Jerry Rice joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs Sept. 17, 2018

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, September 17th
The GOAT joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs for his weekly conversation as they get his thoughts on the 49ers win over the Lions and whether the 49ers should think about signing Josh Gordon. 

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He's a hall of Famer. A three time Super Bowl champion and 813 time pro bowler ladies and gentlemen Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 the game good morning Gerri how Gloria. I'm doing because that meant York Goer or Monica at this circuit guys in your conversation about him. A great athlete but I don't think you know I don't think he had well he doesn't happen head on straight because this guy is very delicate. And I think Cleveland they have done everything possible. Could give him so many opportunities and you don't show or meeting late. That he really discouraged and didn't seem to remember black lady. I pick out late one time in in about twenty years that they go about fifteen minutes late. And that indelible bit so you know I I don't think. I don't think he's really serious about plant football. Was there any great story when you were laid I had to be like shocked the system Gerri if you are never late for twenty years in the one time you were late. What happened I don't what was that feeling like for you. Well they were terrible we don't know brought him back from sacramental and and you know by an estimated that traffic in and and I guess a little bit. And I think we had the meeting with that at 8 o'clock. In night got the air I got there about eight. 815830. Or. As a major character to cut off yeah yeah I love you know her pretty Vietnam is you know I at right now on the end on high very important to me and not I think it stands a good met this to my teammates to that you give. You know not been. You know you need to show your basic need to be on time are you need to do it there right we need that big step forward and I think with. You know George Gordon he's not doing now. Yeah Jerry you probably want to define yourself he probably ran extra bit knowing you you probably were an extra to practice you punish her own self put out in eagle and I just want to you know they did tonight and you know. And Joseph we'd like cake so these accuses some you wanna tell us my wife she's fine and people said oh. Oh you look like a Jerry's wife her fiance yeah you may dump overtake simply what what to explore home coach talked to anybody. Dottie let's you it looked down low without it I'm. Welcome football so this is that they don't know what Ike strikes. Jerry you know loan very rare. Look at the line. Go to any. Of the big Fella OK but even you know that would probably just didn't play nine or do you know look. Yeah. The niners. That until it up anyway Jerry. Look at this nineteen GG. On third down. So awesome as somebody in Akron team at you know still missing some of the receivers miss Kindle early in May gain you know timing and costs and middle. Some some of the third down really wasn't that into worth 311. On third down with some things we need to do to improve this part of the game. Well I think at this sharpen up everything and you know third down move and all that very important. You know I think they had a couple. You know stalled in the rip all. I think he got back them up three times but you know overall pick up a way to win that football game but. Either they really cute I did not want some things you know right. You know bullet that means there and watch your new red bow on top court has spelt you not be brought legal. I think he could kick about three field goals stand. You know he put points on the board but when you get down in every at Bowman you won and you'll you won't drop sticks you wanna put points on the board and in the beltway is but Colin Tesco. Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 game two games into his second season with the club what do you thought about Jimmy drop low so far. What had to go be a little bit more typical fortunately because you know now. Beat as the coordinator they got a lot of film on him and they don't they're saying possible we try to stop him. But it still ought to be up to his teammates to continue to make police you know like come met. Greed it would it would he would they would do man this guy like crazy. And then Kerry were well under 38 yard then. He went for 66 I think the longest press output it niners. It might have been college cabinet. I think he went ninety yard is up like that little bit you know step into that now let. Get to those players to continued to. To supporting him and get open. Oh run to rock it and you know helped him Wear it all the pressure's not on Jim Ritchie. What did you think of that down field block PR guard's own threw for Matt read on that touchdown run I mean that's a wide receiver paving the way for like forty yards. Yeah put they'll something that we prided out now on you know back in the day get a bit now below and get an imposition. Just bring them by the where they can make typically get it and go. And I remember I had a game I think it was in lock and load. And John Taylor made for about epic bout to over eighty York more he can get who would get it down. He'll make that block low it would mean though I had a though so you know I I you know bill really. You know I don't really. Rifle. Can be able to bring John Taylor didn't let him score to turn out like that. Gerri big play yesterday it was when Jimmy go Rob Lowe threw an interception but there was a flag for defense of holding on George kittles who said later he was getting grabbed virtually. All over above the belt below the belt could on the belt quite frankly what would you do as a player when a guy was clutch and grab a new ball game. Well you know what you're gonna be physical with him also. You've got to know that yet they expect them. And and it is it is the battle out the milk in it called the vision that so sometimes you have to turn into the Bender. Way utility guy intercept the ball up the ball now. Billion auto they played the back there because this play UW quarterback he is Kristy Mac to be Arctic all the time. Sometimes you can't happen be able to tell him well in and that being dealt with something that we it will mark and that being young although. Jerry Rice joining us here on 957 game double jump back into the niners in just a second but yesterday. A bizarre scenario playing out in buffalo cornerback Vontae Davis decides at halftime. He's not he retired he stopped playing at at at halftime any left. And he released a statement later but buffalo players. I'm quite upset with something like that happening. I don't know if you ever encountered somebody like double what would be going through your mind if one of your teammates quit at the California. You can do that that is so then you that you do ahead. Before he started you had gone training camp too quick to do all those things you cannot quit the one of football game because. Is there commitment to your your your teammate that you're you know that you're not completely on board. It and you're not already know what what we tried to accomplish here in our rhetoric the product but I'll blog but when I hurt by it left out like that he joked great. Look up meat and cattle all but if well okay. You don't look at the big -- night where you know it is beat a much of a creep up now. And and just quit there on the ball games so. Competent that would have never happened with that that typical border now and I don't think should happen with any pain in Albert apart right. I vinegar to mourn Jerry I think that's unbelievable for a guy to win the game halftime says I'm done. A very very shocking to me. I'd cal Shanahan when you think about the head coach there was a play third. First second second quarter. With a minute minute ten left they get the ball back. They throw the ball three times. The Lal you know detoured to get the ball with a minute and I mean like him fifty some seconds left marks down didn't feel going. What is kind of the thought process were coaches. It north and at times do you run the ball the first time to make it team current timeout. Then you didn't try to get the first down mean used to have Thomas at what's come of that thought prost what is kind of best way. Have a young team you're weighing. How do you go about their process anoint another team has three timeouts and you hope it's three and out. You gonna hey give them their team a lot of time with timeouts. Yes I do not think where are now it was time to win to gain. You know right to bear but you know sometimes you gotta you know you gotta make it used. Those timeouts so you know I would have ran the ball may be. First down second down or something like that and if they eat it if they were light. You know quote for the port down or whatever in pay everything. Route this vision if you call a pro would argue Carter just try to power up like that but I. You not think he would try to stay right now we need to win that's great now and and eat it up to. The players who like it'd and they weren't able to go and get it done. Gerri before we let you go we're gonna be opening up the phones to our callers on the Josh warning conversation because they want away and it's it's kind of split down the middle so if you word the forty niners would you bring him in if the price is right or is that a situation where you stay away no. No I would stay away. I had that big you know I think the guys. Is a great athlete but it is way too much caught all you know I don't think he totally committed and you know he's probably. No doubt would just come in and induced spank bank with their physical ordered batters so now how what's bwic. Hall of Famer at three time Super Bowl champ thirteen time pro bowler of the great Jerry Rice with this year on 95 cent in the game Gerri it is always our pleasure thank you so much for coming on the. Expect a lot you know look I've got Porter admitted what do five minute ride in his morning. Though you know if you wanna come Michael Mina up like that you want trimmed down a little bit. I repeat for you okay. I was a minute take me down Omaha lets you don't worry come on let's take it out I don't know I don't know what Kate. We talk football lately and actually at Jacobs thank Jerry.