JLD - 8/10/18 - Hour 1 - 49ers vs Cowboys recap

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Friday, August 10th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a recap of the 49ers vs Cowboys and how the injuries will play a role moving forward. Then they preview who they're looking forward to watching most in the Raiders vs Lions matchup. 

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In happy Friday. It's your boys Dylan did 957 they gained back. Act together after a little one day hiatus there talons on May fifth seed to I'm sure we'll have to get into the golf events. And I don't know this for sure but I did think about yesterday. I've funeral coming boom. And I believe you just might did someone go back and actually do the research. I would hope so and Ambien blank looks right now from the end and mail it in through binding glass and and Wednesday's show when I called him out for saying three par threes on the ice so. Stream was this bill are people saying they did was right and I just figured I'd come back today. Yeah yeah at some point and we don't have a good laugh over it but no what actually did know about that I'm. I want her days as they actually marketed nice guy did you mark if it indeed of course not they were afraid. Signing I would expect anything different plywood I assumed. A level of preparation and execution had taken place in mice that principle is that a talent show so we had to you know we took it to the that the substitute to green not sure I I find that moniker all that flattering who who who grows up morning. Be a principal and maybe it wasn't intended to flat. They must not just that could think accurately and that. I think it's still worth the mean maybe an apology would be offered up because he gives you look quite aggressive in in year assertion that you arrived and and then. You would tear closed the door we got to go 955. There are rules there are rule I don't make them they tell me when the outside I try to head occasionally they are bent depending on I don't handle some did but the Pentagon is. Good to be punished yet. They're could be an apology if there's a funeral find the tape player in if there is there'll be an apology is not a not apologize for nothing right Egypt proof that's number one number till. Straight to come back and read the first text of the dead on and share with everyone from the 51 out. Can't wait to hear Joseph ride Jimmy GE's sack. Good morning to use our good morning to you thank you for listening to the program I was not. Friends with rob Lowe's performance last night there will be no sack riding and any kind today. Chris got a pretty dead yet and I think we have a quarterback controversy nick bullets. Did the 49ers make a mistake giving Jimmie and some Italian food they have finished that ridiculous take let's begin with the final play the game. Niners 24 cowboys suck 21. As the Kyle Shanahan era take two is off to a winning start in the pre season. There is so much to get sued for this game so here's your rundown aghast today. Danny white Super Bowl champion quarterback from the Dallas Cowboys he's coming up in an hour Drew Bledsoe at 830 to him in a minute 910. Local racing here each pitching coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates who faced Barry Bonds five times in his career. Bonds was oh and four against them we'll talk to re serious about that at 930 but last night. Nick Collins. Game winning touchdown pass in the end. He'll get caught up in the wins and losses and these things that by and large first foray into niner pre season football to be a very broad sweeping. Assessment that saw huge for Jimmy G and that he was able to keep his unbeaten streak intact as niners' starting QB if that matters do you pre season winds good for nick molds to come in and do what he did it. I thought the the first team offense looked a little. I don't know if it was sloppy but not in sync the run game was completely ineffective and McCain in early so I was non plus by that effort. Tough to really hot guys watch this stuff plus just pressed tough to get too deep in the second and third string years as it pertains to. What will matter for the regular season but. Defense gave up an opening TD not good at offense came out and didn't do much also not very good. Several takes that. Astra one but it nice several layered take opening segment for you try to get here early Ghana played late now. To try to win the first three rounds and then coast the glass and I did and I'm very wooden cart has another need to set the table odd defense usually comes together faster than offense and the pre season because. There's more room for if you forget the defensive assignment flight of the football you get an offensive side did someone get killed last night watching the niners early on. I know what you make that the offense been in a little bit sputtering. Give the world I don't know. He boosting attendance I thought that you iPod deck when he unit that you know to fade route is a right there defender walls came off. And he falsely. Wasn't necessarily great as a great play it was this attention to details great great with the forum keeping him out using the boundary as a sideline. In any just stopped to speak he took his eyes office work and put his eyes in the back fill. Doctors laid it in there that's if you get this you can't get away with certain things and that was just a does the defense a guy just kind of policy wasn't necessarily some looking at certain things. You know you it is hard when you watch the defense lineman go on the first quarter was you know you hope that he's okay big solid. Early in that first series you know in the second series when the deep ones up there he saw as neo what everybody in that walk on the field but overall. I thought you saw some some flashes. I'm glad for that make the quarterback because those at times go to to do is take that field home that last night. He didn't care what time he's got to the house or two back to a hotel wherever you stand is watching that we watched that whole court action again he's his mom his debt. Even if this young kid doesn't make the team it's good to see these young guys guys that probably not going to be nineteen get to watch gets in tape in effect on my got. I'm in the national globally so I was happy to deceive. Nick Mullen shouted out southern miss today we played very well last night. Let's touch on the slow over here and this isn't sit try to over analyze anything we have as some of these questions coming off these games. Is there any chance someone like nick Marlins with a big month could usurp CJ bat third as the backup quarterback we all public CG did for the team last year. But I don't know howled in shrinks he is in net job is it possible another quarterback on the roster. Could slide in there and maybe grab that number two position. They didn't grab the red you know I do think they can do make it make him if he's making me strong case portabella practice squad. He's positional on that two minute two minute drill even though you're still plan and actually in your planning and sit threes and a forced. You're you're e-book. But you still was able to go down there and score so and it was his finest hour can continue to do that Jill I'm telling you here's a guy that now he's gonna make it hard because if you have a quarterback like that YouTube put on practice watch any shows that he still has the smarts. You want that's what that's what you like and you talked about the other day. Hey can they get nick ready for trade babies he had guys in a year or so to continue develop as people like what do you do now you saw you've got a young guy. Is this the system that he and forest in so I could possibly definitely be a practice squad guy. Quick side note while we're talking about quarterbacks did anyone see the Cam Newton Kelvin Benjamin exchange yesterday for that pre season game now it was awesome. If you haven't seen it and that you Google it when we get to our first break he can watch it. For those who don't know Kelvin Benjamin wide receiver the Buffalo Bills in Italy three plus years right comes out of Florida State was tremendous at Florida State. Was cam Newton's weapons battled some injuries. Ended up being traded last year from buffalo or Carolina. Last week he was speaking to a Mike got rat Allopod today. Do they have to zoom in that close. Up it did you acquire it. My dome might get an adult now no more with. And happy go on the loads I'll read those dome no he might have these embedded in my shoulders guys I mean it's you know it's an aid and I mean I look rattle you either zoom in that close wow she's got a lot and not too early to open I am I apologize if this sorry everyone that visual. So last week yes Benjamin speaking to the athletic and he's talking about a variety bigs and he says he thinks he could of developed far better in the first few years of his career if he had a quarterback who is more accurate. And more knowledgeable of the game just burns Newton on the spot now Newton here's the comments they ask him about it. Newton plays cool he actually plays it like at a veteran he says all the right things. All the right cliches doesn't escalated there it is right there on TV now you guys can see it. So they meet the first pre season game a week after these comments Kim walks up to Benjamin Benjamin doesn't seem coming. Any confronts him but he tries to shake his hand hitting knowledge on. And Benjamin wants nothing to do it so KM. Shoes away somebody tries to break it up puts his hand behind his back in just kind of stands and like what's up. And Benjamin just keeps trying to walk away from a wanted nothing to do. Makes the comments and then wanted nothing to do would Newton and the confrontation. Says the prob with society today. Everyone can go on the Internet and everywhere and run their mouth and then when it comes time to address said mouth running no one wants to have to stand up for their words. Benjamin immediately then scored a touchdown in his game and I don't believe Newton played all that well. But is a great moment last night football's back yet that yet safe Kwon Barkley getting inducted into the hall of fame after his burst pre season Carrie I guess I could the browser alas the big night. It's incredible and you see these sort of confrontations. And then you see what happens with a dream on interest in May be in the club was that a face wash your wasn't a a two piece of whatever Lotta times because social media. And the ability to comment any time on any subjects these feuds developed and like you say if you're not do have this get resolved and don't even bother talking about it. Back into what we were talking about nick Marlins could he do anything over the next month to take CJ about their jobs outside of the injury or something Flutie I don't think so at what TJ showed you in real regular season games last year the toughness the ability. To get it out of the huddle and at least run the team which is all you want for a back up. Hopefully he's not in there for weeks on end. But no lows right nick Malone's practice squad you show a lot of the practice squad at this time next year maybe he's able to push that number two job. Winners and losers from pre season game number one we've also got to get into it raider preview tonight against the Detroit football lions. All that's coming up but the injuries he's injuries last night however you want a slice. Over reactions are under reactions to these pre season games the niners got some concerns are gonna break it down next Jolo and did not and I've said in the game. She'll go and kids can T. On 9572. Games. Any white shoes Johnson and at this that's the wrong guy just Danny white McMahon just get a feel like a daddy why 45 minutes at 7 o'clock Drew Bledsoe at 830. Tickets to giveaway 845 here's a fun fact we have no idea what to get all our. I did not give the email. Updating us on the ticket giveaway for Friday at 845 which we do every week self. To mr. grab back who knows it could be tickets to the next presidential election could be outside lands to get it. Could be tickets did this did his radio show fatigue parliamentarians. You know you just never know stay tuned for that you can iso red zone to earn twelve bucks. He grads actually he get in to the downside from last night's niners win. Over the cowboys I gotta ask is I was out yesterday at new hat. The O'Neal. When that I like that look happy not to solve scenic artist steps up on the TV right now I've got a that this step had. And instead we got the same had it was very limited edition no one no that's Ralph there. I was probably wanted to first people need to be able to Wear stepped out. Amid that we did well we're all our whole lot on that kind of risk so this hat is a new staff curry had is this an under our brands are exist yes yes. And it's indeed that Connolly be OK sign but it's the I got three rings side it's critical yeah how did you come justice well actually it's kind of like when he hits the three when he makes that three boy those who did three sides so yeah. Yes so now step in arm arm who hooked up you know met in. He's got he's going with the golf line and he has the shoes are coming out he has sticker issues pretty slick. And acts T shirts. And it's a really really need adding to weigh it. And I was able to only 2 am this is out of the LE magnet that Ellie Mae and Haley may get a guy Brian Brian Matt bush got a Brian who's. That works there everybody knows you're talking about. Only when they won Bryant on earth will he actually came on the show yesterday and you know he is the two of them can handing out were on the inside you guys aren't sort of conversation out of his. Was both not exclusionary and hurtful apparently you get is gear out it's no break all the bush is where we were so if you go to the turn of the Atlantic classic. You go to that we'll stay and they haven't by this deer while. I was at dawn bray and he got the gear yet. Somehow he was unable to hook his his brother Bob and basically I'm on the outside look and I was just about to say you guys were in the same foursome same cart coats in cart. Possibly same seat let me get in that maybe you're on each other's eyes I don't know how to turn to time how have you got how can you did not get a hat. Because I wasn't cool enough to be brought into the meeting seem we've both got there about an hour early to her fog delays and we. We had a nice chat we ransom material and also new is dawn. Comes back about forty minutes later I. You're in low yes I have built into shallow that you went out of the golf course and and you still had a nice chat with each element but it's not wheat we can really could not enough is enough we have animals but we happened to really like each and even know you don't necessarily love anyone in the moment. It's okay we have the work together add accurate it. No because we've talked about ladylike each other so much why did you get him hat that's my question exactly Joseph and it happens that. At a is that an. Flashing you're laying out how much you two like each other while taking a shot at me not being friendly with everyone it was a subtle veiled shot I don't know exactly a foreigner I think a little jealousy don't mean there's there's no. Number man. What happened I dare I just got slapped in the face or. In your. It's his turn and I went from Sammy you wanna had a great time he'll probably maybe you try to threaten Eagles hope you guys are good friends the when he and you got it. Oh here we go again 618. And you got to why long. Are you playing the victim you got the hat you told the story about how good a friend you are with kids gives is with you you could of gotta match that you chose not to. I just wanna know why if you're such good friends. Why did you not help kids procure one of these awesome has not requested joke. Well when Brian brought me over I was getting to go 2020 down the story went into the clubhouse forgot my belt is back within a half ago why. What I think anything else would leave that store I don't really forgot my yellow belt. How do you not immediately noticed when you leave the house that you're gonna belies a bell and your pants aren't really the only things you're gonna know you know readily get you also do not I don't Wear belts because now I happen to be portly announced you have my shorts and pants sustain and stay up. So why would I wanna Wear a belt first idol I didn't uphill battle that I can't cry your belly hold your hand yeah. I don't know how that's not an ego from an NAFTA and I left goddess I'm not just about life drama from being in men's health and we. So what's the point of the doubt at this point you know. First though at least can you understand that there. Because there are I have I go through dramatic. Weight fluctuation there can't and I Wear. Advance they don't and develop sometimes asked to come and play sometimes it doesn't know exactly what is now what I do need a belt because I'm down seven to ten all Wear a belt but I'm currently nominee don't mean. Our sand belt with this about toward digression Demitra but I've got to bring it back a minute bring him back. A lot of injuries last night sustained. By the 49ers starters and backups alike this is what you don't want coming at a pre season don't focus on the final score although you know. The booster club could've used an extra point or two has night I'll just throw that out there the booster club. You know always keep it there I'll always willing to support team in all situations. But neither here nor there at the moment there Solomon Thomas suffers a concussion Garry Gilliam swing man on the offensive line also suffers a concussion. George get to the tight end Matt read the running back shoulder injuries that Shanahan says are gonna require quote some time to recover from. Eli Harold with a knee injury Malcolm Smith with the right hand me. I mean this is exactly what you're trying to avoid the pre season yet there's no way to go out there and say hey guys. Get hurt tonight. Also that lets not get hurt this is a natural bride byproduct of the game and unfortunately matters get hit with the injury bug now. Yeah and lot of teams will go in you you won't see now here's a team you'll see I don't think with a lot of lots of injuries because they practice to me. The way that a lot of teams shouldn't guys get guys don't like it but you won't see a line and bottom already. Guys they have their skin they're they're the bones is not callous and you practice you won't bash you don't temple of speed you Foreman you're not eating. Now let's say you take into say okay let's. And you go out there and guys have boomed out hitting didn't used to it and it takes him a couple well get used to it so that's why pre season. Lot of guys get hurt because at practice because now you have taken out the nine months that it can't go full go can't go goal line can't take out if you're not alive so you have changed the dynamics of what I'm telling it in you'll see guys continue their. It's one of the reasons. A lot of rookies will get injured during OTA's and training camps from may hamstring or quad or muscle perspective because they spent months training for the com. Training to become mine is different than training for football you basically training to be attract specialist and then you get to get tracked body and put it on a football field doesn't work on the muscles do not respond well to that but. Regardless the niners have to find a way around this you think Shanahan takes a different approach to practices lead knowing how. Then this team's gonna be if you keep position yet and there are already and be off until Sunday so you will have some days to get some guys healthier but I think you're gonna have to see a lot more than twos and the threes getting reps with the first team. You're gonna go through and get the first team reps for the help the guys if you can be really gotta limit their contact because. The game two of you wanna see the first team for at least a quarter on both sides of the ball. Pre season game number three you're looking at least a half maybe three quarters and then he shut them all the way down so you're good looking at this as the next. Three weeks how to MySpace out the rats out of I keep guys healthy. While still giving them some contact so that come week one in Minnesota which by the way is about. Four steps up from the physicality of the week went pre season game got that right so. You've got to go from where you are now which is Cali like Lowe said you don't have your callous muscles in your bones yet. Minnesota has a few more rungs of the ladder SE got to get. How to get there and you better get their fast and tea right now and you can't take these soft mound Joseph hill mill. You go more you go more OK guys more eulogy you need that little thing work now individual drills where you got guys act and form tackling a little Oklahoma drill not take him to the ground but used to use those pats. He's I wanna think you know it does not hit. On it. You know and in get those guys on that. Do court reels were you got that contact coming you don't necessary line up into eighteen because that when guys are Catan and twists and all the things. But more form tackle it used to get but every but almost different things did that deal more farm you start doing those that would give. Teams need to do those jokes and that's a Baltimore do well they do to a lot of those drills that you get most guys from one another lie often enough. Has football become a metaphor for life. Because there's less hitting. Let's visit tallied more sensitivity. Now more people are out there getting hurt as a result of Cellini the physical part vs the emotional part. Trying to go deep early on did but didn't attending a strong play late late the week I radioed about water wings on a brutal past four feet because I like to deepen couch in the game get really hot tub radio here and they rarely we rarely get into a pool of any depth. That could figure out yeah. The baby plowed back. Baby oil. Oh yeah insisting that you could. I'm comfortable I've got to feel part of times station I was ranting you guys took it off about pools and hot tubs but how does baby oil apply well candidate just because the word baby had that apply added. Part of applied to hitting. Radio ease into even into it gave a very deep analogy and integrity metaphor and it was like you know like I'm going as my own most of that program I may not. Now that took were gone this is no this is no DO radio this can DH structured. Organized program sir. And I I do whatever he got on board follows sheet yet she ran from do you think it fits Tony five check distilled essence let's stay on point please. Now it's there'll be an assignment at the end they go until 638 under to. Think what you always say opportunities never lost if he's given to someone now given to someone else mad. I read it suffers a shoulder injury Kyl does Shanahan says he's gonna miss some time. Is this the window Joseph Williams needs to step back into the team's good graces because it's got to be Joseph Williams vs Ramos dirt for that third running back spot. Most hurt I had a better night outside of the fumble Williams struggled a bit from yards for carry perspective but bounty ends. Yen and them the big plays the one that stands out for Williams and his night I think that ball security is the one you're gonna look at is maybe the ultimate tiebreaker here so as much as Muster played better. Williams held onto the rock and that's gonna be critical when you are that second string. Third string back. The running back can make mistakes of that nature but if you're the backup guy really guy is getting three or four touches a week. You can't be put on the ground so Williams got a break quote unquote by the molester fumble but he's clearly behind right team right now are fumbles like the. Biggest killer for the skilled players in the pre season because no matter what kind of shape you're in no matter what your knowledge of the offense is holding a football is still holding a football right yeah it's a little different and I mean everyone thinks is about the bottom dropped the football team it's about you if people haven't looked at football so. You do that whole launder that thing and you know this is something he most are got to understand he's got to pick out. And in coach gonna get another chance because it affected you are getting in at that running back position so as not to ask me makes me. I'd here's Rick it's interesting. Now the raider booster club is gonna crack try to cashing tickets and raiders three point favorites over the Detroit Lions but a very interesting story. Developing this morning regarding. All world pass rusher Khalil Mac that's coming up next Jolo and did not about seven the game. Sure blowing teams continue us on 957 big game. This very expensive. Oakland Raiders defensive end Khalil Mac continues to hold out. And will not be in the teams can't on Friday a source has told ESPN's add chapter. I not showing up for example for the raiders first pre season game on Friday against the Detroit Lions. Khalil match will now we signed. 8141000. Dollars. Her in the collective bargaining agreement she after reports wild. Anything yeah. I mean pricey penalty 814. K because he will not report by the first pre season game. Avoid serious he's serious about his hold out he won a mining now the question is and you said this before. You accumulate these fines and then eventually show up. You'd think. The raiders asked for the full amount of penalties to skip the raiders say aren't but when I can and when I can't let it take a little or take not a lot. It won't be they'll they'll they'll wave that away you speak shows up their dislike okay it's that he'll show up I think that now on just like art why go through it. I others died when guys hole amount. Think the best ways to show up. And to go to practice in tweet your ankle. And to sit out going to training room deal fifteen blogger things that you need to do in just refuse to practice a bit hustles like you sank. No show up and then you're given this kind of hurt it kind Herbie at the meetings learn everything still be there both to and his unit. No apparent economical slowdown hurt. Special when you're that got cut but got just being around the guys the come here and I'm not I'm not gonna get on the field in risking injuries laughter. Some angles -- I got track I want to practice but now I'm in the training room and still want to all the walk throughs I'm still lit and and still get on the treadmill and still do harm other things but I'm around the guys but. Now I'm its final. I just think UN did so the longest kind of get on the opposite side of the spectrum with these debates you. Are very pro player they're actually you were player you understand how this works the beach or money so you support the players during their hold outs did says. Abide by the contract the it's very much say. Orderly disciplined young man. I love management put this is the Daisuke could this be nice compromise Shih Tzu a fake injury to appease all. I did isn't a better step in what he's doing obviously is not ideal to say yes that's going do that in the hamstring in the groin or whatever it is but at least glue perhaps only right glued injury could mean could be one of those classic good polls in elf would jab enemy one time after burning man that's the story for us today. I would hurt your butt at burning man I just kind of made that out. Turn a phrase but and regardless brewer jokes and toilet humor that I decide to move off of I'd I'd like closed plants that I like a straight hold up because what you say. At least in the facility. At least you go to meetings at least you're with your team it doesn't seem as much of a quote selfish act to mean NT your first question. About the money they absolutely should recoup every last dollar that because it was collectively bargained. By the players who are represented by their union. And ownership and this is the punishment this is really the only threat that the raiders haven't oh by the way the public can use 800 grand. That's really just a fraction the relationship more than you believe yeah I think it's broken and I think it's probably broken beyond repair because. The coach came on said but he said about it was a bad defense even with him. Reportedly there's been no contact between. The new head coach and the player in this isn't some shall love coming in from may add division two school who happen to get the job isn't Jon Gruden. One of the biggest figures in our game. So for him not to reach out that sends another clear message ended there's been really no movement no sense of movement on negotiation. Weinstein what happens if your Mac and you find out because I'm sure the agent says look we're gonna hold out we're gonna do ABC indeed and part of the conversations probably you're gonna get fine but become. You know these teams they never ask for full payment or they never asked for in partial payment. One of the race that we want every last dollar what do they did that how bad would that make the situation. I think it's I did say it's our bed and and doesn't surprise people who are not a lot of guys don't wanna retire and the raiders beard there wanted to teams that don't like to pay they'll fight you tooth and don't you know and in a line of duty in two different things they'd appreciate your body overstuffed using the last team you play for. And you've got to go to that team and this causes that team for what the future to get your money to go through it and you know they. I don't when you when you get angry retired the last team you play for using have to pay your medical and do the things for the player. I mean it's wet once he journeys into retirement yes okay the last team. In the raiders wanted to teams again I think too not in your career with the raiders because they will fight you tooth and down getting that you know your all the things that you could get on another teen. Because you when you retire you're eligible for like disability if you had any injuries every member Matt on a friend of mine who played for the Redskins you go to all of I mean there's a concussion suit now. There's disability. There's all this different stuff where you can cash in. Did the last team you play for is responsible for a lot of us yeah. So a lot of people try to avoid the raiders because they're gonna grind you out on the 1000%. 1000%. Money wise it's been able Ryan Jeanne. Out one last season would anyone at. Anybody site into the net with a diplomat benefit. Could it and I. How great though the good inside the raiders go to game and like a mag and they'll fight chief. I don't care who he went back then I'm sorry we just did things like that so you wouldn't be surprised traders rely we're gonna lie and every last dollar that 8141000. Usually find it too but this is an active players so I had think that they would handle a little different but here's Joseph let's be. Let's be frank about this this is rudenstine. In you notice. And grooms a Smart guy he's been in the media he's fourteen years is ESP in Monday night. And he talked about Cleo Mac this guy's on the pass rush you watch him play. I love plea at least taken on the double team practice he's mine gruden. And we Khalil Mac right here on this played Apple's adding that full backs trying to get the look equally feels determination to get to the quarterback. And he did so now you've got a guy that's doing that in the in the boot. And I goes from Wie wasn't good with this guy. So we get cleared this because he's to get better. Gruden is too Smart guy he's he's too intelligent he knows football he knows the words that he used for come to make that statement. They're they're there is there's a message behind it you don't come out. You can say hate outlook have clearly here right now financially this team we're up against we can get good legal what he's worth. Are you know what were you what our defense we're we we didn't we didn't play well with clear we know we'll demanded double teams he's a fine player. None of that is that we medically what happened what we do is keep using an interception. Shots fired and I think this relationship with out doubt quite a mechanism this relationship it's fractured our Ed. Only think securities probably money but I'm there and he's not gonna communities or open arms it would it would Jon Gruden. I know a lot of there's a lot too far are we making too much this because every time I listen as I think to myself how can you allow this to happen with one of the great defensive players in the game. One of those very few first round picks you have hit on over the last one years this situation has gotten this bad I wonder. Are we going too far but. You've been making this case for awhile it's a very sound case it is it worries me DJ came on and sit in backed meet you heard we had other people they came wanna see it those words aren't good that means he's up for to be entry. You don't hear the rams even though rams might have paid the guys you never heard them say that defense wasn't good without. Erin not only talk about you never hear he was good point quote I don't see any. Pulled out the guy in Seattle you're never here taking oral oral all you don't comes at all times map the defense what you know what our defense wasn't good with that we went good we had. You don't hear those statements made about great players he's not a good player he's a great place. And I think that this. All could be somehow related to what's going all of Donald Penn if they wanted to take a pay cut and that's what has been reported if he doesn't and they were able to. And religious cut him out right how much would they seem against the cap vs how much that they re direct to Khalil Mac if they still are trying to find a way to sign and the they're gonna need to clear up some space we know that so I wonder if those two things are somehow related houses. And situation gonna play out I saw a couple days ago you guys may have gotten into yesterday the raiders want him to take a pay cut any time I see that with a veteran during training get my first thought is this guy's getting cut. But they're offering you this lifeline Wear panties she is now we'll keep your ideas to make some money but we're not painful value essentially we're gonna Kutcher asked. If you are well to take less that's how I ready for that but I'm not I don't know if I'm right I'm just that's how I read that based on previous experience following NFL. Well. I think if they wanted to cut. Donald can. They're cutting and there they wanna take a pay cut. OK I want to take a pick and I'm not taking a pick and his guys out there he still cracks and he still ran with the number ones who don't see how well he plays tonight he dominates tonight due to try to get on the phone trying to trade in betray dumping you better get something for. If you trade dumping and if you don't get it won't take a pay cut he still out there cracks and so what can happen when you cracks and he still played any games look and happily planning games. That tells me bed yet they would like that to happen. But if if if he can be gets hurt. I got Ramon hope for the money so what I'm looking at this and saying yes they want to take a pay cut but he still start he still run with the ones they still on mount there. The guys can be on this team. If that means that the other guys the other tackles that they want to replace them. Young buck yeah books are first and third round and you wouldn't you wouldn't play down you would soon putting him bubble wrap and and say no we want to take a pay cut in your way to ready for the last. They let that last game at any need to get. You what is practiced this guy you don't latest guy to bring in another body you do whatever there's some there's some guys nineteen you know that no chance they got two left foot feet out there it is out there and you know you should already had come to become twos and so what you would do would you like OK get rid of that around to bring in another service tackle in your rent don't pin up the bubble -- and you would actually you wouldn't claim he would do anything. That's what you gonna do you say due to the democratic you don't. Right now there. Remember last year when he in this animals got the flight department after the game Kansas game called us you know audio or tell the story that sounds. Oh nothing I just think about. He couldn T give us the play by play by everybody met should Davidge and he's the couple rat in the parking lot I. But he. There today. Not that not in this area job tell you something we get it all with you at all but earlier we actually bring an end game now you know just throwing out random here's the number of for the guy who may have tried to play I don't have we'd love them here for you write the heart of drive time US. He housing and that was that I was glad I didn't really get a get to three Carter coming up next number one. How do you approach tonight's game against the lions if you're John gruden do you play Derek Carnes started a little bit more because they're learning a new offense number two staff curry. Does he have the chance to be the greatest two sport athlete of all time. Think about and number three the tribute Barry Bonds tomorrow night Jolo and its back in a flash on nine events and the game. Sure throwing kids continues. On 957. Big game. Super Bowl champ Danny white and about eleven minutes to break down what he saw. Mean last night's pre season debut for the niners and the cowboy and I'm Drew Bledsoe will join us at 830 and it's always a pleasure to speak we drew can't wait to get into that next. Joe Horn did and I by seven games three part segment coming up here let's begin with that. This raiders three point favorites that I against Detroit Lions low. How should gruden handle tonight's game easier to do the same thing is everybody else starters get a series and and they get yanked the war seeing as how. He's back for the first time a long time he's gonna have some rust and he's got to get his offense installed the way he likes. With these players do you think Derek Karr in the starters play a little bit longer than some of the other starters we've seen on other teams now because in that it that he then you don't believe me quarterback is the smartest guy in Gordon figured this out you still keep my only a series to series. The start and offense. But are they right now the tackles and we're talking mob Donald hand and all these cats who were seen. He Yuri and played Donald. Morbid if you're gonna play unless you want the guy who's gonna be is incompetent who's going to. Take over Donald thinks he should I play 23 quarters it's about Cole Miller the first contract does that tell you kick you cannot. Say oh he gets a series now he's a frigate rookie. Get his butt out there he should go three quarters. That's what I would do if I got a guy that I'm gonna protect you from you what do you protect your car in jumping up playing in just a serious disease stardom. Know you play the guy you play you need him to get out there he needs understand it and you ought to see guys gun duel against the starters for Detroit. Did you wanna see guys who gets that back to Detroit because you wanna see which he got. And you need many more new rips as you can't because oh by the way it would open up to open up with the Ramsey you've got to make sure these young guy if this is going to be guy that you want to start. He better be ready so without a doubt Joseph implants in my young guys complain of deep into the second half. I before we get in the staff before we get in the bonds give me spotlight player. Either side of the football just one guy you're very interest in watching tonight there's no criteria for why you can give us the wide. But as you analyze offense defense now you've got Jon Gruden overseen this thing. Give me one player you're interested in singing. I would say the tackle colder serving to see if he's able to get out there and in general called Miller on side I'm trying to see if you know we were strewn around for the show and we were all tripping each other but names and now it's leaking into the shots. By the shenanigans of this program. At times he come back to bite us in the cheeks. I think that's where we need to to just absolutely dial it and then. They shelling that get a little bit more buttoned up I would go with the tackle local Milledge to Lowe's point deceive easy get out there and play. An entire half because this whole Donald pending is fascinating to me if he the rookie is able to show that he is. May be ready to go out there and be able to play as the starter maybe make a move on Donald and that he's not the new got to keep pants on the keep my eye on that tonight. I'd imagine you might be in the same boat because you were just laying that out you're gonna be watching to tackle position. Absolutely they might think alike now insisted reason why he said that because in effect that we we do know what's going on with Donald Penn here's a guy that they're asking and take a pay cut. If you're gonna ask you got to take a pay cut what are you saying you're saying hey you might not be the guy. So you definitely want to see what Miller's going to do a spin probably aren't gonna get a series you're ready no running that's in Jackson and assembly is gonna do you when you get that. But you wanna see which he had the beyond that you and you'll see what Brian's gonna do the back up after Marc Cooper you know you wanna see what. Swiss Swiss is gonna do you wanna see what you demilitarized meets absolutely love hello has been at it and also you know Martin Odyssey Doug Martin here's a guy that was in Tampa Bay did didn't you know what it looked duke took over the league by storm muscle hamster absolutely look shut out Stockton California that our boys state. Boise State from where Stockton California a shout outs into the the charges faith based analyst passed away. Greatly owner of the charge to sort and star Martina life dean not. Populous move spent most grandmother teen's mother teens and Boller pass tonight pat says that's not DC nine years ago from Stockton California so I'm sorry as that I just okay it's a nice moment she'll kill us can come at any time edges just it just came to me great family great filming great fond memories from my affection nanny for dias panels and some enormous Finley forever SOA. She earned spots occurs with the spells family com. Mark I'd love to see what he has Josie what he has left in the tank you know Marshawn Lynch is a guy and we know that probably won't even touch the ball at all. Because he has a certain amount of carries let that is by. But you know she got Marshawn Lynch isn't output LT treatment he doesn't need to be out there but we need to say oh look he can still hit right. It didn't have all seen how you've got a new helmet rule help us jealous yeah that and I don't know if you can only half joking that as a way to China and they've been an ugly night and I am sure. And then suddenly she's great because of lowering the helmet pretty cool yeah imagine it imagine if the famous play in Seattle against the saints. The beast mode quake Haiti's quake imagine that got called back yeah I'd love to lower daddy's do physical in the playoffs against the same defense down EC defense by the way. I can I give you my spotlight player actually player it's our own Chris Townsend well. Reporting tonight from the sidelines. First time out there big night Tony. Big night B button depth on the big got to stay every media every binoculars slipped. I love that we'll break down Monday examines. Every every tossed back every sideline report and I got a nugget for you I. Fire ball Friday thanks guys it is fire that. Do you and the bloat into drive Friday that an act on this kid ambition and good luck down eight Peru's match did you see that DD aids God's in the middle linebacker he still can't run up from the sixth live on the to do this all down and read to mean tweets in cap in all caps lock Joseph you are like single plot ATP. You just suck Lowe makes the show you in dibs to bees. Would be done inflow is not there. So credible plus hello yen thank god he's here I appreciate it. I think he's 65 now. For really getting your Friday and our Friday. Off to a beautiful Smart that's said that's a tough on no one ply toilet paper. That's a cup of we know why they may. You just pull off twelve seeds in you go for the little wrap around you didn't dribble rather it's like EF three apply under over you guys a raise but one plus for us thousand upgrade we have no plot allows him. We'll spend the money get the good don't want. I implied if you don't know what I'm excited to know applied radio shall there. I wanna see what auto Carlos Joseph B mean big injured up and down or you seen enough from the guy I don't you know what when it comes that Joseph. It's he's an injury trying to coliseum the PC I would see you don't see this from both teams quarterback play and density or really nervous for the niners. You're starting corners already came with a couple question marks. Big deal now but not your dad Jimmy award again those of last night a concern for the raiders what what your quarterback offerings going to be Connolly and applauded. Yeah it'll play man staff heard Jimmy throw the ball around a little bit tonight so I would say the entire cornerback position on both teams. Is something I'm gonna be monitoring very closely the niners' situation continues to concern me. The raiders' situation is concerned me for three years it has not been a good quarterback situation. For a while now let's transition into the great staff Currie. She it's one over 71. In the first round and Ellie Mae classic. Last year. He didn't make the cut he shot 7474. Comes up this year and shoot 71. Now good news bad news it's a better score. But the top 65 make the cut and he's currently tied for a 115. Playing very well. I wonder where's he gonna rank all time two sport athlete wise because you know Michael Jordan had that little stent and the Minor League Baseball. It's their bald man. Good at all. Is on that's war yet and there was a legit bounced back because he was four over after his first eleven holes he played the back 91 and he flipped on the front. In over his last seven he's able to flex three birdies so and it. A boy I think he's one under Max hole money guy we played with whom he came out hot he was sending three or four under anybody. He slid back to just one under but it's tough out there that corset laid it low if not I. I've never been on the greens and Joseph there it reads almost gives us. Guess it cuts us that my god that's his were his game and stop this right here I'm not gonna rely on this assessment. For how that course JU two out there on the same team yet battling each other. Rooting against each other on the same team sorry if I'm gonna take your okay greens is makers go to the sample all their and I'll look at Indiana and that's not that bad. Not all pretty good there going to be a little faster and that we can't get there they're not into and I don't water's much enroll in college but continue putting my putting low world. Would you suggest a nice day with the old technolust that you and rolled a couple of Vermont forty yards up the green rolled off for fi yet it's. I I can't ship Cotchery got a chip issues I had to chip you can putt from the fringe in the first got our hands and for adding I don't that's like I'm not not give I'd I'd putt was from easy from being played putt putt from eighty yards out before I. You can see the program. How legitimate leave forty yards short of it for you embarrassed for him when you saw this happening you think you may at where in the celebrity pro am digs out your putt from a hundred point out our pro. We wanted to see his old famous for he would. It's like in 19333. Whatever that what is it is very actual what do into percent in Edison for woods balding and partly goes back to the late seventies early in the spice. Annan would be. No cinnamon spice. I'm aware thank you you welcome sometimes words sound alike yeah so yeah pretty flat just the going to be able to run his death that's at at the Bill Bennett the pros like what the hell is his pro actually pulled his phone out to film you guys don't to film his. I probably their message itself nice Phillies he works is a pitcher of his club how old now red. It is public he's like are you kidding me any second they're talk about one has to go back to these kind of plugs this is absolute. Who only insane and he would hated. For the 200 he would hit it for the 150 he would hit it for the one position it is just that good night club Q did you have perverse and everyone's got one of those yet just happens how old is an honest it's got to be 35 years old at least maybe four hours old easy.