JLD - 8/10/18 - Hour 2 - Beef Line

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, August 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs share who they think are the best two-sport athletes of all time. Then they speak with Cowboys Radio Analyst, Danny White and we have a fantastic edition of THE BEEF LINE!

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He's been through quite a few presidential administration coach it was made by Spalding I don't think they make us sporting goods run around the golf club and more battles. The percentage is an edible fruit. And a number of species of trees in the genus. I can't comment about that. The most widely cultivated of these is the Asian or Japanese percent so you're out there hit a fruit. The Japanese for not spice sewage with blank you Mecca cinnamon the auto not set and then correct then it also true. You mean sit in the show itself I don't ask Heidi I'm Japanese fruit. I didn't know it yet. The crime act at the little percent of you are listening to 957 game KG MZF emanates you want a radio dot com station good morning welcome to the program happy Friday it is great to have you with us we have. Not a million things to get to today but quite Theo. One of which is Danny white he's gonna be joining us in just a few moments Drew Bledsoe will join the program today 830 and 845 market that we get tickets giveaway because it's Friday. But I haven't gotten email yet on what those tickets are so who knows they could be suitable tickets. Probably not suitable to you isn't at throw that out there but it could be because no one's told me they aren't yet that bistro possibility. Yes so I'm pulled a little Okie dope on the listeners here about the bee line is coming up 29 minutes in view of the problem that'll keep oak or you don't like 3% and and 4154038588. Best calls every Monday and Friday 4154038588. And I were talking about stepping forward guide they were derailed and I as I digest what led you to this thought process that we were derailed we were aiming to talk about percent and and so. Easy easy easy on the phone it if not I was gonna say there's a couple guys it to two sports that was pretty amazing I think you gotta Starwood would would Deion Sanders yeah because he. He was good both Steffi is a good golfer you can't say that he's an actor looks fantastic but what Deion Sanders was too went in baseball. And what Bo Jackson was going in baseball and football. Though both were two guys specially built that I thought was almost dominating a second sport as well I don't think steps necessarily is the omni is the best two's. Athlete of all time I'm sure we're probably missing one from like the forties or fifties I think it all starts with Jim Brown when you talk about one of the great and across time and time and an unbelievable. Football player obviously and Wilt Chamberlain you would throw out there. As well a guy who played. Olympic level volleyball as wells being one of the great basketball players of all time and that's the just as we get the old guys out of the way yet now we are so criteria for a little bit of a younger demos that's okay no definite but it I think in these conversations you always have to. Do a quick tip horse tip of the Fedora offer. Those are those who were born before 1988. If you're gonna go beyond that if you're gonna go to that rabbit hole really think about that if you think about who are to be you know which people saying I don't have to say but aren't we wanted to graceful back of all time. In the anything about the wrestling prowess that probably could've went on the Olympic team I think if you talk about two sports that they sell I. I don't get credit and narrow the wrestler as number three in the country people want me to think that I am telling you I was. It was in my that was some slept yet but if you. I don't know that no would say that are still owning the California State high school record for fastest pay an eight seconds I'm a huge fan of that you know that in a huge fan of all people wrestler is a very demanding sport Kurt angle. Won the Olympics I truly Olympian yes. So I missing I would. You know I mean those conversation I don't think you know I think that about it being in the distinction has to be I think if you had made the Olympic team. Then we can talk about how would you say Jim brown and that's when he's not he's not win beards because Jim Brown played in college and was unbelievable it was forget them. I'm so it's OK there you see what he took a conversation about. On Bo Jackson now Lowe's and no that's low put himself in and that was a cell injection now we're talking about the message to any I think she's four. Yeah as the best two sport athletes in the room or in your certainly in the conversation while yet. I don't Smith drove all if all the people in this room you are on the mount Rushmore to sport athletes. Congratulations. On that would be leaving the Washington spot because he did have a nice little run in and wrestling. If you are out of words this quick guys digital only comprehensive you know. That's exactly how would it be said thank you don't have anything good to say about tomorrow don't set at all that that's a rule does not applied to show you know that that's why do something mean OK so. I just took a deep breath and is it okay if that's gonna but I think he viewed using Jim Brown's record and that's loans and that. I described as you're a remarkable to sport athlete in California happy new year on comes the good but he down year. LA Cruz got away. Jeff and and it. Olympic winner Michael chain blue and Asian guy for great artist's hands player if we want to talk about he's an American mighty immediately have to go to the hello guys but right now if I it's amazing with what would you guys. Left it's like. You know what I I don't know I don't know why wouldn't you hate that I lap I had. Had no idea who I think it may because to this day even after four years this could still catch up star Michael Chang the Asian guy I know who Michael Chang is right without you. Second part why people do that all of the black guy or the leg of it's only one of you and you're not certainly not only one. But in this dame needs sometimes that those kind of comments you don't even if by some people can hate those sort of comments offensive that's why I was lining it. Into amusing because you just have no root yet even try. Just be like Michael Chang a tennis player now but how much like a tiny guy from my palisades now. Hit all the way you can refer to Michael Chang he's the one that is the most likely get you an eye out water which is probably what I fighting music. That that's the direction you go. Any who were. If they're hot rod Woodson a guy who any Olympic level heard letter he actually was on those European circuits and also was a pretty decent little football player at all. Yeah I have already accompanying your great achievements in Rais board let's get Ron was a little bit further above and east. This would you say staff is it better to sport athlete in Jordan. As the guy who's the better to sport athletes Seth Curry hoops golf vs Michael Jordan golf baseball. I don't think it's close its staff is absolutely step to 35 batting average is doing a lot for F no I think double a affiliate Birmingham I think Jordan is is obviously a few notches above but not completely looking down upon Tim Tebow as a two star athlete. Tebow I'll career greater than Jordan and gas not even close team owes it to 75 in double A this year with six Vonn skis now granted he wasn't as good it. Even college football if you forget his pro career watch yourself he was a Heisman finalist three years in a row that's upsetting if you forget T most pro career in just say. Look at Tebow as a college player he's one of the greatest of all time. But he wasn't. Equal the Jordan obviously in what he wasn't his sport. All right but that was the way out don't I gotta say this and I know it's gonna be controversial. To say it anyway I think Bo Jackson's old. Raided his two sport athlete now before you panic. And be huge blow fans had issues the poster all that stuff this is not to not politics not control everybody but. Both football career was very very short posts total yardage what he run for like 17100. Yards for his career. When he played he was amazing. He is absolutely amazing it is a tremendous baseball player. But that the brevity. Of his football career. You really have to take stock of Jordan gets knocked for the performances in baseball right. And it's understandable he did not perform well at double a baseball. Oh while playing in the NFL and while great when playing plea for such a my new period of time. How much credit can you give you can't give more credit than Dion. You've got to see Dion was a better to sported a boat yeah not 38 games for Bo Jackson and 2800 yards basic OK so 2800. I don't and the way more than I have said he deserves a lot more credit than that but but it does your race career it was brief but he lifted his colleagues in all the things he was. He was on we can't take that into account the and we are taking college into account all this. What did you see when he was on the field was he not electrified even opened the shop I'd love. He was amazing watching him every time he played but he was set it was such a short period of time he played pro football. You've got to take stock and you don't care what I was headed. On but he was so dominant doing that times hosts yet any Watson in baseball would forget broke it would add yet with a fake. Still able to go York a mystery may. We yes. So ID so I just don't think he's good to play 38 and only 38 spice point four tell by the women got out. Lane got out there but not no I don't in the longer career. Yeah so does not it's not the troll because I know there are so many both fans guy people my age grew up football we all about which is. If you're gonna rank the two sport athletes. When he played he was amazing the football wise it was such as a brief stint it's tough if you're gonna try to rank them over Dion had an unbelievably like the NFL career. And then the baseball career with sizable as well although both probably wins in terms of baseball production over the staff. I mean do you see him and a couple years if he retires do you think he tries to get on one of these tours and tries to make a second career out of my. If he tries absolutely now whether or not he can that's a gigantic leap to go from where he is which as a handicap I think he's a plus one which means he's better than the scratch to a 20. He's really good but he's still probably five or six shots. Maybe three to six shots worse than the guys he's competing with around so over a four round tournament. Realize that if he plays well and he played well yesterday he still likely losing by twenty shots good so that's what he would have to make up to go from being. More than a novelty he's a legitimate threat to maybe make the cut. But that leap from there to even being in contention on this tour let alone the big boy tour. That's that this is like double A so this is like he's putting up stats in double lay vs what Tim Tebow is doing. All right here's what we had it we've got a big. Our coming up the money spots going to be next we've got Danny white Super Bowl champions set to join us to recap last night's niners cowboys game. We get the beef line at 730 in the more right back into the niners the injuries who's gonna step up who we should be concerned about. All that big our next brace yourself it's going to be your coach here and I've I've said in the game. Chill but when did continues. 19 fives at. Have been thinking. The money spot one consecutive hour of commercial free art for years. The enthusiastic listening audience because we love yet and because this is a big show coming up pre season game. Number one beef line at 730. Gave Matt. At these tickets to giveaway at 845. But right now to the phones we go. Super Bowl champion former Dallas Cowboys quarterback cornerback catch him now as the cowboys radio analyst on compass media networks. Did anyone joining us here on 957 game Denny thank you so much for your time may know this morning. Yeah I'm doing great. Good way to. It's gonna be with you again thank you so much let's get into last night's game. How impressed were you with the cowboys' offense on that opening drive. Low O'Neal here always lays out the case that it's sometimes easier for defense is to come together faster than offenses during the pre season but. They cowboy profits made quick work that niner defense early in the game. You know they did it was it was and try to bribe and got in got vehicle and got out there and I'll be it'll all three news. We're we're missing some guys is cowboys didn't have a GQ Elliott did. In. Course or niners didn't have a Sherman you know. At corner which. Order calling it a big difference on the Dutch shell out. And I've made the comment that. You know over the field about mover natural but Richard Herman being out there makes different shall. Yeah you'd you'd you'd take it for what it is going to be in the beat out or use. Felt good about their first group out there I know. You'll make better as those sort of a victory but. You're you're gonna edit nick all of of that sever all parents make it out I'll cry at. Ordered him you don't Wear them again. Pretty exciting for the young quarterback to have that opportunity in the pre season and it was Jimmy ward who has beaten down that deep play when Dallas scored the touchdown how much can you get. From these games to where do you risk playing your starters more to get Moret absurd is the injury risks so great that you really have to hold back a chemist timing of these guys. Well that that's the million dollar question you know is coach. You you wanna get these guys some reps because Google book weight training camp is now. You don't ever get theatre all of that is very little contact. If practice. Console that's about the only Checchi yet to caricature body ready for the regular season. And and soul. Of the trick district. Is ready for the season. Without exposing them too much to injury and go out or walk Elliott you soul pork industry. Ed it's a little one are you risk your reports say time he's got to get a better get used his body. Bank around a little bit to get it it'll open it you're used to that. Soul you know every guy is dipper and you have to treat each when you talk to him in order to feel like you need. And in and it'll make a decision based on rap but. Audits it's tough to to know exactly. How much to play him and how much people buy out. Then I could agree to more and I think that these guys do need to be fit not you don't necessarily have to do and I don't seven but a lot more drills and there were these guys are hidden. Bang and a little bit that they can control. In not cutting because it affect you like you say injuries but it did their bodies are has not gotten tough enough in my opinion as well especially to ways that we see get out they're not idle seven goal line. Leading care Leo old even be even to a practices so. But always this talk about the at the quarterback position that press guide and Jimmy people these guys don't have. You don't huge amount of time as starters note dec had a year in only Tony Romo goes down he has this amazing year last year kind of a a year mediocre year you saw Jimmy gee he got the big contract won five straight game what goes to the process is developing as a and average quarterback to a good quarterback to a great quarterback or these two young in our you are in their growth. Well you know all I yeah it. Remain recede for Purdue Alpert director asked. What they weren't part of a lot about him this year because this ballot history. The last couple years it's been desert adjacent. And an old guys dealer cost Leo I don't know what it's like we got a better receiver injury year. Wanted the ball it's arguable on this site you'll pull out that. Now owl that got him in the last Friday completed capacity fifteen. And I think that's going to be terrible way it is for the cal forces seize this bill receive stretch of false. It better to just. Read that deep as it did in gold were the deepest dictates he go. Sort big will work a lot about that. Urgently you at all. Cancel our Soka but what can I say it'll wouldn't you have you never lost to David started to. You know he's been. In the system had in under arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks ever play the game. And you'll sure he's word com. From Tom Brady. In any brain that your terms of school and I legal expert knowledge there are. All that they're getting him to do what do you do he sure looked like the real deal. Topic we can tell plot from from last night. Yet but but we will shortly and it's got to be exciting deal around here to Oprah and all the butter brands. To have that piece of the puzzle in place. Super Bowl champ and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny white joining us here I'd 9570. Game. Rubin Foster 49ers linebackers going to be suspended for the first two games of the season. At Minnesota and and week two home against Detroit but he played in the second quarter last night got a lot of reps I was flying around the field. Re able to nine alliger calling the game you're trying to watch everything but what did you think of Rubens performance last night. You know I think he was probably. Our side of the peace you know it just real real active. And you'll move around a lot go sideline to sideline all the big that you look for. The only linebacker. In the but I'll always. Delayed veterans so sec gotta be able. But but you know we saw about 5% of what we really need to CR group bought. You'll a much larger body of work a look at go back and review it in our goal Arnold a matter they're rested but are a little bit here. And you have got to figure out a way to get through Google's first couple decades. And they've been getting back on the field but. Shall parties everything that. Yeah I think the whole murder scene really kind of kept kept the pace goal in. From the end of last season running better bands. I've got a lot to look forward to. He won a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys as their starting quarterback check them out now cowboys radio analyst compass media networks Danny white with us here on 957. Game Danny. It is always a pleasure thank you so much for your time this morning travel safe we look forward to talk with the against them. You're welcome to. Thank you anyway Phillies general Danny I was thinking this about Rubin Foster. Is it somewhat of a prerequisite for the job to be a little crazy to be a linebacker. If you if you ranked all the great linebackers of all time. How many of on board not a little. Trying to think the best way to say it is that would be offensive but I doing at the point across like all ballots right. Let the quarterback position by in large there are personality traits that are inherent in most great quarterbacks. Leadership qualities serious demeanor is you don't focused. Organized. The exact nature like radium and Manning and Brees they'll come across as crazy guys to come across a serious guys the great linebackers Lawrence Taylor Rae Lewis some of them come across is knots. Foster needs a little bit nuts and obviously right to succeed at linebacker or can you look at Zach Thomas and the career he put together and say now. Now you can do it by being a loop key equally tight per Zach Thomas. Give Patrick Willis is the first when I thought he would as a guy who was all business and I know his career was self inflicted league cut short but he was on all famed track he still may get there someday. I think when you're playing in a position now and you're trying to go sideline to sideline you gotta have that. Hair on fire sort of approach I don't necessarily think you have to be that demonstrative but. It's interesting how certain positions have certain personality traits you don't see a lot of wide receivers catching it. Didn't seventeen yards and and is gently quietly handing the ball the official you see a lot of to me you know demonstrations. And hijinks and histrionics. From that position it's interesting. When you lay that I was middle linebacker. You do see a lot more guys who were you I guess you have to be vocal to be a leader of the defense and all that so intense and got more of a person let. Offensive linemen interior deal Lyman kinda goofy. Jokes Steelers quarterbacks very serious. Presidential wide receivers very show bode linebackers semi crazy fullbacks highly intelligent good leaders I think exit. Think like dinosaurs extinct I think linebackers guys I don't think they're crazy I think they're tough. I think if you look at. Earl or Brian or lack tough. That Thomas guys. You know you look at Jesse toggle Samuels top Bill Romanowski looking guys I can't okay. Booked a caddy and none of those guys yet guys. Eddie but yes one hit which I guess what does that we are crazy cat and I'm with. Most of but bill stuff. You think about those guys you guys still ahead you know they're they're still tough I think this is one of your news flash moments because you're say they're crazy I'm thinking they're tough I don't think they're crazy I think it. They are top. And that's it didn't ask you look at most linebackers I'd just the tough part about the latest tough no they're not. Not even close to be in all the football players are not which look what got a quarterback is not necessarily top responders aren't necessarily top. I mean there's a lot of punters are necessarily tough long staffers are men not necessarily. How did you say that about John conduct man friend of the program. Number one and our hearts is joining the other day actually talked during two days ago so then why come on your take this why not pick you ask me. Well and that type does it no you don't dual awful bumpers aren't out. We just played golf with a ponder who's now in front of Koran and you basically column almost mine and eight days are of course the final rounds I turn this just turn this around we're. And a definite up tonight at the onus is not turning or not you say words and then we ask you questions about your words and you claim your being attacked. Those attacks sign Tex I'd help me out here that explains not gonna how you're looking at a ring out Tex signs amassed. She's amassed. It's all over the place guys ask me about the wire he says the first season started to slow don't worry it's one of the greatest shows on TV. I'm more reasons to quit it it's a grind but it didn't that I now have about mammoth fight easy. Reported dot. Second thing maybe not so much with the Gallup poll this shipyards stop fighting that's easy zoo yes one that's widely regarded as the worst of the season still good but. So botched up the francs a box he got a piece of my gap. Oh it's a bot. But it could last night I mean at eighty you just keep his head on straight stay out of trouble follow the straight narrow and you know what they did a locker room. The move his locker. He's now surrounded by Richard Sherman. Pierre Gore's own. And Earl Mitchell Ewing that's a coincidence why would a team feel the need to do that to take Rubin locker and position them around here are solid. Earl Mitchell and Richard Sherman. They believed that he has a future. And they believe that this is going to be your defense of this is your leader your defense he has the potential to lead this defense and that's why you wanna surround it would. Offensive leaders defense to leaders guys has been in this league. They surround film a guy that they believe Rubin Foster could be the best defensive player on their team. Base around him would veteran guys that have leadership that can teach him how to lead they put them around pros that teach them. How to be a pro. From the 408 on the text line in defense of low O'Neal. Which is hyphenated for some reason and it's spelled N I. Oh yeah yesterday did he got on low about the bonds homer and not really being mayor yet in a radio interview about golf he was told. Currie. It goes on and on did you guys do the Bosnian yesterday. We're low felt the homer but didn't see the Hummer and actually tell the story colleagues let me in he jumped in and impressed me as usual policy you're a guy. He was trying to misappropriated his coach asks him what his favorite bonds memory wasn't low is telling about the time that he. He felt that home run in Sandia idea and so I was just adding some spice along the way too is making sure that the listeners knew that the story was talking about. Was the homer that he actually never saw quote when you feel the spirit of god you don't he I had done bill. You don't seeking a not very. You couldn't do a lot of building joke and app is right now and relate to the game bonds hit the homers so why are you hold the world you saw it go. How are we all have our famous sports confessions today we we all. We have did you chamber that we told a lot of things that we haven't told to a lot of people did did you ever told anyone about Lehman Zdeno. Only here remain in middle confident you know I don't know this'll be my kind of data that kind of game. And Navarro Pino. Intel along the reality television at six sixes I fell one moment for us argue not as long as you feel that I'm taking the accounts and some US labor and I was coming I heard that are in the studies yeah. Any news at 730 it's Friday you know how we do. The life that really. He's you lock. Lean slim now. Coming out to be flying is presented by our good friends that Harris ranch legendary beef legendary quality available throughout the Bay Area at. At Israelis. And Nob Hill. Foods caller. Newman wrote food down. Oh he had got them beat him I beat them if you Powell ticket outlet got did we go now littered the way it doesn't do. Got an ocean would he wish you all the big ruling did it got stopped right and wrote. You know that would definitely didn't grow and altitude and try to go job outlook outlook but because I know they could just go. All of that he you know he's freaking cold note up to the show idol episode the second but would you describe reports say it's a bit stuck. There's not a take to me personally period did not show plot great you can't take it take all of the fair. I don't know if you remember America won the competition yet it very much so little good to get in contact with you there that I know can't nobody beat. So you. The governor of a great big. Lot going on right there are no thanks a conscious. Strong he's clearly making a case that film and making a case for the gives it didn't get we get out from Harris ranch in the end of each month as beef line call so you need to number 4154038. Fighting that's calls played Monday and Fridays at 730. If the U are the best golf in the month you get that under our gives you did get approached Todd takes is something we don't turn NFL season bringing back absolutely bring him back. Absolutely I give the beds ready in Lowe's got it. Point 45 Tuesday take someone who's bad from NFL absolutely and I think Debbie Vical could be the best and the worst of the same time. Over the place and have the bachelor tied coda to tip this. But is this for no good profit of the if he wears. This book about the rail probably did much so that they're so bad when you make it they lit joke. Eight. Whoa thanks so much burden nitpicking. Verbal mistake I made four hours who would've thought. I would have said AFC west is at an NFC west and clearly I don't know football we thought man we thought about doing a mistakes I unit the end of our show and our producer jump on and tells all the mistakes we made but we have to allocate two segments to it. Couldn't do that because in producer would make several mistakes while listening to stay or all of our. Error at all yeah that's right because you got a microphone back there's nothing you do about how you feel about that moment Perrier group. Detriment salamander or a barrel of crude moved out but they're sort who grew anywhere fast. The American film and they may bill orally. But there's no word if it's like they're still want to make more I looked like. Did bill Delaware. Though I thought oh well that's permanent part of their phone call you have caught they're just like well no they're. Again. While Lott did dissect from that phone call herald the boo boo Johnson. Let him out of that Heidi pronouncing his name he's in the way it's now Darlene. You can't bizarrely already this ABC ABC sitcom Charlene Gregg not bad Carling brand. I say this about guru. He's nine Mets. I'm certain love that show more more every day and I'm getting more and more hooked on it we come out at the end of the meetings we have things going on so we never get to catch a lot of ten and noon. But I've been catching more and more of those you are are hit and it sure I'll let you to appreciate. Thanks Joseph you know I'm not yeah no I love yeah we gonna go watch the pirates this weekend joke that you watched the giants. The channel. I write to us we got. This is fiction from the so we'll wait to what would grind my years I've been put all your Talking Heads out they're talking about that there's nothing thought about war. It's dark days of July. And that would be rude but involved in the wrong call or pro day we have great opera. Significant ship it was like Fargo that in a club who worked who always get the Clinton or Obama. Hey. We know that market and women who miss playoff which is so let us put prospects I think the input you. Talking Heads. Are they took the lack. I went through through this before New Year's Q. We'll provable or how little prayer you talk too much chase phone call while the quite the contrary position right there with good now bookmark that and now repackage them for possible since he later crossed you'll Bay Bridge he. Thank you. Reach out. Ourselves and our contact I think no matter what they the year you throw out there we can come in here and we can deliver a television show we might have to dig down deep Sunday's vote will find some stuff but a lot of that is testament. How awesome this area it is when it comes to sports I have friends that organ radio in San Diego cities around the country. They wish they were working here and everything we have I mean there is a lull. For maybe five minutes a year and that's it and the status that. It was sports coat and especially that lawyers thing dornin in mid June so sorry sir we can deliver for your July we'll see you next year offer most July flowed and the Snake River that's been nice. It was quite nice from here I think it's got a house and I love to do that. Just put loaded inner tube too coarse black accent and other river the beat sharks ice is what he's taken these days. Maybe keep magnetic media voting dual amber and I try to get you to dress come along and volleyball why he's been clean for more than a year why would you do. Even though follow up would be complicit in the heart beat three give them and why he did this I was tired of watching him swing and miss on the golf ball which also happens. You know you're turning fifty next week he got this great thing going on Twitter handle life lesson for every and every day did you guys who hasn't had a sip of boos and eighteen months after I get to drink today's lesson. Don't be quitter. Think deer guns the community at all are equal to that effect brought up. Yet it did you have any words it's not the most intelligent guys I called the book by David. That I showed you gotta put I was OK and you get here. That maniac. Didn't have been cut me out and then apologize and after the close on a radio I didn't listen to him on the following Monday in the matter. They backtracked everything from my coworkers and low put this one year old that it's not quite do it what do. To those who are deuces. I am IRO. I'd invited follow on that felt like shots at me he got cut. Your time he was he was upset about a million Lanston and many did listen in low said squad usually it really is squad dues. Apparently were that ace in the do's and and that's it they start your radio show I know what I call you you've cut me off right here we make the rules new slash got to be able to run to do radio how he got. There's little lively proved. We're already in effect through the room who could move built the program whose crew room. The French food group think group who put them on my big foot at a very moved from where. It wouldn't approve broken front end. Another crappy good bet that have been different Malone broke and all the crew moved there first solo woman who have been crucial Lou I guess we're. We don't groomed. Go to work through it right. While it's not so much is he says it is a factual account of what we do for a living yes six graduates Czech Jana talked about ourselves check again I'd extra person. Yeah I was getting here from time to 1978 I'll never forget it. Do we like you blew away everybody in my. No I'm gonna talk about my life what ahead by inch what I'm thinking about my dreams and aspirations. Father I guess my of the new guards yelled at her. At at at and we get anything else five. Airline I don't know more than Walt and I did that weekend of car does it and I'm mainly low do you like. We want to own my own momentum. I don't think I don't know if they can make. All over the O'Neill and play somebody I was out but I know I'm important I don't I didn't feel badly you're right him. You are doing. So like they. He got home I mean you could do. Dumb you're likable. Image you know I feel like Courtney you're a kid I can't then that I'd bet my kids there and Courtney. Like that only one lucky and that's. There you sit there like you don't do we didn't really like you've never only answer to everything and you'd guiana. You are the mob you know they've been all level model. I would be quiet like you're not there and I get right you're right. I'm gonna be quietly listened they actually look himself at all. Pretty good thing that probably. He may look like the people are dead end. Our home I'll tell. They always send traders Friday called month of the country. Well that. That is probably your front runner for the underdog gives it to you get from our friends and outlandish in the same thing until he absolutely choked on the Gionta and Indiana. He's had a burden though isn't bad the burned to call her Gionta. For him to lay out his beef with us so thoroughly and I did just assume John is doing mornings and not and a that's probably him taking a shot I back collegial and I got the shot fired possible that's my guess. I think he just he's joked it I think yak confuse he's an AM PM list there. And he got his that his female. Parts mixed up Dion. Did email us on the card Asean's but I'd be Courtney would you beat Kim and low would you be calling. Is that how that plays away he described it I mean I'm not obviously Smart enough to answer that based on the call on the bottom line don't yet like all things that. I think you nailed it absolutely I. Is that the last one I let. God that was so I don't know maybe it's kind of drill in on me and Kim so I'm glad you pay me that brush. You don't have a tape out there he's gonna talk about his yes you've got to Normandy buying it yet nothing let us know today I try to shop have been known as interested. Well. Since the clock. Part of our beat flying sponsorship deal with our friends Harris ranch includes gift certificates to give away for the best beef in the month which you may have just heard each month we will give away 100 dollar Harris ranch beef gets into the yet. Available at your local really is Bel air and Nob Hill. Boots best calls every Monday and Friday at 730 the numbers 4154038588. Or you heard what may be the front runner. But he still have half a month the top that thing so 4154038588. Let's hear it. I gotta tell it. Generally. I'm pretty thick skin. That would show me a little bad leg that series of calls. Still pretty good there yeah that was actually I was texting arid energy Janning our board not nice guys Stephen out of doors as opposed to paying attention the program. Just nanny I've heard it's 87 times you're nailing. Is this. And try to buy does he didn't need me it is locked in on every symbol single syllable and I was telling him grief be flying today he did some good editing. And the collars delivered as well let editing. Big day they hit play voicemail and that it comes over the air apparently cannot just say on that car dash OUK at the microphone off he had about three minutes worth of content for you guys and I cut off about two minutes we're that. I only did the hard work out here in the up right just. Just get ready for outside and a half we can colonials. Good stuff and I are back there and I shook status we dealt. Ki moon. And get an idea and east I don't know about that was one of them pretty hard. Though. Sure it was president. And it was funny that you like being Chloe well Louisville today anyone. You have to pick one for the sake of the argument so debate and this is a playback to the guy to calls prior who doesn't like us talking about things like this sorry star. Yes just exports to lead and oh yeah it's a questionable talk sports which if you had to be one of the current actions which would you day. I'd be the little the youngest one now she's free making money she tree and you're talking about the Jenner girls that what did you think he's handled differently and those are not cart action in slam I it's I've I did not. Asked which Jenner you wanna be the correct answer being Brody. Deed in Malibu beach house very nice lifestyle. And as he was cart bashing you. I'd be the oldest went below him that when the stimulus well the one that you are doing what he's the oldest one yes rarely out on the court. Fun fact so I'd wanna be the one ticket you'd court I think my sad thing just because she's cold and unlikable that she does around that until. My favorite she still cold and on the people off guard that. Prima Donna are you know I beat you go to the update insisted top sitting James Harden and Lamar Odom. That we are she's candidate she is under the radar today. As Kim you can't go anywhere you know ever ego you're simply mob you know the older line through a hat on iron and a frown and shown in the same boat tour. I am I don't go that deep with the show without my the third act men. That's about Drew Bledsoe at 830 were given away Dave Matthews Band tickets at 845 you're just joining us not that that's. And good for you you miss everything up to this point which is that good for you indeed niners win last night 4421 you apparently wanna read something god 7027. Alison you're wrong in your on line I'm not redeemed Caitlin and this crisis man's body lower the only downer that's funny I mean it's is wrong you don't want the Olympian. You cleaning earlier house arrest or you're so good viewing Kurt angle Olympian wrestlers I just wondered actually genders you probably align with. The athlete the most Buick Palin. I just industry and edit at that happening necessarily comment I'm not gonna go down there with you meant in good. I'm fine being down here by myself talking about it after you missed it wherever you wanna stay outside about this for two hours it makes the most sense when you think about he would be Caitlin better. It is generally the Libyan famous athlete start hunting is sort of like the hunchback of Notre Dame and that would you know. Don't worry at all. That's very quietly and I know I was looking he does that you'd be six. Hey forget about him but he can be so mean yeah. He did it make me drink is getting hot and I would put anybody about what emotional wreck him. Hot hot hot train wreck me. I backed the business I'm yesterday. The niners beat the cowboys 2421. Booster club not thrilled because the united retreat at point favorites but wherever and whenever we're all working durable get to be wanting it's Minnesota Vikings. I think the biggest story coming out of his game and there's some nitpicking we can do at the positional groups there's some winners and losers we're gonna do the whole breakdown here. But let's start with the injuries. How you wanted to include pre season game the next day having an injury report that reads. As such Solomon Thomas concussion. Garry Gilliam concussion George kettle Matt read up. Shoulder injuries that Kyle Shanahan mold. Said will take quote some time Eli Harold with a knee injury Malcolm Smith with a hamstring injury. I mean it doesn't appear as many are gonna be season ending which is the upside but the downside here is you know there are ready thin on the offensive line. Losing Gilliam that they're already been corner some of these is a big blows and George kill you want to be ready for the start of the season because that. But could be mean red zone solution to the problem they had last year so. Early make it as you Alter the strategy this week you go a little bit lighter at practice to avoid more injuries due ramped up what do you think. I did you go lighter to avoid additional injuries and obviously guys like Solomon Thomas who are gonna have to go and that concussion protocol. You may not see them. Again until the third pre season game if at all which is unfortunate he hit a player early on beginning concussion. And that's a bad sign because we know that the recurrence of concussion is more likely to happen in a shorter period of time as opposed to. Later in the year but one McKenna thanks Mino as the George Kindle because. I saw that play in Eagles and lays out for the ball and what happens in detail and that he gets his legs cut. Can the defender who comes over the last instead of trying to go in there and break up the play may be shoulder first or go high. He decides to go low low and a natural causes kill will land on his shoulder weird. Yeah I low he's that's a slap in the low low body yet you saw that seem out. You know killed beats a linebacker man coverage safety comes in and squeeze it and taking mountain calls woodlands were on showed you seemed it's up. Any squeeze in a these engines are gonna happen we understand because of the lack of contacted one training camp now it's it you know with the new collective bargaining agreement. Guys unable to. To toughen up themselves and get ready for that type of games are gonna go who would be in a physical game and once that two weeks of practice now okay Dave Don let's go. And these guys on the field they try to take it to the next level you hear guys step it up you watch the intensity he see everyone OK now it's liable to hit the guy Harold guys let's go the other guys. And you see what happens you're gonna get injured because it affect your not able to hit as much in so you're gonna see injuries gonna continue to see injuries. I love the way Baltimore the way they practice you watch the way how they are. Coach hardball does a great job of getting guys. Hitting more not in that because you can't scrimmage don't wanna be guys up like that I understand it. But do more than form tackling do more than where you guys running. You didn't guys used to Haiti get more guys letting each other at one another because right now with this agreement the way it's set up you're gonna continue to see injuries disguised. They're not ready they're not ready for this season. The focal point for many today will be on the players that are going to be down and out over the next few days possibly weeks. We are gonna take the optimistic approach some of these injuries are gonna open the door for some players to make some weights. Let's start with the Solomon Thomas injury suffers a concussion. Likely going to be taken. Very seriously over the next week or so who knows that we see in all hiding in the pre season game number two he's gonna play a big role this year but with Thomas down. Julian Taylor gets to step up and get more reps he put almost the entire. Game yesterday. This kid at a temple what seventh rounder freakish athletic ability but very raw needs to be developed. Stepped in and play dukes they give them the whole game he was all over the field and held the notes a sack to QB hits tackle for a loss. He's gonna have a big opportunity here with solid thumbs down guys I'm telling you right now we sent you talk about opportunities never las given to someone else I love it when you see certain guys. You don't want him to state downstate injured of course not but when guys go down that's when stars are born I mean you're looking Kurt Warner Yugo around the league. How many guys you guys seeing go down. That press got guys go down these young players it guys it's no winning any clue that they was even born to pit if people even think that they were gonna make a team and now all of a sudden they're thrust into position to start in some of these guys hold on this job so when you see now these younger guys you know you'll Foster played well but I can see different guys coming in. And play you don't leave needles and a Smith played continuously Lee and other guys who walks in the back of guys coming in place along Thomas went down EC marsh come in and play. You look at the backups that's what you want you want to see your backups played well because you kind of know who your first rings are but you wanna see which you guys are second and third string guys can do and it's the primary a good opportunity for these guys get the burden. Who would you put on mount NFL Wally Pitt more. Kurt Warner because Trent Green got hurt opening of the door from Warner to become Warner. I'm Tom Brady's got to be Indiana and the number one spot right there Drew Bledsoe will join us interestingly enough at 830 today I'm trying to master the no I think there right now as like gold guy mode again I think Billy Kilmer replaced Sonny Jurgensen now. Wade back and he went on to do big things in and I remember that I was like tweeting that women's opens with the dolphins won one there early Super Bowls I believe I Don straw came off the bench. Two the windows which talk replaced hawk crew he's the only look it up. Until I always do. You want about comedy you don't know. Rule I know you can only go back to the start of Joseph Montana that that's how everything works moving forward Joseph Montana is the start of of all things we do is just my life got to that. Don't be so old it's like an auto grand Cayman replaced all pop Warner goalie. Quite like driving around our top demos are like I don't know what does this guy's talking about now. OK it's like when Jimmy G replace TJ bastard that goes on the mound because it up and just global wants to go okay now you're at least relevant that you wouldn't put that on the mound and we all knew was coming but you're at least time relevance I appreciate you bringing me back down and you'll go to act in the air here's a guy and you know it that's a good one ahead at press cut steps in Tony Romo who's probably. Gonna go down histories. All the police and now it. Are you does it declare all they've had announcer I don't know given some time previously given the hall of fame for radio broadcasting. The very fair point there though you reported and hauled contract after Alla. NFL season we think that we are now we didn't drop gloves or five games he's doing it was Jimmy for five movies all yesterday wrong you're wrong and got a line I would never put my halting can't track them too busy trying to get. You'll but. Further down on the ballot are Kazakh comment I guess there we're gonna be done anything none of the last year when I mentioned it once and then. Tell people got excited became a semifinalist thank you if you're welcome yes. It up one time. I've yet but ultimately when you get to ten I mean you're gonna happen either lead or close with Dave's contributions to trigger yet thinks she dips were. We need went. I truly do. Yeah oh at at at at at 111000 Russian bonds saga. Totally persuaded to vote Lorenzen and includes a volatile and we did all my account number on about 90% real Twitter followers get out and Danielle loyal following out Enron and I can always just go. As you and I continue to do serious things before show this shows are insane and paid tour ought to see where your rat. I was get booed and help me to get in there a natural it's too soon Dallas and jokes that he and the nation still trying deal. Was it. I just a joke sometimes it's a much gonna run I was like yeah might have been you know there yet because. Eight Internet tools fly and they asked by ten we've made it very clear we're not political shall not really even get down what do five to use intent. He'll bark if it had its funny I'm sure but it was society now to help meet windy out any. Does that include second time yeah that's up. The jokes are not there for almost a year include all of this segment announced an hour before you put your hands a couple of days. Check back. At that heard everybody say and you're gonna have a 205 put a bow on that minute they can't get things Nvidia 5 your morning Debbie will get rid of beef and that's the reason why right here which you guys listed beef line. So you made a Russian political. But the friends we follow up on it and you blame us accusing you of mobile on yourself Paul junior and even that's not even close to what I said he said. Yes. Factually accurate. What you put your. Lou every part of the show where you get 2.0 were you look around. I didn't do you like your brain is gone haywire like they are not going to do I can't make a joke I can't bring you back on. I can't talk sports you're just stuck to that no man's land where is he stuck it into thin man out. Thought. Good I have. Got all this contact that we had not stick to it. John your return hanging in there. Damn we will read an app. What about guys getting in getting guys stepping up when you went to the wallet how do we get to prove. How does how does it George Middle East. They get to Vladimir Putin what are audit and a little how did you get good literal audits because we are talking about migraine influence to get him all they could he said tell how does it get to the I guess he said Tony Romo is gonna be a hall of fame announcer and I took immediate defense can. Hi Jack Wally Pip rural town and go and that's how it all linkage you want to mount olive pit more I would Donald Graham becomes detrimental to me. Not me can't use this when you really break down Alan don't they. I got taken ten like I. How politicians have either not a simple emails five yen segment structures like and it's ridiculous how do you and I was. You two would get to set the rules in the boundary within the week. You're right you just said and what needs to. Do you plan to. Give me who's been referred to as the sexy rap on this program you remain. You know and that is whoever the yellow penalty flag when that. Little bit the base guy. Will be yeah I counted everything then you know being. The potential but that's sexy so nobody responded. Duties in the united Mulder. I'll take it will be over what your opinions are beyond my and my physique my torso secondarily who among us has a totally fight in a backpack today and that's right. Relative they have and that's why I am the resolution of those you know and a whistle might of it. Bully for you being back. That's like god that's how big is a lawyer don't ever ask you questioning court you don't already know the answer to you just stepped all over all been horse manure back to the future three style all that Putin. Either you didn't walk around those new cowboy boots write them nor. Back in the future three reverence yes because doesn't know are not at the end defends up. Falling into the cart of manure. As Marty and this crazy doc try to make it back to future hence the title of the movie guys amenities is this night drive time. And yet the new definition drive time this for the East Coast to be about 11 AM we'd be fine talking about this fortunate for us this is California. We're gonna find ourselves and hot mess here at about two hours and nearly lost is back. But that time officials say this you're listening to 957 the game yadda yadda yadda KG M Zia fan makes you wanna radio back on station that counts score. Welcome they show. Talk about stuff. Drew Bledsoe and 830 Dave Matthews minute to get today 45. I am I would say something serious here or at least yes I our definition of serious. The quarterback situation is starting to alarming for me. Julie ward got absolutely toasted. On that touchdown pass last night now that happens that happens first pre season game and I know react to one play. But I am gonna take all the information in front of me and I'm gonna start to evaluate. What we need to worry about and what we can get excited about with this niner team and new worries. Outweigh the excitement at the quarterback position let's single up. Richard Sherman. Great signing still completely on board with it rubbed the locker room presence loved leadership abilities what the fact that he will likely end up as a captain. He brings a lot to that locker room in their defense because that is a young inexperienced defense but. Richard is not in his prime and rich is still coming back from the Achilles also.