Jeff Ratcliffe recaps the NFL draft

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, May 1st
Jeff Ratcliffe of Pro Football Focus, recaps the NFL draft with Roxy & Steiny on the Damon Bruce Show.

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As order comfortable relationship you know being with jump for an Clausen had a normal of this young it was in the classroom is a role model there. Good talks will but from mark Oscars a divisive and you know now I'm an important event. Q what's alarming in the platform so I'm really excited. At Snyder's top picks Solomon Thomas. At Stanford who is a one time classmate. John Lynch at Stanford when John went back to finish his degree after his playing days. On the farm and then of course John went on the NFL but solid Thomas the niners top pick how did they do in the draft. How did the raiders do in the draft that's been that the topic it's dominated everything has a blade. As we welcome in Jeff Brad clip from pro football focus and joins as he could follow on that jet Ratcliffe within. Jeff appreciate your time. First up let's start with the 49ers and John Lynch going through his first draft with Kyle Shanahan. What did you think of a hall that they brought the 49ers. I think John went bitterly good job that was one that they were talking about throughout the course of or is it Friday Saturday in Philadelphia. You know solid comic dark dot in there that kid who you let some Michael Bennett. Q and the way he played the game kick down the interior. Play on yet to be down because rush albeit one QB got versatility. Nobody did become mindset out extremely well. And then to get government bought her at the end of the first round not in the concern he but on the heels. He Indy brawler. He played became very similarly to Patrick Willis so I think. Something that will certainly a perk up your 49ers. John Blake said he had to him number two on his board Rubin Foster do you believe him. I three queries two or 33 I'm sorry they had three. Yeah I I do I had me on my board so I could I certainly can eat at you that I. Alan where. Yet the ability to stop on early town yet its speed to cover. On patently a lot of people are saying you know me you did that line. Leak equally. So yeah but I'd certainly but you'd be on board. Jim crackle joining us from pro football focus here on the David Bruce show a night five point 72 games of the niners. Hit a home run jets and appears in day one how do you think they did the rest of of this weekend's draft. Well there're worked since there was one and scratch her obviously he's you are now and I quarterback. On a date Q iPad and the Greek thick Anders and you know what what. Did there it to like about. In fact you know at least it is completion percentage so low that yet at that purple all. Today. Because of his receivers really work helped him now look at equipment shut and please respect to the Rio all lose to drop passes. I yeah at that the gap between did you creature percentage of actual increased percentage in this year's strap that. I wasn't sure about that you know ground floor I really liked Joseph Williams a little bit of mystery story. Once he got back into action for you taught eat. With impressive this pastor has been out there as well as well. It is indeed George it'll not that. Tight end option key at the mic right yeah a little bit of a slot receiver tight well usage is key junior they're bringing players that roster obviously at work especially while you it's what we're left with. Host Chip Kelly. What you're saying that. With our about thirds receivers didn't catch the ball so then why would they take a tidy George tittle out of Ohio with a fifth in the fifth round. You get such. The yet they elected him and that is that H back tight I can Kuerten in the creek cool leak. So I'd be there are a little bit in any connection there aren't that they've they've been well on all it'll. Let's let's just let's jump over the raiders now the raiders who ticket Campbell in round Wallach Darian Connolly the corner out of Ohio State. People probably are aware of the rape allegation he's dealing with right now that would Ohio. I investigators today in regards to this story. The raiders and Reggie McKenzie Jeff they had to be pretty shear and not just pretty sure they had to be. Got a lot of upper setters close to it that carry on Conley would be exonerated in this that he wouldn't be given at any ramifications from this. What are you hearing in terms of Gary and Conley now. He's a top. If team talent but he was falling because of the question marks do you think that there will be any issues for Gary on Conley and the raiders. You know I really dull. Don't know how it all I really hope that that year in this situation as you said they did their due diligence here. And it is done and out that it. White dot yet it's hard get good value on day one that Alley. All year and and it addresses a position indeed Wear them. You know very well could hit the ground running and potentially be a week one starter that you get in the top. That chart croak all books are now. Obviously Connecticut's a team that sometimes under the radar in football what can you tell me about Mel Fon will. I can tell you that you put up freakish numbers that the cop behind you know economic it to go 42 Bert. That certain perks by answers RT my injured and at. I hit forty or cute 119 which took the bat at number. No it's very rare we see guys go merlot and 6119. And they can actually play well not just these Greek debt numbers he's got that side we needed. Been able cool clothes on on runners in open field. Strong tackler. I capable and coverage. Notes for the ball so all around really good player and another guy I had in at 28. Sports another guy you could they got it out. You think although in the third round I Jeb I do a lot of pac twelve games were for the pac twelve networks I've seen a ton of any better goes over the years. He had a miserable season last year and as a bit overweight. He was coming back from the knee injury but do you think the raiders reached Foreman did around three. Yeah I mean date on court. 409. So it worked and reach. You know you can in note that these augur. Cop. Any juror again or tiger Ruben wanna do it guys. The give him on early down there that. That's something that they eat and does Ian La creepy in clay but the edict so. I understand there are in need yet belt a little Ricci. Ask you this about the forty niners. Obviously. Balky and Jed York could run the drafting in years past. Everybody seems to be saying that John Lynch and Shanahan just did a remarkable job is there any of that do you think that. He's simply. Given him the benefit of the doubt because it is their first draft and if if an hypothetical world. Balky would have had this draft wouldn't be getting praised as much. I think you're probably. On some manner you know there there is that eight low tech beat at are you keep calm and you know appropriate here to console over until now. And be. Wasn't fully enamored with Chip Kelly and he could do absolutely no wrong and then years later needed every. And so certainly that that part of all the odds is that hate it people out there now for folks but I mean you you look at what he did go all around really all the excrement. National. And all that how quickly the draft you know. You know just simply the first Google alone was pretty much you can say aren't you guys in the great job in the continue to add value courts mr. Jeff great stuff preceded jumper ominous and filling his Zandi giving your thoughts on the niners raiders drastic so much. Jeff Franklin from pro football focus.