Jeff Garcia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Jeff Garcia (Former 49er Quarterback) for a deep dive on all things football during The Football Hour!


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That is on and off these weren't Emeka when it is cheating that is Jeff Garcia. Met Mayo goes podcast on NBC sports Bay Area that it is a lengthy very interest in this and I encourage you to get there. But jets were conceding now that only go NBC sports Bay Area and the podcast he's also working with felled in Dennis Brown. That's 49ers pregame live in post game live it Jonas once a week here in the football our. And after the night with a pop and Montana five point seven again you look good you sounded good at. How much TV and radio have you done before real yeah. All right how worked with the senate bill network two years ago about doing their morning show twice two weeks basically Monday and Friday doing the quote game in the in the pre game going into the week ended. I had an experience. With after one season but that's pretty much it you know when they called me a couple weeks ago when asked about it into skated. Doing the NBC. Sports Bay Area Cho the Korean quote game. Up over the great opportunity to get back to all of the especially being around 49ers come back to Bay Area. One time weekend. Be around the game that I the united I loved being around it. I admit it and is any chance you are put back in the door. Talk about it and be around. You're naturally your loved working felt the indebtedness and fund certainly at one piece of advice for. One thing I know you look you're a great having you said news very comfortable like camera. You know that little NBC sports Bay Area like five play date yet slightly acres you're holding your hand. Iraq upside down it was outside the South Africa and you grab your right the material because I've done that before ladle Sherlock and I do that a lot. And you look at way about it when I I where I read it to present to the camera. It's going to be upside down C rather take another one behind it so its right side up or what you put before you start writing. Make sure you're right it's when you presented to the camera it's Wright's daughters that are. Well the thing that I know it did and then at what needed using. The information that I've written on the court so that eventually I turned it over but you know he had initially I had an upside down a couple of people would get a unit heads yet. Why that's that's that's. You're gonna work. While you're watching us I don't about the war on at a on network in. I have to remember that look at the back of the car but what are writing not make sure it's the right way. If he's very comfortable by taking your eyes pointed out to McGraw. I think the 49ers faithful all the blood was rushing to their hit watching the games so they didn't need to actually watch you. Doing hand stands so. That we heard you talk about this could take patients you know I expected a little more right away from the office and get started five I love the street to use check in the optimistic at all. And maybe lawyers industrialists are the press a little bit what what did you see from the whole whole operation Kyle Shanahan calling plays the run game. Lawyers the receivers everything that you saw urgency in the opener yet. Boy as you know. Big game of football now opportunities and take advantage of opportunities you look at first quarter he wrote to people what more could win. Mark he's cold apple and is there were goal five yard line you may even scored on now one and maybe that create that excitement of momentum kick. There were too many. Kris snap penalties. You know alignment. Issues. To do mistake that. Need to be aren't out yet that the young team but between that morning and it government. They're a lot lower than all that they have to. Bringing in Krause enhance it than it is in every game. Proper and these guys that can take time but. I thought the balance in the first half we didn't quote high ball yet we have your work out at all that third quarter. Completely got to wait for me. We've got to wait one game. Partly because they were on that point but they want at the time they want pat down I mean what life could have got him right back in the game and I think I. Did stop it. Need to have that ballot and like the old Houston team you'll ever seen any in the Washington Brett you've achieved under the Shanahan family. Kubiak. They have thrived on bad don't whine and even running back and re way cut and off of that. On the play action in the movement and that is so important with the 49ers team because of the lack of rain on the top of the line when they happen to rely on the pass and just dropped straight back. And that these lines at the pin their ears back and you're combat that pastor about certain setup point every single down. That and bode well that can't go or not opera and drop a lot dirt is not strong that handle that. Right now they have improved tremendously up but a lot of them help them well come from the running backs. In picking up linebacker picking up litter picking up. Read the lot and that they're job is well in certain protections you now think it is their job of that out Sunday. Jeff you're right on the money they are talking interior lineman for the 49ers Fusco and Zane B goes I thought they played very your poorly and didn't help Brian Hoyer out Brian Hoyer he threw that early pass a deep past work he's could win. India may be should have been a yarder to and from a good one but human hands the wind doesn't make the play Ford cars and opining. And and it just seemed like Brian Hoyer as he started to get hit as a starter or more in completions it does seem like he lost his confidence today came Sunday Jeff. Yeah I think he. I believe he held on the ball a little bit too long I think that he definitely got out of rhythm I think his tempo. In the pocket can be better knowing what he's working with from the standpoint of possible life Brian Hoyer now. Athletic enough quarterback. That you have to push the pocket or create time and eight can sell may give up in the lanes. Do certain things like that where he is not. Sitting duck back there I think he's grown up in the system of watching Tom Brady out Tom Brady play. Applying the different quarterback Ryan out athletic ability. To be able to move over a bit more you lied that restraint for himself. And not not be reliant on getting to that our report receiver because he's not a cap cod. Body Umar the well. A little early yet a couple of rows back Sudan. Easy completions he may not explode as well I mean you may not go to Europe are on boats stopped well outside. Under every coverage and again I think that going into the season. The expectations were not get very tired from the standpoint of what fans should expect and that the rebuilding. Constantly now and die it to work in progress I thought from a defense standpoint they did some good things defensively that really kept them in the football game. It didn't happen yup that it could never put together. And is the football hourly visiting the rich can earlier four time pro bowler and likewise of ports are pro bowler Jeff Garcia made three of us for approvals. With uniter but you play with a number change to a head yet last week or break it down to Houston Texans and you mentioned it. There's the great running game and how we don't shop was going withering in Foster college is all married so beautifully you could not tell if it was an outside. Zone runner the quarterback was gonna keep it and run the boot game. You know sometimes. Jeff over to see this play a lot. With the niners and when it's when it's executed properly it's beautiful fishing appetite and dragon underneath the quarterback keeps it you run the boot. In accord tight and drag said the flat you know with you which it easy pitch there and get into the receiver at a different level on the same side you're rolling to. But what it does it work. It just looks like the play is called too often where either the backside end is not block and a quarterback. Keeps it any terms of the backside is right his face and Heidi get it over there. Or you know the play before the fourth and forward Kyle went forward. That third in four or Kurt Coleman read that play rates they dragged its site in Kendall Haney got there and and I don't know what it was that tipped into itself. You know it's it's a great play and it's a staple the offense but do you sometimes worry that they run that play in big matches this offense but I see it's so much. In football they run that action just so much Jeff. Yeah and again this is dependent upon a strong running and getting that old line. Really move it along the line of scrimmage in creating that. Bad bad. That deal would apple be that it is a lot and you can't exercise the boot make it you're not having success in the run game. And what they probably in the second out. You're not gonna who many people running boot because you know you're down you know you're trying to create. Opportunities outside the pocket because it failed from within pocket. And so trying to make. Saying yet what informed that via outlook made it though in that one drive down inside the red belt when they got close to orange. They did one of the order or Ryan got outside of the right. And the outlook covered up about where you need to hit oh rout here with another proper and I think for cam to cooperate. You were potentially into the end though I thought it would pay per game and it utilizes athletic ability his mobility but. Continuing outside on the line he had a guy in the back in line of the end zone you've got to make wrote yep if you have a chance there. And make a play on you over to a it was a complete panicking about with the screen. A player who later. Obviously got in work out the way it is hoped it would work by. You know the order thing again Powell will continue to evaluate himself as a as a play caller. At the leader of acting and we're gonna continue to. Evaluate themselves and continue to grow it. I ate there up yet another top talent this week. In Seattle bear. Very hot down army and a great example. We're gonna talk to Jeff Garcia on the other side and more about that Seattle and San Francisco game coming up this Sunday at century leak. Feel this is a footballer when Jeff Garcia it's Papa Bonser and her five point seven again. Red top she'll continue us. On 95 point seven game. Look at. Kind of he would beat GM and or divisions between let Alex got a lot in. He asked a lot of questions more than most. Guys do in Cleveland a lot of depth so he does know he does know kind of how we think they'll whether that. You can part of what they're doing I don't know but I but I do know that we talked laden in the they means that by the same token I've coach who oversaw the American and you do so the minute that is part of what happens. But I never did think John would be opposing doesn't mean you know division in in his Fredricka really fired up Mormon in depth isn't great job. And that's Pete Carroll what we're talking about earlier that the Bay Area media conference call. John Lynch as a broadcaster with fox would go on as Seattle and now on the road and get a lot of heat for vision he has more in depth questions that. Just the usual game analyst at music creating into Alan you know he got in the specific things about how they think about things so this rivalry. It's taken out of new chapter removed from Jim Hart against Pete Carroll and now it is it's John Lynch and and that Kyle Shanahan against Pete Carroll this ferocious defense for join the football power buy it Jeff Garcia. He's getting ready to be apart of the pregame alive and post game live on Sunday and NBC sports they hear unity Feldman a net. Dennis sporadic recharges Johnny at Atlanta with and about to hear 95 point seven a game so. What do you think it coach Carroll's comments about the intelligence which may have gleaned that in just the overall matchup against a really tremendous defensive football team. All of pork on blades is concerned and the guy. He alternate. Preparation and alternate crow I mean exactly came from long time. He wasn't successful it's because he was mortality their radio he studied the game. He really got and being on mental side and was able to apply. The talent that he had. In order to be successful and create success and that had a whole career. And now add that I going to broadcast it to be GM. Bu I mean not in debt. Of course when you were the broadcaster. The last thing you wanna do it bears a spell on millions of people watching. Being knowledgeable not not being on top of. Get your your keys and accuses park which you have to prepare war and the people that are on field and those guys pitcher. That your your comment. About and so I can only imagine how well. He compared how many questions you have to toward the heat of the current. They have been great debt for a number of years now it'll change really who they are many of the main personnel within that. With a net decrypt it yet. The scheme doesn't change I mean you're gonna. Bless war they're gonna drop their own. You know exactly where they're going there and make it extremely difficult on you with a quarterback especially playing in Seattle with all of that the weight. Going to be extremely difficult and stamp porn just lining up didn't play off and get everybody up on the same time the same time not going to be extremely important in practice. This week to it is much of that is possible. But what they'd view up on that tobacco that they out linebacker is that where I'll let it is they are. How they cover ground. That you integrate our now Green Bay. It really. Control the ball last week they help all war birdied nine minute that game. They did a great job of converting per ounce when you look at what. The 49ers slowed last week being two of eleven. On third down and then Gordon won a war on fourth down green debating how problem against Seattle nine of sixteen on third down about. How important continuing drive to your defense off the field getting their breath. You need your help we can't record opportunities by. The third down conversion and and they took advantage of it you know in ideal control that even though. Rodgers went without the pressure. Throughout that game without wartime. You're talking about one of the bat to play the game and he's gonna find his way to succeed and game with Seattle but now come back home. Playing in their there'll be no accurately game and Gordon get support our borders analogue probably established in and and maybe want that. Didn't have bar once again. It's going to be a challenge for the forty to go in there and try to by the way except. In a big go way to be successful give Seattle they're gonna have decreased interpret turnovers on defense Jeff and we saw Green Day. You know what ticked 49ers just based on potential their defense of line over green days but I didn't see the 49ers defensive line last week apply much pressure became knew who really struggle that day and Levi stadium. They've got to make Russell Wilson run around a bit and try to throw some things up Kenneth sporting amnesty for the blind step up and play up to her potential can truly a flawed offensive line of the Seahawks. I agreed and did that is one area of concern port Seattle there opposite the line. And not that bad luck so experience last week with being under continuous threat and not have gained. Would like to have especially are now even but you're right I don't think according daughters I thought 49ers defensively did it well against the one game. But in apply the pressure that they need apply on cam and like that you have a thought he was hitting. That spot like he like you capable of creating. Who could lose. Through many Eric. Pat The Bat that could've really hurt and uttered in a bigger way about something that need to improve especially when you're rotating. 56 maybe seven guys that line's got to create pressure. And it capped the other person with a vehicle that indirectly by the. CDs or or linebackers get more involved in the pressure they're gonna happen wildly viewed at because they had to continue to get back. And and allowed Sheen to. Find openings there were plenty of like let it party of opportunity that we can have it wasn't short enough. Hey guys that are running open and a guy like Russell will then it even that time. And it may view on the opportunities and take advantage of their basic. Barrier that chapter and and he's got great mobility is well and so that's going to be important for that he'd lied to really. Contain him in K candidate in port and the app role public in the pocket. And they're going to be fired up after losing the season opener they're gonna come home. And you know have a twelve behind him. You played a lot of loud stadium this has got to be one of the loud it's outdoor stadiums and there along whether it in Kansas City and its entry blank. How to change the way the offense is forced to function you have to go to was silent count. He got tired you know tepid shatters on the but do you know get to that he occasions down a how how do you communicate you know audible to the line you just not due dad just snap that what. How how does the offense function in such a allow road venue like this place yet. Water experienced doctor rule. Well deftly tried not to change. Much is as much of who they are yet they're gonna have to that it might help but they're still lives there that the that the hand signals out side. And relaying that to cross the line of scrimmage to the top of the line into the running back for a whether the protection change or running game changed. Those people do that whether. Citgo is in position to do that acting state can't quickly here because of his experience. But you have an experience. Elsewhere in you crack it. You practice against crowd noise. All week long. But it still a disadvantage Kate indeed that the line is looking at all no matter what they're not paid that much attention to that hated they are. Looking at all they can get it jump start which they probably will. Because that the I'll count and not every optical line beatle look it up. All ought to look at that the editor cropped up that it aptly put it beat it and and that's something that we're not gonna have to work through and and an iron out because. Even without crowd noise last week they had in many creep now penalties activity in the state. Part of the now whether it would alignment or ball or whatever the problem was and what did you do that type of environment is not the situation. You can't conceded. Kill your belt which she herself in the foot by having. The stakes at a pretty you mean Q did that it hate it situation I mean you can't. You can't beat in second or third in law partner law need to cut those York knicks down. Like all the way re org or at a time you put yourself in position to convert third down. Going to be challenged. Niger now a lot of their sister won eleven Los Angeles experts there including the NFC title game and 2013 Jeff Garcia thank you so much for your time is always on the football our member ticket occurred in the right place in America to. You're good at the studio Sunday you'll have to use those marginal thing in the QVC right so you don't need makeup Jeff don't listen to pop that was I asked you earlier to the editor they haven't given Emeka an analyst with. They put them and that's quietly I I suspect in a way to get the security and I'll probably look Georgian. You can't make. It looks. Like me. Thank you Greta Pataki next weekend silence and you got it just just there's a good.