JLD - 9/10/18 - Hour 2 - Beef Line

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs give their offensive & defensive grades for the 49ers in their matchups agains the Vikings. Then we have this Friday's edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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Couple reasons one night you said here's the thing if you bring him in and he doesn't play well until you can cutting because he wasn't on open at Ross. There's mine's gonna get signed within the next two weeks in my opinion because now teamed can bring you man. You can cut the guy and you don't have to be stuck on for the whole year he wasn't on opening day roster so I think that's a two. Total plus and I think the niners should bring in the guy like that now he's hungry guy here's a guiding come in and try to help you Unita got a can you don't welcome beef is focusing don't have that right now on their squad even the Google was healthy and we talk about lay beyond bill here's that they may Gambill once Saturday you have to give laying on bill long term deal. You got a big make about this one year deal you say okay if he he he just doesn't want to play there so what is pitch for it still is going to do with this guy's will to sit out for eight weeks. 78 weeks he comes in for four weeks what good is it to the Pittsburgh still. And I look at a situation now you might have to give outfit you've got to give a first unite and give up a second. 'cause they already know he doesn't wanna be there the team doesn't mourning their does offer to lyme don't wanna block for. You put yourself it's your Pittsburgh still if you put yourself and it's a situation where the best back in the leak so he's not one to be there and you lost all your elaborate so you're not talking about a first I cut my second. Maybe a third at the most of it they're not gonna get. And I got to Mort in the third. And you look at the teen can say OK I'm gonna take you won't pull one year after one year of service. I'm not gonna sort of keep here's the problem that if he's not gonna play for Pittsburgh wise you know play for the niners. Can I trade its third whatever they say it's it's just virtually nothing except the seventh over to district they send a Mac great I've got to but I'm not gonna pay him. Why would he shop and play from because they didn't do what they did to you you're not the Pittsburgh still you've been born and raised a Stiller that's all you know and they checked they shut the door on you. They turn their back going you wait out there would have busted knee in he came back the year before and did it after that came back in children cared about 04 and a talent so now the team didn't do you a solid say look. We're a trade for Erica the third it's already done. We will see whatever we're not necessarily don't give you longer he still wants the play is not the heat and let them play guess he wants his money. But it's a different environment he'll go all their putter on the line. Fourteen because now he's don't think I'm playing with the hopes that they're gonna sign we have to this year Pittsburgh shown it's not hopes at the Helm. He doesn't have that illusion they're here to new team least he's got Ambien situation he's looking at dead and eighteen cent. They didn't do this to me it's gotten build it's going to so I think it's a little bit different situation. Jerry Rice coming up in 1 hour at 8 o'clock. I think. If the niners and you're considering either move. Kicking the tires only beyond on Pittsburgh because the running back James Connor had a big game. Warren you're thinking about calling Dez Bryant asked yourself why. Why would I do it now verses prior to the liking. If the answer is what we sustained so many injuries we need bodies okay that would make some sense if it's because what you saw on Sunday is something you didn't like. I would make him oh what happened in Minnesota that we didn't see comic. The reality is dad game played out pretty much exactly as everyone thought it was gonna be Vegas set agave right around six and a half. The vikings won by eight the viking defense a great. Rob Lowe was under pressure the niner offense struggled to get things going Kirk cousins looks solid the niner defense while making a couple plays here and there wasn't able to make enough. And when it was all said and done. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect so I don't think you deviate all your plan based on sixty minutes of football now an injury. Something unexpected and Reid need to address the situation like right guard you probably calling Jonathan Cooper today if you haven't already called them because. He was cut on the way out the door. In the buildup to week one but no one ever signed up and the niners between the person injury in the Garnett injury. These guys are gonna get evaluated at Stanford today whether or not they're healthy you need another body and you can be moving like wiggling Chiat top ten pick it right tackle. In to guard that defeats the purpose of having drafted him in the top ten packs so that's a signing I could see that. Dennis is old and can't separate Dez is gonna help you in the reds and to be honest with you I don't know Dez is a mix in this locker. One of the beautiful things that niners have going right now whether they went a bunch of games this year or not they've got a pretty cohesive locker room. You don't hear about in fighting you don't hear about loud mouth you don't hear about problems right now Pittsburgh major issue in that locker. Teams around the league the giants last year this that the bad defensive backs calling each other out the media. That's a problem you don't have that issue here I think has become anything corrupt it and I don't think the upside is necessarily worth it conversely if you bring him in like you said and it doesn't work can you cut him. I don't know if I want that on my resume if I'm John Lynch because look at what happened to gruden would Mark Davis Bryant. Like he's gonna have to all the that's going to be something that keeps me brought out pay what I believe that third you wait so Bryant well Jason yearlong suspension as a terrible trade. But you're not you're not given up a draft pick for Dez Bryant and as final caution foreign thousand dollars because of middle forum for foreign veteran guys and million bucks but only 400 goes the reason why they did it that way because they want you empty veterans because. A lot of veterans is upset because this is look. No one's gonna bring me in because it's a million dollars that's with a bit better Menem this the league's original we're gonna do world and if you bring it the team's spring and a veteran guy. We know we're gonna do well and I hit you for 400 against the cap so that others okay so that's why did you see the leaks in okay. Bringing guys that are veteran guys because now only 400 of the millions all again goes against your cap to 6600000. Doesn't go get your capsule you can bring in a guy like that. And it's a situation where you can cut him because he wasn't on your roster so of gas brining get along in lock up this brown will be a choir boy on this team because they're defending so. He has what does or chili's yeah he had to make this right he wants to get one last not a big contract but our contract. He's got to play bond be then a good soldier some are. You've got a great soldier lessons Bob I will tell it's clearly showed dated even yesterday score all of eight points. On property did he do grew on Twitter just devastated devastated buyer parent now isn't it Jason Karen on this program. Group not happy with the tablet performance yesterday and Carolina defense a good. And a yeah yeah yeah as a citizen congratulations. Now it's 2000 big mistake very quickly is the fact that they like so many other teams in the league right now. They got it cheap franchise quarterback. But they didn't spend the money and all the other positions to make it work Seattle did that's why they wanna see doubled the bears are going for right now whether or not to miss he's the guy. I when you have to cheat rookie guild contract. You can spend everywhere else load up. Odd Dallas kind of forgot. Handled the second part of that which is why these were eight what is it like no one expects much of them this season. At all sound the lay out south thank you for the phone call your thoughts lay beyond Mel Dez Bryant to the niners need any upgrades on offense. And good morning so. Be it can't get here to help elect eat certain. And how you're in love that I don't think they aren't. At this point 801 year rental I think. I understand. That PG and understanding for rebuilding and you don't eat the G-8. You wandered select Clinton is yet. Which that a parent the guy that's what PG average and I heard about it isn't. Injury would be no rhetoric from Detroit. And a couple of years ago it looked like I don't piece of the actual. Secret speedy although. I think there's still need to help kind of told. I collect cook it and running back maybe like an idiot and any doubt. We're digging get help out. Like reclamation hurt or hurt it it'll help someone beating up on that. But it delete it that you can open till eight it. Oh my wanna make it by now don't get myself attracted a lot of called. Leo yeah. A lot of I'm just you've been saying it independently. And she's now that Andy calling the people I actually part of what we can't. Well. I worked out well clear you wouldn't let it. Forty I see you. Believe that they gave them occasionally united and an attitude that oh maybe. Yeah I bet. Let the people going to games to get. An up and take a look at it. We're going to get into that. All the Mac stuff from last night and how that relates to everything local is gonna come up about 7:45. This morning after the beep like maybe 740 depending on how many calls we have so mark that down. Because will take many calls on that and we will address that entire situation I don't blown off right now. But as everything else BO Redick liked him at Notre Dame. But he's 5927. Years old and for his career on 248 attempts spread out over five seasons he's a trade 152 yards at that 3.4 yards per attempt average. So I don't really know if that someone that's going to be able to come in and help. But at this point the pickings are slim. It is stow it. In in here's a thing were quick we look at my views we're NC Natal Roman all of them rove and Coleman off until I mean didn't really know chain alleviate Nick Hardwick a rookie year. Think about LT still 1413. Hundred yards it didn't matter when you have a bet if that's good you could have averaged guys. If he can make the average guys look great LaDainian did that I really believe lady on bill does that for the. Good stuff all right Jimmy drop below how would you grade his performance some people feel the numbers are a bit skewed. Eddie played better than the box score indicates others feel that was a disaster. Where do you resides triple 89579570. Tripoli 8957970. That's coming up next it's Jolo against your 9570. She means she can niners came up short against the vikings yesterday. And we re into the game. You re right here's here's the Boeing did city. And coach Steve. It breaks down McCain what. Goler Jim brings this. The game. Sure lol when did this continues. On monster Monday's. What you fight oaks card club FH daily Chevrolet and Benjamin Moore pigs. And rob. Monster London don't look under the bed of grave digger I don't know it follow us. Hossa on twos very good does that add to Augusta or just Boston I think this. But the money's got brought to you by a monster Monday and guess what caught here I'd get behind that. One consecutive hour of commercial free art for you being in tune in in touch listening audience because we love yet because this. This is going to be an intense hour. Just a moment we'll figure called you wanna jump in how would you grade Jimmy rob Lowe's performance from yesterday and numbers triple 895795. Cent and the reason we ask. Ask that box scores can be deceived. There were some plays that are charged to grapple yesterday is incomplete or is interceptions. Plays in which he didn't necessarily make the mistake and it bore. Ray and an improper route. In a scenario that cost problem and an exception never some drops this isn't to make excuses for this is the highlight that. You do need to watch the game in order to have a proper valuation on the other hand. There are some that thought it was an outright terrible performance despite all the Hispanics so how would you grade. Half Tripoli 9579578. B flight at 730. And then a question for all of you at 745 what do worst day yesterday grapple. Or Jon Gruden. The reason I ask that. Is a real Mac and I'm just gonna give you this stat for now we're gonna jump into the niners discussion. In the first half of last night's game it's remain Packers game which he didn't even start a little Mac recorded a sack and interception. A touchdown. Forced fumble and a fumble recovery. That was the first app I was thirty minute that was just a handful of snaps First Lady do that since 1982. We actually don't know what that's every been done before they just started tracking sacks in 1982. The only thing that would leave you with is this there are four teams still left to play Detroit in the jets the raiders in the rain it's. And Mac place for the bears which leaves 27 other teams in the National Football League got to play the game. Six team had not recorded what colonial Mac recorded in the first half. Between the sack Li ion T the forced fumble and fumble recovery as wells the touchdown there some offense is they didn't do that. Through the entire game Tennessee Miami New Orleans the giants the Eagles. The Steelers the chargers the Seahawks the ravens the bills the cowboys the Packers the cardinals the niners the Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers. Sixteen of the remaining 2017 National Football League. Do not have each of those stats. In their box were just yet that's 59%. The national and he did that in the first half asleep that in thirty minutes and he didn't start again so I just want everyone that kinda. Keep that in mind not a great look. Win his first performance out there. Is one that is 48 it's more of that later triple 8957 advice any phone lines are already lit how would you grade Jimmy grapples performance from yesterday. You is where we're obviously is the person we should start with sixteen years in National Football League you've played the breezy played with Philip Rivers. You played with Joseph Flacco you put Achilles Smith. Steve naming their number not even arrow and well how would you grade O Jim Everett as well GO. I look at Jimmy G and I thought that Jimmy G. And yesterday he looked human he didn't look like Superman without the cape. He looked like a mere human in you saw yesterday Jimmy gee that's a bad decision make. I thought Jimmy gee didn't get any help by necessarily is off until line at times. And instead of just say animal lived to fight another day he forced the ball into double triple coverage at times. At times he should just took a second set of dawn to pick six. Even though receivers red route route you know you were dictated owning but he sometimes you gotta say. It's too much pressure he solving offensive guard to tackle both mr. blocks and gave a look out bought in he still let the ball go that particular time you just fall of ground. Live defied him another day lineup snapped the ball again stages though the pick six candidate. Jimmy. Rattled at times sporadic at times because of the pressure was in his in his face in the when he gets a good defense so. In my opinion Jimmy. Good throws he look you know he looked well he looked good on some plays but you disarm yesterday look a little uncomfortable in the in the pocket how would you grade him. I can be number scale a letter skill but if you were to assign a raid to his performance yesterday how would you would you react I didn't like 40% for two missing you have to three REI t.'s U. And went to pick sixty you can give the guy BC's weekend in the past and you must fail. I've saga okay failing grade did how would you grade garage. As a three interceptions a three interceptions and your job as quarterback is to keep the mullet and lead the team down and score not to turnover and even though. Board ran the wrong route lows right. That you would have been better off to just swallow that. And live to fight another day and then you look at fifteen for 33. And you realize there were drops and there at the rose passes that that he missed on so. I saw a deep loss and I think ultimately. When you look at the stats and you look at the tape as well that's about where it should be. I give the seat but more specifically I'd grade them just by using a name. Tony Romo is generally. I've bought what you Saul in the early part of the game they had they were pinned against the goal line on one of the first series. And he came out and it was recent bank had set it's that deep slant for about ten yards a pair ourselves who injured what appear to be is but Sheikh. On the planet came back Danica so I was like am I gonna get a but she injury on the first of its play the season man that's a pat on a booty but right away went and tested his high priced wide receiver who didn't have the opportunity to work with last year. There are is a lot to light. But given the circumstances. I'm not sure when I was expecting what quarterback goes in there yesterday and plays to an eight year B level Tom Brady probably. Aaron Rodgers most definitely the guy didn't last that on a bomb freak and we'll. Put together an incendiary performance Drew Brees perhaps but we've seen quarterbacks. Go into Minnesota before and get embarrassed I mean last year I think Minnesota only lost one game at home. Lot of crowd noise fantastic defense so given the situation. What you expect plenty of mistakes sore but that touchdown pass to Donte' pettis. How do you feel a guy in Minnesota against the vikings given the weapons he's got when he makes a play like that that was Tony Romo. See so many people at the point where they wanted to compare him to Brady. Without him actually doing anything Brady asking except looking good and coming out of the tunnel with a helmet off and you having studied under Brady but yes Dassault Tony rubble I saw a guy in the pocket who when it collapsed spun out kept his feet. He's got that short compact throwing motion he threw those that kind of the back Donte' palace to mitigate. Torched it'll make a play. It marks he's gonna win don't get her offered Boris don't probable ball there's a scenario where you lose by eight there's a chance they win that game not coming in today saying you fail. Now does that mean he gets past me plenty mistakes that pick sixes on board. He should have thrown the ball you're right well but. I wouldn't go so far too human I I saw Tony Romo yesterday Tony Romo has had some brilliant plays in his career. And Tony Romo has had plenty of guts Tony Romo is probably one of the three most underrated quarterbacks the last twenty years as everyone points the defense. Or everyone points to his playoff records as we never did you think and they all look back to the Seattle mishap when he fumbled a snap get over it. His career numbers. Big guy plays with Jason Garrett as a head coach Mike Garrett doesn't know what he's doing he engineered eight points yesterday. He's just there because the owner has a hobby and the hobbies controlling football team so. I'd still probably CC might I wouldn't be as as critical but I can see why everyone is because there were a lot of mistakes in a lot of plays left on the field. I think did it I think the guy can play I'm not I just think that yesterday. You are the face of the franchise. You have opportunity to say OK look I can't go to ball in triple coverage ball in the middle infield though and in the don't double triple god you can't you just can't do you just gotta. He got it takes act. You got the ball away there's certain things you gotta do this just as a quarterback to do is say he saw Aaron Rodgers at times even and we got a potential ground. The one at a bounce. Did that get don't just get it out of bounds and lived to fight another day he saw Roger do you see Brady do even if they have to get the loss of down as she can't turn the ball over. That's when you're born into a hostile environment your plan on the road in a place like you said Minnesota. That's clerk if you're got to play perfect to play Smart. That's the difference that's why the great skill for music because if he doesn't dolby interception. If he also bought a balance of my gut he do that abounds he did make a rookie mistake he distant dornin a double triple coverage he lived to fight another day if he does those things. To get BC whatever because in effect he did take care of the ball when you don't take care of the ball my friend it's hard to win a national globally. Props amber and well thank you for the phone call how would you grade the quarterback's performance yesterday. What what do you rate your hurt you're thirty you know former don't bring a sense. You look like borrowers yes in it would probably work is looking to. You like where are ready. I mean it is they've done that are critical fire arms well as. Yet for what Ford really. Out there you are looking there is is that about the recall. Captioning. Made it out that we buy are. What it. That being there. Are we want why aren't. There. And Della oh well. While it well orbit is double that. In the court I. Like you up at a bottom. All of our all but don't let them let them all UK about both years that. Well by eight points. And when it. Now. Oh Warner played great what. I liked it better all to go. Out and out Bob Barker played well well well. You've got to. You can say they're being called in the area is that where you're at it you know Google app and we cannot both at. We'll build it while you were off by what. You can't walk. The rate they're they're great commitment while import. Appreciate the phone call Robert keep siren through here David in San Jose David thank you for the phone call fire away. Then I appreciate it man just so what are they good morning bogey out there already and but I look at data from what I have employ. I want a tribal up a lot of all I'm not a threat that they Uga Uga quarterback now. So but it Iguodala the last guy out there to say that too many a lot of money. And the recession and inexcusable when you go to Minnesota. They remind me get a purple people leaders. You know Odeh a lot it it's great it to recreate it in pressure including the momentum Syria and all that. But on the status and respect and the call. Go low weight too much money. True pro we want reform it don't look like bad and yet he might have been the reader they are again another guy ran along well I'm hearing that a lot mourn and let out. You know they're still in recession and you know we took a doubt ever Saturday. But they get a local. Appreciate that phone call Sylvester shields Merck. So that's it thanks for the phone call what's going on. There are guys. I mean I mean you know he either you are not a parent. Armor interpret it is critical are there when and how what a what he went back here. And I did pretty good merit but those guys but don't say I know where we want to let them that route well in a political one armed. It would make a little cup matches. I mean that they're able to change what I don't you know what it already dark Tokyo are. Although ball. If you don't attempt though. I think what it right there it wouldn't be patient there and we're gonna need you. Appreciate the phone call now. The rest of the lines are lit up if you're on a holding you hang for a few minutes we will come back to you the numbers AAA. 9579570. But because it's Monday at 730. You know how we're gonna do it. A life that. That really gives you a lot. It's. Here yeah. Ideas presented by Harris ranch legendary beast. Legendary quality available throughout the Bay Area at Israelis and Nob Hill foods caller. Numero Luna. My beat. It would people who do not know how to walk. They're crowded area but several good career game I got the knock joke with some beautiful about you know geez you know beer and we're walk gators are incredibly crowded area during the person right in front of me. We're just stopped heard round the world put up her group they will look good or what are profit in the middle of a crowded area. Cabrera Oliver Mike certainly not countries all over my parents. But you won't buy dot. We'll bring people Florida how to walk who crowded area. A growling uptick. You don't hear a lot of those joke. An impressive guy spills nacho cheese all over himself and it's someone else's ball by it I don't know what do you do caller number two. Here we go with that immediate hit it all right so he can. Doing a lot by eighth it was all fallen bodies dumped outside what do you think you know through. A pick six and got the ball out of the game. Nobody can help you through an energy that can. Yeah interceptions are bad IIQ you never beat with a stick to your quarterback throws three it's a triple Decker burger. Caller number three. I don't know. General. Like you're sorry Kev got here or chargers. While you predicted that those guys are good habit that is typical of the room. The Bill Bennett. Put that secondary because they're both quote the market you're seeing yet. Threw a pick and Billy Liggett and move ever came vote it would indicate. I was euros that she's there and apologies it's peculiar hater. Few points and dissect their Philip Rivers 3451424. Yards three touchdowns one interception. I'd say Philip Rivers wasn't the problem yesterday he watched Travis Benjamin dropped two touchdowns that you might drop watching Mike Williams dropped another. Rivers was the farthest from the charges concerns now. I should've known better when that prediction because the chargers horror yesterday. Cool they have been. For two decades mistakes on special teams. Penalties in crucial spots drops in big situations. Mistake after mistake after mistake one of the least disciplined teams in football so I want absolutely own it. On the charger pitch but rivers was a piece that's of the chiefs. Watch out because that team has speed. War gays I have never seen anything like that in the NFL I love how Andy Reid has dialed it up for these guys with Kareem hunt. Anti retail I don't know what defense in the NFL's going to be able to slow down. They've got something cooking in my homes can make the jump in year one that. But she's can do with the chiefs to wonder Andy Reid didn't get all the way to the playoffs and then they can immediately lose at home. Next up. I'd be it remark. Part I know there are both involve you I try to break back even though work well our legs apart. Despite getting rid of all I. As big victory but it caught me right now while propagate toward the bigger not really do now walked yeah broke throwing. Sloppy as well third average. But it would blow blow blow. The ball both side are being built no. He misses the old low selling old Coke and New Coke or something like to have sold well. Please explain and I think instant beefed if somebody just walking across an old time feel real fast just let it rip. What's next. I just did strike inaction on the bright green jacket. There's no contest and yeah then and midnight contest between the right just people don't want my child plus there are more as an amateur writer in read that Wi-Fi and the lighter moloch. And I'm I think your demographic give men so we giving these actions throughout elderly and the plan that we have a clump on the block. And we giving the nation together after a couple of valid on the lake and cemetery Olympian and I'll keep supply age. The courage I H and knockout stage and right. Hot hot hot crap up. Great news part of our baseline sponsorship deal would Harris ranch includes gift certificates to give away for the best beef of the month each month we will give a 100 dollar Harris ranch beef is that having it. Available at your local rail lees Bel air and Nob Hill foods raider fan did you see something you'll like or don't like tonight that you want to weigh in on. We don't end up getting to your call tomorrow it is on the beef line 4154038588. At 41540385. 88 as calls every Monday and Friday at 730 best of the best Wednesday 100 dollar gift certificate. Jerry Rice gained 24 minutes at. 8 o'clock but back to the phones. Minnesota San Francisco is the topic your final score in week one the vikings 24. Niners sixteen how would you grade the quarterback's performance AAA. 9579570. Donte' in San Francisco. Actually we'll go to him a little bit later because he's on something else RJ in Napa RJ and apple what's going on. I mourned I bet thank Jimmy. I'm more specifically want to talk about Khalil Mac and exactly apply. You don't pay him 29. Dollars. Because what he's really. That is rushing the quarterback EE showed that again quite possibly the most dominating deepened the apple applied ever in my life. And what happened in the back have to figure out how to get the ball away and get the ball up quite. And clearly basically disappeared in the second half and get what the bears a lot what did you get that 29 dollars bank. You know I don't hang up is still there. RJ still there. Any Don well that's what happens when you miss a valuing it something in your basically just throwing so explain something to me I am. The Packers scored zero points in the first half of that game at home. And because colonial Mac didn't have a historic happen the second half when he did at the first he was the one responsible I mean that anyone who watched the play call. What you saw last night was. An individual and Matt. Maggie to head coach of the bears who clearly has worked under Andy Reid for a decade. Maggie was with Andy Reid in Philadelphia he was quality control assisting and he was an intern he worked his way up to coordinator. With the chiefs and many took the job with the bears he did what Andy does in those situations he gets a huge lead and then he keeps throwing the football. He lets the other team back in the game. Any panics and starts running to the wrong moment this was chiefs colts all over again if you remember that playoff game Reid got up 3040 points in that game. And he kept throwing in the third when Andrew Luck bottom all the way back he said the and we just around the clock but at that point it was too late the colts authority come back you need to make place. As the head coach that team you've got to understand your situation. For wrote to set up the lead at run to end the game and that's not what the bears were doing and late mad game they had an opportunity. To put it away. They had a decision to make on third and short and fourth in short what they should be thinking there is what do we want to do. Do we want to put our defense up against Aaron Rodgers who has been lights out and is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time are we do we just wanna win it right here. We played scared they try to throw the ball initiative just pounded it twice. And if they don't get it fine you still got three point lead Roger is gonna come down the feeling gets you one way or another. So the decision making on behalf of the head coach this flaw is game Clinton's second half was flawed. They had a quarterback and Mitchell should this. Big kid at. Is really impressive when he's working with the first fifteen place when he knows exactly what fifteen plays are gonna happen but the second they went off script last night. That entire game plan fell apart to put that game on Mac makes virtually no sense whatsoever. I you're actually right put the gore put the game and quarterback the guy was unto. He could hit the side of the barn I mean. He had real wide open receivers he has no touch and hopefully you know he's a rookie second year players so hopefully we'll come all come around. A tea right now you can't put the game on Mackie put that on the quarterback without a doubt. If the bears could go back in time if they have to Tom Watson at game's not even close last night they get ran out of there they lose by one. I don't care Aaron Rodgers or not Aaron Rodgers if they had Tom Watson last night that's a gained a bad game maybe. It's it's 35 to twenty. That's what would happened last night you had a quarterback a service of cornerback Ellis horrible in your actually right Joseph. The head coach the worst play the game he didn't go forward on fourth down in wind. In go ahead now you gates' three minutes left or mid two minutes let you go forward on fourth and one who cares because the touchdown was gonna beat you field goal you would it tied and went to overtime. Freaking go forward don't give and Rogers that type of time you're on the fifteen yard line why you get a kick a field Golden Globe by six that's the bet worse. Call of the day you freaking go for it. Burn out and run out the clock. All you need to get their first down. And we should don't give Aaron Rodgers a chance to go down like that they give the guy will kick a field goal and go by six to give Aaron Rodgers do minutes. Have fun trying to stop that. Either make it it's so he has to do what he does which is score touchdowns and and he's gonna score a touchdown anyway even if you go up by three if you try to go for the touchdown and you fail he's not gonna come down and settle for the tie the way he runs in the way their offense has gone. Mike you Fremont bank's for the phone call how would you grade drop Lowe's performance from yesterday. More of them early yellow wanna I wanna give gore upload incomplete musical William White. Always feel the golden goes so far so good discipline this way. It got pushed in the matter and got pushed them out hard one or degrading him. Oh. Upcoming game against the lion that then we can start to really evaluate what we have dvd and anybody that doggone did you right now. Look Paula Cramer last year in the digital game 113. Yard and to peak going into that. You can look and then they'll do you buy from them because you know you can't collect on this tour and when you later than night. Good luck with Ndamukong Suh acute goalie MRC's Pierre or I'm out. Nice trip to Atlanta area football crime on crime there on the I think there's two conversations if you gonna grade him overall vs grade him on the game I get the point wait until Detroit to see what happens they're more favorable atmosphere and then take the two stories together. And form an opinion but if we're just looking at yesterday's game you do have to understand that. Now that you're making 137 point five million dollars the scrutiny increases the rookie deal. Is one thing the rookie deals a nice security blanket the rookie year is even greater security blanket. But again you can use the Chicago reference to miss you as a rookie is one thing to misty in year two blowing that game late. That's different the Buffalo Bills yesterday couldn't do anything with Nathan Peter minute quarterback Tyrod Taylor for the Cleveland Browns was absolutely awful. From a throwing perspective so was Ben Roethlisberger. Certain guys will get passes. Sam Arnold tonight against Detroit if he struggles is anyone gonna be too critical sand Arnold not. He's the youngest quarterback in NFL history to make a start that's how tonight's gonna play out but. Derek Karr notice this happening. Had a big season got the big contract. The pressure intensifies that's what's gonna happen now drop below the one interception that was board's fault born admitted it after the game the other two you did have the ball late with a chance to drive down the field. You got picked not you also had that held the play out we drop the dime to Donte' pettis in the back of the end zone he showed some flashes find me. Elisa quarterbacks that's gonna go in the Minnesota in that situation part of a monster game all weight because it's a short list again. You want one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league so scrutiny will be increased it. Will be and I think you mean he's going to be fine I do think that Jimmy gee is a good quarterback I don't think he's a great quarterback yet but he's a good quarterback he knows when to go with the ball in yesterday he was trying to do too much at times to force the ball in. We should at times he threw the ball when he shipment just lived and that lived applied on another day. Take the sack. Go ahead all the ball out of bounds lost to down do certain things at least you control. Your destiny meaning if your planning gets a team that did we knew Minnesota's defense is great we'd understood what your plan you can't help won't you can't make give him a short field by eternal little ball you you punt the ball in loss of down you punt the ball at least to give each defense a chance of Jimmy. I love what you talked about. I'm right in the first first half they got pinned down deep. Boom quick passes get the ball is hit some underneath routes to kill can have 943 or four catches. On that particular drive missed direction moving the pocket in they had the defense is running two different don't. I like when they go up temple like that when you have a lot of guys a little mid stretch and pull in one way the dragged back side you song just deacon Duncan. It's nothing wrong with that sometimes teams don't want to be patient take 456. Short stick with the decent defense gave you. And methodically go down the field sometimes teams want to take those shots. Forced the ball and I thought I saw a little bit of that from The Sims is a 49 ingested it forcing a ball bats timing in it in the costs in this team they have. It's and chances to that they had they got away from until had a ball that he should had a on the sideline wide open that channel the fullback colleges Jack who had one of the bigger plays in the pass game. Re got freed on the sidelines and got Oscar Anthony's. Death is very consistent now think Italy. Find a way to improve the running game that would help Jimmy in game two to get a little bit more confidence of the passing attack because Minnesota. Knew that you just in their ears backing get after him because there wasn't much of a threat from the running game. A game like this against an opponent like the vikings offers. Very little margin for error when the niners you are not in evenly matched team with Minnesota a lot of people like to believe that but your defense is inferior. Offense is inferior special teams is up and yet. That's not a situation that you're gonna go on the road in that environment. You have a very small margin for error if you wanna find a way to win that game. Solomon Thomas jumping off sides at the end of the game can't happen. That's fourth down. Everybody on planet earth watching that play knew with the vikings were doing simply trying to draw you off sides. And they gave you gave it away with a towel they went with the hard count nobody moved cousins back the way everyone knew he just needed to wait that out they'd burn a timeout. Thomas had a mental lapse. Which is a bit bizarre because he only played about 35 snaps yesterday so while Richard Germans out there playing 71 a 71 snaps. For a top three pick from last year young in shape all that only playing 35 and having that mental lapse. That's a mistake. Torched it with the drops a mistake. Tell Witherspoon getting absolutely dusted by digs on the left side of the field get your hand at some point either got to turn your hand up. It's nice right on his hit but it doesn't matter when 830 million dollar your quarterback Kirk cousins drops a dime these are all things that add up throughout the course of the game. Alfred Morris gets two runs in a row on the goal line fumbles both lose the second. Question. Why is the guy who was on waivers two weeks ago now all of a sudden the goal line back I'd get that you trust him but the quarterback making a 137 point five should probably be the guy tasked with trying to get you went so you have some coaching mishaps some defense of mishaps some offensive mishaps it all adds up. It all adds up to an eight point defeat which at the end of the day was pretty much the most predictable result on the board yesterday outside of Baltimore buffalo. Mean what did people think was going to happen yesterday. You didn't see a whole lot of people picking the niners to a nagging in fact in the out west gate Super Bowl our super contest which is a handicap herb. Event where you pick spy games 15100 dollar entry fee you pick five games against spread every week and the second most popular pick this week was the Mike X. My links six and a half. It's not to say the diner should have won the game and a drop below wasn't terrible because he was shaky but. What you saw yesterday it was pretty much what everyone thought going in so did give yourself a complete 180 change of opinion all those sixty minutes. Why did you think they were gonna hang forty in Minnesota nobody the vikings we're gonna struggle. I think did I thought that Jimmy gee would look better and that's so low as point about some throws and a double coverage and some euros he probably should know made. And three interceptions I didn't anticipate that he would throw three interceptions and additionally to cal Shanahan. I didn't think that the red zone problems would be as bad as they were Lester I thought they would be. Incrementally better to the extent of maybe you'd see a little bit more creativity and perhaps they score a touchdown. Inside the five yard line you mentioned more as with the fumble. I don't know what else they do do you go to Iraq he most hurt to carry the ball he didn't carry it once yesterday and breed is your smaller backs I don't know. From the a running standpoint. Their options are inside the five yard line who is the quarterback's supposed to get the ball to. Just give me a couple of examples of receivers running free for should always. Give me an example of five and 62 windows that he had in the pocket to make plays yesterday Elway. Give me examples of plays where they were running the ball so consistently. That it forced the defense up to defend the run. And then the niners were able to do with this offense is built to do go play action and throw the ball on the field how often they go play action to even have the time to go play action. They had a rookie right tackle playing guard in the second half. Right no better than Runyan FC right there there's things that you can do you line up two by two and you say OK you get the bunch and are we gonna do he put it away at the point on the on the good. Can let the point when you got that triangle set a name you say you you push up in nine have guys underneath run and across and you sit down. Three to five yards and sit down. Indeed make those Jake you take care than you could guys two guys run different cross and up you know they don't play off demanding that tell the guy just turnaround sit down. There's different things that you need to do when you know you're offered to line can't hold up in you can have your quarterback get to that seven step in drop in five sets. You have to make sure you consistently get the ball that he had and that's what Jimmy gee does wells get the ball up and I don't need to be fast the beat guys. I need to be precise and are running nine to make sure. It worth my pick. When you've got guys close in their right to pick most of the times it there's an OK after depicting Pasteur plant off but they know the picks come in as defenders so once they start saying in off the now boom you sit down five yards you push it thank you on day and he sit down. Bam the bonnies get a hand Mike you talked about the three step drop bank. Boom boom boom key moving the ball down a feel at times I saw the niners did earlier summon a misdirection some of the drags. I need to deceit. Cal Shanahan and move the pocket more when you're sitting there would Jimmy Jean you understand often to line his. A sin and getting beat up the special on the right side of the ball what do you do you do it turned a protection that way you do more boots. Move the pocket to the right to left side. And now you give them a different line jingle bowl a ball you have deep over routes underneath drag routes and I have a tumors. You have to route one's high over and want to shallow cross so you understand that you run into zones and you get that and now we have someone won't vertical to keep a safety honest. So now you can have the safety come dollar Robbins rivaled some of those vertical so. I thought the cal Shanahan especially when his line got beat up. Should remove the pocket more would Jimmy G because that's six and seven step drop joked he didn't have the time he did have the time at all because I was walking up the Mike can they get in now he had 101 protection in the offensive line really really led Jimmy G down and forced them to go some bad balls and that's what I was disappointing Jimmy G. Because they force him to go bad bad bad passes is as simple on the ball away. Obama lived to fight another day punt the ball and pay the field position game and I think you could possibly even had a different al-Qaeda. I mean in San Pablo I mean thanks for the phone call the floor is yours. Morning guys. Any arms so I got a great game that you did great I'm a lot more to all people at a rate among the jobs that we had. I'm not a lie did an injured or what you'd Twain. Are we there yet never played before we get ready to me 0800. And that there are great and he won it all change no I mean it's like. It puts more pressure when you can from behind it put more pressure when you're only all reach our fumble. I mean yeah you are trying to force the ball and that's being evenly. On the. Did you notice and soccer at the order to Nancy treatment it's okay right but it but it Bender makes one or Spain. Any score it's gotten so big on that because it is that it did against McCain pregnant bought it at quarterback but what are we got what they. Notably drop off at least on our part it is not that big. But at quarterback interception toward national I got a great big I know what I all of our Allah -- off. Didn't win in Minnesota we would all like eight point we were in a game they armed when that he held Detroit to that wouldn't lead but I'd like albeit do you people are. But I don't hold the effort on. Caught them Bryant will look what what do we do not that. Did better than he that the rent well. I okay batter out anyone want to sign Dez Bryant say it's a reasonable deal let's assume it's not gonna cost much because the reality is it's not. Would you go Od did you make the call on that yes absolutely and that you mentioned that he doesn't do the job of separating you and your right at this point in his career but I think that what I may send resonates with me in that he's a big red zone target and right now. From the red zone standpoint. I don't know what your best foot forward it would be it's not running the ball and Alfred Morris and you have minimal capacity inside. The ten yard line the five yard line so if Dez Bryant can be a red zone target at the very least an absolutely Ramon. Amber and Dez Bryant in for a couple reasons one you got to realize you don't have to give him a big contract. He's a veteran player he wasn't on the roster and opening day so you can cutting any time you want it so you're gonna have control. He's not gonna be out of control because he has no control he has a long term future. You can look at this guy you understand even if you say it's a rule it's a it's a better that are middlemen is a million as well known 950000. Bucks. Only 450. Goals against your salary cap the other 600 other 550. Doesn't go get your cap. That's what the NFL did to make sure that you can keep veteran players in the leaked. So it gives a net tax break he gives them that gives them a buffer would only paying for a fifteen against their salary cap so it's not a big hit. Especially the niners thirty some million under the cap. And now he Dez Bryant is going to be a choir boy because he wants to still play after this year. So yes he's gonna work hard he's gonna be involved in special you've got Kindle you gotta look at the guys it's been hurt. You look at mark sees good one bit hurt. Now you look at Pierre Burris on his butt hurts so you've got situation. In my opinion beat you bring in Dez Bryant. Because he's gonna be hungry he's going to be motivated in you don't have to put a lot of money into Dez Bryant I think it's and I think it's definitely worth kicking the tires. I don't trust them. I don't trust them I mean what about his attitude would make you think he was that this culture right now as an upset his fans wanna be about the Minnesota game. This is a good locker room culture. You've got good leaders and you don't hear about infighting you don't hear guys. Saying anything other than the company line it seems to be good environment at this guy has never been a team guy in his life that goes all the way back Oklahoma State Jarrett led him got to get away with a lot of stuff there I there's reports that he would policy could meetings miss certain things we get that. Do you think for 12 John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan will let them do that. He could go and yell and do all those different things in Dallas. Do you think for 12 would Richard Sherman in a way this team is structured in Utah about a good luck when you're absolutely right it's a good locker room. Guess Bryant. If he he did that in Dallas he had a 67 million dollar deal forty some million dollar deal so it was like OK I if you want I got my money. Here he has no guarantee. He can be cut any day if peace if he goes one outbreak on the sideline you could cut him the next day. He's gonna come and he doesn't all the plays he's got me motivated to learn the plays he's going put an extra time. He wants to play another 23 years. If he doesn't get picked up and he doesn't fall in line what pat. And if he gets cut here what does that what does the league gonna say. You could make that would jolly to ex player you could make what cal Shanahan who had a bunch of player if you can't make it now what happens if they cut him after that. He might not ever get a job at a National Football League and he may be really done. We are we talked about a separation he showed that he can't separate you more Marty said he's not necessarily Great Britain red zone guy right now. He wants to go prove all as critical role in this guy's been working hard I think you take that chance doesn't cautioning them. Why didn't silent Baltimore. Let all the stuff you're saying is right all that you're saying very everyone's saying he's gonna be on good behavior because he's gonna wanna prove something once again another contract I do not agree with that. So why did you signed the ravens when they need to offer you could've done the same thing there Super Bowl winning quarterback good head coach John. Cleveland didn't even offer regular Tina doesn't even wind doesn't offer you why should you organizations say yes that's not there's some things here that isn't out. There's something here that everyone doesn't know and that's where the hole when there's smoke there's fire but if Dez Bryant had something to offer if Dez Bryant was a good locker room guy. I'm under the impression he would have a job. Would consider that but here's opera decided did you go look at a guy who's in Baltimore Michael Crabtree this guy. Did you never seen Dez Bryant's a chicken at a game I'm not even gonna play Crabtree. Absolutely quit on their car. Didn't want to play cinema and gone and again. And I'm not so when you have a guy I liked act do betting in we understood what grew and I understand why grew and got it got a minute. But you don't see that in Baltimore because he was a big making good when he left San Francisco. It was a boat he Crabtree ease this heading other for the first three years he was and all of us do it right or for the raiders since this is indoors everyday work are we love the guy. In then he got complacent because it became about him being able to do what he wants to do it he felt that he was in that situation and you saw what happened. I think Dez Bryant is the same type of individual but he Dez Bryant has less have been broke the hate himself because of the fact he doesn't guide to guarantee money. He sort of counted be only one year deal but the bare minimum I think did see of Paul or not. I think he's got no rope A in fact I don't think there's not a robe on any team egos do no matter where he goes to either show productivity. The good citizen nor his career is over. I think that's situation is looking at why would Jacksonville signed. Jackson is that nobody Jackson got money and they've got nobody at wide receiver everybody's hurt. Every day the only guys they had were lost in the crease he's so like. Based on logic Tom Coughlin Doug Brown. I've veteran defense. In the AFC championship game last year. The locker room culture by all accounts. Why wouldn't they have side. I mean that's literally the perfect fit entity that has no receivers can anyone name the top wide receiver in Jacksonville. Alan and Alan interns he's not there. And Alan Robinson a million Iraq in Chicago so they go I guess I can't a couple of why would why would they give to millions as bride. Yeah and think it's a very interesting question I've I do believe that he beside then next two weeks within the next week yourself. NFL hall of Famer three time Super Bowl champion and thirteen time pro bowler he knows a thing or two about catching passes Jerry Rice joining us here on 957. Game. Gerri good morning will bring your right into the conversation. Dire struggle a little bit at Minnesota yesterday and people are thinking may be the offense could use some more weapons may be Dez Bryant being available the type a guy that can help. I you've seen guys playing you know the position better than anyone could he help this team. I think he could get the team at the veteran with.