Jerry West

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, May 25th

NBA Hall of Famer and Warriors Executive Board Member joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on extended rest time for the Dubs, Travis Schlenk hired as Atlanta Hawks GM, Lonzo Ball rejecting a visit with the Celtics, and more. 


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NBA jam out chief executive board member with golds they warriors degree Jerry West. We Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 again good morning Gerri thank you for your time how is your. Leisure time trading in between series this is an unbelievable layoff compared to last year. Well really doesn't and frankly I don't think is good I think players would rather play here in the and you know forget all the rhetoric that's going to go along with. For the series started this. Well for the series starts rather end. To me the more time at all it's impossible to keep sharp park and just impossible. And you know there's four more games. Left to be won by. The warriors and or whoever represents cease Leclerc can be Cleveland and naturally. The talk will be about last year in a talk group will be about here this year in the talk about adding Kevin Durant to warriors came so. There's going to be so much talk around that I think players who get very target that very quickly. You know they just wanna play and get to the task at hand. Do you think it would almost be whoo of some of the players on either of the cavs Celtics are warriors. To reach out maybe talk with their friends from the NFL to get a sense of what it's like with the two weeks between the conference championship game in the Super Bowl. Now perhaps or. The bald completely different animal and the basketball basketball's. Certainly about precision. And and a premiere party with the players did you play where. In football. There's just so many things that can go wrong and football injuries. You know one or two poised in the Saturday game. More than two plays basketball start to gamers it's too late. In the game but as I don't think there's any comparison at all I think to stake her. Some may even are equally as tie it in basketball but you have seven games to prove it one game doesn't really decide who's the best thing. Jerry West joining us here on 957. To gain in the news crossing earlier this hour that childish lankans accepted a position with the Atlanta Hawks is they're. New GM this is the cost of being a successful. Organization when you lose key players what does Atlantic getting in Travis like adding them adding him rather to their front office. You know I've been around this big long term observed a lot of people are opportunities to. Two lead other franchises. To meet. They've got the best of the best he will be missed but we're. He just so. I mean. The more you're rounding the more you can't help but be. Impressed about who the who he has at least they have forward but he is so unbelievably hard working guard. He's Smart. Well aware. All the rules called. A group of the Tariq out. Great debate that particular year earlier. While strong words mister west. I'm strongly of the leadership losing given it's earned in how do you now you know with the organizations is things in the legacy Europe you have put forth. Do you bring in how do you train of the leaders in Hattie good guys in position that they're gonna be sought out that I called guys that are inside of your from your organization. Where are sort of think historic relief from the people we work with. And respected. That you have for other people and purchase certain people to me that it. That pass the smell excessive if you if you will. He he's now more as people will go over well. And seek public statement on who practices. In that a lot of people that work or franchises that have been successful bigger opportunities. So among get hidden and re naked hidden. Is the cult people don't vote harnessing agencies whoever continued successful people work. And the case which Travis I think he has. Really turn of been for brought about and I just think that people we were quick you know leadership. With the warriors upset for not say it again that is one of the best leadership that we. Because passport to work their support in Corey. People to voice your opinion. It's not a it's actually fun to be in a lot of meat repair that there was preparing to bring opinions and everyone is is entitled to say what they think is important. And when you don't stifle. People's individual thinking. And you don't and the respect what face. That to me if we are and I think that's what we're is enabled do obviously. Bringing in players of the caliber that brought up there is really important. And again not to. Go overboard with the people that you work with that and say this is a very healthy environment to work reflectors are there really is committed morning. Enormous fan base and obviously COLT. They certainly got used to having. Or order yearly basis. To put more pressure or. And it also makes you start to come and to try to reach greater parts people often say well are you remembered today I think every year. You grew out of your way to try to find supporter that will help and benefit the long term. Prospects of a very attain and that's how these teams survive over the years and that's how we're virtual. The great Jerry West and Joseph lowing dibs on 95 point seven a game the reports are out that the highly touted point guard prospect at UCLA Alonso ball. Won't work out for any team. But the lakers in fact Danny Ainge said this morning on a radio hit that lob the ball specifically told the Celtics he will not work out for them even though they have the number one selection. If you're advising you teenager working in a front office and you've got a high draft pick. You might likely Tebow what kind of signal does that send to you how would you approach this he did the Celtics or any other team when there's a prospect saying he's really only interest in going to one destination. Well he's not to determine where it goes to appear okay his poverty to get over. If somebody else to draft and they'll draft. What do the lakers don't draft. I would let gnome. Dictate to me who problem taken. No. I would take the player of ethics on the best fit that the needs and the players that his best. Suited. For helping lead it came to vote to break our team that took on global. An Indian nation taking. If someone else. There's a lot of people north commemorated. Period and and R&R I don't know his father. I'm ready somewhat briefly. And he's he seemed like a very very nice growth as Kia I don't know anything. There wouldn't be a father were too worried ago if not he would probably play overseas or. In China for the rest of these life. What you do albeit you do always writes. Jerry West Jenny Sarah 957 the game what do you make of the direction that lakers are taking with Magic Johnson now being brought in as president of basketball Lawson. Luke Walton at the Helm this not a team obviously very close deal. Is this team moving in the right direction now with the changes they've made this year. Our world the changes I'll tell you first and foremost is start to have really responsible people were born. This is about two hour period. If they can go out and get tower. In the it will work done urged and that's Kelly should be get judged anyone I don't care who would. Look at them look good body of work has been done over a year's work that would far more coverage carpenter that that they hope to do. Our urban really well obviously our our wish him well he's he's been someone wrote mart so much a supporter. The loser of the day he announced he had to retire. So bent to a lot with him. Personally I don't have much contact with him at all anymore. And I wish him well but. Just because you are someone. I think you've done a good job it doesn't mean you're gonna be successful but are no him. I would battle. Jerry Wesley Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. I'm radio TV. The blogs and it is favors this Tommy year this debates always very popular one to see where you landed daughter or how you react when you hear the debate that goes on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James who was the best player of all time it's passionate on both sides that. Jerry West of who's been along such a long time around for such a long time was achieved so much what are you think when you see those two players being compared side by side. Where you have to look a body of work everyone always look at the number championship form. But I will say this about the project and to me disagrees years he normally considered. As the most article there's a great this year he's ever. He's matured as a Porter. He has. I don't think it came to win very many games out and that target for its. And but to try to compare mark court and he played a completely different positions sacred place completely different. But look at his body works seven straight NBA finals some more games that work Capel. It won't work. They got their vote is bird. Jerry West joining us are not a size seven again I wanna ask you about Russell Westbrook performance this year you mentioned LeBron James not even in that. MVP conversation. Comparing what Russell Westbrook did this year with the triple doubles to Oscar Robertson when he averaged a triple double how do you compare those two seasons. And what they were able to do individually on the floor. Well you know always it's remarkable speed and Russell. He completes its just our web worker card that's the thing probably most of bar and the other thing and learn about it. There's not that many recount the courtroom today and that to me. Everyone talks about his the other things that he does. He's a remarkable re under army that took things stand out in my mind about him most. You know he's got he ball dominant he has to be with that came in need morsel scoring. And her fortunes have risen and fallen with his performance. He leaped out there every night and just a remarkable city needs. Jerry Westwood Jolo and bids on 95 point seven game Gerri we know you're busy man. We greatly appreciate your time this morning thank you so much for sharing your insights with us and hopefully we can catch up against so. Well thank you very much not a doctor.