal what's the point two. You know live to Egypt on the lady here there and let go after the quarterback and be able to print it Bluetooth ought to stop where quarter Bert well. I think the talk but now are all going to our our coordinate that in the mine pedal on the field that being able puke oil agreement to hear the bat. You all about well now now let me know that are there isn't there are any more burglary earlier. A win to even though. I know now that the power to order murder. Both teams here in debates have to a porn ads in the Oakland Raiders played two teams that probably two of the better teams in the NFL let along just the NFC. You see what Minnesota's been able to do you see the rams are pretty dominant team as well especially defensively both of those two teams. Both two quarterbacks struggle. Against these two teams what Jimmy gee what do you expect from him the Detroit Lions here's a team Detroit that got motorboat at last weekend as this team you things to me and bounced back IDC this match up in what do you think about Jimmy G and two quarterbacks are up a appoint edit this week. Jimmy you go albeit foreign beer cart open product they'll report to our man at all but always Opel though slow beat that. So early in the year. They're the worst thing that possibly effort to you were going up for the big time speaker could still trying to figure out OK look I'm all the Pro Bowl already. You know I mean most read about what Colby Darko or emotional per barrel. On your quick game all it. Carter you know get the ball down below article lord of coal and or earlier to update our defense that already ahead of the curve everybody all. You know once sheringham whenever a high level that some or all that sleep early so. All beat James ran into a very good beat trip but many arguably probably you know gonna that they into the year beat. Probably top five decrypt it. I'm not aware of the problem debris field out back of the beat Troy reliant. Or a lot more calm outwardly what does that have been a moment dramatic and no order cart. All these quotas are going to be on not being in the seat belt where the commander will be shorter Bigby trouble or local burger or they'll be. How challenging is it for Matt Patricia had to go into us second week after the first week for Detroit was such a disaster you get blown out and and whispers come out of the locker room reports that the players aren't happy with his methodology what does he do to try to get the locker room back when some like this happens. Or doing here we're gonna put a about oh or go to whatever you know people you know oh god our list in the coaches don't like is practiced all at the war met preaching winning cures everything in the way they've played that got me not probably like that meet me. They pick up beat they look like they work you know into the game they weren't a lot of them are on permanent fall Lou out of Belichick or Eric shepherd just. You know given the way turnover that if they did look good look terrible. So I mean. The lookup American canyon community if you but it coax so upping winning cures everything you not think bill. But eventually get it together. I mean from training camp and you know pre season and awed at all they were saying and what they'd love. Go for church so we're gonna you're there when you take a couple like that they'd like they are it. Super Bowl champ nine year NFL veteran wide receiver and former Oakland raider check about now is a terrific analyst for the NFL network. James Jones does on 957 a game James one final question before I let you go. What did you think your former teammate Aaron Rodgers and that performance in the second half against the bears a few nights ago. I mean everybody surprise except me if I. I'm not surprised. Oh. You know acting the TriBeCa out there I mean I knew there are going to be in Iraq a no ball but it. You know mobility wise but I knew army news out of social are solid it makes Roosevelt broke out the needle that they are. For Greg. We know. Ought not the current but he credited outmanned mean the warrior. And he got booted out became amount they're manner or form that brought a lot of people BP group. I mean I know what tablet dire rod and probably pretty ripple all the prize put. It was good to see him come out beard dude deal Warner got it out it makes him a. Good stuff James Jones ladies and gentlemen James thank you for your time we appreciate it have a great weekend. At her. If it's amazing his former his former teammates math and I've seen it before that that was written I mean ridiculous carted off the field you weren't thinking about a second half comeback you're thinking about his season being over. Everyone who was thinking the Packers had a chance in the Super Bowl Rogers did you sign that new contract was done. Alien debate that's torn he's out for the year the great thing to the vikings are gonna Kreutz. When he comes out he should read the bears you're bears imagine being the bears. What that guy has done. After fifteen yard years of Brett Favre doing it T still out of the division. You have just dominated at the Packers you've knocked Aaron Rodgers onto the cart an out of the game may be out of the season. You think and this is your year and then here he comes old Libby Nikola percent backed out any beats even for the bears just another week one loss. I'm how many how many drugs you can be shut him up with halftime to get him treatment although he was feeling no pain he's primaries are always gave interview after he -- when Al apparently was it was loopy. Deeply held game I mean what he was able to do you don't see that would you see that by superstars him breeze you know. Maybe a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but the way Aaron Rodgers came out and did that but if you look at that gain most scored the first if you look at the first half you say. Or as a scorer bring in they are up seventeen and not use you saw that. In what they scored second hand. You know six so it necessarily winning it are did Chicago necessarily did not than in the second half if it has not issued not to Rodgers went out one. Now I've got a mom I decided that I'd thought Chicago. Odds of me he was dropping dimes coach to get the ball went right all the things we talk about great quarterbacks need to do driver until at the end. Given the ball he went down the filter on it. Digitally game is gonna you're taking a lot away from what you're saying yeah the next game did. Chicago. Offensively do in the whole second half. That's all I'm saying hey Roger I'm creating offence did in the first half. Peanuts offense was just his future in the first half as Chicago's offense wasn't the second half so they were even so what's going to be the difference maker. Aaron Rodgers didn't even using leaving and I just sit at the start Chicago really in the second half is that an airline if you're even you leave then. I hear him out what's the numbers from it it actually suits from at certain guys that you watch play the game of football. In using certain receivers that they're even what the using their leave in a Deion Sanders with the guy he was even with the he's using leave it could you not stand with the LT Danny Thomas have you ever seemed ran down guys. Evenly over you don't hear reference LeBron too if you're even with the bride he's Lehman and Tom Brady in quite proud absence. And anybody Paul George and not all the good people of the Fresno. You know if you're from friends nine and a year even then can't you just open up the door here's a be ready to talk about Fresno. Got a young lady from Fresno and Tom a beautiful set till he got the total value has met. Presents buy this we got some meaning in turning this tell you how great presently is our new attorney just took a shot I think you. The one you've been in the business like 22 years she got men are but that's he's assassin interns. That's what he's alluding to yes and what's her name well the thought I'd need to do to get to my present people you know. I wondered if I'd all right let's easy and we got to a few seconds left before we've got to get to the good one on I got good news or write your chance. So I did this research last night on the teams playing on Monday night and then having to travel to Denver to play on Sunday. The thought process would be that they get blown out right well it's only happen eight times since 2002. Three and five straight up 53 against the spread. I would've thought that was a blowout situation you play on a Monday night and then you have to go play at Denver and altitude since 2002 when the lead expanded to eight divisions. Three and five straight up in that scenario five and three against pretzel knot is daunting. As we or others may have made it out the beat the raiders don't have as bad a shot in his game. We met originally thought however it is 945 and it is Friday. You know how we do it. Legendary battles have been reached across the entire sports landscape we all need vs free sugar. Birds vs magic. And now perhaps diffuse this rivalry tomorrow we'll win some he'll. Did so vs. Check out love your. FL season. This epic showdown. Following doubt. Now home. Gentlemen welcome to year three weeks numbered too low vs did including last night. When Lowe had the bad angles and did had the ravens your official records Lorenzo Neal twelfth. Four and one. Seventeen yet I just wanted to make sure the math is right there. It's. The tide and wind I was still in the matter unlikely there and why am I so confused here. Both twelve Ford one dibs 106. And one kids to game back as we get set to enter we number two Joseph it's amazing and they not shaken but believes in the tree in right now did you shake good you met me. I miss thank you. Obviously economic uneven and leave intact I don't stuff yeah great degree drop I believe the way this works were gonna do the remaining fifteen NFL games on the schedule that at the end what predictions for triple G. And kanell the rematch Saturday night in Las Vegas spot. I believe because low one last week he gets to determine whether or not he goes first is that how we do it I think so okay so would you like to go first or would you like to go second on the opening pet because you'll have to go you know the other one you're gonna defer you'll go for some the second back. You know what I'm gonna defer let him go first and only them the first digital go first what was accuracy I guess a case of music place. Number one Andrew Luck in the colts they fall short against the Bengals last week it will travel to Washington in the take on a wanna know Redskins I'm liked what I saw from Adrian Peterson and I'm gonna like it in week two I'm taken to Washington and in this want anything different there now Washington Redskins it is okay no bloody game number one just ease up everybody get those engines on and ease there's a new look on the schedule for don't you know that I would you know. If only there was a way to look at the same website I use every week I ten with that information and knowing you get to make to determine. Shouldn't make that I have my website at him. I remain might pick so I can go for every guy. Sell and markets trickery that needs to commend him just making this if you're winning. You're up two days when a crushing I want destroy our dice dot all right so now your op game number two it's Carolina. Atlanta Cam Newton Matt Ryan NFC south showdown. Yeah that's a gamble with the Atlanta Falcons and know they got some injuries on -- -- -- I'm still gonna take a land kids under also going the home team here Amman Lannan can pick to win no blood -- you stay with you this is a tricky one Minnesota's in Green Bay but we do not know who'll be at quarterback for the packers' young count non that high desert quarterback and for the pack and Voss I'm taking Minnesota beat Green Bay in that game and you're staying while Minnesota as well okay no one wants that take big gamble on Aaron Rogers read that as a small favorite okay no blood as well. Next up load the chargers your former team in buffalo to take on Josh Allen. The Buffalo Bills are you getting no wind or against Fresno that. You don't wanna according yes that's right I'm going I'm CNET and milieu mr. diddley had lost face in the chargers know did is gonna go all buffalo they're all look there at home. Who plays the lead rocked in its buffalo so I don't you go the opposite way I missed its target so odd to us. Just to be clear there is a big speech about how great Fresno is an in the second Fresno works itself and that takes you communion if they present. I'm Philip Rivers and a little tease him. And not your hometown guy and he's not from Fresno he's about our law which he's almost closer to the Bay Area in his friend's not heed to kids signed Josh Allen fireball and cats is Fresno if he said for two years going back to Wyoming to kids for president yet so if he knows their parents so when he plays well he's from Fresno but when he does not from firebox all right I believe it's my turn to talk going to get power earlier that helped take I'm on the chargers is not. Playing. Well blood you can always you wanna favorite. Where does anyone believe. Texans find themselves as small favorites in Tennessee very small they are thread a one point we don't do the spread here but it's the Texans at the titans in these games that are not possible games usually side of the home team and I'm not done this time I'll go with Houston. Houston you got to Shawn Watson Houston while I'm taken some positive news as well OK okay all those noble idea Rio Kansas City. Pittsburgh you know and I'm taking that the experts still is like the home team yet you say the home team so let's see this time he takes opposite that CB does it here. I think don't you get a big bird Stiller for eagle and that's Pittsburgh is a team in turmoil right now being banned many. Not play James Connors not gonna get thirty Kerry's Vietnam on Kansas City the road victory. Goat cheese to go. First let it. Think she's those guys Steelers did for same if you Miami at the jets take on rookie Sam Arnold. I liked jets like the rookies Shanahan is a mess and Miami just lost their offensive lineman Josh sit now on I are gonna see here selloff. Among those jets jets need to know coach JE PS sensor sought to the JT gets an enemy to I don't know amazing I did still aren't bombing. I will stay right there Philadelphia nick falls extra rest in Tampa or is it little importance it's magic this week man this is. This one it's that. But the point because if you look at what Tampa Bay's been it would do. They might not give the bill collector James Wentz and the young kids had he saw fifty he was unbelievable over 400 yards that's gonna be a tough game but still gonna take that pretty. It's both champions I think the road team and we knew it we knew you it it's a classic hello. Wedding wedding outside with greatness and I agree with you there thank you well know will no doubt it yeah I praised the team you don't pick until Monday when Tampa wins he'll come on and say. So I told you I've told you fits magic I told you jetBlue is for real but to took Philadelphia's sun so you won't get credit on Monday. I want Philadelphia they're better they're gonna win the that's a good. All the talk about guys step since January the only way everybody's time. How did it clear that grabs did not lose in week one to save however did lose in week one Cleveland got the New Orleans no chance couch nor does is my Super Bowl winning team if they lose and hold onto they've put in order to make the playoffs so this is. A close to a must win them on New Orleans here but. Most Muslims in hue Jackson I'm sure you'll take it brown thought. Not gonna go out to say right now but he's suggest he has got to play who you look at what they're getting rid of and so if you just take in the saints say this it's it's the biggest threat on the -- we don't need an analysis. Los Angeles another huge Gregg Jarrett golf in the Ramsey and Sam Bradford the cardinals I'm gonna take them at the rams. I'm on the lenses well and well of that home phone will live look different so far chiefs and until you got fed up okay next one out Detroit answer for Cisco. I'll take in the niners' here Joseph Jimmy Jean home it's right gamely sat all week now there's a win. Niners and is well sticking with the U patriots at jaguars it's right around to pick them. The odds that this guy not to take them and patriots of course knew they'd just again when I. Yet he is the opposite because I'm taken Jacksonville home Tommy beat. Not gonna get it done that it Rebecca about it it's the dumbest thing that it was some other Vince but here's and to go to the eyes adjusted Dunn picked you want him on the other side of everything I leave it why don't add it together and Lorenzo Brady all right Oakland at Denver. I want Denver I don't know who gets it done I ever Denver's wealth the giants NFL plus ballots they did it. Dallas some on the cowboys' other deference nice and that mother football Seattle at Shea yeah I go I'm on not Khalil Mac in Mitchell too risky among governors. Yeah I you know what this team I'm gonna thinks Seattle they all have little rope and out there he tried to make you think he's gonna go there we all police first got any good Seattle our final pick it's got many go up kids in the rematch against kanell outbreak has tripled she finds itself currently is a favorite neighborhood of minus 155. DC I want footage also badly but I'm not doing that they're not gonna do it like that again it's gonna go the distance no. And it's gonna be some controversy triple. So is it your book making triple gee if it goes the distance did against the way and if it. Does not go the distance you get the right trillion over under bet fantastic we have a difference on it. I know that now cabello winds obviously you both fluke I realize is that correct and it's the job became to myself. Perhaps the idea that you're coming up next John Dickinson who joined about 1130 will sign any guru. Ask him about testicles that we did last week or two and had a good. Thirty now that is the ultimate Friday to be so. For two is France prologue Joseph thanks for hanging out just everybody enjoy the games this weekend BC AB Smart we'll see you Monday right here at 6 AM on 95 cent in the game. 49ers first round draft. Mike McLane she's joins me Bruce. L draft. The San Francisco 49ers selected. Always 49ers tackler like when she wouldn't even Bruce continue to pour. The scenery is football and 957. The game.