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The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny talk to Jim Kozimor, sports anchor at NBC Sports Bay Area.


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Jim Rosen Laura we've seen him he's seen everywhere whether he's too in the Sacramento gains juries do on the Oakland Athletics. Are he's been doing a lot of giants lately I don't semen. Enough. Potion he sees sports California Bay Area he does everything and he joins us here on interest Townsend you know how we don't and Ike knows. Pounding and pounding that are thank you so much and counting correctly you because you've been patient enough at had to cancel one. And you've been night and up at the back and I'm geared up and excited about being out with you in a manner. I we all now there's stuff on on zealots that's on on I'm behind you whenever you can show up it's an absolute. Pleasure and it's much to get to an evening kind of ran a lot of baseball lately but obviously the basketball world those. Is taking as ice storm. The betrayed. Your years in the NBA I've ever seen an offseason. As big as this if. It's interesting it seemed like the last few years we been able to say that. It both ways in Calgary beat Oklahoma City we go to Golden State we say that we. Think at Oregon believe. Money on the table in eagle brand new situation. And we think that there bigger cubic. And this year surpass that. Immediately the. Applied idiotic individuals huge doubling Gordon Hayward going at eighty going what you org aimed at new portable like why we're here being. Getting traded in tight being unhappy. Guys on Twitter yet in war and in Oklahoma City go after guys from Indiana. Immediately upon which you're you're right on it seemed like the NBA is now well one. A year sports. Yeah because I've been saying for awhile now that the NBA's done a really nice job of closing the gap on the NFL in terms being. Note 24/7. 365 type of sport oh by the way before forget. I think you view even whom were not together on the air that team Australia WBZ had the US work. Way back when because somebody's well hitting coach for team must talk to him two days ago. He's beat any texted me. He's gonna put it in the mail two days so it should have been done. Soon but back to the trade back to the big deal I think the warriors look this this was a big deal and it's gonna continue to be a big deal ought to be bigger still on opening night when they square off against each other diary and Isaiah. But still it's all it is. Is something else to fill some time until the next parade in Oakland and yet that the Warner's privately are looking Easton. Kind of shrugging their shoulders and may be laughed a little bit and decision whatever you still got no shot. You know what I'd like eight let me equate that likely. In a weird way because back in the NBA get all the attention and yet people that are gaining he's been. That we watch it was a very an entertaining play ought to we got the final and again we're in the Bay Area who were spoiled watching the warriors. But in the league baseball column team wants the purse 708 years a lot of people are going to be beat the Dodgers didn't. Stop you loading the fact that you stop re load in India didn't stop came with app that account. In the NFL the patriot of the bat single. Now in a remote it people with the silver black and they've got shot this year in the area in the should think but he's secretly in the end. The Kindle and everyone's thinking in. Three years we'll have our team up for three years wouldn't the warriors are to be on the downturn will start could be linked. The Indy gets a lot of attention but they don't have as many genes willing. How battled to go after the champions and that's the one thing well not the NBA about because I think it was a terribly on manner and on and saint. Playoffs up until. And Jim grows more joins us here on nine to five point seven a game it's occurs Townsend shell and just give us like a team like the Sacramento kings' perspective. You've got you've got this arms race but you're not into the arms race in how do you know the I mean how do you feel if your fan going forward. Yeah if you look at it seemed like Sacramento and ending that middle. Middle route battleground modeled around right in the thirty at 35 when cat gore or to law all we get. Couple pieces could maybe make the eight he'd only get knocked off the ground want opinion is there a playoff team but I think it finally found a direction. Unfortunately for the canes. They found that direction and the Atlanta Hawks are in that direction of the Brooklyn nets are net directions that we take to the coming up at the wreck she needs help fourteen. That are pulling back for the next few years. Altman to win only twenty game and hoping to win the lottery only to read school. So that in your warriors warriors we expect and we don't know who we expect him. The B and the downturn. That the team could start to move for I think respect her battle for their hand. In the senate that northern California building not about that a warrior king the rivalry or both teams are voted the same pot and when the kings are that the warriors were down novel warriors crop McCain weighed down. But it became a few years the way but at least. County at least they've picked the direction they've admitted it to their fans and they can move forward with. Do you think the enthusiasm in Sacramento is legit or they kind of forcing themselves to feel. A certain way about the team because they've been. Doubt it's got it reminds me a little bit of the niners I don't know if that's the greatest analogy but the bars set. So low for the niners. Is to rue likes to say you can't fall from the ground it's like just. Just am lining up for certain plays is seen as progress and yes the kings rosters got more talented but. Does that warrant the optimism that I seem to be feeling coming out of Sacramento the. Saudi backed me up on it. I want to urge to go one quarter due to a rip job on king king and the kings player and she bit. Why would I want to do that. Are handed out by the way it worked out O line. That you're dead. He went public enemy number one at a rate got wonderful guy. But public enemy number one in the 91 day cricket Baird to make up statements about the Sacramento Kings. You'd get you know what you your first monitor that while. And quite honestly it's a town that don't want the scene and it sounded they have banned. They're happy that there's the direction and they really do think a lot of these young guys are likable guy and how likeable guys. And they're gonna support although I will be on it's you look at it twenty to 24 win back next seat and looked at the. All right 'cause I'm gonna give you one team and not name the Golden State Warriors. Here at a casino here at the sports what did you got to that one team Liu possibly. Could take down the warriors and I whether it's in the Western Conference play house or the finals. Coming from the east who would it be who would doubt one team to be that. Just what I looked at I was reading. On. That are in the NBC sport in the aggregate aired one of their aggregators quote the top right. That will challenge the warriors Ornette and played for the film with. They had used in the number one I'm still not convinced. That the addition of Chris Paul. Makes them that much better and all the things that they had to give up now they need it Carmelo Anthony at some point they end up being something that's on the watch what. I'm not convinced about you and others are. I'm not convinced about Antonio they had Oklahoma City. I'm not convinced that just because they added Paul George that put them over the top. Really bought the culprit for the most unique team because they've rolled the dice. They have young guys they believe and what they attic Gordon Hayward like in the attic Tyreke Irving. And ominously by world counting on enrollment site and the green on the Boston Celtics green hungry. What do you make of that the multiple. Theories that are out there as to why exactly. Carrier ring demanded the trades some people are saying you didn't demanded all some people are saying misery in response to. A trade the Bronx supposedly. Approved but it was a conditional approval in the condition didn't get back to cut re so. It was kind of I used this analogy earlier is about you know when we need your your girlfriends but to break up with you when you're young you wanna break up with her first. In so that's kind of what happened with Karrie is just there's so many different. Stories out there about it and it just it's made it's made like a lifetime movie it's just not I don't know what to believe. Is that the beautiful part of the NBA. They love the fact that there are only increase the out there. Because we can grab the one we while important that we all the news we want. That the opinion we have we wanna that means it's the same thing in the NBA. If you don't like front injure defining new story but that is trying to stroke carrier ring ourselves on the back side. And now Libya currently I'd be if you pro LeBron you're on Sunday at the port of project. In the and the love it because they get attention either way. I think. That the NBA has been an all all the sports every sport as he beat eagle I think the end game and the largest evolved ego and I didn't think. I'd like carrier ring who hit the big jump shot and called in to win a couple of years old Brinkley in the first championship into what sixty or 65. Courier at the shop that want it LeBron get the credit for bringing the title home to all of. A Cleveland and I think carrier ring it week by I'd be either tweak that. LeBron James looked at him as a little brother of the wanna be bothered anybody wants to be a leader on right and whether that eagle takes it more likely evidently. Been. Or let him stay in Cleveland LeBron leave any year two in he's the leader in one of the on the old cap. Cairo ringgit the Internet now but I I do think. Eagle on all sides is guilty and also pleasurable in the story. The Oakland Athletics are 55 and 72 this San Francisco Giants are 52 and 77 and we're not gonna ask you one question about either of these bad teams goes you are saying. Like you know what I've. IPods are broke up on the on the Internet I didn't hear that the local. Yeah I just so we're we're not gonna ask you a question about either one your Hussein's. Thank you very much I do appreciate that because it would be the talk about what will it. The debate all herbs and acute back on. It was a unique time for giant and because they at such a while the exact in recent years. This time the world what the future could be. Pick and choose Geithner going to watch over the next one and. And include new giant can build around he's giant and those being back in on the board in the. You have a record date made it plain view these guys are gonna build on for the future it could be capable guys. Would who huddled right cancer center fielder beat flash in the pain. Brought to watch it on. I'd pay the cap real baseball but I know actually and I. A probably on the levels pre acquire all you guys are probably the biggest baseball it's not a putt that game. But that might view abate all the mayor. Yeah and by the way there's no may be attached to third base in Oakland Chapman's the real deal but yeah I'm off for both teams. Playing the young guys is much is humanly possible and and on top of that tournament situations for which there woefully. Unprepared let's see who's gotten sacked let's see who's got Smart. Wouldn't you agree with that I think it into the well that Geithner at the Dell and apple made it. Because the guys right now what audiences about. You can't go out and come back a little while later and I will be it that is the dirty side. It's Franklin Barreto was it time or get Lowrie in the thick around it is the affordable at one of the answers that I. Because the Bible forward that we have on. Future and I think well could be one. All I note rose Friday night I'll be taking your uncles Tripoli 95795. Cent. I cholera like oh my rent apartment building yet probably bank. They have a great thing goes thanks so much. You guys you'd think thanks so much had me on nearly very kind and agree. That as soon as I did not rob can't wait.