JLD - 8/16/18 - Hour 3 - Greg Papa

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, August 16th
Joe, Lo, and Koz raise a question - if you were given the same personnel and same coaches, which QB would you take: Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo. The Godfather himself, Greg Papa joins the show. 

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What attacks like this crazy. And no one in this room is knocking down I their quarterback right they're not good they're well very good quarterbacks I says that if you have them for one season who's the guy gave your career is hinging on one season and everything's the same. Coaching the same facilities of the same teammates at the same schedules the same who's the guy the U go away who's been coached better in your opinion. Who's been Coachella is no question Jimmy Iraq it's Mickey louder vs James I'm gonna go out I had. How much everything at his disposal hunt was the guy that in the Formula One Racing world and never saw the movie while at it. As sad as that is. Back. Yeah that is compare. Pierce I do we don't have one knowledge we did wow got a deep dive and out one I'll put up to the listeners you know what because detect signs on grace there. I don't know yeah our go to guy code. Now you're listening to united by a seven game KG MZFNNEC when he radio dot com station good morning and welcome to the jungle because as things about to get hot and heavy now pop is gonna join us in thirty minutes and you're gonna have a chance to Wendell a thousand bucks at about ten minutes at 811 but here's a conversation. You got one season. One season to see your job coaching the same teammates in the same schedules the same facilities of the same everything's the same except one thing. Quarterback. Gore you ride with a save your career Jimmy Rob Lowe or Derek call. If on conversation it always is the matter how you present at this time we're presenting differently triple 89579570. Triple 895795. Said he will put it out to you. But we're looking to have reasonable discourse here let's not scream and yell and what I got trash because neither armored trashed. Both very good quarterbacks but he got to pick one that's how the show works got to pick one to save your job so who's it going to be triple A 9579570. Greater Scott deliver more on the phone immediately we'll go right to a raiders got we got. They are very upset all the guys that are reader tailgate. But I would take Graf wall Ricard RB. Don't ever show up again don't ever show college and why hide it got. Tell us why don't tell us alive or just our heating your utility out of. Got a better pocket growth. If you don't look at that it's okay grappled showed up in this seat at the new guy still won by eight but it curt for all treated here. Either one don't think even Porgy and literal. So it it car better. He's got better receiver in crop walk out last year so there I'd beat your wallet thing that most sad you know the background you know debris. Our cards. So get your outlook are. If he gets played out that if I got it straight now I would take a problem. Wow great phone call that's got I was paying raider nation yeah editor Scott calls up and gives you an honest it says he says drop lined let's let's say it problem at a Harvard educations when it comes the NFL you'll learn from ballot check you study under Brady and the new transition over Kyle Shanahan who's responsible some of the great quarterbacks seasons of all time. I think it's matte shot. It's Matt Ryan and a handful of others had their best numbers their best numbers under Kyle Shanahan. Jimmy had the better tutelage meanwhile Derek got a different OC every single year it's tough I laid that out last year. How difficult it is for quarterbacks who have that much change their life when it comes the play calling. Aaron Rodgers two guys it is like and called placed odd Drew Brees has had like two guys in his life Peyton Manning was without Tom Moore. I believe for like the first thirteen years of his career calling plays. Eli Manning Philip Rivers is a ton of consistency for these guys a Heineken is is it Russell Wilson I believe has only ever known Darrel bevel. You worked your way around the league all the stars Ravi was with mcdaniels. Pellet check. I think bill O'Brien those Bristol replay callers and that's it yeah consistency exactly an end and it. And on that side and that the for the patriots it's Belichick. You're absolutely right the pedigree for grapple owes much better and for card that's what makes mean that that's what makes me happier about car he's heading consistency all the time and he still has shown signs of doing things he brought in. I like the fact he's got gunslinger in him. And everyone keeps talking about Kyle Shanahan that's the current game Jon Gruden got an offensive mind and for those people say he's not a game for ten years a game is changed its past him on. He was staying close to the game not just in the boot the getting behind the scenes in talking to guys breaking down tape of different quarterbacks. I just. I think that's why sit long term car's going to be fine with me in Jordan when both a little bit better because going to be a great new format. So it's set out to CB got a good one that's his job exactly myself why the I hear you say one year sorry they are you gotta save your job and you got a good team that can win. Who you're taking Shanahan went head to head Eddie it with the greatest coach of all time. And if the right Ambac makes one block in not just allowed quarterbacks he gets that he beats newly. He out scheming. He performing and now you have a quarterback in this system that that he sat on the ball and he handed it off too often and he did all yeah. That's a different arguments not get the blood out I show I also is like that definition hallmark aggression out to see a good argument it is. I didn't as some of dizzy he and he has had. Great coaching salt for that one year. That you've got to go to all things a consistent remember coaching is consistent team it's a consistent schedules facilities everything is consistent to save your job got a bit. One drop lower car we do have it on the Twitter and I accounts so Twitter poll and a president in the game go ahead and vote there as well our rights Alan delay though south thank you for the phone call your thoughts. Generally well. He would coach here like. Personally I like the gunslinger mentality. They're car over the lot below I understand that this scenario is one game. Yeah yeah. It goes back to a good team. You know go and play your mentality at all or you're Alex could you want to manage a game. One guy to go I don't like the game. I know there are made a lot of that they fight in. Order order that you like and what does learning curve that. We can he go below and that certainly make even though he doesn't have any gains go under his belt. How would build that car and just calling the completion percentage just. It you know that I met Derek Carr been in the lead. Shared the raiders and last in it would chip really expected. Completion of the senate to actually got out there like Robert de every other ball when it come up short order it. I know even if you look at released solid and Guidant last year a lot live. And in the recession saw. I think we're completely. Senate if you just click that I think that's not. And be one of the match look at I didn't want in this situation that we shared. Should be and then I looked down that we got what he. All right it's a good call Sal lot of good points there and he's right when you look at a metric you got to study everything that comes with the metric when you're looking at completion percentage sometimes those numbers can be skewed a bit because you have receivers who drop the ball more than other teams conversely. You can have great receivers who pluck bad. Passes out of the air on a consistent basis which can inflate your number of very Smart phone call. Brian Campbell EL one season to save your job everything's the same except one thing the quarterback position is that Barack blower is a car I don't. You know great they trapped me guys I'm gonna go got a bit better car. Yeah. I don't and Jimmy drop below. Great art desire. And he's gonna make the plays right on being dropped below well. And not only does he comes from the real have bet she'll. All right I like this you notice he's not a real passionate about the two guys Q what is what school was found at first to me look that up please allow. That's a good. I'm guess I'm gonna guess it's Florida State. The thing about these two quarterbacks is. Their cart is the gritty look at one he's the guy you think he's gonna stick his head down he's gonna try to get the extra art in Jimmy gee is pretty. You know I mean there's one guy he kind of go he's got nice flair and he's pretty the other guys down and dirty so it depends on what you want from your quarterback are well sorry am I gonna look at their facial features like Israel and Asia Caledonia where cars are good looking guys to hold him and I want to blow handsome man that's nice to go out just snow blows Coco has met our rather water Napoleon Dynamite won a Super Bowl. But you know Hanson has prevailed to Brady's had a pretty good evening July violently anti Obama artists they was found 1851 and while Fresno state nineteen. And I fortunate for Fresno state but still. I'd say it did a nice run under plus years. So congratulations. About this and from the 95 car looks like a schoolboy going in for the first kiss when the pocket collapses I. Are you know that means it is seems funny is scars and older brother better looking around me I have written and now he's an. I think Jimmy Jimmy is good looking did you meet but everybody's got very sick hot. Cake is sexism mariners program I'm gonna go somewhere going we Marty has had a that's a good looking thing do we really have to even come close to doing this. This from someone has been any any since his brother's Hansen not. As handsome is still grapple looks like the prince from what movie Rome the Italian movie probably. What is what happens to be able to rely on you know I don't have with the Disney prince I think he looks like Christopher Reeve as Superman that's who I think. You look at a may get side by Agile and I think go to our wedding I don't how do we get here and they only got about what we're. Close C West Coast talk about the Broncos did get this thing started he tell you you're allowed to Gmail. It's pitch count. Both those guys are physical we we can't sit here and say that that that the young fellow Jimmy he's not physical he's not afraid exactly minor. Cars central valley guide biggest he's don't go at it he's going to he's got grit he'll take chances I get those things. Now if you if you laid out and say if car. Came from the same had the same situation he was coached by those that are coaches I take our it would mean in close to right. I'll take it the Harvard medical education pretty much any day of the week as you know what you get and that's true right I agree yet not the conversation unfortunately. My apartment I'm somewhat if he had ballot check in was behind me great that number at Harvard education that's a darling I get the harder educate yeah. Yet it's so yes I would I would take of our head that. I would take him so I'm not I'm not dis am not discounting cars I don't want people give to. We still don't know yet science public and yet I don't worry about that Hillary about it. About justifying everything gets and we both admitted we've all admitted we like both court yeah good quarterbacks don't go down into the draft with the text line okay go ahead. And stand by the fact that you burned one of your. Okay hold we're gonna go to you know it's not a conversation going here at night by seven game. Sure Boeing did is continue. On 9570. Game. Shut up to be great Aretha Franklin. Passed away this morning according to multiple reports at the age of 761 of the all time great icons look at look at this close the. First of all the of the I don't know it's because Mike went down. I need on the rigged to explode. Here we're gonna that giant juggling. Kid that slept well. O line men. I Zell is awesome I totally disagree hi I'm glad. If I'm in a three point stance right and you jump over the lied and then I clinch that's that's not me that's on you. You know the bad thing about this I don't know here's the bad thing but let me think that I doubt it's great looks like urinating your hand did not everybody is also good. Love peed his parents get those social media right now and ask them. Yeah. I'll Mike on that would suck up to guys tonight when the some kind exit your driving around here's what has happened. We came back from break we were getting ready to go back to the fallen to set up the Derrick cards and EG conversation again. And low came in with that giant big goal month met 200 ounce model that decides about 400 pound dumb bell. And he comes in and he sits down and as we're trying to pay tribute to Rick Franklin. Of all things. You open now what's the drink it looks like a carbonated beverage of sums that's what got the carbonation yeah it's all shook got to show the day. And it explodes everywhere and you got your. That's admin. I know we can. But a cup shirt so this page is up the ball a little bottles over the you've got so excited musicals hope keeping a bit to keep hitting the dynamite you want and jumping and by the way coat and a I every I get a fifteen you're making a mess everywhere and since you wanna talk about that both yes to a two days Iguodala have a better since you want it all their talk about pee your pants. It is good to go to walk into the pecos. He's always that is all Joseph that is that is so wrong that Cho right and we're gonna break it down. Suppose this is using the standard your calories is it and it a case of there and he's what he's just trying to do his business is business you committed might do that thing we yell. Try to wrap. Yes he did and I'm melanoma Obama wins all over and I. Usually he was up. And how it goes I scream like a little girl. It's not a two bit. John you would have died. It's this straight again next race is all over the place and you know he becomes in. When you undertake to hear your own business and in my stall got a little senior let you stay nearly moment. And lows not seen any and I know like there's certain etiquette and and I think that bad back Medicare because I don't know did you. An earlier your business and get out of there you know savings. How many you can do wrong militants and you go hey coach did you do you honestly try to make it loud yap and scare them because that's what do you think you Haider round quarters Selig a twelve year old didn't scaring people I cannot hide around the corner I would simply walked into the net. As he quotes no BP. I. Liked this good. You all over and your child on at cigar like you're making love for crying out. That's that's also has things are my goodness bump solvents and it is scary to think of what W a whole lot to admit that I. We order we're in the parking lot at shoreline getting ready for the fish show like two years ago he's and it really need to of this adds skull between our Internet strategy generally gets a shot Blatter shots lower twin the cars opened the door so there's the bypass. At all all look out. For the cops. And he is Artest and just as he starts ago cops are. I think I I if I could get myself I. I might play it what did you do it but the secular realize the moment was there I was like I dot. To take it. And your friendship may be that you're such good friends leaking. So no Joyce Brothers and another mother. Gosh. It's not it was good though deceive. Obviously. Rocket and got away from us on the the saw large black man country club becomes absurd to beat me up I thought it. Oh come on now. Now I hear it here it comes Centex and I did it. His rear idea it doesn't hurt you okay country club racial undertone oh. Over total utter total yet triple overtime Huntsville black guy can't go to Patrick RC I know it's nice out there that I would oriented inside Chinese shoe don't call. Okay all right Maggie Conner I think coming you know it best college wow color. Shows about equality I Holler as. About treating each other withdrew smash yeah. The only seat to watch it and we re route the frank and ending the year and an error and an. Aretha Franklin day you're gonna talk about a black man come into the pollen. I don't look at I heard that ugly let's do leagues but now you clean yourself up your mess echoes you clean yourself up and don't tell us a. Continue to play the Aretha Franklin is heating and maybe we'll just to redo here yeah let's start Julie Guy wanted to acknowledge wanna talk to people to give me a little worried that you. Bearing down. Welcome back Joseph blow it did not accept the game it's great to have you with us today everything is under control in case you're just joining us and you were wondering how the show was going to regret. If I brought me on the rails this. Is moving absolutely in Florida and brought Oslo to bargain we are doing quite well here. And we would like to go to the phones at the quickly paying tribute to a legend Aretha Franklin passed away this morning in Detroit. At the age 76 best piece or read that we lobby. So now we've moved to the phones in the conversation is at such. You. Have a job and it's on the line. All things in the sink in of all schedules the same the teams at the same the coaches are the same the facilities of the scene the only difference is your quarterback. It's their cards and drop. This individual will be tasked with saving your job how you feed your family which guy's gonna go. You don't gunslinger. We've seen more tape of in their car he gonna go Jimmy grapple. Maybe play a higher force scenario a safer bet which direction do you go job on the line that we that raider fans call up and take a problem. We people who know Derek. O'Neill has city leans to Rob Lowe but. And Twitter tech's. Football conversation out yeah so bad. So let's just he's our way into this. Look at other room right now one guy. It's covered in beverage another guy. Trying to shake off urinating on self two days ago well have a good tanks he expects some of the numbers AAA side by seven that about seventy Chris Olsen started you first Chris what's going on. Yeah Derek are. Up. All audio work not a call well. You are out or other in the flat and pretty epic and being worked on. Its typically. And that it would it'd. It'd when he shot. Under a lot straighter. Or change Joseph. And I. And how it. And what is it in and near and it's sick being an iPod down at an all on an edit in. So we all audio where it got Burton all in again on offense got a direct our. All right appreciate the phone call well laid out to a lot of wealth and on how does yeah arguments that. Let this one from the text line up from the 559. Coast probably peas and his pants and underwear around his ankles the back that's why do I need a beautiful old. I uniform who like butters from south park city police are confident I I go all the way down your vet what W sure was that was. A have no idea Greg popping in four minutes hopefully to save me you know maybe you really have to listen to this he may not show up actually good friend Lional in Fremont. No it's always great to hear from you which direction ego and your job on the line and everything else is equal except the quarterback position are you going crop Hillary going car. The more it. That article that you're now. It would talk about. That we went out and I'll share. You know on the senior updated on the way out. I haven't seen. You mean debt that it that it ought be admitted they did well but I mean yeah in all that. You know it. But printed their car and only and do it it got away you yup well for you mean that it that it seems gulf war. I don't just on the up and down any the main guy. We you know we do it in an all in all four game streak I don't you know in you know. Yeah make a way when you look like you know. There rocket waited on all but he make the win I don't know but it is flat here. But he kinda not dumping and that the demanded scene that bought it can go and Levi and get away and our our automatic Cummins now now we that we got the bag don't worry. But no audio at the end it's like Palin on the air we see that would would you meet people right not to go to DC I'd you know art and art of those struggle. And they could get hot in like the Atlanta I can't go right out that they are happy go would be. I could call I don't know that you call every day we love yet these diseases in hopes her podcast am handle. Dominating the phone lines say but a well laid out argument unless eyesight to drop below for one key reason I don't think I've seen his worst. If I have been really good shape taking it. If I haven't I'm taking a bit of a gamble with car I've seen his worst I things I've seen things go south let's remember something here. I've seen their car behind what the most expensive offense line in football. I've seen of Michael Crabtree Cooper a top five pick Michael Crabtree broke the writers about similar marks a glitch I've seen games go south. That's a gamble. I like it was a guy like him as a quarterback Aaliyah deadly franchise guy in my opinion but I got my job on the line and I got one season. I look at that I think and they're gonna be a couple duds in there it happens and there could be some real doubts I've seen you with good talent drop below I've seen him plane went. Some guys it like mark he's good wouldn't know what party to play after what happened in buffalo now all of a sudden he's got twenty million dollar deal who think back last year Carlos hi David. Whose goal line I mean there's a lot of uncertainty there is a team that hadn't won it all one win he comes instantly beat Jacksonville Tennessee playoff teams. That's why when I think about it just purely from a dip was pointed the jobs on the line that's right Natalie that's total feel yeah. Right now I did I feel the other way because of the body work on in the what I see when I watched Derek Karr. I think he's a tough leader a man is and that's what I really respect out of the guy and I again I think the rubble who's gonna be great but if I've got one season. And I've got a team that I think I put together that is Super Bowl caliber playoff caliber is what you get there you never know what can happen. I'm gonna have Derek cars my lead guy if I go back a couple of seasons with that greater team and card doesn't get hurt. With that team the way they were perform because they played better as a team net here. I think you have a strong case that they get through the playoffs and could make it to the Super Bowl that season he gets hurt they fall apart. Last year hot mess and guys who played better the previous season didn't play as well last year. I don't put that on Derek Hough I don't put the drops sees a more Cooper on Derek Carr I put a lot of Marc Cooper that's why lean towards Derek Karr. I think their cars Sean you guys that he can be a leader mint. And I loved their cars stamina his grit that even in adversity in tough times their cars still there. He still gonna swing he's still gonna sling it he stove and let it fly. Let it rip even when they were losing so you do love that the ease then it got but just have it's one game I mean this is one season right now. I do like Jimmy. More of your calls in a bit but let's do a pop has this. They Greg hopper reported brought T buy two lot of construction companies celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence Greg Papa joining us here I 957 the game puck good morning we're gonna bring you right into the conversation. You job is on the line and everything's equals teammates schedules stadium. The only difference is who's gonna start at quarterback for the season to save your job are you going Derek Carr pretty goalie Jimmy problem ha. Yeah hey it's a coin flip they're very comparable I I I realize your putting at all. Equal but you get it this scheme would have to be a little bit of a part of it I think I think Jimmy you're up although it is is better suited. For Kyle Shanahan scheme because of his movement skill but Derek is sure is slow analyses he's he's got good feet. I think Jimmy throws better on the run. I think they're very comparable. And kind of cop but out here. The one thing I would say is they were. They were brought into the NFL very different and I both went in the second round Derek early in the second round and Jimmy later in the second round that same year. Derek was forced to play right away because match job just didn't have his legs he never got off and got over the the list frank foot injury. Sir Derek had to throw playwright a way that first game in New York against Rex Ryan and the overload blitzes and all that. And now. Jimmy got a chance to just you know watch behind Brady play a little bit here and there when birdie was out with that suspension. And I think. Because of it. The one thing Derek is still got to prove to me that consistently. Is they concede that the the entirety of the field. There's just too many throws in too many plays that I've seen from Derek where. He didn't quite see it as well is that a product of being a young player being forced to play. Head drop below been forced to play right away might he had made the same Ayers. It's you probably it's a hard game and so. I think dropped a log just has in a tremendous ability to see the field. Just be able kind of had a rich gain in a way. Change arm angles just kind of figure it out as he goes. And that is that is something that's difficult to coach. I think John we'll try to coach that ended Derek and there is some of that I think they're really very very comparable to contracts are almost the same. But I think Jimmy is shown enough for you feel as though he just she's it is judge is sees the field. Where Derek she's had a lot but a lot of times he doesn't quite see it clearly. At copper I agree with you when you think about we were both of these guys came from that to do they've taken. Two different pass you know Jimmy G behind Belichick are we want to greatest coaches ever. Behind arguably the greatest quarterback ever. So you're talking about the classroom in the preparation and different thinks it's met and Jimmy G hadn't seen it done mark Karr only CN imparted to feel. You know because he had to do on the fly you know plan gets hurt so you know cars dress up their so really didn't have that type of learning he had to go make it happen. Do you think gruden when you see it land and out. How much his group now groom had to take part in kind of I wouldn't say re shape come but tied to getting home. To understand. That's some of the big guys that he had bad coaching or bad habits or didn't learn to Parker way in how much is as going beyond gruden to give them up to speed. Totally having I think that's why you gave John a hundred million dollars and we talk about guaranteed contracts in the NFL and Kirk cousins gathered before going almost fully guaranteed in Minnesota Jon Gruden who's got the the greatest contract in the history of the NFL has got a 109 dollars guaranteed. No one's received that John has to coach for ten years to get it over you know live for ten years to get there whether or not coaches he's gonna get the money. So that's why they brought a man and I you know Derek his checkered coaching in a previously certainly had ignored Fresno state with coach welcome back to when he was under center for you know in college. It is that he said good assistant coaches here but the head coach sets the tone for the whole team. And Derek has never had an offensive minded. Head coach Tony Soprano you know just for short time there after Dennis Allen got fired but Dennis Allen Jack Del Rio which is two different mentality. And you know even though ballot check runs the defense there there really was Josh McDaniels. And Tom Brady and they always had the mindset to score and not be conservative. They always been a chain of scores in the thirties. All the while Jimmy was there so he was just raised in a different way. And I think absolutely Americans say dirt cars careers gonna start now. That he has reached graduate level. Studied ouch John it's gonna take it to a whole different level of what jobs can that do. Is make it easy for him to see the field. Because of his schemes in his formations and playing with tempo going back to Derek skill set ping in the shotgun playing fast more. The way did his last two years of Fresno state. So Derrick has been good I mean a couple of years ago before he got hurt on on Christmas Eve. Against the colts you know he was going to be a top candidate for MVP Wanda finishing third that year he skis got. There is any wrong what Derek he can make every single role. There is to make it I could even argue if you lined a mop and just let them sling the ball around Eric may have a better armed and are up about not sure of that. But it's just the the ability to see the whole width of the field see all the different levels drop charges seems like. He can do it playing blindfolded but I think Jon Gruden. In the way they prepare. Going into games that that's the thing I'm gonna look for. Is it Derrick really embraces it sees it at the line because he's gonna empower him to be Peyton Manning and he brought you know the sheriff is Jack calls and a camp jet. It is a year a little bit the you know it is going to be dare cars complete system. Where in years past where Jack in DA they're defensive guys to slow it down a little bit here. Which got its going to be score score score score score their score every time we touched the ball. So. The it did achieve Derek is gonna have a high level coaching and I think he's Smart enough these studies enough. There's no reason he can't do it except this is a really hard league there's no guarantees. So pop with your teaching analogy in the grad level course for car. Let me turn that to Barack low because he started with such teaching incredible teachings and then. He's had to order you are he's underneath the guy who's really get it right and Tom Brady learning from Belichick. And now he gets another offensive mind how do you equate the teaching here should should might should I start to think that is good as grapple has been. He baby can make an even greater jump because he gets another great mind and a lot of time to work with a. And everything I set about Jon Gruden coast you'd save a Kyle Shanahan and he said he's a brilliant play designers say they will just. They will give both these quarterbacks is easy. Kitchen catches because of formations. Because of moving bodies are constantly there's going to be guys that just popped wide open. Because of how good these play designers are it's hard to stop that. So yes and I think the one thing drop below is gonna have now this is this for is team we know Derek had a player right away his first game in New York. Drop below had a chance to watch a lot of games now he knows it's his team but I think the marriage of both I just Kyle Shanahan and what he wants from quarterback. Throughout the low is exactly yet I think even more than Kirk cousins in cousins is really good at. But he doesn't quite have defeat ticker up little interoperable connect secure all these wide outside stretch food way goal you know complement Terry movement of the quarterback. It's an offense this completely suited. For him. So yeah I think an end in and just again those did a great job of adjusting word when Brady was suspended those games and going more to the movement stuff a lot of screens and using. Drop those feet but it's just not the way they play they're so. I think he's good as he wants a new England and backing up at the moment he played. This offense is far better suited for him and I think Josh McDaniels would of just hitting great outfit they had. If Brady had retired and drop lower than the guy he probably would install this kind of offense but Kyle Shanahan offense perfectly suits drop below skill set. Pop I'm not sure if you've completed all your research yet for the upcoming season so this this question may be better who says it kicked off yet so I haven't played that they've cut my thought process was there my question was going to be putting you see is the front runner to win the AFC west the more time my putting into it the more the chargers seem to check every box but sometimes they can't get out of their own way so who do you see as the favorite to win the division. I think lol I picked him last year to win and then rated as they've they've suffered a lot of injuries station ever read again the tide and hundred Henry's a bad loss. But yes I I think the chargers are. Because of the quarterback and everything around him. But if if if case kingdom plays the way he played in Minnesota and I'm not a case chain of fan attic usually limited but if you get a running game going. With him I still think that there. There. Their defense is going to be ferocious. I think Kansas City is made. A really intriguing. Change and it never before in their great franchise's history when they AFC west two consecutive years they have the last two years with a really good quarterback. And I know Patrick Mohammed says these are really impressive thrower of the ball his arm talent. Is is Jeff George like. But he can't beat Jeff George so what Andy Reid is doing is going from a guy Alex Smith who never turned the ball over and did learn to drive the ball down the field of metrics at all they analytic show. Alex had the best deep passing numbers in football last year he can throw it downfield but they drafted this guy they wanted to open up. But I think Holmes has a chance to throw. He Kiki Kiki go 3030 and I'm not talking about baseball he could talk thirty touchdown passes this year and throw thirty picks. He could he's optical stroke quite thirty but Peyton Manning threw 28 his rookie year so I think he has a chance to be in the twenties set I can see Kansas City. And how they do this they still they have. A great combination of running back tight end wide receiver fifth time in the history of the NFL they have the thousand yard production from those three. Positioned so that they're they have the people around Patrick Holmes Joseph but he should I just wanna see a Michigan have been completely reckless how many times you throw the ball to the other Jersey. But I I right now I would say the chargers are the team to beat but. I you know with gift Gerry Connolly stays healthy and gives you that there are raiders secondary cornerbacks are good improve dramatically. And once they get tell Leo and I wanna see iron key a little bit of that play against the lions. That the raiders defense if there if they can hold her own with a combination of pass rush and coverage. You know Jon Gruden Derek target score this year. How does it when you talk chemical element pop up as at all and with the situation to hold down in. Is this thing and get done when it's gonna happen again it may be nearly September than I've been through September the tenth according. Do you really think Kelly L is gonna miss that opener against Iran slow. Now I know he's he's he loves football he's a good guy. He is really and John King about seven a good player he is if you know when you're in the middle of a negotiation like this I'm not buying. That the raiders have not spoken to Jules Siegel since February that that's that's ridiculous I don't know where that's coming from. It's just not true navy speaking to somebody else and Joel Siegel's officer may be knocked a legal direct I don't know. And I think that's just semantics I I don't agree with that I don't think it's true. But Khalili is just such a good person he never you never have to worry about it he's not a talker. He's just a hard relentless worker this must be killing him. Not to be in camp and being a part of his teammates and closing training camp today it's done and needed to get kidnapped at all 12018 but I just can't imagine. That he is gonna miss the opener and I think they'll figure something out so much I don't know what the numbers are going to be what it all comes in a but I I I I would just be shocked if he does not play September the tenth against the rams up a full elegy dominates with a baseball. Eighties and Mayweather basically all you with a bat made I. I know that's that's even worse that's even worse. Really odd that she hiding out I am when I bet you can't let this comedy load I've got I don't I'm gonna. Under growing fears and get these two back to the Astros the Astros comedy and now how likely with six weeks to go what are yet forty games about to go all that publish at their house and yet how likely. Can they is it that they can catch him on the other side of the giants still in our we fool ourselves on the jets. Yeah I issues in last night's loss or the giants obviously I think there's too many teams but they're they're starting to play with a little more. There's start to play better go let's just see if they can sustain overtime that it's unlikely for the giants whichever now. The H yes I think without question that they M I am concentrating on that October the third American League wild card game. But Houston has just got sideways smiley Bob Colorado. Last night but they're broken nine game losing streak at home the long distance thing you know when they first moved into the Astro Dominic your two and 66. So they're they got some vulnerability they got a lot of injuries they just don't seem like they have the same karma that they had last year after hurricane Harvey. So I idea I think the American League west as one of all the way I'm looking at a coaches I liked and I am kind of assuming the Yankees will make it. I got to look at their schedule. More but I think you know them playing in the American League east coming down the stretch in September they do play the a.'s Labor Day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday which will be fascinating. But I'm I'm kind of looking as the Yankees look at one wildcard spot. So that it's you know it's GH three that ticket to spots. With the Astros the age and the Mariners and you know one team is gonna be left out. One team is gonna win the American League west the other team is gonna have to you know play the Yankees in the wild card game. That's kind of the way I am looking at it and I I after the way it's gone down specifically since the all star break in action since middle Joan. The Acer right there together with the best record in the Ashley was a hard loss they they should escorting a leadoff triple lake stranded leadoff double. They stranded but you know yes the yes the a's can win the American League west tensions. Gibson's hangover after his fiftieth birthday is so bad he couldn't make work today hit hit hit it and I. I was I got a lot of shows with him after our Rangers so I'm shocked by the shock. He he knew it was coming in dainty to guard their awful lot. Anybody heard about a year ago. If if you don't wake up but it turns 51 and then it. I'd have a good like guys you pop that out there. That's a good one that's good line. I bombed. And there are few things get too interacting and hitting would have been when I wanna see and I got on the littlest guy in the room I gotta come I got a Compaq and absolutely right. A few little. You think causes smaller than me. I'm smaller and him. She's totally what are you apply at least covered in mainland Europe he said he's the littlest guy of them I think Kohl's saw I don't understand I think that you're supposedly goes toward humans. Known on on not. I'm not. Obama camp grounds is I don't think yeah I was they are the anti sing so all of beside you may help. Studio BM Maceda sag mill now I hardly gotten. You'd say this is a well laid out segment. Because I bought the. We're both standing in front of you six feet away. It's very obvious I'm bigger than clothes and yet yet. Yet. You glucose is bigger than me. Explains what has happened. But let's take a sip at a net 200 ounce big big gulp you aren't there and enjoy our guys who admittedly I don't and big man. How are sick and if that's what they're that would sit out to me is we couldn't get popped to pick one of the other my. That's number I don't hair cut right all right so it's that's why he was outside and we we set we set I yeah we therefore like which weighs pop gone there's option may be in the NCC would be try to played down the middle and dodge like a politician you know there. This thing around and it was a pro answer is abuse professional. Exactly and then the final 10 hubbub this just to build a case from the five wanna. Jimmy GE's numbers extrapolate out to seventeen touchdowns and sixteen interceptions for a full season. Have fun wagon to that I'll take Karl daylong crave run the 95. Does that make sense. I if I would have the meadowlands out of canola Friday may be it does I really don't see that as be accurate projection but it makes some sense and it's. I think one of the best case is greater Scott who weighed in the beginning text and then he's like let's let's let's look at it in this context. Bill Belichick who some might say is the greatest coach of all time if not he certainly on the mount right question she wanted to and trade Tom Brady to move. Two GB problem he was just coming off a Super Bowl win with Tom Brady. Any wanted to trade him to moved into a problem now what does that say eighty as you make the case for their car what does that say you that arguably the greatest echoes of all time. Wanted to trade the greatest quarterback of all time whose office Super Bowl win in order to start the Scott. Here's what it tells me it tells me that he didn't have zero record Kamal nobody else no right. Did NASCAR but I cannot have that if they could think that this thing and you know what out of this. 171000. Plus at the a's game yes not bad for today's game Carolina I'll take action I. Congratulations and well. Another lady take two with three ready for the Astros series the battle though twelve innings Franken has long game. Tell me about it I wanted a lesson over the giants battle was over their two nets always that did most of. Casey thing is as. Is that if you covered the team for a living like if you act every single game. And you get some of these extra inning game sometimes you look drastic my gap between the end of the game. The story be interviews. Getting home back and getting up the next day to come back to evolve our thoughts. They're not there in the press box. I don't. Battle let's. He said he wanted to and wouldn't and it was I doing it every night he was out there yes but he doesn't you know he does backed up he does com mail go he's tweeting from Houston saying Josh Garnett is getting the first team reps at right guard John Cooper is earning second team. What do you make of that. And they're gonna do run with the ones out with C without. You got. I think it's great to to storm out there seem this kid's got a big or not I mean we're gonna see what's gonna happen to me you're not gonna I don't think it's gonna keep all the album I think it's still situation where. You might have it's if it just doesn't play well would you want him to do. In this is that situation where you see hey we'll see at the niners gonna trait I mean. Glad he's glad that he's healthy glad it's healthy enough to get some reps with the one wanna see this young man play we haven't seen him. Read aloud but let me ask you let me ask you this when you're fullback yes and you'll run what the ones and then one day you comment and it's someone else from what the ones and you had to watch that. Or what was going through your mind that I haven't. Yet he didn't like it yet they drew went there aunts and Norman's. So early in your career yet newborns they drafted resellers. And they are we numerous bomb back and forth switching back and forth in your that you're three or your iron sharpens iron baby yeah. You when you do that would do when you run one guy with a ones for awhile and all the sudden you get ready for the next game you run and another guy with a once. But first guy gets the message quick down quick. Read I don't. How I was disappointed I mean listen necessarily show up com. To see right disheartened. Let's it was yeah it was I was disappointed the apoplectic. That I knew I was better not to Clusty to comfort space he's become the how does it instead and never was never was never was really frightens a guy. Was was there I mean and lesbian and starting him in plain. So just weird because we did most of the one back set. All right since seen the back so you're unique in that you're married in the Bure the fullback shots missed starts I was yes notion. I was disheartened. Point you don't let me need to be to you for your. We couldn't picture we're bringing used to playing used in in imminent means that much to. Some guys to a doesn't mean that's not what I'm saying that a lot of guys you've seen guys you've got to eighteen you better around the league you've been around players that guys like OK you sealed their lefty did Lucy Lucy they start they start to play they play and there's some guys you see some data that no. That's not why don't you take a guy he is he visited the Cleveland Browns wide receiver. He's got does Ron get. Not seen. Break but he believes should be playing right he's guidance is okay. Put me in the game and I'm going to dominate certain guys LTE certain guys UC marsh. Both got no matter what they believe they should play car and let some guys are built like that some guys just say okay you see guys young teens. They don't want a bit like a back up I'm good political use a lot of guys. Chase Daniel maybe my favorite player of all time but you know the chase Daniel's story you're not. He's thrown 78 passes in his career I believe it's eight seasons he's made 24 million dollars. That's well. Oh my god it's actual life. He got back it up in Chicago like his good Stravinsky gig he will get paid to hold that clipboard and help and that's it. And there happy duo well I would go that jolly happy guys in the league beamed back. They come to work there on time they sit there and meeting mr. coats they do everything buttoned up in game two in their happy they're happy that the play. I don't know tell you. Start. As offensive guards in this league is wouldn't you. Quarterback talent all of gonna get hit photo from a lot. 1 of 32 teams that win the Super Bowl from an odds respected spot and I give him my teeth so well let's not make the playoffs because I don't have to travel around January. I don't that without checking enough so let's just go ahead shut it down late December and 123 can't do you gotta keep you gotta give it a second off but the climate gasoline man to complain guards are both guards this year. Guys that does no good that guys definitely gonna have to play he's gonna someone I can ever do silly man always in there Cory Withrow play with me with the charges that and he. Played maybe five or six games and almost 34 years great reader for years for them. But to put a little bit tape out Dan Avery add to. But services got deep run around oh yeah first I don't ill be rerouted. Apostle and all of us out it's yeah. Good luck. You all give you a good look I've got a great for the guys think Leahy is as bad the Bard's back to tackle. Just. From the night's about what about shop he's still cashing checks I don't like him. I don't beat him. That it was it was even money to throw a pick six every time at the bottom it. It got to a point where it was his running joke and that he would check in and everyone would make you joke on Twitter. Pics except. And it should he really Scott is unbelievable just don't into the ground. Sat back you literally help the other team more than your own team every time you're on the field no I don't wanna be shop. Ever I slaughter of the native American. Because Tyler Bradford yes. Bob Bradford because everyone I I can't stand Bradford you you know I feel about it but everyone makes excuses for. He's got a ton of money. And everyone makes excuses he doesn't have a line he doesn't have receivers he got hurt he's got bad coaching he never had a good opportunity got a raw deal. It's just excuse after excuse everyone continues. To allow it and he just keeps cashing checks checks and she won't cost Weiler first of all he looks like a serial killer I don't want that. And number two looked like it's the whole it's a total clown show attack it was a console in Denver and everybody thought it was coming in the game than Manning ran out yet got caught on camera all sad. Anyway do you see was Obama that he got traded to Cleveland as a salary dump the first salary dump in the history of and the NFL. So they need it in the NBA the salary dump Tracy got salary dump the Cleveland and they ran his ass out of town method then I would never going to be asked Weiler. All tall and lanky prior to adopt to go after door she has not narrowed that to pass a hard pass and I think Bradford who can never got paid more than the average weight over a hundred million. Wouldn't it was not a Lynn was Matt Flynn on the Ellis Leo that we got a guy on the 95 is an influence on that list of all of that out of money. And he got the idea of the Seattle again Russell beat about it it was nice to not play rightfully got. Twenty mil out that I wanna say all it was heavy money nice that was Dane and Tony Mel yeah yep you back and other router that. And he moved to Washington to get the money is no state tax of there. That's a that's a good win. The other until you know Monday apple I'm OK with Lithuania keep flannel AJ McCarron is another one. He was it a dotted Alabama won national titles but eating cat got married to Katherine McPhee. And then nine he goes up and he's been playback of everywhere but he's not made any money he's also a bit I think he's taken so but he's gonna around for awhile yet. Some I don't know by the end of it will probably end up you know. Fifteen or more I'll take that supermodel wife and a but I've gotten Alabama. There's other states I'd rather be caught in let's be honest. Probably 47 others and to be completely hottest year but that is pathetic here that the moment. You still get to the Taliban you eat for free to rest your life you're gonna go to the south. Let me ask you about problem fighting ominously this that the football may quick almost okay how do you know. I know that we get little tiny sample sizes Ker huh hello how do we know Jimmy garage below. Is it Matt Cassel. Was Matt Cassel Jimmy grappled before Jimmy grapple. Right I think it is the chance to play college rules he's listening to madam I think it's a good coaches and teammates speak about and that's a good point though Cassel stepped in and they won eleven games Nazis yup they missed the playoffs with a 111 games. But he is when Brady moss and Wes Welker and then he went Kansas City deal that's update still in the league tell ya know it was the yeah. He did try to get things done alliance my good guys up against that I rookies eight. What he got that sixty million dollar Helio isn't any got a good good life and thought you know what that means. Aren't over to the media the saarc forget in the way. I could fill haters remember actually gets a flag cameo and so on an advisor on the game.