Jeff Garcia

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, January 18th

Papa and Bont are joined by Jeff Garcia (Former 49ers QB and 49ers Analyst). Do you think Jeff could end up as the Raiders QB Coach?


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Former NFL quarterback you know mainly with the 49ers are four time pro bowler Jeff Garcia. Is back on the show shortest it how would this happen. In a practice swing and everybody stays away from the quarterback I would Howard Tom Brady heard that right hand in a practice the week. The NFC and AFC title game Jeff. All everybody's supposed to stay away from the quarterback doesn't always happen like that and who knows if it's fall through after delivering its role in their team. Team work out and they're in in their team they're group. Sessions that defense alignment or even an opt in to one and getting backed out getting pushed back. It just was an accidental contact. About something slow them que Le. Deliver I guess they keep there now closes for those things are concerned by it. And I both Tom Brady is. Unfortunately those things. Can happen and I'm sure that he'll figure out a way to work around eight get through it and will be fine on Sunday. As memories surged serve chef I do recall you wearing gloves. And both hands and I think you're throwing hand correct your your glove on your right handed you. While it was something that I got used to do and in Canada and the reason why I wore them in Canada wasn't just because of the cold weather at certain times this season. But it would because. They're glove. Circle wade C. The feel of the newness of the football often times wolf actually at that time in the Canadian Football League. Big game football was broken straight out of the box you'd have a chance to work the ball in all week long to get it to the way that you like. In this field and so. When the football were brought under that deal. They have that's what this TM and I started wearing the glove in practice and I got used to it. And it carried over into the game now when I went into the NFL. Unfortunately. Right before my first trading capital 49ers. I had an accident or I split. Or cut a couple of my finger on my throwing hand. So I had to go back to the glove war basically training camp. And the difference was that the NFL football is a little bit different designed a little bit differently than their Canadian Football League. Football and so I never really had. Regret that I like you do you live in the glove though is fitted mighty handy yelled out. I use the glove on my right hand now I continue to Wear a glove on my left chances because. Throughout game you're you're getting hit your hand get beat up and oftentimes volatile. Different sort of cuts are scorers or whatever. On my left camp so I would Wear gloves to protect it. So is there any way. Tom Brady would put a glove on as far as I can remember you know he does where the glove on his left hand it is not a word on the right hand. If we had ten Peyton Manning had to adjust to what I remember in Denver especially in playoff whether or it got frigid and he he wore a different style. Glove I think a little tighter almost like golfers Glover was fit and really tight. But many other penny could see if the injuries that severe. Yet Tom Brady would go into the AFC title game for the very first time and Wear a glove on that right hand if he's not used to it would've had to protect today's accuracy yet. Well I'm sure that it will back Kim in some ways. I think that he'll have a chance to get used to it during the week of practice. I wanna say that he's worn gloves before on his throwing hand and I could be wrong but it. In cold weather games when it's gotten really frigid. Out especially at their New England. There may have been a time where he's. He'd at least tried. Before and so I don't think you would be that. Different for him going into the game I think that he'll have a chance this week to really get used to it. Q acclimated self Q utilizing it with a different skill of the different football that he'll play with. An and they'll just have to make a work of this have to go through it and handle it moved some that I'm sir he can be away. Yeah this will be a fascinating game to check because his defense that's common man in Jacksonville Jaguars are tough they're physical they're nasty they're athletic. But we have seen them get torts we song its source on Sunday other data admit they did make big plays here but they give a 42 points Jeff. It gets forty daughters were at that game that we must clearly gave up 44. So in Jacksonville do anything the slowdown the patrons who look like they're they're in top form here with our office we do you put Jay weren't you are Rob Gronkowski audio flustered Brady here. Yes that's what they're mean we heard so much about Jacksonville defense throughout the season and they were one of the top ranked defense has throughout the year. But then also sad at the end of the year. Team leader hard to figure them out or they just were performing a I have a level. Any more and like you said the 49ers circle for a bunch of points they gave up a budget point last week against Pittsburgh and. New England has won out see if not the best offenses in the National Football League and I don't really see. Jacksonville. Slowing them down on Sunday I think that. One of the things that New England does not do is rely on the running. And granted I think they can't run the football and and I have watched them or not really even know. This year but it really become the short passing game replaces their run game Mario would get a ball out quickly. So a lot of those little receiver they utilized gronkowski when they do not have opportunities. Q took bloated endowments teams split out wide one on one opportunities with linebackers are strong safeties. You know they put. Well then brazen crook find other guys test. To throw the football kill and die and more utilize I mean he's a Smart guy obviously he's gonna spread the ball around continue to spread around. Like he always done I don't think you can eat. But I don't think you really going to. A game against New England say hey we're gonna take out one guy and force the Russian team to beat it because the rescue team generally beats you anyway. They don't really focus on just one guy being the major contributor yes quality that great. Matchup opportunity and Brady would you lied that when he sees. A proper. Opportunity. They have other good corners so AJ boy EA and Erin Coleman can go on the slot they do they do they probably have a. How thrust ballot guys they have guys that aren't they can get out to the quarterback. They have quarterback can lock down outside. But I think it is just a different team that they're gonna state sort of basic team that. Doesn't so much go as much vertically as they go laterally they work across the field they create. Situational football opportunities where they're. Little guys their slots they're always moving their feeling boy it's you know it's like a few plays no defense against New England. Derrick Todd define openings in the bone and headed down and that's just how they make their offense work it's almost like. You're damned if you do damned if you don't and if you wanna play man to man because they have corner that can match up you know you're gonna get. Certain guys on the field like your nickel defender like your safety that are gonna have to get and demand demand situation. That may may be on as comfortable. In man type situation and with these guys the way to move around and Paula cook. All those guys that the way they can move quickness wise. It creates. Situation better talk to defense. Jeff Garcia 49ers great joining us here on a afternoon delight let's talk about 10357 again all part of the football are brought you by Livermore Ford. It last week Tom Brady had to be the Tennessee Titans and this week he's got to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and I was thinking about this. Right after the Tennessee game you know Cheney Iraq below the forty niners had to play these same two teams in back to back weeks December the seventeenth and Christmas Eve. Annie had great success against both. Did does it ever happened in the NFL because Jimmie JJ started the year with knowing Glenn. That's somebody for the patriots either. Josh McDaniels sort Tom Brady himself for the head coach would somebody reach out to Jimmy drop below and just try to get a little Intel on how to beat Tennessee for last week's game and then. For the AFC title game how to solve this very fast Jacksonville defense church after they did in the NFL. Yeah I don't see why they would then why not utilize relationships feud just give you insight and not to say that I hate New England. They're probably in an organization that has. How they know it all mentality in a lot of ways I mean they know how to prepare and they know how to win and hate that it executed. Multiple times but it never hurts Q. Have a guy that would within your system per a number of years. And have relationships with the quarterback with the quarterback coach offensive coordinator. Why would you reach out to Ginny either Smart guy he's studied the game. He knows the game plan that they winning ways against Tennessee against Jacksonville. And utilized. That is too. What war. What were you able to do to create successful on the field what were some of the things that you focused on in creating creating matchup opportunities. That would that would give you a chance there to win. On Sunday against that Jack look at our defense and I'm Sergio need more than happy to. This year that info with his old team and so yeah I would say that it is utilized that it's not something that's gonna go. Unnoticed or untapped in Q and why wouldn't she. Just jump in over in the NFC in looking at the conference championship game in Philadelphia the vikings would come in and of course often that miracle victory in Houston were saves but that false. Look at the way he played last week really surprised Canada when I'm winning the proper defense would get a false. Info would tiger we army got away with coupled that the roles were Atlantic the picture at all but once he got comfortable. And what Doug Peters is play calling polls look lucky guy capable of taking its Eagles team to a super ball. Yeah I really thought what they folks on the second half would give the ball out of his hands quickly and giving him. Options than what I mean by options run pass options weighed whether he was going to hand it law based on the book that he thought offensively. Or you gonna cold and often brought plant now are gonna defend export. A little play inside. The receiver dominant not allow receivers across my face because I don't know how many plants. He completed last week but I'm gonna take this plan game away from coming up sport tend to hold on the football. And door over the top of me and I think that's where things that down. Atlanta did not adjust Q and that second half they allowed him to continue to hit those plans and get the ball out of his hands quickly almost one out option. And then with the screen game they do a great job of the screen game. In Philadelphia whether it's to their running back for today outside receiver or even to they're fighting an urgent times. They do a great job of executing the screen and now another way that it's. Abel or nick able to not over think this situation. It just get the ball out of it can't I think you keep sports that they give peace for all on the football. In the pocket that is not obviously historic of his game and die if he had to go to progression and a few out define Holden bones. Doubt he'll struggle with that and so that's where Minnesota is just gonna have to figure out a game plan how can we take away that quick game that play game. And forced him to hold onto it go to a second air receiver and by that point argued that the line are rushed it's gonna get in its space. So rodeo life. We're Ely checked all of them regularly and it's only guy you know I feel I know your colleague actually taken for the Super Bowl. Well I mean how can you voted hockey goal against new England and Tom Brady I mean the guy. The guy finds his way there every single year it seemed and so it's hard to go against that it's always nice to see a new face. In the Super Bowl I just don't know of Jacksonville. Is ready to be there and they're they're fueling a lot of fire over their New England with their words with their confidence with there. With there struck so to speak and it's it's great to have competent which are going against. 10 all time greatest quarterbacks and teams and coaches. In New England. I think doubt. Lack of respect factor is get encourage and inspire. New England in many ways especially at home and that cold Jacksonville vina. A warm weather team going up north to northeast now on. Philadelphia. You know hey I'm a Philly guy for one year but it would be great year great experience out there Minnesota. Is that good football team they've got a lot of play or to be the first record edited in their home stadium minister football and that's something that I'm sure there. They're challenging themselves to a came but I think Philadelphia a lot of ways it's still there like there. Being overlooked. And die and that underdog mentality dat dat dat spite of hate you you're not respecting not. I think a lot of ways can challenge them to overcome this game I think it's going to be a great game I think it's going to be a key part of football game a low scoring game. But. On the pole for the Eagles in this one. You don't fly Eagles fly can here's a guy Eagles fly and around Philadelphia doing this a proponent casinos Super Bowl forward Donovan McNabb feels like yeah you're right. You're right now she never on the floor. Lastly before we let you go because you were around the morning show guys and are you an honest about this Tristan and said no to Jon Gruden and usher just gonna hire a quarterback coach he may not be made jordin time. Where are you in years it's due to do you have a desire to to leave broadcasting and be beckoning NFL's there's a coach would you like to do and Jon Gruden redshirt him. Maybe if I can be home with you and bond play every day in talk about. All kind of sport maybe be a different story about how about military so I have to go where. You know I can get challenge on a daily basis now in. You know on dominos and just. John knows I'm interested in coaching. I'd any interest in coaching I'm. I'm not passionate about the game I feel very knowledgeable about the game and have great experience and claim the game I'll have a great relationship with great goals and but I also understand that there's a thought process of not wanting to many. Bodies in that quarterback room and my my mentality is look I can help wherever. I need to be helpful. But yeah out the word out there. The conversations have been out and it's just a matter of whether. Unnerved right guy or a guy that he wants to have on its staff and that's Purdy and his side on I can't do anything more about. Now he's filling out his staff and make it a lot of great tires so if it doesn't work out and you want this jab we can make a trade although working good and I'll be able to tolerate endless efforts since 900 to 4 o'clock in the morning anyway you come work and Vontae say we can make that trade cause a baseball basketball knowledge just. Yellow tail all of read up on. You. Saw sources. But here's the thing I've played for Don for two years I know we've all about noble Maine which I noted expectation and I've played a great. Multiple times in multiple places I know what he's all about has offered coordinator. And you know I think there is a great addition to having a former player. Who'd started over achiever throughout his life and a grinder and somebody who knows how to work in dedicate himself to the game and who can help. There are car in a lot of ways beat about that he can be. So. No we're talking to either head anyway. Not Smart about it and I know states don't either way we'll see in Alameda orally had me on the radio either way so you know we can't lose here but we are pulling for and you wanna get back into coaching shall we were suffering. Jeff thank you so much for your time is always have a great week we'll talk next week. You gotta gotta take care thanks Jeff Jeff Garcia.