JLD - 9/10/18 - Hour 1 - NFL Sunday Recap

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a full recap of all the action from NFL Sunday including the 49ers loss to the Vikings. 

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Happy Monday and good morning welcome to Jolo and it 0957. They gave Jerry Rice will join the program in 2 hours at 8 o'clock sharp. The beef line makes its return at 730. I would imagine. And I'm going out on a limb here but I would imagine that we had aids. Certain number of beef line calls. And then these first thirty minutes of the bears Packers game completed. And we. Maybe took one or two more calls. And I think you all know what I'm talking about what happened the beginning and had gained still time to get down if you'd like. 4154038588. That number again 41540385. 88 best calls 730 every Monday and Friday best the best. 100 dollar gift certificate courtesy of our friends at Harris ranch. We dispel but the pleasantries we began witness. It. Absolute diamond. From Kirk cousins this the findings which helped pave the way freight 24 to sixteen Minnesota victory. Already San Francisco 49ers the first loss of the Jimmy drop below error shut out fox for the audio there. Final score had a within one losing by eight. Box score had a tight. Bottom line. Yardage was close. Turnover differential not so much sack differential exactly the same or we are all send Doug Lowe that I do is begin the season 011. Let's begin this segment. Not with over reactions not crazy hot cakes but just a general sense of what you took away from yesterday's sixty minutes in Minnesota. I thought a team you saw one on the road to mean played. OK. Jimmy G you asked them to do too much. There was a bunch of line breakdown. And with that being said the and I'm not haven't time. Jimmy became rattled and certain situations forcing the ball to the middle of the field force and in the double and triple coverage at times. The guys still continued to fire the ball but when you don't have a consistent running game in when your quarterback doesn't have time and he couldn't step up in the pocket. You're doing and you're not gonna have success and that's what I took away but on positive side. I thought Buckner show that he can play anywhere the guys at peace he's hard to block he took on double teams. But they got to get this right satellite pics and getting it fixed inner. Native and we're gonna get all of that throughout the course of the program we got the injury breakdowns. We've got the pros the cons the winners the losers everything you need to know about that game as we get set for week two next week against Detroit as well as tonight's game. At the coliseum between the raiders. And the rams that's coming up later as well Rob Lowe finishes the game fifteen of 33 to 261 yards a touchdown and three interceptions. This is an interesting game to grade I'm gonna open up the phones at some point today AAA nine times 79 if I said he'd he'd like to weigh in. Box score points to a poor performance. A lot of the eye test points to affirm or performance how would you grade your knee problem I. I would say it was a poor performance by his standards and and I think if you really give him a grade you would have to be. Deep plots because of the bottom line in the box score you see three interceptions and that is that's unacceptable and you look at the three interceptions and you see Kendrick born. Probably running the wrong route on one in the hot read it he goes the wrong way and that's unfortunate below right. He did force the ball. Then you look at other parts of the box score you look at the completion percentage and you realize. It's a drops they isn't taxable balls that they are unable to hook up on the long when the George Kindle. Which would have resulted maybe and a touchdown so you looked at the overall performance for mean and your frustrated because you know that there are opportunities there but. Ultimately lost to a good team in year on the Cincinnati. September 9 when he seventeen. Right so yesterday September 9 when he 181. Year to the deck. That the niners went to Minnesota and got beat. Fresno state you're alma mater was in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Getting rolled by the Crimson Tide 41 attack. Now coming off that team that was the story many had expected it to be. And looks like Emma. They scheduled a game early in the season against Fresno should've won it did when it. President goes on its merry way Emma goes on its business the following week president now has to travel to Washington. To take on one of the best teams on the western side of the country. They lose that game 4816. So people are giving Washington its due Alabama it's due ever kind of looks at Fresno and it's our right now you another one and two they had that incarnate would word game they played in week one. And who knows what to make it Jeff Stanford's return it's gonna take some time. And then win. Over Nevada win over San Jose state win over New Mexico win over San Diego State lost to UNLV. Pete Brigham young Hawaii Wyoming goes on and on Fresno had a remarkable season last year. But it you've bought they were gonna go to Tuscaloosa and compete with the tide you mystic. Because Jeff tied for days and gave coach because Fresno isn't good program sure but that Alabama that's the cream of the crop. This is not a team that matches up and that is what you saw yesterday. In Minnesota. Honestly is there any match up or any element to yesterday's game shut down that surprised. Minnesota was faster Minnesota was more physical Minnesota had more talent on the offensive side of the ball. And the defense side of the ball Minnesota took advantage of crowd noise Minnesota beat a lot of plays and this first class defects. When all's said and done. To lose that game by eight makes it look closer than it was because that game was not an eight point game based on how we sought lay out bots. I don't come away from the game feeling any better or any worse about the niners an idea going in. What we saw all was I think exactly what everyone expected in Vegas pretty much had it right on the night. Yeah I think the thing that makes me a little more disappoint him was one thing you mentioned already is the poison Jimmy G and he. He didn't look totally composed in the moment not that he snapped and receive that's not a big thing that. The throws he was making an on the defensive side of the ball their inability to tackle Dominique Kirk is very quick and very slippery. But I don't think he's that slippery there were times they just flat out did not tackle and including the one. Where Warner springs the ball out eventually. After seven guys admits so what you said is right the match of all favored Minnesota but those two areas there were there'll disappoint me. Yet it didn't surprise me it didn't surprise when they lose a game I you know we all you know pick Minnesota win and you know the points spread all at least in Minnesota is a better team but the biggest thing was my takeaways that would Jimmy Jean understood it that's it he's gonna butter and those ball thirty more times even keep this thing keep this game competitive. He did throw the ball there you know thirty and sometimes the biggest thing to me the biggest takeaways. When his decision making that interception the pick six. You got three guys on the right side of the line to skip walked through I mean made in the Texaco I was like look out. They just came to elect a sit in you see the guard and the tackle watched him play they both look like. Look out Jimmie they're comic lookout block it look up what I'm still up but Jimmy at that time you eat at Joseph. You meet you live to fight another day and that to me you did it cracked one way or another crack either way instead he let the ball go its pick six the other way ala on the road. Told you guys come on yes unless we get sick if they turn this ball game over it Dickey turned and all the ball you're not gonna have a chance and they still had a chance in spite three interceptions three turnovers so I was kind of shocked when you look at just that. Here fact because Jimmy G certain situations he's got to know. I'm lived a five on another day amid take this act I met all the ball away I'm not going to give it an opportunity to meditate on either team to get the ball he did. Yesterday opera this without they're too on. Add look for Solomon Thomas Leighton acted real bad luck the vikings are clearly trying to induce you off sides to end the day. It's third and short fourth and short they're clearly trying to get you to jump to make an end game with the ball on their hands and they come out they do exactly what you'd expect they do the hard count. And then they do the reset the niners have with stood the storm may have gotten them to show other hand they now know that they're not actually trying to run apply. So cousins gets back under center he start barking and Thomas jumps. That's a problem now that is fatigue and that is a mental lapse and that is an individual might Jew I don't have the exact Cameron premiere right now. He'll only played 35 pence a snaps yesterday is she not in shape. Why is the former first round pick number three overall in the draft only getting 35 cents Richard shirk. Sherman exceeding played 71 of 71 defensive snaps yesterday at the age of thirty coming off an Achilles injury. Solomon Thomas played 35. In jumped offside on fourth down what everyone in the building knew the vikings were gonna run a play. Which gave Minnesota first down and effectively into the game that is really bad luck that's gonna get lost over by a lot of people today because there are so many other headlines. We're looking. Yes absolutely and that's one more he can do that you know you're you're paid big bucks you're you know you're highly sought after in the first round pick. And for you to sit there and only 35 plays I think this is one's gonna hurt and he's looking ahead and and those coaches aren't so you've got holy water on you gotta stay on side you're on the road you understand what's at stake in your jumping off sides this is inexcusable and this you know here's a young player though. Gotta be patient he sees some of the things that this this. Teams to want it show on inexperience youth is. We know what's that's reared its ugly head that they have to get better and Solomon can jump ball sized specially crucial situation. They didn't give his chances and opportunity for the offense to get the ball and have a chance to make this thing to I had talked at least a ball game. It could be a case of odd man out of there too because you're gonna have too many bodies and not in the spots and you know DeForest Buckner is not only. Legit as a starter but he's the probable time players south becomes an arms standard Thomas who's gonna really emerged as the future on the Andy lines buck ride to and have sex yesterday he was outstanding out or Armstead played a pretty solid game and I leaned on quite a bit. If you're the number three overall pick you have to be a starter Vince Wilfork used to play every step of the patriots are remembered being in the Indianapolis for bill Belichick's press or when he was talking eyes suitable arrival when he was talking about Wilfork all the things he does his eyes. Anyone on his and a lot of you realize Vince plays almost every defense snap. This is not a day major defensive tackles play every snap they shuffle and in an outing yet there it is mental for light paint the big money because he's out there on all three now. Said this you've got to look at arms or rule could dorm says guy that we post on Iran and the building here's a gut it took 34 years from the come into is also solid Tom C we know we saw him in college we love and now he's under achieving but Armstead look element to conduct spot found to come around to be a decent player. Quickly. When it comes to shout outs do you shut out the browns for yesterday. On our security don't know I absolutely no room because that's that's a game that they should have won but they didn't win in their quest. And for me to have to do the heinous thing of running his feet they need six and that one it got away and here's the stat of the day. The browns are plus five in takeaways. Since the browns return to the NFL teams with a turnover margin of plus five or better and game are 132. Wins. Four losses and one tie. The browns are responsible for the tie and two of the four loss. So doubt they don't get a shout out for an eye on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are we get a lot of injuries to sort through and a lot of news that's gonna make its way into the headlines the next few days in the gets at the Detroit Lions in week two who have not won. In San Francisco since 1975 it's Jolo and I'm not as I've said and get. Shill low and gives continues. On monster Monday. Proxy fight oaks card clubs FH daily Chevrolet. Benjamin Moore paint something. Welcome back Joseph Mullen did is 957 big game that go to Jerry Rice will join us at. 8 o'clock you're still looking to get down on the beach line at 73415. 4038588. We got to jump right in the contents there is it's Monday it's very exciting is like Obama hasn't made to the DeVon as we get appointment as I was. Very nice have beautiful weather and the sun was out fox anyway we did a great time that's an exercise. Will hiking. He joins in college football really enjoyed that Michigan State debacle and the night game as Arizona State. Old army just kept hanging around and I game they keep hanging around I believe he said so we went and this weekend big firms. I've got off the plane was coming and I got to the hotel industry in a war in the middle of the night was dreamed. All I never it never stop. Dating stuff for five minutes in I had I was outside the stadium buying for Aegon patrols and could again take umbrellas inside. I just was soaked in my feet was when I guess I'll get you a free free I will show you ahead now at 00 how what is. Two bedroom apartment all the nice furnished everything else. That's goes into armed into books and hotel little sucker didn't immediately you know they stay at the hotel with the team the night before. And what she had keys them that you could state your monopolies you may recommend when you think no. Go to had a little little. Our. Guys spend money how sick he did you do that you could statement via thanks buddy thanks to let me know. Kids like you are too high paying for that house anyway as I say that kind of also is already yours yeah yeah parent and a wig and a I don't know all I know one thing is abortion Fresno state they be put me down you seemed a Monty Adams I don't we tell us what they taught that it's this is supposed to be educated me a quick recap of your weekend it was I do well I would try and about your son's relationship did you. And this apartment they you may or may not be paying for that adding it to stay at how was the stair climb some are actually did something reciting this week. I actually I did well actually I was really proud of myself last sixteen minutes twelve seconds for the start crime that's an under yet congratulation. Yeah like that what was that senate I think what we it was unofficially put it some are on eighteen and I thought that he pretty quick to six is a very good numbers asks definitely finished early on balance overly happy about that date and but there aren't that. I think he came in around 23 minutes me. I'm Elaine Carlisle he was like the Basra pretty casual you're asking me here's a problem we saw in Newport happy way up into our defense to any. Would happy and they Bolton got to let him Ambon they both started running and then they just ran out of there that's hogwash they stop then they started drinking water to they had water periodically throughout the stared. So it's within any shortstop who when it goes to eager. Let me ask you something. Is it really winning between those two. When the whole thing takes an hour and a half and our itinerant and they're in sixteen minutes osu got away three men there is no winning. Sale 1980 Olympics. It's you know of America is not there or did you really win the US open with Serena Williams he's really when they lie. Chair umpire in that match up that's Osaka played great all weekend hated to have that don't like that term gas you know deserving winner again are ready too much on tennis is really just one drive by we don't need the full analysis but. Back to the I'd niner Minnesota game I think the first thing you you learn from what we saw in sixty minutes of Minnesota. Was it you don't have to speed the strength where the power to compete with the first year in the national football right or wrong. Because I don't think that's necessarily a negative. But now any of the expectations were through the roof. You spent sixty minutes on Sunday going up against what many feel is the best team in football you went into their building. And you home with a but I don't think there's a scenario where ten and attendees at the niners winning any of those game. They are still a year to weigh another trip through free agency another trip through the draft a little bit more experience of the younger guys away from stepping up. They weren't gonna win the running back battle. We're gonna win the wide receiver battle they weren't gonna wind up front they weren't gonna win in the trenches they were gonna win at linebacker or in the secondary. Sinned and hope that safety for Minnesota he was laying wood from start to finish the niners don't have stats on how many men don't have that. I am in the middle helmet rule or not doesn't matter like out. Shoulder I know you hate but he knows how to tackle he wasn't leading what is it he was dislodging guys from the ball it was so obvious catch is that guys would add though. Here he comes in there they were here in feet. He was touching until he was just an up and they do not want to catch that ball you're right the niners don't have a guy like that that pumps that closes in the Middle East. Absolutely he runs the middle of the feel you watch the way since they hold drives on the ball that's what a safety does he do this lodges guys from the ball he may still make a decision he's not playing off he's taken a chance he's got a driver an element. He looked absolutely amazing they were physical defense no question. I mean it's and Seau and Harrison Smith the U safeties Xavier Rhodes is one quorum blank and on the other quarterback is one of the nasty secondaries in the league. And then you look at their front four they were feasting all day long against this matter offensive line you can come away feeling bummed out that he lost any fans get a feel that way after a loss but the reality is situation is this doesn't Tennessee Miami this wasn't Baltimore getting the roll through buffalo this was an Indianapolis Cincinnati your first game of the season just so happen to come against the cream of the crop. You stepped up nicely in some spots but now you have a nice measuring stick. With which to judge yourself against the best teams in the league. Unfortunately then next test which comes this week and will be a hard one because he got beat up in that game so not only does Minnesota. The EU on the field because there are better team and you go to own one but. They beat you up I know there's an injured guys aren't getting into it and run down the litany avid but even the guys who are injured. Like close and you got kissed bison nail many times if your peers are Sonnen mark he's Goodman with the Claude who got. Nailed just trying to go in motion for crying out loud so you've come out of that. And at that game worse for the Wear. Omar's favorite Cisco Omar thank you for the phone call the floor is yours go ahead. I that it bad. The Obama later but I did note that bit about the bomb. You might. But well below edited. And they're like detonated that he spent a lot. You know that all. And it away you know way back gentlemen again vote. Updated but it didn't record it got a little out of or portrait you know I think I mean it. If at all the pretty private and don't cut back on past it totally different output more than you think you put that act call in and bring. A kid got a bad luck but really Matt but it didn't so that the air went out and watch them play. I mean I've seen disappointing day double break but I did what it and that wouldn't bat about it. I don't burden your third your bird Garnett back right pin wouldn't didn't get whipped it up at a it. That'd be two of you doubt that it's been a moment ago that Don it was written about it and bad in the third. Our guys don't be a critical hit in there and do another dime but they're not like I've day anyway right. But you know what what I a folk pop down play not bad but rob well it would be better weapons. You'll but I am a parent I just didn't really. And it. It is else they wouldn't play maker and make everything. Omar appreciate it we're up against did not trying to cut jobs rub against it we gotta get the Kyle Shanahan because there's an interesting point and that call Alfred Morris getting the touch is on the goal line. Agree or disagree that's coming up next Jolo and it's not about some of the game. Yeah. Jimmy G and the niners came up short against the vikings yesterday. And we re into the game. And we Brian Sears he's the ruling gives city. Cooler than brings this. Big team. Sure -- discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. Who's. The bank account black I'll try that Florida's sixty what is your final in Minnesota yesterday is the vikings get off to a one and no sarge Jimmy drop below suffering his first loss as the starting quarterback. In the national football but really showed Dolan did not revives them and we'll take your calls throughout AAA. Nine times 7957. Need to beef lines coming up in just under an hour at 730 I would imagine. There's some people who want to weigh in on what they saw take place and local field last night through the first thirty minutes we'll touch on that as well. But right now we come out the opening thirty minutes or so a little bit more on the critical side a little bit more fixated on the negative in what went wrong what went right. Give me something you like yesterday I think Richard Sherman is something that you have to be happy about you mentioned the snapped and I played every defensive snap and they didn't target him much because he was covering his guy get burned a couple of times. He looked good at. He looked fast I thought he was definitely a positive in the game we're you surprised they didn't go Adam war. I was a look I thought cousins would especially playing at home but all the speed he as a receiver. I think the mandate early on would have been let's see what this guy's guy and we can expose them early we can go animal day yet. It's seen by and large Richard Sherman didn't find himself. And too many precarious situation its interest in because. As as as I predicted they would and strippers but submit prayer of purse plating. It's almost like a sweep it to a flare pass right to them right to the running back and put pressure on and they ran right adding he had the remaining stake is it their make a tackle watched the first play. Neither gun and gonna go wedding in those regards to give his legs in there when you're running the ball you put meg could net a receiver. Now you got to get in near whipple's body is and you saw Richard Connor. Get in their little bit and kind of mix it up. But he did a great job with his hands. In his hand saved them a lot his eyes Richard Sherman beach you why would his eyes to what's awaiting play this technique I keeps his eyes on quarterback it gives eyes on his work. It's amazing how he was able to grab receivers at times. And forced them right up Matta balance. He puts a lot of pressure on receivers so the quarterback sometimes he's looking Collison EC Richard Sherman with the hands on in he's right about about any guilt both off. So he doesn't give the receivers time enough to work back in and try to meeting because Richard Herman sold to march or early in all early on in the route. To put its hands on dry Matt about enforce those guys in right away to receivers like a mean cornerback rather is like okay. Richest guy in to exile so he did a great job of doing that but I was impressed would Buckner. I quarterly net gain. He saw us present show I mean the guy was being double teams splitting double teams I think he's going to be like simple bullet I really like watch and young man play too. Half sacks yesterday any took advantage of the one window weeks at the niners had to take advantage. A week Minnesota offense line Minnesota is buttoned up everywhere else on the football field from coaching all the way down but they have some issues on the offensive line. 25 and salary cap dollar spent and you get what you pay for. Not only that nick Easton was hurt earlier in the pre season he was lost for the year that was where you had a feast and forced Buckner two and a half sacks is wreaking Havoc throughout the day. Back to put on Sherman he's got that. Old man mentality he understands all the savvy he wants in the game yet to see it leveraged and is it had to take advantage of the sideline. I will say this I one point I Stephon digs broke them off pretty well in the first half the it was a good triple moved to battle back. I mean I don't know any corner in the league who's gonna be who's gonna be on that that movement that good but. Sherman's trash talk it was in fine form diesel Quan tried well he has a bust wide receiver rattle Ole miss who has not been able to make it work. He was trying to Johnson did a one point Sherman was just in his phase. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's good to know that that's. Let's go on anyway I'm not the one thing that will never go away here Gary Payton on his various. Platforms these hills talking trash and these darn near fifty years old now so. Once you start making plays and once you realize your legs are gonna hold up the the trash dog comes right away if he wasn't trash talking. It might be concerned because then there must have been something wrong with them. I'd say. Pro con on the draft classes if you wanna look at legion Shane enhance first track last when he seventeen. Com Ers picked Solomon Thomas only played about 35 snaps yesterday it had that costly penalty. That's a bad day at office pick number two Rubin Foster couldn't even get on the field. That's a bad day at the office not a good look to the first round picks and 4017 how ever. This year's draft class. You got to give them a bit of a tip of the cap. Work your way further down Fred Warner. Made some mistakes but was flying around in your first career start is a third rounder is gonna be Mike linebacker on the road Minnesota. He played some football that secure with some upside. Donte' pat is to grab 61 yards and a TD that tax was beautiful in the back of the end zone absolutely beautiful and it might would lynch. I really anyone's getting great amount is perfect but if your first NFL start is coming on the road in Minnesota at right tackle. When early in the second half you have to kick inside to right guard duty injuries. That's going to be a tip of the hat as well having to deal with those circumstance that's a brutal circumstances. What you knew it tight and nexus you have to deity poppy tight end in there it's so it was a disaster to the fact that they are able to do. Anything offensively in the second half is testimony to not limit glitzy but the whole offensive line. Has basically it's like you're in emergency defense mode at that point you can't confidently be running plays and look and a knock guys over cages on the personnel. No question you can do the five step drop seven step drop he debuted it changes often to climbing guides his command to let it sit. And you're you're right in it puts a lot of pressure on Jimmy G and sometimes he wasn't Smart with the ball in that's what time Joseph when you understand that rights had to line is that bad. What do you do you counter your boot you do wag is you get this guy you move him outside the pocket to set a new launch angle you try to cut defense I was kind of surprised that Shanahan didn't necessarily move the pocket. At times especially how bad that off until liking most of the tide and across east it's right behind the tackle now he's got another guy there to block your runs and drag route to crossed. And move the pocket really surprised data in the deaths of that because they offered to line on the right side gives us absolutely horrible I watch morning Joseph I like the show a man at Mike linebacker you saw sleet to speed but he played down he'll wrestle watch coupled trade blocs were a spot where the sinner. The cynical are they you know make Altria a spot up to it's up to the Mike linebacker Colin is cause to shape them and yes absolutely and you saw Tony they go they doubled down in the polls come up to Mike. He saw it in he was treatment he saw admiral and a game make them make the tackle on the back feel that's just Elba played by Warner's seat. I see it I see it development I see this down block I see these guys trying to ace to meet there garden garden center they're coming up. Let me go Q my gun and get down real that guy I was tremendous plan and other side of the ball create a Nightline a scrimmage. What league guys engaged into his body grabbing he's taller guy and what's so often to guard they would put hands and then make a movement control. When you start to see things you fighter guy and get down he'll make plays on other side of the ball I thought he did a hell of job. Main event of the east block early for all that's gonna you know and I just doesn't mean do you balance fantastic and I didn't I. I'd I didn't know what that was called when they can you see the guys just kind of touching go to get that second level and now I know because then in the shape of the net that was written Kyle Shanahan the head coach on any injuries after the game. Goodwin. You know walk. Fusion. Yourself why you've got a couple plays here trying to go hard. And it's tough and actually in the back out again tonight. Then you know both regards person yeah Garnett. We're not sure it didn't look. Definitely those two come home hopefully see him possibly next week. In the brighter day and not exactly sure what it was you know injuries. Is an impression. That sticks. It's it's. You had an issue with anything you solid yesterday's game. Or meaning you saw on that Sunday night game that you may want to weigh in on B clients coming up at about 45 minutes at 730 the numbers 415. 4038588415. For rotary. 8588. As calls every Monday and Friday at 730 best of the best. Wednesday of 100 dollar gift certificate in in the month courtesy of our friends at Paris rich now. Based on easily ash in Minnesota sixteen points total 261 passing yards a somewhat nonexistent rushing attack. Is it time for the niners to pick up the phone and called the Pittsburgh Steelers about Aveion Mel. Is it time for the niners to pick up the phone. They call the agent for Dez Bryant CD can help them in the red zone AAA 9579570. That's coming up next Jolo and its that a bunch of the. Oh shoot low and did continues. On I 957. Game home. 327. Total yards of offense for the niners yesterday. Act considering the opponent and venue I have sixteen points yesterday in Minnesota. OK. Considering the menu in the opponent most likely not enough time in the foot long hot. One for four in the red zone. Yesterday. And a lot of cost in mistakes giving up three touchdown the other way on the pick six children born. Ran the wrong route to be problem made a big mistake throwing that ball anyway a lot to dissect that one thing. A lot of people will come off of we won thinking about this offense is that it wasn't explosive enough especially when it's compared to Kirk cousins in Minnesota cousin yesterday very methodical. The fun digs look great. And the human look great Calvin cook look fantastic. It was a well run offense. That looked as if they were having their way with the niner Dina the niner. There was a discrepancy between the two offenses. Which led me at one point brought out some notes yesterday and I know others are thinking this is well. Do you need to do something about this office now mark he's good with her. Donte' pedestal good here are so looks like a possession guy George kill can't track a football down the field. You might be able to hit him on a come back router dig it but for him trying to track a deep ball he looks lost on the but I enlarged the running game was nonexistent as well freedom Morrissey didn't matter they couldn't convert when they were now on the goal line more sexy fumble who plays in a row. So here's the question. Yesterday. In Cleveland. The browns and Steelers played to a 2121 tie just read. Riveting ads. Cleveland's losing streak officially does come to a nets missed this yes. I think it's said that yes it was their best start of the season since 2004 that's collect any student literally as he didn't lose their first game even their winless streak doe does continue but the losing streak is over. James Connor who filled that running back for lay beyond bell 31 carries 135. Yards two touchdowns and averaged four point four yards per carry against improve Cleveland defense. He did have a costly fumble in the but it you're able pulled at all. Based on the cost and the fact that the relationship inside that Pittsburgh locker room I mean when congress scored a touchdown there resist. Very loud celebration between heat in the offensive line to kind of Motley beyond around the league about the mock tweet of the Steelers went to game and it. You all are of the opinion that bell will not play for the Steelers Emery and so if you the niners' do you think about picking up the phone. Based on the fact it may be Connor played well enough that the price is coming down on now. Yeah aid for me it's it's simple it's like OK you know he got a quarterback can you say okay we know the caps quarter of next year. Do you bring Italy beyond bill to say okay now we're nine now what are we gonna do as far as our past pressures are we gonna have someone next year we're gonna get in the we've we give up something for him. What are we gonna keep it are we going to find a pass rusher in free agency. Is it gonna take a first round again leaving on. Art to Pittsburgh still is right now they're desperate and they say they will give up but three of our three and a 54 this guy because in effect. After the year we're not gonna having me anyway so my eyes will get some then it's not going to be a clue Mac cut a blockbuster trade we understand that. I do pick up the phone because you see the relationship there is over and did more of Levy on stays out the worst this relationship is going to beat. I can its stated last week this team is not the best team in the NFC north they're not it's Baltimore Ravens you watch with Al this thing's a payoff because when you do that to money your leaders yet they're gonna rally around this young random back and I understand he's gonna play OK he's going to be erect. But I just don't think that they're that good this year. And I'm thinking if you're a Sampson a forty manners or whoever's in a market for rent and back slash receiver and guide can line up or onslaught. Especially if you don't have the offensive line right now that 29 should deal with. You can line late in the umbrella in the slot you can move around you can put meant to do screen you can do so many things with this guy he's a patient runner he'll make the offensive line better. Without a doubt if I'm John Lynch I pick up the phone and say what is it gonna take to get lady on here and I don't think it's going to be a first or sick. Round pick I'd before he moved to the conversational whether or not they should call Dez Bryant's agent did some lady on now yes you know he really kicking the tires yes non no sense in kicking the tires unless you're gonna buy the vehicle and I don't think that this is one you wanna do because. Maybe a Dallas gonna ask for top dollar and he's gonna ask for another five spot on top of that and you have a situation or an hour you've got a cap flexibility. And your set up strong for the future to continue to have your cap beat their because Jimmy g.'s contract. Comes down so I don't think you overextended. On a running back to fix a problem that. Really isn't the running backs it's the offensive line needs to get better. And then at that point you build the run the ball better once you get an improved offensive line also giving head coach who has been known to develop. No name running backs in the stars so you don't need to take a guy who's going to be the highest price most expense in running back in football. And try to make him the fixed routine that as other problems. I'm still surprised. He ran the ball back to back would Boris on the goal line and it resulted in two fumbles the fumbles forget about it that's just how. I'm not blaming the plague I'm not using the fumbles as an excuse the play calling but it was the manner in which it was done we talked about this last week. Teams need to be able to run down to the goal line but when you stack all eleven guys together. The defense does the same thing they stacked all eleven guys together we saw all this in the Atlanta Philadelphia game. It's about match. And it's not about complex map it's just about the matchups for example at the quarterback. In a bunch formation is gonna turn handed all the quarterback's no longer part of the play he didn't need to be defended so it's eleven on ten. At the very least if you spread the receivers out you're gonna force corners that you might force a safety. Out of the play a little bit to give help over the top especially when there's a guy like Julio Jones downloadable line. Spread it out and then brought it up the middle Cheney in two plays in a row about the fact that he went to Boris and not the fact that he took the ball. Out of the hands of the 137 point five million dollar player but instead chose to put the ball in the hands of the guy who was on waivers a couple weeks ago. He barge is the formation together Minnesota I took pictures of the center of on Twitter Minnesota just had all their defenders and air. And then you hand it off they all come flying in and they swarm the planet I was just shocked at the play calling it didn't seem very progressive to. With yet one he debt disclosed that he doesn't believe in is offered to line. Didn't wanna get a sack didn't wanna move that moved back so he goes let's just try to pound in here and you know people talk Rupert went on mark what's a blockbuster trade to go ahead and get a late number they'll. Could a Mac was a block lesser of 21 round pick that's given up a lot that's a that's a big you know big call for a player lady on its not gonna take them. I thought it was bad play calling Joseph and I think they Shanahan and he had a do over again you go five wide and yes but you still can run the ball because now what what is. Always the worst that was on the field. Corners safeties easy second that's why people five wise it's 4444. Wide can keep one run Mbeki and and now you spread to receivers out. Now you guys outer perimeter you can have when you drive that you know have Morse and go into the line. So download safeties everyone collapses and now you get stuff around me outside he get receivers own little jet sweeps to the outside in now you make corners tackle that's what I do when I'm on the goal line my dad. Instead of getting everyone in bunch in the middle that's 505. White. Cattlemen a bunch and have all now you had your secondary in type in now you you know the kind of to read into the line and I have a jet sweep around the outside. Now you're forcing quarterbacks to tackle put them on islet. I don't like the philosophy of getting guys viewed as having a tough delisting you have a tough runner and you have a big time for backing have a great off until like the and you get to know stumbles when you don't. You'd do it by the nets. Take a page in Kansas City. Output to speed out on the feel oh my god don't get me started on that much every one and tighten up you had that but they hit the parameters in San Diego had everyone in tight in your able to get to the outside and you make secondary guys which they don't like to do is to apple. Yes and it led the niners did that on that the previous play were more as far more than was able to get it back they say the jet sweep. They were going for wide and that formation and they were able actually get near the goal line. And then they bring in the big package and they did it's funny Joseph the U between exiles want to with a friend and I so I can't wait till tomorrow. Because you were saying that exact same thing. About the bunch formation you pass out a bunch and you run out of the spread inside the ten yard line the more sick. Estella. Kansas City has so much speed they act. Mike and Andy will eventually screwed up in the playoffs and she's like really go anywhere but good god trying to defend them this season. I mean I know the raiders got their hands full tonight with the rams. But he did you did not watch this charger chief gave yesterday that she's had speed and everywhere and they're using all of these new age philosophies. Just snapping the ball in quick shovel passes I mean they were dial and stuff up that I had the chargers looking foolish I I I was dead wrong. On that game absolutely dead wrong now. You are listening to many vibes have in the game KGM's the F emanates he won a radio dot com station good morning. It is great to have you with us on this Monday thanks for spending some of your time with your boys Jolo and its 957 game. The beef line coming up in about 31 minutes at 730 still time. To getting your calls at the buzzer best calls every Monday Friday at 730 best of the best. With the 100 dollar gift certificate courtesy of our friends at Harris ranch the number. 415403. 8588. Borland 54038588. I'd imagine if some of you saw the first half of that Packers bears game last night. It might have some and you wanna say on the before it's it is up let us know in effect. Talking about lady on Mel and whether or not now that John Connor. Had such a big game against the Cleveland Browns yesterday whether or not Els got more expendable. For the Steelers on the flip side you know Dez Bryant out there for cheap. We wanna come and gone doesn't seem like he has many suitors are denied isn't a position combined with a good win injury. What you think they might need some more firepower essentially dealing Dez Bryant could help this football to yes. Not common Nolan Lamy on velvety yes on Dez Bryant because the price is right and the number one ability is availability at I think that's what the saying goes we might have a differently on this program but he's currently available and marquis is good when may not be because of the of the quad bruise or whatever the diagnosis will be so. I say absolutely. Bring in Dez Bryant. Easier to transition as a wide receiver. I would guess than a running back but I can't imagine that Dez Bryant in bad shape bring him and you need open wide receiver. Let's assume he's in shape let's assume all those things that he is who he's been he's. His he's older. But he's productive and he's in shape see not to worry about that would bring amend. I would.