Jimmy Garoppolo Press Conference

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Friday, February 9th

Live from Santa Clara, 957 The Game presents: Jimmy Garoppolo's press conference after signing his 5-year, $137.5 million dollar deal with the San Francisco 49ers.


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Jimmy drop low press conference happening live right now on Santa Clara let's go to it. Good morning welcome everyone. As time we were here Jimmy called inaudible when you're perfectly welcome to if you want to start up again but. If not we'll get going. Congratulations. To Jimmie congratulations to his family. Want to acknowledge his family his parents are here Tony these. His brother's. Mike is really. And Tony are over there and family's important Jimmy and it's wonderful to have them here. We are friendly with 49 her family so. I I want to acknowledge some people that worked really hard and along the way in this process. Start with pride right today. And that his team right after. Yet thank you enough for the job you did. And at the same time I think I need. Who represents Jimmie and that cartridge out and Steve Dubin who are here today hey you guys for your professionalism for your diligence and foresee in this through the finish line deals like this aren't easy. There are a lot easier when you both have the same motivation and the motivation was to do great things as a team and to do together. And so everyone involved I was really proud of the process and other work that went into it. Finally. You know it's easy spending other people's money the instead. Thank you. And you know I think Kyle and I. We've we've we've talked a lot. Bigger no one I think you know it's kind of like a year anniversary as well. Want to thank you for all your support you've let us do our work you supported us throughout. But you know anytime I come do you see what you think he says that's why I hired you and say the same thing so we can't thank you enough. So the jet and Danielle to John and Denise and CNN Mara tell me all the York's we thank them that's is a big day for them it's a big day for our free access. You know ultimately. There was a parade in Philly yesterday and that's where we wanted to be. And so we have a lot of work a lot of our players back here. You know I think when you watch those things understand. That we have. That's where we wanna go we have a lot of work to get there. But we feel like this is a big piece from day one when Kyle and I started having conversations. How we all know what his positions key if you don't have one you looking for more we feel like we got our guy and we're thrilled thrilled about that. Today I know Jimmy analysts do your thunder would feel like. We got a couple that we're really pleased with TJ investors. Nick moments we got a strong group and that's a great position to have a strong room act. So foundational piece and you know we talk about the word can give me the great thing about him he talked about through this process and remember the last day of the season before he checked out came he came out my office and we had a great talk about where aspirations are home wanna go about this together. How much he enjoyed working with Kyle. And Christian to ruin and his staff and how much he enjoyed. His teammates and and that we talked about where we wanted to go and he's very driven by that and that. And answer that makes us proud. Was about three months in a week ago we sat here in this very room and we traded for Jimmie and we thought we had a special player but I really commend Kyle for having the patience to see this thing through. That we didn't rushing into it we re waiting. Until it was the right time and CJ helped us with that because he was playing well. By even if they're rushing for Jimmy's diligence and his work ethic. And the way my body with his teammates. We talk a lot about talent spears the things we look for we look for guys that love football they love their teammates. That are naturally competitiveness. Competitive and and that kind of thing. Is contagious and so as much as we could see and colleagues studied and we know he's been you know I. We saw the physical traits but really what we learned in these last three months is what kind of person that this guy is and at that point we were full speed ahead on trying to get this done. I know handed over to Kyle here but the only thing I would say is. We're fully aware all the work that we have to do this is a big piece. But one of the reasons this was the urgency if there was something for us it's and then the free agency is a big deal. It's 75 degrees and sunny outside. We get this guy who won. Beyond that we wanna become a destination where everyone wants to be we've got a long way to go we were six and chip OK so this is a big day for us. We have a long way to go. And now we're fully aware that we got to earn it just like this guy as he's earned this deal. And so we're real proud to have him as a matter for a long time since I just see if I. You're listening to the Jimmy drop a little press conference on 957 the game let's go back to Santa Clara. I want. You know got some excited I think obviously and our players are more fans are our coaches are. I'll try to get form back and had a little time off and away from guys like these guys here that's for some businesses season. You know got a piece of the puzzle today and it's definitely won't talk about quarterback positions. You had a lot of other areas and as soon as long phase one starts of offseason got a lot of work to do. We know we haven't accomplished anything yet what we're real excited to pieces we've got a good start. Yeah. There's not enough. Made. First saw a does want to thank him for coming out today to those. Thanks for your family. Especially you know judge doctor York Denise everybody's prayers because all support John and his team Barack. Forget this thing done. Top golfers preliminaries in the first I got here. Thank my family for coming out with me it's. We avoid this goes on Chicago's that's always a good thing and my teammates was coming out guys appreciate it. It counted I'm excited. It's a long time coming if this thing happen yup yup pretty quickly going and I'm very happy with how it got figured out and so on on the surface next here. But like Johnson got a lot of work to do so I'm looking forward to a well it's. Easy plays that you like feet long term. You know I think it was a number of things. But the team. Acceptance that they had me when I first got here from the get go. The coaching staff in Thailand and rich. Just goes. Very welcoming environment and I really like that and you know have some success Thomas doesn't need to see you Ed pieces are falling into place and you know we've got a long way to go but I think we're moving in the right direction. Did that Kirk cousins situation walking. Here every year thank. To get something done now it is have a you know I'm the next five years and it's not in your mind your. How often. Does not speak for the team. You know we became convinced that. We had that is an option we don't want to use it we wanted to make Jimmy. 49ers for a long long time and you know is there. You have to have some faith that is absolutely but you earn that faith that we. You know I know. It wasn't a super long time but like we said we we felt like we had a really good grasp on that talent that was only confirmed when he got here. But what we really learn about is what kind of person is what kind of TV is what kind of competitors. And when you see that and you have the two things that's pretty special as an opportunity to be special. And then. You know the team did pretty well when he was in there and what excites me. Is that the end even had an off season and now when he gets to sit down with Kyle and understand. A little bit about the thought process behind the plan you know I think. It's only gonna get better and so we understand that there will be adversity there will be tough times just like there is for any player but at that point we didn't we didn't you know. We we've we tried to treat this situation as a unique quite. And I think that's where I have so much appreciation for the two sides is we have there's a lot of noise out there let's focus on what our motivations are try to get some. Yeah I mean I think no it does have the two sides coming together at the same common goal really made things easy for us I mean. Personally I don't want to be here and I think you've got period up fairly quickly so. I'm really happy the way it worked out and. Provincial. If you are waiting game. There that we're. James. Because people. Why did you. You know there's just as well wanna be honestly and you know a lot of it is still my best possible. And it's going to help our team going forward you know going to free agency. And his son about the design business I've snowstorm like Chicago sun and I think he just never met so I just because guys side it's a lot better here so go outside it. I'm not fact is going to. I saw in us is. I don't know I want to be here I was excited to be here in America we got done as best we did. A move it and then there is little. I'll pay players voted three good for you look real. You. You know I've talked my Brothers about the last this point four hours flying here and everything it's. If you investors look at it I thought this was. A reality not. But I yours too about being you know I hope quarterback and everything and this is just take another step in the direction I guess. That's I think that's a suit of Florida. Feel mom. I've I think if we take it. Everybody you know when you're timing. We got a big offseason out of us you know I think didn't and the playbook and fully understanding Memphis offices of tile will really help me going into next season. And you know take is also some time. Anybody you're listening to the gym meet a rock below press conference on 957 game back to Santa Clara. Were announced. You know falloff after the season but in my view it phone call for a little while and not get back into it and those. This is an exciting time feature in Chicago. Only if the thing. Gamer I finally went yes this is where I want. Com Owens says one thing in particular I think. You know like I said from the first day I got here my teammates the coaching staff are very excepting a million. That's does kind of rare and out of a lot of dollars. A lot different types of our personalities and so then suddenly so quickly I was and then my life a lot easier. This I think just as the season went on main. It was just I was an easy decision. Hey they try to prove his own work your way. Oh yeah nothing I mean I must say that perspective. Don't live long valmont astute sixers Super Bowl and then when it come operators like Philly and want him that's cardinal and. Good things about what's gone on your portrait. We've been watching the Super Bowl with the weird to watch the Goldman and I am the doctor feels things that I. You don't yeah lawsuit hall a loss of my Brothers and some of our friends. Those I. Visited a civilian gamer our offense and everything so. It was. Tough cost of those guys but early this season. What's that the aspect of you whose work. The program that your nose he didn't sing about where this offense can go where house office can take you. I applaud everybody for an offseason so everything kind of new for me just like the season was. Arm nothing didn't in the phase one phase two and really being able to talk talked through the office some of the finer things that ended. They get involved into during the season. I think go really helped me takes us forward not learning this. And I don't think you can talk to Jenny about football stuff but you can talk to us about the process. If you would kings. Can get him here in April. As does not as I start from scratch and go forward also how we got a crash course. I did help job picking up. But it's. That's something he's out there and it's just going but he doesn't truly understand why and things like that these. Did a great job of getting through that we were introduced to a on Sunday an hour the rush isn't quite the same. I start the beginning. Starting the first page not fifty page and I get a better foundation when you have a better foundation warrior colorful you know learning. If you can't let a higher level. No wise and things like that and obvious that Iran doesn't play very well. Play for us but. I think when he goes out there had been canceled. Consistent and I was really understand it better be good to see we're careful not to say whether it's your mom. I was careful but. I know on beer. There's just a matter deny everything figured out and we did that fairly quickly this offseason and I'm excited about it they've got and so fast and it's an exciting time right now. Am totally gave them things are people who do it goes through multiple looks every year we'll view the reporters are thought. You know I think we're working in the right direction. Like John said earlier you know there's a lot pieces that come into play. I think you know we're. Put those pieces into place and now we just you know once the season comes this actually thought there and perform and that's. None of this league is about going out there rescuing him performing on Sundays and no results speak for themselves. Do Tolliver has been goaltender for the better part of fifty plus years. Stay behind and head movement and I don't what it takes to get best what's the single most important game. The sticks in your mind. So you learn from them on what it takes to be checking hearing and year out. Yeah I think his love for the game obviously this is a big part of it. And I clearly have that so no way he prepares. That was one thing I've picked up from them just being around him for three nephews. And you know it makes a difference and we feel we've got to be able loved immensely tough not to do that. Physically tough enough to survive against. That's all that coming go to. You know a lot of players. Handle pressure different ways we've got a lot of money maybe we'll make use third here at the. I think Kyle and I spent a lot of time as I said just just observing that the person. And watch in the way he interacted with his teammates watching the way they responded to him. And for me hey there's there's never any assurances but but there are qualities do that. You know the really good players in this league for great players in this league that they share and he demonstrated a lot of it was a short. Sample size sure. We knew it was it was convincing. So I think is Jimmie said the deal of the game absolutely we we saw that. You have this innate skills that that makes everyone else here around around you better we saw that. You know these these you put your teammates before yourself he he he did that I kept just checking the boxes is as we were watching. That was that was a cool thing. That's why we're here. Because he wanted to be here and we wanna hear. Some hard work was putting to get it done so we're we're we're ecstatic about it. You mentioned Bono is the team last you know what's that in mind and both of the teams in the NC we're. Below 500 last year and look for the jaguars really knew what is it about NFL landscape that. A lot of teams this time around so. I think the system set up for parity and so. You know it's a fine line between being thirteen three Indians six in ten it's a real fire lines and and so. It's one of the things that they've made this a attractive. It's a well then I've got you know board. Had a clean slate. And that was a lot of money at our disposal was it starting at times we felt like we have a long way to go sure. But we also felt like we edit an opportunity to shape the way we want to and I. You know CNN CNN on the place is as it has been fun and I also know that each and every year's a new year in this league in the teens and understand that. They do better so you know when an apology games that the new fears that a good thing. Absolutely but does that guarantee us anything though the work we do this offseason. That will guarantee us where prospects are. I want our success is going to be. And everybody by the way is that when the first he has. They had only one win the NFL's is not supposed to be that easy out and look back on those five games what jumps out and Larry made. You know I think a big part of it was you know coast except for me responses to succeed. I think that's where all stars no apparent we can get a good game plan together. Kyle rich. All those guys the other person in good spots succeed. We just love it executed. I think it has a lot more goes into I think on the part of the. You're listening to Jimmy Barack we'll ask conference on 95 cent in the game now back to Santa Clara net trade you know I don't know. Come up a flier members looking around meeting people how you prepare yourself for the quarterback and a person you know after this water table. When he uses them now. When he first showed up an awful. There's a lot of things as I am so there's much talk going on. A man says. It's been as exciting. I'm not a they actually much as a person but you know again those five starts and in my in my teammates and how do you know play with famine back. Get on the same page as them I think it's going to help us going forward so. You know I think there's a lot more be done and his officers will be big for us. You don't really learning each other's style and get a whole playbook down but I think moving in the right direction. Good news talk. About it. You'll had a few decent plan and I think once we started in the first got you in the it was actually felt. Whereas the team at that time Virginia was the situation. I was going to be hard from going there. Really get enough time where he could show us in himself regularly. You know be comfortable with. Then I don't think about it too much we've always had a franchise tag but we knew she knew this guy wanna hear badly. When he biggest opportunity in I was started out for Chicago and Houston. Tennessee Jacksonville to around. We kind of got better. Mark can you hear more blue was the better players but guys I've. They better figure team got tighter. He's going to be with the guys we always felt very strongly about his talent on the when he did he with the guys for that long you have that success and we got same every single day you get better idea of how he will be long term. How it would be that much money things like that. I think John kind of talked about it but it always starts with talent but when it comes to things like this character who is as a man is everything coast. He has talked about. What makes teams win and then the carrying a felon. And there's few teams that are more talented than others but there's not a big difference between number one and number 32. That's how you respond injury how tight your team comes. What you guys go through here. We are much tighter team event that your the world beginning the year we are healthier into the but at a very high level and that all added it to us and you watch teams like filling itself in just wash about there parade yesterday the type team. They got close to a lot and not always like that through here we go through some highs and lows we did that. Got a chance to finish very strong Virginians to see who it was a person who wants as a player and I think we felt very strongly about tomorrow. I'm Omar. Didn't want. Here five years. Well. He. I think Prague in. And a lot of people kept saying this this is it's a difficult process it's complex. You know what I try to do is keep pushing the button and you know he wants to be here we want here let's get it I want field but why why wait and so. He I think again I keep giving credit they deserve it. You know I think. True believer that you could take it and people people you know a lot of people have a lot of ideas on what could happen or. What I'm concerned about it is that he's right here and he's he's he signed for five years and and I love that. It took a lot of hello T Moore to get that done I'm. I'm real proud day. About celebrating. You know we we got most of their last night we just got a username of them result. We and I saw there at San Fran. Still trying to experienced some very you know I'm excited to make this my home for the you know next five years hopefully more and help the beer for a long time and you know get to experience all of all the good things about this area so. We got to go to dinner. Don't really have to anymore plans in the matter and. You know you can't work because we're better. No didn't. Well you knew if I. That people know us would not. Seasons overall starting this year. Excited about it that much better feel for our group. Their players so much better feel for us as coaches. That may see tighter going into an off season. But every year's different and different coaches will be different players are always has turned over how responsive to our schedule this year. And our division things like that and how to respond to injured so so many things are going to hear each is different. Obviously from. More excited going this year his north team and we got it guys in the kind of felt this way that we want to so. By no means are we done very cool stuff we have to continue to get better every single day. I'll start with free agency that comes personal view the draft will be worked and then phase 12 and three all the way you know occasional. Training camp because there is no quick. Answer to anybody. All the favors you know very rarely went ahead and sometimes people think that Arkin when anything surprised the heck out of everybody so. This league is so balanced so competitive. It is so hard to win in this league that you never going to hearsay I won't go over playoffs he has earned everything again. We think anything differently you'll be. Humble men and there's very quickly actually yeah. That's why I'm ready go we're. Oregon. After this there's two teams with a more captures so we've got. You know we're we're gonna be aggressively. Prudent in. In always make wise decisions and look out. You know some years do things so that we feel are fit and and give us an opportunity to be a better organization. We're making those moves. Oh this. This takes up some of that room but that was a tradeoff we were happy to make and I we still have a lot about so. We're excited about that is. Along I think they should be taught but he's puzzled so how do you go about now. Putting players. Break. I'm trying to put the right people around him to death. Good question man and we're we're. We've been going about that years. Feel like a good question. I love that but. You know it is made earlier this week we signed Cassius marsh we think he's a big part of what we're we're going to. We're gonna continue to. To try to resign their own players that we think are part of this puzzle and some of those we have to let go free agency and feet. Where the market shakes out we'll get ready for the draft we're getting ready for creative see this thing always is moving. You know that's that's great. Thank god thanks okay vote right now.