Jimmy Durkin previews Raiders training camp

Raiders beat writer for the Bay Area News Group, Jimmy Durkin, joins Bonta & Tittle to preview Raiders training camp. 

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Bay Area. News group raiders beat writer Jimmy Durkin has been kind enough to join party Hillary tittle Harmon Greg publish a 95 point seven game and Jim this is here right into it Gary Connolly. Obey mollify will still missing how. Quickly do you expect and the dean raiders' training camp. Yeah I mean I would expect them not on what really don't get why aren't I'd be on like I even know Rio mentioned this morning that. That the audit contractors are not a whole lot to negotiate a deal soak. To me I mean. It should be increased supply at the back not re all beside them it sure would would calmly you know they would like to pat. Well the the charges you know have been allegations cleared by the time nick a lot of women hadn't signed in the number. It does escalate you're not getting him under contract but. You know that they're gonna wanna gamble works rather than later so. Even. Quite do it didn't know what happened with his case I would think by next week. Actually start training camp and other rookies Europe and not want to act. I would think both guys are going to be up there ready to go. Circuit were any kind of debuted mr. jobs. Yeah Conley is expected to start alongside Sean Smith I want cornered us a reason why it was brought a it was a top ten talent before the allegations and Obi is expected also. Have a big role for this team a somewhat linebacker position here Jamie. But Corey James I hear mark Kelly is making a big impact he may have a role and it and then there's a vigilante Jenkins. What do you expect to come out of this middle linebacker position here Jimmy. Warming that would DJ can get beat again at 34. Career starts you win and you a lot of intrigue he wanted to career you know that the you move that they need on defense and free agency you would think he come David Stern terms you're weak side linebacker. Or bad could that Mike's spot you can be really Michael Richards. It for a little while last year island and then they went out Brian. Perry Riley. Mark Kelly even gat that he's he's he looks at an apartment. You know we didn't strong. Know we'll see what what he can do you know this bill will mean he woke. They shall not last at the end when he did he. They are really but in order. To. To eat chocolate meat. Movement interrogating on TV at the apple cup a week EB yet they are even. Meeting he had been up the chance that in the pyro lab but you know I had kind of maintained that it's still not convinced that. Gags start in middle linebacker maybe not be one of the guys start to collapse actor and the team. Somewhere down the road might not yet be on the roster they're gonna you keep checking that we acquire. And they check that it apparently at some point if if you decide that the money righted the comeback but. The they're going to be galleries in the in the C they are yup that some. We had Jimmy it's Rick here it's amazing to me that this hasn't been addressed yet Delaware works out and Reggie is favors if for some reason mark Kelly go straight from Wake Forest. Starting at MI linebacker but. I wonder you know house Ernie plays the Sammy mostly puts his hand in the dirt I don't know if he could be an option because I look at Jenkins you're right I see him as a well. But how do we know that he's not just another road Shura Lofton are you know another ray ray Armstrong do you have faith in this guy. Yeah I mean he. You've got to not particularly at that point yet see what you do obviously in missile but it kind of opt in programs well. You know. They say oh hugely valuable about bringing in you know. It kept a lot of money but they're not on Garrett at that position in jacket Rio. And Reggie haven't played depositions and court date they feel like he can get Diet Coke stepped the play well enough because. Yeah especially with them the best in the top two pick develop awkward conflict in Albanian peninsula country where there are six he beat out there on the European Nat diamond. I have developed ought to be a little bit of a hybrid of the safety slash linebacker. And so. They're a lot more likely to match up that if they can and then mix and match these guys. He'll make it completely inept up in that community but he guy's gonna go out there. Yeah 128 tackle middle linebacker. You know you look at Joseph Hart award and the high pick that he was. I'm looking at him as though TA is that look like maybe he was hobbling next thing you know. We we hear that he had surgery and now he's I guess is gonna miss all of camp at this point what what does that do for the the plans now on that on the defensive line is I guess that would be good news. Two by the Dendy Daughtry is of the world and you know maybe a Darius lane at some guys like down. Yeah and it certainly puts a little or pressured them anymore opportunity. Company on you know. Our community and that it will not in the third round even treat on have to restart and it that they. The end of that many can't you would get his first team reps on the carpet like. With a few guys including this anecdote and went on portrait in Turkey would you feel labels still in session. So there is their guy and you know we all know people like IPO. A lot of guys in if you can get production at a at a but you ration. You know I think ward with a guy that problem with a lot more. Now last year that the reader he'd expected and certainly part of that was the injury Mario Edwards junior he. So you hope that that Edward PayPal Ian. That you can kind of app that Ottawa and walked down and it worked out and play content that you can mix and actually auction of the kind of it really development a lot of play he got a knack for you know you can pass in the line of scrimmage and and he's done good and the time and if he'll eat yet the issue with that. With the injury last year in training camp but if he can be LP in probably wouldn't let me be. On a panel that more oval. Jimmy Durkin raiders beat writer for the Bay Area news group kind enough to join us here immigrant publisher weapons in the light bouncing hill Rick tittle. We're talking raiders' training camp analysts look over to the other side of football on the biggest news there it wasn't Jericho exciting but I which I thought was a very underrated Samuels Marshawn Lynch. Beast mode he comes in to replace Batavia is Marie. What kind of we can we expect the similar workflow that look TVs Murray have what 295 carries last year or will just be game by game the Florida game weathered a raiders are behind an echo what. The larger Washington and jailer was sharp what can we expect from Marshawn Lynch this season and a raiders uniform Jimmy. Yemen I think he can get in the similar stat line it would savient you know 190 let Kerry. Yet last year looked 800 yards and 788 and twelve cuts around I think it it. They get that attic or I think you're pretty happy they think he's proved to be. It is really good around Google. Someone well speaking first down range and immediately you're like that we give them all one scored a lot evil and it. They can get lead early and be able you can aware county veterans in the second half and it's huge debt physical battle. I mean delete that he had I think that the what you would want to use that you know you're not gonna wanna Wear guns not gonna want to overuse him but. Keeping the pick. All equal in front of that crowd eager to get our I think that. That might and it drives him to not to run over actor tackler to. Adding that it be on don't want to leave it to the response client. You know in the Covert black especially in the cult game but. Yeah don't want over them but if you look back that would decrypt our. Well be that typical runner that being in Arctic is going to be a good acquisition reform. Todd downing new offense coordinator for Oakland Raiders we know who's the quarterback colts last year and Derek Carr it down and have a very good relationship with each other Mark Cooper scratching their comeback critter Patterson he's espy's her loan was self Roberts then you have Jerry Cooke. And Lee Smith coming back it tight and what will the biggest difference. Call them plays this year for the Oakland Raiders. Well I think one thing they were ready you know leave a little more powerful argument I'd let you know that would critically at Del Rio had built bunker and the they want to wait at a time that. I think that was probably part of the conversation was odd that when promoting a bit. They would like to see that ointment certainly going on bringing in March on to give them a power back up help that. I would be applied that they go to a little bit more no huddle I know they want you they're carved a bit more control the opposite feel like you are didn't start out. Still you can go to that no and let him call the plate let him. Kind of he would peak season and it picked the right spot to take chances that I. You know you've again that he'd been so good at protecting the ball while still being that would make it played that. You know they have the competent and let him go up there and. Rebuke that little bit I would expect that you know I had I think. What about Jerry Cooke in the Caribbean huge acquisition by our. Could really be a good one because he just won't even not even program it'll look like they're gonna have a real over the middle wreck their tight end. That they haven't had so far would arched and indicative that connect is quite a bit. Let me make an open a bank over the middle appealed prone to cut. Wonder what that even deeper Marc Cooper Crabtree out Omnia group directing a the dolphins in the passing game could actually be quite a bit better here. Jimmy you mention Eddie van or does and I think everybody outside Auburn wasn't a surprise a raiders took him. In the third round and remember seeing him at rookie mini camp basket about how he. Lost all the way I thought it was very undersized for an offensive tackle that I lost my the people is so that they actually like him. Now that he says is skinnier but I and that antiquated rule UCLA is just too funny. That they are in session so he didn't get the practice. Like he's gonna take a final or something and anyway. With the raiders run a little more 34 out of Big Three four guy like middle linebackers accelerators -- Super Bowls that I Reggie Kim lost the nose if they put jolly and at the nose is that where you see banner does kind of taken minutes when now jellies not on the field. Yeah absolutely you on our and I. It. Looked as. Is you know it kind of trimmed up it'll away from that 340 that he claimed that laster knew more about 300 arranging to meet the demand side. You can panic you know and those in nineteen showed an ability to be able abstract than that you get in those export. Package it and you know you can you can move them around and get it inside and outside EP cat that passed our ability they love. You know treatment loved Mario Edwards junior the elite eight you can have a guy that you can play both inside and outside the kind of got back there. And being able to do what little bit of that movement around the edges you know being that would make and that depends on the path it. That's what they want them there because department it'll like just. A UK Europe European you're deep tackle they wanna have these guys that move around in each England do a lot of broke eighty happy. You have not need to happen. I it'll come down bikini meekly being. And that it you know and he's certainly an article in time. Jimmy Durkin rigorous beat writer for the Bay Area news group breaking down the Oakland Raiders as we hate and head into training camping gear ready produced only seventeen. NFL season lot of expectations up there in Napa Jimmie we'll see up there next week will take the show wanna rolled will catch up with you hopefully next week Jimmie thanks somewhat from time. Jimmy darkened area news group raiders beat writer.