JLD - 9/10/18 - Hour 3 - Around the NFL

The Morning Show
Monday, September 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs share their thoughts on everything that happened around the NFL including the situation the Cardinals are facing and the tie between the Steelers & Browns. 

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Experience. But. I hate you know I am a big fan of Bear Bryant but my angle that your were there is that he did cannot get separation. Bum because beat at the back. If you were gonna bring a player and at this juncture you know one week down and a whole lot of football left to go what would the learning curve be for a new player. Joining a team had the wide receiver position. You know I don't think you'll be that typical you know because to do it could become probably try to break I want it that have to make there. And right now with our group when going down. A dark Dante edit you know he made a great catch at the day in advocate you've got that little story here because although in Hawaii in outdoor net. Event but 82 Barlow who were kids. And this guy he walks up to me and it was done tape patted. And you know I didn't recognize the man purse and it in all of that in the end all the that it came to gather yet it is the guy that I have met also will be unveiled a uniform produce our typical 49ers that's up like that and I don't you know it's pretty cool but. I got into actually see him get on a well. Well all feel and not induce some great Banco you know. It will be. Jerry when you have a quarterback to just get paid you know huge amount of money in pressures on no one's not on a rookie doing any longer. Pressure is on on on that quarterback to go out. And perform well instead legislating the game come him and I thought at times Jimmy G looked a little rattled in the pocket. Some bad decisions and citi's saying it may take the sack live to fight another day play the wheel position. At times he kind of force it how much pressures that want a quarterback who just say you know what. I got this is gonna stay in my pocket. And lo and you know what videos look like when you sign a contract of that back that too they're a lot of parts that come. Outlook debt you have to live up to that and but you've got to also build up surrounding cast. Could help his gout or he doesn't feel like. It's completely on his shoulders. Two win football games and yes I do not think he was pressed them a little bit but they have the mile the two would be your date any new glimpse of the the way because once you get in the red bell lol you know you better get exports you've got a you go to court has now and you know what. Out for a Morris. The he had a fumble yet the date and you know also will let Jimmy G had a couple turnovers. You know cattle. No cattle is probably like kicking himself right now because you know he had a great football game you know I can't do it all but ninety yards. And it was just that point yet he does let you don't get away and and that is on the net gonna be. On this mine coal while. You're listening to 957 game cage DMZ FM and 61 a radio dot com station NFL hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Joining us here on 9570 gable are back to the niners and a second but I wanted to hear spot on this. Pittsburgh and Cleveland go to overtime yesterday they play out the fifteen minutes the game results in a tie. How do you feel about the NFL's overtime philosophy because every year it seemed like that there's a discussion that breaks out some guys like the idea of using the college football format. Do you like the way yet of finals overtime now. That you're not used to like oh wait. I grew up a court Kurt went well all game where you nobody in the bill they wanted. No opponent also have an opportunity and it was unfortunate what happened yet they went where it came down to the kicker. And I know it was pretty tough conditions but you know somehow those guys. Did he indicate that ball go right and I just don't like. Have been a football game in and that type. And yeah you know put Cleveland. Well maybe a tie at the whim pretty dumb but you know it also that despite. Shoot it down they were very is what it because they should've won that report. Without a doubt they had to do in the palm of their hands and then let it slip through so the a winless streak continues with a losing streak and with a tie. Jerry and you look at the game against the niners for Minnesota and and the niners rob is trying to get up for Detroit now how tough is it to come back after such a physical game. As playing Minnesota to get ready just six days later. Well I don't want and we got the you know we got Detroit red hole though that can be pretty big and it we. We have an lull them in such law archive it we don't want collect well straight again. Truly. Now like to Colombia to the player to block area and it is not done and and and you can look at all of the line they have. Guys on all that's on now as a lie moment or how well the vision that position. And you know what so many injury and has built up though. The niners you know they have competent to really. Bill at all they just got to be able to. Finishing close football games and once you get into the wreck that don't you scored touchdowns. And if you do that you not think eight you have a legitimate chance. When in his game this coming weekend but it is gonna start don't practice you know. To put it one behind and paid lip it is early don't be that we knew that we were going to look into that book fourteen million and we had opportunities. And it just did not you know all it took place this time. But now we have to get rid of the Detroit in win that football game. Gerri give me overall perspective on the defense Richard Sherman plant 72 plays Edison and plays. But in Europe front the different defense of Miami how did you thought the defense great total. All I do not think they did a great job well Holden. Develop or buy it but now wrapping he had not too and aspects. Were determined all thirty data and it'll look dirty eat eat recover. Global you don't nor repeat our banker elect them up like that since. And didn't and also whack of what he was able to use boat. You know they got. Port on. Alcohol that the team. You know blow we all in this together if we don't point fingers or anything like yet but you know all that why they don't have the this step up there and it could be spent continued claim that we are being planned now with a whip bouquet. Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 the game did you get a chance to watch any of Alex RC's meet Aaron Rodgers Willis Reed performance last night are. God my car this guy a man of argue. One layer 11 total is no matter what you know he's not a way to win and meant no you know eight. That game actually go back put the game that he would happen outfit my old car note I know right now a jury room under the rader called on. Is that equipment spill rate now but not sure he wanted to win that football game. Unfortunately. You know Chicago law that hey it could get Aaron Rodgers and in we know that this guy he knows how to battle any competitor. And he got a will this team win. It feels like Rogers his place in history might not be is highly regarded because he only has the one Super Bowl ring it's tough to put all of that on his plate but. You played with jello when Steve you've been around in and semen you know personally some of the greats of all time where it is Roger stack up trio. I think actually I think Aaron Rodgers is right in the mix. He's in the top ten and I think his actions on the football field. He's a leader. He knows how to will his team on. He has that it factor. He makes everybody better around him and happy if Green Bay is gonna go. They have legal Aaron Rodgers. And not and I know people have predicted that it got it yet or are. It's gonna be the Packers in the global put united on here Aaron Rodgers and all that well. Well bald eagle and AP. I'll be BP can span. He can't wait to where a football game. Raiders and rams tonight wrapping up week one in the NFL Slade how hyped he gets for any money and I game let alone if it's that first. Damien ye yes the way until the very end of the week to play how excited would you be to play this second have a double header tonight. And maybe had when you talk about Monday Night Football ordered Arab world watches. You know it like if that is all I don't. And if you wanna make a statement. You do it on Monday Night Football you do it on an innate football so I remember back in the guy you know outlook outlook always look at or some. Planned Monday night and and you know paint and change to lose it in all of that bit you know I'd open install. When it went into element when they collided. It is to go read out I'll talk upload you know don't talk about how bad it great to go in and night. If you want to say okay anything. You do little Monday night football league or make a statement. You do it on Monday Night Football so I always look forward to that. Hall of Famer at three time Super Bowl champ thirteen time pro bowler of the incomparable Jerry Rice would this year on 957. Game. Jerry it's always a pleasure thank you for your time we'll talk to you next week. I think blog and in greater threat goldeneye. Monday Night Football beta. Absolutely get the eighteen on the second broadcast tonight which I hadn't missed its jets. Jets lions pass I watch so much football this weekend I have no interest as a standalone game that I have no interest and watch. Not that. The dyed her debut of darn old does not done it historic I think given the storyline now. Jets tried not to be trashy for eighth straight year lions. Trying to win division for first time since Barry Sanders lions seek hundred yard rusher for the first time since the Kennedy administration. The game has like all the feelings of just one of those messy game so we'd be better about it. A better news from Adam show after on Twitter linebacker Erik Walden is visiting the forty niners today according to a source Walden was cut by the Seahawks last. Friday his most meaningful season and he was with Tennessee last three played sixteen games with the colts it's when he seventeen recorded four sacks maybe. This has something to do with the injury to Brock oil the concussion he suffered late in the game and the fact that Ruben foster's gonna miss another. We'll have more on that we've got to get into the uniter defense more of your calls AAA 89579570. Barack Palau. Not exactly installing a lot of confidence instilling a lot of confidence in the fan base with that new contract at that first game but the Seattle worse day than Jon Gruden. Jolo a dead smack in a flasher on any drives of the game. Shill low and digs continue. On monster Monday. If you buy oaks card clubs FTC daily Chevrolet. Benjamin Moore pigs. Welcome back Jolo it is nice sunset from the game. The off their stuff they can't come on LA. Oh yeah you blank. I love people outside the room get a taste in the snow that we no amount of I like they. It was a nice time at the Stanford game it's just there we were parked next to some individuals who. They just weren't there for. For ninety minutes of the tailgate and and the kid comes back he's really student and he's like blown away than in other parts park on the on board and it's just. I just don't we had more space I don't know we have enough anymore. Saying that. Visual media here that it right all right you bid for ninety minutes nothing is set up. We're trying to Tug of third and so he tries today he realized his friends are shown up not where we have a very small footprint not. Any realizes where the only ones at news. And they want some music until he comes up but he does the big time is. Hey guys don't bring to be right next you were not trying to take up too much space or any thing you know I'm not so it's now in question aim and I was like jolly host Jon and we had John. Well no I think he's a gel and then why do you say John. Yeah. Yeah this game that yeah me Smart kids. Who are trying to be too Smart and I had said rep for a game on a one out every twenty times in that situation so I'm gonna pop back I just have to be someone who put glass back but I will say I have never in my life seen. That many chandeliers hanging from cheese it's no yeah. Yes they are remarkably classy till Easter they had civil where did not plastic yeah but he indecent chandeliers and tables that. Tablecloth are given the full scouting report headed candidate because I know he called it gives laid out everything that was the first time I gunned down to the farm for game and he laid out the entire thing is a guy you know I've heard this before but we'll see. And it was exactly like instead I was talking Damon yesterday about it he goes. I want Sola a grand piano there you also brought a great hit the and it was eager and they oh my god. You said they were servants out there and means certain people I army people who don't like taking care of the people who were telling you it's just did you get mistaken message also please pass me degree compartment and a half hour. That's how what's. That's how did Stanford rolled USC which by the way yeah if your cal fan. I'd be very. Very nervous that some of the bigger programs start looking at Justin Wilcox I'm just gonna throw that out there going to BYU and winning that game is a dog house now to know. Wilcox has got that team humming a little bit. They're gonna be some bigger programs at sorts assists and around individuals like him Cal's got a good thing know what that dude that's a buttoned up football team for the first time in awhile but we digress. Or digest is an exam program and triple 8957 out of my sanity. Is the number if you would like to weigh in on the conversation. The remainder of the show today it will have Kirk Morrissey and at 910 and Carson Palmer is gonna join us at 930 and Assam commanded the hammer time. It is so. There was some of those Kodak plans are it will Carson Palmer played in Arizona when Arizona looked absolutely dialed emotion out there was fun. Oh my kids and it. Old Sammy me. He saw and what time this guy like you talk about Joseph that guy element to Brigham and again Eli but he's not he looks weighed more battled any. He looks way more always just on the fix. He just was sickened by itself did it look like he didn't even he wanted to go home you wanna get away he'd be good jump on southwest. To be added a stadium that. I was so should he lets hope an inquiry into some want to humanity game. He's hunting is a bus he's alive it because he lights a global labor bonded teeth diseased Dylan is on the money big guy is done on our bowl. I meet a roaches. We have a what. War of the words are saying I do who have to rely on low vs David gee you know. He got to find out he took Arizona so I I understand what I what occurred passionate they are favored Bradford twenty of 34. He threw 34 passes and it resulted in a 153. Yarder that threatens an average of four point five there are. Average running backs who have better numbers than that. Four point zero TDs one interception this guy is gaining ocean that he forgot how good looking need. I'm his merry band of peace. Like I've heard his entire career has been off of a fraudulent case. In mistaken scouting oh my god well you know he had injuries well you know leading use them right in. In Saint Louis well you know I he never had receivers well he doesn't have an offensive line well he got hurt Willie had bad coaching it's just excuse after excuse. That guy is not a good football player that's just all this he's just not a good football player. Sometimes the easiest answer is the right in jest with Bradford he's just not. Good he's finally hair started to wake up and wanna ECE. I have not seen a quarterback decked him and that frail that soft decked scared that complacent. Spooked. That. Ever paid by the way at the amount of money in his maiden lady. Mean that's what you do any notion no. You referenced the so appropriate power. Daddy you don't have to knock over the in the keeper on the safe committed to edit the name of the put in a lot of hard work like OSHA and had that great play and handed Brad Pitt. Bit of that to have the fake safe that they break into and a videotape that they had. Packed in there are so many moving parts. This guy doesn't even have to do anything even here at the China commission as a quarterback. I would will have to Fred I'd bet my life savings you can get Wade Wilson. The quarterback coach in Dallas Cowboys Jim Everett and give the one week in the heat they look at it did would he be. Fifty York. It's Jeff Garcia to do so Jeff Garcia couldn't have been over and receivers Larry Fitzgerald's not packet where the dog Jeff our ticket came in and gave him three days and he would he did what I had. It would out now. Bees back. Yet here's what's important what he can't be too bad. Because the niners are gonna play him twice and you want him under center Josh what are parakeet. We don't wanna see him just know that because he can't be worse things get ourselves he could be worse than this so maybe even niner defense can take advantage of a couple opportunities against Sam Bradford. That's a conversation for down the road here but when we entered. Week one we did a conversation on. Our concerns our biggest concerns coming off the pre season and we talked about a variety of positions. I'll variety of situation on Al says and one of the things we landed on occasionally was pass rush defense side. And the secondary defense. And yesterday. All things considered. For as many of the problems at reared their head defensively. They looked all right. I don't gotta take what you gotta dig at least seven off the board so what it was seventeen points to Indy Lights. Yeah 333. Turnovers. The offense gave in Purdue defense in a tough situation. In and seven other was a pick six so do you defense and even have a chance even try to stop on you gave up seventeen points. Defense to me they get a B minus defense played well. They got after a quarterback they hit well they played good defense the touchdown pass on the tape right now that pass was err Roger S. You saw Aron Rodgers. Hit it got down that corner route where he dissing the faith in the defenders ride on their hands up in each other down the field. He could not put the ball in any other to replace watch they were hand fighting he had a hand in there that was. Good coverage not great but it was good solid coverage. That was just that big time pass so I did defense in my opinion. They played way better it's a carrier compared the offense. They competed they act like they belong out there they hit the quarterback they played good against the run they gave a couple big plays but I think defensively as a whole. The defense outperform be offered to everyone sick we understood the office was it offered is going to be better know on my opinion. Defense showed a lot more heart lot more care they're both big Mac played a lot more what more tenacity without a doubt they look like they belong in that field I think. They struggled listen tackling in some spots Dauman cook was having his way they they were not able to contain the speed of dollar cut guy known almost no team can. It's not quite Kansas City speed but cook was. Electrifying especially early in the ball game. And I thought the tackling was a bit of an issue Fred Warner looks like he's the real deal sixteen games go ahead and put him in the as a starter I know that but he was brought coil got a concussion late in the game and you had another linebacker who couldn't even suit up Malcolm Smith because of a knee injuries so you'd have questions of a linebacker spot. As you have one more week with no room in Foster boy they sure could be used in yesterday. I should zip is over seventeen he's yet the player game for the 49ers you know seventy he missed the whole season actually here at any misses game one it at some point it's like. I mean state. I think the Emeka and he made it tells and he's taken availability and everything generally said that he still can fake work or our our our. But here's the thing I know we talk about them not be able tackle and do those things and I get that. And that's Lessig give them being mine but here's the thing got. If I told you unite and he didn't give up about seventeen points it used to be what would you take it gets anybody wanna leave anybody anybody want to. I don't on Friday of your telling me the defense gives a seventeen I'm making a sizable wager on the niners catching six and a half. That's not even close that support. So what a series of defense yeah they didn't tackle well but you bin which you don't break that's what this week as it. I understand tackle guys did but don't break seventeen what you get we gotta get anyone only if you sit all yearlong your defense the little give on seventeen point you to be played. In the Super Bowl RB blank board are in the in the playoffs came too deep don't hit me anyone who has a season that gives a seventeen point it's a game. Their deep in the playoffs you you don't even need an offense that you have the bird. Bottom five offense that's essentially the jaguars is what were described is going to be a jaguar esque defense. So I think it's. Yes that's. In Trent Dilfer led Super Bowl team they were I given up less than that and Dilfer went what five weeks that an offensive touchdown. And yet they couldn't be pacing himself impressed us save and unlike the. What you may not Fred war without that I don't care the nitty gritty of the mistakes he may have made meg game. That's what I want a linebacker a couple 38 base that the ball and the linebacker. Flies around the field that's it that's really the only criteria I'm ever gonna have for linebacker flyer on the field. May place. Beckett is something else thought they pettis is another one to grab 61 yards as sick as a beautiful catch in the back of the ends up there's a photo from the back of the end zone. Like ten feet from the fingertips from I yet pettis as he's catching a ball fantastic. Let me let me put this in perspective because we're gonna turn it over the phones in just a second there are a lot of people who wanna weigh in on drop. I get it that. There's I thought process not an accurate one a problem played poorly I get low low did debated rape case of that today I'm not necessarily. And tie the poor performance angle but let's use a little bit of perspective. Which is she's a little bit of perspective number one. All on the road at Minnesota. You open the game with the Alabama of the NFC you have to remember back and get this game were at Miami where this game were at. Tennessee or Indianapolis. There may cause for concern you're going to Minnesota. Just put that in context what did you honestly expect was going to happen. Right good quarterbacks have struggled. But more importantly. It Kirk cousins of all that great. Because today we're gonna sit here we're gonna say Kirk cousins are manually it will mark. Kirk cousins completed 55%. Of his passes his yards per attempt or six point eight. Against the niners playing at home current let me put that in perspective. His 55 point 5% completion rate case Tina last year with the same team. 67%. Completion rate. Kirk cousins six point eight yards per attempt. Case keep them seven point four. You know a case keynote at the plate road games back those numbers case kingdom had to go get some good defense this is Kirk cousins would all his weapons. Home against the niners and he came up shorter than case Tina debt and that's thirty million year guaranteed ninety million guaranteed over. Brawl that mean to you the biggest thing about these two quarterbacks you saw in him yesterday interception. The biggest thing about these two quarterbacks one arming and turn the ball and you know who that is Kirk cousins are cousins is gonna play safe for you wouldn't because he's hopeful. Key items don't try to force things and you saw that yesterday when you watch in Denver Broncos play against Seattle the one interceptions to a certain things. You look at presence cousins he didn't necessarily play you like you say Joseph it's not great did wasn't that it would mean have outstanding game but he took care of the ball. Didn't lose a game form put him in situations. Livid fight another day. That's what you wanna see Eddie quarterback gets with that type of defense you don't need him to go out there and go before a dart. They're that's not how they're built. I like the system that he's had no he's not and a great quarterback but in this system with bad defense and of the good receivers and stuff that he has are out. He doesn't doubt me take chances. Get that in the kind of success that he hoped for but. If cousins as those kinds of days no interceptions in Minnesota wins. I guess it's worth that putt. It's humbling to think that their pain that quarterback that much money when he really doesn't make them any place. He's going to be asked to be the difference maker in the Philadelphia game for example. Like cousins is gonna have to go out and win every single game but they're going to be times where the defense gets jammed up and that's where they're gonna look at him be like yeah this is on you today you've got to step up and rise the occasion Russell Wilson was able to do after Seattle defense straight nasty. For years with the legion of over there would be games on the road where they find themselves. Get a slice up a little bit and then Ross would be the guy that had the bailed out happy it's good for the niners still ended I got into some big time games where the defense just wasn't that. Stalwart unit we remember and cabinet to step up and make a few key plays every now and again I mean thirty million that's what they're paying him for. That's what I believe they thought they didn't having cue them but they could have been cousins. We'll go back to the phones triple 89579570. Your grades. On Jimmy drop below anything you wanna talk about regarding the niners do in Brentwood to thanks the phone call what's going on. Well I there are a couple short leg or not but it gave more Shanahan and argue anyone else. And I'll tell you why it got really predict more on the goal I mean what Albert. I've met god and the other side and Gigi. Lol I'll write or even a bootleg like let me so predictable Robert goal wide and you know we're gonna get regained it goes. And then go out and we'll get. You know a completely different games so I would bet more on getting more than anything else I'd like Shanahan. It's pretty neat new mystery creativity that you know or I got predictable like without remorse fumbled the ball that comment doctor thanks. Appreciate the phone call. Again it comes out of the fact that against a team like this yeah a small margin for air and they had heirs everywhere I think Shannon has play calling going to Morse twice in a row with bunch formations spread it out at least slow it. Rob Lowe made plenty of mistakes. There were drops there were failures in protection the running game didn't get going and the defense just could do would not edit the day but they couldn't do enough. But what did you expect the one reason I'm not gonna go all in on anything anti nine or negative today. Is just what did you expect it did with the expectation that the niners would go in and hammered the vikings. No. They were going in there they were gonna look he kind of told that for about six weeks at not eliminate it lose that the vikings were probably the bat and that's exactly how it played out. You shake off and you move on it's it's one that. Game do you not remember Chip Kelly do you not remember Jim console. What was the game with a niners went the Pittsburg where they don't like 48. At halftime out of that game but that was back when this organization was such a joke you know I'm home on the air and discussed. Whether or not he saw a bright spot or pay me and I really like what Fred water dinner Richard Sherman 71 to simulate sensor you know they were it Labor Day made a couple mistakes. I used to be. Fired Tom Zola and an account it would be what will he hasn't coached a game yet I don't care to press conference was miserable Chip Kelly. Why AZ here fireball he hasn't coached a game yet he doesn't he's doing he flopped and in Philadelphia right. Like a get a little bit of perspective if they're getting angry and if you want more of a negative approach on some of the some of the performances he's not gonna get it from the shell it it's it was Minnesota and it was Indianapolis I mean. I'd be more inclined to rip the Bengals for winning acting then I would for the united for losing that one cloud show that out so there. One word lock was like eleven of thirteen on third down there were situations where the colts would hold. In the first and twining and Lockwood complete a fourteen yard pass and then a 22 yard pass they would even get the third down. Marvin Lewis bless his heart. I guys. He must have pictures up because. He can. Controlled this team. Guys between late hits and penalties they're undisciplined all the things do you see they tried to give they gained Indy. You saw looked at shred them apart I mean thank god they got a fumble of course Manning in picked it up good at that Al I think it was the. Different low vs Dan ZR one game now one game lead domino I didn't I actually took Indian now on vacant. Cincinnati's a mess and everything you're saying and describing. I've been to look forward overtimes to make sure that Cincinnati actually won a game because it felt like Indonesia won the game yeah. And this is why you've got to pay attention if you look at that final score like yes Cincinnati hit the Nobel certainly did not so no I was watching that term. Financial reasons and couldn't. Got the Bengals looked terrible. Which the one game. There's always one game for me that I ST zero plays and Andy Miami a Tennessee did he is single play for meg how did you miss it was not afraid out there apparently was a twelve hour game yesterday yes the point where I was trying to put a stat together. And I was like all of these mourning needs a done right and then you know the Miami and had endemic it was time is that spread like thirteen minutes of the third quarter of like one. I cannot doesn't tell me. Now brutal back to the folks might get Oakland Mike thanks for the phone call your thoughts on yesterday's niner game. Dad really quick really quick edit got a little well. Man you're like idol to me I grew up watching the chargers have cared even though I grew up Oakland. I don't like a natural order of the charters you know stay out of always an enemy enemy territory. You engine itself where life I don't mean I got me junior. We're entry my man you don't band. I hope one day had to me UN had some guys are on our each brother. Upper cabinet. Jimmy JR you in my it'd really get and they're something that I've heard on the market had been with me on the radio for the game. Is that. You know on high school players he's going to be guys that are not experienced. And a lot of attacked by an apple like pepper after the game which are a wake up like. Based on the you know a lot of these guys that not even gotten first tablet in yet I know the preceding gains are all like that in third stringer. And Biden bitten by. They're worried that they're like they're responding to check so I don't vote on that Minnesota bought you know they're we all know that. I thought it'd really get an emphatic comeback and today would that include torture but my question do you joke. Is what happened with the chief and the chargers. Have thought I got a. I'm sorry this is not cheap charters turned radio this it is at I was you know and this highlights the beauty of the world. I made three NFL picks yesterday the dangles game which one no one wants to talk about. Which wanna know. And the chargers which lost. And everyone's calling to see what I have to say about it. Huge swing in a mess are completely agree that. That game was a poorly handicapped. The analysis I had on Kansas City was what was off the charges were the chargers rivers threw for over 400 yards he took apart the defense. But never drops there were mistakes it's a bad cap you address it you move on to try to to make the same mistake again. It's a nasty cheap are nasty and that's that you need out there and as good as the chiefs are. You take to place. X to self inflicted wounds a drop punt by the chargers. Then led to seven and a punt return. Even don't take that away it's a different charges when there's there's two plays excuse and accept the I didn't know it was Christmas time I don't know what to play as an example. EP you're getting paid you don't muffled time. You don't get the ball to Kansas City on the one yard OK that's me now that's that's just bone head football. But yeah you do what you're talking football in high school college to pros he didn't Kenya. Line hit the ball but we that the did as a as a catcher let go out and but in our way I did get out of the way hitter and create exactly beat every car. I'll get me there are gonna get and so. That could tell text in a punt returner both are two things they do it got to button up one cut more charter. Coaching buddy not this fall squarely in the head coach and a special teams coach because those are mistakes that like you say. Even in pop Warner your top down. Did the detail and you go back four and knowing that the tee and you just say we have content like football by La Nina and I may not. I hate to start the season is to go to three and out and then take it right to tire retail Letterman back for a touchdown as soon as I was I would I had even turn the team. And I saw there down seven evidently what happened here. And it's just 123 and out they punt on the ticket right the Hillenbrand back for the senate and don't have the words I connect seeing what I have to let us who does seem that Kanye. And then you just look at look at the sideline and the landing on the sideline it's like dumb and I. All we did that we an account for that. We didn't account for that. If she forgot to these extraordinarily fast and had a penchant for scoring touchdowns in India and applauded when I got should've been the the protests but that 211 Fremont to eleven thank you for the phone call the floor is yours go ahead. So but yeah I think everybody was all on that spray were chargers. Game get out of it all of my AAR. I don't want to hear it in part the Intel you caught on the fly. Tomorrow I don't know what he's spent about what he did do it during her coach and coordinator at. And never got it now about it it's in the world by looking at cornerback and government that. I look at already. I'll start. Appreciate the phone call if car looks similar to drop low tonight. My assessment will likely be the same why because the rams are a very stacked defense and he is learning a new playbook I would say that he probably has. Some better weapons at his disposal. A more bankable offensive line and he is playing at home. But if he were to struggle tonight my problem that he it's Minnesota those are the two best defense is in the NFC. Coming till the guy but again it's all context what happens to give him a pass. Present and I give you pass and you come and you play like Jimmy gee he deserves to get but he's deserves to go even you you'd you'd be beat him up. Because you've got a better running game in San Francisco 49ers you got like you alluded to Joseph you've got a better off until line you're not playing on the road to plan at home. And if you're gonna sit there and you'd go three interceptions and the one to triple into double coverage you'd are going to get beat up on radio Kamal Derek Carr who could be that's fair you know what you have you know what's at stake. And you know what by the way you gotta weigh more starts than Jimmy. Jimmy G has what 78 start today we're down so now you wanna sit there and put it most say no car you both beat him BP stand at the play like that. I don't care you play in the ramp to plant at all this a game you need to find some kind of way to win this game planning it is that you're planning entities. They didn't play a lot of their starters you planning it's deemed it doesn't have a great off until line you have a better offensive line they might have a better David's life. So you match that even with this could gain it better not be no blowout it better not be no free content point lost. This better be go to onto the wire in car used to have a chance to win this game so you need to play big tonight. You can't give him an excuse you got the best I don't think why and what I don't. I don't think I don't think anyone's looking regularly she's I think that was that was a Smart call about again about contacts like housed air cargo to be treated if it's similar situation. This a very unique area. In Chicago today it's very unified here it's different you have. Who fan bases that are at war with one another for no reason whatsoever for every reason for we have ID you're not in the same division you're not in the same conference. Nine refrigerator fans news flash you all got problems are right you not Minnesota you're not Philadelphia you're not doing it. All got problems. Basically 28 teams come into the NFL every year with problems you happen to be two of those teams with problems stop worrying about the team on the other end of the day I natural props raider fans today we're taking all this the late night her fans. Enjoy it. What she what a way cheated night and niner fans were getting ready to pounce on raider fans because the co relaxing and everything from yesterday to come. Out you got your own damn problems are right everybody's got problems. Separately AZ is played pretty well against Texas on yet another crowd there looked pretty good. Even Madison number has a problem apparently with every Milwaukee Brewers so its problems are all over the board you know marriage more I'd I'd. It researching on you real quickly. Bob garner. Butler there was an underdog of plus 135 or more. Like six times and a 115. Starts from like 2014 2070. He's been a dog that price or more in like five of his last week wow that's how far. The team the perception and his overall performance apple that's a whole different and it wanna get into that and I was looking at Vegas and it. The giants. And he was never an underdog six times in his previous four years six times drives like 1415167. Yes not 115. Or sixteen star while he was an underdog of plus 135 or more like six times he's been a dog that price five in the last eight. Man why even go on the road trip and I. I won't say all the frequent flyer mile all the jet fuel. At all. But they are in our guys to them back on course here have been abandoned on task it will seek out that I don't know it is. Go back generators and I was like I've been saying all along that the raiders are going to win more games in the night in an honors it and dale. And I'm you know I told you guys as teams of I'm probably make the playoffs the raiders that is on stand behind it it's ten it's a nine to ten win team. Endure what I saw yesterday the niners a word they I thought they would be they're gonna win seventy games were still San. The raiders guys you look at their schedule you know this is a tough game. After that they have some winnable games this team has a chance for gruden to look good because they look at the next 56 game they have a chance to be five in one. Tonight they win tonight. The raiders got a good chance guys and I don't think that this ran team like he talked about Joseph offensive line is questionable they're playing on the road didn't play a lot of the start is this a great opportunity. For the raiders tonight they have a good team this is not some slack team right now they last and last year they under chief. This year they've receivers they're better at that quarterback situation they're gonna be Smart yet offensive coordinator guys that never been offensive coordinator and got elevated the OC that bad. What's it. Or form now I got a guy and grew loopholes be offered to genius off with a jerk about in car. I think you'll see a team that's very good go to compete that's gonna be in better games. This is a better team than you had last year speaking a group and Jarrett in Fremont Jared thanks for the phone call the floor is yours glad. I don't know what it felt pick up in Boca a huge gray or am not a matter air as far as by her dignity. You what you get what you get what you are pretty million dollars group yeah they are and what you deserve. Actually eating well and you do there're two kind it will be the recruiter I'm I'm I'm very critical to our our. And you know later on humanity of it when you're a man and Altidore. A dark room. I think people unfair or you know the only big book and Graham both on the radio rolled in and when will Mac is well he what you expect. You'll use that particular night on a minute all right perfect term. What an expectation that one went on Khyber company. The guy they weren't that if we beat the market coupled with the respect it last year on our political work that year he had a total thirty years. I mean when air water came back nickel back a little. 11 pressure and don't. I mean it got pretty igniting a dollar income per topic near their. Role in the rader a look look look how big it an important and it welcomed the what you probably the more they pay ninety million dollars. What did you got it back there and taking what what went on piper and needing. I don't know if the expectations were that high Jared and thanks for the phone call because he did something that. Has never been done the Ford by am I he had but he hit for the cycle basically with the forced fumble the recovered fumble the interception to touchdown and multiple sacks and I. And even if even if you thought the raiders had a good trade because they couldn't get anything for him you didn't expect him to go on and do that in half I don't care who's quarterback. Don't don't don't try to apply logic to this situation because not gonna work it should work logic should work all scenarios but in this one it's not the two things you're dealing with here. Or emotional based. Right he took a beloved player and you moved to you made headlines matching move that solve many people were able to gravitate to know whether the deal turns out to be good when or not it doesn't. The factual stuff doesn't matter here gruden is a very polarizing and very popular individual because he won that symbol Tampa. The old chalky mystique thing up and he's in the boot and he does the quarterback can't show ruined grinder everybody has an opinion on gruden right whether it's gonna battered with an opinion so he comes out of the Booth he gets is ridiculous ten year hundred million dollar deal. Immediately tell you some and you don't even know what other coaches are making it you realize that right go look up coaching salaries for Belichick keeps it quiet. Like I was doing some reserves as we get them not just out there this is the one guy who's treated like a star quarterback where it's a headliner ten years hundred million fully guarantee nobody else gets that and only LS only coach what was that studies cultural appeal running it so it's such a ridiculous story and I don't be ridiculous a bad way it's just so. It's just so out there that people gravitate to it and then his personal before even coach is a game as he takes the most beloved player in the best player on the team H. That's big major story so because of that everyone's gonna gravitate to it and then just to put the cherry on top because you know. You know without a shadow of doubt going in the last night's game. Rude and at some point thought to himself. I hope colonial Mac doesn't go off the entire raider organization at some point thoughts themselves I hope he doesn't go back to the nature. I would have done the same thing out of it like man I hope this guy does not and sure enough. He literally puts together the greatest have a defensive football in the history of the NFL and in people keep saying well he's biding its cut. Well last I looked he was a reason why Aaron Rodgers got put it kind circus and not try to. The guys look at it in both he Aaron Rodgers definitely go look what he was due on camera he forced him to go bad ball clean a Mac. Was playing well with few Schwarzenegger in the movie commando where he just puts the body pain on ends takes a little inflatable raft it goes up to that island and kills everybody. And they grabbed his daughter Alyssa malign our. I leaks. What's he was commando he destroyed the entire island of mercenaries with his rocket launchers and they'll. And his knife and he's gone he did at all. Here's some context on what could a Mac to last night in the first half. Sack interception touchdown forced fumble fumble recovery that was in thirty minutes of football and he didn't start the game. Now for NFL teams have not played yet. The lions the jets the raiders in the rain in addition Mac plays for the bears sold at 27. Remaining teams. Sixteen. The did not combine. As an entire team to put those numbers up. Full games. Just to give you perspective again Mac in the first half sack IT touched down force fumble fumble recovery the following teams did not record that. As a team through an entire game. Tennessee Miami New Orleans the giants Eagles the Steelers. The chargers the Seahawks the ravens the bills the cowboys the Packers the cardinals the niners the box and up and there's sixteen of 27 teams did not record that as a team. There is sixty minutes of football that is 59% of the leak. Unreal so that's why people get excited and that's why people start knocking gruden because he traded away something that's never happened before and again it is a story that. Game record and he might be a season record depending on how Aaron Rodgers comes out of that that knee injury because Mac was the guy who caused that. He didn't cause the injury but because the sack to have they cause of played happen and you have to feel for Aaron Rodgers when the news gets broken that Mac is now on the bears he's got. Be big not all good god what you wait until we can do now we get a. They have they ignore the GM of the Packers a dot quest. His first game these GM. He came up short of the mad trade a guy ends up on your most hated rival. And then knocks your franchise quarterback who you'd just gave more money to than any player in NFL history. Can't feel good so again niner fans not so bad. It's not so that. Your quarterback still a bright you know he may not be Aaron Rogers and Rogers of course came back and led the Packers inexplicably to victory but. If you're the niners find Jimmy G and his first loss you move on adroit Brian Campbell Brian thanks for the phone call what's up. Yeah aid and communicated from a cardinal Spann I'm Colin and given nine props. I mean. Her grand Minnesota they love it when they are an up and deployment what did they expect drop loaded dudes in helping get bitter they did. They did all right forget about it out to be better next week. There are trailer I was impressed with the bread water and Ellen driven by doctor come back EG worse than my new everything doctor wire round. As I got thank god. Appreciate the phone call Warner and fostered together. That looks to be the fastest linebacker duo in the NFL they are not in looks to be well it looks to be horrible men and Patrick Willis that title race. Young and they still got a long ways ago but if you watch the way those two guys came on the scene. What'd they do. They can run sideline to side died. You saw Warner I love watching this young player played football. You see that guy he's gonna fire his gun he's gonna get played down hill played on the other side it is a line of scrimmage. There was one play in the first quarter they were run the ball you saw the garden center tried H block up to them. He saw what happened and he watched it develop any sit home I'm going. He went right down he'll didn't let the guard come off two point he let god guards still on the double team. He read it he deciphered it any fired any went in there and made a tackle you wanna see that from young guys that they understand they see a play they watched a guard they see what's happening in they just do what they need to do Warner is going to be a heck of a player this guy loved it intangibles that he's bringing to the team already. And the knowledge of sand got the he made some mistakes but the sea at a lot of guys still they can't see it and they let the play develop and all of a sudden. Them that the guard in the center they do set the eighth bloc of two point and now he's blocked on a big guy and he can't come off the block he can't come up the block and now the running backs running down the lane when you see it especially when you're tall guy like Warner is you want to make sure that he beats the tag bleeds the blocker too that play any did that light yesterday so here's a guy is gonna fly around and I think they got a good pick in Graham and Warner. On an unrelated note the Cleveland Browns Twitter account is reminding everyone that because the team recorded at least one interception yesterday. If you swing by Arby's you get a free small curly fry. I don't know if they're cutting my dad how come we don't get any paying for the niners game or the raiders game. Yet to question. Raider game hasn't happened yet so maybe there is something in the works to make millions and onion rings somewhere somehow but. Yeah about the 49ers that's good question Joan what do we have come into us should be something I mean and tacos someone at least at least its record anything. Many hash browns something hung on greens gals have ruined the free small French fact let me ask. All right we targeted to a break but the phone lines are loaded it's your call we're gonna have a conversation with Kirk Morrison. We're gonna have a conversation Carson Palmer will be back of flash Jolo dads and I see 95 that is eight crude text message. Issue mother without mouth got that if I said in the game. This silver and black. Do you record in the leaders to go on time currently in the red ants in them. Football field now. Coverage starts tonight at six and one of the main areas of football station. Yeah. Big game.