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Franco & Kags Podcast
Monday, May 29th

Spurs beat writer, Jeff Garcia, joins Gianna and Anna to recap the Western Conference Finals and more. 


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Welcome to Franco tags in 957 game I'm Gionta Franco and a manic again I peace and joining us right now Jeff Garcia who is a spurs beat writer and news for San Antonio dot com for fox 29 his putter is at JEG. Spurs zone. It's our right they get that right. You got it right and that thanks for the invite out that you toward animals birds we're talking. The book we appreciate you coming on especially with the outcome of the actual series it was good on our part not a good on your heart and fortunately for you. I know about it not at all you know but it was on the wall one not quietly entered urgent medical deeply goes out. Court Tony Parker was injured heading into the series now. The writing was on the walls were mustered up her fight me again. Egypt but in the end of the day Turkey want and good luck you're what are you see model. So Gypsy is seeing that was what the biggest problem was for the spurs in a series that they were dealing with injuries with Parker and Leonard beat out. You want it yet fair fight we saw what they are capable of old scrolls up maybe you neglect simple street in and out of rich uncle he'd want to we call twenty sparkle still not like Enid. You would have been eager actor. The Warner deal with life. It just wasn't their idea would be a obvious orders can do whatever they and you simply can't you shouldn't thousand. Out coal Leonard EP and eat or even leader Gerry. The market it reached a lot whatsoever. How that saw again and I actually got this or shot terribly would be able turned the ball over. In the certificate out warriors key. Total liberty being picked up there he was just so much colliding at one side of the U injury front this can be corrected and now. Even little turtle we're going to the warriors point the whole idea would be eight. I eat you know what again that he wanted. Good luck to the warriors and disperse now and start rethinking and actually that regard squat with dignity goal reports. Now I know it's hard to kind is talk about the whole idea of what could have been in this series if coli was heard it Tony Parker was in her if we had all that happens now. Coming into this series so if everyone was a 100% healthy what do you think the outcome would've been a what San Antonio today honestly say hey I think this one this is the Teaneck indeed the warriors. I think they keep I think everybody was 100%. This person wouldn't at least given the warriors that bigger. And into the deep like the spurs would. Probably. Obvious worse and what about right what in a girl warriors team Apple's street Tony Parker who haven't read it on. He wore it day injury. And he did and the liability against the bigger art or I'm in it at Yale law. Had been at beat it into the starting lineup and even what irked what about the sport warriors and I think you bought it or set and do you have a lot closer than what he obviously. And job but it being dispersed in the app. Do you quite reckoned I'd and it depends perhaps pick them up I get cold feet. Topic that we that were at issue peek at how quiet at quiet Leonard. A little bit Parker and LaMarcus every content in Erie and every prior to lighten your injury. What do they and it it would have been hacked yet to ensure that the district had been dead and that. The slowdown golden age. But what golden eight warriors go slow you need to eat optic the globe ala. Trademark green on her on the equally himself was up and vehicles he. It goes on you eat. I eat eat eat eat a low altitudes over squad during the written yet but we'll keep in. Well speaking of good pictures that it into orbit a lot closer. And sports in Spain it like yeah deep into the B aid workers still. Unit in each other. Jeff Garcia spurs beat writer knees force San Antonio dot com or fox 29 joins us on Franco and tags you know the it was a four game set the players to sweep and without though a lot of story lines in controversy do you think Zaza Pachulia it was dirty. I like it at bat a lot and what's your. April like it didn't really even give up my old spot and fail my outlook you do how are you do that. Like Ricky with the guiding principle. What I call. You actually kind of beat up on its feet I did that beat Britain and Carter Alan and pretty much all of you that. The big debate like he was intentional. Mel I don't think it was intentional. Intentionally. Try to hurt like theater. As you reputation and shot at a bit do you want to attack like that deeply technical. Don't eat a rough and tumble yet at the history do you players equal. Yet and I think he was a beat up his own reputation. What that outplay. But as far as there being treated. Against that quietly and no I don't think you would. Dirty. I don't beat you immediately caretaker now. Would be calm. But not an entity I don't you intentional to. Fortunate acted. What are the enforcing a story that actually came out of the holes on potentially acquire Leonard. Play was that is not was actually his handling was needing extra security because they are getting. Threats. They had to increase security at their children's schools things like that. Pop ended up passing on the question you asked about at what age eating about a passing on the question. Yeah typical opt you know you'll definitely up on things like act. The situation within each streaky. Or didn't you know that right. I sort happened at exactly the shirt and produce on the. But the camera. About his star player just went out he will appear coach. It could be eating out and be. But let it get any speech and that he attic in Sasha will to fight back I hope not be easier now. I beat you real rally that was it take that regrettable adding that he indeed he was trying to round up its troops. Get that fired out the debate prep on the court you try and fired. Instead he could buy it for you remembered that it will increase. It's backfired. Words and apparently or to Indy and ego. The line it would be it was Raj and ask me. And 8000 fortunately I did and air either. Here the warriors lack any counties didn't eat there what a year trophy. And actually got it up. Apparently killed at least tell the guys act on social media. Side yeah yeah exactly yeah. Those experts are yet it's it's just to east now you know having access to so many people everyone reading at the players. Fans all of it. On the flip side what did Dwayne Edmund play on staff. Are you idea CNET and actively look like that he had been that much debt and. Art. Work like our it real I'd I'd be much of it is not need perhaps it was just trying to it's all elected. Eclectic and prepare well for current credit around it but upon further review. It chat. Extra mustard in tatters. He agree. Odd and a court with me throughout the entire series that were to be like that. I'd be believed. LaMarcus Aldridge. Will beat you have tried it yet Korean agent shot. And a big court there is betrayed by agree helpful to Davos Burke and the young a lot of Latvia and Antonio to the next. Well I think he Idbihi deep whether you are regulars he can eat your heart of connecting our bowl I'd try it yet. The fact that the Western Conference final be achieved a big boy on the block in the west. GoDaddy which I had. You get whatever they can't put that spurred though an indelible character. Get into the act that reputation heavily. Not curry at the market rhetorically is a major change in life. Thought I could keep a little extra mustard on that. Good attic had a good look Bettman. But I don't know he'd been and he gets verdict he's got the heart out street. While luck in all honesty the fans are are probably can be pointing fingers at each other's organization purse in the spurs' organization is known as one of the most. Classy and likable organizations and speaking of somebody is classy Manu Ginobili. He says he's gonna make a decision on whether or not he's going to retire probably within the next month 46 weeks. Do you think she'll retire or did this series leave almost like a bitter tasting is not that he lost a come back for more. Why didn't think about it when it is art oriented that EB ED toward the and got to keep down the time it all started to act somewhere or he started. And speak a lot differently with the sports media particular its home country apart you know. And the court that was under these pot and there were played with teamwork achieve yeah Olympic belt is well. Song which he markets in the act that. All of you never let out yet I am going to retire you'd be epic he'd never been our. Children. It it ought to be well anymore even want to act if you need that much more on this particular. I bet he expected that you're not at all right well. And then you look at what you need ot idiot who beat the heat of the battle like Arctic. Either directly to the bitter. The sendoff he got from the end on. And I guess what really be. I'll wait the week execute court in the similar accident and dumped in. The air. And low can it be indexing eight. Accord nobody would hire act. Only egos but at the end of the day I'd be. Well right now obviously the war. Retirement might not. Like I could easily blown back optional. Or bird. That you movement object bird bird and Leonard. Who built with dignity rapper fifty cent. It on the peninsula eat a lot or in the tank. And B album proper. At the predict anymore. If you want to play one receiving quite a while all lumped into the when he played one where he's at. But it got quality career. First all in light of why he needed one that does what he's done that could use answerable. Remembered. That. A vehicle like a third of the reasonably be in Saudi you don't get over little. I inducted Parker and as much healed yet advantage. So. Right now it might eat eat poppy speaking. How would you Perseus spurs beat writer knees for San Antonio dot com for fox 29 couple more questions for you so you talked about you touched on it briefly. The spurs are focusing more on a youth movement. Do you think he'll also change direction look for more mobile big you can play defense against. They're bees are kind of a bit of a let down this year LaMarcus Aldridge and how Paul Gasol had he worst season their pre statistically. I was her up fox sports online so what changes do you think the meat of our next season. Big big edict. The islanders feel I wore athletic. Especially in the peca and you've mentioned. Leonard Cohen and yeah these are green and get better. I'll be neatly at polls are cheap summer it's. A lot of guys. Needle pretty. Neat it just each year. And I'm pretty even in the day on his own personal apology. Or he beat. Us at its sport would be situation I think they'll hate. On. Upbeat right now or. They re not able to Atlanta. Oddly get what like Eaton walked the person's search. Brother being. But I repeat the focus on that point guards are it won't party in heat. On Parker who won't need to come back to your. Knee injury suffered in the old eat it. John Avery that he developed over the number what you do need each individual. And boldly predict the next step. Told the region. We know. How is oracle and its own people at entry because you're right you know in the seat. Oh well in these genes that are looking at a point guard like bill. We look at. The wired particular eager. Of course it was all I think he didn't what they'll ever be a maybe they'll pocket disparate group intelligent. Let teapot and you're gonna walk a dollar grant. That the corporate can offer. Does it more that is it more the price everything about him being a date with the team what would be the biggest. At the biggest reason why he would not do what disperse. Yeah what it will disperse from banditry is ready to eat. I think it is that day yeah you to eight is going to be able aren't you get beat JD rob the clippers are so ought. And it will be increased dean and what not at a O'Neil Clark is often on the quieter. All he could tell you Patrick is clear option. Principal well he had in the old beat that you got it pretty much all you can opt in beaten you yet the player option. Up for the year I'll tell. He actually opted to view and what are you opt in he park that would equal as you are or what. The little dot com and into the date with. What we need you. Or Asian. Very frugal you know they're small market teams out there and. I think. So. So tell I don't beat Chris Paul coming into the election is neat. He hit on wooden idol and he can poured cold had a Casey. And I looked at it on the part of what are much smaller than you get on the market is of course it is for instance birds. But it didn't they ate it all he's an art he viewed the world and yet it is it. Well we're looking for some magic in the finals coming up here June 1 the wires are ready to go really quick is it going to be the cavs are DC the Celtics have a shot. About big gap well I'll move on an eight year old warriors about her time. And I get the Robert actual seat in the doors. I I feel what it will be buried he'd been IP you're either. People want echo what it. And we are so excited to see that trilogy Nike obviously. Are very very well tell informant comes all the spurs and you have a podcast locked on spurs podcast that people listen. Decade the lot line I act now prosper our. I would surround sound audio I'm not find it where he beat up on and it looked and it. I actually. Agree all the were inclined to. Burst and let it go. I always expect kept Garcia thank you so much for joining us enjoy your time in New York right now. All right let your Warner you ink stamp things alive. As appears bar birds beat writer at news or sanity and dot com or fox 29 I you know it's funny. When you think about it Ike it would be very difficult to be a person who covers the spurs for the mere fact that. Coach Popovich is his off the court life is so friendly here on the east bigamy insist that the when he here. Writers and folks talk about interviewing him Howell. Difficult it can because he's very particular about what he'll talk about he has already given some flack to our own Bay Area media over here he sentiment just in being so. You have to be incredibly prepared when it comes to asking coach Popovich a question you better have a perfectly said ray no issued no not being I think adverse yet I think to even. Ask him some controversial stuff but he's get to choose what. Absolutely 100%. Well that was fun and you can hear more frank on tags in 957 game dot com.