Jim Barnett tells us what the atmosphere is like in San Antonio going into Game 3

J.T. The Brick
Friday, May 19th

JT is joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors TV Pxp) who is in San Antonio ahead of Game 3. He doesn't think the Spurs fans have given up but we will know how much fight the team has left by the first quarter of Game 3. 


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As we bring in Jim Barnett gym before you get to the warriors. Now just on lobbed a ball on his dad for a second ten it's a different world will live and and but no matter what people say is don't number one are true. In the upcoming draft and that's pretty impressive bright. Very impressive as that it's eagle river water to he's obviously got talent. This troubling. You've got little back each and in the ominous stat. Yeah and have you experienced that as a player. And as an analyst who Wear family gets involved because typically we don't see that now. We don't see that at all this is so insane it's going on with Lamar ball because he Scholl involve what the son who's just coming out of college but once you get to the NBA. There's no more moms and dads holding your hand it's big boys going out there and make millions. Exactly it's rather an aberration I keep thinking on the show today. From Utah talked about Jerry Sloan and I remember how Jerry Sloan was when he goes coach was coaching. In Utah and is an agent ever called Jerry Sloan complained about not getting playing time player whatever he called one time. That's solitude equity. Rapid Jerry Sloan so. I would I would love to eat Jerry Sloan coached thirteen. Ball would go to and and have a father try to implement and telling you right now that it would be a battle right there he probably be traded yeah he. I've talked to me about the drama from first team second team third team all NBA clay be left off drain Mon. On the third team instead of the second of the first to rant played 62 games he's on the second team is it a big deal we make it too much of it. I don't think so I don't think so at all it kind of irks me a little job but I just happened to. You know and in the years that I have to contests it's because of the bad taste I have from gains shakes. In Houston played San Antonio and James Harden took a die if you need to get guys. Like. But so so that's a care in action that carry over effect with with. Would bother people. What Kevin Durant has been a fourth time in scoring champion. And it don't you think you apply best players. In the NBA and so and then you can make a case for stepping courier course to its second half of the seat the wait staff has quite. So in the record that this team had that they want 270 games that your dad without too much effort after the seven entry but. You know I haven't spoken to where practice right now and I accept something that dream on green and connect. The Phoenix Mercury were practicing in the game right here. And so on and brittney griner and enjoy the kind of interesting and so she wanted tickets to have a dream on greens and the double shot you can block she'd get. Jim Barnett so I guess what do you expect to see from coli Leonard he's not talking and he's gonna try to given to go to you expect out and if he does. Or 80% 60% we don't know what we're gonna save it'll go all out. Yeah like I say yes you know target for the percentage like that. I think you could play on the ticket on the job and and move on an. You don't do yen its it security ankle he's very very honorable and got to maintain you know his balance and be careful how he plays the he's so good. And ended in the iPad nowhere is that. You can play with an ankle like you just you just gullible do it again financial aid and he's 89 are you about now. Mean not good about whale by stretcher match but. I think JT tonight quarter one it would tell the story. Of the two games in San Antonio. I think if the lawyers come out with intensity. An and and do not give. San Antonio any light at all. And even neglect when it's game three and I think they'll I think it would gain or as well I can be wrong about that but yet they come out. And there a little they're apathetic and they're not at their best and energy isn't there or something and allison's until it gets it rolling. That can change the series because even without collide this team is capable of beating the warriors because of who they are. Gregg Popovich and after getting back like 36 that's probably the best thing that happened to them that they are going to lose rather than lose by three or four. Because now they've got the rap. While Gregg Popovich on them and every one of those players LaMarcus Aldridge on all those court at about Marcus and he's got to score horse. Danny Green Patty Mills will shoot the ball better without question I might estimation tonight. So. Outlets all will be more job inside they're gonna be ready to play because they have they have here and there. And the rebels as in particular coach and the pressure that he's gonna put on mentally you don't. Jamar and that's our guests expect the wars to come out and really feed clay. Try to get him in a rhythm quickly in the first few minutes. I I wish I thought they're going to be that asking them try to do it. And I just can't cheat him two shots in the wrote I I don't know what is. You know yet what you think that's gonna get going but I have never seen the sect or dropped. And it and it's been sporadic. And so they're they're going to need coming. It will either be in the series we notre. In the dictionary that they do indeed though. To a final against Cleveland to Cleveland plain excellent basketball there really a much improved team over last year. I I just I can't figure it out because. The other great players I just the most open. They might have a little slot but it doesn't stand and he's just. For some reason this is as he's been off I don't worry about I can't explain. Jim Barnett sword yes Jim I'm happy said that the Cleveland is better than last year I'm not hearing that enough. At all from the Bay Area media I don't know why not because everybody's waiting and I'm respecting San Antonio I get it. But the national media start to pick up on this we've been all over it for weeks here what's going on what Cleveland in your mind especially all these two race or knock him down. I know that they've got it going and that can a mother shooting so well you know they get JR Smith whose. Cables that you know six or seven parallel can also cheat you out of the game. And the tire carrier ring. He's out there right when you need a basket give mechanic and he can at least get shot or get to the rim and we know about LeBron is Albert. I don't know how all the sudden the blog has the shooting jets could not all of them but advocates and okay. You know pressure little bit not letting go around here in force in the taken outside shots but he's been. Gangbusters this postseason. From three point range in they get a lot of confidence they've got their conference going right now. And they've got. The people that can hitch on the boards to Kristin Thompson. That the score a lot more about it he'd give them extra possessions and that kind of worried because that too bold ability for the warriors such. They'll clean it much better keep the playing better. That picked up some you know. Couple blah. Veterans it's gonna help them also down the line and so they got a deep bench it got there a great rotation and they have to be. Respectively have to be utmost respect. Your last point to San Antonio feel desperate to you the fans the city. The coaching staff the players or as a kind of over for them they know what I know they're gonna play hard I really respect disorganization but after those two games I wonder how intense. That building is going to be dissolves fans can get really loud. Yes I I don't think they've resigned themselves here so. That's why today we're gonna find out a lot in the first quarter because it. Dispersed change that they Gibbons to cheer about that in the B range because it would have been thinking of this game. And then they say you know can we get this game now they think about the next game and then at all even and so. It that's right. The first quarter is extremely important and I know the warriors are great coming back you know they've. Fifteen times they came back this year. Deficits in fifteen or more. We know they came back. I think was march 29 journey got down by 22. And currently I'm Obama and ushered Kevin Durant to complain about game but the warriors came back against him and I somewhat got the numbers there that. Boot what she had ordered I just think that the first twelve minutes shaky. Are going to be indicative. What's gonna remain in the series. You always bring us your a game we really appreciate it have a great calm again thank you Jim talked an excellent. You've got to Jim Barnett a warriors TV. And now radio with Tim and I'm excited to hear him.