JLD - 8/20/18 - Hour 1 - Weekend Recap

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, August 20th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a recap of the weekend in sports as the Athletics take the series against the Astros while the SF Giants get swept by the Reds. They also react to Preseason Week 2 from the 49ers and Raiders. 

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Good morning happy Monday welcome to Jolo in dibs on 95 cent in the game it is great to have you with us. As always you're guest list today is as follows. Jerry Rice played a couple of years in the NFL will join us at 8 o'clock. Donte Whitner at 830 John amber OC at 930. But to the big news in the morning dips welcome back. Already planning the 51 ever. I it's incredible it's good to be that he has no more reflected on that the more I was thinking in the go ahead and skip my funeral whenever net nation come whether it's today or many days in the future. After all can organize funeral is not a had to sit through it. I feel like we've recently had this conversation of how we all want to die yes yes and you were here for that yet so long as you're here to get in you of course said you don't want to be. Expos and casket having people screaming and falling all over absolutely as if absolutely Matt my. You know it. Will now. Don't you give I don't need to keep it moved not as a the same church yes and the same view for a change and same seat absolutely we still have figured out who's on top but the bottom of that 100 earned by the way separate. Lola it's two different parents of what are right there are a lot of places we can begin we've got to get to this raiders game in LA. That was. Not interesting to watch a who's gonna go ahead and say that but when neither teams trying to do anything but he expect that the niner Texan game. Drop below no longer undefeated so that the under nine seasons over beat the giants lead the Cincinnati. Other that sleep went the wrong way now and then there's this there's the three to us what ought. All. What defense. Well why. That was Friday night's 43 walk off win against the Houston Astros the a's would go on to beat the defeat the ashes is new again. Saturday by a score 721. Loss the finale yesterday nine to four but take two of three from Houston. They have now won five of their last seven against Houston may have won thirteen of their last seventeen against Major League Baseball. And since June 16. You are Oakland Athletics are forty. And fourteen. 48 and fourteen kids now a lot of people were getting gassed up about the potential of the sweep. Be honest he's still the defending champs taking two out of three is exactly what you set out to do you win the series in narrow the gap keep a cook in the sweet it was and. Incredible weekend and yeah it kind of a bomber when you lose the third of the three when you're looking for the sweep and brooms out in the crowd yesterday but. An exciting game nonetheless yet crushed Davis lighten it up shaman I'll with a bit of a bad beat. On the and the cheap home runs on the left field line but otherwise. He did get cuffed around them on a day when the coliseum played quite small the EU said it Joseph you sit one game out. At this point late August that's exactly where you want to be it's probably way ahead of where you thought. Honestly you could beat but now the U here playing this well the sky is the live for the same. Talk of the town I was in Chicago over the weekend visiting some friends for a bachelor party we went to eighth thriller. Other Major League Baseball game Saturday night royals. Pat White Sox if you haven't seen it. Go back and watch. Sister Jolene throws out a pitch beautiful curve ball low to negate the wrestler straight garbage nine innings of garbage W bush may or may not have had under the rules that are here and at the moment. Any Julio. The guy that was whipped a lot of them are former baseball players some of them even played Minor League Baseball one of which is good friends with popular opus they were roommates together in the minor leagues. They found out I lived here and that was the first thing they brought up. What a fun baseball team no one got too deep into the nuance but they said that as he really fun story that's taking place in even in yesterday's loss well. Still two out of three against Houston. Job well done that's we set out to bill. That's a great job you played a team against team that. One and all last year. You look at don't you look at the way they came out 71 in motorboat and you know as you saw the crowd they were there. You look away that you know crush. Continues at the crash you see everyone just kind of it's Witten played well they jumped on him early and just stayed. You watch and cemented the plays and watch some of these guys stand up the way this team is playing their plan would bigger they're playing like they belong. If you watched the way the eighties they truly believed in them tell you right now the AL west. There's a new sheriff in town and you say what you wanna say this is the best team in baseball right now and you work at all three games you were doing week in stadium hosting the. Crowd numbers with the roofs coming about the atmosphere the atmosphere was absolutely electric all three days. Friday night really set the tone especially in the bottom of the tenth and had Matt Olson hitting the walk off I was in the crowd at that point. And as soon Izzy at the lock up everybody was just so happy still energetic just going crazy and then that feeling. Went through the entire weekend even yesterday when when they. When they were losing to to the Astros people still stay community and it is still pretty good crowd all the way to the end of the game. I think yesterday I had it on TV when I got home. It felt as if even though they were losing. It wasn't losing atmosphere in doesn't a losing cause it was we still won this series written regardless of the fact that this game's not gonna go our way and it's Verlander and honestly that was his 200 career win the guys lights out. And you know history will tell you any team that's lost the first two or three game series on Sunday the numbers always point. To winning that game. Not so much in Cincinnati but definitely over the weekend it's still felt like he was a winning environment everyone know whether or not that game didn't go their way. They lose the battle they win the war. And I think it the way the game started is what made the crowds and also happy because Chaffee does yard and then. Yet crush also going deep balls for Lander when receiver Leonard the coliseum as an a's fan. You cringe because you remember all the big games against Detroit we're Verlander came to the Collie and shove and they put up his ERA. Low twos all time against the days at the coliseum so to get a couple off an early the crowd is into it is thought sweep and he really lost the game. There are enough highlights their Nike say. You still won the series against the defending champs and you just to game out so you can rightly feel very good about yourself. Next seven will be three against bomb Texas for. Act loser Minnesota and then you've got Houston in Houston for three before Seattle the yanks and a whole lot of other stuff what are the expectations now. Here we are the final quarter of the seizing your game out you were tied for first after Saturday night I don't think the expectation anymore is. Stick to the playoffs at BU win mean at this point. What's expected within reasonable expectation for this problem but they would Ayers thing partly they went at all without a doubt and no. There's out there's there's people out there you talked about a month and a half ago you saw. Told people bet on the no we don't necessarily talk about these all time you sit the odds I think there were seven year 81 and you like. Take this bit. I'm telling you a ride with this goal with that in you look at it now it's almost single digits. So what does that tell you. You saw my had a long time ago you watch what this team play and we beans and it's one of the best teams in baseball if not the best forty and fourteen over the last 54 this team right now. You say what's the explanation they believe they can play with anyone in they've shown that. They beat Houston in the series in his now they come back into the series here. All of this doing is building confidence for young team that doesn't have a as a bunch of players that everyone necessarily don't have a bunch of household names don't have really any. The way that their plan right now. This team believes they can win at all. And Houston understands it and I know Ellis a Houston we have a problem. Houston knows they have a problem with aids because aids matchup well against him so right now I think the bar set high for this team. And they believe that they can play with anyone and they show on the they can't so I think it's believed that went on Joseph most exciting. Short term proposition for the aids if they can find a way to go two and 36. Over the last 38. Regan paid on that win total. And I Eagles handed out this show was here for you rooting for the a's all season long back Galileo. Bet the over on the ace go back a month taken many eighty to one here for you go up people. Two and 36 probably the easiest cash in win total history. Assuming that they got and I would go on emotion because he's gotten as they show us and an irregular history of moshing. I won't be a remarkable she I would be not much more to be certain if they finished the year one of 37 and an invite to end the policy and I said yeah. I think to your question about the expectations. If you win the division you expect the ALCS because. Best of seven against Cleveland the I like your chances if you're of that wild card game now it yet to run the gamut of beating the Yankees a one gamer and then taken on Boston the next series that's a tall order but. You wind. Get them Yan got him in ninth. I'm going to be a fast one yeah as a ministry she put together. That was a fassel did feel like the second apprehending and could try again OK it's a pre season by the niners only picked up fifteen penalties over the weekend on your side reasonable expectations. I think also a ALCS I think that's very reasonable anything short is now a disappointment. I'd be a little bumps I me I'd be still happy with this season in all honesty but I have the expectation they'll get the ALCS. I'd be extremely disappointed though if they only get to the wild card game. See here's my question it. It would be a lost season you know they don't get to the LC right you don't sit here and that was a box that you get the expectations so high and you know how it works with fans. Exciting exciting exciting or excited thank you and and you work it all the way through and if you would lose the wild card game or win the division and lose the opening series. Everyone's gonna point to the royals 12014 and all these other. Instances of tremendous seasons and that couldn't get it done when it mattered most. You don't want it to turn out that way but it set up that way because that's history that's the story line that the a's are truly fighting right now. They've got to get there but not just get there now you've got to go ahead and win one series it doesn't need to be the entire thing but one series to justify this once you play this well. And you win this soft and you gotta get to the playoffs and give them something it's like the rams last year. Great regular season and then Atlanta rules right into their stadium and knocks him out of the playoffs it's tough to call that a great season solid progress but that's called more. We will have more on this throughout the program but we've got to get into what happened in Houston. On Saturday the concerns we had on Friday showed that we laid out for you. Well they reared their head in a big way Jolo and its not my seven the. Joseph growing kids continue us on 957 big game. Mark it down take your pick shared. Jerry Rice at 8 o'clock this morning and played a couple of years in National Football League joke Lowe did not 57 game. Speaking of the niners the niners in Houston Saturday final score. Than. Don't know that Texans sixteen the niners thirteen. A last second drive by Houston and Jimmy go Rob Lowe has officially lost a football game. We make of that. We overreact timing is great in the absolutely. Absolutely John Lynch had better be on the phone this morning analyzed. The forty niner faithful will be disappointed let's start with drop below ten of 12136. Yard. Yards exceeding one touchdown. One interception although you can make the case that pettis should've caught that ball Kyle Shanahan certainly thinks he should have caught it but whatever you shake it off you move forward. A drop below in that game six of six on third down 32 series he looked good. The footwork the poised. The ability to let his receivers get down the field get open and hold onto that ball the last possible second he looked very much like Aaron Rodgers in that game Saturday night. He did this is footwork. His ability keep his eyes don't feel. No point in feeling the pressure. Able to alluded without necessarily coming unglued in coming just like you're looking like a spaz out here stayed compact. Always and it's going position. He goes to the fullback on one of those plays and of course counties check bills amount to scamper. Down the sideline the fullback positions alive. In well but you look at Jimmy gee what he was able to do dips. Solid. They're poised to poison the pocket and able to go through his progression on that play Utah I wrote with used Jack yes he clearly was one to go elsewhere. No quick route to his second as second spot and any new word right or Colin B. And Kyle and shot the fullback was even surprised how open he was he just drifted out to his spot waiting for Jimmy G. Jimmy deals his progression then boom boom it is yak yards only got a two yard line it's almost as if the Texas forgot the position existed. He was so wide open over there on the right sideline. Are there. Say whatever Joseph did you. Use of government and whose brother that would and then later when we revisit it'll be like you good out of the two yard line make them play you're back yeah yeah held principle it is you know don't play. Sits at that he looks like 44 Alito linebacker to do well. He had just stepped onto the field as the thirteenth player is that what did you that you had a doubt about trying to get back in the rhythm kind of feeling you know I come back home again. How did he really did it. Are all at all. There were a lot of positives to take away rob below looks strong again mark he's good when another big pass what was the second play of the game. Problem weights he finds that window between the safety in the corner perfect touch he was a bit critical himself said it could have been a little bit betterment past. But he hits mark he's Goodwin who catches three passes for 61 yards Donte' pettis two grabs for 32 yards you bet there doesn't overthrow. That one shot to pad as he ends up with what a 63 yard touchdown in that scenario so there were some positives to take away from the quarterback. And the wide receivers and we will hit on that throughout the course of the show but let's get in the concern number one. The running back position. Jarrett MacKinnon has already been ruled out for the rest of the pre season they don't want to risk any more of an injury to their high priced read an acquisition we get. Matt read out for the pre season dealing with a separated shoulder. Sustaining game one against the Dallas Cowboys were to wait for the landless now Joseph Williams is out through at least game one with a fractured rid an eight deep bone bruise. Bringing most hurt. And nick Nichols did do a whole lot in his game mostly didn't get any carries and nick Nichols had very little with what he had an Alfred Morris there's nothing so. What are they gonna now because the running back position has suddenly become a major cause for concern you just. Named the guys are gonna have to go ethnic nichols' most durden Alfred Morris and that's assuming that McCain can give you something in that opener and the bigger problem for mile island as the number one question I had asked do you. About this performance how much can we take away from their lack and inability to run the football is it. Just the guys are able to go a 100% because I know when you run the football the National Football League. It's about imposing your will play after play you may not get the big Gainer now but if you continue to pounded. So there will break free but pre season you probably don't have guys who were really going full on a 100% so. Can you have that approach in and really pounded out of the three season. It's gummy consistency how this team exists because. I don't think necessarily the offensive line up front is really create a lot of holes as well. I talked about it last week did when you're not here it's different when you have to have those big boys up front they're like dancing partners you got a spark the trade block all these different box. Are they don't want him there's a lot of zone blocking the big in new line of scrimmage created there's a running back is he getting pushed the defense didn't push back now off until line. Now on the rednecks running down the appeal because he's got its avoid that deepens like try to get in the next hole if they don't get push and they don't give anything. It's not create in the running lanes at these running backs need so now you guys guided not guided just went down with a rich. That's going to be out he they're gonna probably release the guy in gonna have to think about settled because he's not the villain played two weeks with broken ribs and bruised. You talk about Joseph lands and they put them on IRI. Are set to return IR BS I just as a puzzle master and dice them all year just think that it's just again for a guy that. You were hoping would make an impact that is what I did two years in a row now and getting to get him on the field can't make the club. In the tub so I think he's amen I think he's gone I really believe that mark my words I don't think that put him on TV and protecting. Market today. This Columbia situation we're here's a guy I've been injured now for two years. He doesn't seem that he's durable now you're gonna have to look at this guy NC where the pain to let this guy go because you look at guys think about one into the Booth they'll think over the weekend as look at the niners do. There's a guy I've looked at that broadcast news and too much there's a guy and above one in the college. But I'd be an announcer for college that I think that they should try to take a serious look at him and bring him in here. With the Tennessee Titans left Dallas. Left Dallas was a great DiMarco DiMarco is. To Markel and our summer Kaz what are you gonna I don't know I think that they should really take a serious look at DeMarco Murray. Here's a guy that can run still have something let. Before he gets in that Booth and releasing bug wanted to pac ten and starred on college ball would every may go. But I think that you've got to bring in a running back it's really really dependable because McCain and yes and after that. I just not sure three point eight yards per carry against Dallas three point one yards per carry against Houston and again McCain and banged up Rita banged up Joseph Williams banged up. Morris and most or don't look to be long term solutions to Nichols couldn't get anything going. All around the kids the position is a major concern here's where it gets really interesting. The raiders might be able to do the niners a huge favor when it comes to the running back position. That's gonna come up at some point but raiders rams full breakdown coming up next Jolo a bit not by some in the game. Sure going to discontinue. Its on 957 big game. Jerry Rice set to join us today at 8 o'clock Donte Whitner at 830 John Rosie on the streaking eighties at 930. It's Joseph lo and dance here on 957 game. Sell it wasn't just Houston in San Francisco going at it on Saturday. The raiders were down in Los Angeles. And there weren't a ton of fans their but according to virtually every report and if you are paying attention to what was going on in the stands. What it looked like. 70%. Raider fans at that rams game and LA. That was in saying yeah how many were down there to cover that it's par for the course down at the raider nation and LA is as long as it is up here. Rams nineteen raiders fifteen inning game clearly nobody wanted to play Sean McVeigh sat all of his key starters again for the second week in a row. Gruden did not play Derek Karr or many of the key players for the raiders said after the game he didn't want. LA to be able to pick up on any of their portables or their hand signals so they would just call a play in and they'd run that play. Very Vanilla very basic because these two we're gonna go toe to toe in the second half of Monday night's double header to open the season we want at the coliseum so. I don't know where you want to begin with this one because it's tough to really dive down into the minutia of the game no one's trying to win. But where would you like to be able start with a guy who actually played the game I think you look no further than the quarterback position GO. You guys talk about this one's one of the most important positions on the team it is. And you don't have a decent baca you're in trouble on the National Football League you're in trouble. You have a guy that can just hit that backs out of the barn you're okay do you need someone that can go in and manage games and right now in my opinion. The raiders did it I don't want to rate is truly had to back up quarterback on this team. EJ Manuel ten of sixteen for 89 yards a touchdown no interceptions but he did lose a fumble. Connor cook six of 1249 yards no TDs no white tees off on July did not do that many favors. Saint Louis excuse me can put themselves the rams. Were pushing the pocket from start to finish in that game so in terms of a clean pocket. Room to step up room to move around at the quarterbacks were given very very little by and large neither did any to distance himself in the battle for the backup job now in the tooth thing. You need for a backup quarterback from my untrained eye never having played in the National Football League is number one you have to have somebody who is just. Confidence somebody who can get a play. And run a play the second thing you need is somebody who's not gonna put the ball on the ground right now when your two backup quarterbacks. You're the one guy EJ Manuel who's competent but he can't stop turning it over. And the other guy Connor cook who isn't turn over machine but he's not yet confident so the two components are missing in both you wanna for do. And you won for two mile conceded that third. And he is competent and he doesn't turn over much she's not great shakes but the lowest point. Backup quarterback is critical if you have those two things and another raiders don't have both in the one guy. Either guy here capable of holding on the job if car pretty go to look cargoes after the season it's over it's over for just about any right in the leave your quarterback goes out for the season but. What you really need is a guy you can steadied the ship for five to six weeks if necessary. Do the raiders had to do the raiders have a guy who can steadied the ship 456 weeks of their car were to go to. Now even when you saw when you saw EJ Manuel it Maarten in the middle of the field. He stared him down it was a great catch by the receiver at thirteen he reaches back to bring it across his body. Due to ball behind him that would just element catch. When you look at the quarterback position even when the pocket collapsed. He sought against would you media in the niners. The ability to slide and slide out. Joseph you and I we talked about it the other day. You can't compare these guys at amber at yeah I understand it. But the way that he steps in the pocket with the poise in the comp and calmness in the collected in this you're like wow. It's not necessarily do delivery it's what they're doing in the midst of the heat went all the trees are around you. How do you avoid in just a little steps to get out the way. Sometimes guys jumped into a hole they climb too far in new watching that with these young quarterbacks in EJ men should be passed a lot of these went staring down guys. Look at a man all the way. You gotta be able to look guys off which I climb in the pocket but a little slight movement and keep in the hands on the ball. I just thought you look at Connor saw guys little pressure got called bluster is on the ball looked really sloppy. It was very sloppy play in my opinion by the quarterback position so what do you do do you see gruden riding with one of these two is is back up you see in May be carrying three quarterbacks. Because there's not a lot of trust there or do you go out try to bring someone else sent. I think you've got to bring someone else in I think you've UT one album but. You clearly gonna be gonna keep three quarterbacks and those are not the three wood to one got were keep and we know for sure but those are the two it's up progressed I get him. And I try to bring in someone else is gonna compete because right now they don't let a tough choice because. You keep the more veteran EJ Manuel obviously in my opinion because he's got more chops but he's more likely to turn it over. And are you just ready to give up on Connor Coke essentially that that's. That's a hard choice because us cook is a very long term play it may be. But if he's not ready now and what good. These are back and battle that Mozy third or fourth round pick. You don't wanna be using these picks in the burning them down two to three years later at some of these guys you've got to hit on some of these guys have to play foundational spots on your team got to be stars but they've got to be guys who can make the 53. And serve some sort of role in which you can bank on them at least to a moderate extent right I don't agree. Then a situation and you keep you keep. Cook anyone on the I don't if you're keeping things okay. Here I am developing you know I'm gonna stay with you EJ yeah you're a little bit better but what is a little bit better guys what does that mean. I did it you gotta say OK he's just a little bit better there's a little bit better musical played one and one quarter does that mean I have a game does it mean a whole game a little bit better than Tom Brady mean something a little bit better than the wake portals means something completely their rounds and I. I know again that still exist like so if if you tell me that. He has more potential in the eject and I'm getting rid of and Sims and so. Look at this scene in my opinion gruden is going to have to make them. Perhaps they're a bit thin at the quarterback position but it looks right now like the raiders have an embarrassment of riches. At the running back position. March out Marshawn Lynch ready to go final season most likely of his career coming up. They Saddam you know what you haven't lynch great sixty yard run in game one of the pre season even though I got called backs and he's good to go. You've got the other Washington in jail and Rashard who we remember from years past. And now you've got this guy Chris Warren. Undrafted free agent rookie out of the University of Texas 62246. Pounds 22 years old. Eighteen carries a 110 yards. And a touchdown he now through to pre season games as a 196. Rushing yards. On 31. Attempts now rents are Barton's another guy to that is five running backs. On the raider roster who have either produced for this team or like warrant our making a case for the team. Is that broad way in which all five of these guys are on the roster come week one because they're not the niners to solve their woes might be looking right across the bay to find a new running back. And it might be Dioner Washington because it seems to me that warns gonna make this team just by the way he runs and him being possibly the heir apparent to Marshawn Lynch net physical running style so. I don't know if he's the kind of guy who you would have shell out of this level and then cut right isn't and just one of the most taboo things to do is to show how good a guy is. Then try to cut him and bring him back for the practice squad he wouldn't survive that process. What you would wanna do is sneak them the roof Ryan get him one of the practice squad but it's out there no with the names out there right now like everyone knows Chris Warren to make some plays so whether or not he is a great NFL career you got to be a stash him on a practice squad great point that he's the guy I think that you kind of haven't key even if it comes down there are charter Washington Rashard he showed. A little bit more I think and you're gonna keep Doug Martin because he's a veteran guy easier insurance policy. Brought him in I had an idea about that mark that's ours or really. Just admit admit a mistake right there on it appears that things. You're yardage got rid of security got rid of a punt returner that in New England it's going to have a big year in U trail Patterson Patterson in you got to thirty you gave a third. To get to bring in a receiver that we don't know what's gonna end up. So your budget is rhyme mark exactly security in a situation. Cares if you got the cut Doug Martin. You RD side but you got warned that you could have control for four years he's a rookie he runs hard you like. Why eagle key marking when you noted. He's aging. He's a guy I think has had some issues. So now you keep warning young guy you let Martin go Marshall Islands is all the way out so why would you not keep the young doable back in those two guys. In the passing game. Oh well let those guys go. It's about Reshard and Washington goes oh look my grandmother on my favorite because Dole's two guys. We're not in the past through the guys you finals happen guys. I don't think that he's gonna let those two guys. All right so these are gonna do we've got a break down who's to go who's to stay with a nine should be looking at in case one of these guys out the door in addition. In an attempt to not tip his hand on Saturday. Rams coach Sean McVeigh I think totally to this and big angle for you calm week one when these two actually meet great news for the raiders Jolo and its not about seven again. I when did continue to one and type seventh game. Oh. All right so little things gamesmanship in Los Angeles on Saturday rams cratered and now this is one of those bizarre scenarios. Where they NFL throws two teams against one another in the pre season. That are scheduled to meet during the regular season. It's not the end of the world if it's gonna happen in week ten a week eleven a lot could change by the end. But the put him against one another knowing they're gonna play in week one neither coach is gonna be incentivized to show any noble wants the played their starters or tip their hand. So I want to take a listen to John gruden. After the game explaining why the raiders are so Vanilla they weren't calling audible they were using hand signals take a listen. While there have been pre season game like this is just off our first training camp. As a football team to have our second you know opponent up against team will help with not a known history NFL that's ever happened. Not gonna sit appeared cry about it because this is saving them as it is us but. In on our first year of operation here we didn't want to play our starters. We don't want them to hear our hands are audible and hand signals and I don't think they want us to get a feel for them either so it was a strange we could practice. And it was strange ballgame from that regard. Legitimate concerns and it's Smart that you're thinking that far ahead. Sean McVeigh the head coach of the rams going one step further he has not played any of the stars through either the teams to pre season games. And you know he's not gonna play the stars in game four so it McVeigh's essentially doing is giving Jerry golf Todd Gurley and his big time talent. One pre season game to get ready for the regular season. Now on one hand you can argue Smart. Keep them healthy we see other pre season goes the chargers just suffered another season ending injury to their secondary. As the Achilles and he yells rack up down there. But then on the other side of the equation there are those who advocate for intense practice because it's the best way to prepare for the intensity of the game. And at the rims are going to be this lackadaisical. About how they go about their pre season. I think there's a real life opportunity for the raiders to get him and we won. Because you can get a real slow start to think about it low tell me if I'm wrong my thought is the raiders are gonna win the first half against the rams he had for those of you liked Vegas. You be playing at home coliseum could be rocking off girly all these guys are gonna have had very few team rats coming into week one. I think the raiders have the opportunity to get up up on him because. Yeah I think you're you're absolutely right in it's it's interesting because I mean I haven't had a chance in necessarily watch the ram original practice. Alec induce tell you what I know about. Wait to guide its gonna say guys and any Tibet's adding to bets are not gonna play you would in in sending eleven guys to pull out. But we would have some intense practices in he would you know I got laudable but we wanna make sure look we go right would you like. So what's on the interest and to see how they played them that the were that the raiders because I know grew and pushing these guys just don't know yet you know what they got on the outside. You know those corners position and with the rams are going to be able lock down guys is can be tough can be tough sledding for the for the raiders how that interior line matchup. Carolina Mike Hussein on offense run and a ball we know this is we know marks on his physical but we know the raiders have a is off until line we know it's suing those guys can do. And I think you you're right but this defect because gain temple is still given a practicing and await pacts and those guys are. The record the route the raiders can come up in beat those guys up. Can they Wear that defense of trying to. You don't have the guy you know he's sitting out week to get the contract is up debt so they don't have those reps together in the game time start. You're right I think there raiders do have an advantage but I know one thing. Waite folks don't come with and don't go to the welcome what's in games in his can be interest in matchup did. The web laying it out. If you were so inclined to be in Vegas and you couldn't at the drawl. Would you like the raiders in the first half against the rams because they're not really getting a whole lot of reps here dame actually I would especially considering that their best defensive players not yet and can't either so to lowest point you don't know how he'll be ready go red in a mansion and whatnot. And the rest of the defense. Not having had a real contact other than the padded practices not playing the first two pre season games. And you'll play more than a half for May be. Maybe happen and change in the third pre season game so then you into another week off I think those guys going to be woefully out of sync. And you can run all the games you want a few Wade Phillips but if you're guys aren't a 100%. Up to speed and raring to go your stuff will be slower all the gains the interior stuff double mud the age gap etc. you are going to be sharp until at least have to. You comment those tackles you come at the tackles and leads to India and and three for you come out of Cole Miller Donald Penn yet you come that these guys and say okay let's see if they don't try to go off the ball quick and boom I got a good start. Nominate inside I think the biggest thing with the raiders Gundy was element of surprise. Book temple speed up like you're talking about where those on defense to line up make the rotation I got a moment feel I'm one no huddle goal with goal with speed now oh my god. I can't rotate sue I can't put the second guys if that's what the raiders got to do element of surprise goal rate call all know auto boom great call right there. Critical I love that on the flip side however if the rams come out have the season many are predicting and you'll look back to a pre season which is stars only played in one game collectively. You've got to figure yourself you know what this could be the best possible case for shrinking the pre season. Why would you need four games in a good team has shown you. Quarterback running backs are wide receivers star defensive players none of it we're gonna play except for one game and they're still gonna go out have success. At that point should the NFL look at this and say you know one. Outside of the potential for some money. May be we should have these guys playing for pre season games because the injuries continue to mount up. Yep what you said first properly outside of money which full stop at that point after the NFL offices and you don't even here. Another worthy had to say because it's only about money so. And lesser gonna show model in which they can recoup those monies. They're gonna continue to out for pre season games and that means when the CBA gets reopened in the starting negotiate. The owner's consent of the players. Look we understand these four preceding gains are a joke let's make it 20 but we want eighteen regular season game so you'll still have twenty games. But this change that need to be made it ten years ago it won't be made until the CBA in two point one. I mean old inmate in the streets he's got to realize they pay us less that way doing pre season game wooden Nickels gay so what they're bringing in from the fans in the concessions you think it's a decent all a decent but like it the coliseum for the raiders and rams game though and 40000. Employees holds a hundred. I ran 40000 people who are paying for tickets parking and concession it's not bad and what do the players make on the tube human 1130. Bucks a game. Patents and B yeah you and me opinions out there. You know we need those three snaps and you jog off though with the toenail that might possibly on the ground. I'd say I'm just gonna and at this. Mean if there's still the same thing and it and decides the rate do you look at that game help the that you look at pre season. Did and you look at Greg's the rams and don't necessarily have those happy bushels in the wake of the LA. So you look at a lot of other ball team to look at other games around the NFL. Those those PC games. Marshall you know we always talk about him when he doesn't play we got to mention the fact Gary Connolly got on the field. Only faced one pass but right. I kept everything went well. Yeah and at the he's healthy coming out of it so I'll trade the exhale for team Conley now more on the next 13 preceding game. Hopefully get out there and continues stay healthy we'd actually see in the game that that has some meaning in September the. Absence of Khalil Mac has clearly been the biggest story line. Out of raiders can't so far this year it's also been the most negative story line. At a raiders game this year but I'm certainly think that the most positive. Story line is this kid Maurice Hurst the rookie at a Michigan who felled the fifth round Cuomo because of the heart condition that was detected I believe that the com mind. First round talent. But drafted in the fifth round because a lot of teams took them off the board at the heart condition he was making plays again. Again the speed the burst on the inside he recorded another sack. It this kid ends up panning out and the heart concern turns out to be nothing the raiders just hit the freaking jackpot right there because he PGA hall. We talked about last week how important these two rookie interior defensive lineman could beat this team another good pre season yeah it's great to see. In Kenya hope that all the medical staff continues to be just one time blip in the radar in the the raiders would have. One of the key steals but also ardent quay who hasn't yet quite got the same amount arrested mullah Hearst has gotten that if he can pan anyway. Also net risky draft because. You took both of those guys who were risks in the first five rounds and so Reggie got stuck his neck out there Jon Gruden obviously is well. So motorists does cannot imagine what that could it and will do for Khalil when he returns if you've got much pressure up the middle. You can't help but think the Macs can have a huge time feasting and outside. Is this the week. Column Mac we've done by the in this week is he getting getting here. I don't think so. I don't I don't think he will. I think he can't now he's too far in the game entrenched each question Scott's yeah so he's gonna have to stick in the bad it legged tick. So I think he holds his ground you know like we we look at this team this team is not better. They're not there with them and I think they understand that. Mac as strong sideline in the dirt this team teams are therefore away they're not talking there hasn't been much communication between Mac in the raiders organization. I don't see this guy Shawna. Do you think he's whatever we want. I think he'll just skip all of camp and shot from week one and go may get rain out there on Monday night. I think he will do that I think you'll see in week one. I think these guys like why am I gonna take those American and on and when he comes in we want is gone he's gone beyond the limited pitch count out WSW no console what hoopla. Those two issues. Unlike that hide them in your writing really creative if he came in right now it's third pre season game you'd pride play what a series maybe. And his fourth pre season game he wouldn't play so why rush back now. F down left out. Grandpa. You aren't listening. 2957 game KG MZFM and HD 18 radio dot com station. Good morning if you are just tuning in we hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for joining us this morning it's always greatly appreciated we've got Jerry Rice in 1 hour at 8 o'clock. Donte Whitner at 830 and John rosy at 930 in addition the beef plants coming up at 730 remember. Best beef line calls get played every Monday and Friday at 7:30 AM however. 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