Jennifer Lee Chan 7-30

Rick Tittle
Sunday, July 30th

49ers Beat Writer for joins Rick Tittle to talk about the latest from 49ers Training Camp.


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US. I know I am from common mosque gasoline. Nona who won nine out all right Jennifer lead channel our good friend from niners nation dot com. Has joined us we cover all the teams here. And Jennifer I know sometimes you you look surrounding camping you see that's going on it can be a bit misleading one way or the other but. I remember seeing Lane Kiffin is camp and it was like a slob be country club there was no discipline. Torched coach singletary had the nutcracker and they hell of pain like this Parris island. You know just the margin that looking. Almost like you know Camp Pendleton. Where where is it with the new regime of Kyle Shanahan how what is Campbell look like so far. I would say it kind of a happy medium thankfully. We haven't got one extreme or the other there it until now. Pattern that you hurt. They have built and built right back the weight. Facilities though accurate that. That I'd put the military area. It's it's not the same hills not coach saying that the new line. It adding new ones that money and natural and it. Made it that the giant actually it was right next the weight training. That trailer at a building like that and it pretty steep it like it at least. I would say at least that forty to create golf and it started after attacker had a bit out of that equivalent. How much of that do you think this for alleged driller just psychological torture. I got a it got to probably equal parts. Our arrival we know their the you know on draft day they really. Flees the bears I thought and the hold true bid ski thing I think there are ten to miscues and every draft ended up with Solomon power out Thomas anyway. Can you really call hold out when it was forty minutes long a while what transpired there. Not dominant that it band in the heat he was not an it band. It is kind of a curse Corina this act in a row Todd had a hand in hand and trying to get a contract that. And he'd put that in the papers and you concede crack it happening to begin practice in the when it would've behind in the picture now. I was probably the that you minor detail at a higher up in the pack a contact. A lot of buzz on Ruben Foster the linebacker from olive Alabama I knew he had a couple of off field things that weren't huge red flags and had the injury as well this was someone as a raider fan I was really hope they were taken the first round of the niners got a great. Player there what do you think of room and so far linebacker. He's denigrate not parity and pick in three days of training camp and he really is just and affectionate he comes into the atrium and it just so much on the pot do. He's going to be a guy everybody uses for down by pretty air need to. I mean to. In completely and be at stake. He at any comment daily about. Being worried about being at that department are common like yeah that the men and eat into armed. That. You'd agree it he's. He's gonna burn a lot of energy and Rashad Robinson bolt have at a young. At a boisterous attitude. That really that can bring up the energy level. Yeah I think in about three years people are gonna ask how could you passed. On Ruben Foster than they got a good one there I'm what are about Carlos Hyde because when he's healthy I really like Carlos Hyde and there was some scuttlebutt that maybe it is the niners are looking to to move on from him which I found surprising and I didn't really believe that rule what's your take Obama. Oh another thing and found that and at the beginning of camp went that he is and tremendously and a couple other players that pocket he has cleaned up a little bit. Kind of like it means that all he really. People thought he and really focus I think they all realizes that it had buried here at competition now at. No one's position at guaranteed. Especially if you're from the old regime and mountaineers and you know and played. A game. Correlate that that change seriously he's leaned out he's not allowing it and being. Particularly. Outstanding idea and then in other party either. Held adding back. At this point in training camp and there's no light hitting. You know how much parity getting after you get between the tackles though I mean you look like he'd been racially eat healthy for now panel I mean that looks like it. You know get tight again. Rick tell Jennifer Lee Chan foreigners be writer for niners nation to mark questions for Jennifer about niners camp. You you mentioned lynch and I'm just wondering I've been down that area that the dynamic. Of lynch out practice because we know as an executive and he asked for the job and I think jet was Smart not to get atonement. So sharp so articulate with the built in respect from his career. Why is he on the sidelines. May be coaches and apple bit trying to get involved are in the relationship that he has with Kyle. So firm that none of that whatever have toes being stepped down. You really can't work out a week to work with each other where it doesn't like it looked. Like really happen the working relationship. In in action at the point here on the mind he is pocket Kyle regularly. Ran. The other day when Jerry York was there talking to him in attack connect. Mike and or an entire practice during appreciate. I really do they have a mutual respect for now I I would field and they all higher income people at the Victor contract. Leaned. Them yet eager back port like that was at the previous machine that Millen has more power and the other. I think bringing them into the game I'm really made it different and I think you know it's a pretty dramatically. Relationship that they out. I think the niners are Smart on draft day to resist taking one of these quarterbacks and there are five better ones. In next year's draft you look at Louisville Wyoming Washington USC UCLA like all five of those guys but that anyone. In this last draft that could be a cousins. Available as well but we have Brian Hoyer we know Brian Hoyer works very well. With Kyle Shanahan and now is the goal because you now listen worst the first can happen that realistic niner fans now. That is not really a number of wins whether it's 3456. But it's just getting the respect and getting the work in so what do they expect out of Brian Hoyer. And it. Looking magnetic camp yet and meet being. That he's had very get days today he had if you completions. I believe in this community and playing really well he went back you know quote unquote sack by day. Air cards and every time date which is not a cabinet albeit partially out you know completely out of line chop. I'm he then making it happen is that working while the receivers yet little brigade and workshop that. But then intact but the upkeep and everybody has respect for and and fines and be at great leader he knows familiar with at an attempt. And I think he. Guys respect that as well. You know looking at the tight end position I know that bank of fifth round pick at Iowa George kettle no relation. I got a lot of war with idea what the first team offense and of course Iowa's mostly run first he open semis of the com mine showed some speed. Is this a guy who might be really a nice little addition and and maybe get more playing time than they originally fun. I think he could be it definitely regret any other team and I ain't got to really well. They've got you know. Angela a lot of down but there's a couple of guys that are on the team that that we compete sleepers and while he is a guy who blocked very well has great hands. Had a great attitude and impact there it is is former roommate. And play from island that nothing Beckett and and he's enthusiastic and completely because it would run first team I'll let. It never complaining about not getting the ball enough about it at work and really just you know want to find a pretty print up. The only curious thing in the whole draft I thought for the niners was taking an a for mentioned CJ about third in the in the third round they couldn't resist I guess waiting three rounds because. And a obviously a lawyer's gonna start they gave money to Barkley. To back up so looks like bath there's going to be a practice. Squad guy but then again you draft a guy and the third round are they hoping that he beats Al Barkley and becomes the back out. And are we haven't and that the pact but that there has either at bank. It will probably went out that packet positioned at her experience say. Palestinian peace that is what is tough guy at the developmental guy and he is that he can have a confusion about. It from a taught them which is now becoming more and more rare. In college and enlighten the market he did really well in interviews at Columbine and ticket upgrade it becomes front appropriately. And finally speaking a football family as you mentioned Mike Shanahan is hanging around there. Oh what's his input is a kind of like just. In LA a nice knowledgeable grandfather. Is he like get his is he getting his hooks and there. I and taken aback. At these sounding board heat and air. I haven't seen enacted during treating you that there are a lot during arcade. And I and get kind of you know hang out but I'd find their thing and I'll you know at Creighton had to act that iPad he can't see everything that. It might have that or they get experience. On my mind get more information now I'm sure her it's only going to be yet. Early days an NFL camps knowing covers the niners like Jennifer Lee Chan follow on Twitter at Jennifer Lee Chan and of course a reader at niners nation dot com Jennifer thank you timing your insights again on the weekend we look forward to speak leading and very very soon. Kelly and others and we have one more signals were thought to the network the rest tonight I was a raider camp I'll tell you what I saw. And I'd like to hear what you have to think about the raiders more than ours right now to talk a little football AAA nine fives.