JLD - 8/14/18 - Hour 3 - Greg Papa

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, August 14th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs discuss the A's attendance after last night's 10,000 fan draw. Then they speak with the Godfather himself, Greg Papa. 

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An elite game manager in the Alex Smith small but he can also give up the game. Whether it's through fumbles are a couple picks though I think the niners went and at home but the rams will handle it down while. That league that's. That's passed by I think that's that it could happen that way but. Now in the music come on we funeral brutalize them because you said than done that that you had a prison met with our segment that marked before us some of the preposterous things he said we actually started a whole new file folder have been communicating effectively stalled opposite casino. The tape has been marred the ticket just all Marc now to one blue streak yelled blue pencil. Actually propel it. Actually I'm markets hey I'm gonna go off the rack up. Okay literally getting market all time are safe you're listening to that about seventy game KG MC FM NET one KGMC San Francisco he radioed dot com station good morning. Welcome to boulder ridge golf club in San Jose where we are lie. I am for our eight fuel station golf tournament low dress the part in all of rains geared Todd Gurley O Paulo. There is sweat pants were round of golf in on a day that's probably gonna be quite hot it's exactly what you would imagine here at Trenton like that hello Joseph. I am not gonna burn off at Al prison that that right now though we'll what are you know what went away go away burns op like. I'm mark a bit later in the go to prison and getting our son at right now out of prison betting that he would. Sunny weather and hot weather in San Jose got a they get at real risk their coach I had 101000. Problem. The raiders we didn't get on this yet Donald Penn pedigree has agreed to restructure his deal they are going to end up paying him more money easy to get more guaranteed up front so they could restructure the deal. Free up a little cap space now it gives. Had a little flexibility down the road a little bit more security don't have the exact details in front of me. A lot of people are excited because they think this is the first that trying to free up money for colonial map that there's not. That much money being freed up this could be for something else. It's currently not propel a Mac because that's gonna be 27 million a year. This is just moving around a few million here and there's so by large I guess it means pat is gonna be all on the team this year probably not gonna be cut which is good news because I don't. Think gruden wanted to consider moving. Cole Miller to left tackle BJ right now he's led left tackle the future but the future's not here yet it if you do have cold military now. Now focused technically when you said that aside seconds and that's how special in my life philosophies later is now got a little later so you live in the now you don't ever want to talk about later. But later wolf we now until later now is now now. But I digest you should get an endorsement from the can't be validly. I. Apparently working on not naturally ice cream dips. I got our film department I only got a seven year. That's an okay. They just have tips straight up hit those little I don't need him anymore that I think last week I don't like him and I saw the other day that was it moved for president I can't eat this important it is to bloke yeah if you look. Yeah. I was stuck between Jamal OK and devote Idaho actually hit a chip broke with us I feel too broken my slut and little Lola ride got Ankiel. I think this is great though because if you could mark the tape I think you were enough that it markings okay the market. Com is a big thing that's we did we were talking you sit pins on message no I didn't know. Know you said he's gone home I told you I was simply was relishing the fact I ten he held out. He comes back to play at the new deal we do it all right all right all right well I don't know let slip case let's relax I'm quite sure. That. There was statement insane when you see this did he's going to be done massive no. You can't get rid of PM because you uncle rookie out there he can do it and said. 1010 will not because city is going to be on this team because he still could tackle and we talked about that so. I just wanted to make sure that we you know we we understood he. The guys still can play and he's got you going to have the use some. And we talked about being very sure on the other about a thirty come up this frank yes and that there would be any suitors but so did get picked up the next day. In the raiders knew that so they restructured his deal so that's cool so the raiders make it happen debt dump ins got him in the year. I think it's. Hilarious that a player holds out for a new deal last deal that can't. I want a new deal full arms stop society gets a new deal. Comes out gets hurt and then in the offseason that no deal that he works so hard to get because I'm holding out because I want what's coming to me. Guess what doll needs picnic that went to come on back in a rigged idea a new deal again so all that whole not you did it basically amounted to what. Not a lot front netted sharp money up front but the organization has gotten a better position your team's not necessarily in a better spot and yet. Donald panels are able to hold out for it and now he's got to pay cut itself but how. You say that when your card wanted to new deal when he got to new deal and he better. And the guy's got 31 and a new deal he was saying I want my new deal he got hurt that he year that the new deal got hurt the team was indicted for. He's doled out a coach then that commitment that demeans the signature difference at all that's because you have a person under contract. And yet you could want more money I'm sure you want more money your job all of us around this table could probably say that but if you under contract. Yeah I holed out you can't hold out maybe you can it's your decision. Their car didn't hold out any got a new deal Donald hand held out got a new deal that is deal had to be reworked for obvious reasons. I was talking to a bookmaker and anxious today wanted to smartest minds around at Savvis from the last day. And we were talking about the AFC west and last year it was fascinating because that news had come down in the offseason before last year. That they were going to be moving to Vegas obviously there's a lot of buzz in Vegas bookmakers need to be aware of the fact. That they're gonna take more money on this team than ever before because people wanna get behind me quote new home to. So they came in. They've met the raiders. They played a bull run the win total to play the futures you saw all the numbers dropped. At the raiders struggled last year by the end of the season with people stop betting on that works score everybody it. When true to their quartile of scoring that's what they get behind when they admitted or not so. I was asking him how are you seeing. Rate the raiders this year what would how are you at Michigan that the fans aren't betting that the residents of Vegas are betting him like the east. Just because they want is exciting last season. They have seen some money the instinct part was I asked that the move to Jon Gruden how much are you weighing how much does that change the lines of I'm asleep. At a C savings are real. Now that does it mean they'd let they can grow and but they don't have enough right now opposite that you like to disguise gonna be game change. Vegas is viewing the raiders' situation as very up in the air maybe this guy can comment. And maybe he's a great coach some people remember maybe he will play well but they are right down the middle on that they're not playing it. One way or not they think there's a lot of it certainly with the raiders which I think is what a lot of people have projected coming into the seas. And it could go out variety of weights. But Vegas is not looking at it as gruden is gonna come in and at four wins or that group could become an immediate disaster they're playing it right down the middle like they did last these facts are that was I thought that was really interesting because I thought. All that hype coming out of the boat would have been enough to be like yeah we're gonna see some action need to be up the win total might have to gamers. Yes I wonder if it's not uncertainty that surrounds the roster whether it's Khalil Mac or the fact that. Gary Conley we're not sure if he's gonna be a good player will be nullified a practice that's good news shot not GC hope we can stick and stay and be able to hang it out there. New putter new kicker. Questions with Jordy Nelson coming off injury across the board I think there's a lot of guys are unsure about. Who plays more games this year Gary Connolly Richard Sherman president met and good question that prison met for those who don't know. I've you're right you get three million dollars if you're wrong you have spent years and quit becoming luck. I go to Richardson plays more if he will appear in more games this season and during comic was waiting on. Both Richard German also will be wow yes the thirty year old coming off the Achilles both of you prison met that hopefully more than Gary come he'll play only certain. And he'll put it on the line that's an invitation yet I must say it's going to be a lock up 1210 final Sherman twelve Conley ten. Vitamin deficiency and that that's the real thing right preparing Conley so. If he does it if he does get hurt though if it's a a bone breaker related injury might take him long to get back to you know. Now announcing that's not a good sign that a guy who's young first round pick I mean you would figure. What we should be six disc player are you kidding I got exactly easy. Back at practice still although I don't they were as he had all Nazis should we now even what not to get any red snow and and they said chairman did a lot more aggressive at practice and he's in now he's really trying to hone in and on his illness steals and say okay. Be more aggressive getting guys going to he's he's going to be he's not I think did you guys seem first week without a doubt. And Sherman's loan and a great job you're doing his rehab and getting back. I was really interest it would the green thing to say because I'm on side even know they don't have squeal Mac. They'll still be better because they're going to be tough to like it this year they're going to be tougher the going to be more discipline. In car will go way less interceptions he's going to know where to go the ball gruden is a guy this glossy here's the coverage. But I want this ball coming out here its cover to the middle to fill damp you look this way in that's what's gonna go trusted let it go. Go for gruden is going to have them very buttoned up. Forrest won with the ball inconsistency in being a tougher team without doubt I was gonna say and to. Being with your question who plays more this year Rubin Foster for the niners or Khalil Mac for the raiders the that we don't foster's out for two. Who went plane in more games that goes to Mac he's gonna be properly one I don't think he sits on the whole that lasted this season they start jeopardize all types of stuff. So you get mad quest to win 6014 yet also generally health Rubin's been banged up a few times two's I think you're gonna set odds that you to have Mac has a eat them as a favorite probably have a healthy favorite because the public sentiment is all he's aka black guy really upset or at least don't go to business okay. All right good stuff. Suck it up the next let's do it kilo bits that it might have of the game. Chill low dips continues. Live from the boulder ridge golf club in San Jose sponsored by Cohen a brewing company and Benjamin Moore paint. Baby daddy witness today has look I am. From the boulder ridge golf club in San Jose. What's so exciting that he's used to it. Easy guy laughed at that people using that the open and he overdue Bolton the under delivers. Women expression when I went to grammar schools big talker Betty Crocker. This guys over here to make it takes that's all that's it and you making cakes these Betty Crocker over here he's got all the recipes. He's got all the recipes but no ingredients counsel about it talked a he's arrested last break. I hit yeah etc. Instead of firing vertically got a fires horizontally. I look at it like this. The entire shirt it's everywhere 74 people. One guy at large horizontally that would be my next question you have just used it you're not a covered in so why did not wash your hands no I. Funny is I shook hands with that with the lift your gentleman who's been there before I wash my hands which that was on him he extended I was clearly fresh off of channeling my business. I don't know posturing here of course north smell. You can push through songs but really you have. Now it underneath it an initial doesn't shoot out you either pushed too hard you had a bad and it. It was a kid that shot horizontal I think I've listened hardy didn't he didn't redirect off the hand it was beat you basically take pride to show just that thing. I told my. Just over there he hired chatting. I'll try to watch it I pushed the button up chat a little bag of what they look at that would what just happened it widely covered insult. Of the capital that new schedules companies drops a boulder ridge sex or having a solid fact that you know. Likely charisma for that it's not comment to take care at this met mess I've got my hands right now. But I've movies urine or I don't know where it will greeted him pop at 830 yeah ten minutes. There's going to be a long ten minutes I look around. Now it's it's. I this idea that addition Marmol had at candidly Joseph you'll YouTube you guys start a conversation. In its interest seemed eager to storm reports about the pay thing shot out so he goes his overran an Elvis and in order to die you know to kind of deflect what he did. He hits you with no it was that case five so he had I can't even guess yet we're doing enough things you were just sitting there. Did you not see him right. And he apparently due to the show because that's how we do things around there. Doing nothing yet because he said oh in the line of fire coach shut that clinic and he says yeah did you wash your hands ha ha and of course you chimed in with your own little chuckle laughs so you. By proxy were part of a bit. So that's why you got married and drunk I even if you are on vacation Hollywood got burned as well without a doubt how networks around here. I'll look at dressed list because this is catching fire on social media and there are a lot of individuals who went away and say you know what we're gonna put it up the people. Aides fans are not happy with the way last night is being portrayed this morning. TV some context Oakland with a another big win last night over Seattle seven to six they won three straight ten of twelve. There are only two back in Houston for the division three halfback for the yanks for the first wildcard spot it's the hottest team in baseball it's got a ton of young exciting talent. By all accounts this is a product people should be into. The problem. Is that a product people are not. Last night drew just 101400. People for the biggest series of the season to date. Did you and I have a lot of friends it to Seattle radio were linked up with them on Twitter they were all over this last night. This is a very big series for Seattle it's a very big series for the a's yet this morning. While we come on. And we highlight the fact that the story isn't the wind it's the fact that only 101400. Showed up for the biggest series of the season. You have to ask yourself what's the issue. We're gonna put out the people everyone is upset on social detects light we're hearing from everyone so why don't you call its AAA. 9579570. Why didn't you go to the game last night. The fan base is tired of being presented a certain way I understand that that team's tired of being presented a certain way I get that but facts are facts. This is a winning product it's an exciting product yet nobody wants to go see the product. Meanwhile in Los Angeles last night 45000. People showed up for Dodgers giants. Right the Dodgers are in contention aides say that let us know from the beginning. Why are you talking about the giants they stink our team is much better so why the giants trawling thirty plus 35000 plus routinely at home. 45000. On the road for their rivalry game yet for your big robbery in 101400. Educate us triple 89579570. And also bear with us because central location that is easy to take call right. I think there's a number of different things at play here first and foremost this is a story not because we've decided to take shots at the Oakland days. This is a story because of what and I played in her update. Matt Chapman and your superstar play player. In the post game making an emotional appeal to the fans saying please come out. And watch it so it was an ace player who has made this story by his comments though before you attack us for being mean spirited. These are 37 and twelve. Over the last 49 that is mind boggling really good that's better than a 750 clip unreal that's better than Boston's been. All year in Boston got a record breaking eggs. And also this job. That's contacts right there nicely dot gets 36 and twelve would be at 750 clip there 37 and twelve over the last 49 so and what are the what's the winning percentage of their losses at. 70 wait there 85 and thirty or fifty or the eighties are planning at a 755. Clip since mid June. This is the hottest team at this side of the Golden State lawyers. My brother in law shot out DeVon took my kids to water rolled over the weekend and he spent some time but that's and I asked him. DeVon at why haven't you gone today's game at three years he's a guy who would go to five to seven games. Each and every year any site to saint things that we hear all the time the turn over of the roster. The fact that you don't know these guys anymore you have the same connectivity. To the product and even through the fact the got to spend. Forty dollars on parking as a reason why he doesn't go personally even though tickets are affordable it's not exactly a cheap day out so. If it's not a product that you're attracted to because you don't know the players for the most part but we're talking about the casual fans here it's Hardin drop people that are. It's really sad when you hear player. Just after the game after winning get a phone there and make a plea no one asked him to say anything. Any talk about please come out nuances. A disclosed tell you that a guy walked into his ballclub you going you get to the ballclub you get there early. You get in the clubhouse she gets stretched to get dressed you eat you do most things. Come up for batting practice in the Afghanistan's okay people aren't here yet and you go back getting come out. In your night. I'm playing here. And you look around and there's no fans. You're the hot one of the hottest teams in baseball and you look at around as a player as an athlete and you look in in the stands you elect. Mike got a weird do want something in Nolan to win and we're not even get me anything it's it's it's. I'm telling you give guys a bungled their job was they get paid I get debt which you're. Happy you walk into a ball club and you look around and you have no home fans you have no crowd in you're still out there will rake in you're still up from winning. And all of a sudden you look in the mail will have what what do we do. What do we do to deserve this until you players love walking into a ball clubs are walking in the stadiums in the crowd you could as a fan you walk in its energy in the place when you go on to building go to war against. It's energy there and now. Now Europe that your plane and you're winning. You talk about what they do Dawson the collected there over Boston in Boston got the best record MLB and the war in the port. Eight and eleven and twelve people it's a thousand people. Kumble. The last five seasons. In Buffalo, New York for the Buffalo Sabres 21 in 51. 23 and 5135. And 3633. And 3725. And 45 and of course overtime loss to the Buffalo Sabres. Are one of the most embarrassing. National Hockey League franchises and existence in terms of winning and competing. It takes our players routinely flip them for more prospects in the hope that they can eventually put it altogether to make one sir they have been rebuilding. Four years. Years. Last season despite another heard ever performance. They averaged 181563. People they ranked eleventh that attendance in the NHL. They're capacity. 99 point 8%. For every home game 41% 41 games 41 home games the damn near sold out every night that we just don't tell me. Because of roster turnover in about product that's why you don't wanna shell out. Those fans care. I know because my wife's from the area even when they stink they show up knighted in night out. They got to practice now. They got a track ice. They got a track blizzards it's during the school year it's during weeknight it's cold it's dark it's miserable the product stinks and they show up every night. That's why we're opening it up to you triple late night 579570. Explained. Biggest season of the year teams red dot best in baseball like this set of the last couple months so why do they only dropped 101400. We'll start with Roy it Martinez Roy backs of the phone call what's going on. Like I say let them I am I Obama supporter. Sure I bring in my Q. I went to a game model that we. I I got tickets. Pretty big game and let it go to amber I got it out yet. I don't know that it's just Oakland because I would watch Natalie in game. Eight it was partly they'll either I have to say. That output when. We're looking at tiger Martina how you paint ball game. Now there's one other thing I'd like that they are BA last night in game one people familiar and it eat and I knew right away he was in trouble I wanna know why alarms in there and go to debate I mean I thought issued upon the map in the first batter. Any. And he. And Martinez and. His subtle okay proving that Roy Martinez angels by the way averaging 3700459. The seventh and MLB the apex bank. Then he's averaging eighteen for. Ahead of only Tampa. And Miami two teams that basically never draw and people going to watch baseball Florida so Eric and Oakland thanks for the phone call Eric your thoughts. I'd love to get behind you have made but I have been number it's several times you know ownership of noncommittal had been a long time. It's really difficult to follow a team when you know the ownership didn't even meet planning its pop star as a trading a player. Even their manager you know our drive for a living and how the opportunity to drive different celebrities that from players I drove Bob Belden wife and daughter last year took them home suck Arnold relive. I happen to be driving by your house get a date and. Punch line guys he's got to let you got a call back and let's not let that got dumped because yeah look like he's got. Little tight at the little match. With all of where that now how about listen honestly well let's let's be honest. We throw this out we want reasons why the first two phone calls have given us literally nothing. Right is this not part of the problem. 101400. And very simply the radio station says why. First two phone calls not that Justin Fairfield what's going on Justin. They'd vote no longer certain amount Colorado. Comp out. I just under a month ago and then. Yours and the reason it is just to pull one tackle seem apps I don't. No we elect. On number two. You never know. You know that the ownership group has not been responded what are. It's part of the Graham. Even when you got yo Chris statement I'm in a long while Andrei. Chapman that there sign him to a long term partner wanna players that are on April it around three years. You know I want you are accurate picture. A lot of vehicle what are so it is it that your no competent person group that and it expert around. Thanks for the call and hope you feel better I think that's pop that Greg Robb report brought you by shoddy construction company celebrating over one. Years of teamwork solutions and excellence if you are on hold stay on hold we will come back to you right after this the Greg Papa joining us here on 957 game pop. Yeah okay. Yeah obviously Greg in doing Anglo driving by Bob Melvin says. Yeah. Tell us that. We'd like stock cars on our program grants and that was a weird. That's a tough as them all. I didn't decide to go in. You know you guys that jogger obviously Georgia we've had we've been doing that her years and years cited the eight games or fourteen years. And I saudis the evolution in the attendance at the coliseum. When I first started doing on the right actually won a World Series in 89. And 1990s they drove almost three million people. Before the raiders came back it's when they had. I think one of the greatest owners ministry of various sports Walter Hodge on the team. And then they shot and and Ken Hoffman. You know council the team from from the shot from the Rogers. Well changed obviously it was when. XPC pac bell park AT&T park would spell please the giants in the eighties coexisted in the Bay Area separate 32 years after the age moved here in Kansas City and 68. Of those 32 seasons seventeen of the 32 they out drew. The giants it all changed when. Pac bell park was first built and bonds started doing is saying and you know every year the Bay Area would draw. Roughly five million people for baseball it was pretty evenly distributed between Richard changed. When the giants build that park and they were selling out every single night. They were trying you know close to 4000003 not happen mediate got a dog to a million. So I restored the days so it's a big change from the bash Brothers when I first started in 1998. It pledged that forward. Ten years and the the Mulder Hudson Zito Giambi got a shot listing. They didn't draw as well partly. What you're saying what stadium being reconfigured but really. You gulp from from portal owners to. A lot of single worst owners but but let's involved don't Kirstie shot for all its shortcomings loved baseball you know what to baseball pitcher. You know John Fisher Charlie ever out. And it does trickle down so glad I was really disappointing I think we know. Early inflated numbers. A better product of them playing the Dodgers and giants. The pregame obviously. And that we were anxious to see what it would be less tied to get just 101000 it's very disappointing Matt Chapman which also know without an allegation. Last night I think he had did you string quarter. I'm a nineteen folded a double double double. It was awesome last night but it just it it is what it is so they can complain about it. It's really not the issue to me it's to celebrate just how good this baseball in his Tuesday. They got a shot battle a battle to get into the wildcard into the gutter shot and what the American League latched. Without a doubt popped there in the most exciting team going out to challenge other there last 49 games they're actually playing better than Boston has for the entirety of the season so they're just that good yet they drop. 101000 you look at those early years they are averaging two point or they were drawing two point one at 2.2 even after AT&T park open so. Is it really gets the out. But they wiped out from two point iron and they had Mulder Hudson seat. Due 2000 create different that's what PH first by the playoffs so AT&T park opened. Right that was in 2000 pop and they visit the AZ your two point 12 point 12 point to put 2.2 so they AT&T factor. Really wasn't the reason the court attendants didn't at all. Greg block a corset like get if they he would he would not fair. What what they've debated that Mulder Hudson Zito ways to draw to draw a lot more. Article if you look at the late nineties before eighteen CD to run early new and one point for your one point 20. Did say that the baseball team a very good memory. But that's my work or if the a's put out of a good product. Wouldn't they have a chance to turn the attendants around if they have the right ownership. I. Yeah I. Yet after reconfigure the ballpark but yet they've been numbers in 2000 were up from previous years the late nineties that they thought it was much better. They showed that not dry and the giants are comparable giants were good though this year they made the playoffs. What in 2002002. Went to the World Series the giants would go to but is that the point is still database area is gonna drop by about half million are sort of watch baseball and AT&T park was built or. What are what aspect that fact well based SBC they just about every single day. So there's a point or baseball bat as a point as Troy estimate they don't play and the same day. Head as the July it's not built this beautiful baseball palace on the ballet. But those eight teams of the early two thousands would have to rock comparable late so the bash broadest change. Bob is it possible the Bay Area would be better off as a one team town. Well we're we're we're to have that football so we're gonna find out. I don't know we've that is Smart now who want that to happen well. I mean it adding I resent the year and injured 101400. Trying to figure out of the big Barry can sustain two baseball teams. Well I don't know that we're I would be happy. There's or no question the giants would have it. An increase in their tendency to have this argument sure you do it all the time which is it it'd be eight or not credible that really is nowhere for them to go Charlie where where they would move true. They got to figure out their ballpark they got to get a bit that they obviously the baseball team needs a better. Support from the from the Bay Area has a lot of factors but when they. And and the month of September. And certainly that we have October games Bernadette begin to that plate so rocked like it used to but this day. That the very it would be better ought to have the eight leave lie. Just because there were 101000 people that are 101000 people are taught to do. I'm Monday night or other like they would not so I don't know why that would make the Bay Area better CA that could make the giants better. They make Major League Baseball better if they went to a destination whereas the fans and actually support it Greg Polly here on not if I certainly agree on asking about the raiders before we get. Too bogged down in this age stuff Darren Donald contract which looks like. It's gonna be close to being signed. How does that affect the raiders and what they might be trying to do with Khalil Mac when his contract situation. I don't mean everybody wants like them together I don't necessarily see it that way the rams' situation is different. It it just comes down to. How much can you pay one player. When you have a hard salary cap in his sleep and yet the one thing people are missing digit sales up Leo MacKay you know. The raiders are gonna pay. What is it 177. Million dollars in their salary cap this year no matter what. They may be a little bit under they're very tied up against the caps some change or a little bit lower but it's not like baseball. We're here at the giants have a payroll that's three times the size of the page that does not happen in football it's just odd that you want to allocate your money. Do you wanna give one player 22. Of 170. Sevenths that that would be what Leo would make. So. You know look up Obama checked autistic. Including the quarterback who allowed you wanna say the greatest that ever played. But he did not pay players. Once they reach a point in the trigger them. Early gets rid of them before. Not even looking at Chamblee John honestly. Who led the NFL in sacks Lester I'm not sure about the check would keep them he just doesn't do it that way he got do we that you think you don't want a one big star. It's kind of like the eighties in their lineup. I look at you know they have a leadoff hitters market similarly a leadoff hitter but IC nine equal threats up and down on the light up that's what ballot check watts and football he does not want to have a weak spot that he wants to have depth. So I know I make a lot of answered air. It's just how much do you want to allocate. For one player and he's an element that player. You know the numbers are tossing around now it would be cheaper for the raiders even franchise tag Eminem it's difficult to do that what you play tag because it jumped 25% every year you get to a point we're just not cost efficient but I don't think it has much to do other ranch or to win now moat they've they feel like they have a Super Bowl team mostly at the quarterback is good enough. But I don't I I think they're separate situations. These agents probably wanna align it that way until Siegel who is. The realization is probably opened the Todd France goes first weather dot on the consent the market that. And actuarial policy would figure they come in at a it's if it's over twenty million here. Pop what do you make of the Alfred more exciting for the niners it's mainly bringing in a body because so many guys are banged up the short term relieving me neither could be a bit more concern with some of these injuries perhaps breeder or Jerry McKenna. I think after we were talking I can amendment yesterday on the show what he was saying what a solid history. Compression sleeve that MacKinnon head out this Kathy may not make opening day in Minnesota. And then you've got great. Obviously with the shoulder who knows how long that'll be so. It all depends on on Warner offered morris' that is career last year he was effective in Dallas. Not this is quite as good as I thought he would be a tremendous zone runner one of the best I Cindy spoke at a skiing. Probably even better than adding that backstage cat. So the question would be to me assuming McCain and in great to get over their injuries at some point in the first you know few weeks of the year. Without remorse big would be better than Joseph Williams. He's certainly at the track record a completely different players you have a young man Williams is never played. And had offered Morris used that as thirtieth birthday this year that you aging I also obviously. He trusts him. So easy indistinct that so I concede. Last week I was so much that bad. I think that'll tell us a lot that they just give them a veteran minimum. I either guy you could cut opening day and bring back later could get paid that's just I think a lot will be toll that the do you tell them that they'd. Greg. Opera joining us here on 957. Game pop it is always a pleasure thank you so much for your time and we reported seeing out here on the golf course a little bit. It is very younger popular road are out there today and share your idea of a sudden I believe but they're not the youngest of the young perhaps is is it your youngest out here. He's the youngest do you actually went ten minute chapters older sister went so he's good he's the last sort of pride in the left the twins so it and I love that guy. What brought a lot of well. Now I just love you as little as well can I got this oil away from the edge and low police. How great it got a little hot stickers that it when he came he came over it shook my hand he's flashy young man. I got back but don't let that affect the way and that's right you've written copy it right at. Yeah and yet look. Take a knife and lay out my opt in out total market Britain thought they allow. YouTube I didn't follow up with a laptop it's not a great to burn it all down at Carolina he's sort of done. He hits a jumper who album Brit go back to the fallen 28 saves in just a second and number strip late night 5795 sanity if you went away and I got to make a point first. And it it's gonna be a hardship for a lot of people here but what you hear it and I want you to pay attention. Because a lot of you've asked this question. And you're going to get the answer and just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean it's not a truthful answer. 101400. People showed up to last night's game against the Mariners the product is exciting to watch it's one of the best in baseball. And at the biggest series to date right now. 101400. Meanwhile 45000. Showed up to Dodgers giants last night 101400. Fans don't wanna be blamed. Not gonna win France. You say it's because of the stadium you say it's because the team doesn't show loyalty to the players trades and so often you don't wanna my Jersey you don't like ownership. All that makes sense but the bottom line here is it not watching on TV. You're not going to the stadium. Shall why do you expect the flagship. To dedicate large portions of time to talking about the gains. This is something we have heard about for the longest time beauty aids flagship. Surged giants bring. Loads of people to the ballpark on a regular basis. That's how this business works create a compelling product that lots of people are interest in that lots of people watched that lots of people talk about and vote. Magic is made not that difficult but you yourself aides say that they're who wonder why won't the flagship talk about the team more there in the race. You don't go to the to its you don't watch on TV. So slush or just put the ratings up the other day last little one on TV now granted it's up 94% from last year. Chan even drawn to. No more watching on TV. And when those gains in your ones why would you expect radioed dedicate large portions of times the product it's the same reason why you won't go you don't gold because. Italy just eighty ownership or. Google Talk about because you don't go. It 40000 people showed up last night with about 40000 people showed up every night we be talking about four hours a day every day because we know would win. And that's the sad truth and it's so difficult to hear that and I get that would you rather be lied to. People complain all the time politicians lying tool their bosses are lying to whom spouses and friends lied to him. Would rather we just like you we could do that we could create a whole bunch of lies that we sell you on a regular basis. Instead we've made a business of coming in having fun talking about what's popular. Being authentic that's the thing the bottom of our job is to talk about. The most popular things it's like being a pop music station they may not necessarily wanna play. TT deal love me for the fifteenth time in a three hour block but people wanna hear it and so you play the hits right you play. Taylor Swift and you play beyoncé and it caught he'd be 123 look at me. All that stuff it's what you do because it's good for business Java on the station along time. Ice to be on the morning show. Many many years ago we talked a time it's and I don't need to you know give you spoiler alert tell you how that worked out for me in my career but. We worked at a highly rated even though we we're talking it's not about them and up until it was during their. Quote recent payday 2012. Tony thirteen. Biden make it to Tony fourteen and that would mean what would get on the track. There's even after I hung in there until March and enough. When we thought we were go to spring training I couldn't understand why it but I'd I'd deaths meaning to that point and to your point I appreciate you giving it. The honest assessments not a question of like or dislike. Of the Oakland a's were simply trying to put out the most popular content each and every morning and it. When you drop 101000 people in your 29 in baseball and TV ratings you're probably not the most popular topic. I mean we're really just doing what you want. That's what this all comes down to the majority of you want to hear about the giants in the ninth. Send in a certain order in the warriors and the raiders and it breaks down in that order we're just following a formula that you dictated. Now you went out there and meet the ratings through the roof for the aids we'd be talking about it but you don't wanna watch that's fine. That's completely fine you have big reason to go to the park because it's a terrible ballpark you don't trust ownership those are all final argument without. But you don't support it. And. And I think Rick it'll put at a good tweet today talking about this not being the fans' fault and certainly the 101400. Fans. Who wit to the game last night it is of course not your fault and if you ask those 101400. Fans how many games you go to. Each year on the average I bet you the answer would be between ten and twenty because the fan base that the aides have. Is incredibly diehard it takes small fan base the 101000 to fifteen. The twenties now and they're averaging about 181000 this year those 181000 fans are amazing. They're loyal to right field crew these are people who love there isn't love baseball but that next year. Of fans my brother in law who used to go to five or six games a year. He doesn't go anymore because he's feels disconnected from the product but there's a lot more people like that not only in Oakland but those surrounding communities of Europe. Roy and Martinez. Are you know drive an hour to go to the game and if if so how many games he really gonna go to anymore. The sad that that thing or saying about this that doesn't make you right in the sand and said I think part about it is from a player I don't wanna be here. I'm just onion and guys like OK this is how the products being treated. This you know look at guys questioning he's gonna get signed a long term deal things aren't happening you know what. Disguise really lit a beer they might say I want a beard almost think say all the right things but when you look at that you walk in a stadium you look around and you see there's not a fan base you like. That's we'll look at the salaries how low they are one lowest paid team in the league you say. We are really wanna be here I can't don't have fan base you heard Larry the fans please please. Come out I mean it's set it it's really said and I'm telling you lose you not with his defense but you lose players as players they wanna go they feel like a beloved. Just answer another question because the text and obviously this is why. This is why so many people. It position Powell lied to the masses because people came Hamlet if you look at the tech site right now which is complete outrage the flagship within me. Like she means we play your games. What do you expect games on right now games nine games last leg games tomorrow night cable Leon. That's reflection this. Sorry if that's a tough reality to listen to but that's how it's gonna play out where the flagship we have to change the game will be all of. Let me ask you steal power we judged on this program as far as what they're now we get to keep our jobs or not is it how hole. Flagship beat we are or is it. How many people listen to us as it pertains to the rating number they would be number two right so it's not about being the flagship BS stuff. Morning show of all if it was that they we would a's and raiders and warriors you into the Bolivia but it's not like that. We have to draw. Mass audience we have to talk about. What the people wanna hear about it when you drop 101400. When you're 24 in baseball. In percentage of capacity. Because I don't ever smaller capacities and sometimes to just look at the raw numbers unfair because they I think their capacity is only. About what it's about 38000. They're averaging 52 and a half percent capacity which is seventh to last so you look at whatever metrics you want about. Ratings TV radio attendance figures. Payroll except dropped what it leaves you with is the fact that this is not a marquee attraction in this market. Reggie in Oakland Reggie thanks to the phone call Florida yours go ahead. They're part of a sign out outlook for the week if I forgot who better to let younger writers are law. Alert that. Second you guys talking about it and all that is right and pay parity or what you caught but not so. Give props it's personnel not the Palestinian sort of biggest selling mysteries. Nobody expect to eight feet. On this level right there that's within six years since our last trip to Kabul in particular was gone on the ground as he got a ticket socialist. A follow up on Matt let me let me ask you a follow up I understand it's expensive it not be able to go but you're not watching on TV either. You're not listening on the radio ratings are really low. Or I. Person sort of shakes or Trout and tell us your 94% this year as a basketball that's not that a lot. Attention. Michael blog right. So how so no no actually and we've tried over and over and it and that's a 100% job is not but it still only one saint. It's still it's still don't. And secured trial cold and passports. I do Buffalo Sabres are terrible apartheid years yet they poll almost the sellout every single night why is that why did they sell out you don't. As long as the Accenture protections that a lot of people that are here you got people. Can't seem to equal shot at. It was a little village if you go to the international OJ try. You're totally to the people are currently there have been people and you gotta start. Here which a conversation. Okay I'll let you know. Objectively because I like sports but I'd like to select bloggers. Gotta tone it down a bit. So we didn't get advice let's pretend you're the program director for the day what shall we talk about. Up there sports in general and Janet. Well we talk about it it's. That. But did you get the aiding the giants won three World Series the last few years the giants then. Money the giants beat the Dodgers last night not supposed to talk about them. Or. Support. All right talk talk about it giant is how does that sound. The giants in the minors. Or. That there. The most popular quarterback in the NFL right now it's a major story there's a reason just yet talks about every single baggy. Well right the ratings talked. This is a business that yet I appreciate the insight tonight it's a diehard fan right there but we're talking about a business year. The longer talk when we tell you something. There was a reason the bloggers wrote about Tim Tebow every single day when he was coming at the University of Florida does anyone know why could greatness with Tim Tebow was unbelievable ratings. Everyone complains that Tim Tebow on TV too much and that ESPN at occidental is it too much time talking about Tim Tebow yet. Everyone was making bank why because Tim Tebow brought in ratings. That's why it's a business you talk about what people want to hear about and it's tough it's tough when you're a fan of something that people aren't that into. By and large. That's the biggest accident that's the business go out and spend. Point five million a year on Chris Davis. Allowed give Matt Chapman that contract promote Matt Chapman all over the Bay Area go outside Clayton Kershaw trait for Madison Bom Gartner make Abu. Do some things. Show everyone you're committed and you're gonna spend with the best of him. And then made the fans show up with the best mom and baby TV will follow with the best of on and that may be the radio station will follow with the best of them believe the team itself handles its businesses certain way. How do you expect everyone else to follow. How do you expect everyone else to file in buffalo don't look at the attendance people think I'm crazy. The sabres have been straight trash for almost two decades now. Yet they control almost 191000 a night in buffalo where it's cold and dark and miserable. During this school year in the middle of the week 99%. Capacity why. Why explain not mutually help that happens there and it doesn't happen. Everybody got what seven million people here I don't think Buffalo's city of seven million last time I checked so people will say out here all you so many other options are so much to do. We got seven million people went to Reggie point. About the ratings been up 94%. Even with that 94% increase you still bottom three Major League Baseball so like you said. If you have one apple and you get a 100% more apple he's still only have to Apple's you don't have a giant barrel levels coach. I we have got out tablets coming up at 910. Cluster on the show today. It tons of coming up and last time earth. Make it not as a text does not Jake Locker for at 940 he's at a little under our. And about fifteen minutes he's got the latest on the Aaron Donald story which we gotta get into that's coming up next is well Jolo and did not 57 again.