JLD - 9/10/18 - Final Hour - Kirk Morrison, Carson Palmer

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with Rams Pre/Post-Game host & contributor for The Athletic, Kirk Morrison as well as former Raiders QB, Carson Palmer. 

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Welcome TV championship rounds of Joseph blow it did here on 957. Big game big our post did show. Kirk Morrison's former NFL linebacker in about six minutes at nine and he's pre and post game host the Los Angeles rams will get in this. Some of what you need to know for tonight's raiders rams matchup Carson Palmer is gonna join us at 930. We will recap overstated. And all the good stuff from the weekend around 945 but more of your calls now AAA 9579570. Top good. Conversation is NFL week one. Mostly about the niners in the performance of Jimmy drop below summer split some feel that there was an absolute trash performance. And that now they even paid a 137 point five million dollars over the life of your contract. You are going to be expected to produce more. You are going to be held to a higher standard. Understandable. On the flip side. It is one game and it was Minnesota this is like two years ago when Lowe's beloved Fresno State Bulldogs opened up at Alabama gap now. I don't think many people gave Fresno much of a chance and ended up losing by about forty covered though. It covers renders and following week went to number six Washington. And ended up losing that day. And those people then quietly dismissed chapped Stanford in his first year back with Fresno state and the rest of the bulldogs. And then the bulldogs rattled off like what it would end zone over the last next ten gain yes they did then held the season the point being if you're niners. Are not perfect and you fought. That is he was gonna go to Minnesota look outstanding when that game perhaps. Apps that was somewhat of an on reasonable expectation nothing wrong with that look on the bright side of things but. You didn't open. With Indianapolis you didn't open with Miami or Dallas. He just opened with what many believe could be the best team in the NFL on the road in their house lost by eight. All things considered it's not the end of the world but that does not mean. The team is without fault because there were several mistakes made yesterday so we're taking your conversation on all that triple 89579570. Stephen rent. Steve thank you for your phone call your thoughts on yesterday's game. Bait you know out by backed up. Here. One. Money. And a lot are all. On the road where. And play well. Well and that. They are a number of grow now that the Rockwell would contract. And it quarterback. I expect a little war. An uptick there at the at good effort to be upset GAAP it was a album is a solid Coulter you're right. At that price point you're the one that should carry the rest of the team to the finish line yes which is why I. I I gave him a if you wouldn't of made it. That play another receiver ran the wrong route cannot. But if that didn't happen. It doesn't less than one score game maybe have a chance actually win the football game if he Glen on an you know and have fallen down Tony is three cell. I thought that passed while not his fault was reckless to throw that pass when you're going he would sack either way. Ultimately three interceptions that does follow him. This gets interesting for me on Friday. On Friday I specifically tailored a segment to. What could we overreact to one on what could happen in Minnesota that we would all end apple reacting to because we know that's how this works. And everyone's at the same thing. I don't think there's going to be a whole lot we overreact to remember to Minnesota they're really good it's tough situation the niners have issues on the offensive line in the secondary. XYZ. Was all laid out. Then the game played out. It ended pretty much the way you would expect and we come in Monday and people are furious over droplet performance they think he totally flush it down the toilet. We had the opportunity in advance to discuss it we all said now it's a really good opponent. And that we came in Monday anyway and heard the chaos that is the 01 start the season bring back console. I don't know ignores the SEJ bastard is he warming up I didn't seem to sideline shots of bad third and luckily he had that losing the new like that kidney Cam Newton commercially now. I didn't see any because of a procedure again necklace so. You're right you did give us a chance that. To give tomorrow's hot takes today I think is what you call that on Friday and we also know now we won't rule crushed Jimmy gee we all bash him. Ultimately I'm not the one crushing in my game a deep plus somebody here you mistreat death. It clause. That's really an hour straight after the applause okay and that about senior all you played the game you understand what goes into it I think it's a very valid patent. Well who my biggest thing biggest take away guys from this is. I didn't I didn't think he could win. Guys and B if you look at listen that war talk a modest said that there are probably gonna win by double digits in. Very well we could line up in the gaming kicked it Google won by eleven we saw they were in on the twenty yard line it goes more time they would keep it below so. I knew the outcome of the game maybe but my biggest things also talked about turnovers. As seated when we had John we had John Dickinson on and you guys are laughing because I said ball take care of the ball. You can have the balls on the ground you can't go interception I Pacific related up. Everyone said that I was being you know being crazy wind is bells and exact words that I youths and you know and tech detectives. So at Thomas and checking it and so my biggest thing with a curveball. And you didn't exactly what I was saying that would you would would could hurt you in would urge you and would help you lose this game. And that's it thank you don't need to we you don't have to go Lapierre necessarily go and take over Jimmy gee the CPS bought into until they're not winning this game. You have to play within yourself if you don't have the weapons but around jailed in you don't necessarily trust certain guys. And live to fight another day. Your defense they bid but they didn't break they've played well enough to win the game you play to fill a guessing game may make. May Kirk cousins in that team would suspect offensive line continue to make them drive the lid to the field and play field position. You do and you look at it the game could have been may be even a different outcome so that's what I that's why graded some sort because I don't need to determine the ball. I don't need you go up there and try to go win games in the situation you play and he gets a better team. Help the other team give them it's a pick six begins 71 abort give them two other turnovers forcing the ball and there. I didn't like the seed Jimmy gee says you know what. Amber portal way I'm gonna get a loss of down I'm gonna punt the ball and give my defense that's it that's why grade so tucked. If you want. I take away from the game that you can work well if that is in. You know two over reactionary or not the one thing. That all minor change take away from yesterday's that you are not big enough fast enough strong enough physical enough to compete with the absolute lead in the NFL because that's what you saw yesterday. That Minnesota team is one of the top two or three maybe four teams in the week you gonna be hard pressed to find three or four teams better than that. They're fast they're explosive. They're physical. They're laid with veterans who understand the game and you sold yesterday. They were blowing the night or offensive line off the ball. They were able to run they were able row. Send Dae ho as a safety is just a violence may and he was making plays and lane would all over the worst the niners don't have that at safety the niners don't have receivers that can necessarily challenges secondary like that. That's okay because we still know as part of a regal but it's understood it's it's important to understand. Because we got way. Ahead of ourselves after that winning streak in the in the last see up. Suddenly this Super Bowl odds are dropping eighteen to one people are talking about eleven and five could this be quick turnaround no no no no no. You might have a quarterback got a good coach but. Take your time you have got to get bigger and stronger because yesterday they got pushed all over the field and I think that's one thing that a lot of people would agree. The folks we go eight year NFL veteran linebacker check about now at serious X seven. The athletic and as a pre and post game post for the Los Angeles rams Kirk Morrison joining us here on 957. The game Kirk good morning and thank you for your time we will get to raiders rams in just a moment. But he had the opportunity to watch San Francisco and Minnesota yesterday what we're semi your takeaways. Well I was so morning vote by the way. I mean obviously I expected to see that type of game. You know what we we all know bought or the 49ers finished last year. And the expectation level put on them into making. But the team they played in yesterday was used to meet their their my favorite. To play against a rampant in a championship and they ere are for an oh wait just a better football team and I knew that coordinated. But they wanna see how we're in our compete how will they compete goal in the in that type of decrypt. Caloric in an all went that's steel market itself Odyssey be got to purge your offensive coordinator. And not be political or east or were back in Oakland. So what I understand we're pristine. Is that in terms of the Minnesota Vikings and I knew the the Fort Myers it was going to be a tie up especially playing at. No on the road noise at Minnesota. So why did the was not on attacking their battle that he had a chance to win the game at Bihari by the game at the end one last stride but. At into the pages that they've got more more weapons Minnesota it is interpret this bonus. I'm just not surprised by the dot com about me out a more Saudia. And the rams with a chance to take control of the division early with a game Monday night at the Oakland Raiders what shall we be looking at. From this rams team may be a part of the offense that we don't always hear about we always hear about. Early in of course the quarterback from up here Gerri golf. What some of the more underrated parts about this ram offense. What we don't have to find that last year they had all. Five starters start every single game but cycle to seventeen and you don't get in the national football ago where he. When you look around the league right now and New York seem teams start to work guys out start it. Nielsen's shuttling them they're all into line. And the rams last year had all five dollar start to extreme well or fifteen things they did not start that we seventeen game matchup burst 49ers. But that's the reason why they're able to do they didn't latch on offense and epic again this year at All Saints. Even with adding a guy like Brandon Kooks who works better with and that's all essential programs been. And Alex semi walking in a year to re amateur golf are contagious being in the national football you get your Parikh. You actually see a lot of football. Know what you can do what you can do you know how to navigate not only your offense but navigate situations navigate through deep prince's. And that's what they what's going to be. With the rams this year is that they have more experienced quarterback is great the straight with the pro or last year. But they have experienced all been implying that they're able to jail where. Over the last yes you're in. Hurting you're looking at this. Rams defense you look it's who you think about the guy to leave you think about the corners in the defense of life. Or what is car going to vested due to disrupt or to slow these guys tell what should the raiders game plan B to be going insist. Bought the defects. And I bit it got up to be screaming. It ought not be wet cold lol let me not say what calls were talk ball. Short underneath flanker drives cost economy get the ball out quickly arm but he walked upon sit back and then literally you know deliver strikes. Because what they generators have. Looked one of the best interior often divide all the you know bill and checks and no Somalia's president and now they've got priest or try to do the chemical against in Michael blockers and dominant sewer mayor Donald so I think it's going to be great matchup is an interior part. Yup it's been beaten to client but that being says. There will be some constant pressure being you know brought Wade Phillips so that being shared I think the air corps asked to get rid of the football early. Saw a lot of catch and run element of people on the street from. For the two Mort Cooper whether or else it. But being there we put the ball up there which are playmaker it and try to run away some of the man coverage of those seek from Peter's. And also Lee don't allow them to sit back you allow believe that greater glory no bailout Peters to sit back and stand the heat tents and watched. And he's gonna gamble even try to pick your car every. Eight year NFL veteran linebacker Kirk Morrison joining us here on 957 the game obviously since the age broadcasting crew is gonna be calling this game tonight. It's a Monday nineteen there's going to be a lot of focus on Jon Gruden and all the story lines that come with it. What was your initial reaction when you heard about the deal that sent Khalil Mac to the bears in exchange for a handful of draft acts. Well he you've got to be a strong comedic coached to do that and talk about in your commitment that market is gay John Bruton. Yeah you make that you knew better and your commitment you don't make that deal due peppers or years of a deal. So I understand from Jon Gruden aspect of it but I don't get it more so and personnel. From an organization standpoint. I've you know one appeal for the future when rapper from pick me first opera dumping and then. Because you're talking about transcendent player and a little Mac. And that is the guy that you know we all saw last night don't even have the discuss. What the raiders are remiss in not all and your open net person cheat and and all. You know all three guys and you don't. Production at one guy gave that's so lost Q optical saw the item to item watching that interior beat them are raiders do well. They get a pass rush willbros certain. You to help out because not eat that Apple Mac so cute than that the guy who has stepped up its production as well and we'll see that it. But that's kind of been my reaction to the whole thing is that. Different guy and we'll match you built around you saw last night and music I just say game breaker game record. You don't have that on your defense. You look at that oh you wanna go. You wanna go wild an ending and try to. Figure out you know problem if this thing done and we're looking basically by you do and you tell me will incorporate future climate server that. Art Morrison here on 95 point seven the game looking in the raiders defense in the secondary Jerry Conley had mostly a lost year last year how important is it. For he and really by proxy Reggie McKenzie who drafted for him to come out and had a big game tonight. Department of cute and he's got a daughter and play well because if you look at outside merger are quite mean Ricky hasn't drafted well. And so we need Conley the kind of proved that okay Lou when we were draft well we got here because the second round pick Saudi Mateen more milk bottle so. We're hearing probably passed the law during power proved everybody. That this is a position that the raiders needed that Spiller put it to be a lot out corner per year because. In all spiel you know when Ricky picked animosities to govern in all severe and kicked out of middle linebacker mechanical deal around him. But they chose to go look Conley what's so clear there were still available. We're suspecting that look and this how is not where he's had year two. You know IndyCar via a similar situation to DJ you know wanna reduce first draft critics who didn't never really panned out local and these other. It would routine already same thing we're probably coming to a new war integrate new. Sort of I guess regime in terms of Jon Gruden and is calmly gruden guy who are not a lot by outward whose team. I think he'll be a much closer game than a lot of people. They probably expect. But at the same time defensively I'm not all companies are perhaps some some thing to mislead them or he would eat boring and turned to put pressure packages. But the rams are you rested and they have not played their starters not once that. Norm you pre season so it's gonna become a period as he went to the raiders give Miranda does. Not I don't know who they don't know think he probably doesn't know because a rare it's something that we have never seen before. Western our first unit erupt appreciate not allowed in the player on day. If the raiders are going to be successful and I didn't have a chance against the rams. How big what kind of a load as Marshawn Lynch Martin's going to have to to a imposing their will pars in the run game. No doubt I would say twenty to thirty carries them right below me and I must say that I'm talking about just trying to get as much as you can tonight. It may be one of those things where it's more about such as an art. You know and I'm done you're not gonna give under two are your corporation are actress Warner has our security. I think it is going to be about such as it is going to be about eight degree you're here or there are here to one. Fox four Ramirez is gonna be sort of backed the war is about Hutchinson also box. Keep it has altered to rid of your wanna be during an out especially early on. That that that like cold Easter you rot in. Offensively if they remove remove all getting them in to try to make your competence. Into your heart well. To be able to makes and takes some shots down field so I expected to be you know a nice but also of course not unlike those of a Martin as well. But knows what really evolved around that often to wanna try it is. One reason why you couldn't take a little Mac was because that's much money invested. And he all but two or will he denied it fell into blocking YouTube coalition in street almost our tropic symmetrical ball. Kirk this may sound like you're crazy question but given the team I'm gonna ask about is it that crazy. Do you see a possible scenario in which the browns could tie sixteen straight games this year. All that yesterday they typed extreme games. They will make that they would they would heavily that'll make the play out of fourteen went seven and not always great to the bank that held the blood. Yes you know they gotta win that game yesterday that's just not even a question. You gotta win that game. Change find ways to win. Backing finds ways to looper Todd. We saw that last night which cargo. Probably a little like it you have to win that it now you know it would you feel good because you played well but you don't you build better independent because. He's got to win. You got a few more opportunities left it's not really much of an overreaction. Thanks so much today you were over reacting about what losses being to happen. We'll meet. You learn about it seems fairly quickly. And that's quite scary to think that even with everything that happened last Michael who might go on all. Watching him rockers go back to work. And when a football game and that's why the pack on the Packers and the browns are the brown and you have an opportunity. You gotta take full advantage of and they didn't do that that you. Eight year NFL veteran linebacker check him out at serious sex and the the athletic and as a pre and post game allows for the Los Angeles rams Kirk Morrison with us here on 95 cent in the game. Always a pleasure getting your insights Kirk thank you so much for your time. Or. Are you to thank you very much. I mean at that browns can handle it had it all it goes so. I yeah social was reacting you know that like you couldn't see the game for a while the game cut out because due to contractual obligations the NFL wasn't allowed. The bill whoever is brought hasn't CBS is wasn't allowed to show you anymore. So all of a sudden is this fascinating game is disappearing in the best. And it ruins scrambling to try to find a way to track that day whenever that watched that game ever than a game should have been on the watching Dallas count he's forgiven. That and his action Nat I international and Diana Washington Arizona was trash Tennessee Miami didn't need to be played. There are few others out there and Bengals colts and had a double plays late that day was an ad at a Detroit New York tonight's going to be bad. That cute guy Cleveland game couldn't have ended any better for me in the Holy See this 500 dollar tale verses from the size event. Cleveland has to win six games for me to lose the bad. And that would should have been a loss do you feel better or worse about that that's an all I feel much better. Really much better because knowing Cleveland had that game is at one point seven point dog the second they don't get off as you so hopefully like to say that's a win for me because Cleveland. It's going to be close they're gonna win five or six it's gonna go right down to the wire and that's one at. That they should of won so that to me. Even though it's a tie that's a win for me. They didn't. Know in just classic huge leak classic Cleveland Browns are still OK they're did you did get an Izod and they are not okay. They've won one game in ten years. There. Jackson as a head coach is now one of the 31. And one is that what is in Cleveland yeah three games won 31 and one he's covered eight point spreads while census. Ladies down. Mark thanks in Carson Palmer will join us next Jolo and it that it isn't in the my. Joseph lo and dibs continues to come on monster Monday evening. Occupied oaks card club athletes daily Chevrolet eat and Benjamin Moore paints. Too. He's a three time pro bowler and fourteen year NFL veteran quarterback he sure to check out his episode of a football life which is airing on the NFL network September 14 at 5 PM Pacific ladies and gentlemen. Carson Palmer joining us here on 95 cent in the game. Carson's first and foremost good morning and thank you for your time. What's it been like this fall in the transition from. I can't even guess how many decades of football you've played two year without it. Hit him really really good. That are better than I had anticipated I think. You know if you when you play for fifteen years than you have I don't know 45 surgeries and you know a lot of I did a lot of lows. And when you really know if Simon and your body does it live it's pretty easy to walk away. I've really been enjoying it thus far been enjoying the sign up for young kids to. I've been a bit enjoy my time with them teach them how to fly a mission and finally getting ready. The species that haven't been noted Jordan could be either this opal you go to break but in the middle of hunting season saw. I don't have any complaints are now on the door by. Where car was up to boy lol we able to bag any birds at the last week when the when in opened up did you go out there and do better or no. Not yet not yet I am I'm headed to the midwest for a handful of light bill hunt club excited about. And elk. And I don't go so. A China keep my wife not not humanitarian and John Machado overplay them but all too much money in consumers' time away but. All mommy doing it just sort. We'll understand got a but if you wanna go high and I got you got their lien mortgage and big pheasants I got a brother but. Hill as the phone would ring and release watched Arizona played in just watching the quarterback play at. There are times it what do you say to a guy like that is a veteran guy you've been in constant pro but. It just seemed to struggle used to look at you know who's their receivers run him back to defense who seems like some things term place in Arizona. What you what was what was the take away on this team is they're resilient enough to bounce back or is yesterday was just too much who were opened up for the sky team to backlit bounced back. Another there's a lot of character about locker room on the leadership in and I would say it's we won these and goes you know we we won them not measure or gauge your football season it's great to get that. Oh win in week one if it. Summit starts things off your right. Sometimes at the wake up call it might be a bit of a wake up call but at the same time that the brand new coaching staff that the new system offense the new system on defense. New quarterback the entire off that the online virtually at nuclear they have played together so. No just got to dig deep breath. Give back to work and it's a resilient group by Nobel locker room load. I look forward a lot to look directly at the rams are I think that might not to expect next we get the ramp even though everybody tighten up the ramp to be a Super Bowl contender. There's enough resilient you know locker room about back. What should we expect from the rams tonight Carson considering they didn't play their offensive stars throughout the pre season should we expect them to come out. Rusty or is the free season such that they don't really need anywhere to be ready for game one. Always though that the preceded it it's new got to find a way to utilize that. I think you got to play I think you've got to give. The reps you've got to get hit you gotta get tackled if you're running back about they continue to put David job then the forty period to gain but. I always like getting the refs and Brees did not I think it's vital first off let's just get. You know two or three drives in the first two games were you go to outscored us on that creates certain slide victory occurred thus certain competence Gloria. I think that's important I don't like being eighteen. That that just don't want to place any of their starters there in the crease you and I just don't think it makes sense but in. Now you hear me to a great dad didn't hurt yet it is so you are hurt they're gonna get hurt. You don't want to lose in the Grand Prix season but it's part of the deal part of the process that happens every year. And to think I we're gonna keep everybody safe and not let anybody get hurt. And not play if he'd come out LA today dump on opening day not that popular you won gold in the week to. Carson Palmer joining us here on 957. The debuting Jimmy drop below played in the same division for a few weeks out rough outing yesterday for heat and the niners at Minnesota against a great vikings defense. What did you see a mad demon what can be improved upon because today obviously. Very polarizing some people saying it's just one week. Others saying Abbie you're making a 137 point five million dollars the expectations are going to be much higher than what was produced on the field. Well I think the first thing you saw how good Minnesota can be. You know get W cooked back in and they're missing him from from the previous season. Losing ger McKinnon to look at 49 Ers who then they lost them in early on this year. You know I think what you saw how good that he lived in Minnesota how good that you have to live that defense the scheme has yet that. That's one of the better heat that the mine in in the National Football League. And then you combine is his coaching ability his scheme with some really really good players at every position and you look at that Minnesota like you demonized by the weakness somebody that does not somebody you can Qwikster had a hot thing out there there we go after the that week in week out. That is the very very valid very deep team they get up around the rush the passer they have two corners that you're ever really anyone Wal-Mart they have duke. I think that the person that jumped out of you back into. The other thing you are. Mean if there are evaluated. You know a handful of game. Million you have to do something what would drop William the they have unfortunately got the money you know the a starter. This just so hard to judge how good a guy can be especially when they're out. First round pick up a higher first round pick that these that. They got it was first round pick you picked them their furry and cookies showed that kind of dominant college. You don't shot back at about the college you know all of the second third fourth round. And then you'll be playing airport gain them then you get paid a 137. Million dollars or whatever it is. It's just hard to gauge or that it second round pick he wasn't the first two up victories and and then he only played an airport gain. In it in a very unique authored the two different and hard to stop and you'll see very much of that style of all blocked at the ingrained in the pale mocking those that. I think at the top spot just open. Sure you talk about Zimmer what kind of defense of coordinator wanted to better in the league as you know has some talent on that defense as well. You look at Wade Phillips C one of the guys weren't better defense coordinators well can get after you from the 34 he's gotten assume he's got two good corners. Guys get up play press man into a lot of different things. What are the what is what is car and in with the running game. What do what does that what does that some be some of the key east tonight to slowdown that defense to keep them off kilter. Well well another empty beds. I don't see it happen and I think that the equipment so good. You know everybody wants to talk about past rosters defense within them and we'll maxim and all these blog note he beat Clinton then. I would much rather play get the dominant defense that led them the most dominant defensive tackle. That the end of the day that we implement come on the edge you can always step up and work your way up in the pocket but if you have some chaos but truck from a defensive tackle that's right at certain beat and writer Claudia. There is no little work there's nowhere to step up so. I think the defense is one of the eat a big ability here they stay healthy that would be one of the better defensive. That this league scene because of the guys they have they can play cover water in and played man all day long and both those orders can cover Julio Jones. Well Larry Israel whoever did go to those guys can be dominant outside. And that you have Judy that the tackle that are both extremely dominant have been vomit at least that's what the league. There's not going to be in my pocket the step in to there's not going to be many throws were. Future entry your weight from your back with tear output at the quarterback in getting the blocked field the ball getting that on the ball that you want. I just don't think you can see quarterbacks and great passer rating and I completion percentage is coming out against the ramp because they're that good all over the football field. What can you do offensively then to try to avoid the pass rusher as I know they come in the middle and on the outside but. From a scheme standpoint what did the raiders do to try to avoid this. Well I think the one thing you'd have to do is you can you gotta ritual before you cannot you cannot have turnovers that to their. Scheme that lives off of turnovers to suit them you're turnover they're kicking shot their loved Greg cooks on the deep post over the middle. There on the screen with Todd Gurley they can do so much on offense what they create. That that tradition that that you've got the ball up at fault but yet to turn over all the sudden lo is mean we got to stop these guys there's all these weapon they have offered. So the world that you can't do is give them the ball. And you know until will mean you can't think you're gonna have more drivers where you go from here on 25 to go on the field work that's down. You've got to fight away and not turn the football over and find a way to get and he'll pulled out of it this be sent to Baghdad it. Carson Palmer with a 090 vice heavenly game at your NFL network of football life is gonna run Friday at 5 PM Pacific there's one thing you can maybe share with us about what organist seawall did beat. A Bruce aryan is always comes across as quite uninteresting character. Well I mean those those are some real good while latter's. I haven't in the Al comics aren't a lot of sort and though they interviewed mark my guys that are just they told sure you can actually really funny one miers and you know with to a lot. But a lot of time together so certain he'll have a couple good stories about these are forgotten about. Let me get you know if it was a great opportunity we're let me assure my kids that don't remember my football days. They remembered on the game but they probably never watched an actual snap they were looking at everything else the bit that there is offered by the football stadium does that young. It was a great opportunity or. Mike did the delegates yet to see. Look the full full days where what the playing days were at the end of it starts all the way back in. Elementary school at first from Oklahoma it goes in my fifteenth year in the NFL I think you're going to be cool chance for people to seek out of start to finish one. Awesome 5 PM Pacific this Friday September 14 a football life with Carson Palmer. Who is joining us right here on 95 cent in the game Carson thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciated good look at retirement man enjoy yourself. Our world look I know quote respect. That's gotta be crazy because you look at the career and you know we played fourteen bit and you got to add in USC. In high school and middle school and you realize how many decades go by we you playing football like ninety some percent your life. And then all of a sudden fall comes around and you don't have an. Right right in you know he. You know touch his body just gave out arms and there's a guy who you know played at a very very high level and he saw the knee injuries for five surgeries he alluded to in you just know when it's time and it's unfortunate you know you did you know it's timing is have to move out of the way and understand. It's a young man game but you have seen right Joseph here's a guy you know 3940. Years Ole. In for thirty years of it for you know eighty some percent of his life he was on a football field since you know 67 years also. It is it is a long time and does shoot half your plot over half his life. This guy's been out on film now it's all there are so he's enjoyed it but isn't enters in perspective just about football itself. Is there anyone out there who will consider. Aaron Rodgers a better quarterback and Tom Brady when it's all said done because it feels as if this isn't meant to make case for. It just feels as if we see these moments from him like we saw last night so loft. And everyone always talks about the bought minuses in everything he's got the numbers are there there's a Super Bowl win in. We get it right there they're doesn't really seem to be much of a flaw in the game. But is there anything that can be done in the past Tom Brady short of having to win like five. More symbols maybe if he broke selling his records that the single season touchdown record for example he has a year. Like that it's getting pretty late in his career to do that but Tom Brady showed you need to play well in your forties and continued to play well Sophie gets back to the Super Bowl. And wins a second champ. And has a record breaking season not that you put on the net can't Daon. Knowing what you know right now about both guys all this information is available for your starting at team. Both guys are the same age same health they haven't played it all yet that you know you've seen this you know Rogers is you know Brady's going to be. Get the exact same amount of money to spend on each guy and everyone around. Who would you take to build the franchise. A firm for meet. It's Tom Nunn here's the thing I do believe that Aaron Rodgers can still possibly be better quarterback. Then come if you're in future may be but here's what I love about Tom. If you watched last night. Aaron Rodgers when the game it and Rogers go to a receiver. In receivers went eighty yards when he due to Fresno state down a goal line eighty break a guy's ankle. Erron does a lot of things that you you love to see them go to ball and a lot of times this catch up to run. If you look it take Randy Moss out of that equation when Randy was in New England the gold watch. Grady watch out ages can Deke he can duck. He's in the pocket he didn't get it hurt to his legs but he just little slights movies like a magician in the pocket steps up throws the ball. Two guys in double coverage to defenders on. He can thread the ball or no one's ever done in this league he can Knowles worded goal this ball like no other Aaron Rodgers is a great talent and I think Aaron Rodgers. Still I think he's gonna be go down to meet with the way that he plays gained top five quarterbacks that ever played this game. But I really believe the way the Brady does it with less less athletic ability less mobility. He hits guys he knows where to go with the ball I just think that I would still have it's who have pre Roger Manning. That's the that own the guy will be close to mean why Eli is not that great. Yeah that's not how I actually gonna be enough and I take him taking any dale Reid it was did you know I know I know which is a toll. I totally get our rights. You know. Riveting can we get guru in here please. Every opportunity out to. Through move fourteen games low currently 103 and one. Did nine foreign one not bad gentleman not bad at all for the first week two games tonight are there any differences of opinion tonight. No there aren't we both are on Detroit and we both are on the Los Angeles rams in the second half of the Monday night doubleheader a case and. Well. To do with the low will own a one game edge heading to Thursday night now side bets tummy side bets are there is it just the Cleveland won or did something else commit to just the Cleveland Bennett. Get the low vs DMZ which is a round of golf for me if I win anywhere in northern California and if he wins I have to spend one day on the farm. Which people I was asking that they think it's pretty fair wager both ways you know it's it's it's early interest in wager yeah the most important thing is very interest and in the Cleveland side that which is over under five and a half wins for Cleveland the unfortunately if they didn't quite. Yes billionaire Carlos he's so I you stuck on zero wins for the Cleveland Browns. Deck press got AKA Daryl do Johnson joining us here on 9570. How do root out we'll get tear takes in a moment but I believe you. But they held burial and Anna and G not all took part in aid fund raiser and as we get for a wonderful call. Yes and when you were out there as we were Saturday morning and they did the National Anthem they had that the game right I mean you really hit home when just about me and how fast I can give up the stairs. And and I got to do is shout you out she brought us together is did you know what brought you guys up. Everybody back at home this station is gonna wonder who came in first second or third let's just all bond together. And I'm listening and I know I'm here for my time I wanted to win number one. In not to law that out the window of the competitive. They were were grew and I come into their logo can harness. A point 3243 and eight used optical. Allegedly always got to let's go hey that helmet I'll help you this for the love of god can we at least tell the people what was happening this weekend. Before we get into the details I didn't realize that was gonna need to be done but could you please tell me. Few people doing Saturday reported. Saturday hot Saturday with a severance is a first responders stared right. We went up 52 story building climbing up the stairs and it's all to benefit first responders who severed feet from peach yes the and that's the. And cause and they are wonderful cause it is so great you were all out there for that. Why no one understands the five w.s who what when where why and then we get into the analysis is beyond me but we are there now. Now we've established this situation so it has convinced you that you're all working as a team no doubt offer water one for all let's all just work together on this there. I play a little behind nineteen minutes hot finish behind Anna and I'm proud of that feat this was a mean it was like. Walking up Jack went up the being stalked this was this was farther than that. And that was saying to myself my god I gotta have additional gonna finish second so I drove home in the caddie like. Nobody's gonna know what I've faced in we had a good time. In the low neo just kind of barked at me like he was disappointed in my time so I looked around the room processing tips. Who blew the item. In Taylor. They'll step yeah well and I enjoy I met at first you must know. I will earth that I Barcelona apologize because I did short on your time you actually work faster you or two minutes fastened and I said that was bond days times I apologize for lepers up. Iverson got there are all good tot. I think that effectively completed it is out there also on the Internet they do you have caller times posted so it is out there for everyone is what you had said that there'd be impacting you would say they don't think I. Yeah and we don't know what actually said let's depending on how we do here. We it was more like I admit it will we didn't look I was joking with its contract five minutes from my dad does make it look like we'd eighty. I'm glad you and what would you put a lot it's charity because you want to make sure to look good bridge out of the I would be coming out. Yeah are renting looked good everyone looks good for participating we have. Why your friendship and like it was apologize and an up and say any Q&A don't applaud. You made in nineteen teammate anything when he of sixties she say it's sixty. Eight and did you did you start off already are all why just started off like Karl Lou at HUMM. I can hardly hear Fred I don't know doesn't hurt and that's what we. And then they'll. Run don't run because you're gonna get tired she told you don't run you a bunting sprint and at least she's at this RNC bought out with a head about a guy that. Did you know yes I've got to like the ninth hip hop but you Annika. Yes but grossly outlets. This flight of stairs to steer is equal want it was crazy so I'm Michael home on the next floor no you're not you gotta go another one to get credit for did the number to change and I have a it was like a Fresno home advantage may and yeah. They'll run. I can you tell how and where that gavel to win at a different path and jacking cultural Friday it now when our Friday economic does not if south course. I can take it seriously yeah he certainly are we surprised that they could beat him. I is an event in which you've got to climb stairs these smaller framed B lighter frame and we have the advantage or not but there I don't know. All I know leg so basically like we had trouble. That are all like Ben from sales he actually did the event as well too and he often put four million sent you did finish the format then look at tall figure two sets and didn't. He did he took two steps and that for every twos are tied to 17 it was like two cents for me and it did he did she. Don't know anything about about what about what I heard I would have to be in an Anna knows you well I know what I you're actually these. Yes and yet you ended up on the web site that needed to be Manning and did not what I also Lowe did not say yes even you could never took. And I didn't hear I death oh yeah and I minority candidates Joseph aren't those seem lesson you considered I would never ask you do it you said yes I saw your picture up on the web sites and it right you know you did saying I was there literally he would clears. Yeah I don't know I don't know works. In stab me in the back out lover she's my age I don't already there and we did this super. A friend pat all put their hands and I'll let you know why you're here now attracts and today our guys shank like episode op. We are glad I don't. I'll do it. Right now it's that idea coming up next candy mint gonna join him at 11 o'clock thanks to all of you for hanging out with us today if you're heading to the coliseum be -- be Smart to have some fun week one -- Los Angeles ransom did and it lol I'm Joseph thanks frank about the they would as everybody is always really appreciated we're back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 957 again. So we're glad. You record in the leaders can't talk or. Early in the radiance in a Monday Night Football show now. Coverage starts tonight at 61. In serious football station. Yeah. Big game.