Jimmy Durkin 7-30

Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 30th

Raiders Beat Writer for the Bay Area News Group joins Rick Tittle to talk about the latest from Raiders Training Camp.


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Now he's five point seven big game wise and low. Now. Five point seven. About a 57 again until what do you lines are eligible in 9579257. Pence got so stuck contacts on 95795. If something goes now with a sunny in the next forty minutes we'll talk about it right here. Or a switch gears a little bit and talk about the raiders we are home of the raiders there are twelve and fourteen are coming off the playoffs it was a Connor cook road loss to a Houston we kind of knew that what happened with no Derek Karr against that defense and my glowing was enough for it but that's all water under the bridge it's a new season everything is fresh. And I got to go to camp yesterday and check it out I'll give you my opinions on a but first let's bring in Jimmy Durkin of course raiders beat writer. For the Bay Area news group. And day Gary and Conley is signed. We know that the first round pick from Ohio State but where does he stand. Legally is there a chance that guy could still go to jail. Well yeah add on your main under investigation that certainly remains a possibility. You know it's. That app and that would definitely run counter to everything the raiders it's bad about it and competence. In 98 but it's killing right now are hopefully you know that the outward lately that. That tees that the investigation that wrap up of the raiders still hold the debt. And appeal a good paper in Britain and he would die he's got his new number would still is that number twenty you'd be you know where. That is to get on the field because he's been he's. Back healthy enough supply. Is that why they kept Taiwan just to get into wanna do not just kidding. And well and I mean if he goes to jail this that we thought DJ was a bad pick this would be the worst pick in in more than one of the worst picks in the history of the team. Yeah. It would certainly. It would certainly not good Corretja in the battle for the top eight. Went out there and pay. You know it's. Hard to come out you really can't. About it yet yet a lot. What what it means. Not in any danger there judge anybody tell only to come out. RK were all fingers crossed on that everything works out because the talent is there we have no issue with the town of Gary and Conley is fantastic corner. I'm Mike linebacker though this has been so ignored and we talked about it I I just wonder. Why they have not Brung that Perry Riley back is never they got a mop the street on a Tuesday he started on a Sunday last year any. He didn't look half bad and you compare and everybody else is it a money issue have they soured on him what's going on there. Gap. Money is again like over and eat it. What. Did they get my whole lot more adult and situation deep. Not quite get it earlier lack your interest rightly. Yup. He got I don't watch it. Being. Operated. On it you want it more he. Late round pick out a lot we can help the heat to be. Like a lot. It they're gonna be. Tightly young guys. LT get an opportunity. Burton and I. Don't know. Guy. You know it it even near big lake in. Well again. Victim allegedly dirt and raiders beat writer bearish news compared not a 57 again cup mark questions for Jimmy is on the road right now I appreciate his time. I you mentioned Donald van and that one. Kind of surprised a lot of us he just signed a new deal last year and then he looked around and you know he saw that he really was led top ten get paid. And it in these kind of things that drive me crazy it's like you know it wasn't like you sign this thing seven years ago and it's outdated means stepped curry could've said that last year and he didn't. I that the fact of the matter is though Jimmy I think Donald Penn. Will get his money some maybe this is a good move by hand that it does drive me nuts what's your take on him. Like India. Can he quietly reached late and he was getting ready to or claiming that the that in York giant of the opera a little bit. And he badly wanted to stick with it means that route that they are hard bid at this group. Operator BT wanna be out when it eat. Got it and get back lap I had a little Saudi deal activity like in equity real quick. You. Want to crap. Like I lock. The bet here Mike Grier what's really in. One place where he's at all and beat that they are part. That your career you that what. Lincoln called our. Jacked. It. Up lol you ought. With the idea kind of oddly enough the art. What mark beat it last year for Jack del Rio de. What really criticized my half my left tackle Purdue they they I didn't. Yeah I area it's just that I have no sympathy for a grown man who signed something that he doesn't like if you don't like it don't sign it but that's just me. Tom I'm wondering about. Johnson met because I was really excited about him being brought in from Kansas City last year I loved his size there's so few big corners anymore. And he got so scorched to the point that he lost his job and to see him out there again a camp as a starter. I would think that there'd have to be a fire burning under this guy to show that he's not a bust but I don't know how do you got a chance to talk to Sean. Doctor shot yet. You want to get. It in indeed it is actually by what you are not yet be in. Art you out you know little pet religion. That. It. On your your money. Apt that your. I eat. It might want to. Get the chance that. He'd he'd like current. Year because he's pretty high number of over eight million on the 28 get rid on the roster so. You like even eight million dollars player. Is going to be that pressure and more get the hotly pleaded their in the league. It's that you got beat in beat that pop it yet to be here. Am I get to my impressions of camp here and and a little bit later in the show but before I let you go. Anything strike you positive negatively one way or the other for the first few days. It. You know. Laundry in the marsh sometimes it cannot judge anything about it until the opener September 10. National but I've heard. It the real debate work. It was released and not burn a little packet. And that crowd getting pretty creating don't wound up there so I've changed. A sign that. It. Just left it in the easily beat you to have gotten pat nobody but. Iowa and encouraging side keep it you edit their competitive due they're all of the in the heat looked pretty good. Now the season ticket holders are up they're watching a big difference. Back in the old days that's Jimmy Durkin raiders beat writer Barry and his group fall on Twitter at Jimmy underscore. Dirt in DURK I had Jimmie thanks you're time Matt Woolsey up at camp. Right I'm glad Jimmy's line now and stayed truth you there.