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Thursday, April 27th
Former Cal HC now HC w/ Fresno State joined the show to talk about what he saw from Marshawn Lynch while Lynch was an RB at Cal. 

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Yesterday morning welcome back Jolo in bids 95 point seven a game. He coached Marshawn Lynch California he was also the offensive coordinator at Fresno state when the great low Neil was playing Arab. And he's now the current head coach of Fresno state Jeff Ted third with Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game coach first off good morning and thank you for your time. How about a half hour ago Lowe was telling us the story. On his draft day back in 934. Rounder to New Orleans is said you know what guys. I would've been a first rounder Hedrick had given me more carries true or not. Yeah that figures. Deeds. Yeah Teddy bear record on January you lead blocker for all of those guys are phenomenal. News reporter. How's everything don't in the transition back to Fresno state closed the night and you for a while there's a lot of excitement here in the Bay Area for the rise to prominence of the bulldogs 'cause have been with recruiting and everything get back into the saddle. Doing great a lot of energy in the in the city. Were certain were we. Practiced lurking times so far. Two left here we have worked in game on Saturday it's it's been great it really has the players are sided. They're working really hard meant a lot of progress is spurring and it is great to be home really is it's it's like a time machine and come back and a special place could be here. Coach you know thing too about building ability and cal the program that was kinda you know when you've got to he had to take over and help build a stadium. All the different transitions that you had to go you know had to go through. What makes that so unique now on doing the same thing again in Fresno and what major timing Kelso. So appreciative here too because a lot of fans still love you. But it Tim he's won an award a year and butchered two and so. How's that transition been the two places. Well look there's a lot of allergies really you know because is you know you go into place actionable ball. Boat acknowledging in here and at some down years and so. You know you take over program has only won one game back calorie. The first thing used to. To build the trust incompetence of the players. Because nobody likes to go to those situations. And we're really fortunate to do that there was a lot of great players. Like you guys talk about Marcia. Aaron Rodgers to show on Jack's thing. Console ports as a lot of great players and was able to really build that thing is some special things varying. Eventually the stadium which they'll be able to enjoy the next hundred years so. Lot of great memories they're allowed tinkering a year in that. 11 game last year so there's some work to be done by the players are really excited about Purdue on com the number one thing side. The players news surrounding it so breached certain Collette we've done that here that prayers and to create direct culture environment for success and in callers not a football group academically socially. And so it's been a great spring so far term residential commercial court this season. We wish you the absolute best out there Jeff Kent for joining us are not a 57 the game you mentioned Marshawn Lynch your former player now and Oakland raider. What should raider nation look forward to as far as his drive his work ethic even though it's kind of late in his career coach. Well right you know I think it pretty evident what he has. You know where it's his state and Seattle. You know he's a special factor no doubt about it each. You know I was worried about those last couple years as the curtain call physical. Ladies and the pounding that he takes. Concede he doesn't go down and outlaws and how he's. The whole defense welcome back Serbia street sort of any echoed down at some point you know arm. Let you run soul lord shall physical. And but now right on the great can. You know lucky has recruit really deep in Oakland as a true passion war. That city and so for him to come back because he doesn't need to some job and soul and you really successful business. So he has a passion the comeback and I think a lot of doubters around with a remote. Jeff Ted bird head coach Fresno state would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven you don't stick right there for a moment. You had a net tally plays football Berkeley he grew up. In Oakland the fact that he is now rader how much do you think this means staying because like you said it's not necessarily about the money the opportunity to play for the team you grew up watching what do you think that means to him. I think it means everything channel you know I don't adult story haven't talked to lately but. I would venture to say that you probably wouldn't come back it was a well in that Camacho could mean to him and he always had that. Going to have family first and it would really about people in Oakland and you always want to keep a strong connection Oakland goes to charity event Oakland Yugoslav actually isn't Oakland. You know so I don't think there was need for him to come back except for the right to play in Coca or force home team. Coach he did you did you know you've won and got coaches that brought the cart helped form him to drive around that's want it to. How was it. Trying to recruit guys like that like Aaron Rodgers what was closest known and a lot of listeners here when an old Aaron Rodgers going to be a hall of Famer first ballot when he decides that hang it up. What goes into that process when you know the people won these guys are also guys that people aren't so they're not really want to know. In what are you see today to be able to identify talent and players it can be going to be great. Well first no it didn't. That cargo that the planned that. Or down. In overtime against washing away and then in normal or shaken Baylor coaches local currency march. Driver on the field but what that was awesome to see it shall schools beard and ball. Until I got a cult XP from the eastern and don't do that. It reviewed far. You know it it was nice to see him have a farm. As far as recruiting piece is concerned you know I think every individual. He's unique and that way Marchand was a kid that thanks to an all we have people around them. And so whole Oakland Raiders thing. And Adam. You know he wanted to take a couple of trips just because. You know he's never been before he told I should I have words it. You're come and sit yeah actually took one trip back they'll jump on that. You know so. I think family and friends and people around them there was very important to them. And it's a great job and you know look at Michael. Like Erin Rogers whose toll on the radar. Kind of fell and you know watching that tight end on tape or try to end. Who's a quarter wrecked here you know end you don't presentation for one year and so we go out there ought practice and and felt like he'd not all had great skills yet the leadership qualities distill help people at mid gravitated toward them. And you wouldn't really special guy soak. You know I think I've got up Altria up thinkers in doubt about that Arctic. He's a premier and the league is because the ball he can do not just with his arm as lake a lot of the corporate expert. I think. The whole package were there and I think September. And I think what he's done and so forth and so it is it is pretty special. Coach Stanford that's how you found Aaron Rodgers you watching tape of a tight end. Yeah that's exactly though woods your crops tied it or look for siting and watching them. Notes of quarterback until some pretty special things and called recruiting coach and that variances you know who's the quarterback can collect freshman leopard Lenovo it was releases its time that you recruited yet and it's your call fire. Coming out of high school you can leave after one year would come out. And coach Rick via the do you use was kind enough leverage recruiting is take a lawyer wait a year earlier so you kind of learn Korean men. The rest is history he made it pretty big impact on our program structure. Does it ever feel to you like he's treated unfairly with the media over the last few years because this is a guy that not only is performing at a ridiculously high level. But he. While accounts appears to be a good teammate good guy in the community likeable yet there are always these stories where it feels like people are trying to cut Aaron Rodgers down. You know I don't know I'd I don't know anything about in my tent and I think it. Thank you Aaron did. A phenomenal job in the transition from Brett Favre aired you know conducted at school situation Libya and and I thought there are horrible they're really special link. You know I'm that the heart during the takeover for a alleged like Brett Favre and and the expectation levels. And besides. And the letter your shot I don't really know her at all those those articles aren't going but I know Erin. There are very gifted guy he's very focused. Teen to perfection. As all the great ones are. And so you know he can never recovered by you know also. His demands and things that you could lead to different light so people could demand are crucial Ohio and teaching the cal one time or certain are taught them. The group came by taking a tour and on the break out the door to get to them and also. He's a very popular guy. You know so but he popular but the private guy balance I think there's just keep that side of self. You know wait from the public. Oh close to a take you for your time here in 95 point seven games Nolan did here and we really appreciate who you are as a man and as a person old dogs. Go get him. On the Olympic body projectile.