Jerry West wants the NBA to change its logo

Zak and Guru
Wednesday, April 12th

Zakariah & Daryle,"The Guru", Johnson discuss who should be the new NBA logo.


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It is the ZING cast here Jerrold Woodward Johnson's Akron riot. We are taking. Suggestions for the podcast at that we have a winner and Z and G are like we have some famous rappers working on some intro songs hopefully that'll come down here. Maybe not this week guru but next week. I wanna talk about the logo. Who doesn't wanna be called logo Jerry West by the way most under rated. Person responsible. For the warriors getting back to a championship tradition is Jerry West. You can talk about Bob Meyers and god blessings that a great job he could talk about Joseph like a you talk about step curry he could talk about Klay Thompson. But the guy that signifies the change in failure to success for the dubs. Is Jerry West. In not only that let's just talk about his jeans not the one on his legs is she looks good that man there he generally looks good music library lives great but we also got to give the way your brass credit for making that phone call him and then him being dissed in LA or what have you right now your breakup down when I look at him so this is just a class act. But I think it Colby I hate that I don't because Stefan clay when he's up I just think that Kobe when I see him. Yet Bergen and baucus all trading mark salt. If you have suggestions for the podcast ads exports on Twitter ZAK sports is that bbb to root. Dvd GU or U we bring up the logo group not to give him credit for the worse excessive noise did you deserves probably. As much if not at all I would put him number one I would put Bob Meyers to. I would put the players probably 4567. And eight or whatever maybe like three but I have the logo number one but he jumped on the jump. She read it there is Rachel Nichols like this. He said he doesn't wanna be the logo guru and he never wanted to be the logo. So I ask you if they were removed Jerry West of the logo which I don't think they should do or will do which you have as your logo c'mon. You really asking me that. I'm not Q I don't have a Paramount feet right now but the answer to that question is Michael Jeffrey tour I love Jerry West but at the end of the day the real logo is jordin. Act that is synonymous with all I Wear a dress and Jordan's is with rappers with anybody yet what blows me away is to hear Jerry West. Look like he's telling the honest truth. About how he was almost ashamed to be the low will be a lot because generally I think it is genuine you are. I would go up right you argue our right to be a logo or have our names in bright I don't me in the compensation of mr. I came in last place for 957 the date it's the eight on the novel are not distribute the product got their bronze medal DN humble that's a big deal gives you a lot in yet into the man but you don't think he's genuinely I think he's gently but Rachel Nichols asked him. Who should be the local DA answer well let me tell you why do you agree that I would Jabbar the captain was right next to one but he has so Fonda Michael Jordan. The dot dot deep down he wanted to say Jordan as well what he's arguably the best youth tickets can actually get change now lies he has but I mean I'm talking about changing the game Michael Jordan was the cast clay. To the NBA. I think Michael Jordan is the low hanging fruit. Because the obvious answer. But it's a long overdue so when you say low hanging fruit I feel like you're not distant Mike no they're not we should have this conversation a long time what I'm saying is. If I tell the average person who's ever listen in this working or doing whatever in traffic if I ask them Jerry West. Has requested to remove himself as the logo. Who will be the next guy of course she would say Michael Jordan so outside of that. Why people say green is the best player ever. Points wise yes but also people say and just in general that you have Wilt Chamberlain. Bill Russell. Right magic and bird I think a tier below them but I go Bill Russell and here's why I love Bill Russell. I had this conversation actually with a basketball in the easiest. And we had a conversation about blocking the ball keeping Brown's. Bill Russell used to palm the ball. So when he blocked your shot he started a fast break now you see guys like Dwight Howard. Slap the ball eighty feet into the stands guess what the other team gets the ball. So I go Bill Russell plus that he gets even have enough fingers or bombs. The the amount of championship rings that he has as its eleven and you only have ended its. I'll Google Bill Russell asthma logo over Jordan. Take that as a hot day. Now. I hate that I'm here on the this year with the UN LC on Tuesday were about that takes me I was booed big blow hard Oprah to Wilt Chamberlain. Came at a time to where. There was no gods militant making home. Like Shaq I know he played against great season. Those guys were the arrow sign Bryant so it was easy to block you all amassing and that didn't take its keel while there and Booker had what Devin Booker had 77. OK let's say it's will lose deserving. Ordeal now screams only one they can go toe to toe would Jordan in this aspect sir they don't have the signature move but Karine you could put disguise who the but Karine. Has a lot of cabernet in him. And I like Adam silver now who wants yet because he's not trying to hide debt not to David Stern did but Kareem got lost a little tyrant as he spoke his mind you I'm just wondering. Behind closed doors all closed doors. Would he get that honor I think would be Michael and Michael is that Lee and I think that's the players. The yelling the different you know ratio of Michael as the runaway answered this yet. I think you're right I'm just saying outside of Michael I would go Bill Russell. You're right. Betty plated a de Janeiro where I could have made the league if I'm going logo uncle Bill Russell with the gray hair do and that's argue with still wet green Ali look Jordan is the obvious runaway favorite answer to it but outside of that I would go Bill Russell before Karine. For Wilt Chamberlain Chamberlain might have been the greatest basketball player ever I think there are on the same pedestal what a perfect way to end this podcast.